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Happy international women’s day 2016!

So, this little ficlet idea popped into my brain this morning and wouldn’t leave. It’s a sequel to this piece I wrote. It can stand on its own too.

Persephone took so long to get comfortable these days that Hades worried she wasn’t getting enough rest at night. It was his fault, of course. Well, she would correct him and remind him that it wasn’t entirely his fault. It did take two to create a child, after all.

He did his best to ensure that she got a good night’s sleep. More often than not, that meant he spent a great many evenings sprawled on the plush chair beside their bed. While not the ideal place to lay his head for the night, he wouldn’t complain about any aches or discomfort. He was still near her just in case she needed him.

She made a soft sound in her sleep and a brief frown put an adorable wrinkle between her eyebrows.The corners of his lips lifted as he leaned to brushed a loose curl away from her face. She’d had no patience for braiding or binding it tonight. He wasn’t going to argue. He liked her loose hair splayed over the pillow.

Her expression eased and she let out a dreamy sigh. He wondered what she dreamed about and what fears had caused that frown. There were those he could ask, but his wife’s mind was her own and he’d never intrude. Instead, he pushed up from the chair to carefully sit on the edge of the bed.

Turning, he stretched his legs out while he sat beside her, his back pressed against the surprisingly comfortable headboard. He stroked her hair and closed his eyes. None of this had ever been planned, but it felt so right.

“What are you humming?” Her voice was soft and husky from sleep. It did curious things to his insides that he’d rather not acknowledge in her present state.

He cleared his throat. “Humming? I was humming?”

Her eyes slowly opened and she gave him an amused smile. “Yes, you were. You hardly make music for me. It’s a treat and I almost missed it by sleeping through it.”

The chuckle rumbled in his chest as he wound a curl around his finger. Her hair was always so soft. He rested his head back against the headboard. “Ages ago, I was wandering the Fields and came upon a mother and her daughter. While they felt no pain or true grief, the little one missed her father. Her mother assured her that he’d join them when it was time. Then, she pulled the girl into her arms and that was the lullaby she sang. I’ve lost the words, but the melody remains.”

Persephone’s smile faded. “Have you seen them since? Has the girl’s father joined them at last?”

“Yes, he did some years later, but for his family, it was like no time had passed at all.” He rubbed the curl he captured with his thumb, reveling in its texture. “I’m grateful your mother is making some allowances for us and our child, but -” His voice caught. “I wonder how I’ll be able to wait for you both while you’re away.”

With a soft grunt of effort, she pushed to sit up and scooted against him. He released her hair and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. She reached for his free hand and tangled their fingers together before pressing it to her belly. “I wonder how we’ll be able to wait for you too,” she whispered. “But we’ll do what we must. We always have.”

He pressed a kiss to the top of her head and closed his eyes. “So we have. You should go back to sleep, my love. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I don’t mind. I only mind waking to find you not beside me. Stay with me in bed tonight?” Her request was drowsy and her head lolled against his shoulder.

“Of course, my jewel. Anything for you.” He’d never deny her.

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About Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan: does he manage to get his office moved to somewhere more secure and to his taste? Maybe with a small space for meditation or practicing his saber form?

Combining this with:

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…welp since now Obi-wan’s life is so freaking busy, how does anyone get him to actually like.. sleep… at all…

Now, they don’t seem to be on the same topic, but you’ll see why. You’ll see why as soon as you read. lol

Obi-Wan has had to give up his small desk in the corner of the huge Chancellor rooms, instead he has a huge desk in the corner of the rooms. He adamantly refuses to sit with his back to those huge windows, even after he managed to convince the staff to let him set up thick curtains to cover them. It means that there’s no natural light in the rooms, but it also means that no sniper has a free shot straight into the rooms.

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callum hunt inspired playlist

drop the game / flume, chet faker
terrible things / april smith and the great picture show
chains / radical face
jailbreak / awolnation
new person, same old mistakes / tame impala

My Father took this photo of his Cross-Country Buds Circa 77’ on their way back from a several month trip too Portland Or., from Long Beach Ca. This was way before nice camping, cycling, sleeping, or any type of good gear was available at all. These dudes were truly ruffing it “Funhogg style” , and the images I have of their adventures truly inspire my own excursions every day. I truly feel as if this photo screams “Patagonia”, its a great example of rough, human powered conquering of the useless that fits your image perfectly. And even though its impossible to tell, two of the five guys in the photo had Patagonia windbreakers on at the time. “ Patagonia/ Chouinard-Equipment gear was the most durable at the time, and we were able to push ourselves harder”  - My Old Man  Aka Mike Sousa 

The Photo was taken at the California Border, in 1977 by my dad, then was shared along with six others by myself, via my insta page. 

My dads name: Michael Sousa 

My Name : Scott Sousa 

My Instagram :  , or @thekeepitlocalstuff 

My Tumblr :

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How tf did you even get 23k ?? Thats just wOW IM SO IMPRESSED ?? Thats the highest follower count ive seen lmao... How long have you had your tumblr for?? Btw your art is absolutely gorgeous no wonder so many people follow you! 💕✨

that’s what i’d like to know because i have NO IDEA it’s at 25k now and i just ??jhg thank you so much 💗

it almost makes me feel a bit cool

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(almost. in reality my hands get sweaty whenever i imagine that you all decided to click that button)

this took an embarrassingly long time for something that’s not even all that great haha… but yeah, i really love this show a lot!!