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Love Letters

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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: zach dempsey fluff please!! 

Words: 1.735

A/N: This is my first Zach imagine and I hope that you guys like it. This is my last post until friday night, since I’ll be going back to school tomorrow. I am still writing and I can see the feedbacks and requests if there are some. I hope that you guys bear with me and I hope that you understand. Thank you so much, guys.

- G.

Warning: Swearing

Peer Communications was one of the subjects you looked up to everyday and you loved it because you learnt how to behave with people and how to communicate with them. You sometimes asked for help whenever you were down and needed some advices. You also studied some psychological topics and it helped you to be more empathic towards other people.

One more thing you liked about it was the notes of encouragement bag. You could write some anonymous notes to people and put it in their bag. Its purpose was to encourage people so they would value their self-esteem and their existence in this world.

You thought that the idea was amazing and innovative, because it has been awhile since you’ve been secretly receiving love letters from someone from your class. You could admit that the person perfectly cheered you up, making you more confident whenever they would leave one in your bag, but it didn’t help you to kill your curiosity to find out who the person was.

“(Y/N), you look so pretty whenever you smile and it melts me every time I see your lips curving and with those perfect white teeth of yours exposing.” Alex read that little piece of paper with a smirk as you were talking about your secret admirer.

You two were in the library with Zach and Jessica while you were waiting for your next subject: Peer Communications.

“Aw, that’s so sweet.” Jessica complimented as she took the piece of paper from Alex’s hand and read it once again, with a lower tone this time.

“It is.” You bit your lip as you tried not to smile too much because of it. “I wonder who it is.” You wouldn’t sleep sometimes because of it and, being your ultimate crush, you kind of wished that it was Zach.

“Jesus Christ, that’s too damn corny!” Zach complaint and shook his head.

“Stop being jealous, Dempsey.” You winked at him as you teased him, but you were absolutely broken hearted for his reaction. You shrugged it off since you hinted that he was having a bad day, because he just gathered his things and walked away. “Zach!” You shouted as you tried to stop him.

“Zachary Dempsey!” Jessica tried to stop him too, but he just ignored you and he got out of the library, annoyed and vexed.

“Shh!” The old and stressed librarian scolded you and you just flashed her an apologetic smile. You were embarrassed, because you got some looks from your other fellow students and you heard soft giggles from Alex.

“I’m pulling your septum ring away if you don’t stop.” You threatened him and he suddenly closed his mouth, rolling his eyes. “Just kidding, Standall!” You and Jessica then giggled silently and Alex shook his head.

“(Y/N),” Alex became serious as he looked at you, straight into your eyes. “I think he’s jealous.”

“Jealous? Who?” You corrugated your forehead as you couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Jesus,” He let his face fall on his hands as he unleashed a long and deep sigh. “Zach!”

“What the fuck are you saying Alex?” You snatched a piece of paper from Alex’s hand and you started to gather your things. It was impossible that Zach was jealous, how could he? Didn’t he think that those stuffs were damn corny? “Don’t think about it that way, Mr. I jump into conclusions easily.”

“Why the fuck are these people so touchy?” Alex complaint as he looked at Jessica and pointed at you. You and Jessica both chuckled because Alex thought that you were annoyed and frustrated.

“I’m not being touchy, bro!” You defended yourself and you looked at your wrist watch for the time. “We’re going to be late if you don’t get your ass up.”

“Alright, let’s go.” They started to gather their things and you all went out of the library as you headed to your next class.

“Wait, I forgot my book!” Jessica exclaimed as she was controlling the books in her bag. “(Y/N), mind joining me?”

“Oh, sure!” You smiled at her and you were about to go away, when Alex stopped you.

“I’ll go with her, go inside the class (Y/N) and save us our seats.” Alex proposed and you just shrugged it off. They both went to Jessica’s locker and you entered your room.

“Zach?” You were surprised to see Zach and he was about to put a piece of paper inside your encouragement bag. How? You thought he never liked those stuffs.

“(Y/N)!” His eyes widened as he saw you entering the room. He didn’t expect to see you and he was frightened because you caught him. “Uhm, I- I…” He stuttered and he didn’t know what to say.

“You are my secret admirer?” You corrugated your forehead as you brought your hand to your slightly opened mouth, shocked of the revelation.

“Uhm,” He wandered around the room as he felt nervous and you could see that he was blushing. “read this.” He walked closer to you and handed you the paper, instead of putting it in your bag. He was already caught in action, why would he even escape?

“Thank you.” You shyly said as you carefully accepted the paper from his hand.
You slowly opened the folded paper and you were honestly excited to read what was written in it.

Dear (Y/N),

Hi! How are you? I know that it’s been awhile since you started receiving love letters from me and your curiosity is killing you every time, I always see you frustrated after reading my notes.
Anyway, I know that I suck at writing, but I wanted to let you know that I am liking you more and more every day. I am happy to be your friend and being just a friend is enough for me, if you don’t feel the same way. I sometimes hope that you feel or will feel the same way about me too, anyway. I am keeping my fingers crossed,

Take care always,

You silently read the short letter as the two of you stood in the middle of your classroom. You looked at Zach and you flashed him a sweet smile. Your heartbeat was getting louder and you became nervous and enthusiastically happy at the same time.

You wondered, though, why he acted strange earlier if he felt that way? Why would he be jealous, like what Alex hypothesized? Damn, look what Alex could do at you!

“Zach, you are the sweetest person ever.” He smiled at you and he pulled you into a hug.

“I understand if you don’t feel the same way about me,” You hugged him back and you were amazed by the height difference that you both had. He was surely tall and you had to admit that you felt a little bit small. “your friendship is enough.” He murmured and you could hear in his voice that he was wishing for more.

“Zach,” You broke the hug so you could see his handsome face. “you are sweet, kind and funny. It’s not impossible to not like you back.” You honestly confessed back and you quickly saw a wide smile forming on his lips, while he fidgeted with his fingers and looking at his shoes, as if they were the most interesting things in the world.

It was true that you had a crush on him for a while now and you never had the guts to admit it because you thought that it was the boy who should do the first step. Yup, old style.

“Rosie’s tonight then?” He happily asked. “So, we can talk about it.”

“Yeah, sure!” You hyperactively nodded and he let out some soft laughs.

You and Zach stared at each other for a while and you both didn’t know what to say because the awkward atmosphere. At that moment, you hated your classmates for not coming inside the classroom until the bell rang and you hated Jessica and Alex because they were taking too much time to get the freaking damn book.

“Zach!” You suddenly blurted out as you remembered that something was bothering you. “Why did you say that those stuffs were corny if you were the one who writes them?”

“The one that Alex has read wasn’t from me.” He seemed disturbed at the thought of that little letter.

“So, you were really jealous?” You smirked as you teased him and he rolled his eyes.

“Uhm, yes,” He almost whispered as he answered your question sincerely. He looked at the ground as he tried to hide his reddish face. “because I saw that you were so happy because of it and I thought that you didn’t like me and you liked that one, instead.“ He explained and you just giggled. You didn’t know that he was that possessive and you honestly loved it. A possessive and overprotective boyfriend was what you were asking for.

“Silly!” You shook your head because he thought that you didn’t like him. “I still wonder who wrote that note though.”

“My fault!” Alex entered the classroom and winked at Zach, who was already giving him a death glare. You raised an eyebrow as you asked for explanations from that vexatious friend of yours. “I knew that he liked you and I told you that he was jealous.”

“Damn it, Standall!” Zach complaint, but Alex didn’t seem to care that much. You smiled because you understood what he tried to do and you couldn’t help but to love that idiot even more, of course, as a friend.

“Congrats!” He cheerfully teased the two of you. “By the way, I really thought that you have a really nice and perfect smile, (Y/N), and I can confirm it now.” He pointed it out as he saw you smiling widely for his actions.

You shook your head together with and stopped as soon as the bell rang. You went to your seats as the other students came inside the room. You kept on getting smirks and teasing winks from Alex, but you just threw him a crumpled paper in response.

Your favourite subject was about to start and you wanted to thank your teacher for making those bags of encouragement up. It was really a useful and a pleasant idea.

At least, it helped you to be more confident and it has got you a date for that night.


I spent way too much time on this piece of shit and I regret everything by e

That’s more of a continuation to that old comic than an answer to the ask but whatever man though I’m pretty sure the kids (sans Wendy) would probably laugh at Acno rather than comfort him lmao


it took Rogue a week to convince Cubellios not to eat Frosch


even if you make the executive decision to never watch classicaloid, please watch this scene. I’ve rewatched episode 11 fifty times just for this one scene. please. watch it. watch the scene. I made a youtube account for it

why i adore the front bottoms

im in a decent mood rn and im listening to elvis depressedly, so im gonna write about why i care so much about the front bottoms for anyone who’ll read it.

* They make me happy. Happier than I’ve ever been my entire life. I’m not depressed and I don’t consider myself a sad person, but Jesus, it’s like I don’t even know what sadness is when I’m listening to them. 

* I can only describe it as finally “finding my place” when it comes to music. As someone who is constantly surrounded by rap/trap music, and has never been into that type of music, it took a real long time for me to find a genre of music I relate too. It was never trap music, or pop music, I liked screamo for a few years but eventually I stopped that too. And it’s like I finally found something that I understand

* I consider them my “happy place”. I never understood what people meant by a band changing their lives, because, you know, it’s a freaking band, you never met them, they don’t know you.. How can it become anything more than thinking: “Wow, I really love this song”. But it can and it’s a really lovely feeling. 

*  They introduced me to other bands who make me happy. Without them I don’t even know where I’d be right now. I literally have no idea. Probably going downhill hella fast considering my anxiety has been acting up lately for reasons I don’t even know. I’d have to start seeing someone again. It’d be awful. I’m not saying my anxiety goes away 100% when I listen to them and I’m magically all better again, that’s not how it works (for me at least). But it helps quite a lot. And the other bands they introduced me too do the same thing; if tfb isn’t working for me that night I switch to Modern Baseball, etc. 

*I just get this feeling of rightness every time I hear Brian’s voice or I watch Mat drumming, and my stomach and heart get all fluttery and everything is so right, you know? And I’ve never felt that before. 

Fuckboy Not A Gentleman (M)

               Have you ever met someone that made you sick to your stomach whenever you look at them? That’s how I feel about Jung Hoseok. He was what you would call a fuckboy. Always had girls surrounding him and his sex escapades were legendary. I had a class with him and even sat next to him which wasn’t the best thing in the world. He would talk to me during class and would try to flirt with me and it would annoy me. When I would turn to look at him and tell him to shut up, he would bite his lip and say something along the lines of “You know you like when I talk like that.” I wanted to punch him in his smug ass face.

               One Saturday night I was in my room studying for an upcoming final when my roommate ran into my bedroom.

“Cass what the fuck is wrong with you and why do you look like you just ran a mile?” I asked.

“Put that book down and get dressed. My cousin Yoongi is throwing a party at his and Namjoon’s spot tonight and everyone is going to be there.” Cass replied.

“Is Hoseok going to be there?” I asked.

“Probably but don’t let him ruin your fun. Now go get ready!” Cass answered.

I took a shower then slipped on a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket. Did my makeup as normal and put my hair in a ponytail. I put on my favorite pair of black boots and followed Cass out of our dorm and we made our way towards Yoongi and Namjoon’s place. I was hoping that I wouldn’t run into Hoseok at the party because I was in no mood to deal with his shit. I was cool with everyone else but Hoseok was another story. When we got to the party the entire place was packed. Yoongi was part of one of the most popular group of people on campus and if you knew them, consider yourself lucky.

“Hey Cass hey (y/n) you guys made it!” Yoongi shouted over the music.

“Yeah I had to drag miss bookworm out of bed to come with me.” Cass teased.

“I’m not a bookworm! I just wanted to study for this final that’s coming up.” I huffed.

“Stop bickering for a second and come say hi to the guys. They were asking about you two.” Yoongi said.

               I rolled my eyes and followed Cass and Yoongi to the other side of the room where the rest of the guys were. When I looked up, I saw the one person that I was hoping that I wouldn’t see at this party.

“Well if it isn’t the sexy (y/n). You look really good tonight.” Hoseok smirked.

“Hoseok I am in no mood to deal with your bullshit. I just came here to hang out and see everyone. So don’t even try to be slick.” I snapped.

“Wow somebody is feisty. Long time no see (y/n).” Jimin smiled.

“Hey Chim Chim. I’ve been super busy with stuff so I haven’t been able to hang out with you guys. Well some of you at least.” I said side eyeing Hoseok.

“Aw don’t be like that (y/n). You know you like me.” Hoseok smiled.

“Like you? Ha I wouldn’t touch you with a 10ft pole.” I said.

“Alright you two enough fighting. Let’s go get a drink girl.” Cass said grabbing my arm.

We walked to the kitchen and grabbed some drinks. I’m usually not a big drinker but I wanted to drink just enough to forget that Hoseok existed.

               An hour passed and I was a few drinks in. I could feel Hoseok’s eyes on me but I could care less. I was too busy having a good time and socializing. We would make eye contact and would flip him off and he would smirk at me and go back to talking to one of the girls that he was surrounded by. I could see why girls liked him so much. He was good looking and was a really good dancer and I would probably sleep with him if he wasn’t such a fuckboy! I got up to use the restroom and to freshen up and saw Hoseok look at me. I gave him a nasty look and walked to the restroom. After I did my business I pulled out my lipstick and did a quick touchup before I headed back out. I opened up the door to leave when I was stopped.

“Going somewhere princess?” Hoseok asked.

“I’m going back to the party now move Hoseok.” I said.

“Well we could have our own party here.” Hoseok grinned closing the door and locking it.

“I’m not doing this Jung Hoseok now unlock this door!” I demanded.

“Aw where’s the fun in that? Come on (y/n) just give me five minutes. I know you want me. I can see it in your eyes.” He said getting closer to me.

“No I don’t want you at all now let me leave damn it.” I yelled.

               Hoseok pinned me against the bathroom sink and put his hands on my waist. He smelled really good but I would never admit that to him. He started to kiss my neck and when he reached the weak spot on my neck, he sucked on it giving me a hickey. I let out a small moan.

“Hoseok stop…” I whispered.

“You sure you don’t want me? You sure you don’t want me to bend you over this sink and fuck you until you are a shaking mess?” He asked taking one of his hands and rubbing the front of my pants.

I looked at him in the eyes and pressed my lips to his. As we made out I undid his pants and stroked him a few times as he undid mine and slipped his hand inside my panties and rubbed my clit and slipped a finger inside.

“You’re so wet princess. I’m going to enjoy fucking the shit out of you.” He whispered.

“Stop talking and just fuck me already.” I hissed.

Hoseok chuckled as he took his hand out of my panties and pulled them down and turned me around and bent me over the sink. He wasted no time and slipped his cock deep inside me.

“Jesus you’re so tight (y/n).” Hoseok grunted.

Hoseok pumped into me at a fast pace and the way he would move his hips as he pumped made the pleasure too much that I couldn’t even look at us in the mirror. He pulled on my ponytail and forced me to look in the mirror.

“You look so pretty while being fucked. I want you to see how pretty you look.” He growled

               I looked up in the mirror and the sight was erotic. He had a look of concentration on his face and was biting his lip. I was getting closer to my orgasm and I just wanted my sweet release.

“Hoseok I’m almost there. Fuck me faster please.” I panted.

“You gonna cum princess? Cum all over my cock baby.” He panted.

I gripped the sink as my body began to shake and let my body take over as I came all over his cock. He pumped a few more times and released inside me. We stayed in that position for a moment before he pulled out and we cleaned up and got dressed. I followed him out of the bathroom and walked back downstairs. When we joined our group of friends they all looked at us as if they knew what was up.

“You guys were gone for a long time. You guys fucked in the bathroom huh?” Cass asked.

I gave her a smirk and glanced over at Hoseok who gave me a wink. Maybe he’s not so bad after all.

This is my first one shot on here so I hope you enjoyed it!-admin kris

Duality part 3 (J-Hope smut/angst)

Summary: You treasured your friendship with Hoseok, until a drunken mistake changed everything.

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Part one Part two Part four Part five

Word count: 2.8k

Genre: Smut/angst

“Come on guys, please pay attention,” you begged.

You couldn’t understand a word that the boys were saying because they were all talking over each other and howling with laughter. You and Hoseok had been trying to show Jin the simplest of moves, but he just couldn’t get it right. After five demonstrations, he was still doing something entirely different with his body, so the other members had turned on him. They now were surrounding him like a pack of hyenas and taking it in turns to demonstrate exaggerated versions of his awkward movements. Even Hoseok, who was supposed to be helping you teach them the new choreography, had ditched you and was joining in with the riot. You stood alone at the front of the room, helplessly observing the madness. Jin was at the center of it all, bright red, his face creased as he struggled to breathe from laughing.

“I feel like a zookeeper,” you yelled, but no one heard.

You walked over to the speaker and turned off the music.

“Go for your lunchbreak,” you shouted. The members’ selective hearing conveniently kicked in and they all turned to thank you for your hard work before heading out of the door, still chuckling and mocking Jin. Only Hoseok stayed. He walked over to you and picked his jacket off the floor.

“I hate working with you guys,” you grumbled.

“Well we love working with you,” he said, then pinched your nose. You playfully slapped him away.

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Demolition Lovers

Requested: Yes; Hey could you do a Gerard Way smut with desolation row Gerard where you have a fight over him always getting into fights and then he storms out then comes back and sexy times happen sorry if this is too specific XD I love your writing so much! 💜💜💜❤❤❤💜💜💜

Pairing: Gerard Way x reader

Warnings: Angst, smut, fluff

   “Stop fucking putting so much pressure on it Jesus Christ y/n.” Your boyfriend growled. You dropped your head and sighed. 

   “Maybe if you weren’t such a dick head all the fucking time you wouldn’t get in as many fights. And stop blowing that fucking smoke in my face.” You retorted removing the cloth from his face. He leaned back against the bathroom counter and scoffed. He took an especially long drag and blew it directly in your face. You threw the rag in his lap and swatted at the air. “You fucking asshole. You can clean yourself up.” You said throwing your hands up in frustration. 

   "You know y/n you’re being a royal bitch. I don’t see why you’re so up tight all the time.” Gerard said picking up the rag and standing up straight. You whipped around and glared at him. 

   “I’m the one being a bitch? You’re the one coming home at 3 am bloody and drunk expecting me to fix it. This is third fight this week and it’s only fucking Thursday. I can’t keep fucking doing this.” You said rubbing your temple. He threw the rag down on the counter and grimaced. 

   “Sorry taking care of me is such burden.” He mumbled turning to look at himself in the mirror. He ran a finger over the bruise on his cheek. 

   “That’s not what I’m saying.” You huffed. He put out his cig in the sink and ran the water. 

   "Yeah? Then what is it?” He said looking over his shoulder at you. 

   “Do you still still even care about me? Like genuinely? Because it feels like you don’t anymore. You come home whenever you feel like it. You’re always drunk. You basically only sleep here and we only fight now. You’re always yelling at me for stupid shit. And not to mention sometimes I catch a whiff of someone else’s purfume.” You said crossing your arms. He scoffed and turned to face you. 

   “So what? Now I’m a drunk verbally abusive cheater who doesn’t care about you huh?” He said raising his voice.

   “Stop putting words in my mouth!” You yelled stepping closer to him. He clenched his jaw and frowned.
  “So you’re not accusing me of cheating? Or not caring anymore? Even though you know damn well I wouldn’t cheat and that I love you.”  He said stepping face to face with you. You groaned.
  “I wish I wasn’t but I am. But I just don’t know about you anymore.” You said dropping your gaze to the ground. He chuckled bitterly and threw the cigarette butt into the sink. He ran the water a little and turned to you. 

   “Fine. I’ll give you some time to think. I’m gonna get a drink.” He said pushing past you and out of the bathroom. You groaned and followed after him. 

   “Really Gee? While fighting about your drinking you decide to run away and get a drink? You’re unbelievable. What an asshole.” You yelled as he slipped on his leather jacket and headed to the door. 

   “You know it baby.” Is all he said, shooting a kiss towards you over his shoulder and leaving. He closed the door behind him and you screamed. He could be such a dick sometimes. You stormed off into the bedroom and dropped down on the bed. You snuggled up to one of the pillows and sighed. You could smell Gerard’s coulonge and cigarettes. You let out one sob followed by endless crying. You cried for what felt like an eternity but could have realistically only been an hour. You sat up and rubbed your eyes. You felt gross. You got up and trudged to the shower. You wanted to take a shower more than anything now. Fights with Gee always left you feeling disgusting. You grabbed the towel hanging on the back of the door and walked in. You closed the door and set the towel on the counter. You grimaced at the sight of the cig butt in the sink. You picked it up and laughed dryly. What a funny guy. That’s why you fell for him wasn’t it? His humor. When you’d met him at, oh would you look at that, a bar, he made you laugh nonstop. Yeah. A funny guy. You threw it away and wiped your hands clean. You began to run the water and strip. You get the water just under scalding and hopped in. You scrub at your skin until it was raw.  

   When you felt satisfied and clean you shut off the water and got out. You wrapped the towel around yourself and left the bathroom. You looked yourself over in the full length mirror and gasped when you saw Gerard standing behind you. You frowned. 

   “Didn’t hear you come back.” You said flatly and turning to face him. He stepped closer to you and smirked.

   “You’re beautiful you know that kitten?” He purred getting mere centimeters from your face. The absence of whiskey on his breath surprised you. You put your hands on his chest and tried to push him away. He grabbed one of your hands and held it to his chest and used his other hand to hold himself up against the wall. You rolled your eyes.

   “Get away from me.” You said sighing and ducking away from him. He pulled your hand back to his chest and dropped his gaze for a moment, chuckling. You watched him carefully as he dragged his lip between his teeth. 

   “You know, I don’t think you really want me to get away. In fact I think you want more. See I know you y/n. And I can tell that right now, you want me.” He said whispering the last part. You took a shaky breath mental cursing yourself because you both knew he was right. No matter how mad you were at him you couldn’t resist him. He danced his fingers across your exposed shoulder. He ran them down to the edge of the towel and gave you a lopsided grin as he pulled on it, letting it drop to the floor leaving you exposed. You leaned up and initiated a sloppy, needy kiss. He placed one hand on your hip and the other on your neck. You pulled him close by his leather jacket and let him take control. He let his hand wander from your hip down, down until it was just between the apex of your thighs. Your breath faltered and you bucked your hips a little egging him on. He smiled against your lips and took the hint. He slipped one finger into you making you moan. He pulled away from the kiss leaving you both panting. He watched your face contort as he went faster. 

   “See babe? I knew I was right? Now I think we should take this to the bed.”He said removing his finger and pulling you to the bed. You dropped on your back with him above you. He attacked your neck and inserted his finger roughly. You grabbed at his shoulders and moaned. 

   "I don't think I’ll last. Please fuck me.” You whined. He grinned. 

   "Happy to.” He said standing up and begging the shrug off his jacket. He turned away to kick his boots off. You got an idea. You began to rub your clit making sure to moan loudly. He turned around to see you and groaned. 

   “So that’s the game you wanna play?” He growled. You went faster and shut your eyes as you felt yourself come close to an orgasm. Gerard threw off his pants and rolled on a condom. You hand was roughly yanked away and you watched as Gerard climbed over you. He hovered over you for a moment. He slowed inched himself into you and you both cried out. He thrusted slowly letting you adjust. As soon as you were comfortable he went harder and faster. You clawed at his back and screamed his name as he hit your g-stop. He felt you tense underneath him and reached between you to rub your clit. You arched your back and he let out a shuttering moan. 

   "I don’t think I can hold off much longer baby.” He said propping himself up and losing his rhythm. You clenched around him and came screaming his name and every profanity you could think of. Gerard gave one last thrust and came shortly after. He sat back for a second and pushed his sweaty hair out of his face. You smiled up at him. 

   “God I missed that.” He said rolling of the condom and throwing it into the trash next to the bed. You nodded in agreement and he got next to you. "I’m sorry. I’ll try and get better. And monitor the drinking. And I’ll try to come home before 12. And I never cheated. Girls throw themselves at me when I go to the bar but that’s only because they’re drunk. But I don’t do anything. Occasionally I get them a cab if they can remember their address but that’s it. I swear.” He said cuddling up to you. You kissed him softly. 

   “Yeah I know. You’re an asshole but you’re not that bad. I just worry.” You said running your hand up and down his chest. He sighed. 

   "I’ll get better I promise.” He said quietly. You nodded. 

   "I know you will.” You said laying your head on his chest and closing your eyes. He played with your hair to help lul you to sleep. He smiled as he watched you sleep. He couldn’t wait to show you he could change and do better. And most of all be the man you deserved. 

anonymous asked:

RFA + V + Saeran reacting to a MC who has a creepy/evil-sounding laugh? (apparently mine can make me sound like a possessed doll or deranged child and my friends go "oh no" whenever I start laughing like that ^^;)

ヽ(°〇°)ノ Whoa! Maybe you should do creepy laugh tracks for horror movies/games! That’d be cool!!

-When it first happened he would slowly look at his wine glass
-Didnt he have too much to drink, was he mishearing things?
-Once he remembered that he hadn’t had too much, he slowly tried to approach the subject
-“Mc…Were you trying to scare me?”
-“Ah, no…?” Then you remembered what some of your friends had told you about your particular laugh
-After a brief explanation, with a full face of confusion from Jumin, you cleared the air on your laugh
-Lets just say it took him a bit to get used to it. Before then you had definitely startled him a few times.

-Oh my god.
-At first you would scare the fucking Jesus out of him with it. How did you sound like that?? You sounded like that kid from the horror movie Seven made him watch!
-It took him a while to get used to it, and he felt horrible about it. But the creepy laugh belonging to a cute girl definitely made it easier
-(“Mc, you know sometimes they make horror games that need that kinda laugh…..” Yoosung nO.)

-The first time it happened, she definitely dropped a coffee cup
-When you apologized and helped her clean it, she knew it wasn’t a prank of some sort
-She’d NEVER say anything about it. If anyone else did she’d give them such an intense staredown that they’d quickly shut the fuck up (aka Seven)

-He would never, ever, admit you scared the fuck out of him the first time he heard it
-The little yelp he let out was disguised as a vocal warm-up (“You only need to do one?” “Uh..Yeah, babe! I’m just so good!”)
-He’d eventually get used to it, never wanting to hurt your feelings about it
-Would def recommend you maybe helping the sound crew out during their horror themed plays.

-Have you seen this dork?
-The first time you laughed like that he’d feel a chill down his spine. He’d ask you if 1, were you faking that laugh, and 2, Are You Okay?
-Once it was cleared up that it was just how you laughed, he’d belt out an evil laugh in return, and each time from then he’d do the same, or just laugh along normally.
-He wouldn’t tease you about it, but he’d def suggest prank calls to Yoosung
-(That poor kid would going to have prank calls in the middle of the night)

-This poor mainly blind man
-“Mc, did you hear that? That little kid sounded like she just did something she shouldn’t have.”
-(“V, there are no kids around here”)
-After a shy explanation, he’d feel so bad for thinking you were a naughty kid
-He’d never say anything negative about it, and only give you words of praise if you ever said anything negative about it yourself
-(V is too good for this world)

-“Whaaat the fuck was that??”
-“Uhm… Me laughing.”
-He’d get so red faced. He’d want to say you scared the fuck out of him, don’t do that, but since you looked kinda embarrassed, he let it slide without another word
-Of he was caught off guard he’d be fucking scared at first, especially at night, but later he would learn to not be bothered by it
-Would maybe try to get you to scare Seven if he was being annoying

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Hamilton

Part 1/6


Pairing: jamilton (hamilton x jefferson)

Word Count: 1274

Premise: modern law school au - Thomas works in the library where Alex spends all his time.

a/n: first part in a series! I don’t think it’ll be very long, probably like 10 parts or something but who knows! BONUS: see if you can catch the In the Heights reference :3

Thomas highlighted a passage from the casebook, jotting a quick note in the margins. Trying not to let the stress get to him, he did his best to take in every word of the case. The next day he would have to write a test on this, but for some reason his brain wasn’t computing the information properly. He sighed, checking the clock. He still had half an hour left on his shift. The library was dead, which let him study, but all he wanted was to go back to his apartment and sleep and maybe watch some TV with his roommate James.

Thomas let his eyes drift closed, the highlighter falling to the counter as his hand went slack. His chin comically dropped to his chest as he fell more deeply asleep.


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Request: What I want

Request: Can you please do an imagine where the reader and Gemma are arguing and it getting more and more heated until Jax steps in. The reader doesn’t take kindly to him interfering and then starts to argue with Jax. Ends in possible smut?

Sorry, I wasn’t really feeling the “explicit smut” for this one. 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of smut

Originally posted by alil2confident

Abel finally had come home from the hospital and, as I was on vacation from work, I had offered to help and watch him. Gemma and Jax gladly accepted, they had known me since I was a child.

My brother, Opie, was Jax’s best friend and we had grown up together around TM and SAMCRO clubhouse. I always had a crush on Jax, but it was obvious I would never be nothing more than his best friend’s sister, a girl off limits. Not that he had a crush on me, but a girl can dream.

No, he didn’t ignore me. Actually, Jax was my closest friend too and we used to talk a lot about many things. I liked to think that I was the only one that knew him well. I was wrong. I had thought Jax didn’t do relationships, but suddenly, he was getting married and having a son.

However, the marriage ended as fast as it began, but the problem was that Wendy, Jax’s wife, hurt her son in the process. That’s how Abel was born premature and I ended up being his temporary babysitter.


We all knew I would go back to work soon and someone else would have to help with Abel. I had told Jax about our classmate from high school, Annie. She needed extra cash and was great with kids; he had agreed she was a good option. An opportunity to see if Annie would be good for Abel came up that week. My father was at his cabin and needed my help. It would take me an hour, maybe more, to go there, and I couldn’t take Abel with me, so I called Annie.

I did my errands and rushed back to Jax’s place, but instead of Annie, I found Gemma there, watching Abel sleep.

“Where is Annie?”, I asked, stopping at the door frame of Abel’s bedroom.

“You mean that girl watching my grandson?”, Gemma narrowed her eyes at me and I sighed. Something bad was coming.

I walked back to the living room and Gemma followed me. I folded my arms, facing her, “Jax knows her; we studied together in high school”.

“We don’t let strangers watch our kids”, Gemma rested her hands on her hips.

“She isn’t a stranger and Abel’s father approved it”, I raised my voice, “He will need a babysitter and Annie is great”

“Who are you to decide that?”, she asked, cocking her head to the side and taking a step closer to me.

“I’m family Gemma, I care about Abel”, I locked my eyes with hers, I wouldn’t let her humiliate me.

“Right”, Gemma scoffed, “I know you always liked Jax. You are here for him, using my grandson to…”

“Don’t you dare!”, I yelled, pointing a finger to her, “Take back what you said Gemma!”

“Last thing Jax need right now-“, Gemma continued, “-is a girl trying to get at his dick”

“What the hell is going on!?”, I hadn’t noticed Jax coming in, but he was watching me and Gemma now, creasing his brow.

“Take. It. Back”, I hissed at Gemma, ignoring Jax.

“I found a stranger watching my grandson”, Gemma turned to Jax, while I was still glaring at her, “While SHE was supposed to be here”

“Your mother kicked Annie out!”, I looked at Jax too. He was clearly completely pissed off about finding us arguing.

“Annie isn’t a stranger mother”, Jax pinched his nose, sighing, then he looked at me “But you should have called someone Y/N”

“I tried, you didn’t pick up”, I barked at him and Jax’s eyes softened.

“Sweetheart, you better go now”, Gemma smirked, thinking she had won, “We can take care of Abel”

“Mother!”, Jax raised his voice, about to step in our argument. No, I wouldn’t let him do it.

“Jax is Abel’s father”, I took a step closer to Gemma, “He’s the only one who can tell me to leave”

“Y/N! Stop!”, Jax grabbed my arm, pulling me away from Gemma. How he dared to take her side on this one? Abel started to cry and I forgot what I was about to said to Jax. The baby was more important and I went to see what he needed.

“Jackson”, I heard Gemma warning her son while I walked in Abel’s room and held him on my arms.

“We will talk later mom, now I have to see my son”, Jax sighed on the hallway and Abel stopped crying, “Leave us please”

I didn’t hear anything else, I was trying to make Abel sleep again. Thankfully, it didn’t take long and when I turned around to leave, Jax was at the door, watching us.

“You’re good with him”, Jax whispered. I just nodded and passed him, heading back to the kitchen, “Sorry about my mother”

“You can’t let Gemma control your life Jax. Or your son”, I didn’t look at him, grabbing my purse, intending to leave.

“I know”, he sighed and rested his hand on my shoulder. I strayed from him, “Y/N…”

“Your mother insulted me”, I turned around and hissed at him, “You agreed about Annie, you should have told her that”

“You know how my mother is about strangers”, Jax tried to reach me again. I took a step back.

“For the last time, Annie isn’t a stranger”, I raised my voice, “Jesus! I have to apologize to her, maybe help her find a new job!”

“Y/N…”, Jax was begging now, but I was too nervous to care about it.

“For God’s sake! I was trying to help!”, I let my arms fall down my sides, exhausted, “I’m sorry for care about Abel as he was mine. I’m sorry for care about you so much. Damn you Teller!”

I huffed and marched to the front door. Jax stopped me, grabbing my elbow, “Y/N”, I sucked in a breath, noticing how close we were, “Do you really care about me? About my son?”

“Forget it Jackson”, I sighed, looking away, “Don’t listen what your mother and I said during that argument”

“Yeah, I did hear what she said”, Jax bit his lips and I blushed remembering exactly what Gemma had said, “But I care about what you have to say”

“You don’t really wanna know”, I whispered, looking at his lips.

“I know damn well what I want darling”, his voice was raspy and then Jax was lowering his lips over mine. The kiss started slow, but in seconds it became deeper, demanding, hungry, and I melted on his arms.  

Jax easily lifted me up, wrapping my legs around him as we stumbled through the hallway. My back was against the wall and his lips were sucking my neck, making me moan. On instinct, I closed my eyes and moved my hips, feeling how much Jax wanted me.

“Y/N”, he groaned, burying his face on my cleavage. I opened my eyes again and saw Abel’s door across the hall.

“Jax”, I patted his shoulder. Confused, Jax put me back on my feet, but his hand was still on my waist.

“What is wrong?”, he asked, caressing my cheek with his thumb.

“We can’t”, I whispered. Jax creased his brow and held my chin, not letting me look away from him, “You have enough on your plate right now Jackson, I don’t wanna be a burden or bring more trouble. Your mother hates me right now”

“You just told me not to let her control my life, to do what I want”, Jax smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes, “This is what I want. You.”

“Jax…”, I traced his lip with my fingertip and he closed his eyes. I want to say something, I thought I could leave easily, but I couldn’t, I wanted him too. I sighed and rested my forehead on his chest, “Opie will kill us”

“He knows”, Jax say, running his fingers through my hair. I looked up again and he was smiling, “He knows I like you Y/N”. Jax kissed me and we were getting lost in each other’s arms again. “Sorry about earlier”, he whispered, brushing his lips over mine, “My mother won’t bother you again and I’ll agree with what you decide is good for Abel. Please stay, you are good for us. I want you in our lives. Please stay”

I looked down and slowly caressed Jax’s arm, taking his hand on mine. Locking my eyes with his, I guided him to the bedroom. I stood on tiptoes and kissed him. “I’ll stay Jackson”, I whispered. Jax pulled me closer, leaving no space between us. Gently, he laid me on bed, covering my body with his and loved me. Later, Abel cried and Jax brought him to bed, laying the baby over his chest. I watched them, caressing Abel’s back as he fell asleep again. I realized then, I would never be able to leave, ever.

Only If You Want

Hercules x Reader


Word Count: 3936

Request: *slides in* so… I heard your requests were open! Could I maybe get a Hercules x reader where they’re both too scared to ask each other out, so people gotta start meddling. Thanks bro bro! *slides back out*

A/N: May or may not have based this off of two main real events with my friends. 1) Sunday Brunch tradition in which I basically recounted our worst brunch. 2) That time I was Angelica and actually did the car/movie thing to my friend (who should be thanking me, she’s still dating that boyfriend three years later). Sorry this took so long! Enjoy!

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10-xiv)  You pissed me off in class so I threw a book at your head and now I’m in detention and jesus fuck I hate you so much and the teacher made me apologise and wait you’re cuter up close and the way you talk is kind of nice actually oh fuck no

In simple words, it had not been a good day. Nico’s temper was slowly boiling throughout the day until he thought he was going to explode. His final class was English with an insufferable teacher who always veered off topic for too long and allowed chaos to take over the room and insufferable classmates who took advantage of it each time.

Usually, Nico simply ignored them by reading, but that day had been too stressful for him and he had a splitting headache. Regardless, as he sat in class he pulled out a worn copy of Frankenstein and tried to indulge himself in the words.

Meanwhile, the teacher had decided to play The Great Gatsby for the class. He turned out the lights and Nico figured he would just watch. He enjoyed the movie anyway. But the other in the class obviously didn’t. They joked and commented on the first few scenes, causing Nico’s nerves to fray a little more.

Particularly one boy’s laughter which sounded like the chittering of a chipmunk after each joke made. “Shut up,” Nico hissed to all of them. He got a few angry glares, but the glare he gave them in return made them look away hastily. Then the frustrating chipmunk laugh from the blond boy in a desk near the front resonate through the room and, without thinking, Nico grabbed his worn Frankenstein copy and threw right at his head.

“Ow!” he yelped. He turned to Nico in shock. “What the hell was that for?” he snapped.

“Shut your freaking mouth!” Nico snapped back.

“You didn’t have to throw a book at me!”

“What’s going on?” the teacher intervened.

The girl next to him pointed at Nico. “He threw a book at Will.”

The teacher looked at Nico disapprovingly and pulled out the pink write up slips, which then caused the class to ooh in spite of him. “I hope you didn’t have any plans after school. Here’s your detention slip.” He placed the bright mocking paper on his desk. Will walked over and placed the book back on his desk. Before he returned to his seat, the teacher stopped him and looked at Nico pointedly. “Apologize to your classmate.”

Nico jutted out his jaw and let his head drop, staring at the teacher in disbelief. He was a junior. Not a kindergartner. The teacher only looked at him expectantly. Nico turned his gaze to the blond chipmunk and raised his chin defiantly, only for the sarcastic words to die in his throat.

In the darkness of the classroom, his blue eyes seemed mysterious, shining back with the reflection of the projector. His hair fell around his face in carefully placed waves. His jaw was chiseled, his expression uncomfortable. He was… goddammit, he was cute. Nico could actually feel his anger dissipating, his cheeks reddening from overreacting.

“We’re waiting, Nico,” the teacher prodded.

“It’s fine, really,” Will told him, not looking at Nico. “It’s whatever. Let’s just finish the movie.”

His voice had a small rasp to it, making it husky and wonderful and soothing. “Unless you want two days of detention, Mr. di Angelo, I suggest you apologize.”

“I-I’m sorry,” he managed to stammer. “I’m… sorry I threw a book… at your head.”

Will gave him an awkward tense smile. “Alright.” He scratched the back of his neck and turned away to sit down. Nico looked down at the pink paper with the scratchy writing. Threw book at student’s head during educational video. God every single part of that sentence was just ridiculous.

As the final bell rang, Nico started for the door catching a glimpse of Will rubbing the back of his head distractedly. He went to the detention hall and as he sat there for the next two hours, the memory of Will’s cuteness began to fade and anger began to resurface.

Stupid, stupid blond with his stupid, stupid laugh causing Nico to stay after in this stupid, stupid school for two more stupid, stupid hours.

By the time he was allowed to leave, he was filled with anger and the urge to walk up to the blue eyed nitwit and tell him just how annoying his laugh was and how much he hated him.

He swallowed his words the moment he stepped outside the school doors. Will was leaning against a pillar, scrolling through his phone, the sun glinting against his blond hair so it looked like he was glowing. His eyes, much clearer in the daylight than they had been in class, flickered up as though he sensed he was being watched. When he saw Nico, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion and probably distaste.

Begrudgingly, Nico walked over to him and cleared his throat. “Uh, I wanted to apologize… again… for real… about the book.”

“Uh, okay,” he answered. “You didn’t give me a concussion or anything. You can stop apologizing.”

Nico met his eyes and realized he had freckles- freckles that hadn’t been visible before, splattering his cheeks the way a paintbrush splattered a canvas. How was it possible that he was even cuter in the daylight? “Uh, still… I’m not usually throwing books at people. I just had a very long, very frustrating day. And the fact that nobody would shut up and just watch the damn movie- Ah, sorry.” He took a breath to regain his composure.

Will laughed lightly, and suddenly that chipmunk like sound was more endearing than annoying. “Like I said, it’s fine. I didn’t even get a bump on my head.” Nico smiled and glanced at the ground, searching for something to say. “Uh, my ride’s here. But… maybe you can let me borrow that book some day?”

Nico let out a small laugh. “Here,” he said, pulling the book out of his backpack. “I’ve read it a bunch of times anyway.”

“Oh. Thanks,” he said smiling brightly. “I’ll… see you tomorrow.” He turned away, holding the book tightly and went into his car. Nico kept his eyes on him as he opened the book the second he got in the car and he was driven away.

Yoongi - Christmas Party ~ Part ll

Holy fucking shit I took way too long to finish this up and I have no excuses but it’s like super motherfucking long and dirty so hopefully that makes up for it? I think I write too much sometimes, I’ll start writing shorter scenarios. Also just pretend for the beginning a dare to kiss your best friend happened during a Truth or Dare game and yeah.

Approx. reading time ; 15 min ~

Warnings : Threesome, LANGUAGE, spanking, deep throating. Jesus Christ just please be aware that this is some nasty ass, dirty sexy shit.

“It’s just a game,” you perch on the edge of your best friends bed. “I mean, it’s not like it’s going to mean anything.”

“It will to me y/n,” Jin sighs and you scrunch your eyebrows.


“Let’s just get it over with, the boys will come in here and shove us together if we take too long,” your best friend squats down in front of you, his hands resting on your knees. “I’ll lean towards you so you don’t have to..”

His eyes stay locked on you and you don’t understand why he leans up so slowly but as soon as his plump, soft lips press against yours, your brain throws out every other thought besides wow.

It’s merely a short peck before Jin pulls back and you chase after him, stopping yourself once you realize what you’re doing. He was your best friend, that was it. You couldn’t make the same mistake twice by dating another boy in the band.

“Jin we shouldn’t-”

Suddenly standing up, Jin grips your chin and smashes your lips together again. You lean back with the force, your arms swinging back to hold yourself up. Jin takes a deep breath before kissing you harder, a guttural moan reaching your ears. Leaning on the bed between your legs, he gently lays you down and hovers over you, hands trailing down your body. He grabs your hips and lifts them up so he can press his soft cock against you through both of your clothes.

“Jin,” you gasp.

You hold onto his broad shoulders while he kisses your cheek and down your jaw to your neck. “Fuck, been waiting so long,” he sloppily sucks on the juncture of your already bruised throat, hips gyrating in small circles against you, heavy breaths fanning over your skin as he grows in his jeans.

“Well well well,” you let out a small squeak as Jin jumps forty feet away from you, both of you turning to look at the rude intruder with wide eyes. Yoongi crosses his arms and leans against the door frame, smirk splitting his face open. “What do we have here?”

“Yoongi!” You yell, grabbing a pillow and throwing it at him. He smacks it to the floor and laughs.

“Don’t stop cause I’m here guys, continue with what you were doing.”

“What?” You and Jin ask at the same time.

“Keep going. You obviously had no intention of stopping,” he makes himself comfortable on the floor after closing the door and locking it. “Don’t worry, Namjoon and the kids are watching a movie now, you guys were taking too long.”

“What the hell Yoongi,” you curse. “We’re not doing anything with you in here.”

Yoongi nods and stands up, Jin watching from across the room as he walks towards you. His eyes widen when Yoongi yanks you up from the mattress until you’re standing in front of him, his arm moving to wrap around your waist and bring you flush against his side.

“If I recall,” Yoongi whispers into your ear, quiet enough Jin couldn’t hear. “I’m the one who makes the calls here, not you. So you will do as I say or I will spank your ass until you’re bleeding, right in front of him. Do you understand?”

Yoongi leans back a little and looks down at you, his eyes darkening with his question. You don’t respond and he nods.

“She wants to play Jin,” he says, letting you go and sitting on the bed.

“No no no I’m sorry,” you say quickly, resisting when he grabs your wrist. “I’ll do it. Jin come here.”

“Too late Princess,” Yoongi pulls particularly hard and you fall over his knees, the air being pushed out of your lungs when his thighs make rough contact with your chest. He holds you down by your back while he rids your upper half of your tank top, his other hand pulling your skirt down and exposing you.

“Yoongi!” Jin yells, missing the moan you let out.

“Jin calm down. She’s such a slut for having her ass smacked, aren’t you baby?” Yoongi grabs your hair and pulls your head back. You whimper but nod as best as you can.

“Fuck yes,” you breathe out.

“Use your nice words Princess and tell Jin what you want,” Yoongi demands.

“Please,” your voice shakes as you try to speak so Yoongi loosens his grip. “Please hit me, hit me so hard I cry, Yoongi please.”

“That’s a good girl.”

Yoongi releases your hair and Jin stands in shock, heat flushing from his face straight to his dick. He knew the two of you were kinky but not that kinky. He snaps out of it when Yoongi’s hand lands a nice loud smack on your left cheek, then another equally as loud on the other. He soothes over the red, stinging prints in the shape of his hand before delivering a third sharp spank on both cheeks. You cry out and Jin gets worried.

“You’re hurting her!”

“Not hard enough,” you gasp out, tears blurring your eyes. Jin gapes at you and takes in Yoongi’s smug smile as he slaps you more times in quick succession, beautiful whining noises escaping passed your lips with every one.

“Are you going to listen to me now?” Yoongi asks.

“No,” you shake your head, a little harder than necessary so your hair whips him in the ribs. Like you wanted, he grabs onto your ponytail and rips your head back.

“Oh?” Yoongi remarks, punctuating it with a rough spank that has your back arching with your scream.

Yoongi lets your hair go and slides his arms underneath you, lifting you up and laying you across the bed on your stomach.

“No more for now Princess,” he whispers. You feel him lean over you, feel his soft lips press kisses to your ear and down the back of your neck, trailing down your spine. He stands up. “Jin, kiss her better.”

“W-what?” Jin stutters but you were too spent to say anything.

“I hurt her,” Yoongi says obviously. “Kiss her better.”

“Oh okay, um..”

The bed dips under your body when Jin straddles the back of your thighs. His big hands grip the sides of your arms and you smile over your shoulder at him, encouraging him to just do it. His mouth glides over your shoulder blades, his hands moving to your waist as he makes his way down your back.

“All along right here,” you hear Yoongi tell Jin before you feel a cold pair of lips caress the dips at the bottom of your spine. The coolness felt amazing in contrast with your scorching back side and you let out a low moan. “Oh Princess likes that. Keep going. All around.”

Jin continues to pepper gentle kisses on your bruised, flared skin, hands rubbing up and down your sides. You lift your head up and rest your chin on your hands when Yoongi walks around the bed. He kneels on the floor and brings his face close to you.

“Did I hurt you?” He asks and you shake your head. He smiles and leans forward to kiss your nose. “That’s my strong girl.”

“Gimmie real kisses,” you cutely beg him, softly moaning when you feel Jin sucking and nibbling on the back of your thighs, right above your socks.

“Nice words baby,” he reminds you in a whisper.

“Please give me kisses,” you pout. Yoongi stares at your bottom lip before leaning over to peck it. He pulls back slightly, using his arms as support to hold himself up on the edge.

“Spread your legs baby,” his nose brushes over yours. You do as you’re told instantly and Yoongi kisses your pout again. He reaches around you and pushes Jin away, his hand straying dangerously down to your wet pussy. He rubs you from behind.

“Can Jin have a little taste of you Princess? I’m sure he’ll love to try,” Yoongi kisses the corner of your mouth, catching the small whimper that leaves when his thumb skims over your clit. “Wouldn’t you Hyung?”

“What?” Jin asks cluelessly, ripping his eyes way from where Yoongi was playing with you.

“You wanna taste her don’t you?” Yoongi asks. Jin bites his lip, his chest raising up and down and Yoongi smirks knowingly. “Yeah you do. Baby can Jin-”

“Please,” you beg, already pushing your ass further into the air. Yoongi and Jin share a similar taken off guard look before your ex shrugs.

“Dig in.”

Yoongi’s fingers disappear but are quickly replaced with your best friend’s rough tongue, prodding at your hole.

“Holy shit,” you gasp, your jaw dropping open. Yoongi’s fingers reappear in your mouth, tips reaching the back of your throat.

“Suck a little Princess,” he massages the back of your tongue and you clamp down onto him, suckling your wetness from his digits.

Your knees are gripped from behind and pushed further apart, Jin’s nose rubbing against you as he ravished mercilessly at your clit. You whine on Yoongi’s fingers.

“He doing a good job baby?” Yoongi taunts and your eyes flutter closed. “Hyung, lick her hole open. Get it nice and wet, she likes that don’t you Princess?”

Jin’s thumbs separate your spit slick lips and his tongue plunges into you, your ass arching high into the air and pushing back, air being ripped from your lungs.

“Yoongi,” you plead, on the verge of tears. You felt like you were about to explode.

“Let him have just a bit more fun love,” Yoongi pulls his fingers from your mouth, replaces them with his strong tongue. He kisses you deeply and cradles your jaw, distracting you from the intense pleasure of Jin eating you out so you didn’t come too early. He had a lot more planned.

After a few more minutes he stops Jin and you all move over to his bed. He sits his back against the headboard, pulls you to sit on his lap, his hard on pushing up against you through his thin basketball shorts.

“Fuck,” you whisper, circling your hips, grinding down on him. He kisses the back of your neck, below your ear.

“Show Jin how much you love to suck cock,” he whispers and you look at your best friend.

Yoongi’s hands slide down your thighs as you reach for Jin. The eldest shyly grabs your hand, allowing you to pull him onto the bed. You adjust him in front of you, only mildly distracted by Yoongi’s tongue tracing patterns into your shoulder, hands grabbing his hips and reaching for his zipper.

“Wait wait.”

Everyone freezes and looks up at Jin.

“Should we do this? Is this a good idea?” He asks and you bite your lip. His innocence was such a turn on.

You grab the hem of his shirt and yank him down to his knees in front of you, your lips capturing his in a sloppy kiss. He whines when your teeth sink into his bottom lip, his hands grabbing yours and guiding them to his bulge. You rub him through the rough material of his jeans, pulling away from your kiss and trailing your mouth down his neck.

“Okay we can-” he cuts himself off, gently pushing you away to stand up in front of you again. This time he lets you unzip him and pull his pants down, Jin impatiently bending down and helping you take them off completely, throwing them to the side. Your hands wrap around his meaty thighs and pull him closer, Jin tripping and leaning over you, catching himself on the wall the bed was pushed against. You didn’t mind because at least this way, his dick was closer.

You’re surprised at the size of his boner, your mouth watering when you see it twitch and soak the grey material with precome a second later. Behind you, Yoongi was holding onto your hips and grinding up into you, you could hear him cursing under his breath at the friction on his own straining cock.

You jerk forward, giving Yoongi a better view of your ass as your mouth softly suckles on Jin’s briefs.

“Shit,” he breathes above you, watching you from between his arms. You peel his underwear down, your small hand curling around his thick base.

“Holy shit,” you mumble, leaning forward and licking hesitantly at the head. You had no idea how you were going to fit him into your mouth; you wouldn’t say it out loud but he was significantly bigger than Yoongi. Longer, a bit thicker, a deeper red color and covered in a lot more veins. Yoongi was pale with one or two bulging veins, about an inch or two shorter and held lightly in your hand unlike like Jin, who had a bit of weight to him.

You carefully wrap your lips around him, just the tip for now, and he lets out a deep groan, his hips barely jerking forward. You tongue at his slit and slowly stroke his base as a distraction until you figured out a plan.

Yoongi behind you holds you up while he shimmies out of his shorts, leaving them bunched at his knees. He throws his head back and moans, Jin’s attention moving to him, when he guides his tip to your tight entrance.

“Baby gonna fuck you,” he warns breathlessly, his fingers pinching your hips and lowering you down onto him. You moan at being filled, Yoongi moans at being gripped tightly by your walls and Jin moans from the vibrations you sent through him.

“Fuck,” you call in unison.

Yoongi smacks your ass and sends an order your way. “Suck him properly.”

You force yourself to swallow as much of Jin’s thick cock as you could, your nails digging into his thighs as he powerfully thrusts up and effectively chokes you.

“Sorry!” He apologizes quickly and you try shaking your head with your face stuffed with cock.

“She can take it,” Yoongi grunts, shallowly pushing up into you.

Seokjin tests his boundaries and reaches down with one hand, keeping himself propped against the wall with the other. With the gentlest touch you’ve ever felt, he brushes the stray hairs from in front of your eyes, his large hand easily gathering it all into a loose fist. You pull back and tilt your head up.

“Tighter, be rough,” your voice is scratchy when you talk, Jin’s eyes flashing with lust.

He lets your ponytail loose and combs through the front and curls his fingers tightly into the top of your head. The familiar burning sensation on your scalp blooms in your nerves and you return back to his cock, which he confidently guides into the hot tunnel of your mouth.

“Mmm, tight baby,” Yoongi groans, circling his hips before pushing up particularly hard, burying himself deep inside you. His force sends you far down Jin’s shaft, his swollen head making you gag as it so suddenly is going down your throat.

“God yes,” Jin holds your head down and you squeeze your eyes closed, tears leaking from the corners and streaming down your cheeks. A smack to your ass from the palm of your ex only adds to the pleasure you’re feeling.

You start choking, unattractive noises gurgling in your throat but when Jin tries pulling back, you bring him in even closer. You swallow around him, taking in a few deep breaths through your nose to ease the slight pain. After you collect yourself you give him a thumbs up to continue.

“Fuck, your mouth is so full,” he whispers, his hand pulling your head back so he can see his cock fuck deep into your mouth. It arches your back and causes Yoongi’s dick to reach a spot inside of you that has you seeing stars. You whine, muffled, sucking and slicking Jin’s shaft as much as you could. Your jaw was aching but in the best way possible, Yoongi now slamming up into you and making your body bounce. Your ex boyfriend’s breath hitches when you purposely squeeze around him, making his grip on your waist tighten.

“Okay stop stop stop,” he pants, you pulling off of Jin’s cock immediately thinking you hurt him. You look over your shoulder at Yoongi, who was urging you off of his lap. You crawl between Jin’s legs and sit at the end of the bed.

“What happened?” Jin asks.

Yoongi throws his head back, breathing heavily, “I almost came,” he whispers and you snort.

“Let’s just switch places,” he heaves his body up and off the bed, gesturing for Jin to sit in his spot.

“I…” Jin blushes up to the tips of his ears and down the expanse of his chest, his eyes darting around the room. You share a look with Yoongi.

“Do you not want to fuck her?” Yoongi asks and Jin coughs.

“No! No it’s not that I just.. I have to be on top,” he murmurs. You giggle and he flushes an even darker red.

“Jin you can be on top, I don’t mind.”

“You don’t?” He asks.

“Why would I?”

“Let’s get this show on the road people, I need to come.”

Yoongi rushes you into your positions, you on your back and Jin laid out on top of you. Your ex crawls up behind you, his cock hovering over your face, his hand slowly stroking him to full hardness again. You just now realized you’d have to suck him upside down. You figured you could do it if he helped you but your attention was on Jin, who was kissing up your neck and jaw. He lightly kisses you on the lips, stickily pulling away.

“Are you okay with this?” He asks quietly.

You nod and grab his shoulders, you just needed something back inside of you

“Jesus are you guys going to start dating or something?” Yoongi grumbles in jealousy, his hand smoothing over his pale stomach. You look up to say something about his snarky remark but Jin is slowly pushing inside of you and stretching you wider than Yoongi did. Your nails hook into his skin and you let out a long moan as he sinks into you.

“I won’t last long,” he breathes against your ear and you roll your hips to get him to start moving. You didn’t care, as long as he lasted at all.

Your best friends hands roam over your body as he pulls back and thrusts back in, the breath being stolen from your lungs at how deep he could reach on the first try.

“Fuck Seokjin, come on,” you beg, your hands moving further down his muscular back and forcing him closer, deeper. You moan and a groan reaches your ears, but it wasn’t the man on top of you’s.

You tilt your head back to see Yoongi, slowly stroking himself right above you, watching Jin grind into you with hooded eyes.

“Fuck her hyung, Slut wants it so badly,” he whispers. His face scrunches up in pleasure and you can’t help but to reach up and grip him yourself. The angle was awkward but you made it work, moving your fist over his shaft by twisting your wrist and pulling. Yoongi’s hands curled by his sides, his teeth sinking into the flesh of his lip in an attempt to hide the groans that he spilled out. He breaks and reaches down to push two fingers passed your lips, his body moving in sync with you. “Your hands baby girl, fucking perfect.”

Jin was finally fully seethed inside of you, shallow thrusts trying to ease you into a new familiarization before he couldn’t take the agonizing pace anymore. He was thrusting into you with a new speed, your hand tightening around Yoongi and your core clenching in accidental reaction, causing both boys to release identical drawn out moans.

Your body was shoved up the bed every time Jin slammed his hips into yours, headboard banging loudly, sending pleasure bursting through you as your walls clung to his thick length, the feeling of pulsing veins driving gasps up your throat from around Yoongi’s fingers.

“Need your mouth baby, let me stuff you full,” Jin whines at Yoongi’s words, lips sucking bruises into your rightfully already fucked neck. Yoongi’s fingers disappear and both of his hands are tilting your head back as far as it can go, holding onto your jaw as he shuffles forward. You take it into your own hands to stretch your neck and swallow Yoongi’s tip down. His head falls to his chest, his eyes boring into the sight of you, trying hard to suck him off while simultaneously getting roughly fucked by one of your closest friends. He holds your face still so he can thrust forward, his thighs tapping against your head and pushing you down on Jin when he pushed you up. You swirl your tongue around, your hand reaching down to tease your clit but you’re smacked away and replaced by rough pads of fingers circling your clit and making your pleasure ignite.

“Beautiful lips,” Yoongi whispers, mostly to himself while he drinks in the erotic sight of you. “Mouth stretched so pretty..”

You’re so suddenly taken off guard by Jin’s particularly deep thrust, tip hitting your spot dead on and throwing you over the edge. Your back arches high up into the air while its wracked with euphoric electricity, muffled whines escaping your throat, resulting in both boys slipping in deeper and reaching their own highs. Jin buries himself as far into you as he can while he unloads with a twitching cock and guttural moan right in your ear, Yoongi on the other hand pulling out and jerking himself off in quick strokes until he’s spilling over your cheekbones and lips, his mouth falling open in a silent groan.

You fall back to the mattress, breathing heavily with a panting best friend burrowed into your neck and a heaving ex boyfriend lent over the both of you with sweat dripping down the sides of his face. You look up at him with tired eyes and he smirks lazily, reaching down and smearing his milky come around with his thumb, sweeping it up and pushing it into your mouth.

“Be a good little girl,” he whispers. “And swallow it all.”

She’s my Saving Grace, a Daryl Dixon x Reader fic

“I knew I shouldn’t ‘ave gone on that damn run…” Daryl huffed, hunched over with his hands on his knees. Glenn, himself, Y/N, and Sasha were in a department store, until it got bombarded with walkers after Sasha’d set off an alarm which God knows the damn thing attracted every corpse from miles around. When the walkers came to the windows, they were split up due to the fact that they were surrounded, and each of them had to find their own way out. Daryl was worried about Y/N. She was the type of girl who was quiet, she kept to herself most of the time. The group had found her near Hershell’s farm at the beginning while searching for Sofia. Her group was gone, and she took the blame for it.

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I’m Not Sorry

Prompt: Imagine Dean being embarrassed when he gets a boner while you’re straddling him and cleaning up his wounds. (So it sort of took on a life of its own and Dean didn’t end up being embarrassed. I hope that’s ok.)

Reader Gender: Female

Characters / Fandom: Dean Winchester / Supernatural

Word Count: 775

Warnings: Hurt!Dean, making out, language, drinking.

Sighing for the hundredth time since you set about sewing the gash closed on Dean’s shoulder, you stood abruptly, jostling the injured hunter. “This isn’t working.”

“It’s just a few stitches, Y/N. Nothing you haven’t done before.” Dean seized the opportunity to take another pull from the half empty bottle of whiskey.

“No, it’s not that. I just… I can’t get the angle I need to do it right.” And that’s when you figured it out.

Watching you walk around him, Dean shifted uneasily in the chair. “What?”

You stopped in front of him, jean clad knees brushing against his. “Move your legs.”

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minryll  asked:

Aaaaah I'm so happy that you're defending the fateswakening games because I love them too but it's so hard to have this kind of opinion without being bashed by elitists. That aside, something that really bothered me was the echoes' battle music, even though the soundtrack was great, it didn't pull me in the way fates did. Also it's hard to invest in a game when there isn't much beyond battles and cutscenes. (I miss the accessory shop. How else can I make my army look stupid)

The soundtrack was pretty beh in comparison to Fates and Echoes definitely, except “Lord of A Dead Empire” which is LITERALLY SUCH A BANGER JESUS

But yes. Echoes was extremely stripped of the fun that Fates and Awakening had. In my opinion it kind of took itself too seriously at times too, which was kind of annoying. It was just…really really boring. All of it. From the soundtrack to the fun. Fates was definitely the better game.

Dangerous Game

You’re bitter over Happy breaking up with you and you send him naughty pictures with your new boyfriend 

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It stopped hurting a while ago; the break up with Happy. He didn’t gave you any reasons in concrete but all you knew was that he had hurted your pride and your feelings, leaving you sore and bitter for the rest of your life and it was all because you were head over heels about him; He was your whole world and from moon to sun, now he was gone away from your life. 

That’s why you liked Landon that much. He was a very laid back guy and, as you allowed yourself to think now, he was absolutely hot. Tall, broad back, long black hair and striking blue eyes; He was one of it’s own specie. 

It was shame he was dumb as fuck; a total caveman leaded only by his instincts, meat, blood, ladies. You couldn’t helped it, and you didn’t care either, he was simply that stupid, but he was your revenge fuck.  Landon wasn’t a stranger, not a complete stranger at least. You met him because he was bartender at the Hairy Dog and that was a bar you and Happy visited quite often when you were dating; Your ex old man hated the guts of Landon so much it was the first one that popped into your mind when he broke up with you, to achieve your evil plan. 

“C’mon..” You said leaning Landon through the darkness of your single flat. Some of Happy’s things still lingered there and there but you were sure he was picking them up soon. Deep down inside of you you hoped he could pick them up right now, only to find you in a compromising position with Landon, but that was dangerous even for him; All you needed was a shot. 

“Strip.” You said once you were standing in front of Landon, a drunk Landon, that is, with your smartphone on your hand and dressed in nothing that your burgundy lace underwear; a gift from Happy. You licked your lips yet rolled your eyes when you saw him start this ridiculous dance as he tried to hold his beer bottle. “No, Lan. Not that kind of strip, just…” He watched you, clueless. You smiled at the man and placed the phone on your bed, helping him get rid of his skinny jeans and polo shirt, leaving him in dark green boxers. 

It was going to be an eventful night in deed. 

Loud music, hot chicks and beautiful bikes were three things you could find in a traditional Saturday SAMCRO party. Like the one that was being held tonight. Happy didn’t knew much about music, but what he knew was that Led Zeppelin was on, and he knew that because it was your favorite band and he had made a night of it to ask Chucky to change the music to Led Zeppelin whenever you felt like it. 

Happy missed you; Like a lot, even if he was the one that broke things off with you, but you would never understand his reasons.

Right beneath your right knee laid a purple and green bruise the size of small apple, and a long scratch occasioned when Happy pulled your arm to hard, in hopes of getting you out the clubhouse before it crashed down in flames due to the explosion. It scarred him for life to see your dirty body, dirty with ashes and mud and the danger you were in that night. 

He had to get you away from all that life; even if it meant to get you away from him as well. He cared more about your own safety that anything else in this whole world. 

You didn’t took it so well, of course, and Happy understood why. After all, the world “crow” and “old lady” and marriage were mentioned too much in your relationship, so it took everyone by surprise. 

But Happy didn’t cared about what anyone thought of him or his relationship. He just cared deeply about you and he would do anything to protect you. So tonight he was turning bottles empty and watching his brothers get some sprawled around the clubhouse, and “having a good time”, but truth to be told, he just couldn’t get you out of his mind. 

It scared him a little to notice your name pop up in his phone. A text message. He unblocked the screen, and lifted a corner of his mouth at the text that could be seen.

“I miss you xx”

and when you sent a picture, his fingers couldn’t work faster. He blinked slightly at the image in front of him; He could recognize that piece of lingerie anywhere in the world, and he had kissed those hips too many times to forgot how they looked like. The lady in the picture, it was you. No doubt.

The man behind you; He wasn’t him. He had no muscle, no ink, and hell, Happy could recognize himself. Two more pictures arrived, in one, the soon to be dead son of a bitch was kissing your neck from behind and the other one, well…In the last picture he had taken the picture and it gave Happy a pretty good view of your back and what piggy tails worked in sex.

His blood was boiling. As he gulped down the rest of his virgin tequila, his boots made this creepy sound when he got up from the sinking couch in the middle of the smokey room. He touched his pockets just to see if he had everything on and without caring about a helmet he hoped on his bike, on his way to your house.

No one, not even you, could do that to Happy Lowman. 

Wrapped in only your hot pink VS silk robe, you waved goodbye as Landon went home after you called a taxi. You leaned on the frame of the door and bit your thumb nail, looking at the screen of your phone. Read 1:56 am. Which meant Happy had seen the images and he didn’t bothered in answering. It never came to your mind that maybe Happy left you because he just didn’t cared anymore, or he didn’t loved you; so maybe this childish tactic only a teenager will be proud to pull was all under the radar for him. 

You turned around and went directly upstairs, blasting some good R&B in hopes that it will soothe you down to sleep, and it did. Within minutes you were fast asleep, a bit sad, a bit let down. 

A bit broken. 

It seemed like hours had passed when the loud roar of a Harley you knew too well woke you up. Staring at the clock, you could realize it was 3:20 AM. You blinked the sleep away and your heart jumped when the engine of the bike died, meaning the rider, had stopped for the night in your front porch. 

“Oh my god…” you whispered when you walked slowly to your window, and like a creepy figure in the middle of the mist, Happy stood proud staring at your house. You leaned on the wall and tried to calm your heart by pressing a hand slowly against your chest, closing your eyes. “Relax, (Y/N)…” you whispered into the dark. “He’s just Happy. He won’t hurt you…”

Right? You took a deep breath and started to walk downstairs, turning on every light as you walked past them, and when it was time to reach for the door knot your heart stopped. You weren’t scared but thrilled. You wanted to know what was going to happen. Without thinking too much of it,you opened the door, and it was like a movie from there.

Happy had just stopped lightening his cigarette and was now staring at you, with the same empty and dangerous eyes. You gulped at the mere sight of it, but tried to play it cool, closing your robe in front of you. “Jesus. What are you doing here?”

He scoffed and shook his head. “Where you expecting someone else?”

“None of your business anymore.” You barked back sharply as a devilish grin appeared on his face, a devilish grin appearing on his face.

“None of my business?”  A grin that made your guts twist with excitement. In one quick step he was in the house, uninvited and closed the door shut behind him. You walked back, surprised. He took a long drag from his cigarette and threw it in the floor, in your wood floor. You stared up at him and scrunched your nose, annoyed. “So that’s none of my business but you think that seeing you fuck another guy and having the privilege to have the step by step pictures burned into my fucking brain is? Is that of my fucking business?”

You smirked at him, studying your nails. “Did those sent? I’m sorry.” You looked at him right in his eyes as his serious face made you shake slightly. “By mistake, maybe.” 

“The text said “I miss you”…” Happy said, raspy low voice whispering right in front of your lips. It shocked you, to hear him say those words to you, not caring if it was out of the context you would have wanted. You took a deep breath and tried to get away from him, but he was standing right in front of you, having you against the wall. “Who can miss me more…” His experienced hands trailed down your neck, caressing your naked collarbones and traveling down to in between your breasts as he ripped a soft moan from you. He still smelled like alcohol and tobacco and it still drove you crazy, all of him. 

One of his calloused hands held your hip still and against the wall, as the other one grabbed your neck, slightly, running his thumb along your bottom lip. He looked at you as if you were meat and he was starving, like someone who had missed every single atom of your being. You gulped and grabbed his wrist, staring up into his eyes. “Who could miss me more than you?” He finally said licking his lips and untying your robe. You gasped as you looked down, your naked body once again in front of him. But his grip on your hip was tighter. 

With no previous warning Happy turned you around, almost ripping your robe away from your body. And you took shame into it now but you got excited the second you heard him fight with his jeans, to slide them down to his midthigh his half erect cock ready to be pumped. “Happy..” you whispered licking your lips as he pressed himself against you from behind, talking really close to your ear. 

“Now listen really close, you little fox…” He said making your eyes go to the back of your head, as he licked just below your ear. “First, I’m going to get you all wet for me, and only for me..” you hummed a pleasure whimper and nodded your head. “I’ll fuck senseless and after we’re done…you’ll delete those…” You nodded and licked your lips, heavy breathing in your lungs. 

“First…” He said cupping your crotch, making you gasp and stare at him wide eyed. “Who this belongs to?”

“I’m yours….” 

And so it began. It was a night you would never forget. He had you on the bed and he had you spread wide open for him, going in and out, your body shaking against the mattress as he kissed every single piece of skin he could reach with is swollen lips. 

And he was drunk on your voice screaming out his name in between moans and you had missed the feeling of his fingers all over your body too much for it to be real. You have missed him, and you weren’t bitter anymore, you felt complete, as if him away meant being with your head in the sand for too much time and this crashing of lips and theets meant fresh air. 

Happy saw you from across the bed as he put on his SAMCRO white shirt and went for his kutte. “Done?” 

You, in all of your naked glory, were deleting every single one of the 15 photos you took with Landon. “Done…” He stared at you, serious expression on your face as you rolled your eyes and showed him the blank screen of your phone. “Look, it’s done…” 

Happy nodded, putting on his kutte and searching in the pocket for his pack of cigarettes. You watched him light the thin cigarette and blow the smoke out the window, now dressed in soft pinks and baby blues as the sun was coming soon.  He stared out the window for a few moments and turned around to you. You were both speechless in front of each other. “Alright…” Happy finally said, nodding once. “Close the doors…” He said aiming for the door. You stared at his back and got up, picking your robe from the floor and putting it on you.

“Happy…” you called as he turned around, lifting his eyebrows, expecting. “What hurted you?” 


“Why did you came here?” The question game had began as Happy turned completely around, arms folded on top of his chest. “You came here because you love me or..because seeing me with Landon hurted your pride?” 

“So his name Landon?” Typical Happy. Always thinking about revenge, of course. You held your weight in one leg and looked at him. This was so you. So the past couple of selves, together and fighting. He looked down and walked over at you. “You know why I came here…”

“I think you came because you couldn’t stand the fact that…”

“The fact that someone else was fucking you.” He finished your sentence, his own blunt and straight way. You hugged yourself and looked at him. “Cause that’s what you wanted me to know…”

“Why did you broke up with me? Really…” He looked at you,squinting his eyes a little. “Because…” you felt yourself ready to tear up. “Because you just left and you never really…” closed eyes brought you the memories of the day Happy left, hurting just the same. “you never really gave me a chance…”  You scrunched up your nose and looked down. 

Happy looked at you with his eyes of steel and step by step walked closer to you, slowly, he lifted his hands to your cheeks and moved the little strands of hair that came on your forehead and vision. You looked up at him and stared at his rough features, until he began talking. You could only concentrate on his lips since then.

“Every five minutes, a Son dies, an Old lady gets kidnapped, an Old lady gets raped…” you closed your eyes. “A bomb goes off…We have a target on our backs all the time…”

You tried not to focus on that word too much but you just couldn’t let go. “I wasn’t your old lady…”

“You were going to be…” Happy said quickly, making you blink. You licked your lips and grabbed his face.

“Then let’s do it, Hap. Let’s get married…I…I love you.” You said, desperate for some of his affection. Happy shook his head and put your hands down, still holding them. “Hap…”

“You were going to be my old lady until I realized how stupid that was.” 

Silence. And there was silence for a long time. “I was alright with the fact that you were alone but safe. Apart, but you would still be alive tomorrow morning. I couldn’t forgive myself if I couldn’t save you…” 

“Happy…” He sighed and looked down at you, grabbing you by the back of your head and crashing a strong, tongue, mouth open kiss, that sent you on your tip toes. “No…” you said once he broke away the kiss. “Don’t go…”

There was no more time for sweet words, only the elemental. “Close the doors…” Happy said, before he went on his way. 

Dirty Dancing (this one actually has a title lmao)

Star-Lord Reader Insert Smut

You and Peter had always been just friends. Not BFF’s, but you knew each other well enough. He was always spinning you around his ship to the beat of his music. Messing with you and playing around all day, you felt so free when you were around him. Yes, you got a little upset (maybe even jealous) when he brought his little one-night-stands aboard. You felt bad for these girls, but you wouldn’t mind being one of them. Peter was an extremely attractive person. Not just his looks, but his very charming personality. That’s why every girl fell under his whim. Of course, you would never in a million years admit this. You didn’t really know how you felt about Peter in that way. Except everything had changed when he stopped bring them home.

You hadn’t seen one poor girl do the walk of shame off the ship in about a month or two. You didn’t bring it up and neither did he. But the dances started getting a little longer and he would hold you a little closer every time.

One day, he taught you how to do some dance from his planet. It messed with you a little bit, but you tried with all your might to think nothing of it. He played your favourite song; “Fooled Around and Fell in Love”.

“You put your arms here,” Peter started. He held your hand in your hand and put your other hand on his shoulder.

“Then I put my hand here.” He put his free hand on the small of your back. It was warm and your body tingled a little bit. You shook any inappropriate thought out of your mind.

“And finally, you take two steps forward, one step back.” He started moving slowly, so you just followed his lead. Quill pulled you so close that there was zero space between the two of you. You raised your eyebrows and looked up at him.

“What happened to the 6 inch rule?” you laughed.

“Personally, I’ve never believed in that rule.” he said matter-of-factly. He removed his hand from your back and spun you. Then when you were back in his grasps, he dipped you down.

“I was not ready for that at all,” you said, still dipped and looking upside down.

“Oh, c’mon! You’re a natural!” he joked. He pulled you up slowly. You smiled at him but quickly got nervous. His friendly gaze soon turned into an intense stare. You stared back at him, losing yourself in his beautiful, blue eyes. God, this is the first time you’d even noticed his eye color. You looked at his lips, then panicked. Jesus, what was happening right now?

He started leaning in closer, very slowly. Like with his lips. In the direction of your lips. You automatically started leaning in too. Your stomach filled with butterflies and tied in knots. Just as your lips were about to touch, you heard kissy noises coming from across the room. You turned to see a short, furry animal pucker his lips.

“You two are so cute I almost wanna throw up!” Rocket yelled. You started laughing, embarrassed, and pressed your hand against Peter’s face gently, pushing him away gently. He slowly let go of you, jaw clenched, and shot a glare at Rocket. ‘Was he actually upset?’, you thought to yourself. Once again, you brushed it off as nothing.

You didn’t know what it was, but Quill was getting a little more touchy lately. He would touch your arms more, he’d pull you towards him, and he’d even jab your sides to make you squeak. One time he’d even grabbed your ass.

Everyone was making fun of you two too, especially Rocket. Whenever someone would make a comment about you and Peter having sex or getting married, your cheeks would redden like a ripe apple. What was going on between you and Quill? You didn’t know how he felt and you were too scared to ask. He could be a real heartbreaker when it came to the ladies, you could tell by the sad-faced women who used to leave the ship in the morning with their shoes in their hands.

That weekend, you decided you weren’t in the mood to get drunk. After you said goodbye to the whole crew, you decided to flick on Peter’s music. As the sound filled the ship, you swayed a little back in forth. You let the music fill your veins and moved your hips to the tune. You rested your arms on your head and giggled a little bit. It felt good to just move your body to the beat. As the chorus came, you did a little twirl. And only then did you see that smirking little bastard in the corner leaning against the wall. You jumped a little bit and hit your head against the wall behind you. He gave you one of his world famous cocky grins.

“Oh my God, you scared the shit out of me!” You let out a little laugh and he strided in your directions. He was getting close to you. Your heart rate picked up.

“W-why aren’t you out with the other guys?” you stuttered. Peter moved even closer so you took a couple steps back. Right into the wall for the second time. He was cornering you. He put his arms on either side of you, leaning forward, blocking any exit way. Maybe he was drunk. You couldn’t smell the tiniest hint of alcohol on his breath, though. Quill was peering your whole body, looking you up and down and back into your eyes. His eyes squinted and you bit your lip. Jesus, there was something so intense and nerve wracking about his stare downs.

This was too much, you started trying to escape but he kept his body firm as a wall. You were thinking of some joke to get you out of this place.

“Listen, if we’re going to be like this all night, can you at least hand me that chair over there?”

“I’m thinking…” he started.

“About what, exactly?”

“What your face is gonna look like when I make you cum.” You were completely taken back by that statement. Peter said it with such ease it made you a little anxious. You felt your eyes widen and your mouth fell open a little bit. Finally the words formed and you were ready to scold him.

“First of all, what the hell? Second, how do you know I would even agree to kissing you, let alone havi–” And he cut you off suddenly with his mouth on yours. God, you should be screaming at him right now but the words couldn’t form in your mouth. Your brain was turning to complete mush. He wrapped his arms around you and held you close. You moved your hands to his face. You broke the kiss because 1. you needed to ask what the fuck was going on and 2. you couldn’t breathe. You pushed him back and he loosened his grip on you. Quill pressed his forehead to yours. He let out the smallest exasperated whine that made the heat in your lower stomach heat even more.

“What is going on, Peter?” you exhaled. Moving to nibble on your ear, his voice dropped an octave.

“Ever since you got on this ship, Jesus, I’ve been dying to touch you. I just want to run my hands all over your body,” he leaned down to kiss your neck, “you don’t know how bad I’ve wanted to fuck you in every way possible.” Your body shot to 1000 degrees and you felt your panties getting a little wet. He started sucking on your neck so hard that you knew there’d be a mark left. But you didn’t care, you needed this man right now. His beard scruff was rough, but it felt good for some reason. Peter leaned back up to kiss you again. You bit his lip, kissing him with some force as he slid his hands down to grip your butt. You were still up against the wall, music blasting. He reached down and put his hand behind your knee, lifting your leg up and holding it there. With one leg on the ground, he pressed himself right up against you. A moan slipped out and he flashed his stupid, yet sexy, grin.

“Take off your shirt.” he ordered. Now, ever since you were little, you were always stubborn, never taking any orders without talking back or questioning every little thing. So when Star-Lord demanded you to remove your shirt, it was your natural instinct to talk-back.

“Whoa, who said you were calling the shots tonight?” you questioned. Now it was his turn to be taken back. You knew that because every girl he’d ever been with listened to every little word he said because of his looks, his ego was sky-high. He chuckled a little bit. That’s when he brought out the big guns.

He started rubbing you through your pants with his hands. You moaned and threw your head back, for some reason you were so sensitive and he was rubbing all the right spots. He attacked your neck again with his lips. Your hand moved to grip his hair. He leaned up to your ear.

“Take. Off. Your. Shirt. Now.” Oh, God, he sounded stern but sexy. His hand moved to your hips as you lifted your shirt over your head. You almost laughed at the way Peter’s eyes clouded as you exposed your breasts. Next, he removed his ravager jacket and his shirt. Wow, he had a great body. You ran your hands over his upper body. His chiseled body felt good under your touch. The more clothes you took off, the more nervous you got.

“Do you wanna go back to my bunk?” you asked. You were still pressed up against the wall. He laughed a little bit. Before you knew it, your bra was removed by one swift motion by the gorgeous man in front of you. He shook his head and kissed you.

“Nope,” Kiss. “I want you right here.” Kiss. “Right now.” It was your turn to laugh. If one of the other guardians were to walk on right now and see you without a shirt in the arms of Peter Quill, you would literally never hear the end of it. But, the idea of someone catching you turned you on a lot.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…” you said.

“Oh shut up, this is probably the best day of your life!” he exclaimed. You rolled your eyes and went back to kissing him. Your hands undid his belt as it fell to the floor with a bang and he played with your breasts. You pulled off your own pants and underwear. He licked two fingers and slid them inside you with ease. Just before your eyes screwed shut, you noticed he was watching your face closely. His fingers felt so good inside of you, sliding in and out. One of your hands gripped your breast while the other traveled up the back of your neck and into your hair. He began massaging your clit and you could feel the pressure building. Your mouth parted more and more but no audible noise came out. Just as you felt yourself about to release, he removed his fingers. You pouted and groaned.

“Not yet, darling,” he spoke, “but I have to say, you look really hot when you’re about to cum.” You swatted the top of his head as he pulled down his boxer briefs. You were not disappointed with his package, by the way.

Peter lifted your leg up again and positioned himself at your opening. You were a little too ready for him. He pushed himself inside you. While he let out a low groan, you were almost pushed over the edge. He was definitely bigger than two fingers from before.

“Oh, God!” you said in a whisper. Once he got the rhythm, he was going strong. Deeper, harder, faster. You slammed your hands against the wall you were getting fucked against. His hand was on the small of your back. His hot breath on your neck made it even harder to hold out.

“Cum for me, baby,” he spoke with bated breath, “let it all go.” Just the fact that him calling you “baby” is what made you come undone was a little embarrassing. But there was no time to be embarrassed before you were coming again. Your eyes rolled back and your fingernails raked his back. Once he’d finally released, you couldn’t even remember how many times you came.

After Peter pulled out of you, you started making out again. His lips parted as his slipped his tongue in your mouth. He was cupping your face in his large hands. Suddenly, the sound of the ships door opening echoed. You were both buck naked, sweaty, and making out. Shit, shit, shit! You grabbed your clothes off the floor and sprinted to your bunk. Peter did the same and flew to his bunk.

As you closed the door to your bunk, you threw on some clothes on and lied on your bed. You were still confused on your feelings for Quill, but all became clear when he came into your bunk later (fully clothed) and asked you to dance.

“We never finished our dance from before, so, uh, do you wanna do that, um, like, now?” he asked sheepishly. Peter Quill, the great Star-Lord, the man who saved the galaxy, was shy and stuttering? You grabbed his hands and walked out to the main part of the ship. The music was still playing.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and he put his hands on your back. YOU knew this is what his culture called a “slow dance”. You hadn’t been dancing for 2 seconds when he pressed his lips against yours.

“Oh God, again?! Now I’m REALLY gonna throw up!” You knew it was Rocket and you opened your eyes to see Peter flashing him his middle finger. You giggled against Peter’s lips and moved slowly to the music.

“Freakin’ animals…” Rocket mumbled.

This one isn’t as good as the others but hopefully you like it!!