this took sooooo long but im pretty happy with it tbh

Christmas Headcanons

merry christmas eve-ish~!!! here’s a lil something for christmas from us to you *:..。o○( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡   )○o。..:*

disclaimer: we haven’t actually played the christmas dlc yet, lily hasn’t started because she’s busy and shanna just finished jaehee’s route. some of this might be inaccurate


  • p l e a s e. she’s got this. aside from doing all the work that jumin gave over the holidays, she has everything planned out already
  • RFA’s gifts? she bought them like during the start of december already. you need to up your game
  • she likes to cuddle and watch zen’s movie when she has free time with you. she’ll make the best hot beverage for you
  • she couldn’t decide on what to get you so you have like 4 - 6 gifts nbd
  • d u d e  l i s t e n. she’s sooooo observant, SHE KNOWS what you and everyone else likes. best gift giver
  • most likely to have extra gifts in case someone forgot to buy something
  • she just wants to chill man. it’s christmas. if she ever gets a holiday she’d be so happy, but she wouldn’t know what to do with it because she can’t decide if she wants to stay at home and cuddle or go sight-seeing or go on a holiday 
  • whatever she decides to do, she just wants to spend it with you


  • its canon he’s the romantic type????
  • wants to do all the cliches, you know he’s a sucker for those
  • he’d be so happy if you guys encountered a mistletoe, he’d go on and on about it but when you actually do, he’d be all flustered and would probs just give you a quick peck
  • his gift to you is probably something really sweet. either something super cliche or something you really really like. maybe both
  • you’d spend chirstmas eve and christmas doing a lot of things tbh. he probs have a list that he wants to do what a nerd it’ll be pretty busy compared to jaehee’s. he’ll only stop when christmas is ending and just stay in and cuddle but only at the end
  • s o  m a n y  s e l f i e s. your cheeks hurts from smiling so much already
  • 20/10 would want to sing christmas songs loudly when he’s at home
  • 30/10 would DIE if you join in or initiate like a dance with him


  • is down to do whatever you’re down to do
  • hahahha probably did like some last minute christmas shopping. he’s excited about christmas but he procrastinates so much why is he like this
  • even if he goes shopping early, he NEVER knows what to get 
  • he’ll probably get you a plushie or something tbh. maybe a necklace. maybe those necklaces where you can engrave words on
  • after the semester is done he’ll just cry slumped onto his bed and sleep for 2 days because he hasn’t been sleeping
  • he’s a sucker for those christmas special drinks/ food/ desserts
  • “LOLOL HAS A CHRISTMAS UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!” you’d have to physically throw his damn laptop away get him away from his laptop


  • you know he thinks this holiday is just to rank up sales or some shit like that doesn’t mean he won’t celebrate it with you though, he is a sucker for you
  • probably showers you with gifts that you like and don’t need goddamn rich people
  • would rather spend christmas eve and christmas at home because everywhere is TOO CROWDED
  • he’d be very happy if he could lounge around with you and do nothing for two days 
  • he plans to take you somewhere else next year for a week long vacation
  • you two take turns in the morning breakfast for each other, he didn’t tell you, you were humming christmas songs, he just sat there looking at you with a smile on his face. he decides maybe christmas ain’t that bad
  • he thinks elizabeth 3rd’s beauty has increased 1000 times when you tie a ribbon around her to celebrate christmas, he spams the group chat with blurry photos of her (you took some photos of her already and made her your profile picture). you’re spamming clear photos of him taking pictures of elizabeth 3rd on the group chat. rip zen


  • canonly he’s not that much into christmas right? so he’s probably all mopey during this time of the year but still he tries to act like he’s having fun for you
  • gets you gift and all and is genuinely surprised that you got him one too
  • you forced him to wear matching ugly sweaters and took lots of pictures
  • it took some time, but you’ve managed to convince him to make a virus (that wasn’t harmful, just annoying) that would wish everyone a merry christmas on their friends list. you sent it to all your close friends and family. it went viral very quickly
  • you don’t make it very obvious that you’re very excited because you know he’s a little depressed about this
  • he appreciates your efforts and celebrates a little with you
  • you make him hot cocoa and cook dinner for him because you thought maybe he wouldn’t want to be outside 
  • you guys probably just end up binge watching some shows and falling asleep on the couch/ floor


  • really hopes it’ll snow because he’d love to take pictures of you in the snow
  • you got him a fugly sweater as a joke but he just smiles and says he loves it and wears it so proudly. you are now guilty. shame on you
  • he’d do anything you’d wanna do. he’s happy as long as you’re happy
  • like zen, he’d probs bring you out for the entire day and take lots and lots of pictures
  • you guys would probably just end up and at a small cafe enjoying each other’s presence in silence
  • he offered to take you out for dinner but you told him you were going to cook so the both of you had a nice romantic evening 
  • he gets you that one thing that you’ve always wanted but never got the chance to get because it was too expensive or you thought you really didn’t need it
  • spending christmas with him wouldn’t be as different as spending every other day with him because he treats you like a queen everyday


  • i think he’s a little like seven, i think he doesn’t enjoy christmas that much
  • but he does like snow. he’d stay out looking at it for hours
  • if you guys have been dating for a really long time and he finally starts to show you affection, he’d hold your hand and would maybe even let you cuddle up to him
  • he likes to compare you to the snow and winter days. so beautiful, so pure, so sparkly and bright. NO CLASS (i stole this joke im sorry)
  • he’s VERY tsun tsun about it so he’ll NEVER tell you
  • HATES crowds so when you suggest going out he shoots you down declines
  • you end up putting music on and just watch the snow fall in silence with him ‘till you two fall asleep. (you even pushed the couch so it’s facing the window so you two can sit comfortably while watching. he complains but you know he loves it when his eyes sparkled a little)
  • he got something small as a gift. like a snowglobe or bracelet for your aesthetic or a hair pin or a phone strap or a watch