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Blog recs?

i havent done this in a while and i could use some positivity so heres the exact opposite of a shit list (in no order or like,,, most recent to least recent follow bc im just getting these from my following list so i dont forget anyone lol)

  • @nikiiforovs i only followed and started talking to her recently but shes super nice and really talented at making graphics??? google how do i be like liz enter
  • @mysanitynotfound is The Kindest!!! what a darling!!!!! she let me rant about one of my favorite characters in a show she doesnt even watch like when will ur fav ever??
  • the mods of @askoppositeotayuri are super sweet and the art is ADORABLE
  • @dicktor-thicciforov has the best url ever??? i havent talked to them much yet but theyre still cool aND I WANT TO TALK ABOUT LIFE IS STRANGE WITH THEM :(((
  • @yourplisetsky / @otabottom sub beka is the best ALSO THEYRE SUPER NICE AND I WANT TO TALK TO THEM BUT KJHFKJHF
  • @meimagino a loser
    no im kidding shes extremely kind and has the best responses to everything ever also a fantastic writer and she lets me call her ‘mei’ 
  • @yuratchka-speaks super sweet!! has the best headcanons and her voice for yuri makes me weak at the knees
  • @kanekkis an aMAZING writer idk how she manages to churn out fics so quickly also REALLY FUN TO TALK TO ILY ELLE
  • @justanxietythings im too shy to talk to them much but their fics??? i cant deal??? FUCk?? also my co-captain in the “mila and yuri are platonic soulmates” boat
  • @katsu-nikii adorable art and seems really nice but im shy!! also a fellow filipino so i really want to talk to them and maybe like eat at jollibee with them 
  • @aphhun too talented for words i cant dEAL with her!! also endlessly kind?? wtf?? sami leave some for the rest of us
  • @daddybek KIM UR AMAZING literally the kindest and sweetest person on this earth also rly pretty HOW DO I DEAL!!!
  • @novocaine-sea fellow “oh my god sometimes the yoi fandom is just Too Problematic” person love u aja
  • @viktuuri-pork my bes!!! somehow amazing at music and art at the same time like leave some talent for the rest of us >:(( ALSO I’LL MEET HER IRL SOMEDAY THIS I VOW
  • @dandybek the dandiest… but also the sweetest!! and the strongest!!! what a blessing 
  • @otabaeplisetsky best older sis figure!!! also the kindest and the prettiest how do i deal
  • @kawaiilo-ren intimidates the fuck out of me but theyre really sweet?? and talented??? notice me senpai
  • @draco-rys intimidating at first tbh but really talented?? and kind!! and les mis trash which i appreciate
  • @tecochet NADIA!! SO PURE SO KIND BYE!! and has the softest art ever did u know ur art is still my ipad homescreen heheh
  • @sarah-yyy every time she notices me my heart stops tbh they have THE BEST fics ever??? also if ur into les mis specifically e/r ur in luck
  • @otayuriism the chillest of them all, that cool kid next door u kinda want to talk to but at the same time ur hella intimidated by id like to marry her someday
  • @boxwineconfession the man. the myth. the legend. the creator of fawl. drunk 25/8
  • @fuku-shuu my go to source for the Hip New Happenings and amazing art in the fandom, also very kind and approachable!!
  • @nikiforohv i wouldnt be surprised if shes starting to get creeped out by my admiration for her but. here i am. doin it again
  • @seeyounextlevel MOTHER!!! super talented and pretty and the queen of snapchat *viktor voice* wow amazing
  • @nooowestayandgetcaught salt friend!! riverdale friend!!! i dont talk to them much but when i do its always a great time :’)
  • @felicitatem meta on point?? beautiful?? cute art?? incredibly kind?? when will ur fave!!!
  • @otayuri-queen i miss u wifey!!! but has super cute art and is incredibly kind, but we all know she a bitch inside :^) im kidding ily
  • @kingotabek honestly idk much about them just that every time i see a fic from them i die

plus a lot more but this is long enough as it is so COUGHJSDK

My Prize

Band: BTS
Member: Min Yoongi
Genre: Smut, Fluff
Warning: Light power kink.
Pet names.
Word Count: 1,231
It had been a long day. A long day of waiting that is. Yoongi had messaged you the night before to say he’d be home by tonight, and of course you expected a welcome home date seeming that it was a ritual for you both.
You and suga had been dating for almost three years now, and you could say that it was really nothing you had expected to be. ARMY was so supportive of your relationship and by the second year they were already asking when he’d pop the question, and you never expected that night to be tonight.
When you checked the clock (for about the millionth time) it had just hit 2am, your shoulders rolled back and eyes closed when fell onto the couch.
“Looks like we won’t be going on a date tonight…” you murmured before letting out a sigh of relief when the sound of his car rolling into the driveway filled your exhausted ears. You were suddenly awake once more, and running to the door when his foot finally kicked it open- dropping his luggage to the floor quickly to steal you into a tight embrace
“It feels like forever every time you leave” you laugh out, feeling his lips immediately against yours.
“Mm, but you watched me win on tv” he smirked, his breath ghosting your lips whilst his hands traveled down to your waist, copping your ass harshly within his strong hands. A soft gasp poured from your lips as you glared at him playfully in return
“My legend, huh?” you teased and ran a hand through his disheveled hair, brushing your nose against his- but Yoongi wasn’t exactly in a snuggly mood.
“Yeah but i didn’t get the award i wanted” He explained before his lips crashed against yours all over again. Yoongi quickly hoisted you onto his waist and nudged the front door shut before carrying you up the steps and into your shared bedroom. It didn’t take him long to wiggle you out of your dress, his fingers lingering down your stomach and to your inner thighs, slowly circling his thumbs upon your skin causing a soft moan to leave your lips and into his mouth that hadn’t left yours since he’d swept you off your feet. You had to admit how much you craved his warmth since he’d left for America.
Suga felt his way up, hooking his index finger on your lace underwear and tugging them off quickly, allowing his thumb to have access to the one thing he’d been craving for weeks. The pad of his thumb rolled circles over your small bundle of nerves causing a loud moan to spill out all over again with your eyes half lidded as you looked down at him: sitting there fully dressed, on his knees just between your legs, the bulge straining against his slacks. The corner of his lips quirked into a smirk as he noticed your gaze, a glint of approval hinted in his eyes as his fingers glided easily into your entrance while his free hand immediately got to work in unbuttoning his black collared shirt. Your head tilted back as you fought the pleasure in attempt to keep your eyes on the masterpiece before you, his shirt halfly falling open to reveal the soft lined set of abs on his stomach- your walls clenched almost instantly to the sight, a grin gracing Yoongi’s face.
“Come on baby girl, the faster you get there, the quicker you can have me.” he teased, leaning down to trail soft kisses down your abdomen, his tongue soon replacing where his fingers had occupied. Your hands found their way to his hair and pulled on it, causing his groan to send a wave of ecstasy through you. It didn’t take long before you were screaming his name as you dripped into his mouth, slowly releasing his beautiful locks of silk.
“Good girl… my princess” he chuckled. You could feel his warm breath against your womanhood become replaced by the brisk air of your bedroom, a shaky sigh emitting from your chest as you finally spoke out
“Suga please!” you whined out causing him to roughly slap the side of your thigh
“Don’t ever call me that” he scolded, his hands moving to his pants, dropping them from his waist and to the floor as he stood “It’s Yoongi to you, got that?” he warned before tugging his dark briefs off and chuckling at your bemusement when his hard length slapped against his stomach.
“Yes sir.” you finally spoke, your mouth slightly gaped at the sight in front of you- and before you had time to process anything, he was atop you. His fingers working on the clasp of the bra he’d left behind as his tip prodded against your sensitive entrance. Once he freed you of your chest restraint his lips gladly found its way around your freshly marked neck and down to your breasts. Yet by the time he’d made his first mark, he had bottomed out, groaning loudly at the feeling of your heat
“Damn it Y/N, it’s been too long” he hissed against your skin, his eyes rolling back at the tight heat that engulfed his large member. A few slow deep thrusts was all it took for him to lose control, causing you both to harmonize throughout the room. His beautiful groans and grunts were all you could hear over the slapping of your skin as he pounded relentlessly into you. Yoongi had been in need, and that was evident now. His lips littered your skin in as many love marks as he could possibly make, his hips snapped against yours at least 3 times a second, and his lengthy groans easily notified you that he was close- and so were you. Suga lifted his lips from your sensitive neck, zoning in on every loud ‘oh’ that you screamed, his bottom lip tucked between his teeth.
“Mmm, are you close baby? Let it out for me” he murmured huskily against your ear.
“Yoongi please.” You begged, and it was all he needed. He moved his fingers to your clit graciously, his fingers dancing upon it quickly to send you over your second high. You let out a cry of pleasure as you finally released. Yoongi following suit shortly after as his cum shot into you. Soon his thrusts began to slow to a still, slowly pulling out of you and tugging you against his chest as he pecked your forehead.
“How was that for a BBMA trophy?” you teased, looking up at him expectantly
“Still not enough” Suga uttered to your surprise. Your brows furrowed and you gave him a questioning look
“I don’t unders-”
“Y/N marry me.” he said, cutting you off. Yoongi looked down at you with a serious expression on his face.
“Marry me.” he repeated, tipping your chin up with his finger. Though you couldn’t believe the words you had yearned so long to hear were calling to you from his lips- your answer was ready and definite.
“Yes.” you smiled, his lips moving down to meet yours as your smile spread wide.
“Now this is the best BBMA trophy” he smirked, his fingers grazing your back whilst his forehead rested upon yours, closing his eyes as the two of you finally got a rest from the long day you’d had.

I’ll Be Around for You

Howdy, kiddos, and welcome to the first installment of my ghost Laurens au! This AU follows history, so be prepared for some canonical character deaths. I’m so excited for you to finally be able to read at least this first part, and can’t wait to share the rest with you! A huge thanks to the anon who suggested I do this series! Buckle up those angst seatbelts, kiddos, because OHOHOHO, you’re in for a wild ride ;)))

PART ONE: Look at my son!
January 1782

“Oh my god, Eliza,” Alexander exclaimed.

He’d just arrived in Albany and had flown up the stairs of the Schuyler Mansion, barely saying hello to Mrs. Schuyler and the youngest of the Schuyler children who were gathered downstairs. In the second room on the right was the room he knew he’d find his wife in; the room that was once her’s and Angelica’s and Peggy’s, and was now Cornelia’s and Catherine’s. The room where Eliza was lying in bed, their newborn son, asleep, cradled in her arms.

“Oh my––” Alexander couldn’t help the tears that came to his eyes as he took in his beautiful son–– skin a healthy tan, just like his father’s, hair no more than a brown halo glowing atop his head.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Eliza said, her voice soft and tired.

Alexander took her in, her pale skin even paler than usual, dark circles under her eyes where there previously hadn’t been even a trace before, her black hair frizzy instead of its usual sleek. Her eyes were fluttering shut in the way they did only when she’d been kept up too long. The first time he’d seen her do this had been at that fateful ball in Morristown, in the winter of 1780. And here they were, the winter of 1782, their first child safely delivered into the world.

He walked forward and ran a hand through Eliza’s hair. She shut her eyes, leaning into the touch. They stayed like that for a few moments–– Eliza finally relaxed now that her husband was there, Philip sleeping, Alexander marvelling at the fact that he had a family after so many years of feeling rootless, of feeling like he always had to prove himself to keep his place. Even in Washington’s military family, where he knew of his value, his worth, he never felt entirely secure. But here, with Eliza, and now with Philip, he knew he’d found what he’d always been longing for.

“Let me take him,” Alexander offered. “You need some rest, my Eliza.”

“Mmm,” Eliza hummed in agreement, allowing Alexander to lift Philip out of her arms.

Alexander kissed the crown of her head as he bent over to hold his son for the first time.

“Hello,” he said, voice cracking. “I’m your papa,” he said with a delighted laugh.

Philip opened his eyes and blinked once before shutting them again.

Alexander walked over to the window that overlooked the front lawn, the long staircase descending to the dirt road that cut through the trees and pastures. He could see the Hudson, sparkling in the early afternoon sun.

“You outshine the morning sun,” he said to Philip. “My son.” He couldn’t contain the smile that overtook his face.

He heard a quiet knock on the open door and turned to see his father-in-law, Philip Schuyler, standing there, smiling at the two of them before turning his gaze to his sleeping daughter. He strode over to Alexander and baby Philip, eyes locked on his grandson’s peaceful face.

“I remember when she was that small,” he said softly, nodding toward Eliza. “They grow up faster than you’d expect.” He placed a hand on Alexander’s shoulder. “Cherish the moments when you can still hold him, son.”

Alexander nodded. “I swear that I’ll be around for him.”

He looked back down at his sleeping son. He couldn’t describe what, exactly, he was feeling. Pride? He thought. No, pride is not the word I’m looking for. There is so much more inside me now.

For once, he was grateful he hadn’t died in the trenches of Yorktown, or while taking the British redoubts. He was grateful to have survived the war. He was grateful that he finally got to know how being complete felt.

August 1782

John Laurens was certain of only one thing: he was dying.

Everything else was a blur. There was the South Carolina heat, the buzzes of the mosquitos and flies that he knew would descend upon him like he’d seen happen to other fallen men, their eyes left half-open, as if they couldn’t bear to stop looking at this world as they entered the next. There was shouting, the whiz of bullets, the groans of the injured, the dying. He wondered if his groans were joining them. He couldn’t tell.

John Laurens had imagined death many, many times in his short life, but he’d always failed to actually imagine how it would feel to die. It wasn’t painless, but it also wasn’t as unpleasant as he’d have guessed it to be.

He’d known the war was over. He’d been there, at Yorktown, with Hamilton, with Lafayette, with Washington. He knew a treaty would be signed, and the Americans would be declared the victors. So why had he not hung up his sword? His gun? Because he longed for death, and that was the one thing he could not honorably give himself. So he prayed that some damned redcoat would do it. And some damned redcoat finally had.

There was one other thing, or person, rather, he could not honorably have. Laurens prayed he wouldn’t be damned to Hell for thinking of the object of his affections as he bled out on the marshy South Carolina ground. But even if he was sent to the icy depths of Hell for all eternity, thinking of Alexander during his last moments on this earth were worth the punishment.

He knew Alexander had all but hung up his own sword and gun. He knew his love was out of harm’s way, at least in the sense of war. He also knew that Alexander could never truly be out of harm’s way because he was Alexander–– a constant danger to himself because he never knew when to stop. Not that John had ever been much of a help in getting him to stop, but he liked to imagine that he had at least provided some aid.

This whole dying business sure had him indulging his own vanity.

He could feel himself slipping, slipping into blackness. It wasn’t a scary darkness, though. It was rather comforting. It made him feel surrounded, protected. He wondered if he’d see his mother first. Oh, how he’d missed her.  

John Laurens took one shuddering gasp, and then breathed no more, his half-open eyes witness to the remaining violence, and, soon, the mournful silence.

I’ll Be Good - Part 5

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 4  -  Part 6

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – While your initial intel is verified, which should lead to your freedom, you also can’t help getting into trouble, much to the frustration of those trying to help you.

Warnings: Swearing. Short mention of violence and deathy/murdery stuff. ANGST.

Word Count: 2148 – yah this one got away from me… but I don’t even care.

Author’s Note: I got more than a little carried away here… I LOVE writing the sneaky snake stuff!!! I promise this story is actually going somewhere. It is a sloooow burn ok, just enjoy it. A little fun mischief, a little angst at the end, a little where does everyone stand, who knows???

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

The tense voices in the hall pulled you reluctantly from your sleep. You listened, hovering by the door. It hadn’t surprised you that the argument was about you. You slipped silently into the hall, watching, absorbing.

“I have a duty to this team, Buck. She came to us as a hostile, I couldn’t just let her have the run of the place unchecked!” Steve’s anger was rippling below the surface, he was trying to contain it, but his harsh glare and sharp gestures gave him away. Hovering close to Bucky, he continued, prodding Bucky in the chest with all four fingers in a stiff jab “And you shouldn’t have given it to her. You endangered everyone here.”

“No one’s in danger, I was with her the whole time.” He answered back firmly. From your quiet place against the shadowed wall you smiled, at Bucky’s half-truth. “She didn’t come to us at all, we took. her.” Bucky hissed, weighing into the last words.

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Girls Like Girls (Rosé x Lisa/Chaelisa)

Note: This was inspired in Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘Girls Like Girls’ song and video. This is pretty much a written version of the music video but with some changes. I hope its not confusing for the people who never heard of the song before.

Note2: There’s some curse words in this, nothing too heavy but still, im warning you lol. 

Originally posted by jinsbeautiful

Lisa and Rosé had been friends for such a long time. They’ve always been really close and always took care of each other. They used to say that they’re like soulmates; they met in a totally unexpected and beautiful way. But then they started to fall for each other. Lisa was too afraid too tell Chaeyoung about it cause she thought that She didn’t felt the same but she did. Rose wanted to tell her so many times but the situations were always inappropriate for it. But both of them were ready to try and talk about their feelings.
They’ve always spend a lot of time together and today it wasn’t going to be different.

Saturday, 14:05PM

A knock on the door made Chaeyoung get up from her couch were she was sitting with her boyfriend. She opened the door to greet an smiley Lalisa looking at her. She pulled Lisa in by the hand, and closed the door. They went to the kitchen were now, Chaeyoung’s boyfriend were smoking and drinking a beer. The day today was going to be great. Rosé took two bottles of a light beer and gave one to Lisa.

“So what’s planned for today?” Lisa asked taking a sip from her bottle. She looked at Chaeyoung that had half a smile on her face.

“I don’t know.” She smiled again at Lalisa. They looked at each other deeply in the eyes. Something was telling them that it was going to be a good day. They stood like that, staring at each other for a moment until Chaeyoung’s boyfriend came back to the kitchen.

He looked at Rosé and tried to kiss her. Avoiding to watch that scene, Lisa looked down and pretended nothing was happening. Seeing that, Chaeyoung pulled him away and didn’t let him kiss her. The look of rejection on his face was priceless. He left the kitchen and let them alone again.

“Come.” Chaeyoung said coming down of the balcony where they were sitting on and gently pushing Lisa’s hand.

Lisa followed her to a part of the house were the wasn’t no one. They got into Rosé’s partially dark room that Lisa knew very well. Chaeyoung let go of Lisa’s hand and closed the door behind them. Lisa sat in her bed and followed Chaeyoung with her eyes while she walked around the room.

“We need to change this clothes. There’s no way we can get in the pool with them.” Chaeyoung looked at Lisa, that just nodded at her and got up to change her clothes.

Chaeyoung opened her closet and got some of Lisa’s clothes that she left there the last time they had a pool party. She handed them to Lisa and got her own clothes.

While they were changing their clothes, Lisa looked back and saw Chaeyoungs bare back. She looked at it for some more seconds and then turned back. Right after Lisa turned back Chaeyoung finished dressing up and turned to look at Lisa that still didn’t had her shirt on. She quickly turned back and waited for her to finish dressing.

When Lisa finished, they got out to the pool are where all their other friends and some of Chaeyoung’s friends that actually were her boyfriends friends. Lisa didn’t knew a lot of the people there but she didn’t mind. They got near the pool and everyone was staring at them walking holding hands. Especially Chaeyoung’s boyfriend. He looked at Lisa with an disgusted look on his face but she ignored it.

Some random guy came to them and pushed them into the pool. They fell and the only thing Lisa heard was Chaeyoung cursing at him. They played at the pool a little more but it was starting to get a little cold so they came out. They went back to Chaeyoung’s room and putted on some dry clothes. Before coming back to the party, that now had moved to Chaeyoung’s living room and had less people, they talked a little until their hair was almost dry.

They went to the living room and they sat together on the couch. Chaeyoung’s boyfriend came out of nowhere and pulled her closer trying to kiss her one more time. He was so drunk, Lisa could feel his awful beer breath from where she was sitting. Again, Chaeyoung pulled him away and he looked really angry this time. He let go of her arm and pushed her to the couch again, where she fell in Lisa’s lap.

Chaeyoung looked up at her and saw how uncomfortable she was with the whole situation. Chaeyoung got up and walked to a hall and then disappeared. Lisa wanted to let her think a little cause she looked really angry with her boyfriend.

After some time passed, and mostly everyone had gone home, leaving only Chaeyoung, her boyfriend and Lisa at her house. Lisa searched for Rosé inside the house and didn’t found her anywhere. So she passed through the living room again and saw Chaeyoung’s boyfriend sleeping on the floor. She laughed for herself and walked outside.

She looked to the pool and saw Chaeyoung sitting by the pool. Lisa walked a little more and sat next to her. Chaeyoung seemed thoughtful, looking deeply into the water. Rosé rested her head in Lisa’s shoulder and locked her arms together with Lisa’s.
They stood like that for some seconds until Chaeyoung started to get her face closer to Lisa’s.

Their faces were inches from touching and Lisa could feel Chaeyoung’s cold nose against hers. They were getting closer and closer to each other until Lisa felt something pull her hair aggressively. She was pushed to the side and she hit her face on the floor. She felt some hot liquid coming down all over her face and her neck. Her head was dizzy and it hurt a lot.

Chaeyoung went down to check on Lisa but her stupid boyfriend pushed her aside. She quickly got up from where she was sitting down to stare at him.

“From all people, Her?!?!? Are you fucking kidding me?!?” He screamed at her. Chaeyoung tried to speak but he pushed her again, making her almost fall. “Keep your mouth shut!! I’ve got enough already.” Chaeyoung kept her head down and looked at Lisa bleeding on the floor. “Look at me!! Don’t you fucking look at her!!” He held Chaeyoung’s face and then let it out abruptly.

Lisa was so angry and it just went up when she saw Chaeyoung cry. She took strength from somewhere inside of her and got up; She punched Chaeyoung’s boyfriend in the face, and he fell down. She went up at him again and punched him over and over, until he was bleeding and unconscious on the ground. Rosé took her up from him and saw that she was crying a lot. Her face expression was wild and it only softened when Lisa looked at Chaeyoung’s eyes.

Rosé’s fingers ran gently over Lisa’s face and brushed of a little of blood that was on her face. She gently ran her fingers over Lisa’s cutted bottom lip and then kissed her. She’s been wanting to do this for so long and now she finally can. They kissed each other like it was the last thing they were doing on earth.

They pulled the kiss apart and looked at each other. Lisa pulled a Chaeyoung hair behind her ear and then hugged her tightly.

“I’m so sorry he’s done this with you.” Chaeyoung said with tears streaming down her face and Lisa replied with an ‘its fine’ that only Chaeyoung could hear.

Lisa kissed her again and she could taste the tears on Chaeyoung’s lips. They pulled apart again and Lisa wiped away some of Rosé’s tears.

“Let’s get your bruises cleaned up.” Chaeyoung smiled weakly at Lisa and gently pulled her by the hand. They got inside the house and it started to rain. They left Chaeyoung’s ex boyfriend unconscious and bleeding alone on the floor wet with the rain.

Fic: Tastes Like Pure Joy Ch. 3 - A Human Girl in a Vampire world

Hi there! This was written for the @olicityhiatusficathon organized by @thebookjumper -  and also I got prompts from people that wanted to see Felicity turn and also wanted to see Protective Oliver when she is almost bitten by another vampire. I hope this meets your needs!

A Human Girl in a Vampire World

“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Mrs. Queen?”

Oliver carried his new wife across the threshold of their apartment.

“I will absolutely never get used to hearing you call me that.” Their wedding was over, the guests had gone home – and it was time for Felicity Queen to stop being human. “And yes, I’m ready.”

Oliver gave her a passionate kiss and tossed her on the bed.

“Are you sure you don’t want to wait another day – enjoy a proper wedding night as a human?” He waggled is eyebrows at her.

Felicity propped her head up on her elbows and looked up at him. She couldn’t help but giggle at his cheese-ball attempt at seduction.

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Sleep - pt 8

Originally posted by jminies

You woke up on top of Jimin, and Hoseok was right next to you guys on the couch, head thrown backwards and mouth slightly open.

Jimin’s cheek was red where you had been leaning on. You pushed yourself off his chest and fixed Hoseok’s head so he wouldn’t have neck pains when he woke up.

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When I miss you,
I remember the good times,
But then I’m brought back down by gravity.
One moment I’ll be fine,
The next, my heart craves you.
It craves the way you look at me, annoyed yet amused, after I tell a bad joke.
But you’re not there to hear my jokes.
It craves the way you stroke my hair after I have a nightmare.
But you’re not lying there anymore.
It craves the way you interlock our fingers together before we head into a crowd.
But now I keep them deep in my pockets.
It craves when you kiss my forehead after I comfort you.
But now I have no one to comfort.
It craves the happiness in your eyes when you see a beautiful sunset.
But each time I see the sunset now, I’m reminded of your beauty.
It craves your smile. The smile that could heal a bad day.
But all I remember are the tears before we parted ways.
It craves to hear your voice again.
To call my name. To cry my name.
It craves for your arms around me.
For you to grasp tightly, and never let go.
And soon, these craves will be satisfied,
For we shall see each other again soon.


anonymous asked:

Hi! I don't know if you are taking prompts, but I have one if you are? So the headcanon is that Nico sucks at singing but his mother and Bianca were both really good at it in Italian. So Will is good at singing as well and learns Italian because well Nico and yeah. Thank you!

Thanks for the prompt, anon! I had a lot of fun writing this! It took everything I had to not write a publicly singing Will because it didn’t feel right. 

And the song I’ve used is pretty upbeat and it sounded happy to me (the english translation i found was kinda weird) and I figured that 10 year old Nico probably liked those happy songs. So no sad love tunes.

Anyways, hope you enjoy! xD

Penguin Love 

“I remember her singing.”

Will rolled over, propping himself up on his side to look at Nico. “Who?”

Nico was looking at the ceiling thoughtfully, almost longingly, one arm bent under his head for support. His brown eyes sparkled in the moonlight and Will could have almost been sure that they were tears.

He turned his face to look at Will, his lips curled in a sad smile. “Mama. I remember her singing to me at night. Some Italian lullabies, sometimes her favourite songs.”

Will shifted closer to Nico and placed his head on Nico’s shoulder. There was something almost elegant about Nico’s demeanour when he talked about his past. His bitter sweet memories mixed with his longing, the way his entire being seemed to relax, the way his hand always found its way to Will’s and traced abstract lines into his palm. It was the one time when Nico was completely immersed in his own thoughts, his voice being the only medium for Will to go there with him.

Nico took a deep breath. “Even Bianca. I remember her humming the same tunes when she cleaned her room or made her bed. You know, back in Westover.”

A pained look crossed his face. “They were beautiful singers. I remember Mama’s voice, clear and sweet. Bianca too. Though she was shyer about it.” He chuckled lowly. “I miss that, you know. Everything was so much simpler back then. Your mama tucks you in. Lullabies keep the monsters away. The gods don’t exist. Your sister doesn’t join dangerous hunting groups.”

Nico pulled out from under Will and rolled over to throw his leg across Will’s thighs. Resting his head on Will’s chest he continued, “I wish I could sing too. So it would feel like home again.”

Will ran his fingers through Nico’s hair. “Well, why don’t you?”

Nico raised his head to look at Will bemusedly. “We both know how terrible I am at singing.”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“It matters to me.”

Will hummed thoughtfully. “How about you teach me?”

Nico laughed and snuggled back into Will. “So you can butcher the pronunciations? Yeah, I don’t think so.”

Will gasped dramatically. “You wound me!”

“Go to sleep, Solace.”

Comfortable silence fell over them, coupled only with the occasional rustle of leaves outside the Hades cabin.

“What songs did they sing?” Will asked, his fingers playing with the hem of Nico’s shirt, “Do you remember?”

Nico nodded. “There’s this one song I really liked. Pinguino Innamorato. It means Penguin Love.”

Will snickered. Somehow the idea of penguins and Nico di Angelo did not go together at all. Of course, Nico probably knew what he was thinking which is why Will also knew that Nico was rolling his eyes.

“Not a word, William.”

“I don’t know, man. All I can think of now is you and Happy Feet.”

“Go back to your cabin, you dork.”

“But Neeks, it’s late! And I want to hear all about the penguin’s love life.”

Good night, Will.”

Will wondered if he’d ever help Nico feel at home again.

A few days later…

Nico was in the infirmary, organising the medicine cabinet. The Apollo kids may have been great medics but they were terrible at organising. And seeing as Nico was a little obsessive when it came to cleaning (Will’s words, not his), he’d been appointed as the ‘chief organiser of the infirmary’ (again, Will’s words, not his). Okay, so maybe the medicine didn’t have to be arranged alphabetically and according to importance, but he had time and it wasn’t hurting anybody either.

Just as Nico was debating whether the Unicorn Draught should be kept before or after Unicorn Hair based on the quantity and number of vials, Will came waltzing in and pulled him into a hug.

“Hey, hot stuff,” Will purred against his ear, sending a shiver up Nico’s spine.

Rolling his eyes, Nico pushed his boyfriend away lightly. “You’re messing with my concentration, Solace.”

Will huffed and pulled away. “For arranging the medicine cabinet? Jeez, Neeks, don’t hurt your brain with all that intense concentration.”


“Do you need help?” Will asked, glancing at the neatly arranged medicines apprehensively.

Nico hummed. “You can start arranging the stuff behind me alphabetically,” he said, motioning behind him distractedly as he glared at the vials of Unicorn Draught.

Will pulled away, muttering under his breath about ‘OCD’ and ‘unnecessary work’ and ‘stupid, cute boyfriends’ but Nico had learnt to ignore him after all the months they’d been together.

And then Will started humming.

And Nico froze.

Because he knew that music. He’d heard it every day for several years and now he could hear it behind him after ages and gods, it was so beautiful.

Will’s voice was perfect. Clear, like his mother, soft, like his sister’s. The playful tune, the sharp notes. It was perfect. Nico stood there frozen, his eyes filling with tears as Will continued humming behind him. And then Will started singing and Nico had to cover his mouth with his hand to hold back a sob because sweet Apollo, Will did not butcher the pronunciations, the lovely, lovely boy.

“…col colletto duro e con il petto innamidato…
Va passeggiando per il pack

Nico bit his bottom lip and turned around to see Will still arranging the medicines like it was no big deal that he was singing an Italian song. But of course it was a big deal. Nico could hear the smile on Will’s face as he went on singing.

Stepping closer to Will, Nico wrapped his arms around Will’s waist from behind and buried his face in his neck, tears running freely down his cheeks.

“…Lascia star la mia bambina!
Via di qua, o marran!

Will detached himself from Nico’s embrace and turned around, holding him close, still singing, still making that beautiful music and Nico started sobbing.

Because this was what he wanted. This was what he’d been dreaming of. This was home. Right there, in Will’s arms, his beautiful boyfriend singing to him. He was back in his old bed, the room dimly lit, his mother sitting beside him, petting his hair. He could see her lips moving, her smile as she looked down at him, singing, just singing. Home. His home.

And Will brought home to him.

…Quatto, quatto, quatto
il bel pinguino Innamorato…

Nico wrapped his arms around Will’s neck and pulled him closer, still sobbing into Will’s shirt. Will leaned in closer, now whispering the lyrics in Nico’s ears as they swayed slowly on the spot in contrast to the faster beats of the song.

And Nico was home.

It’s passeggiando,” Nico sniffed after Will finished, his voice shaking.

“Okay.” Will buried his nose in Nico’s hair.

And you mispronounced innamorato twice.”


“And- And you’re an idiot.”

“I know.”

“And I love you. I love you so, so much.”

Will pulled back and pressed his lips to Nico’s.


@torva-black Bella stood unconcerned in the receiving line for some pathetic barely-related blood traitor’s funeral. She was most displeased to be in attendance, of course; with cousin Ophelia’s ties, there were too many bloody Gryffindors around. Of course, she took consolation in that she was the reason Ophelia was sitting in the stasis container, waiting for her ashes to be released in the traditional ways. It had been a beautiful killing: joyous and messy. Bella was playing a long game directed by none other than the Dark Lord himself. He wanted to infiltrate the Order, as always; all Bella was required to do for the moment was create a situation in which she could have a simple conversation with one of its key members. So, she sauntered over to her filthy cousin Sirius Black…he was surely as close to Albus Dumbledore as any other. “What a sad little gathering of dirty blood rejects, my dear Sirius, isn’t it? But wait…you wouldn’t understand my point of view, seeing as you’re one of them.”

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I didn’t choose this life - Chapter 9

- Jeon Jungkook

Words: 379

C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9

Masterlist: [X]

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“Did you find them?” She asked as he entered the hallway of their now furnished apartment.

“Yes I found the debts, I burned them…” He said giving her a kiss on the lips.

He grabbed her wrist and dragged her with him out of the apartment.

“Where are we going?” She asked, almost tripping.

“You’ll see.”

They walked up the stairs to the top floor of their apartment building. Jungkook opened a door to another set off stairs. They walked up and ended up on the roof.

The building was tall and they had a view over the water.


“I know right?” He smiled, putting an arm around her.

He took a deep breathe, looking out over the water.

This was freedom.

The feeling he had longed for since forever.

The city was glistening with bright lights, no worries, no stress.

No more debts, no more ending of lives, no more killing, no more abuse.

But another feeling had made its way into him too.


He looked over at the girl he had his arm around, her beautiful face, as she admired the ocean.

“I love you.” Jungkook told her, she turned her head in surprise, looking at him with wide, bright eyes.

“I love you too.” 

He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed her, long and gentle.

Endorphins flowing through his body.

Love, freedom, relief, security.

He had found his place.

He belonged in this life.

This was the life he choose.

1 year later.

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Jungkook and his friends were running alongside with the water. Laughing, talking and enjoying themselves and what youth had to offer for them.

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After a few hours Jungkook returned home. The apartment was empty.

She hadn’t come back home yet.

Jungkook fished his phone up from his pocket and called her.

“Jungkookah?” She answered.

“Sweetie, where are you? when are you coming home?” He pouted.

“I’m just outside!” She laughed, hanging up on the phone. A few second later she stepped into the apartment.

“I’m home.”

Jungkook walked out to the hallway, pulling her into his arms, hugging her.

“You missed me?” She teased.


She giggled and kissed him on the lips.

“I’m so happy.” Jungkook smiled, hugging her tighter.

Title: Amnesiac 
Pairing: Kirito x Asuna
Rating: T
Summary: Kirito races to Asuna’s hospital bed, desperate to see the women he loves finally awake. Upon arrival. he’s greeted with the three words that could destroy a person’s soul. 

“Who are you?”

((Okay, so here is my promised Kirisuna fic and I hope you all like it and I hope it hurts. I’m rushing to post it so ignore ALL the mistakes I made, I’m too lazy to look through it all. I hope you guys enjoy it and lemme know how u feel yay! Also I’m sorry I rushed the ending okay bye)) 

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Mercado de Artesanias, Tlaquepaque

Traditionally a suburb of Guadalajara, the similarly syllable-full municipality is now considered a part of the urban sprawl that encompasses Jalisco’s largest city. I expected more of a haul but in all it only took 15-20 minutes on the bus from the center of the city- an hour once counting the heated 45 minutes it took to find the bus stop. Fun fact about bus stops in Guadalajara- they’re not marked and require more than a handful of intuition and people watching if you ever expect to get one.

Photos of the streets and sculpture are on their way but when the overhead sun had been baking our backs for a little too long we caught some relief in this indoor artisans market, located on half a level of a parking structure cordoned off for arts sake. Tlaquepaque is known for its handmade merchandise, specializing in pottery and beautiful blown glass, as evidenced by the firearm shaped liquor bottles above.

There really was some gorgeous handicrafts available for sale- the nicest part was being able to browse at leisure. The sellers seemed relaxed, not once did someone push us to look at something they just knew we needed.. instead they listlessly smiled or nodded as you floated by their set-up, soaking in the central Mexican decor.

Thor Fanfiction| Can We Keep Him?

The soft pitter patter of raindrops falling on the pavement echoed in Darcy’s ears. The weather had been colder than usual in the past week and Darcy’s breath created a mist as she huffed a breath out. Her hands balled into fists inside her jacket pockets as Darcy tried to race home as fast as she could.

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Thunderstorms with Luke

A/N: hello everybody!!! it’s been such a long time since i’ve written or done anything so……. here you go!! i hope you enjoy it a lot, and if you want to request anything (from AUs to imagines to preferences to anything else), please do so here!!!! 8) p.s. it was 3am so mistakes are inevitable 

The thunderstorm was said to be strong, but you didn’t expect it to be this powerful. Trees were shaking violently just outside your bedroom window, and the winds were howling like wolves. It didn’t bother you as much, though, since you were wonderfully bundled up inside with all your favourite movies laid out in front of you. If your movie plans were going to be cancelled, then why not bring the movies to you? 

Just before you took your pick, your phone started to ring like crazy. “Luke?,” you spoke into the receiver. “Hi… Hi, Y/N,” Luke’s seemingly trembling voice answered, making you very concerned.

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I laughed, I got butterflies, I screamed when Isak opened the door…and then my computer crashed. Even’s presence is just too much! Imagine how Isak feels?

But seriously, the boys were so cute and supportive. I once again find myself envying a fictional character. What the hell is my life?(Altho him kicking them out was fugging hilarious).

And I’m so proud of both Isak and Even for taking the plunge, so to speak. They both manned up today, both took a risk.

When Isak grabbed him, I screeched, but then I was like “Y’all need to talk, tho” and then I screeched again.

I usually prefer to clear the air and get misunderstandings and hurt feelings out of the way before moving onto more pleasurable things but you know what? Let them have their moment. It’s beautiful and it’s been a long time coming. The talking will have its moment too. It must.