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Princess of Themyscira: Part 5

AN: I’m just going to put this right here… .try not to hate me too much …

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    Often, your days on Themyscira were filled with training; both mental and physical. You could often be found running with your sisters, or practicing with your bow. When you were resting, reading, you could be found up in a tree; letting the breeze dance across your skin.

           In the three years since you’d come to Themyscira, you’d grown out of your awkwardness and into an Amazon Princess. You were strong, and you could fight. More often than not you were praised for your grace. Which is why, when you fall out of a tree while reading, and pop your arm out of its’ socket you’re more than a little embarrassed.

           Artemis teases you about it for days. Even worse, you’re forbidden from any physical combat. Instead you spend time playing strategy games with Io. Still, the sound of swords clashing calls your name. Io reads you like a book. With a smile, she begins packing up the game, before you walk to the stadium together.

           The rest of your friends are already there, you sit in the center of the group and listen to the conversation as you watch the fight. They only gain your full attention when they start talking about you, “She’s only been down for a few days and she’s already itching to get back in the ring.”

           You smirk at Artemis, “Enjoy your break while you can, I’ll be kicking your butt again soon enough.”

           Your sister smirks back, “The little princess has gotten cocky.”

           “I learned from the best.”

           There’s laughter, before a voice cuts through, “I would agree.”

           Your sister’s bow their heads as your grandmother approaches. Io makes room for her to sit next to you, and she takes your hand in hers, “You are your mother’s daughter, my little moon and stars.”

           You smile, “And my grandmother’s granddaughter.”

           She laughs, “Also very true.” She pauses, “I see the longing in your eyes, your desire to be on that field, so I am proud of you for listening to the physician’s orders of rest.”

           You smile, “I doubt I could take anyone with a bum shoulder any way.”

           Calyce smiles, “She’s too modest our queen. She has very quickly become one of the best.”

           Your group sits in silence for several minutes before the sound of a horn hits your ears. As a group, your heads turn towards the beach. You see anger in your grandmother’s eyes as she orders you, “Return to the palace.”

           Before you can ask what’s going on, they’re running. You watch as they grab their weapons and race towards the shores of the island, your grandmother leading the charge. You watch them go without a word, knowing better than to question her when she uses that tone.

           You slowly make your way back to the palace, hoping for some news or some idea of what’s going on. Instead, the palace guards find you and escort you to your room. You scowl as you close the door, and race to the window.

           You do your best to see something over the trees, when you feel someone’s breath hit the back of your neck. Spinning you throw a punch with your bad arm and immediately regret it. You wince as you meet sparkling eyes.

           Your own go wide, and your mouth opens and closes several times, before his name comes out of your mouth, “Bart?”

           He smiles and says, “Hey there Pretty Bird.”

           You smile as you throw your arms around him in a hug. His arms wrap around you, before he picks you up off the ground and swings you around. You can’t help but smile.

           Pulling back, you ask, “What are you doing here? My family, are they here too? What happened with the war?”

           He pulls you in for another hug, “Let me enjoy the moment for a second Pretty Bird. It’s been three years.”

           You smile and hug him again, before pulling him over to the bed. You watch as Bart’s eyes dart around the room, “It’s a lot different from your room at Wayne Manor. Remember that time your mom caught us making out on your bed?”

         You grin at the memory. Bart had been your first boyfriend, but before that he had been your best friend. For some reason the two of you had always clicked.

         “This is a different place, and I doubt my sisters will be any happier to see you than my mother was.”

         He grins, “You sound like your mom.”

         You shrug and sit on the bed, “It’s a way of life around here.”

The two of you sit in silence for several minutes before you ask again, “What happened to my family, Bart?”

           He’s silent, but he continues to hold your hand, “It’s funny, I keep thinking that if I let go of you, you’re going to disappear. Like you’re not really here. I missed you Pretty Bird.”

           You squeeze his hand, “I missed you too Bart, but I need to know.”

           He sighs, “Let me start by saying that the war is over, and we won … at a price. We’ve lost most of the league, and half of the team … including your mother.” You don’t realize that tears are streaming from your eyes until Bart reaches up and wipes them away. “The first major attack took out most of the League. Your mom led the charge, and it was a long and dirty fight. Lots of blood, and just horrible. I still have nightmares about it. We lost your mom, my grandpa, several lanterns, Green Arrow, and a lot more. But it provided the turning point we needed.”

           Bart’s grip on your hand tightens and he says, “The next major strike bought our victory, but it cost us even more. We lost Artemis, Conner, and L’agann.”

           You swallow before asking, “What about my brothers.”

           He smiles, “They’re alive, but at a cost.” You nod and he continues, “Dick is alive, but he’s not himself. He’s serious all the time and he rarely leaves the cave. Tim is paralyzed from the waist down thanks to a shrapnel attack. Jason is okay, blind in one eye, but he’s still Jason. No one’s seen Damian since the whole thing ended though.”

           Your voice is husky, “When was that?”

           “A year and a half ago. We’ve been swamped with cleanup and rebuilding. No one knew how to find you, until your parent’s lawyer contacted Alfred. You mom left behind instructions, and a will among other things.”

           You nod several times, trying to absorb the information, Bart places a hand on your shoulder, gaining your attention, “She left some stuff to you. Important stuff.”

           Slowly you ask, “What important stuff?”

           He shrugs, “Not sure, Alfred has it.”

           “And where is Alfred?”


           “Bart.” You warn.

           “On the beach with what remains of the team and league.”

            You groan, before pulling him to his feet, “Let’s go.” He knows better than to argue, as he picks you up and carries you to the beach. It feels like old times as you watch your surrounding zoom by. It really reminds you of old times when Bart trips on the sand and sends you flying.

           You land with a crash, hitting your bad arm as you go. You grind your teeth to keep from screaming, as you push yourself to your feet. You’re very aware of just how quiet things are, as you stand and turn to face the two major factions of your life.

           Your eyes scan both crowds, before they land on someone you never thought you’d see again. He’s standing near the shoreline, his dress shoes scuffed with sand, and looking far too out of place in his suit.

           Still you can’t help but smile as you race for him. You can feel your sisters’ eyes on you as you throw your arms around the man you think of as a grandfather. His arms return the hug immediately. “Oh Ms Y/N it is so good to see you.”

           You take in his scent of mint and cigars and smile, “I missed you so much Alfred.”

           “And I you.”

           The clearing of a throat has you turning to stare at Jason. He’s dressed in his red hood gear, minus the helmet. He looks older, and the white of his blind eye is a clear indicator to what the war had done. Then he smiles and years seem to melt away as you throw yourself into his arms.

           He squeezes you tight before lifting you up and swinging you around, “I missed you something fierce squirt.”

           “I missed you too Jaybird.”

           He smiles, and let’s go before turning you to face someone new, and says, “He missed you too.”

           You stand in shock for several minutes. You’d never seen anyone other than your father in the suit, and Dick …well Dick looks so much like him in that moment that it hurts. He doesn’t open his arms to you, and that’s your first sign that something is wrong.

           Slowly, you make your way to him, before stopping right in front of him. You raise your hands to either side of the cowl, and he grips your wrists to stop you. Softly you say, “You were never meant to be him Dick. You don’t belong in the dark, you belong in a spotlight. You don’t have to be him.”

           Slowly, his fingers loosen, and you peel back the cowl. His face is the same, but his hair is a bit shaggy. You brush it out of his face and stare into his eyes. You see it there. He’s so tired of losing people, and in so much pain that it nearly overwhelms you. You pull him in for a hug, and slowly he reciprocates. His forehead leans against your shoulder and you feel the tears drip onto your skin.

           When he starts crying, you do too, because both your lives are different. You’ve both lost some of the people dearest to you. Your world has changed, and as much as you may wish, there’s no way to change things back.

Never Again

* Laurens × Reader
* 166: I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend
* Hamiltime

A/N: and here is the story I promised! It’s basically 90% fluff and 10% other…I don’t think it even qualifies and angst. So just enjoy a cute fluffy John Laurens imagine! As usual with my Laurens stories, this is longer than I initially planned, but oh well!


“We’ll tell the story of tonight!” You smiled fondly at your life-long friend John Laurens and his new friend Alexander Hamilton.

“Let’s have another round mes amies!” Your French friend suggested. As exepcted, the other two men as well as Hercules gladly agreed. You, however, turned them down initially. Someone needed to keep a level head among the group. But tonight was different.

Tonight all your rambunctious friends were talking about revolution. While you agreed with their stance on freedom, you hated the way they talked about it. They were all willing to be martyrs for the cause but the thought scared you. The silly Lafayette or kind hearted Hercules. Even the quick witted Alexander who you’d just met. They were all so dear to you. Especially John Laurens.

Tan skin and freckles along with curly hair. Not to mention his kindness and sharpness of the mind. He was studying law at his father’s request but you knew he really wanted to study science. He had such skill with with pencils and charcoal, you enjoyed the days spent with him when you could watch him get lost in a drawing project. You grew up along side the Laurens, growing close to their eldest son. He became your best friend, teasing you and protecting you. Along the way, you had fallen head over heels for him. It was stupid, you told yourself, he didn’t see you like that. How could he? He had known you when you were little girl and when you were an awkward teenager. While he had been along side you at some of your best moments, he had been there for your worst too. Still, you regretfully admit that you were horribly in love with him.

So you accepted another round, much to the surprise of your friends. You needed to forget about this impending war in which your friends would be walking into a spray of bullets. You needed to forget about your best friend who you loved.

“Hey uh Y/N?” John voiced, trying to get your attention.

“Yeah?” You responded happily. Your mind was buzzing and you were carefree, or maybe you were just drunk. As long as you weren’t over thinking, you didn’t care.

“Maybe you should slow down.” John suggested. He looked at you, his brown eyes full of concern.

“There you go again.” You slurred, your drunk mind was bypassing your verbal filter. “You looking out for me like always.”

“Yep.” John agreed with a hint of a nervous smile. You were clearly drunk at this point, making him very worried. “And I’ll continue to do just that. Starting with cutting you off.”

“But why?” You whined. You stuck out your bottom lip, pouting like a child.

He chuckled. The sound pulled a large smile from you, your inebriated mind was apparently trying to reveal the affection you’d kept hidden for so long. “Because you speech is slurred and your pouting like a five-year old.” He reached out and gently tapped your nose. A blush covered your cheeks and though you wished it was the alcohol, you knew it was from the simple touch. “Lafayette, can you please escort Y/N safely home?” He asked.

“Why can’t you?” You asked without thinking. Honestly, it was probably for the best that he didn’t. If he walked you home there was no telling what you’d do in your drunken state. Still, you wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.

“Because I have some things to discuss further with Alexander.” He explained. “But I don’t want you here any longer. You don’t need easy access to any more alcohol. So Laf, you got her?”

“Oui mon amie. I shall escort Y/N safely home.” Lafayette said and stood. He walked over to your seat and held out a hand. “Shall we go mademoiselle?”

You pouted, wanting to stay with John longer, but stood anyway; with Lafayette’s help of course. “I guess.”

“We’ll see you soon Y/N.” Hercules said as a goodbye.

“It was nice to meet you.” That was Alexander.

“It’ll check up on you in the morning, alright?” John asked.

“Alright John.” You slurred while giving him a dazed smile, cheeks still pink.

Lafayette walked you from the bar, your arm wrapped around his. You were walking down the street, past all the faintly lit restaurants and pubs. “Hey Laf.” You said suddenly.

“Hm?” He wondered and looked down at you.

“We should go get more drinks.” You suggested a bit loudly. You were still very buzzed but the more alcohol you had, the less you thought or worried about your friends and hopeless crush.

“Mon amie, what is wrong with you tonight?” Lafayette asked you. “You usually refuse more than two rounds. I’ve never seen you drunk before. Tonight you drank more then Hercules.” He continued walking to get you away from the bars.

“I’m fine Laf.” You said in a drawn out slur. “Everything is just fine.” You singsonged.

“I should’ve known you’d be a happy drunk.” He chuckled. “But I also know you’re lying. I’ve known you for far too long.”

“Oh nothing.” You sighed. “I’m just an idiot.” You reached your door and pulled a key from your purse. You grumbled as you tried slotting the key into the keyhole.

Lafayette took the key from you and unlocked the door. “You are not an idiot mademoiselle. Why do you think that?” He guided you in and had you sit on the couch while he went to go make some tea in the hopes of sobering you up before sending you to sleep of the alcohol.

“I’m stupid, so horribly stupid.” You babbled, tears stinging your eyes. Lafayette abandoned the tea in favor of comforting you. He sat next to and rubbed comforting circles on your back. “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.” You missed the way his eyes widened. “And I can’t do anything either! He doesn’t like me in the same way and we have such a good friendship and I don’t want to ruin it! He would hate me if I told him that I was hopelessly in love with him!”

Tears were rolling down your cheeks. Why you admitted that, you didn’t know. No, you did know. You were drunk, horribly drunk and had no filter right now. It was a miracle you left that bar with out blabbing to John how you felt.

“Mademoiselle, please lay down. Get some sleep alright? We can discuss this further after your are sober.” Lafayette pleaded. “I don’t want you to tell me something you’ll later regret admitting.”

“How am I supposed to sleep?” You asked, tears still falling. You mind was running a mile a minute, your thoughts spinning like a hurricane and thoughts of John were the calm in the eye of the storm; the moment of calm before the waves rolled widely once more.

“Mon cheri, I’m sure you will fall asleep the minute your head hits the pillow.” He assured you. He took your hands to get you to your bed. He tucked you in and you were asleep before you heard the shut door click shut behind Lafayette.

You woke up with a groan. Your head was pounding and you felt a bit gross. You were still in the same clothes as yesterday and your hair was still done up for your night out. You need something to drink and clear your head. Last night was just a hazy darkness and you remembered little past meeting Alexander.

Your door squeaked up and you sat up quickly, causing more pain to your head. “Hey, easy there.” It was John. He was standing next to your bed, a cup of tea in his hand. His eyes were looking at you in concern. He sat down on the edge of the bed and handed you the steaming cup. “You were out cold when I got here so I figured I’d make you some tea.”

You sipped the tea. “Is this what a hangover feels like? Cause if it is, never let me get drunk again.” You said, the pain in your head was translating to a pained voice.

“Yeah it is.” He said with a slight smile. “I’ve had my fair share.”

“Oh I know.” The roles were reversed as you used to check on John after he got drunk. “Like when you first got drunk at 16. If I wasn’t there, your dad would’ve probably killed you.”

“Now I can watch out for you.” You sat and talked as you finished the tea. He took the cup and gave you an opportunity to change and brush your hair.

You walked out and found him looking through your shelves of books. “Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You guestioned. You rubbed your temples willing the ache to go away.

“Sick of me already?” He teased.

“No!” You said a bit to quickly judging by the confusion on his face. “Uh I mean no I’m not but I don’t want you missing your classes or anything because I was stupid enough to get drunk.” You amended.

“Actually I should get going back to the college. I just wanted to make sure you’re ok.” He said a small smile.

“Thank you, John.” You told him. You saw him out and shut the door behind him. You leaned you forehead against the cool wood. At least you didn’t tell him your feeling last night. You could hardly be in the same room as him without your heart pounding and feeling a fluttering in your stomach.

You let out a broken sob and wrapped your arms around John. He was suited up in a blue coat and looked every inch the soldier he always aspired to be. He was leaving to go to the encampment, leaving you behind to worry endlessly. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you tightly.

“I’ll be back Y/N. I swear.” He promised in a whisper, his mouth next to your ear.

You pulled back, just enough to look at him. “You better be.” You warned, trying to sound demanding. Instead to came out sounding more like a broken plea.

John smiled at you, a ting of sadness in it. He cupped your face and wiped away the tears on your cheeks. You stared at him, remembering the way his hair looked tied back. Memorizing the pattern of freckles on his cheeks. “Y/N?” He questioned your stare.

“Hm?” You eyes snapped up to his.

“You ok?” He asked.

“Huh? Oh well not really, not with you leaving.” You sniffed and blinked back a few tears. “But I’ll be alright.”

“You sure?” He asked.

You took a deep breath. “No.” You admitted quietly and looked down and your feet.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked. He hooked two fingers under your chin and tilted your face back up to him. More tears came at the concerned look in his eyes.

“You’re leaving John.” You cried, tears falling down. John hurried to wipe them away. “You’re leaving me and I may never get the chance to-” you stopped. Your emotions where running high and you couldn’t admit this now. He was leaving and it was unfair to him. Of course then if he hated you he’d be free to leave you. And you may never get the chance to speak to him again.

“May never get the chance to do what?” He asked. You looked at him, still conflicted.

Screw it.

You leaned forward and kissed him soundly. If he hated you, so be it. You weren’t going to spend your whole life wondering what this would be like. At least if he didn’t make it home, he knew how you truly felt about him.

You pulled away and looked back at your feet. “I may never get the chance to tell you how feel.” You said. You were sure you were a sight. Tears streaming down your face, nose running with the tears, unceremoniously kissing your best friend. What on earth is he going to think of you know?

“Y/N.” He said softly. You didn’t dare look at him. He was going to reject you and leave you worrying and longing for a man you couldn’t have. “Y/N.” He said more firmly, once more tilting your face back to his, catching your gaze. You lip wobbled, his gaze intense.

“I’m am going to write you every day and the day I get back I’m going to court you properly. And after some time,” he reached down and and grabbed you left hand and brought it close to his mouth. “I’ll put a ring on this finger.” With that he lightly pressed his lips to your ring finger.

You breath caught as he looked up at you. “But first.” He leaned in and kissed you properly. His arms around your waist and lips pressed to yours. His eyes were closed, savoring the moment and your eyes fluttered closed as well. Your arms hooked around his torso and you clutched the back of his jacket tightly in your hands. He pulled back, eyes still closed. “I’m not going to leave you behind. Never my dear Y/N.” He vowed.

“You better not.” You tried ordering once more. You voice was less broken than before but it was still more of a plea than a command.

He leaned his forehead against yours. He was brushing hair from your face and stared into your eyes. You gazed back, taking in all the affection in the dark eyes in front of you. “Never.”

John kept his promise and wrote you endlessly, sometimes getting multiple letters to you before you could respond. Every now and then a letter had an extra paper. This extra paper was always a drawing of his, showing his ability to find, or make, something beautiful even in war.

Lafayette wrote you asking why John was so happy. After a few letters you realized that during your drunken haze you must have told him how you felt.

John had written detailing his plan to go to South Carolina and free enough slaves to lead the first black battalion. His excitement was so obvious in his written words that your could practically hear him. You could almost see the beaming smile as Washington confirmed his plan. Or the way his foot would be excitingly tapping as he wrote you.

But Alexander had also wrote you. He explained they may have a way to get the British to surrender. What if word didn’t reach South Carolina in time?

The day of the battles all you could do was pace. You were surprised you hadn’t put a rut in the carpet as you walked over the same space multiple times. You walked to the window as church bells went off, all the churches in the town seemed to be ringing their bells. People were running out into the street in celebration. The Union must have done it. They must have defeated the bloody British! The country was…free.

Now you had to wait for your boys to come home. And slowly but surely they did. Hercules was always here at his shop. Alexander came home from Yorktown and Lafayette a few days later from Chesapeake Bay. But no sign of John.

You were bent over your kitchen counter making some supper. You paused taking a shuttering breath. You found this happening more and more, you couldn’t focus on anything you were more focused on whether or not John was alive.

A scream left your throat as some hands came around your waist. You spun, arms still loosely clasped around you, and found John smiling face. His eyes were bright with mirth and happiness, his freckled cheeks lifted up in a smile. His curls weren’t tied back but hanging down to his shoulders. “John?” You asked in breathless surprise.

“Word barely reach South Carolina in time. Another hour and we’d be in battle. I promised I wouldn’t leave you.” He told you, that doopy smile never leaving his face. You ran a hair through his loose curls. Your hand found its way to the back of his head, hair still threaded between your fingers. You pulled his face down to yours and crashed you lips against his. He responded in kind and wrapped an arm around your waist to pull you against him. The other hand mirrored yours and tangled itself in your hair.

He pulled back with a gasp. “I’ve missed you so much.” He accepted his statement with another kiss. “Now Y/N, will you allow me to properly court you?” He asked looking at you hopefully, as if you’d say no.

“Only if you can promise me one thing.” You challenged. He raised an eyebrow questioningly. “Promise me you’ll never leave me again.”

He kissed you soundly once more. “Never again my dear. Never again.”

Fire Meet Gasoline Pt. 5

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Disclaimer: This story contains cheating. Solangelo cheats with each other not on each other. Please do not read if angst or cheating triggers you. Keep in mind I have a plot and I am not a horrible person, this is all fiction and entertainment. Thank you.

Note: After the line break, it is OPTIONAL to continue reading.

Ch. 5-

It was Wednesday, and Will still hadn’t replied to his texts. Agitated, he took off during his lunch and drove to the clinic Will worked at.

He bit his lip anxiously as he built up the nerve to go inside, contriving a made up reason to ask for Will. But he didn’t need to. When he walked in, Will was at the door calling someone’s name from a clipboard. He glanced up at the sound of the door and his face fell. The expression made Nico want to kick himself.

The person Will had called up walked over to him, and Will put on a kind smile as he led them back for their basic check-up. Nico sat down in one of the grayish blue plastic chairs as he waited. Thankfully unseen by the bored receptionist flipping through her magazine. About ten minutes later, Will came and called for someone else, scowling slightly when he saw Nico sitting down.

The third time Will came out and refused to acknowledge him, Nico went to the receptionist and signed in, slipping her a fifty to get him ahead of the other walk-ins.

The next time Will stepped out, he looked agitated and tense. “Nico di Angelo,” he said, trying to keep the anger out of his voice. Nico walked toward him and followed him inside. “This had better be an actual check-up, you dick.”

“You’re not answering my texts.”

“I shouldn’t be.” He glanced around and nudged him onto a scale. He took his height and weight as Nico kept his eyes steady on him. “Stop looking at me.”

“Talk to me,” Nico pleaded.

“What’s there to talk about? I have a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend. You want to start a family. I won’t be a homewrecker.” He gestured him away and gave him a small plastic patch to cover his eyes. “Read the letters aloud,” he said tiredly.

“Will, I just need you-”

“Read the letters aloud,” he snapped. Nico huffed and did so quickly. Switching to his other eye and doing the same. Will glared at him in frustration for his impatience. He gestured to one of the rooms and Nico followed him, feeling anxious and annoyed. All he wanted to do was reach out and touch him, but Will was keeping his distance. “Sit down.”

He did and Will checked his ears. “Is this really necessary?” Nico muttered. “I just needed a way to talk to you.”

“Well I’m not talking to you. I’m a nurse right now, not your pathetic little side dish.” He grabbed his stethoscope, but Nico gripped his wrist.

“Don’t you ever talk about yourself like that, Will,” he said angrily.

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Baby- Part 5 (Reader’s POV)

A story of true love- all types of true love. The Impala helps narrate this Dean x reader story about fighting the Darkness and finding the light.

Prequel Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Summary of Part 5- Dean and the reader grow closer. They make progress in their fight against The Darkness

Word Count: 2400ish

Warnings: Canon divergence, season 11 spoilers, smut, angst

A/N: This series will alternate between the reader’s point of view and Baby’s. I will let you know each part who is narrating :)

Dean shook his head like a dog, the water flying from his hair and showering you in warm little droplets.

“Dean!” you squealed. “I’m all wet now.”

Dean narrowed his eyes and smirked, and you blushed slightly when you realized the implications of your choice of words. He leaned over and kissed the corner of your mouth. “Are you?” he murmured, trailing his hand down your side.

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Reverence - 3. First night

Originally posted by soluscheese

Summary: Reader x Dean: The Winchesters welcome the reader to the bunker.

Word Count: 2139

Triggers: Hints at bad past

Y/N = Your name  Y/E/C = Your eye colour

Note: This is a slow burn type story, really slow, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait! The full story will be written in third person limited point of view with Dean as the main character.

Chapters: Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4   Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9 
Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15   Part 16


Dean stopped the Impala, careful to leave enough space for (Y/N) and her big bulky truck. After parking his baby he almost leapt out of the car, stopping only to grab the duffel bag from the backseat before walking over to where she was getting out of her own car. His hand sliding over the ebony hood of his car as he silently thanked his baby for safely getting them home from another hunt.

It was stupid, idiotic really, but he found himself missing talking to her on the drive back. Even though it had just been a few hours’ drive back to the bunker. He’d been constantly looking through the rear-view mirror, checking that she was still right behind them on the empty road. Barely hearing Sammy ask him if it was really ok for her to stay and waving off his surprise at the trust he’d so easily given her.

Not that his little brother minded. Not really. Like him, Sam trusted Bobby, and Dean could tell he liked her too. Sammy needed more friends. They both needed someone that was truly a friend to them. And she seemed like she could be. Still, he felt a little stupid for missing their conversations over the few hours it had taken to get back to the Men of Letters bunker.

She was just so easy to talk to. It had been a while since Dean could really get lost in a conversation. Since he could truly laugh without forcing it. She brought that back, and now he didn’t think he’d be able to be without it. So the drive back to the bunker had seemed painfully slow.

Smiling as she hiked her backpack up on her uninjured shoulder Dean was doubly happy. He was home, and she was there too. He had his safe haven and a new friend that was quickly turning into a true confidante, someone he knew he could trust. Someone who brought some light back into his life.

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Pairing: JustFenders, mention of FHawkebela


Fenris looked over at his lover, it had been years since they had escaped Kirkwall.  Anders and he had been together since then, killing slavers and freeing mages from the templars since.  Yet, he had never asked about what Justice thought of him.  They never spoke of the spirit, Anders was worried about Justice and Fenris talking… and Fenris… Fenris didn’t know what to make of the spirit.

They had stopped in the Deep Roads, Fenris starting the campfire, and Anders leaning back, amber eyes distant, looking off in case he could sense any darkspawn near.

“Hey.”  Fenris said.

Anders looked back at him.  “Yes?”  he asked.

“What does Justice think of me?”  Fenris asked.

Anders blinked in surprise.  “What?”  he asked.

“Your spirit.”  Fenris said.

“Yes, Justice.  What about him?”  Anders asked.

“What does he think of me?”  Fenris asked.

“Um… I don’t know exactly.  I get feelings from him every once in a while.”  Anders admitted.

“And?”  Fenris asked.

“I can’t… really ask him.”  Anders said.

“Then let him free.”  Fenris spoke with a shrug.

“Excuse me?  It took me a year to get you to stop calling me an ‘abomination’.”  Anders said.

“I thought we went over this when you apologized to me for that first year we knew each other.”  he said.

“And you apologized back, but still kept calling me things like ‘mage’ or ‘abomination’ for a while too.”  Anders said.

“Forget it.”  Fenris countered.

There was a long pause, and Anders sighed.  “He… likes you.”  he said.

“Excuse me?”  Fenris asked.

“He likes you, a lot.”  Anders said.

Fenris’ eyes went wide in surprise.  “Why?  I made you feel horrible for years.  In fact… here I am doing it again.”  he said, ears drooping a little.

“We’re just fighting because we’re tired… and I feared you knowing Justice and…”  Anders began to say.

“And what?”  Fenris asked.

“And… leaving me.”  Anders said.

Fenris scoffed.  “As if I would do such a thing.  You are stuck with me, you are my mage, no one else’s.”  Fenris said.

Anders smiled a little.  “Alright so… what are you saying here?”  he asked.

“You have been keeping your spirit back specifically to ensure that I would not leave you?  I love you.”  Fenris said.

“I love you too Fenris, but Justice is a whole other story.  We only began to actually communicate after the chantry explosion.  It’s hard too… since we can’t really talk.”  Anders said.  

“Ok but… Justice likes me?”  Fenris asked.

“All I know is whenever I get close to you, he wants to come out and lick you.”  Anders admitted.

“Lick me?”  Fenris asked, he was very confused now.

“I think it has to do with the markings… but there might be more to it.”  Anders said.

“Lick me… your spirit wants to lick me?”  Fenris asked.

Anders was about to speak, when Justice took over.  The spirit looked away from Fenris.

“You do not like my eyes, I remember you telling Anders that.”  Justice spoke.

“I just feel like they’re going to lay judgement upon me… you are a spirit of Justice.”  spoke Fenris.

“I do not lay judgement on those who are innocent.”  Justice spoke.

“Innocent?”  Fenris asked.

“Yes, innocent.  For you have never killed anyone who did not deserve it.”  Justice spoke.

“I did… I killed…”  Fenris began to say.

“You did not, the man who enslaved you did that.  I know of what you speak, but allow me to say that you did not kill the Fog Warriors, he did.”  Justice spoke.

Fenris looked at him, startled at his words.  “You would absolve me of that crime… you, a spirit of Justice?”  he asked.

“There is nothing to absolve.  You did not commit the crime.”  Justice spoke.

Fenris didn’t know why, but it felt like all the air was knocked out of him.  Justice… not just Anders who was a mortal like him, no, a spirit, with the highest moral caliber, was telling him he was not guilty for their deaths.  Justice who saw through all the pain of the world into the core of its problems to true justice, was telling Fenris that he was not guilty for these deaths.  And no matter what, until that moment, he didn’t realize how hard he’d held onto that guilt.  

He didn’t know why the tears threatened to leave his eyes, but when Justice had said that.  Justice had absolved Fenris of his guilt… even if Fenris hadn’t actually committed the crime.  He had feared the spirit for so long, then he and Anders had somehow fallen in love.  Anders had tried to explain Justice a few times to Fenris… but the elf was scared.  

But scared of what?  Scared of Justice losing control?  No, he hadn’t done that since the mage girl, and only then had it been because of Anders’ emotions overcoming Justice.  He began to realize… he had been afraid of Justice’s judgement upon him.  The spirit judged those who were unworthy, who were not righteous.  And Fenris felt he was not worthy of Anders some days.  Anders felt the same way, Fenris knew that… they both had a similar abuse history, it wasn’t ever going to go away.  And he was afraid of Justice pushing him away… so that he would lose Anders.

“Justice?”  Fenris asked, almost choking on his words.

“Yes?”  the spirit asked.

“What do you think of me?”  Fenris asked.

“I used to despise you.  Not because of what you were, but because of how you treated Anders.  I felt it was unjust that you take out all of your pain on him.  But Anders could say some careless things as well.  Unfortunately at the time, I had very little power over this body, Anders and I had not… communicated well, and there were problems.   I would have interrupted him many times… if I could have.  But at the same time, he needs room to be his own mortal self.  I cannot live his life for him, he must be allowed to make certain mistakes.  It was… frustrating, to watch and be unable to try and help.”  Justice spoke.

“But you don’t despise me now?”  Fenris asked.

“After you and Anders talked things out… and he wanted a relationship with you.  I began to see the good sides to you.  I also began to see how innocent you were.  No crime was ever committed by your hands.  You simply killed those who deserved it, and helped others who deserved a chance.  I must say, some of what you said about the mages not being enslaved, I did find offensive.  However, once you came to see the true injustice done to them, just as it has been done to the elves who were enslaved in Tevinter… I found I could only admire you.  You are kind, strong, just.  Anders has chosen a very good partner.”  Justice spoke.

“So you’re saying you admire me?”  Fenris asked.

“I do, and I wish you would not think you are simply those markings sometimes.  You may sing of the Fade, but you are so much more.  I, a spirit who desires to touch the Fade once more… would not ever touch your markings, if it made you uncomfortable, just to prove to you, that I think you are more.”  Justice spoke.

Fenris’ mouth hung open in shock, he was blushing all the way to the tips of his ears.  “You believe I am worth more than your Fade?”  Fenris asked.

“I do.”  Justice spoke.

“But you like the Markings?”  Fenris asked.

“I do not like how they came to be upon you, that was unjust.  But I do like the song of the Fade, it is not something I can avoid being drawn to.”  Justice spoke.

Fenris slowly reached a hand out to Justice’s cheek.  “You like me.”  Fenris spoke.

“I do.”  Justice spoke, finally looking at him.

That stare, those glowing blue eyes that Fenris had feared looking directly at before, he didn’t fear now.  He couldn’t look away from Justice in that moment.

“If I… wanted to be with you as well, not just Anders…”  Fenris spoke.

Now it was Justice who was blushing, a dark blue hue to his cheeks.  “I am unsure of how mortal relationships work… my only experience was as a corpse, and while I had friends, that corpse’s wife eventually called me repulsive as I rotted away.  I feared… I would be repulsive even now.”  Justice spoke.

Fenris moved his other hand to Justice’s other cheek.  “I do not find you repulsive.”  the elf spoke.

Justice smiled a nervous smile, his smile was not like Anders’ nervous smile, or even Anders’ cocky smirk, or the smile Anders gave when he was genuinely happy.  No, this smile was Justice trying to smile, Justice trying to express an emotion that he was unfamiliar with.  And it was in that moment that Fenris knew Justice had not been corrupted by Anders, no… he was still innocent, but he was also more human.  The spirit had slowly became more human over time, and Fenris found himself drawn to the spirit and his human characteristics.

So it was no surprise when they kissed, and Justice almost could not respond out of how nervous he was.  But the spirit did respond slowly, kissing a sloppy kiss that had no skill to it, yet Fenris found himself not caring.  Anders was a sly kiss, an experienced kiss.  It wasn’t better or worse than this kiss with Justice, both were genuine.  Breaking the kiss after a moment, Justice smiled once again nervously.

“I am glad you have accepted me.”  Justice spoke.

Fenris gave a nod, and Justice slowly retreated in, leaving a very startled Anders in his wake.  “Wait… Fenris… are you seriously?”  he asked.

“We are.. is that ok?”  Fenris asked.

“Yes!  Of course it’s ok.  I just… never thought it would be possible.”  Anders said.

Fenris smiled a little, squeezing Anders’ hand.  “We might have to take it slow.  Unlike you and me, or Hawke and Isabela, Justice seems quite innocent.”  Fenris spoke.

“Oh believe me, he didn’t understand the nature of Hawke and Isabela’s relationship… but, I’m glad he understands you.”  Anders said.

Fenris gave a short nod.  “Also, why did you never tell me he was so cute?”  Fenris asked.

“Cute?”  Anders asked.

Chapter Thirty-Two Part-One

A/N: So here it is. Part One. Completely building up to the next part. Enjoy x

Emmy awoke early, so early that the sky was still pink, adorned with fluffy cotton wool clouds. She yawned, exhausted from an almost sleepless night, and rolled over, curling into a ball to try and prolong her time in bed. For when she slipped from the covers, when she stumbled through into the next room, the chaos would begin.

It was nice, just laying there. A huge king size bed all to herself, she stretched out and sighed, casting her eyes over the room as she ignored the sick feeling within her. If she didn’t think about the day ahead, she wouldn’t be scared. She focused on her beautiful suite.

On the wardrobe door, protected in a dress bag emblazoned with Ellis’ logo, hung her dress. Right now, hidden from sight and from the elements, it could just be any dress. It didn’t need to be a wedding dress, did it? Who was getting married, anyway?

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A groan passed Alec’s lips as he finally started to come to. His eyes opened and closed several times, unable to keep them open for too long due to the sun shining brightly above him. He had a horrible headache; one he was sure had to do with the copious amount of alcoholic drinks he had drank the night before. When he was finally able to keep his eyes open, he took notice of his surroundings and realized he wasn’t home in his bed but in the alleyway of the bar he had been at the night before. “Fuck,” he mumbled out, his hand immediately reached for the waistband of his jeans and he sighed in relief upon feeling his pistol still tucked in its place.

Alec attempted to push himself up off the ground, but it took several attempts until he was finally standing up right. His head turned to the side, just now realizing the person who stood at the end of the alleyway. He wasn’t sure how long they had been there, but given that they hadn’t made any attempt to move towards him just yet, he took that as a hopeful sign that they didn’t intend to start trouble with him. He just hoped he was right, because he didn’t have the energy to fight anyone right now. “Any chance you have the time?” he asked, bringing his hand up to his cheek in an attempt to wipe what he thought was dirt off his face. 

Sam Wilkinson - Jar of hearts (based on the song)

Request: Hey babe! Could you do an imagine based on the song “jar of hearts”? It’s been stuck in my head all day 😂 and could it be with Sammy? Thanks babe 😘


My mom always told me that the biggest loves end in the worst ways. I didn’t know what she was talking about apparently because I didn’t love my high school boyfriends enough to understand it. But then I went to college in LA and I met Sam, Sam Wilkinson. My roommate dragged me to a concert a few weeks after school started and I met him there. I accidentally spilled my drink to him, I felt so embarrassed and awkward right in that moment, I started to stutter and babble about how sorry I was, but he just laughed, whipped it off and said it was nothing and asked me if he could buy another drink. We started to talk at the bar, he flirted, I flirted and then he asked if I really didn’t know him.

“No, I’m sure it’s the first time I see you,” I said a bit confused about why he even asked it. He just smiled and shook his head. He didn’t tell me why he asked it, but then he just asked me out. Of course, I said yes, so we met a few days later. This was when I got to know why he asked that silly question earlier. It scared me at first, but I got over it and a week later we were a couple.

The first few months were incredible. I was madly in love with him and couldn’t imagine my life without him. I got to know the boys and he met my family, everything was just perfect. But after a while our relationship got harder. Maybe because be confirmed to the media that we were together and everyone wanted to know about our life, or maybe because Sam’s career took a big turn, him, Nate and the Jacks started to get big offers, he travelled a lot and we both were quite stressed. We started to fight over little things that didn’t even matter, we yelled at each other but at the end we always ended up having incredible make up sex and then everything started over again. I always thought that it was just a phase, but months went by and we continued to fight constantly. Sometimes we didn’t even talk for a few days, and then realized how stupid we were and made up again. But you easily can get tired of it. Screaming and yelling on Monday, making up on Tuesday, fighting over nothing on Wednesday and then making up again on Thursday. And it goes on and on and on again, until we had enough. Not of each other, because the love was still there, it was strong and passionate, but we knew that we couldn’t go on like this for too long. It took us two entire week to decide to break up. Two weeks of constant fighting, shouting and saying things we had never said before. It was mutual, but then he said cruel things, things that no one would ever want to hear. It broke me and it was horrible that such a beautiful love had to come to an end. I was angry at him, I hated him for ruining everything at the end. We didn’t talk after the break up but it was hard. I had to let two years go. In those two years I had a million beautiful memories, but at the end I had to vanish them and I only had those words he said to me before our split.

In one months I managed to pull myself together a bit. No day passed by without the thought of him, but I finally could carry on and get used to being alone. It was until one day he called me.

And don’t you know I’m not your ghost anymore
You lost the love I loved the most

I hesitated before picking it up, but then I answered. He told me he just missed me and wanted to know what was going on with me. I got mad, because he was the one who told me horrible things at the end like I was such an annoying bitch and he often thought about leaving me. How could he say that he misses me after this? I got mad at him and told him to go to hell.

And who do you think you are?
Runnin’ round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart
I thought that I made my point clear, that I didn’t want to hear from him. This one little conversation threw me back to where I was right after our breakup. And it didn’t help me either that he called me the next day, and the day after too. These calls started calm, but when he wanted me to listen to him I always got furious and ended the call. I didn’t want to hear him talk about how he missed me and wanted another chance because I knew me so well and I was afraid that I would soften and do something stupid. I didn’t admit it to myself, but I still loved him madly. You can’t just forget a love like this over a night, but I wanted to stay distant so he knew what he did was wrong on so many levels. But surprisingly he didn’t give up.

I hear you’re asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
He started to ask around at my friends about me and he managed to win them over, soon enough everyone was telling me to hear him out. Stubbornly I told everyone to fuck off and don’t get involved in my life, and I couldn’t believe Sam would do something like that just to get me to talking with him.

I’ve learned to live, half-alive
And now you want me one more time
I thought I was strong enough to keep my walls up, but after a few weeks I got tired of him always trying to get to me and decided to give him a shot. We met at a café and when I first saw him I gasped for air. I thought I would just walk in, hear him out and leave, but as I looked into his eyes I knew I was about to do something I promised I would never.

“Hey, you came,” he breathed out standing up and helping me to take my coat off.

“Yeah, I hope I won’t regret it,” I muttered taking a seat. He sat down too and then staring at me he was searching for words, while I was thinking what I got myself into.

“You look really great,” he managed to speak up.

“Thank you. But I don’t think we are here for complimenting each other.”

“Yes, you’re right. I just… Never mind.”

“You know, I’m not sure why you are doing this,” I said avoiding to look into his eyes. It was my week spot and I didn’t give him the privilege to be able to control me with his gaze.

“Because I realized how big of an asshole I was and I miss you every day since…”

“Since you called me an annoying bitch?” I finished his sentence raising my eyebrows. I was taken aback but he couldn’t argue with it, both of us knew what happened and he couldn’t deny what he told me.

“I didn’t mean that, I was just stressed and tired, I didn’t mean anything I said.”

“I don’t feel like it,” I scoffed leaning back in my chair.

“I was an idiot when I let you go. I can’t forget you and I still love you.”

“Sam…” I whispered feeling the emotions getting out of me slowly as he said those three little words.

“Y/N, I’m serious, I can’t go on like this. I’m begging for another chance.” His voice was shaking, and that was the point where I finally looked at him. I saw tears in his eyes. I had never seen him cry since I knew him, not even once. I gulped trying to contain my emotions and not fall for him again, but that was impossible.

“And why do you think it would be different this time?” I asked barely audible. He leaned to the table and grabbed my hand taking it between his palms.

“Because now I know that I can’t live without you.”

Now I was mad at him for making me so weak. I sniffed as I was very close to crying and I saw as a tear run down on his face.

“Let’s… Let’s walk, okay?” I suggested whipping my tears away. He nodded and getting up we exited the café. When we were out on the street without thinking I took his hand and laced our fingers together. It was a reflex, and I got surprised that I did it. But it felt so good and right. I guess it took him by surprise too, but he didn’t do anything.

“Listen, I know that there is nothing I can say about my behavior, I was horrible man and I’m ashamed of the things I said. But I feel like if I had another chance I wouldn’t screw it, because you mean everything to me.”

We were strolling on the street and my shoulder bumped into his from time to time. It was like the old time when we used to take long walks in the evenings.

“I don’t know, Sam,” I sighed shaking my head.

“I get it that you are hesitant, but what if we start with some baby steps? We start to hang out again, spend time together and then see how it will go. I want to earn your love again.”

I stopped at the end of the street and looked up at him smiling.

“Sam, you always had my love. But I’m glad you want to earn it.”

“Does this mean you are giving me another chance?” he asked with bright eyes. I took a deep breath and nodded.

“Yes, but I hope I won’t regret it.”

A smile spread across his face and wrapping his arms around me he pulled me into a warm hug.

“You won’t. I promise baby.”

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