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Finding Closure (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader left behind a hometown full of misery to make a new home in Brooklyn. A death in the family forces her to briefly return to the place that has haunted her dreams and memories for three years. Will she finally be able to move on, or will a figure from the past change everything?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,809 (Jean-Ralphio voice: “I’m the wooooorst!”)

Warnings: angst, language, car trouble, mentions of alcoholism, mentions of bad home life, revisiting childhood home, tw: seizures (mention), medical emergency (mention)

Part:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

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Notes – Zach Dempsey x Reader

Summary: 13 Reasons Why. On tape number 7, as we all know, is the chapter of Zach Dempsey and the “joke” that makes Hannah with the note in her bag.

I heard this song while I was writing.

Words: 2590

Reader’s point of view.

Enjoy it!

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What were they debating? I listened to many voices, each giving their opinions on the subject that was written on the board. It had turned out to be a suggestion from some of us, anonymously, it might even have tried one of my ideas, but I was sure I had not written anything and put it in the teacher’s bag. I went back to reading the blackboard, drugs, which is so much seen and boring. As if none of those around me knew the subject perfectly, and worse, they had put it into practice. I shrugged and continued to scribble in my notebook as I listened word after word, it was unbelievable that some defended the fact of being killed that way, and they did it in front of an authority. What a bah, at last was the life of everyone.

The bell rang, I sighed, relieved that the torture was finally over. I didn’t complain about the class, it was good as long as the subjects were of the same quality. Not any nonsense that we have been informed since we have “enough maturity” to cover those issues. It was urgent for me to be in college.

“Remember to check your bags!” Exclaimed the teacher in a jovial tone.

I smiled, it was a little exaggerated enthusiasm. I knew how many notes I would have in my bag, maybe one or two, I was safer than one. To get rid of some sermon, Skye and I made a pact, I left a note in her bag and she did the same in mine. We were friends, not intimate but whenever we took the paper we were giving a look and smile of complicity. And there it was, unfolding the piece of paper with a simple hello and an emoticon :P I laughed and put it in my pocket. I had another, I unfolded it, Sheri, and another … Zach? I frowned, he had never left me a note; instead, I thought I didn’t even know i existed for him. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye as he checked his bag, on the contrary, I knew he was on this planet and at school. For a few seconds I noticed his face of disappointment and I waited patiently to get something out of his bag, but nothing, now understood the reason of his expression. What the hell? How could someone as known as Zach Dempsey, basketball star, not have a note? In what world had we fallen? As far as I was concerned, the sportsman was the most beloved, even a Troy Bolton in person.  I buffet in my interior, how curious.

I bit my lip. I had never stopped to leave a note to the aforementioned, I thought that, with so many that would have, mine would be one more of the pile and insignificant. Because i liked him a lot, but, i wasn’t a cheerleader or someone with a notorious talent. I hated it when Mom dragged me to gym classes. And give encouragement? I barely and could give them myself before stepping into this jungle every morning.

“Another rabbit?” I heard to my left.

I turned to see Sheri and Hannah smile at the small drawing the latter held in her hands. I smiled when I saw it, how funny and tender. Hannah started to laugh. Apparently it was not the first time she received one but she seemed to love it.

“It’s beautiful,” I said. Both girls turned to see me and nodded.

I left the room even without reading the little note of Zach, I was dying of the emotion to know that said but also filled with fear. The main rule of notes on paper bags was that they should only leave positive messages, so it was more or less certain, never really known.

At lunchtime I was sitting with some friends with whom I didn’t share many classes, but we got together from the first year and they were very nice companies. In my hand I still held the paper already wrinkled by my nerves. They all knew about the class I took and also my taste for a sportsman, almost everyone encouraged me to read it at one time, others, wanted to keep an eye on it and warn me if it was worth that I knew its content or if It was just a bunch of crap. In the end, I took courage and decided it was time, however, before opening the paper I heard an angry scream on the other side of the cafeteria.

I turned. Zach Dempsey was standing in front of the person who had heard the scream, when it moved, we all realized that it was Hannah Baker. The place was silent, making that moment more uncomfortable between the two of them, and even for me. I had never seen those two together and to be honest, the reaction I got wasn’t good at all, I mean, Hannah was really beautiful, I could not compare to her. I crumpled the piece of paper again and hid it in the depths of my backpack. Whatever I said there, it would only serve to excite me.

Zach left the cafe in silence, without turning to see anyone. I also did it, but on the opposite side from where he had left.

Two days later

“Oh, fuck!” I exclaimed as I quickly stood up from the bench where I was resting with Skye. I had passed olympically from the cafeteria.

“What?” My friend seemed surprised by my reaction.

“I forgot my hearing aids in the communication class”

It was unforgivable that I would walk in this jungle without the faithful company of music. I just couldn’t believe I forgot them, they were my best friends. I said goodbye to her and I almost ran down the hall, there was a chance that I would never see them again and the money I had, I was saving for something else, if I invested in new hearing aids, I would have to practically start Of zero my savings, which wasn’t much by the way.

I dodged the people I ran into in the hallways. I looked like the devil’s soul, but I felt that with every second they were alone at my desk, more danger ran. I stopped to recover the air a few meters from the living room door. I wasn’t an athletic girl and this was too much of a stretch on my part, I needed to sit down soon.

When I looked to the front, I discovered that Hannah peered almost desperately into the classroom. I missed myself and I hit the lockers hoping to see what happened. She made several gestures, surprise, indignation but, at the end of all, sadness. But what was happening? I took a step with the intention of approaching her and investigating what she was spying … or who. Suddenly, the identity of the “stranger” was revealed. Zach came out of the classroom with a paper in his hands and the blank expression, almost guilty, seemed nervous. Had he finally received a note? So why his reaction like that?

“Why me, Zach? Why me?”

I jumped. I hadn’t realized how much the boy had advanced, but most of all, that Hannah had walked almost to my height. I felt her tear-filled eyes as she faced the boy for what to know. As in the cafeteria, we all fell silent, apparently this couple had a lot to show. I dared to look at Zach, even with the paper in his hands and his serious countenance, stopped in the middle of the hall and watched the one who had shouted at him, I couldn’t decipher the way he looked at her, but I could still feel guilty … Or maybe regret, it was hard to tell, Zach was a guy full of surprises.

Finally the tense atmosphere dissipated when he broke the bubble. He turned and left without even responding to Hannah. She turned, too.

“Hannah” I said without thinking, but she didn’t hear me and disappeared at one of the corners of the hall. I felt bad even though I didn’t know exactly what it was all about.

At the end of class, I decided that I didn’t want to go home soon and I remembered that for the moment the auditorium would be empty, the practices would not start for forty-five minutes, enough time to finish some homework or just read without the annoying murmurs Which were heard in the study area. I just wanted silence, to be with my music and the notebook in my lap. As I predicted, the place was empty, I smiled as I climbed the steps to be in the middle and proceeded with what I had planned, however, my concentration wasn’t in the equations in front of me, but rather in what had happened in the hallway does only a few hours. As I watched, Zach was a good guy, maybe something childish from time to time, but i couldn’t imagine that would bring against Hannah but above all, what will have done. I bit my pencil, he had a note in his hand when he left the classroom … What if it was not for him? What if it wasn’t from his bag? I bit the pencil harder, why did Hannah spy on him? why she? I got an idea of ​​what might have happened and maybe it would be related to what happened in the cafeteria.

My heart began to beat faster. I understood that he had some interest in her, of course. A hint of disappointment hugged me and I realized that I still hoped he would look at me, but how to do it if we have not even crossed words at any time? Or at least not to any class. I sighed.

I turned off the music on my phone, ready to leave. Being in school made me think about everything that happened here; At least at home I could be distracted by Netflix or loud music and hundreds and hundreds of homework. As he heard me around again, I heard the bounce of a ball, I looked up. Right in front of the basket I recognized Zach’s body, especially for the height. My heart raced on instinct and I hated it. So, I had two options, to leave like a ninja, that is to say, without being heard or to be seen, or to leave the shyness and cowardice and finally to speak to him. I bit my lip but cheered.

“Zach!” I exclaimed as I approached him.

He dropped the ball and turned to raise his eyebrows. Yes, I’m talking to you. I tried not to roll my eyes.

“Hey, Y/N” He greeted me as if greeting one of his friends. Well, it was a start.

“You’re good? You look kind of annoying ”

Conversation. I really needed some conversation.

“I’m fine.” He hesitated a little. “Did you read my note?”

His note? Holy sh*t! I had completely forgotten, had to remain in my backpack, crushed by my books and other nonsense. I bit my lip. My face was a poem and I knew I had given the answer to his question when he chuckled.

“I’m sorry” I whispered “It’s … it surprised me, I mean, I didn’t even think i existed for you”

“Why do you say that? You look like a great girl. I like your opinions in class, when the subject interests you”

I blushed. Zach Dempsey had watched me, and more than that, he seemed to know me at least a little of what I could have imagined after this conversation. I smiled. He was undoubtedly speechless.

“Anyway, I’ll see you later, Y/N”

He took the ball and walked to pick up his backpack and jacket. What? Had that been our whole conversation? I stood there as he left, then noticed that a piece of paper had fallen to him.

“Zach, wait!” I shouted but not hoping to be heard.

I went to where he had collected his belongings and took that forgotten paper. I know I should not read it, not even open it, but I was curious, whether it was the one Hannah had been angry about or was simply a task that was aimed at there. Anyway, I opened it and read its contents. My heart was broken as I read every word Hannah expressed there, her feelings, emotions, how she was happy to receive his drawing of rabbit every time we had communication, as a small detail illuminated her interior … and that Zach had snatched her away, so my conclusions weren’t so far-fetched. Zach Dempsey stole the bag notes from Hannah Baker!

With tears in my eyes and anger at something that didn’t belong to me, I ran to the parking lot, I knew the sportsman’s car and I was glad to find him, but above all, to him without leaving. He was throwing his backpack into the back seats when I confronted him.

“Why did you do it, Zach?”

He looked at me confused. I handed him the note and he took it, deserved to keep it as a constant reminder of his acts of immaturity. All because of a rejection? I had lived with at least three and that wasn’t stealing valuable belongings from each of them. I clenched my hands in fists, perhaps mine were simple jealousy, that his attention was on her not me, or perhaps the actions he did. I didn’t know and I didn’t stop to find out.

“You didn’t have to read this, Y/N.” He shook the note in front of my nose and tucked it in his pants pocket.

“I didn’t, but I did. Why are you so cruel? Why do that?”

“It’s just silly, I don’t know why you take it so hard” He opened the driver’s door “Besides, it’s supposed to be Hannah who should be here, you have nothing to do with this”

“Did you at least understand what that letter meant?”

I hated a lot when someone hurt someone else’s feelings, especially in such a stupid act as the sportsman had carried out.

“I’m sorry, alright? Is it what you want to hear? I won’t mess with that stupid bag ever again”

“You don’t have to apologize to me” I said seriously.

“But at least it made you happy, didn’t it? What I wanted to get when you read my note”


Zach got into his car and started off at full speed exiting the parking lot.  I was stony again, staring only at the smoke that the car had lifted when it left. Make me happy?

Hyperventilating I knelt on the floor and began to pull my things out of my backpack wanting to look for that note. When I finally found it I unfolded it, wanting to smooth it, but the pile of wrinkles indicated that that was already impossible. I felt a lump in my throat as I read what I had written.

You look pretty in that color. Maybe someday you want to go out with me, because I want to go out with you.

“Oh, fuck!” I whispered, reading those words more than once.

I looked back to where I had seen her car one last time and I felt like the dumbest person in the world. Why had not I read the note when I had the chance?

anonymous asked:

How realistic was Laura fighting in Logan? She's 11. Her bones would theoretically still be pretty soft, but she's also a mutant who heals almost instantly. While she does often lose to adults when they swarm her, she also kills a lot of people. In addition, she falls in a weird limbo between Child Solider and Child Raised for Combat because the people who trained her from birth treated her as disposable, and didn't try to brainwash her. As a result, she escapes ASAP. Thoughts?

Well, I haven’t seen Logan yet but the problem with the question is “realistic”. This is X-men, realism left the building ages ago. Nothing is realistic. If you’re asking about realism then you’re asking the wrong questions because superpowers change the rules. What you’re really asking is: should an eleven year old child be able to fight on the same level as an experienced warrior like Wolverine?

And the answer is, in the Marvel universe characters with healing factors (like Wolverine) have recovered from being burned into ash by the sun. So, in a setting where his healing factor is failing and he’s dying but she’s young, genetically/physically enhanced, and hers is working at full throttle then why not? She’s a tiny Logan. A rage-filled murder ball dedicated to death and destruction, created in a lab that turns human guinea pigs into ultimate weapons. So, I ask, why not? She’s doing exactly what she’s been designed to do, minus it being on the orders of someone else.

What stops children from competing with adults is three things.

1) Physical immaturity. Their bodies are still developing, and not on par with an adults.

2) Mental immaturity. Their brains are still developing, and don’t have the same basic understanding that adults do especially in regards to consequences. They don’t really grasp concepts like “death” and “gone forever” very well. Psychologically, these kids get pretty messed up.

3) Due to the above two problems, unless they have weapons, they can’t overcome the gap.

X-23 does all three. She has the healing factor, genetic enhancements, and blades coming out of her hands and front toe, all of which solve two of the above problems. They allow her to go toe to toe with adults because she can simply power or brute force her way through it. From a combat perspective, it doesn’t really matter if she gets hurt or go through serious body horror as her body will repair itself. So, someone without morals could put her through a meat grinder and still use her again. Plus, at least in X-men Evolution and the comics, she tends to be psychologically messed up. Someone who was treated as a weapon from the moment she was born, trained as a weapon, used as a weapon, and doesn’t really comprehend most “normal” human experiences. A clone with all Wolverine’s experiences, except she went through them as a child.

Laura Kinney, X-23 is by all standards a fairly new character in the Marvel universe. She was first introduced in the early 2000s through the WB cartoon X-Men: Evolution. Like Harely Quinn, she’s a canon immigrant. When she was introduced in the cartoon, she was a teenager.

In character, she was an angry violent rage-ball, a teenage version of Logan except more lost and unstable. However, the major difference between their experiences was that where Logan was an adult when he went through the Weapon X program, she was a child. She was the twenty-third test subject, and the only one who survived the experiments. X-23 was desperate to find out who she was and where she belonged; and, having been “raised” by Hydra, determined to find (and, possibly kill) Wolverine whom she viewed as responsible for everything that happened to her. That desire was mixed up in her desire to know who she was. Because she was a human weapon, she couldn’t distinguish between the two. Fighting was what she knew how to do, so that’s what she did. Her introduction was sneaking through the X-men mansion, disabling all the other mutant children and teachers in order to single Logan out to fight.

As a character, considering everything else, she was a fairly accurate representation of a child raised to be a human weapon. Psychologically traumatized, unstable, and unable to really comprehend her emotions or concepts like “friendship” and “family”. Deeply mistrustful of anyone and anything who got too close, unable to communicate her needs except through anger and violence. Any approach was likely to elicit an immediate, violent response. She doesn’t know how to be anything except a weapon.

Logan could reach her because Logan understood what she’d been through, but he also couldn’t really help her and it took a long time before she came to trust him (if she ever really did). That door didn’t open often for anyone else.

If you want to see her first appearances then the episodes to watch are “X23″ and “Target X”.  The name “Laura Kinney” comes (I think) from the comics as she originally did not have any name other than X-23.

In the comics, she’s another of the Weapon X subjects and the 23 refers to her gender rather than the number of times it took to create her. She escapes like she does in the movie, and eventually starts trying to figure out who she is.

It’s not really worth asking questions about realism when a setting has explicitly ejected realism. Have a good guffaw over anyone trying to argue about the “realism of Batman”. There isn’t any. The setting has defined its own definition of realism and that’s what it follows. Realism isn’t everything, and it doesn’t define what a good story is. Often, it’s not even the question you should be asking. Avatar: the Las Airbender has some awesome fighting for a children’s cartoon, fighting clearly drawn (ha!) from martial arts in the real world. However, it is by no means realistic. And, honestly, that doesn’t matter.

Well-told stories are defined by how well they tell their stories, and maintain their suspension of disbelief. Everything else after that is popcorn. Realism comes into play when we admire how well someone has done their research, how well that research supports and enhances our experience when consuming media. You don’t want to understand combat just for an added dose of realism, but also because knowledge gives us more options to work with. The more you know, the more detail you can add. All the better to create a more enjoyable experience, my dear.

Understanding the rules is the first step in figuring out how to break them, or just manipulate them to your advantage. Whatever works.


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Burrito’s 2017 Review

This ending year had lots of good things in animation. Series that consolidated its position, others that were a instant hit, movies that rocked. And some flops and surprises, of course. Here is my opinion of what I watched on 2017.

NOTE: This is a very, VERY long post. But it’s worth not to cut it because this took me days to write.

• Samurai Jack’s Return

Jack was back to the pasPRESENT so he could finish what he began 50 years ago: defeat Aku and go back home. Tartakovsky’s long awaited story finished bittersweetly, but we had everything. Action, blood, love, adventure, a robot saying “penis”, AKU, THE SCOTSMAN!!! a horrible ship war, etc. Our interior kid may be satisfied with such a finale full of action and feelings. And the voice actors had their moments off the show, like Phil LaMarr (Jack) and Tara Strong (Ashi) kissing at a con or Gregg Baldwin (Mako’s -RIP- replace for Aku) singing Frank Sinatra’s My Way as his character.

• BoJack Horseman 4th round

Quick and to the point, Bojack’ 4th season was great with all that made it big. But this  time with a cruel backstory of one character that was brought to the front: Beatrice. 4x11 is harsh, watching how a little girl’s life goes on a slide to hell when she faces her mother’s dementia, her childhood memories destroyed, her father’s intentions with her, how she made mistakes through life that made her son be, in a way, the guy he is. It’s like the mirror of the heartwarming S3 Underwater Episode. But we found a key to know why Bojack is how he is. S5 is on development and will air sometime next year.

• Adventure Time: Islands/Elements/Finale

We are slowly saying goodbye to one of the best animated series of this decade and, let me say it, this century. A global phenomenon that is fading away not before finishing some very important arcs that were touched on season 8 (and I’m calling it like the crew developed and not like CN is calling it because they messed up in my opinion). We discovered Finn’s past on Islands, what happened to humans after the Mushroom War and the vampire invasion and how they managed to survive in some islands far away the continent. Destruction, totalitarism, love, sacrifice and redemption were in this great miniseries. Martin Mertens character had his redempion despite knowing him as a scum; Minerva Mertens shows us why Finn is so helpful; Susan Strong remembers where she came from after the events of S7 finale. Finn makes another step into adulthood, not in the best terms, but now he knows who he is.

Meanwhile, Elements was the closure for the Elemental arc. Finn, Jake, Ice King and Magic Betty had to repair Ooo after Patience St Pym overboosted her spell. It wasn’t as strong as Islands or Stakes, but had heartwarming moments like Finn and Jake telling their worries on a cloud (episode that was thought for S1 and rewrote for this miniseries). Finally, there were more to go for S8, like a “real” Fionna, or Fern wanting to kill Finn but then being killed.

AT began some months ago with its final season. The ultimate villain was introduced: the (in)famous Uncle Gumblad. A final bomb on the cursed Sunday slot was released two weeks ago and we also knew some stuff like Tree Trunks’ ex husbands, Hunson Abadeer being a embarassing dad or Jake being taken by his alien parent to… outter space? There still are a lot of things to be wrapped up, but next year we are going to feel sad because the adventure time finishes.

• SVTFOE: Battle for Mewni/Season 3

Earlier this year, Star Butterfly left us with a cliffhanger after her mother and the Magical High Comission fought an epic battle against Toffee while she told her feelings to Marco. A big event was announced to begin S3, which was the story of how Mewni fell and rised against Toffee and Ludo. To be honest, it had its moments, but something was missing. I guess it was more action, like many moments of S1. Despite that, we saw part of Moon’s backstory with River and how Toffee lost his finger; or Star transforming into God-mode to defeat her foe.

And weeks ago S3 continued. The roles were inverted: Marco now is into Star. Star went back with Tom, after he showed he wanted to change and be less angered. The most dangerous former Mewni queen was released. The action now takes place in Mewni. And now there’s a love triangle, or square if we add Kelly to this formula. I’m not okay with the triangle since I saw one before (coughcoughregularcoughshowcoughcough) that ended really bad. I hope the crew could make this one better though. But something great they did was the midseason finale, a subject they know how to deal with, when Miss Heinous was revealed to be Eclipsa’s daughter and the Ancient Monster Temple was her mother and her husband’s home.

Oh, and SVTFoE crew did something awesome this season, which is the anti-discrimination message in the episodes before midseason. Star’s effort to join mewmans with monsters and other beings in that world, despite defying her parents’ and her country’s laws, is something nice that teaches kids (their main viewers) that they don’t have to discriminate. Kudos to them for telling this in these hard moments all over the world, with fascist/far right groups arising again.

• Rick and Morty Season 3

Almost a year and a half we had to wait to know how the fuck Rick Sánchez was going to escape from prison. Until this year’s April Fools in which instead of a Samurai Jack episode, Adult Swim aired the season premiere of Rick and Morty. Spicy as a Mulan Szechuan Sauce, another of the best animated series of this decade went through divorce, toxic personalities, more existencialism issues and responsibilities. On this season, half of the writers are women and they did most of the best episodes. And speaking of that, we have the best one of all series, for fans and critics. Back with the women crew, a bunch of jerk misogynists harrassed them on social media, but their partners and many fans supported their work. And, again, kudos to those newcomers that gave us fresh air to this awesome show.

Rick and Morty was involved in one of the darkest incidents of this year: the Szechuan Sauce fiasco by McD. 20 pots per restaurant, many angered, crazy fans, Adult Swim and the creators that claimed they didn’t take part into this. Anyway, riots over a spicy sauce you could make at home (proved in Rebeltaxi’s 10 worst 2017 events) were very stupid. But, on a positive note, R&M made lots of cool stuff: from merch released inmediately after a new episode, behind the scenes videos where the crew told how the episode was made (including some weird scenes like Justin Roiland admitting murdering someone, joking of course) or a heartwarming Mr. Poopybutthole clip that was released two months after the season finale.

The crew hasn’t begun with Season 4 yet, but let’s hope the hiatus doesn’t last long again (what am I saying? It will be long again).

• OK K.O.!

Ho ho ho! Everybody step back, here comes this year’s surprise! Lakewood Plaza Heroes have the best new cartoon prize. With blockbusters like Regular Show gone, Adventure Time having little time left and Steven Universe in an unexplained hiatus despite having episodes to premiere regularly, Cartoon Network needed something else than Gumball to relax audience from airing Teen Titans Go all day, everyday. So the network introduced the show in this year upfront to be aired in Boreal summer along with a videogame. The bet was high into this show that was introduced years ago as a pilot from the Artists Pilot Program CN has. And it worked! OK KO built a solid fan base, at least in this social media, in only two months and 23 episodes aired through all (Boreal) summer.

This cartoon is amazing in many ways: the funky song is so catchy I spent days singing it; each character has something special in their personalities; the animation style, despite some inconsistencies that viewers don’t have to whine about (ahemSUcritsahem), is very cartoonish and left us in this unfinished first season epic reaction faces; pretty well developed main arcs (KO’s path to be a hero, POINT backstory, Boxman and Venomous plans); references that went from anime to nü metal (Korn’s frontman, Jonathan Davis, played a character on an episode); loads of puns.

OK KO has that old Saturday morning catoon vibe brought to present day. That’s why people like me, in my mid twenties, feel a little nostalgic watching a show made by people (that aren’t much older than me) who did also watch those cartoons. The show was successful and weeks ago was renewed for a second season and another complementary videogame to be released next year on consoles. Personally, I’m glad for the people who made this awesome show and wish it has international recognition next year. Who knows? It could be the heir the network needed, at least until we know how Summercamp Island is going to be recieved.

• Big Mouth

Another surprise, this time on adult animation, was Big Mouth on Netflix. This show is about a group of pre-teenagers who find themselves on coming-of-age problems.

It has the regular package of adult animation: over the top jokes and situations, puns, sex, swears. But Big Mouth is special because of: every single episode has a musical scene that kicks ass; the characters themselves are well developed, but the Hormone Monsters take the cake; the subjects in every episode also has good development. The best episode of this only season, in my opinion, is the one that treats harrassment. In these times they show the situation, how it’s recieved and how they handle it. You gotta watch it. And like every Netflix show, we bing-watched it, but we also have to wait long for its return: 2019 (!!!!).

• Regular Show’s Final Season

Here comes the emotion. Early this year, we waved goodbye to Regular Show. It had a bittersweet ending for a final season that had two strong and noticiable arcs: Space Park and The Battle for the Universe. I made my proper review which you can read (HERE), but I take some lines to say this was the first shocking event of this year because RS marked alongside Adventure Time the renaissance of Cartoon Network and animated shows in general.

Like Rebeltaxi said on the video I quoted earlier, Regular Show brought 90s kids back into animation. Many of us whined “cartoons today suck, man! When I was a child they were better”. It took some episodes of RS to realize it wasn’t for kids only, it also had moments for teens and adults too. Personally, when I first watched the show I thought “Shit! It’s Rocko’s Modern Life son!”. And yeah it was, because Rocko had many episodes that told situations that young adults faced when they got to the Real World. Same as Regular Show: from love issues, the importance of be a better person, skipping responsibilities or saving the world.

I can’t let it go yet, mostly because Cartoon Network rushed the final season in three months and didn’t let us enjoy it with weekly episodes and some tiny hiatus. Even CN Latin America treated it better, despite taking its time because episodes have to be translated and dubbed in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, airing week by week the episodes, shorts and the final five episodes in a marathon on December 8th, 9th and full Season 8 on 12/10. Not to mention that a Brazilian studio makes Toontubers for CN, in which Mordecai and Rigby play videogames and have their own bizzarre version of Big Brother playing The Sims 4.

Quintel’s creation was one of the pioneers of the 2010’s Cartoon Renaissance and I think we have to be grateful because after it came a bunch of enjoyable series/miniseries, some of them with RS alumni being part of the crew, like SVTFOE, Steven Universe, OK KO, the super hit pilot Infinity Train, etc. Luckily, the grievance won’t last long because…

In 2018 we are going to have:

Close Enough: Regular Show’s “continuation” in spirit but not with their characters. It’ll be about a couple who go through transition from young adults to fully responsible adults taking care of a baby girl. According to the trailer, it’s going to be weird, abstract and trippy too. What’s new? Swearing, sex scenes, Rated R puns. And half of the staff comes from RS! But it won’t be an easy way because CE has competitors from The Simpsons to TBS Animation partner shows or Adult Swim’s “cousins”. Despite not having more news than SDCC 2017 trailer or premiere date, there’s a rumor saying it would be on February.

Static Cling: Also on SDCC 2017 we saw Rocko’s Modern Life return as a TV film, like Hey Arnold’s The Jungle Movie, that continues RML’s series finale in which Rocko, Heffer and Filburt took off to outter space. They came back 20 years later, young as ever, and find out what’s changed. “The 21st Century is a very dangerous century”, sentences Rocko, who had a bad time in this modern life. The original series, premiered 24 years ago, is still relevant nowadays and the film is about to reafirm it. There’s not so much information, but I hope many of the original writers (like Dan Povenmire and Swampy Marsh -Phineas and Ferb; Milo Murphy’s Law- or Stephen Hillenburg, despite having a serious disease) would take part on this (last?) adventure.

OK KO S2: weeks ago, Ian JQ announced his series was renewed for a second season alongside a videogame. As said before, the series had recognition and now it’s time to be a global phenomenon. Season 1 is rumored to be finished the same time Adventure Time says goodbye. Symbolic, isn’t it? And it has to wrap up what the arcs, so guess what they have prepared for next season.

Adventure Time Finale & Summercamp Island: Yes, the most crushing moment of 2018 is going to be the end of Adventure Time. It seems to be a four-11 minute-part episode (44 minutes) that would end the most important arcs and closes many of the mysteries revealed through the series. Production is done as well as recordings, we just have to watch how emotional it’s going to be. And oh boy! Many of us are going to weep.

But, as a phoenix, many of AT crew is on Summercamp Island, created by an alumni: Julia Pott. There’s only an awarded short that was enough for CN, I guess, to run a full season. Let’s see how it goes and I wish them luck while we wait for an advance/trailer soon.

And there’s more to wait for, like Invader Zim movie, the end of SVTFOE’s s3 and the beggining of the also fourth season. Many, many more things. A lot happened this year on animation: new shows, revivals, awesome things, dishonorable behaviors. Pretty good ride, hope next one’s going to be as good as this.

Have a nice 2018!


sarah’s ultimate fic rec (1/?)

this is only part one because i read too much. i’m making this bc i rly needed a place to organize everything (my ao3 bookmarks are a nightmare yikes), so here! have this! it’s categorized by ship, so it should be easy to navigate your way around.

this one only includes the following ships: yoonmin, yoonkook, vmin, taekook & taegi. i tried to limit myself to 10/20ish fics per ship bc i didn’t want it to get too long, so i’ll add the rest later on & i’ll also include other ships in the next post!

total: 20 yoonmin fics, 23 yoonkook fics, 15 vmin fics, 11 taekook fics, 8 taegi fics (77 fics overall).

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Little Dragons (G-Dragon)

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

Type: Fluff

Request: Hello 💕 I wanted to ask if you could do a Kwon Jiyong scenario as a dad on The Return Of Superman? Thank you very much ❤️

“Siyeong back up” you say pushing the small walker out of the way. The 8 month old had been at the VJ tent fingering up the camera as much as her little finger could reach from it. 3 year old Jiheon sat on the floor playing with his cars. You peaked into the tent handing the man a bottle of water “it gets warm in here"you say before heading over to the other tent. Siyeong followed you as much as she could in the walker. “Mom we’re home!” you hear as your oldest sons Jimin and Sangmin. They were 9 years old and coming home later from school.

“The camera people here” Sangmin stated as he looked in the cameras. Siyeong zoomed over to her brothers before the front door opened again and she headed over. “Look at my pretty princess” Jiyong coos as he picks her up out of the bouncer and kicks it back into the wide open. “Hello” he calls as he looks around with a large smile. “So I’ll be leaving in a few” you told him “you’re not waiting?” he asked as you shook your head “I made dinner then you guys can eat. The night schedule is on the fridge and then the list of what to do” you state “kisses” you call as bend down and two sets of lips kiss your cheeks “coming” Jiheon spoke rushing over. You gave a sad smile to them all “be good for daddy” you say as you stroked your daughter’s cheek before you headed to the door.


“Hello” Jiyong says awkwardly sitting down “I’m Kwon Jiyong” he glances over at Jimin “I am Kwon Jimin. I’m 9” “I’m Kwon Sangmin also 9” Sangmin says as he glances down at Jiheon who was focused on his toy “what’s your name?” Sangmin asked “Jiheon” he responds loudly “how old are you?” Jimin asks “8” “he’s 3” Jiyong corrects as Jiheon smiles. “At this is the princess of the family. Kwon Siyeong she’s 8 months old” Jiyong says standing his daughter up on his lap. “I’ve been on the show when it first aired a long time ago and also with Sarang. But now I really get to enjoy the show for all its worth” Jiyong continues “I gotta poo” Jiheon says ruining Jiyong’s moment. “Alright do you need to hold my hand?” he asks passing Siyeong off and getting up.


The next morning Jiyong woke up and quietly got out of bed trying not to wake up Jiheon who took up most of the large bed some how. He peaked into the crib on Siyeong before heading out. He quickly went to the fridge to look at your directions for breakfast ‘if you can’t make eggs and toast we have a problem’ he read as he smiled ‘Jiheon needs cereal and fruit’ ‘and Siyeong’s baby food is on the top shelf of the fridge’ he read as he opened it up. “This is literally applesauce with a baby brand on it” he says grabbing the eggs and jelly.

Soon the bedroom door opened and the twins made their way out “brushed your teeth?” Jiyong asked “yes” they respond “moisturize?” “yes” they finish as the both go to the fridge for a drink. “Hey are the little ones a lot to handle?” he asks “they’re both attention hogs” Jimin says “watch out for Siyeong’s walker” Sangmin continues. “And you guys won’t be back until 7?” he finishes “nope” they say together.

“Mommy!” Jiheon yells before a whine fills the apartment. Jiyong makes his way back to the bedroom to see Jiheon staring down at his sister who was wide awake because of him. “Mommy?” “she left remember” Jiyong says helping him off the bed. He bent down picking Siyeong up. “Pretty baby. Look at your hair” he coos kissing her face. She gave him a large smile as he carried her out to the table. Sangmin was at the stove finishing the eggs he left there “oh man. I’m sorry” he says “they aren’t burnt” Sangmin says grabbing plates and a bowl for Jiheon knowing the morning routine oh so well.


Jiyong became a popular dad since he started last month. After four episodes people were in love with his children. “Where are we going?” Jiheon asked as he looked around the car. “Petting zoo” Jiyong said as Jiheon clapped. He looked at Siyeong who was half asleep. Smiling he took a deep breath. “Siyeong” he called as her eyes opened wide. “We’re gonna see puppies” he says as she smiles. “You like puppies?” he coos “I like them” Jiheon says “yeah what’s your favorite?” Jiyong asks pulling into the parking lot. “Brown ones” Jiheon answers as the door slide open to the van “yeah? Maybe we’ll see some” Jiyong tells him as he unbuckles him from his seat before moving a cross to get Siyeong. 

“Daddy hold me” Jiheon says as Jiyong looks at Siyeong before bending down and picking up his son. “I wish the twins could have come” he said as they step in. “Look” Jiyong says as he puts Jiheon down. He helped Siyeong stand up letting her practice walking as she made sounds of excitement at the bunnies. “They’re babies just like you guys” Jiyong comments “I’m a big boy” Jiheon says resting his hands on his hips “sorry just like Siyeong then” he corrects as Jiheon nods. 

Feeling eyes he turned seeing people there with their phones “look it’s Jiheon” someone says as Jiheon turns “hi” he says waving at his fans. “He’s cuter in person” the girl tells Jiyong as he smiles “thank you” he says kindly. “Can I get a picture with you guys?” she then asks as he nods. “Ji they want a picture with us” he tells his son who walks over. Jiyong picked him up and got ready to pose. He did the cute peace sign before doing another “pick one” Jiyong tells him as the picture was taken. “Thank you so much” she said to him as he nods “have a good time” she then says as he smiles “we will. Say bye bye” he tells them as they wave her off. “I wanna see goats” Jiheon says as soon as she leaves “alright” Jiyong tells him as they went to look for the goats. 


Jiyong was excited about today as he had all of his kids for once “we’re going shopping” Jiyong says excited “why?” Jimin asks as he finished his milk “well Siyeong is getting too big for her clothing, Jiheon covers his in stains, and all you guys were is sports wear” Jiyong lists. “We don’t need to be in fashion we need to be comfortable” Sangmin comments as he picked up the plates from the table. “You know I was a fashion icon in my day” “and you drove fast cars, smoked, dated, dyed your hair a lot” Jimin and Sangmin took turns listing off. “you guys are mean to your father” Jiyong comments as he started to feel embarrassed.  

“Did mom make you boring?” Sangmin teases “mommy is the best” Jiheon says as Jiyong helps him out of his seat “well I’m going to introduce you to skinny jeans and dress shoes” Jiyong comments not really caring anymore if they were teasing him. He wanted to get them to dress up at least once in their lives as a family for pictures and what not so he could share his perfect kids to the world more. 


“Hey” Jiyong says as you walked into the apartment. It was roughly twelve at night and the filming had stopped for the week. He pulled you in for a kiss as you smiled “I like being greeted like this” you tell him as he kisses you again “you know the twins are kind of rude” he comments as he pulls away. “What?” you asked him as he took your bag “they were picking on me because I used to be like rebellious” he says. “And now you’re a suburban house dad” you joke as he makes a sound “that’s where they get it from” he tells you as you push him lightly walking into the apartment more. “You know I changed a lot for you, I gave a pretty nice lifestyle” he told you “being a dad is better than being some 40-something year old bachelor?” you ask “much better” he promises. “I made perfect humans, with my gorgeous wife. I live in a large apartment in Seoul. Drive a minivan. I still live pretty good” he continued “well we should ship the kids off to one of the other Supermen so we can have a date night” you say resting your hands on his chest as his went around your waist. “

Yeah? What would we do?” he asks as a flirty smile comes across his face. “We’d get good food, that we don’t have to share with tiny hands” you start “then we can watch a movie that doesn’t have talking animals or men in skin tight suits” you continue as he rocks the two of you. “Then we can sleep in without having to worry about being kicked by Jiheon and woken up by Siyeong needing to be changed or held” you continue as he groans “that sounds great” he says “then we can even have sex” you say in a different tone as he starts laughing. “Should we spoil ourselves that much?” he asks as you nod “one night every once in a while sounds nice” you say as he nods. “Then I can call up one of the dad’s then and the show” he states “good now I want to sleep with my hard kicking son” you say as he chuckles letting go of you letting you and him head off to your room.

PSA For Those Wanting to Give Authors Fanfics At Book Signings:::

Do not do it.

It’s tempting to give your favorite author a fanfic you’re particularly proud of as a gesture of thanks to them for creating characters or whatnot. I know around book signing times you see a lot of posts about people editing this fic or that so they can print it and bring it with them.

Do not do it.

Don’t waste your time or money printing, because I guarantee you that fic is going into a garbage can, if the author pretends to accept it at all.

Writers (this goes for TV, movies, and books) have it in their contracts that they cannot accept any writing from other people. It’s a first-level security measure all publishers employ.

Say I handed Maas a copy of my fic “Nessian: The Mating”, in which Cassian reveals to Nesta he’s been building an entire vacation compound for the Inner Circle. If in ACOTAR it then becomes canon that Cassian built a vacation complex for the IC, I would be jumping around yelling “SHE STOLE THAT, SHE STOLE THAT!” If it’s true or not (maybe she already had that planned), the publisher now has a major PR problem and it damages the author’s rep if people scream “plagiarism”.

So, to curb that, authors cannot accept any written works (generally), but especially not fanfics (universally). Now, the author may say ‘thank you’ and take it, but that fic is going into a special pile that goes straight into a dumpster at the end of the event. They don’t take it with them, they have it in their hands for as short a time as possible. That format is so no one feels embarrassed if the author straight up refuses it (which some have to do by contract). Them pretending to take it is only for you- handlers and assistant at the event will back up that they threw it away and the author was never alone with it.

Art or crafts or whatnot are totally fine, but literally no one will read what you hand the author, unless someone dumpster dives looking for something to read (not a common reason for dumpster diving).

Now, just adding this here because it comes up a lot:: If, at the end of the night, you see an author get up and leave without anything the fans gave them (or just see it all sitting in a box on the floor as they clean up the venue at night), don’t freak out. Typically they have an arrangement with the organizers so that stuff is packed up and mailed to them, instead of them having to try and find space in their suitcases for it and lug it all around.

This post is very blunt, but I’m trying to save some people anxiety and printer ink. As much as it means to them that you took the time to bring the fanfic to them and write it in general, and as much as they may want to read what you wrote, legally they cannot. One fanfic isn’t worth them risking their publishing deal or having to pay multi-thousand dollar penalties.

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Amazing blog! So, how about a Reaper and Genji approaching their crush and confessing but they got turn down. Later their learn it's because their crush is asexual and afraid to let them down baceuse of it. Thank you!


  • It took a lot of convincing to get him to confess to you
  • He’s fallen for you some time ago. He couldn’t help himself
  • You were so kind and caring…
  • And something about you caused butterflies in his stomach
  • Of course, there was the worry of rejection
  • It was expected in his mind, considering he was a cyborg
  • Hanzo convinces him that its worth it to try
  • Despite his brothers attitude and mistakes, Hanzo wants a happy life for Genji
  • So he finally gets the courage to ask you
  • Genji is so hopeful…and then…You look away and after a moment you politely decline
  • For a moment there’s no movement or talking. It’s like Genji‘s heart just shattered.
  • It was strange, expecting this and yet still feeling terrible for the rejection
  • After a moment he bows and walks off
  • You…feel terrible
  • Genji was wonderful, and you’d been harboring a crush for him for awhile now
  • But you were asexual, and you were afraid if he knew then he would be the one to reject you
  • Most people wanted sex, right? But you didn’t
  • Still though, seeing him so heart broken was ruining you. He could barely talk to you now because looking at you reminded him of what a disgrace he was
  • Finally, you managed to corner him in the hall and you confessed 
  • When you told him why you had rejected him, Genji had stared blankly.
  • “It…It isn’t because of me?“ he had asked in a small voice
  • “No! I just…I thought you wouldn’t want me if we couldn‘t have sex…“ you said, looking down.
  • After a moment Genji had pulled you into his arms. “I don‘t want you for sex, y/n. I want you because you make me happy and I want to make you happy too.”
  • His support meant everything to you


  • Didn’t really know what to do
  • Unaccustomed to these kinds of feelings now, Reaper doesn’t know what to make of them
  • Eventually he has to come to terms with the truth
  • He cares for you
  • Caring is a weakness he can’t really afford in his line of work
  • There’s too much at stake now to be distracted… yet…
  • He can’t stop himself
  • Something about you draws him in, makes him want to hold you and protect you from the world
  • A strange reaction from a dark creature such as himself
  • Sombra convinces him the best thing to do is to tell you the truth
  • Of course, she figures it’ll bomb
  • But Reaper decides she’s right. If he can’t stop thinking of you, he’ll satisfy himself by obtaining your love for himself
  • When he first confesses, it comes off a bit aggressive. A bit rough, to say the least
  • You’re shocked. This was your long time crush, though sometimes you couldn’t understand why
  • But unfortunately…you ended up declining
  • You weren’t ready. You didn’t want to let him down just because you were asexual
  • Reaper…did not take the rejection well
  • He got away before blowing up
  • His living quarters is now full of holes
  • It started out as anger, and eventually simmered down to irritation. Finally, it just became a mixture of annoyance at himself and a little bit of butthurt
  • The more he thought of it though, your rejection made sense
  • Reaper was a monster. Who would want someone like that?
  • The thought though of missing something like this started to weigh on you
  • As did lying about your reasons for refusing him
  • A week later, after a long time of brooding, you managed to find Reaper
  • Sitting with him, after a moment you took his claw, surprising him
  • You confessed your secret, expecting backlash
  • Instead Reaper stared at you hard
  • “That’s why you refused me?” he growls. “Who cares about sex? I just want to be able to hold your hand-” Reaper stopped himself
  • Staring at him, a smile started to spread across your face and immediately he turned away
  • Trying to drop your hand, he muttered, “I take it all back-” 
  • “Too late!” you said happily, clutching his hand and giggling as he eventually gave up on freeing himself
  • Reaper…was a good man, you decided

Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Emilia Clarke, Richard Madden, Rose Leslie, John Bradley & Michelle Fairley by Michael Muller at San Diego Comic Con for Entertainment Weekly

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I requested something like so long ago, and you still haven't done it. I'm sorry but don't say you're gonna write things if you're not. It's annoying. I like your writing but your personality is shit? You're obnoxious all the time and frankly I'm sick of it

This is long so I put it under the cut, because I’m extra.

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 ⊱🎀⊰ —follow forever!

soo i’ve never done one of these before. but seeing as 2018 is already off to an amazing start, and after being on here for over 4 ish years and meeting so many lovely people… i felt like it was time for me to finally do one of these.

even if you aren’t mentioned in this, i promise it’s not because i don’t appreciate you! i love every single one of y’all, but there are certain people out there that i feel need to be recognized. (also this is probably going to get a bit cheesy haha)

⊱my main⊰

this person has their own section, because it’s for one very special friend in my life who has stuck by me for so long and helped me out when i needed it most. ben. ben, you are such an amazing person. like i’ve gone on about how much i appreciate you but i can do it again. thank you for being there or me, for hearing me out when i have a crazy idea and letting me spam your messages at 3 in the morning without a care. you’re talented and awesome and great. like i don’t think savie would be here without you, and i mean that. so here’s to you ben, thanks for sticking by me. <3

@nannileee (and @red-gay-blue-gay )

⊱the mvps⊰

so there are a lot of people that i’ve known for a couple years, but these guys? they are the ones who have known me from the very very beginning. by that, i mean they knew me when i was a weird 12 year old with a little mouse oc sending anonymous messages to these blogs trying to roleplay with them through asks. because, yes, that was something i did. and these are the people who were there to experience those moments. when i say that savie would never ever be here if it weren’t for you guys, i mean that. y’all helped me grow as a person and develop this character in ways that could not have been done otherwise. y’all supported me even when i was 12 with a severely under developed oc. i’m so grateful for all of you. i don’t talk to most of you guys as much as i used to, but we’re all still on good terms and i consider y’all friends. i’m so happy that after so many years we still managed to be on tumblr. so here’s to you guys. thanks for sticking around, for helping me, for…. well, everything :)

@livingoncaffeineanddreams @obnoxiousowlwitch @sewn-cutie 

⊱“i’ll never ever forget about you…”⊰

when i say that i’ve met a lot of amazing friends on here and i love talking to each of them, you guys are the ones i am talking about. whether it be because our muses have a fantastic bond or one day we randomly decided to chat ooc, we ended up becoming friends (at least to me). whenever i see y’all pop up in my activity or replying with something ic it immediately lightens my mood. you guys are so great and amazing and!! i love y’all!! here’s to you guys, i hope this year treats you well! (this is in no particular order!)

@hoopsheartthrob @skeletonwithabowtie @the-littlest-inkblot @rnayhern @krupnick @jose-carioca @smalladventurer @bluesmuses @wabbitseezon @tinkiisms @youngestwarnersib @wcrldlyadventures @thewindywielder @blowthehousedown @saintly-bunny @kittywhskers @streetxcat @thebandicootbombshell @pinkiexxsmiles @golden-sun-warrior @murroyilodel @headinjurydog @tea-and-hexes @meanxandxgreen @theglitterytwin @weebiter @undertheroses @youthfeared @paiintwithmyheart @thebreakfastcrew @finderofdeath @iinkpaint @orangescentedwishes @famebounded @vinterdronniing @duckula-and-goosewing @judyflopps @tcthinecwnself @cali-spaniel @houseflyy @inkblxtrefxrmed @little-goof @rcse-garden @wccdpecker @itsplanty

⊱i’ll remember you…”⊰

this is for some of my newer friends, people that i admire from afar, or those that i haven’t talked to in a while. some of you guys i’m actually too intimidated to interact with haha. thank y’all so so much for sticking around and following me, and i can not wait to see what happens with our muses in the future.  

@negativenox @everafrost @wiseguypuppychild @seaprofound @tmxmory @roxanneiisms @meanxandxgreen @theglitterytwin @nebulabeings @egotisticalhero @homicidaltendancies @writtenbybex @xxlittlevampirexx @masterprotector @vulpespxp @valieente


so i’ve made it a rule to never follow back personals, but whether it be because we’re friends, i love their art, or something along those lines, i’ve made an exception for these wonderful people. they all deserve so much love and the idea that they follow me just because they love my character and writing and everything makes it so special. so here’s to you guys. thanks for sticking around! 

@dalia1784 @mogwai1988 (also thank you for the art work i used in this!!) @nekomimichi @scrapbaby @miss-cerasus @umbronydraws (i know you irl and you’re amazing ok <3)

A romance isn’t big gestures and grand moments.  

Oh, they can have their place.  Most people in love appreciate a thoughtful gesture, and impressive ones was raise a flutter of the heart.  But that doesn’t make anything healthy, not by itself.

No, romantic love is like any other love - knitted together in time shared.  In the conversations and the silences, the whispered dreams and admissions of fear, bonds bloom.

For Kanan Jarrus, love seemed instant.  Hera was a stunning voice, and a presence like the sun - impossibly radiant, painful to look at for too long.  Her ship, too, was much the same - endless new discoveries, in a elegant package.  

But over even that first year, things changed.  Oh, he still fell for her every day, that never changed.  Those moments of magnetism did, though.  Though he never noticed when this change happened, he was instead swept of his feet once more when a round of teasing eased away pre-mission tensions, the inquiring quirk of a brow or lek she made when a contact had found something regimenting, or the near-silent noise of contentment she made when she particularly enjoyed his cooking.  She was still like the sun, but now he could help her (almost) as much as she could help him.

For Hera Syndulla, love snuck up on her slowly and silently.  Oh, she realised quickly enough that Kanan was becoming a good friend - somewhere between him insisting on cooking proper meals, cleaning the filters his hair was clogging up without any prompting, and brewing absolutely divine caff.

But somewhere in those first few years, around the time “I could live without you” because less of a teasing statement and more an attempt to reassure herself, she realised it wasn’t exactly a friendship.  Friends could be inseparable, for certain, but increasingly she found her shipmate rather attractive.  The way his hair moved differently when wet, the way human musculature differed from twi’lek, and much more besides, made something in her tingle.  It took her quite some time to really know for certain it was love, but she wouldn’t have missed a minute of that time spent with Kanan.

Love takes time and love takes work, but both agreed it was more than worth it.

Hiatus & Goodbye

Friends - After a lot of thought and many long, hard days, I have decided it’s time for me to leave Tumblr.

I have reached a low point in my personal life and it’s finally time that I pull up my big girl pants to work on it. Tumblr has, quite simply, contributed to a lot of the extra stress I’ve experienced the past several months, but it took going away on vacation to really make me register the exact extent of that negative influence and its worth (or lack thereof) on my mental health. Thus, I’ve decided to cut it out of my life alongside some other changes so that I can hopefully get better and work towards a healthier, happier me.

I love all of you so, so much. The year of ACOMAF was invaluable to my heart and I will always be able to say that because of you all, that year brought me the most amazing friendships and love I will never regret being here for. The Inner Circle’s story would never have meant half as much to me had it not been for you all and the magic you brought to life inside it.

If you need me or just want to check-in, feel free to reach out on my AO3. Just drop a comment somewhere and I’ll find ya. My Tumblr will remain here so that any fics people might have saved are still accessible and currently, my master list on the sidebar is updated. But as of today, all asks and notifications are being turned off and I’m logging out with no plans to return in the near future.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and love the past several months. I will always be eternally grateful for it. I wish all of you much love, health, and happiness.

Don’t let the hard days win.

xx Sierra

[P.S. @ Countdown Anon: I love you. Stay safe. <3]

Caught in the Web (part 1)

Summary: AU; You accidentally took a photo of Spider-Man without his mask covering his face and now, you have to deal with consequences.

Word count: 943

A/N: My first attempt at writing a reader fanfic and first time posting to tumblr. Have patience with me :)

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Hello ladies! It's my first time asking for something on tumblr. Could you recommend me some royalty au? I really really want namjin as a main pairing. Have a nice day xoxo

Hello! ahhh, so you were an ask virgin and this blog took your virginity? Ah, its an honor, really!

no season can last forever by emymyg [rated T, 2.8k]

꽃꽂이. Kkotkkoji. by bazooka [rated M, 27k]

One More Night by EquinoxSolstice [rated E, 8k]

mirror, mirror by ofmindelans [rated G, 2.4k]

Safe and Sound by bazooka [rated M, 9k]

I hope losing your ask-virginity was worth it for this! Pls tell me if it was :))) <3<3<3

-Admin Nana



Spent a few days on this but I think the results doesn’t look too bad. It’s pretty basic in terms of functionality but atleast it looks acceptable (is it?). It’s based off the Su-27 cockpit but I took some liberties in modifying it because of reasons and make it look a bit different and unique. 

I’m going to try to keep the cockpit at this quality, depending on time constraints I might have to scale it down if its necessary but I hope it doesn’t come to that. Cockpits are hard to make, but when it’s at a somewhat acceptable state, it’s worth it.

Overall it was a good learning experience again tinkering with HR cockpits. I’ve learnt a lot of new techniques 

I’m going to shift my focus to the gameplay side of things again. Hopefully I”ll be able to post more often and show you more interesting things. 

I am aware that the sound design in the game is quite lacking. Sound design in the cockpit will be overhauled eventually, but you’re unlikely to see it for a while.

Expect another demo soon.

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Hiveswap is calculated in a way that Homestuck wasn’t.  This is a natural consequence of the way the game was produced.  You can’t expect the debut game from a new studio - a game that was written and produced by the employees of said studio in response to a specific assignment and with the longevity of its founding franchise in mind - not to feel like the product of a committee.  And there’s nothing wrong with that - a studio in that position should be taking its target audience into account, and I think they’ve done a good job.  Nothing they’ve come up with feels like pandering, either to the pre-existing audience or to the new one the game is trying to reach. They’ve taken the basic themes that make Homestuck itself (kids, peril, error, systems jokes, complicated worldbuilding, dysfunctional families, online friendship) and cleaned them all up a bit, made them presentable and digestible.  A lot of this cleanup is practical, a consequence of their distribution and marketing setup - I understand why there’s no blood or swearing - but the streamlining goes deeper than that.

The characters we’ve met so far are Homestuck archetypes who have already been partially solved for our convenience.  Joey is a John/Jane figure except most of her personal work has already been done - she understands and explains to the audience that her father’s a deadbeat and her babysitter’s a drunk.  Maybe there’ll be a payoff for her unreachably perfect mom down the line, but when it comes, I’m sure the game will make sure we notice.  Jude has some of the social difficulties of a Jake or an Equius but the downside is mostly missing.  Xefros feels like.. gosh, Xefros feels like a decision, doesn’t he?  Take Tavros and strip away everything creepy and this is what you get.  All the upside from a marketing perspective with none of the bother.  These characters feel like refinements of the originals in the sense that the storytelling around them is clearer, but also in the sense that all their rough edges have been sanded off.

So on the one hand I’m missing the complexity and on the other I’m missing the mess.  I liked Homestuck because it was an indie project which overperformed, a scrappy, personal thing which made points that you didn’t expect and took narrative left turns even at the cost of its own coherence.  I was excited when it did its flash stuff and its video game stuff and hit new baselines of legitimacy partially because you could tell there were no professionals involved, which meant that even as the comic got more ambitious and surefooted things could (and did) go outside the lines at any time.   Which, don’t get me wrong, led to some awful storytelling, and eventually to total structural prolapse.  But it kept me complaining - it kept my interest - and at least up to this point there isn’t anything in Hiveswap that’s even worth getting upset about.

Hiveswap feels like it’s genuinely a thing for kids, that the point of it is to be for kids, which is fine, but isn’t actually what I’m interested in as a reader, y’know?  So I’m not gonna spend a lot of time talking about it unless it evolves into something weirder.