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pens fans keep telling preds fans to take the L and move on but i’d like to see pens fans gracefully take the W and stop being jerks & unnecessarily rude to preds fans when they point out unfair treatment in the league as well as stop bringing up stupid invalid excuses and reasons in defense of their team when someone as much as mentions the word bias

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I'm sorry for asking. I know this is none of my business and you don't have to answer if you don't want to. Are you still friends with chris-woods and christophers-wood? It's just that they wrote a post about not being friends with someone anymore and I haven't seen you interact in a long time so I was wondering. I'm just asking because I've always loved your friendship so much.

This took me by surprise lmao I honestly don’t know what post you’re talking about because I haven’t been here a lot. I probably missed it and I’m too lazy to go look for it because they post a lot (and I love it lmao) but I’m sure it isn’t about me so don’t worry haha We’re friends forever. And I actually talked to Shauni yesterday. And you haven’t seen us interact lately because I haven’t been interacting with anyone really, not even my real life friends. I get very anti-social when I’m busy and I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to wash my hair for 5 days. I literally had to go to college today and deliver an assignment with my hair looking disgusting. And if you see me post it’s literally just me posting stuff I have saved in my drafts. Not today though. Today was the first time in a long time that I was actually here scrolling through my dash lmao It felt nice. So yeah nonnie. Don’t worry. 

I drew a compilation of just a few of my favorite Ritsu moments!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

and it’s done!! (after nearly a whole month omg) 

this is the third time i’ve done this: 1//2   and i’m very happy with my improvement - i’ll probably do a comparison post soon

please let me know which characters you want to see individually 

here it is on redbubble 


this is what happens when you stay up too late reading atlantis fics and spotify playlist memes at the same time. 

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Okay so I get Skyward Sword wasn't a super great Zelda game (it's not in my top 3 Zelda games) but I liked it, it was cute and had an amazing story (plus Zelink was really apparent in it and I'm so here for Zelink). Why do people hate the game so much? So many people say it was terrible and the absolute worst game they've ever played. I've tried googling why people hate it but nothing really comes up for why people hate it

from what i’ve seen the “popular” problem is the linearity. my two cents on it is that skyward sword came out when the “HUGE OPEN WORLD LOTS OF SIDEQUESTS AND EXPLORATION YEHAGHHDH” thing was really strong and fresh (especially with the release of skyrim) so people turned their noses at anything linear. it doesn’t help that it’s a zelda game, which many people claim should have exploration first because “that’s the spirit of the original!!!!” or something, because zelda totally isn’t a heterogeneous franchise that encompasses different styles of gameplay, of course not.

me, personally? it’s one of my favorites. my main draw to zelda is the puzzles, combat and story, and skyward sword delivers beautifully on all three of them. the story is pretty damn good. the motion controls are controversial, but i think they make the game much more enjoyable and make even lesser fights feel more exciting. the dungeons are a HUGE improvement from twilight princess’s repetitive layouts and wind waker’s general meh-ness, and i personally like that the world works like a dungeon.

but i would be lying if i told you skyward sword doesn’t have big issues. for starters, the pacing is strange – the first act has a lot of stuff happening (the stakes are high, especially with both link and ghirahim trying to reach zelda) and it’s great, the second act has nothing going on (zelda who?? never heard of her), the third act is basically filler until sky keep and the finale is fucking mindblowing.

i have praised the dungeon-like regions, but what i really mean to praise is lanayru – it seems like the devs put all of their good stuff in there (dungeons, puzzles, concepts, even the music), and kinda just… ignored faron and eldin. no, really, even the third act has an entire new area to explore in lanayru, while the others are just the same place under different conditions. it’s jarring.

and then there’s some stuff that is just plain boring. the sky is boring and there’s no warping system (which is fucking PAINFUL), and skyloft is boring for the most part.

but i understand that many of these are from development hell. skyward sword was supposed to be much more like botw, but they spent so much time with concepts and disagreements regarding said concepts that they had little time (a little over a year if i recall correctly) to actually make the game. it’s sad, but it happens. on the most part, though, i’m glad with the game that we got.

(on a brighter note, since you mentioned zelink: it’s the one thing that is unanimously praised, even in negative reviews, and that’s pretty damn sweet. no wonder they kept it up in botw.)