this took way too long smh

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P1-Yoi shapeshifter AU. Yurio, despite being a person who loves cat prints, is an arctic fox shifter- fluffy and smol and cute and graceful. He likes to linger around cat shapeshifters but never actually befriended any of them (cos he sucks at it and doesn't care). Otabek is a majestic af lion, like his mane is just-- YES. But that's not the only reason why yurio is friends with him ofc yurio also loves beka for who he is but beka just happens to be such an awesome lion too how cool is that.

hello my name is kim and i just started crying because i thought of teeeeny weeny lil hamster phichit riding on fox yuuri’s head i gotta blast

This is so creative and pure?? Oh my god, thank you for sharing! I loVE lil Yura as an arctic fox, it suits him really well! Plus they’re cheeky little bastards

(i tried to google a picture of an arctic fox and a lion together, and it took my dumb ass way too long to figure out why nothing came up smh)