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Voltron Week Day 7: Crossover/AU (Star Trek AU!)

I WAS going to draw an entire comic based on the new movie, buuuut these seemed more fun ATM and they’d fit better into the theme anyway, so have some TOS AU ft. Trouble with Tribbles! :3 What’s funny about Star Trek is most episodes could honestly fit into the Voltron universe? The whole Space Travel to bring peace to many worlds is very compatible uwu But I also wanted to play with who would get what color (since I’ve seen others doing the same) so Star Fleet uniforms for everyone! And Galra!Keith makes an appearance again X’’D (Yes Allura’s the Captain!)

As for the crossover portion…

Have two half-aliens (theoretically, in Keith’s case) who cannot understand jokes for the life of them ;w; Also, Gravity Falls reference ahahaha is it crossovery enough yet??

they both already look so done with everyone’s shit

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squad assemble or something

“What a small world.”

Gorillaz Spice.
  • Murdoc: Hello lllllladies. Look at that blue-haired black eyed god over there, now back to me, now back at that guy now back to me. Unfortunately, he's not a famous celebrity rrrrrockstar like myself, but if he stopped playing that sodding banjo he could be one, but not as famous as me. Look down 'ere, back up. You're in my loveshack on wheels, with the bassist of the most famous band in the world. What's in your hand. I know, it's my Black Sabbath record, give the fucking thing back. Look again, you're kissing me while feeling my Egyptian silk sheets. Anything is possible if you get to be with Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz. Sod off 2D.
  • (dododo do do dodo do)

I’m thinking about Zayn’s injured hand. The way things are, if Zayn punches somebody in the face, i would almost feel sorry for the person, lol. Except for Simon, Mcgee, Griffiths (the list is long, unfortunately). But my opinion is, when everything is too much to handle it, he goes and punch a wall (or whatever) to send a message.

Like that time in Las Vegas, 2012:

And we all know what happened behind the scenes. 

Or that time with Perrie, after another “cheating scandal” took the papers in early 2013:

Before and after, a few days apart. :((

And now with Zigi:

I bet it’s suffocating, but like the other times, he’s going to persevere. But the message is sent. He’s done. Enough.

i really hate doing backgrounds particularly really stylized backgrounds like SU has but im pretty happy with how this one came out!!

Stevonnie wearing (partially thats not all there is to it tho) the armor i designed for rose which im just now realizing ive not posted here?? i mean its just a sketch and thats just so i have a reference for it when i do a cosplay with it i guess ill post pics of the cosplay when its done ANYWAYYYYY i tried to emulate the style of the show i hope it came out decent??

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Hey, I wanted to know when the story will be up, I'm so excited for this one, an angry Antonio Dawson is a sexy Antonio Dawson! Can't wait! Don't mean to be push at all, take all the time you need lovely just wanted to know


I’m trying to post it tonight. I’m working on it now, and locked my door to avoid any interruptions (it happens way too often lol), because I want this story done. The hard part is over so that was what took so long.

I agree, angry Antonio Dawson is so sexy! But we get it all in this story. Angry, protective, worried, happy, just get it all! I’m hoping it meets everyone’s expectations.


Gauntlet part 2

If you don’t know what is going on

Cute, wonderfullybadjokes

i took a day because I didn’t notice your tiny ass. Throwing around stats like the nerdiest kid in class. HAH 2 years, 4 jokes and you’re still trash. I’m the compactor at the crematorium because i’ll smash your ash. Though I must give you kudos for keeping this rhyme thing trucking. But much like a chinese made hoover you are the suck king.

If you keep this up I’ll ask my school to reimburse. Because you’ll be living proof evolution can go in reverse. I hope you can face the music and you won’t be a whiner, But i’m afraid you’re ending up as A-flat minor. Too much to bear? i’m having a field day! I hope you know what a will is (It’s a dead give-away).

Now as a last line, just for kicks: chortle on a veritable cornucopia of dicks.

Holy shit this took way too long to do! THE AVENGERS AS ZOOTOPIANS! 

(or furries lol)

Anyway thank you everyone for your suggestions it, really helped me narrow down what animals I should make them! So Steve is a wolf, Tony is a Fox, Bruce is a bunny, Thor is a bear, Natasha is a desert Lynx, and Clint is a river otter. 

I didn’t do any of them as insects or birds because they’re not in the Zootopia movie, btw, if you were wondering.

One moment that stood out to me while playing The Last Guardian isn’t a particularly stand out moment in the story. Rather, it’s more of a gameplay moment that I thought resonated quite strongly with the theme of the game.

When the player receives the tutorial on issuing commands to Trico, it simply says “Move the boy while holding R1 to issue commands to the beast.” By “move the boy”, it means hold the stick in a certain direction. However, it gives no indication of what command the boy gives for which stick direction you choose.

Normally in a game (or newer ones, at least), this may be a frustrating experience for some; the game is not telling you exactly what the controls do. However, the way that this tutorial was presented reflects the relationship between Trico and the boy.

In the beginning of the game, they aren’t really on the best terms. Trico is at first hostile towards the boy, but they soon realize that they must work together in order to escape their situation. Much of the rest of the game is a learning process on how to communicate and build trust between the two.

It makes sense that the boy doesn’t immediately know how to communicate commands to Trico. Finding out which motions prompt Trico to do what actions is a process of trial and error. By hiding the meaning of the commands from the player, the game allows them to experience this as a learning process as well. For example, they can try holding the stick up while pressing the button, and see that this makes Trico jump. Do it next to a place of higher elevation, and the player can see that Trico will jump to the higher ground.

By trying different commands in different situations, their functions are slowly revealed to the player over the course of the game, much as they would be to the boy as well. When the player becomes more accustomed to using these commands, they may experience it as a reflection of the improvement in trust and communication between Trico and the boy.

Overall, I thought it was interesting how withholding information in a tutorial popup could further immerse the player in the experience, and foster a stronger sense of empathy with the main duo. In a way, I think it helped make the gameplay part of the storytelling, in a sense.

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🍑🍑🍑 it took me way too long to find this emoji lmao


Soooooo, where do I begin? That you’re a top notch trashcan? Honestly though, I love EVERYTHING about you and your blog! I mean, what’s not to like about beautiful sims and incredible pictures and a super sweet super awesome old person? I am so grateful for the day you came and asked if you could send a sim to Izzy & Noah’s wedding (wow… that feels like ages ago) and I remember wondering who the hell you were LOL. But then I scrolled through your blog and fell in love! Your trash just keeps on getting better and better and I’m crying ;_____; I love talking to you and rambling about stuff and you rambling back. I love how kind and humble and helpful you are. I’ve already said this a few times, but… I LOVE YOU TRASHCAN 3! 

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Coincidentally, I have something to ramble about to you guys now. Today was Appreciation Day at school! I don’t know if this is a new initiative or not, but for Year 13′s only the school executive organised a sort of friend’s Valentines Day. You could go and purchase a special postcard for $2 and write a appreciative message on it, and on Friday 10th (today) they were anonymously delivered to the recipient with a Hershey’s Cookie and Creme bar! In addition, all the classes got a name of someone else in their class and wrote a nice message to them, so everyone could get a card. Anyways, I just wanted to share this because I really loved the idea and it reminded me of these peaches. All the profit went to a charity too, which made me not mind spending $20 on the cards haha. So I just wanted to share this because isn’t it just so cool??? For once my school organises something good and successful lmao. But the best part was that people were smiling all morning and I know the messages I got made me nearly cry (not the chocolate though, I gave them away because unhealthy .___.). This day reminded me of how happy a few words of kindness can make someone, and I hope this peach ask is a mini Tumblr Appreciation Day for you guys! Thank you to all my friends and followers for being so amazing! 

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We Win

Anon; Could you do a cute Nate imagine I don’t really care what it’s about just like make it really adorable couple imagine lol

–I feel like this took me way way way too long and for that I’m terribly sorry, hope this is alright, babe! 

It was a Friday night, and you and your boyfriend Nate were hanging out with some friends at the basketball courts near your house. You were nowhere near an athlete and were always the ‘I’ll just watch’ type, but that going to work with Nate, “come on lil’ mama, be on my team.” Nate was always the best out of his friends, and winning was a major part for him, so you were surprised when he asked you to be on his team. You quickly shaking your head and begin to say your usual excuse, but Nate pulls you up by your hands and pecks your lips repeatedly, “please, baby?” He questions, whining as he lowers himself so he’s at your level. “I suck!” You complain, “it’s so embarrassing.” He smiles, “You just have to run around a bit, come on, I’ll do most of the work you just have to distract Sam a bit for me.” Nate whispers this in your ear and you now realize why he wanted you on the team, you giggle and shake your head. 

“Are you using me?” 

He flashes you a crooked smile and shrugs, “you know you love me.” Sighing, you roll your eyes and slowly slip off the hoodie over your head so you’re just in a sports bra and a pair of leggings. 

“You owe me.” Nate gently presses you against the basketball court fence and pecks your lips repeatedly murmuring ‘I promise’ between each one. He takes your hand and intertwines your fingers and leads you to where Gilinsky and Sam were in a ‘huddle’ 

Sam smirks, “this should be easy.” 

“I’m reppin’ for y/n!” Johnson calls out from his spot on the bench at the side of the court, you turn around and flash him a wide grin. Nate tugs you towards where you needed to stand and places his hands on your arms. 

Leaning in to adorably peck your forehead, he quickly takes the ball out of Gilinsky’s hand and passes it back to begin the game. Nate was guarding Gilinsky (or whatever the hell happens in basketball) and you were in charge of making sure that Sam didn’t get the ball. Sam runs towards Nate, who had the ball and you quickly jump up and onto his back wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“Get off me, y/n! What the fuck!?” You squeeze your knees into his sides enough that Nate is able to make a basket. 

“We win!” You cheer hopping back down, Nate picks you up and swings you around kissing your cheeks before reminding you that it’s the first to three points. 

This next time, Gilinsky has the ball and is trying to pass it to Sam. You quickly back yourself up against Sam and gently grind against him–pretending that you’re blocking him–Sam groans and Nate is able to steal the ball away from Gilinsky and makes yet another hoop. Smiling, you and Nate are onto the next point. Sam gets the ball taken away by Nate and you’re surprised when Nate passes it to you. You dribble, even though you’re not that good at it as Nate blocks G so you have open opportunity to toss the ball it, it goes around the hoop and Sam shoves you so you can catch it but just as it’s about to fall Nate  jumps up and slams it into the basket. 

You guys actually won. Nate picks you up and does a lap around the court with you over his shoulder before placing you back down giving you a high-five, “we make a pretty good team.” You state with a smile. 

“The best.” He agrees as he leans in to kiss you tenderly>


Lol yeah, you disney fans all know where I got the idea for this from XD

Seriously though, I could totally imagine Steven being picked on by some bullshit asshole kids, but he like he wouldn’t really care what they said. But he knew that if Connie hears anyone bully Steven, she would go ham on those little shits. Of course Steven would try to stop her, but sometimes, when they go too far,.. there will be nothing he can do for them.


made a height chart for all the characters I have so far for AMoC! might change some details up since I’m not too sure what’s completely finalized yet in terms of design, but these numbers are pretty close I think. either way, please click through for full viewing since there is quite a bit of detail

great exercise. took way too long though lol