this took waaaaaaay too long

It’s finally done… This took me waaaaaaay too long. This started out as a sloppy silly edit of the Mr and Mrs Smith poster, then it led to a sloppy scribble parody of that edit, which lead to half finished lineart that sat in my drawing folder for like a month. By the time I came back to it, I couldn’t recreate the style I was using for the lineart, so I had to start over from the beginning, and so on and so on for a total of 2 months. I worked on this for 2 months :’D

So here it is! a Shockblurr parody of Mr and Mrs Smith bc Spies.

anonymous asked:

Favorite poets/artists and tumblr and what you admire about each of them?

I took waaaaaaay too long to answer this. Sorry :((

here goes.

@7-weeks is one of my main pals on this here website. he’s also a poetic god. Sean is always good about making me feel things completely and viscerally. 

@tristamateer is wonderful. she is frank and innovative in her writing. her skill with extended metaphor is unbelievable. i will support and cry over every poem she writes. 

@heartmagician writes some really powerful poems, y’all. idek what to say.

@wildflowerveins makes me proud to be a brown girl. I love her work. i love the liquidity of her writing. she’s incredible (also runs one of my fave lit mags, @wintertangerine)

@alonesomes makes me wish I was softer (and stronger). her poetry evokes softness and feeling.

@latenightcornerstore (ashe i adore everything you write about texas. go texas). but actually she has a powerful and unique voice that really speaks in her poetry.

@clementinevonradics go buy Mouthful of Forevers. do it right now. what a force of nature.

@2wentysixletters anthea’s month poems make me happy to be alive. light and happy.

@erectionnight and @blood-to-ink should post more cuz they’re my loves