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oh! requests are open!! yay! so um yes could i request just some fluffy boyf riends please and thank you i don't see enough of these precious boys honestly ok bye thank you i love you ^3^ <3

this is such a precious ask omg yes absolutely (this is way longer than I meant for it to be so full thing under the cut)

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Jeremy yawned, it was getting late. He was at Michael’s house, in his basement. They were sitting on beanbags, making their way through level 30 of Apocalypse of the Damned. Michael, of course, was wide awake and staring at the screen with complete focus, but Jeremy’s vision had started to become fuzzy. He rubbed his eyes, dodging a zombie. 

“Dude I’m super tired is it chill if I sleep here tonight?” He asked, sparing a glance at Michael as he switched weapons (shotgun to machete.)

“Yeah bro, of course.” Michael paused the game. “You need a blanket?”

“Sure, yeah.” Jeremy stretched and stood up, tossing the controller onto his beanbag and smiling at Michael as he walked upstairs. “Thaaank you.” Jeremy faked sentimentality, earning an affectionate eye roll from Michael as the basement door closed. Fuck, Jeremy was in too deep.

Jeremy texted his dad, letting him know that he would be spending the night at Michael’s, and laid down on the basement couch.

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When I miss you,
I remember the good times,
But then I’m brought back down by gravity.
One moment I’ll be fine,
The next, my heart craves you.
It craves the way you look at me, annoyed yet amused, after I tell a bad joke.
But you’re not there to hear my jokes.
It craves the way you stroke my hair after I have a nightmare.
But you’re not lying there anymore.
It craves the way you interlock our fingers together before we head into a crowd.
But now I keep them deep in my pockets.
It craves when you kiss my forehead after I comfort you.
But now I have no one to comfort.
It craves the happiness in your eyes when you see a beautiful sunset.
But each time I see the sunset now, I’m reminded of your beauty.
It craves your smile. The smile that could heal a bad day.
But all I remember are the tears before we parted ways.
It craves to hear your voice again.
To call my name. To cry my name.
It craves for your arms around me.
For you to grasp tightly, and never let go.
And soon, these craves will be satisfied,
For we shall see each other again soon.