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get to know me: favorite team → team avatar (open in new tab for larger size!!)
Sokka: “I just wanted to say: good effort out there today, Team Avatar.”
Katara: “Enough with the Team Avatar stuff. No matter how many times you say it, it’s not gonna catch on!”
Sokka: “How about the Boomerang Squad? See, it’s good cause it has Aang in it - Boomer-Aang!” (art credit)


Anon asked: Could you write a Jefferson imagine? He gets jealous and you have to assume him, you only love him.

So here it is anon, thank you. :)


You were sitting for breakfast at Granny’s, your boyfriend Jefferson with you. The two of you are dating quite a while now, 5 months exactly and you cant imagine a life without him. Jefferson’s the most loving, caring, charming yet funny human you’ve ever met.

Suddenly the door swung open and David stepped in the room. He was actually your boss but also a great friend.
You excused yourself and made your way over to him.

“Hey David” you smiled at him. “Oh hey Y/N, good to see you, actually great to see you!” he admitted as he gave you a hug. “Why so glad? Whats up? Extra work?” you asked.
“Yeah, you have to help me, we have a thief in the city and I can’t wait to meet our new guest. It could take longer, care to make a trip into the woods in the afternoon?” “Of cause, boss!” you said happy, this was your first big opportunity.

“What was that about?” Jefferson asked even before you could take a seat again. “ His expression made you giggle a bit. “David just asked for my help to find the thief! We’ll be out in the woods in the afternoon and maybe till late evening. Isn’t this exciting?!” “Oh jeah that’s- that’s great babe!” he muttered with a fake smile. Now you clearly could tell he was jealous. He never really liked the fact that you work for David, because you always were a good friend of him. Jeff was always afraid there could be more.

“I love you, you know that, right?” you asked him. “Yeah” he smiled, now truly. “And I love you” he gave you a pack on the lips and finished your breakfast in peace.

Just a few hours later you already were in the woods with David. You were so excited for your very first ‘gangster hunting’ like you called it. Okay, it was just a little thief but better than nothing you guessed. However you explained Jeff that he really could trust you and that you love him, only him. After a while you were able to get him to the point where he wasn’t jealous.

“Soo, where should we go first, boss?” you asked teasingly. “Just call me David, how often do I have to tell you?” he laughed. “Boss clearly sounds cooler, but whatever you want… David.” “Alright, Granny said, the last time she saw this guy, he ran in this direction. Maybe he found shelter somewhere in there.” he pointed directly in the deepest part of the woods. “Oh classy, looks like we have much work to do.” you stated not really amused about the fact that your thief hunting could take longer then you tought. But still you were too excited to go back. So the two of you made your way into the dark of the woods.

The hours went by and as you thought it took clearly longer. Actually you had no idea what time it was. “Oh hey David?” you whispered. “Hmh?” “What time is it already?” As his expression told you, he forgot totally about the time too. “Oh crap! It’s already long after 2 a.m. Y/N!” You eyes widened, what woul Jeff think? “Oh holy shit! We should go back, shouldn’t we?” “Yeah, there is no chance to find him here. Guess we have to wait till he shows up in the city…” David admitted quite disapointed. And with that your disappointment grew maybe larger than his. But you had to go back to Jeff.

As you made your way back you just saw somewhat like a shadow, a little movement on the side of the forest way. You jumped a little in surprise wich caused David to take a hold of your shoulders. Maybe the thief? You hold your breath but David was right next to you with a gun, no one could hurt you. Slowly a person walked into the light of your little pocket lamp. As it came closer you began to recognize him. “Jefferson?” “Y/N!” now he ran straight towards you, but there was something different. “Wh- what are you doing here?” you asked confused while David let his gun sink and breathed out lightly. “What do you think? Looking after you, looking if you were hurt. Who knows what all could have happend to you!” his voice raised “… But sorry if I interrupted something” he mumbled with a much quiter voice. David and you changed looks of shock for a second when you turned your attention to Jeff again you didn’t know if you should cuddle him or smack him for even thinking you could have had a make out session with David. He looked you straight in the eyes with a sad and also upset expression. “I- uhm will go further now… You know the way home from here i guess…” David said awkwardly. “Stop.” Jeff demanded. “What did you do with my girl.” he spoke up with a sudden rage in his voice. You never saw him like this before. “What? Jefferson, i would never harm Y/N or try to touch her you kn-” and without any sign Jeff punched David across the face. “Jefferson!” you yelled and stepped between them with a death glare for Jeff. This always showed him he’d gone to far and you were really pissed off. Eventually he looked at you and calmed a bit. “Tell me what you’ve done so long!” “It’s called thief hunting, I explained it to you! Granny said the guy would be deep in the dark parts, you know how large they are?” you asked annoyed. “Sure, we met there. You tried to kill me” he said and couldn’t hide a grin. “Glad I, didn’t.” you smirked. David already made his way back. He knew we could handle each other alone.

After a little awkward silence he spoke up or whispers more. “There wasn’t anything between you and David?” “Jeff, I love you. More than anything in the world. And I am pretty sure with no one I could have better make out sessions in the woods than you.” smirking you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a long passionate kiss.

When you finally broke the kiss you weren’t able to speak for a moment. You looked him deeply in his shining eyes. “Convinced?” you asked still brethless. “Not yet” he smirked, pushed you against a tree and started kissing you again. And there really was no one who can love you better than him.