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How did Star find out she was pregnant and or how did she tell Marco and how did he react

I’d imagine that they’d be thrilled, Anon!



I have known Jonas for a really long time and we’ve been wanting to work together again (…) But the way we usually work is he likes to download from me all the visions of the song. I took him from a bunch of different scenarios and he helped to weave it together into a story. That’s what I like about him too, he has a very cinematic approach, but he doesn’t forget to make it a real music video.

Why didn’t B.A.P win any shows for Wake Me Up?

my thoughts on a question nobody asked me but have them anyway lmao


  • not enough people streaming on melon. literally this is the main one
  • maybe could stream a bit more on youtube?
  • needed more people voting live and for pre-votes
  • I can’t think of any more hmm did I mention melon streaming??


  • very rushed promotions to squeeze it in before the tour: only 2-3 weeks instead of the usual 4 (and usually groups don’t/can’t win in the first week of promotions anyway, so that only left around one week of being on shows in which we had a chance of winning)
  • I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s TS’s fault, but generally, fewer people tend to buy physical single albums than full or mini albums because they’re essentially paying the same price for less (eg rose was the first time I bought a B.A.P single album), but actually rose is so far their second highest-selling single album, which is pretty impressive 

things out of our control:

  • tough competition: comeback at the same time as other groups with better melon streaming / larger korean fanbases
  • music bank and music core being cancelled during the first week of promotions. mucore doesn’t have a winner anymore, but mubank was arguably our best chance at winning after the show, and because the first ep was cancelled, that was shown during the second week (whereas if that ep was a new one from the 2nd week then we could have possibly had a chance of winning), and then that was it, promotions over…
  • changes to how winners are chosen on the show: no more tudou streaming and I think no more laifeng votes? still not exactly sure what they are, but before we could collect our strength and buy them points on the show (as dumb as it sounds) and spend ages doing extra streaming on a website that kept crashing and deleting views, but now the show cares more about melon streaming too (like the other music shows) (do u see how important digital streaming is)

but don’t let that make you sad! from what I’ve personally seen, the general reaction (both fans and not) to wake me up / rose has been more hyped and impressed than it has probably since matrix. B.A.P have said they have more comebacks scheduled for this year, so hopefully we’ll be able to get them what they deserve next time.

PS: people sometimes compare B.A.P’s youtube views to other groups, where we usually don’t do as well. then there’s the usual topic of some fans leaving and moving to other groups during the hiatus etc etc etc……. well actually, our youtube views aren’t really that different from pre-hiatus? I remember when 1004 (their main breakthrough and at the height of their career back then) was released on the 3rd of february, jongup’s wish was for the mv to reach 1 million views by his birthday on the 6th - 3 days later and it still didn’t reach 1 million. on the other hand, wake me up reached 2.25 million views in around 5 and a half days. with the explosion of kpop in the last couple of years, some groups enjoy immense success on a whole new scale. our achievements only seem inferior if we compare them to others - let’s focus on ourselves and see how far both B.A.P and we as fans have come, and think about how we can continue to go forward!

PPS: nice things I’ve noticed recently (last few months since noir/skydive): 

  • more content creators in the fandom making things: more gifsets, graphics, fics etc
  • said content getting more recognition
  • a sense of humour! crack blogs, more people making funny videos and text posts and funny edits
  • honestly I keep finding new B.A.P blogs to follow - more people joining the fandom or existing fans choosing to take more part in the fandom on tumblr!
  • fans on tumblr interacting more with each other! through networks or just starting to talk to each other on here :D
  • B.A.P trended on tumblr for yongguk and himchan’s birthdays!
  • himchan and youngjae gaining more recognition in general these days
  • keep it up guys I love you all

“You better not flip kelpie and try to drown me.”

wow this took way too long, i started this when that chapter came out btw. anyways if you’re still in the dirkjake fandom and you haven’t read this please go fix that. super super IC accurate canon characters in a very not canon setting, obviously. not just dirkjake either, awesome wholesome alpha friendships too.

“It’s them, but it’s not them !” 2/2 -Bruce Wayne x Reader

@m-fairbank also asked the same thing, things happening on Batmom’s point of you, and also some of the batboys…and I kinda planned something like that anyway. So here’s a sequel for “It’s her but it’s not her”, and I hope you’ll like it (and hope the “mixed feelings” were still good ones ;-)) AGAIN felt like I could write something better, might re-write everything…I rushed a bit writing it cause I’m in L.A but I also wanted to write something and…I guess it’s this kind of time eh. 

Summary : Batman and his kids accidentally got send in an alternate dimension, and Batmom has the displeasure of realizing that her Bruce from this other world is…not hers at all. 

(My masterlist blog here :

PART 1 !


When your husband and kids came home with Diana and Clark, you didn’t think too much of it. It wasn’t unusual for your friends to come over to the bat cave and work, or even just chill. 

But when you went to kiss Bruce, and you felt him stiffen under your touch. When he didn’t kiss back, and even moved away, his head moving back and forth between you and Clark, stunned. When your sons stared at you with wide eyes and open mouthes…you realized something was wrong. 

-Wh…what is it ? 

Bruce didn’t say anything, he found he couldn’t say anything. The Hell just happened ? Clark’s wife just kissed him ! And…What was she doing in the bat cave anyway, at this hour ? 

Under your husband’s gaze, you felt uncomfortable for the first time in your life. Usually, he had the opposite effect on you, you were always so relaxed around him. Even during charity balls or such obligations you had as Waynes, when your introverted self felt awful, his mere presence calmed you down and helped you get threw the night. 

But right now, the way he was looking at you made you shiver. You didn’t recognize his usual look…In his eyes right now, there were no love, no relief to see you well and alive, no joy, no slight impatience to finally get to bed with you. Instead, there was confusion, embarrassment, and a slight touch of curiosity maybe ? 

And your children…None of them rushed to hug you first, or to tell you who’s ass they kicked this time. 

Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. 

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It’s Been Too Long

request: Hey! I wanted to request an imagine with sirius x reader when Harry witnesses Sirius and reader’s reunion *maybe not straight after he escapes azkaban but like sometime between that and the order of the phoenix?* thanks! X

sorry it took so long!! i hope you enjoy (also little note that I’m just gonna do it at grimmauld place in the beginning of the order of the phoenix!!)

(3rd Person)

All of the Order members and kids sat around the long wooden table in the kitchen at 12 Grimmauld Place. Speaking about nonsense, talking about Dumbledore, or being fascinated by Tonks animal faces were the highlights of the dinner. 

“So Harry, honestly, how have you been?” Sirius asked Harry. Instinctively, Harry bit the inside of his cheek and raised his eyebrows.

“Better than being at the Dursley’s, but than again the Ministry is out for me so…” He answered, looking Sirius straight in the eyes. Sirius laughed, folding his hands out in front of himself.

“Defeating You-Know-Who and having the sassiest person for a father that Hogwarts has ever seen does bring this kind of attention.” Sirius joked, hoping to lighten the mood. Harry seemed to crack a smile. 

“I don’t think it was James Potter who was the sassiest person at Hogwarts if you ask me.” A voice was heard from the doorway. Harry looked past Sirius as Sirius himself turned around. 

In front of them stood (Y/N) (Y/L/N). A famous and almost untraceable Auror in the past decade. (Y/N) stood there and took off her jacket before running a hand through her hair to shake out water droplets from the rain outside. 

“(Y/N).” Sirius stated, a smile growing on his face as he stood up and enveloped (Y/N) an enormous bear hug. “Its been too long.”

“Way too long. 16 years to be exact.” (Y/N) responded and pulled away, giving Sirius a huge and grateful smile. (Y/N) looked past Sirius at the seat that was occupied across from him at the table.

“Wow.” (Y/N) said. Tears began to brim her eyes and she became choked up. “You look so much like your father. Creepily alike.” 

Harry gave an awkward but kind smile. “I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), I was best friends with your parents.” They shook hands and Sirius impulsively pulled (Y/N) in for another hug. 

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” He murmured into her wet hair. He felt her body vibrate against him as she chuckled. 

“Wait! Where’s Moons?” (Y/N) exclaimed, her hands cupping Sirius’ face.

“Sirius, did you-?” Lupin had started but was greeted with a whole lot of hair and weight in his arms. 

“I missed you as well Moons.” (Y/N) stated as she pulled away. Lupin finally took a chance and looked into her eyes.

“(Y/N/N)!” He practically shouted. “It’s great to see you.” They pulled away from their second hug and joined Sirius and Harry at the end of the table. Lupin took a seat next to Harry as (Y/N) occupied the empty seat next to Sirius.

“So what are you doing here?” Lupin asked (Y/N). 

“Molly and Dumbledore thought it would be a great idea to get me to come to the Order like good ole times. I was supposed to come in a week but I couldn’t resist.” (Y/N) answered. Sirius gathered (Y/N)’s hand in his and kissed the top of her hand and intertwined their fingers.

“Things have not changed.” Lupin commented, chuckling. 

Later that night, the rest of the Order came and some were happy to see (Y/N) after years since the last war and others gratefully met her for the first time. 

i really hope you enjoyed this!! PSA i always try to make my writings gender neutral but because i made this one 3rd person it was very hard not to specify, if anyone would like me to use different pronouns and such you can request it along with your plot request!! xxxx

Submitted for your approval: For a limited time, commissions are open! (at last!)

But first, I apologize for waiting so long to finally open these. Boo on me.

So, here are my base prices for drawing characters, which I’d like to focus on more so than, say, scenery or vehicles or what-have-you. I’d like to think I also specialize in spooky, dark, and macabre, but I’m open to other options! 

(“+1 character” refers to the cost for each additional character, but I’m not limiting it to two characters total!)

Interested? Other questions? Please don’t hesitate to message me here, via email, or on any of my other social media sites and I’ll be happy to discuss!

(I’m also selling a few of my pieces in my RedBubble and Society6 stores, where you can get them as prints, on a mug, as a sticker, even on a clock!)

so the toronto maple leafs are going to the playoffs.
theyve clinched for the first time in ten years.
do you know why?
because they looked down the nose of the lack of expectations on them and they decided to ignore it all. the decided to ignore that this was supposed to be a rebuild year, ignore that no one expected greatness from them.
more specifically, the rookies and curtis mcelhinney decided to ignore that no one expected greatness from them.
(freddie andersen too, but by god, if that got put into this post, it would turn into a novel by the time i was done.)
curtis mcelhinney looked into the face of unimaginable pressure and took the weight of the world on his shoulders in this game. he went into this game NEVER expecting to actually play in it.
and he won.
the rookies. god, where do i start.
i guess i start with zach hyman, nikita soshnikov, and mitch marner, who weren’t on the scoring board (or in the game, in sosh’s case) in this, but who fought and fought and fought and skated their hearts out and played like their lives depended on it every single game this season. mitch and zach even broke a few records.
then i guess i have to go to nikita zaitsev. because holy fuck, if you dont think that man is not one of the best d-men on this team, you are dead wrong. his puck control tonight was incredible. he held the goddamn line like his life depended on it. he was right in there, creating offensive chances and making beautiful defensive plays, and without a single doubt helping us win the game.
kasperi kapanen, who definitely deserves a mention. we would not be in the playoffs without him. he has been put on a line that has had a rotating wing since the start of the season and he has invigorated it. he has made plays and created chances and now, finally, he has scored.
and then youve got auston matthews, william nylander, and connor brown.
auston matthews, who i could write a master’s thesis on. auston matthews, who has broken multiple scoring records not just for this team but for the league. auston matthews, who is the highest drafted latino EVER in the nhl. auston matthews, who just scored 40 goals in his rookie season, at 19 years of age. auston matthews, who is only going to get better.
william nylander. who was right next to auston on almost every play. who can take the puck and go one, two laps around the zone without being contested. whose shot already has a reputation, and whose playmaking ability is beyond belief, and hardly ever talked about in depth. william nylander, who everyone first thought would ‘save the leafs.’ he hasn’t done it alone, but damn, he has definitely be in the thick of it.
and connor brown. who is, without a single doubt in my mind, the leafs’ most consistent player. who is a forechecking DEMON, who gives opponents hell in the offensive zone and is rewarded far too little for it. connor brown, who takes so little minor penalties that i cant remember the last time he took one. connor brown, who has scored 20 goals. connor brown, who is constantly overlooked and brushed aside by toronto media and hockey fans alike. connor brown, who just scored the game winning goal of the most important game of the season.
these rookies. they stood up, they grabbed this team and the expectations on it by the shoulders, and said, “no, get out of the way, it’s our turn to win now.”
and they have.