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Passing Detention Notes


Zack sat in a desk near the back of the class for detention. His desk usually faced the back wall, but Zack usually sat on the chair backwards and observed the class or randomly tapping along to whatever song he was listening to. He noticed that his friends generally actually got some work done during this time. He watched Kimberly pull out her Biology textbook while Billy pulled out some maps and colored pencils. Jason was furrowing his eyebrows at a math textbook, and Trini was reading a book that was assigned in English.

Zack sighed. He had gotten his work for class done already. His teammates found it surprising that he was still able to be a student at Angel Grove High since he was never in class. In all honesty, he got much of his work from his teachers through emails, so he was able to get some work done. After all, there wasn’t much to do up in the mines. He usually sat inside the abandoned train car and got some work done, just enough to make sure that he would be able to graduate. The school didn’t like it, but Zack thought that as long as he was still passing, it would be alright. 

Now that he was back in school with his friends, he actually did quite well in classes. He still spent a lot of time in his hideout, so he got a lot of work done. 

Zack was bored out of his mind. Detention wouldn’t be over for another 2 hours or so. He smiled and took out a piece of paper from his bag. The other rangers were still concentrating on their homework, but Zack was sure they would notice what was about to happen. Sure enough, when Zack tossed the folded up paper at Jason, he instinctively reached up and caught it between his fingers.

He looked back at Zack, confused. Zack just smirked and gestured at Jason to open it. 

And so it began: The Epic Detention Note String.

Zack: Hey! I’m bored, so we’re gunna play a little game of catch with this slip of paper. Write down a note with your name and pass it on! If you miss a toss, miss a catch, or end up getting caught, you lose! Just keep passing till the paper runs out of space! Doodle if you want!

Jason: I’m busy, so don’t blame me if I miss.

Billy: Sounds fun! Totally gunna sabotage.

Kimberly: Drawing time! Sorry it took me forever.


Trini: My girlfriend’s better than all of you.

Billy: My turn!

Jason: LOL accurate. How are you people drawing these things so fast?!

Billy: I don’t know. How are we passing this paper around at superhuman speeds?

Kimberly: He has a point. (NICE BILLY)

Trini: … Kudos.

Zack: I’m not sure whether to be flattered or insulted.

Kimberly: *doodles Go Go with power rangers lightning in corner*


Jason: And the first person drops out!

Kimberly: She looks so angry LMAO



Billy: LOL. Vaseline.

Jason: Woah. That was really slippery. The paper’s still in pretty good shape though….


Zack: Agh, too bad. At least he isn’t smearing it anymore, being left handed and all.


Zack: BILLY! STOP! I FUCKING DROPPED IT! DAMN! Welp, Zack-Attack is out!

Kimberly: Did he seriously call himself “Zack-Attack”

Billy: … *doodles bees in the margin of the paper*

Kimberly: We should start a band! *Doodles power ranger lightning bolt with power ranger colors*

Billy: Yes!


Jason: We just passing it around now?

Billy: DANG IT!

Trini: Told you she was better than you guys.

Zack: Yo! Go Hart!

Jason: Guys, team meeting tonight by the campfire. We are discussing this band thing…. I call lead guitarist!

Trini: No fair! We are totally hashing this out tonight. 

Zack: Ok ok. I think the writing should stop. We’ll just pass it to everyone to keep everyone updated. If it gets back to me. I’ll put the paper away. We are doing this again!

Trini: I’ll win next time…

Zack smirked down at the page in front of him. His teammates wrote everywhere on the paper, marking where the next line was with arrows and dashed lines. The paper looked like a road map full of words and little drawings. His friends were all looking back and forth from each other, silently chuckling. Zack took out another sheet of paper and wrote all their names down in separate rows. He gave Kim a “point”. Oh, I am totally crushing them next time. He put away the paper they wrote on for safe-keeping. He wanted to remember these moments.

The detention bell rang, and all the students began gathering their things. The rangers burst out laughing and immediately gathered. Zack displayed the scoreboard he made and they all laughed and commented on different types of games they could play.

They exited the building, and Zack thought to himself as the sunlight beat down on them. He was glad he met them. They were good for him.

A Blind Path Home, part 6

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.

Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?

Masterlist (if it works - links have been shity lately)

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Here, take my blanket.

Request: Could you do 64 please? I really like your writing!

Summary: You and Tom are best friends, and it’s becoming hard to ignore this strong feeling growing between you two. Neither of you are about to take a chance and ruin your friendship, but as you both sit around a bonfire with your friends, temptation pulls at your chests.

Part 2 

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“Don’t lie, we all saw what you did that night!” Tom laughed while pointing to your best friend y/b/f/n.

“In my own defense, I was under the influence.” y/b/f/n defended themselves, bringing their hands up in front of them.

The vibe emitting from the bonfire that surrounded your group of friends was one for the books. You wanted to feel this way everyday, all day. You loved these people and wouldn’t trade them in for the world. The laughter and reminiscing that was being passed around made you all feel infinite, like this moment was going to last forever, and you were honestly hoping it would.

You grinned and glance over to Tom who sat directly beside you, with your shoulders brushing. You tried to look away, but his glowing smile held you captive. A zoo marched around your stomach the longer your eyes rested on him. The shadows from the fire were dancing over his features. Flashing them, then quickly hiding.

He could feel your eyes on him, and tried his hardest to not look over and gander into your y/e/c orbs. Your eyes were his favorite thing about you, he loved getting lost in them. Tom knew that if he looked at you, that he’d look at you as more than a friend, which was something he has to stop. His friendship with you is one he’d walk to ends of the earth for and back again. He wasn’t about to ruin it because of a giddy feeling in his chest that would surely disappear soon. But then again, he’s been saying that for the past couple of months.

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anonymous asked:

if jk and jm really were dating, could u give us ur opinion on how/when u think they romantically started getting involved?? I never really here people talking about their friendship before and the lead up

If jikook are really dating (key word: if!!), I have a few theories about them and when or how they got together. I think it’s one of those things I imagine a lot because of how much I ship them. But I’ll share my most realistic theories (once again stressing this post is for fun, not saying jikook are actually real). This is really long (it also took me hours bc tumblr crashed 2 times when making it smh). 

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Alla Prima- Chapter 4

Prologue   Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3


The name echoed in whispers in his mind, vibrating in his head. Such a simple name, really. Short, one syllable, clipped. Really, truly just a name. No, it was the woman it belonged to that made it special. That made Jamie want to elongate the name, taste every letter.



It was his own personal poem, musical and song-like. A lullaby that dreamily drifted through his ears, lulling him into calmness.

And why should he feel so strongly about this woman? A woman he just met. A practical stranger.

He knew why, of course. No, it wasn’t just her beauty, though that didn’t hurt his impression of her. She was smart. Professor smart. Biology professor smart. And effortlessly funny. And kind. But, most of all, she was transparent. He felt as if he knew her in one conversation; her eyes stained glass windows into her mechanical mind, her face twisted with every emotion she felt.

He was infatuated with her: her voice, her eyes, her smile, her mind…

He tested her name out again, speaking to the darkness of early morning:



“Jamie? Jamie!” He shook himself from his thoughts, the large dining room coming into focus. His sister was speaking to him.

“I’m sorry, what?”

“What’s going on with ye, Jamie? Yer mind is somewhere else.” Jenny’s eyebrows were drawn in concern. Yes, his mind was elsewhere, but he wasn’t prepared to tell his family exactly where.

“Oh, aye. I’m just…tired. I was up late last night.” Jamie glanced around the table at his family.Sunday dinner at Jenny’s, a tradition that they had started when their father died. The family had grown since then, though. Jenny married Ian, Willie married Nora. Both couples had spawned 2 children each, and Jenny was round with another.

“Ye need to get more sleep, Sawny. Yer not sleeping enough,” Willie interjected.

“Sawny…Sawnyyyyyy…” Willie’s youngest, Elinor, sang sleepily, and dropped her head on her father’s shoulder.

“Aye, I ken. Just, ye never know when ye’ll be inspired.”

“I dinna understand it a bit,” Willie admitted, taking a large bite of pasta. “But I’ll always support ye. However. Ye need to be healthy.”

“I’ll work on it.” Willie placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder, squeezing slightly, before turning his full attention to the meal in front of him. A bottomless pit, that man was.

“Anyway, Jamie,” Jenny interjected. “I was asking what yer working on now?” With a little bit of natural artistic talent, but never taking it further than that, Jenny was always interested in Jamie’s ‘next big project.’

“Ach, just small canvases. Nothing special, really.” Very special, actually, but Jamie didn’t want to tell them about Claire.

“Nothing special? Ye just said yer getting inspired in the middle of the night!” Jenny laughed, blue eyes crinkling.

“Weel, I’ve just been painting…pretty things. Flowers and such. Nothing too…inspired. Just, when it’s in my heid, I have to do it, ken?”

“Nay, but I’ll pretend I do.” Jenny wasn’t convinced, and Jamie knew it. The way her eyes narrowed, and lips pursed; that was her concentration face. He would be asked about it when they were alone. He should definitely leave before there was a chance of that. “How’s the meal, loves?”

“Fantastic as always, sis,” Willie mumbled through a mouthful.

“Chew wif yer mouf closed, Da,” Elinor woke up long enough to say.

“Aye, Peach. Thank ye.”


It was unusual for Jamie to go to the park after Sunday dinner, but there he was. It wasn’t a conscious decision; his body was heading in that direction before his mind could catch up.

He saw Claire from a distance, her dark mane hard to ignore. Instead of sitting on her usually bench, she was pacing the path, stretching her arms above her head.

Suddenly, she doubled over, grabbing her foot.


“Fuck!” Claire whined, examining her toe. Just a scrape, nothing life-threatening. But, a stubbed toe never felt too good.

“Watch her mouth. There are children present.” She jumped, unaware she had company. She turned to face her companion, a man with the sunset in his hair and a smirk on his lips.

“Jamie! You frightened me!” He blushed.

“I’m sorry, I dinna mean to.” He looked positively abashed with his pink cheeks and downcast eyes.

“No! It’s fine. I wasn’t expecting you. How are you?”

“Good, good. Just had dinner. Are ye alright?” He motioned to her foot, which she was still holding onto.

“Oh, yes. A stubbed toe.” She winked. “I think I’ll survive.”

“Good to hear, Sassenach.” Sassenach? What does that mean. She was about to ask, but he cut off her thoughts. “So…um…can I ask ye something?”

“You just did.” A dumb joke, she knew, but she wanted to see him smile again.

It worked.

“Aye. Another thing, then.”

“Of course.”

“Do ye… Could I, maybe, get yer phone number?” Whatever she was expecting…that was not it. She was undoubtedly pleased.

“Oh. Um. Yes, let me see your phone.”

“Let me see yers as well.” They swapped phones, typing numbers furiously.

“You can text me anytime, Jamie.”

“Aye, I will. I mean, yes. Sure.” Flustered. He was flustered, and it warmed Claire to know she had such an effect.

“I better be off. Got to be up early tomorrow. But… I’ll speak with you soon?”

“Ye will.”


Jamie woke with a start, the shrill ringing of his cell phone hitting his sensitive ears. What time was it?

2:54 a.m. the clock told him.

He glanced over at his phone on the nightstand. And thrill ran through him. Underneath the bold name “Claire Beauchamp,” was a picture of her, taken not 12 hours ago. He didn’t realize she had put a photo in her contact information. He didn’t realize she took a picture at all.

But, even more surprising, why was she calling him? He wasn’t angry or annoyed, quite the opposite really. It was just…a shock.

Steeling himself, he pressed the little green button in the corner.


Years Gone By

This was inspired by the book/movie Something Borrowed. It’s kind of problematic so I put a moral spin on it.

Things to know: Graduation kiss never happened. Camilla and Jack never dated in college but instead, Camilla and Bitty are really close friends. Bitty is 25 and everyone came back to Samwell for the youngest of their friends’ graduations.



“You totally like him,” Camilla smiled mischievously at Bitty. He glanced around the bar nervously before turning back to her.

“I don’t. He was my captain. We’re friends,” He said softly, stirring the straw in his vodka cran.

“Oh come on, don’t give me that,” She sighed, crouching down to his ear. “Buy him a drink. Act casual. He’s right there, Bits. This is the last day everyone is in town now that the Frogs are graduating,” She urged. Bitty swallowed, looking down and shaking his head.

“I can’t, Cam,” He sighed. She watched him for a long moment before sighing.

“Then I will,” She said, standing up straight and throwing back the rest of her drink. Bitty stilled, looking up at her sharply. “Do you like him?” She asked one final time.

He looked up at her, eyes wide and throat tightening. She was beautiful. She was athletic and smart and amazing and she deserved everything in life. Just not Jack. Anything but Jack. Please.

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They Got It Wrong (Leo)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Yay!! Can I please get a VIXX Leo scenario where his wife or girlfriend (you can decide) is heavily pregnant and she goes into labor during one of their concerts but she refuses to go to the hospital until after the concert is over? They just barely make it when she can feel the baby’s head.

“You looked like you’re gonna pop soon” Hyuk spoke as he looked at your oversized belly. Taekwoon came over beside you and smiled “you should have stayed home you know” he said as you smiled. “This is your last concert before you stay home with me for awhile” you tell him as he nods. “That’s why you should be at home. I don’t want you giving birth to our little girl right here on stage” you were told as you chuckled. Your hands went to your tummy as you rubbed it “I love you and want to see you preform” you tell him as he nods. “If you need me I will be here by your side as fast as I can” he tells you as he touches your belly and rubs it lightly. “Daddy will be back soon” he coos bending down to kiss your stomach.


Taekwoon kept glancing over at you when he could to make sure you were alright and you weren’t hurting yourself by standing too long. Unknown to him the thumbs up you were giving him with a nice smile were lies. Nearly as soon as the concert started you went into labor and had been hiding the odd pains and feelings you were having. Your daughter wanted out then and now and you were just as stubborn as she was.


When it was over Taekwoon was quickly beside you smiling as he was coated in a layer of sweat. “Did you like it?” he asked as you harshly squeezed his arm and took in a sharp breath. “Did your water break?” he asked panicked “like 2 hours ago or something” you say as his eyes widen “you’ve been in labor since I started the concert?” he speonded loudly as the boys heard him.


You let out a groan as Taekwoon held your hand “can you please hury” he said to his manager as he began stroking your face “little Seora will be with us soon” he said as you nodded. “Oh my god” you yell as he clutches your hand “she’s really coming” you cry out as he shh'ed you lightly.


He had you in his arms moments after the vehicle got to the emergency area and took you in “help please my wife is in labor” he calls out as nurses quickly spring into action “wife?” you ask as he smiles “soon” he whispered as a wheelchair was brought over and you two were rushed to the maturity ward.


It was perfect it seemed the moment your doctor checked on you, you were already crowning. Your cries and calls filled the room as time went on. Taekwoon let you squeeze, punch, slap, and call him names as you pushed his child out. And it all stopped the moment little cries filled the air “oh no” the doctor said as you and Taekwoon gave a look in panic “it looks like I got it wrong” he mumbled as Taekwoon quickly rushed down towards him before his jaw dropped. “What’s wrong with my baby girl?” you asked “she has a penis” Taekwoon says as he looked up at you “she’s a he” he said as you sighed in relief that your child was injured or something.


You smiled after both you and your son were cleaned up and were really allowed to bond. “Hello handsome” you coo as Taekwoon stares down at the two of you “I guess Seora is out of the question now” he says as you chuckle “little Seowon won’t be so bad” you tell him as he leans down and presses a kiss to your lips.

A slightly slower time lapse. I tried recording it at full speed and then editing it after, but the video took up too much memory and cut off after 2 hours 😭 I had to squeeze it down to a minute for ig, and 3+ minutes for Tumblr, and the phone got knocked sideways towards the end, but here it is. Total project time was a little over 2 hours

Commissioned by @dollihaze 🖤 Prang and Winsor & Newton watercolors on Fabriano paper ✍️

Never there (Justin Bieber imagine )

Please pick up the phone. Please pick up the phone.
*hey it’s Justin. Sorry I didn’t answer but I’ll call you back later* *beep*
“Hey J its Y/N im going into labor. Your mom is taking me to the hospital right now. I know you’re half way across the world but I just wanted to let you know that I love you. You’re probably on stage right now and won’t get this until after your show but please just call me as soon as you can. I will send you pictures of our baby girl when she is born. Well we just got to the hospital so I have to go. I love you so much and I can’t wait for you to come home and see her. Alright, bye.”
You said and then hung up the phone and hopped out of the car, grabbing your hospital bag, and headed for the entrance.
“Oh my goodness I can’t believe this is finally happening! I’m so excited. Im going to go check you in then get you a wheel chair. Just sit down for a minute.” Pattie said then left to the check in counter.
You thought you would text Scooter and let him know what’s happening since he was always on his phone and he was practically like a father to you since your real one was a dead beat.
*text convo*
Y/N: hey Scooter. Just thought I’d let you know that the baby is coming soon. We just got the hospital and we are checking in now. I tried calling Justin but he didn’t answer so I left him a message. I’ll keep you updated as things move along.
Scooter: oh my goodness! I will be on a plane as soon as I can! Im so sorry we aren’t there for you at this moment Y/N. Justin is actually out at his after party right now but I know he will be back soon and when he gets back we will be on the first flight home. Stay strong. Love you kid.
Y/N: who’s he out with tonight? And I know how important Justins career and fans are to him so I get it that you guys have to go away. And I can’t wait to see you guys. The doctor is bringing the wheel chair to take me to my room so ill text you in a little bit.
*end of text convo*
The doctor had you grab all of your things and then he rolled you back into a hallway labeled labor and delivery and gave you a room. He asked you the normal question and took your heart rate and blood pressure and all that stuff then he had you put on a hospital gown. After you were done he came back and had to check how dilated you were and he said you were only at 2. Your contractions were really starting to hurt after the first hour and the doctor came and checked on you every so often.
“Honey I know it is hurting know but just think in a few hours you are going to be holding your beautiful baby girl in your arms.” Pattie said with a smile. You know she was trying to make you feel better but nothing was helping you at this point. You just wanted Justin to be here. Speaking of Justin, you never did see if Scooter texted you back about him.
*text convo*
Scooter: … he’s out with Hailey. But don’t work yourself up about it Y/N. They’re just friends.
Scooter: how are things going?
Scooter: Y/N?
Scooter: Justin just got here
Scooter: we are heading to the airport now.
He was out with Hailey… he was out partying with some girl while you’re here in labor with his child.
The doctor had just came in and said you were dilated to a 9 so it would only be about 15 minutes until you had to push. Patties face lit up when the doctor said that. You told the doctors you wanted to have her in the room with you and so they gave her one of those outfit things and she went and got suited up. You decided to let all of the fans know what was happening since they’ve been so supportive throughout this whole pregnancy.
(Twitter) @Y/T/N: its time guys! Im going to deliver in a few minutes just thought I’d let you know <3
After twitter you decided to check instagram and you honestly went into shock when you saw Justins most recent picture. It was him and Hailey… kissing. You honestly wanted to break down in tears. Pattie walked in with a huge smile on her face but it instantly dropped when she the tears in your eyes.
“What’s wrong” she asked, giving you a hug. You handed her the phone, not being able to comprehend any words, and she looked speechless as she saw the picture.
“I am so sorry honey. You don’t deserve this. I promise he will be in big trouble when I see him. But right now you can’t worry about it. We have to go and deliver your baby” she said trying to make the situation better. It did put a little smile on your face. You’re really about to have a baby. The doctor wheeled you out on your gurney and took you to a delivery room. Even though Justin basically cheated on you, you wanted nothing more than for him to be by your side right now.
“Alright on 3 im going to need a big push okay? 1, 2, 3” the doctor said over and over as you pushed and pushed for what felt like hours. You had never felt so much pain in your entire life and you were just ready to get her out. Then all of the sudden you felt all of the pressure release out of your body and you knew she was here.
You heard the little cries and happy tears came to your eyes. The doctor handed her to you and she was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen in your entire life. You decided to name her Skylar Avalanna Bieber. After you had her for a minute the doctors had to take her away to wash her off and stuff. Pattie was standing there with a huge smile on her face and you gave her a huge smile back.
*1 hour later*
They still hadn’t brought your baby back and you were honestly starting to get worried. You and Pattie were just sitting there holding each other’s hands praying to god that your baby would be okay. Finally the doctor walked in with a sad face and your stomach dropped as he spoke.
“ I’m sorry miss but your baby didn’t make it. Her lungs filled with fluid and she couldn’t get any oxygen. We tried are best to drain the fluid but her heart gave out to quickly. This isn’t your fault it just happens sometimes. Im so sorry again miss. I leave you alone for a while. If you need me just push the button” he said and then left the room.
Pattie had tears streaming down her face but never the less sat up on the bed and just held you as you screamed and wailed and cried violently.
After about 2 hours of constant crying, your tears dried up and you just lay on the bed with the most broken heart you’d ever had. Eventually Pattie left the room to go and collect herself.  A few minutes later you heard the door bust open and happy voices leak through.
Once they saw you they all got silent. You heard the doctor’s voice enter the room and tell them all to go out into the hallway.
“I’m really sorry to inform you guys of this but the baby didn’t make it.” He said then a huge wail came from you were assuming Justin’s mouth.
After a few minutes everyone slowly came in the room. No one spoke a word. I don’t think there is really anything you can say when this happens.
Justin walked over to you and tried to hug you but you pushed him away. Then something in you just became angry. Angry that he wasn’t here. He wasn’t here for you when you were giving birth to your daughter. He was out with some girl. Kissing some girl.
“So did you have fun with Hailey” you said as tears started flowing out of your eyes again. You looked over at all of them to see worried faces and Justin’s face just dropped.
“Did you have fun kissing that bitch while I was giving birth to our fucking daughter.” you said sitting up. Justin just stood there speechless and so did everyone else.
“Why weren’t you here Justin? Why for one god damn day couldn’t you just be there for me? I needed you and you weren’t here. You’re never here. I fucking hate you I hate you I hate you” you said hitting his chest over and over before finally collapsing into his arms and screaming.
“Why did this happen to us?” you asked Justin but he stayed silent just rubbing your back. Eventually everyone drifted over and hugged you while crying.
After a while everyone left the room except Justin. He just sat there holding your hand. You knew you shouldn’t forgive him but you needed him right now.
“I got to hold her you know. She was so beautiful. She looked just like you.” You said as a single stray tear left your eye. You looked at Justin to see tears falling out of his eyes.
“Im so sorry I wasn’t here for you. I would give up anything to have been able to see her just one time. Just to be able to hold her.” He said as tears were flowing from his eyes. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. This was his daughter too.
“Justin can you just hold me please” you said wanting nothing more than to be comforted by him at the moment. He nodded and laid down with you in the bed and wrapped him arms around you.
“I love you so much baby girl. Im so sorry this happened.” He said. You didn’t even have the energy to respond. You just felt dead inside knowing you would never be able to see or hold your daughter again.
You and Justin laid there all night in silence, letting out a tear every now and then. Neither of you could sleep. Even though you guys were both in so much pain you knew that you guys had to tell the fans who had probably been expecting baby pictures.
Twitter- @JustinBieber: Skylar Avalanna Bieber. 6 pounds. 3 ounces. 18 inches. R.I.P my baby girl. Daddy will miss you and love you forever.
Twitter- @Y/T/N- im sorry to inform you all but our baby girl skylar has passed away. Mommy will miss you forever and im sorry.
You both posted and got responses immediately with im sorry messages.
“What are we supposed to do now Justin” you said knowing that you were going to get discharged today. How were you going to just go on with life knowing the baby girl you carried inside you for nine months isn’t coming home with you?
“We just have to take it day by day. Be there for each other. Know that everything is going to be okay eventually” he says kissing your forehead.
“Nothing will ever be okay again” you said. You gave him a kiss hoping that it would somehow fill the void in your heart.

In that very moment you felt a little hand touch your cheek and you knew it was her. You knew that even though she wasn’t physically here, she was here. You knew she was safe with god and that you would see your again.



Okay, after being annoyed with their apartment for so long I finally revamped it and gave it a new layout. I’m proud of myself because this entire apartment contains no cc??? Anyway onto the pictures and whats what

Pictures 1-3 || 1 is Carmins side of the room, 2 is Ravens side and 3 is their new SHARED bed

Pictures 4-6 || 4 is their little desk area, 5 is a horrible area view o well, 6 is my favorite part of the entire place ok anyway

Pictures 7-8 || 7 New kitchen that “they both fought over for awhile but settled on that”, 8 is the kitchen bar and the new entrance 

IM REALLY PROUD OF THIS BECAUSE IT TOOK ME AN HOUR EXACTLY, but yea thought I’d share so when you see screenshots you’re not like wtf r u doing :^)

Dallas Barto, Rescue Dog Extraordinaire!

Dallas was thrown over a six foot fence into someone’s yard in Newark, New Jersey. The homeowners were out in their yard when he came over the fence. He was a skinny little thing! They tried to find where he belonged for a few days, but with no luck. Traveling 4 Paws Pet Rescue stepped in and took care of him. They are guessing that he’s about 3 ½ months old because he still has his puppy teeth. We saw him on a petfinder site and just fell in love. We drove 2+ hours and picked him up today. This is our first time adopting a rescue and we definitely made the right choice. He’s a perfect fit for our family.
Number 3(Lafayette x Reader)


Request Queue

Request- “can you do a modern Laf one where he goes to your apartment to “confess his love” and when he gets there you’ve just woken up and he thinks your all cute and then he kisses you…So like a really fluffy request that gets a bit spicy. IDKKKK im weird”

A/N- (This is DRASTICALLy different than the last Laf one, it’s also from Laf’s perspective more so yay? )


Lafayette couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t new for him; he was used to it. He sighed and pulled his laptop out from under his bed. He’d had enough tossing and turning. His fingers sped over the keyboard as he typed in the search box.

how to tell your friend you are in love with her

The second article caught his eye. 

Is There a Safe Way to Escape the Friend Zone? | Men’s Fitness

He clicked on it instantly. 

1. Get outside opinions 

He thought carefully for a moment, then pulled out his phone. 


Do you think Y/N would date me?

Lafayette stared at his phone waiting expectantly for an answer. After several millennia, his phone buzzed. 

From JAWN 

Dude wtf it’s like 4 in the morning

Lafayette rolled his eyes in frustration. 


Just answer the fucking question please?

It didn’t take nearly as long for him to answer this time. 


Probably, y’all seem real close can I go to sleep now?

Lafayette and sighed and texted a quick thank you. ‘Probably’… that was good, yes? He turned back to his bright computer screen, squinting slightly. 

2. Drop hints

Lafayette bit his lip in nervousness. 

Now, it’s time to escalate. Start making little mentions of how you might feel about her. Pose hypothetical situations, like, “If we were a couple, I would ______” or “If I were to ask you out, I would ______.”

Lafayette sighed, his frustration growing with every second. He needed something that could make it work fast. He did not have time for “hints”. 

3. Go for it 

This sounded much better. 

If the signs point to yes, lay a kiss on her. You’ve probably thought about doing this while you’re drunk, but refrain! There’s nothing remotely clear-cut about that scenario—and ambiguity is the last thing you want. Do it in a relatively private (non-threatening) setting, like on a walk or at her house. She may be totally stoked. She may reject you. But once you get to this point and you’ve asked every “what if?”…your friendship probably can’t survive not trying.

Lafayette had definitely thought of every ‘what if’, every night. The thoughts constantly circled around his head. He could text you, but that didn’t feel sincere enough, though it would make your possible rejection less awkward. He could ask you on a date without calling it a date, but that seemed deceptive and inconsiderate. He could pull some crazy romantic gesture, but if you didn’t feel the same way he would look like an idiot. He could keep it quiet, and you would never have to know, but that would drive him insane. 

He stared down at the article, his mind made up. 

His determination started slipping, however, as he stalled leaving the house. He showered slowly, trying to plan what he would say to you. He chose what to wear like a sloth, picking up shirts and taking the time to put them away nicely if he decided against it. He ate the cereal he poured for himself with such a pace that he was only half way through the bowl when it got soggy. The whole time, he planned out what he would say in every scenario that could happen, and when he could stall no longer, he grabbed a sweatshirt and his keys and left his apartment. The early morning sun cast a grayness over the area which did not help the ominous feeling that was growing inside of him. 

The sun had risen completely by the time he arrived at your apartment complex. He squinted against it as he walked up to the door and pushed on the buzzer by your apartment number. Nothing happened. He pushed it again, but the door still wouldn’t open. 

Thankfully, someone walked out at the moment looking disgruntled and tired in his wrinkled suit. Lafayette thank him and slipped inside the building. He walked to your door and knocked nervously. His heart was beating out of control, but he had to do this; he just did.

He waited for about a minute before knocking again, harder this time. After several moments, you appeared in the doorway. None of his planning or stalling could have prepared him for what he saw.

You were wearing short shorts and a rumpled T-shirt that was a little too big for you. Your hair was sticking to your face and up at odd angles. Your eyes were half closed and there was a small smile on your face. Sunlight streamed through the blinds, casting lines across your face.

“Oh hey Laf.” you said while yawning. “What time is it?”

Lafayette tried his hardest to get his brain to focus, but he was feeling rather flustered. “Désolé. Did I woke you…ahhh wake you, I mean.” He cursed himself for not being better at English. 

“It’s all good.” You stepped aside, and he slipped into your apartment, his heart beating out of his chest. “I would’ve had to get up eventually.” you explained. He watched you walk into your kitchen and pour water and grounds into your coffee machine. “So…” You leaned against your counter, yawning again. “What brings you to my place at-” You glanced at the clock on your oven. “5:50? Jesus Christ Laf. It’s fucking early.” You walked to your couch and curled up on one end, closing your eyes. Lafayette sat carefully on the other side, trying to control his breathing as you curled into a little ball and looked adorable as hell. 

“S-sorry, I…” His mind went blank. All the things he’d planned on saying, everything he’d run over in his head just completely escaped my mind. He took a deep breath and remembered the article. 

2. Drop Hints

“I am sorry for waking you, mon chou, but I felt like seeing you. I suppose you are only used to lovers coming over at this hour, unless of course they stayed over night.”  Lafayette mentally high fived himself at his recapture of his eloquence. You lifted your head up and looked at him. 

“What are you even talking about?” you asked him, giggling a little. His confidence dropped. 

“I ahh I-”

“Why are you here so early?” you asked without annoyance but genuine curiosity. Your eyebrows were raised slightly, and your lips pursed outward, making it hard for Lafayette not to stare at them. You cocked your head to the side, and it reminded Lafayette of a dog trying to hear something better. The sight made his stomach do flips like a gymnast. 

“Well it’s…I…well,” Lafayette felt your gentle touch on his shoulder. His skin prickled as he looked over to you. You were sitting up now, looking at him with a mixture of concern and confusion. Your teeth hooked around your bottom lip, worrying at the skin there. 

3. Go For It

Lafayette leaned forward and quickly captured your lips with his. You pulled away stunned and stared at him, your eyes wide and unreadable. 

Mon Dieu Y/N! I am so sorry! I-” Lafayette was cut off as your lips met his again. You curled your fingers around his neck and pulled him closer. His face was a picture of shock, but he quickly took the opportunity of the moment and circled his arms around your waist. The scent of you mingled with the smell of fresh coffee, and Lafayette wanted nothing else in his life at that moment or ever again. 

You pulled away and smiled at him, your eyes still closed dreamily. “Was that what you wanted to say?” you asked sweetly. 

“I love you.” Lafayette blurted, wanting to slap himself the moment the words left his mouth. Your eyes shot open. 

“You what?” you stared at him. “Really?” Lafayette looked away from you and nodded. 

“Like actual love.” you said with a disbelieving tone. 

Lafayette nodded again. “Like I am in love with you, Y/N.” Lafayette could not look into your eyes. He’d blown it. He ruined everything. He felt your hand on his face, your fingers cool against the hot skin there. You made him look at you. 

“I’m in love with you, Lafayette.” you said. 

Vraiment?“ Lafayette asked in shock. You nodded with a smile. Unable to help himself, he leaned up and kissed you with passion. His heart swelled more than the Grinch’s on Christmas. All he wanted to do was kiss you and laugh, and it would have angered him that he couldn’t do both had he not felt so happy with you.

He pulled away from you reluctantly. “I’m sorry,” he whispered with his head against yours. “You should go back to sleep.” 

You scoffed at him. “You really think I’m gonna be able to sleep after that?” You smiled and got off the couch “Coffee?”

“Of course, mon amour.” Lafayette said with a grin.

The Hooters Girl, Cheerleader and Catholic School Girl

This blog is my idea. Just a reminder for those who put in requests for stories, I’m slowly but surely working on them. Again I do have a life outside Tumblr. Also once again if any ladies(cunts) would like to be the subject of one my stories(or guys have a wife/gf) again the following info.

Your first name(can be a phony first name)

Age(18+ please)

Physical description(a pic would be preferable but not mandatory)

Where would you like to be kidnapped from? A nightclub, college campus, your place of employment, your home, the mall, the beach, on spring break, traveling outside the US, from 24-7 gym, a phony photo shoot, a Craigslist connection.

What would you be wearing?

Are you a vaginally and/of anal virgin(for the purpose of the story)

Who would you like to be sold to. Could be businessmen from the Middle East or China, a Latin American or Asian brothel, Latin American drug cartels, African warlords, an underground bdsm website.


With our business starting to grow, I started getting custom requests for slaves. I had a representative from a brothel in Thailand email me one day for a request of 3 types of slaves. They wanted a cheerleader, a Hooters girl and a Catholic school girl. And they wanted them in their uniforms. The only problem with a Catholic school girl is we had to make sure that the girl was at least 18. One line I refused to cross is underage slaves. So I decided we’d do a phony model shoot and do this for all 3 slaves. Probably the safest way to do this.

So we put ads on Craigslist. All 3 were headlined “models wanted”. All three requested they wear their uniforms and of course be at least 18.

It probably took a week before we got a response(the other responses were spam). Finally we got a bite. A Hooters girl. Her name was Joy. She was 19. She worked at a Hooters in Richmond VA. She was also a student at Richmond University. We arranged to meet at an office we recently purchased in Charlottesville VA that we used as a front.

We met on a Monday night after her shift was over at 10pm. I brought Rick to be a cameraman and and Sydney and Tara as office workers. Joy was petite and curvy. She was 5'2" probably around 100-110 lbs, long dark hair and beautiful tits/ass. She wore her uniform as requested which of course consisted of a white tank-top with the Hooters logo, orange shorts, pantyhose, white socks and sneakers. And she clearly seemed like an airhead.

I had her fill out a quick form(just to make it seem legit). Then we started. We started with poses such as with a serving tray making it seem like she’s at work. Little did she know that the photos we were taking were ones that the brothel owners would use when renting her out to different clients.

After about a half hour of shooting, I suggested to Joy that we tie her up. That a portfolio with bondage pics would in the long run be worth a shitload of money. She a little hesitant at first but after a little convincing, she decided why not. I took some rope and first tied her wrists behind her back then her ankles. Then some more rope secured her elbows together. Then a few more photos and then rope around her body and around her thighs. Then the coup de grace. I took rope to attach her wrists and ankles putting her in a hogtie.

It was at that point Joy was starting to complain.

“This is starting to get a uncomfortable”

“Just want to get a few more pics. Then I’ll free you ”

“No let me go now!”

At that point I took a cloth and stuck it in her mouth and took duct tape and gagged her.

“Mmmppphhh mmmppphhh mmmppphhh!!!” As she was trying to say let me go.

We took a few more pics and then I basically dropped the bomb on Joy as I started stroking her hair.

“Joy. How gullible you cunts are. You really let someone tie you up like this this late at night? Using the phony photo shoot is becoming the main way we acquire our slaves”

“Mmmppphhh!!” What did he mean by slave she thought.

“Yes. You are now a slave. You no longer are free. You have no human rights. You are now now just 2 tits and 3 fuckholes, a piece of meat to be used and abused for a man’s pleasure. Merchandise. A piece of property”

As I was telling her this, I was feeling her up. Fondling and groping first her tits then worked my way down to her pussy which now felt a little damp. I’m sure she didn’t mean for that to happen. I then took a black hood and placed it over her head. Then we placed her in a cage and brought it to our van.

Within the hour, Joy would be back at our slave training facility strapped to the arch back device being subjected to sensory deprivation, being edged and listening to a disorientation tape. It was now beginning its training. Its transformation. From an independent woman to an obedient and compliant slave.

To be continued.

drippy--paint  asked:

Can I have some prompts for this story I'm writing. This girl is helping her dad (who is a murder detective) find who is the killer of all of these murders. The murderer takes pictures of the victims lips and posts them online anonymously. The girl knows everyone isn't seeing something and that something is being looked over. So she takes it into her own hands to solve the murders. (sorry for my bad English, im Japanese)

Your English is perfectly fine! This was an interesting one so it took me a while to think up some prompts, but here you go: 

1. “This isn’t a game, its murder, and you are just a kid. So go home, Little girl.” 

“Well, this kid found something in hours when it took you guys weeks.”

2. “You know you are only here because of your dad, right? Your not a real detective kid.” 

“Try telling me that again once I’ve caught the murderer.” 

3. “That’s just a coincidence, its irrelevant” 

”Nothing is coincidental. This is a serial killer, they do not do things by accident. It’s not my you ‘professionals’ are too stupid to realize that.”  

4.”You’ve been staring at those pictures for hours now. You need to take a break.” 

No. There’s something here. Something we missed. I just know it.” 

“If you don’t take care of yourself, you wont be able to think straight, and you will never find it.”

“but I have to find it. I have to find them. I have to.” 

5.”How dare you! People are dyeing and you are just giving up hope because you can’t figure out the damn symbolism behind some pictures?” 

“We’ve looked at those pictures a hundred times! There is nothing there that can help us!” 

“If the pictures didn’t mean something, then the killer wouldn’t have posted them!” 

I really hope these help, and I wish you luck with your story! If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me! 


I broke my alcohol fast Tuesday evening. Sir and I walked down to Acapulco for Taco Tuesday. We each had 4 beers and 4 shots of tequila over the course of about 3 hours. It didn’t seem like a lot of alcohol…until my run the next morning. I was pretty dehydrated and a little off most of the morning. I guess it could have been worse.

So now I’m back on the wagon. I am pretty much fine with that. I might want a beer if Sir and I go out tonight. And one beer usually leads to another one, which leads to several more. So yeah. Maybe not.

Three weeks ago at work we made an offer for one of our open positions. It took the guy 2 weeks to verbally confirm he’d accept. We sent an offer letter on Monday and he still hasn’t returned it. I called him this morning and told him we’d need it signed and returned by 5pm today or we will re-post the job. He said he wanted to talk to me about his personal situation. Not to be mean, but I don’t give a fuck about his personal situation; I need this position filled. The girl leaving gave notice 3 months ago so I would have enough time to recruit and she could help train her replacement. At this point, there will be no overlap. I really hope he doesn’t make my deadline, because I am seeing so many red flags that were not present during his interview and reference checks. Fuck, maybe his references were so good because they want to get rid of him.

Sir will be out all day tomorrow and I might get lunch with someone new from OKC. Sunday, I’m seeing The Geek. I feel better about Rockstar. I sent him a message on Monday and he replied that it was great to see me and we should get together again soon. I’ll always love that jerk, no matter how many times he (unwittingly) stomps on my little heart.

My last couple personal posts have been liked by a whole bunch of porn bots. I block each one, but more keep appearing. How many versions of hot-cougar-boobies can there be? I guess I’ll find out soon enough…

anonymous asked:

Damian just want to spend some time with his friends but everytime he puts one foot out of the door something happen and not Damian had to cancle the playdate with his friends (bonus if Jon,Colin and Billy just randomly teleport into the manor to visit Damian)

Damian carefully slipped the loops over the hooks on his Burberry jacket. He pushed open the large front down to the manor and started to take his first step outside to his waiting motorcycle when a loud crash came from inside. Damian let out a deep sigh and turned on his heel closing the door behind him. “Pennyworth? are you alright” he shouted on his way back into the manor. 

“quite alright Master Damian” came the somewhat muffled response from the kitchens. Damian rolled his eyes, that would be what the butler would say even if the building was on fire. He walked into the kitchen and found Alfred flat on his back under a pile of pots and pans. “oh! Alfr-Pennyworth are you alright?” He reached out to take Alfred’s hand and helped him up. “Mostly my ego is bruised young master” Damian guided him into a chair and started to pick up. It took twice as long as it should have since Damian had to keep stopping Alfred from getting up to help. 

finally free of the kitchen and having made Alfred promise to take it easy for the rest of the day Damian dug out his phone and fired off a text to Billy that he’d be late. “Damian” Damian froze his hand on the door handle “yes father?”

“I have finished your patrol reports for this week?”

Damian sighed “No, father”

“go to the cave and do them before you go out”

“yes, father” he trudged to the cave. Sitting at his desk he pulled out his phone and texted Billy he’d be more than a little late before getting down to work. Bruce insisted that all the reports be done long hand before being typed up so the whole thing took nearly 2 hours. He ran up the stairs and through the manor toward the door hoping nothing else would come up. Just as he reached the doors the banged open and there stood Jason. “Oh Little wing! just the man I wanted to see!”

“No Todd”

“YES Todd! come on I need your help!”

“No I have plans, I can’t” Damian protested as Jason grabbed his arm “sorry Dami can’t hear you over the sound of JUSTICE!” 

5 hours later

Damian flopped back onto his bed, tired, bruised and burned in a few places. The ends of his hair was singed, he dug out his phone and texted Billy that he wasn’t gonna be able to make it at all before pushing the phone onto his nightstand. His eyes burned, Damian didn’t cry, but disappointment and frustration eat him. Closing his eyes he willed himself to fall asleep he was bone tired.

He was drifting off when he felt a crackle of electricity. Damian’s eyes flew open just in time to see Billy materialize about a foot away from him. “OOF!” Damian gasped as Billy fell on top of him, half a second later Jon fell on top of Billy followed by Colin. Jon slide off to the left and Colin on the right so Damian found himself being hugged on 3 sides. Billy gave him a quick kiss “Hey” 

“what are you doing here?” Damian demanded trying to sound angry and knowing he just sounded pathetically grateful. “Alfred called me” Jon said his smiling face was so close to Damian’s that he was blurry. “Yep we’re here to cheer you up” Colin said from Damian’s other side. “tt I’m perfectly cheerful!” Damian protested. “Yeah sure that’s why you’re cry-” Billy slapped Jon’s arm and gave him a look. “of course you are” Billy said kissing Damian’s cheek “so what you want to do?” Damian didn’t say anything for a long moment then in a very small voice “um can we just stay like this for awhile?” 



“of course” 

Baby Blues (Steve x Reader) Part 2 (Final Part)

Summary: Forced to babysit her sister’s son, Steve agrees to keep her company over the weekend. Little does she know, a hint is about to be dropped.

Chapter List


Part Two

It took you almost an hour to get home, and by then you had been soaking wet for far too long. Your main priority had been to keep Sammy dry, and as a result, you were now trembling from cold. You unlocked your front door and kicked off your shoes, Steve following suit.

“Just make yourself comfortable,” you said, starting to dig through one of the bags Daisy had given you. You pulled out a light blue onesie and started changing Sammy, putting the slightly damp clothes in a plastic bag.

“Y/N,” Steve said, suddenly, “you’re trembling. Go take a shower; I’ll take care of him.”


“Yeah, of course. Go ahead,” he answered, and you grinned.

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30 Day Challenge: Day 7

Prompt: Beach
Character: Percy Jackson (PJO/HoO)

AN: I read Impossible Year by @bananannabeth and needed to write some happy Percabeth fluff to distract me from my broken feels, and my irl (is that even the right term to use here?) friend happened to choose Percy for this prompt, so it was perfect :D. Impossible Year is an amazing fic, read it and weep (literally) people. 

Anyway, enjoy the fluff!

Percy woke up to an unfamiliar weight on his body. His eyes snapped open and he tensed, expecting a monster and getting ready to throw whatever it was off, but was stopped by a familiar voice: “Seaweed Brain, if you move I will stab you.” Her voice was deadly serious and Percy froze immediately.

 He blinked in confusion and tried to find Annabeth. But she was hidden somewhere behind the… castle… that was built over and around him.

 “Annabeth…” he said, his voice small and filled with awe, “What…?”

“You fell asleep and I got bored.” She answered matter-of-factly.

“So you decided to build a giant sandcastle on me.” Percy deadpanned.

She peeked out at him from behind the massive sandcastle, that Percy’s sister’s dolls could have a party in without feeling even the slightest bit cramped, and smiled sheepishly at him.

“To be fair, I did start building it next to you, but I got a little carried away.”

“You don’t say.”

Annabeth giggled, “I’m sorry, but I’m almost finished and if you move now it will be ruined before I can complete it!”

Percy sighed long-sufferingly, she didn’t sound sorry in the slightest bit. But her happy smile melted him in seconds. He didn’t get to see that smile very often anymore.

“Alright, alright. Finished your castle,  Master Architect of Olympus.”

Annabeth’s grin grew, “Thanks, Seaweed Brain!” and with that she disappeared behind the castle again.

Percy took the opportunity to study the castle that was built over his lower abdomen and, from what he could feel, most of his legs. He had no trouble admitting that it was amazing. Annabeth’s genius when it came to architecture was clearly seen in the attention paid to each and every little detail.

“Hey, Annabeth,” he called, “Just how long was I asleep?”

“Oh, I don’t know… Probably around 2 hours or so?”

Percy’s eyes widened in surprise. First because he hadn’t realised that he was that tired. And second: “Holy Hephaestus, Annabeth how did you build something so huge in only 2 hours?”

Annabeth giggled again, “Oh I had help. There were a few nice kids who helped out. They went home a little while ago. You were so exhausted that you slept right through it.”

Percy sighed, so much for their date on the beach! What kind of a boyfriend falls asleep during a date? No wonder Annabeth had decided to punish him by building a massive sandcastle on top of him!

“Sorry.” he said.

Annabeth popped her head out from where she was working behind the castle again and frowned at him.

“Don’t apologise, Seaweed Brain, you needed the rest. Besides, I had fun with my new friends. They were extremely helpful and much more competent than some of the kids back at camp. In fact, I’m pretty sure at least one of them will be joining us at camp in a few years.”

Percy’s eyes widened in interest, “Really?”

Annabeth nodded, “Yeah, she’s intelligent and she has my eyes and hair colour. She’s also never met her mom.”

Percy smiled, “A mini you! I’m sorry I missed that.”

Annabeth smiled fondly, “She was really sweet. I hope she makes it to camp soon.”

Percy nodded gravely, “Me too.”

They fell silent for a while after that, Annabeth went back to finishing up the castle and Percy lay back, folding his hands underneath his head, and just listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

He smiled as he heard Annabeth’s murmurs of concentration mix in with all the other sounds of the beach, content to enjoy this rare moment of absolute peace for as long as possible.

Omo #11

{this one is gonna be A LOT different. Here’s how:
1. Not Septiplier, but NatePat (Nathan Sharp x Matthew Patrick)
2. Only LIGHT omorashi, and he doesn’t wet himself completely.
4. Cute and sexy smut ensues afterwards
5. I need to drag this one out a lot, so it’ll be very long.

ENJOY!! Haha holy shit I almost fucking posted this on the wrong account kILL ME}

Let’s set this straight: Nathan didn’t like planes.

It wasn’t that he was afraid of the view of being really high up or anything, he just had a lot of bad experiences with them.

Nathan and Matt were on a 6-hour flight back to America after their trip to Northern Canada. They hadn’t seen each other before this trip in a while since they did FNAF The Musical, so Nathan decided to join Matt on his trip to Canada to finish filming his video for a project he was working on.

The flight had just taken off, and they had just broken through to the clouds. Nathan was cuddled up in a blanket as he looked out the window at the layer of clouds, now being turned shades of pink and orange as the sun began to set.

He sipped the last of his coffee he and Matt had gotten right before the plane took off, since he was a lot slower with drinks than Matt. He then threw away the cup and looked back out the window, hearing Matt chuckle slightly behind him.

“Hey Nate, I’m gonna take a nap. Wake me up when they bring those little bags of peanuts or cookies, okay?” Matt said with a laugh. Nathan smiled laughed with him, feeling a slight pressure in his bladder as he did so.

“Alright. Will do,” he responded, ignoring the pressure and watching as the clouds rolled by. He put on his headphones and played music as he watched, stifling a yawn before realizing just how tired he was.

He looked over at Matt and leaned on the older man’s shoulder, snuggling into him slightly before falling asleep.

~about 2 hours later~

Matt awoke to the feeling of something hard on his chest, and looked down to see a head full of black hair pressed into it. He smiled sleepily, pulling Nathan closer and holding him- only because it was so cold. Or at least, that’s what Matt kept telling himself.

He looked down at Nathan’s phone to see him listening to his newest song StopRewind, and smiled to himself. It was a really good song, to be fair. He looked up as a flight attendant offered him a drink and a snack, and he took two of each and shook Nathan awake.

“Hey, Nate… up,” he said softly, smiling as Nathan made a small whimpering sound and sat up, rubbing his eyes. Matt looked at the younger male fondly, handing him the drink and the packet of cookies. Nathan nodded slowly and took them, sipping the drink and sitting back.

“How lon'was I ‘sleep…?” Nathan asked, his voice slightly slurred. Matt shrugged and looked at the clock on his phone.

“About 2 hours? Ish? I dunno, I just woke up too,” He said with a smile, fixing his hair. Nathan nodded, feeling that pressure on his bladder again. He wanted to go while it wasn’t too urgent, but didn’t wanna have to crawl over Matt. He could wait a while.

Nathan looked out the window and started eating his little cookies when a sharp push on his bladder took him by surprise. 'Guess I have to go a lot worse than I thought…’ he told himself, biting his lip and crossing his legs. He tried to distract himself with music and games on his phone, which worked for about another hour.

“Hey Nate, you got an extra blanket?” Matt suddenly asked, snapping Nathan back to reality. Nathan shook his head, thinking for a moment.

“You can take mine, though. I’ll be fine…” he offered, taking off his blanket and handing it to Matt, who shook his head.

“No, it’s yours. I’m okay,” Matt said sweetly, smiling at him. Nathan hesitantly put the blanket back over himself, dropping his phone and wincing as it landed right on his bladder. He yelped and doubled over, cursing under his breath repeatedly as he felt a small spurt go into his jeans.

“Hey, you okay??” Matt asked, his voice laced heavily with concern as he placed his hand on Nathan’s back. Nathan just nodded silently, decided that enough was enough.

“I-I’m fine, just really, REALLY need a bathroom….” he mumbled, crossing his legs tighter and bouncing them as he tried to hold it in.

“You could’ve said something!” Matt said, surprised. He picked up Nathan, obviously taking into account that he couldn’t get up or he would wet himself. Nathan just whimpered and let the older man take him as he squirmed and held himself desperately. He winced as he felt another much bigger spurt go into his jeans, forming a wet spot about the size of a golf ball. When they got back there, Matt closed the door and backed against it as far as possible to give Nathan enough room to relieve himself.

Nathan quickly unzipped his jeans and pulled himself out, sighing and relaxing as he pissed full throttle into the toilet. He moaned softly and bit his lip, closing his eyes as he shifted his hips. He loved the warm feeling that the relief gave him, it even got him slightly hard. He relaxed more as his stream finally stopped after what seemed like hours, tucking his half-hard dick back into his black skinny jeans and turning around to bump into Matt, who he had forgotten was with him.

“Fuck, s-sorry,” Nathan muttered, his face only inches away from Matt’s due to how much shorter he was than the older brunette.

“I-it’s fine…. uhm, you okay now?” Matt asked as casually as possible. Nathan nodded, his dick uncomfortable and awkward in his jeans, but not quite hard enough for Matt to notice. Matt looked down on Nathan, noticing the wet spot on his jeans and blushing. “S-sorry you almost…. uhm…. pissed yourself,” he muttered awkwardly. Nathan looked down, sighing when he saw the spot.

“It’s okay…. I shouldn’t have tried to hold it in so long,” He responded, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. He looked up at Matt, who’s eyes were clouded with an emotion he couldn’t read. “A-are you oka-”

Nathan was cut off quickly as Matt pressed his lips to the shorter male’s, closing his eyes and kissing him passionately. Nathan made a small whimper as he was pushed backwards, eyes widening as he realized what was happening. He was kissing his best friend.

Nathan held his hands up, squirming as he felt Matt’s hands roam down his back and paw at his ass. Nathan pushed Matt away gently, and found himself wanting more. He wanted more of Matt, more of his touch, more of his affection, more of his body. His cheeks heated up as well as the core of his stomach, and he turned bright red as his cock hardened more and pressed uncomfortable and slightly painful against his jeans.

“I-I’m sorry, I took this the wrong way… fuck- uhm, I’ll-” Matt stuttered, not sure what to say. He then cut himself off as he saw the bulge in Nathan’s lap. He stared down at it until Nathan crossed his legs, wincing at the tightness on his crotch.

Nathan whimpered and squirmed slightly, not sure how to tell Matt he wanted more. 'Hey, I know we’re only friends, but I’m suddenly horny so we should fuck.’ There was no way to say it, so he figured he’d just show it.

He grabbed the collar of Matt’s shirt and pulled him downward, kissing him roughly and grabbing one of his hands. He led the hand down to his crotch and pressed it there, whimpering softly at the touch. Matt pulled up to breathe, looking at Nathan with that clouded look again and Nathan was finally able to place it: Lust.

“Y-you really want this…? Here? Now?” Matt asked. Nathan gave a vigorous nod, his body never wanting to be closer to Matt’s than it did now. Matt nodded hesitantly, kissing him again and running his hands under Nathan’s shirt. The two were making out for about 2 minutes before Matt reached down and grabbed between Nathan’s legs, causing him to gasp and moan quite loudly.

Matt clamped a hand over Nathan’s mouth, kissing and sucking on his neck as he palmed him gently. Nathan was still moaning, though it was muffled now. They hadn’t even been doing this for 5 minutes and he was already so close to cumming in his jeans like a teenager.

Matt just kept palming, loving the sounds Nathan was making. He also loved seeing the young musician so sex-drunk and so needy. He was moaning and whimpering with his head tilted back, eyes closed and hair messy. He had sweat running down the side of his face, and his hips were grinding up into Matt’s hand for more friction and pleasure.

“You look so hot, Nate,” Matt muttered, making Nathan whimper again. “Want more?” Nathan simply nodded vigorously, his body shaking slightly. His stomach was tight, he needed release and he needed it soon.

Matt quickly unzipped and unbuttoned Nathan’s jeans, pushing his damp boxers out of the way before pulling him out and pausing for a moment to admire him. He was definitely above average lengthwise. Matt then got down on his knees and sucked quickly, Nathan moaning and covering his mouth to try and stay quiet.

The plane suddenly jolted a small bit, causing Matt to go farther down on him and almost choke. Nathan just moaned again and whimpered, resisting the urge to fuck Matt’s mouth.

“O-oh, Matt, ahh! G-gonna cum…!” Nathan managed, his voice still muffled by his hand. Matt just sucked harder, smirking and swallowing as Nathan came hard down his throat. He even tasted sweet.

He quickly pulled off, tucking Nathan back into his jeans and leaving the bathroom. Nathan zipped them up and followed quickly, doing the button as he walked down the aisle. He looked around nervously, afraid that someone might’ve heard them, but no one was looking at them weird or anything like that, so he relaxed and squeezed past Matt to his seat.

Nathan smiled to himself and put his headphones back on, closing his eyes and dissolving into the music. Maybe flights weren’t as bad as he thought.