this took such a long time omggggg

casper-rose  asked:

The reason why said fangirling took so long to be sent was because I was speechless. Like, I was so speechless the entire time. In short: MINHO— NEED I GO ON???; AND Y/N OMG LIKE SHES PROBS DEAD; IM MAD AT MY YOONGI LIKE IM SORRY BUT HE DESERVED WHAT Y/N SAID TO HIM FFS; aND POOR TAEHYUNG LIKE OMG I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU BBY AND EVERYONES MAD AT YOU AND IFMNDKSJDKSJJF; AND JUNGKOOK OMGGGGG 😩; JIMIN CAN KISS MY ASS 😤. But the main point of this whole sob fest: MINHOOOOOOOOOOOO 😭💕

casper-rose said to jungk0oksthighs:
This update killed me in a good way. Laura, you’re doing great sweetie. 💕

minho… rip :(((( thank you so much for reading and as always for being so unbelievably kind! i don’t deserve you! sending all my love and thanks again! <3333