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On the back of Hoseok’s ‘YNWA’ photocard, he wrote “아미바라기” with a little drawing of a sunflower. It says, “ARMY’S HOPE”. Our beautiful ray of sunshine. ♥

Please do no reupload my photos anywhere else. Thank you.

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Hi it's me again! I was wondering if you had any updated info on pricing and when you think you'll open your preorders on the seven dakimakura, as there is also someone else I know who's interested in it. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

Hello there, I’m sorry it took so long to prepare it, but I wanna make sure to give you guys the best quality I could ; w ;

I still don’t have the price yet since I’m not sure what kind of Dakimakura you guys want

Would you rather a 1 drawing one ( 1 drawing on both side) or a 2 sides with different drawing?  The 2nd drawing would be a more revealing verson but it may take longer time for me to finish it

^ the 1st drawing

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Part of the reason I really want lance to be black paladin (other than the fact that i love him and he deserves the world) is that i really feel like, if it took the original series route, lance wouldn't cope with piloting red. Because red and keith have such a strong bond so lance's insecurities would come up so much stronger, and red is pretty much everything lance isn't. Cause he's cautious and plans carefully whilst red is tempermental and reckless, and if he were to pilot it he would probab

-ly have to change himself so much or just struggle to make do whilst letting no-one know and that would not be good for him. I really hope he does become black paladin.



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Hi there! I was wondering if you had any interaction prompts/ideas for two sisters who share an apartment or dorm room? They are half-sisters if that makes any difference. Thank you so much!! :)

*laughs painfully for eternity as thunder crashes* 

Let me just, go get my sister, from her room, next to mine. Wish me luck.


Her advice after telling me to “get out” was “Sisters stay up late watching Daredevil and one of them is inappropriately invested in the show.” She then swung her earbuds in the air like nunchucks, and I took the hint and left quickly while trying not to trip over the minefield that is her dirty room.


  • One sister is cleanlier than the other. She gets called “OCD” and the other gets called a “slob.” The clean sister photographs each mess to use as leverage later.
  • One sister is girlier than the other, as evidenced by her attraction to pastels, candy-themed makeup, and babies. The other thinks makeup is a waste of time and only wears it if her sister holds her down and forces it on her.
  • One sister is brutally honest with others, but overly sensitive to criticism and the occasional misunderstood compliment (I read this to my sister and she began slapping my face and told me to shut my mouth). 
  • One sister is vegetarian, the other loves hamburgers and a side of ribs. They can’t eat the same meal, but the vegetarian sees no problem with removing the parts she doesn’t want to eat from food the other one made. Sometimes this is convenient, sometimes it’s annoying.
  • One is active and outgoing, always wanting to go somewhere and see somebody. The other is a homebody who finds leaving the house tedious and exhausting.
  • One sister is allergic to the other sister’s pet. The pet doesn’t want to be there anyway and gets let outside often.
  • One sister enjoys watching the same three episodes of a TV show ad nauseum. The other finds this in many ways to be hellish torture.
  • Neither sister is very good at forgiving, but one is more forgetful of things done to or by her. The other holds onto grudges, real or made up, forever. Her sister accidentally embarassed her when she was five? Remind her of it every year until it becomes a family joke.
  • Both sisters love each other and get along great when it’s a full moon and there’s plenty of junk food. Also, certain shows about hot vigilantes count as a bonding activity even if both sisters have different reasons for enjoying the show.
  • Each sister has her own “type” she is attracted to, but every now and then one sister nudges the other and together they oggle a particularly pleasant bit of eye candy with great hair. The rest of the time they make fun of each other’s choices in men.
  • They also disagree on books, art, music, and clothing. However, you can still ask your sister if your top matches your skirt. She’ll be honest with you, but you don’t have to listen to her if you don’t want to. She also might borrow or just take an article of clothing from you. If you both bought the same shirt, you are not allowed to wear it at the same time because it’s “embarrassing” and anyway she “saw it first.” Hand-me-downs are great unless your sister has bad taste and until your bodies change and you realize you’re the short chubby one. She can’t fill out your tops though, so plus side found.
  • They both annoy each other for different reasons, but one of them is definitely the Annoying One. The other thinks she’s the Funny One, but she’s actually just rude and sarcastic which is not the same thing even though it makes people laugh.
  • There is a certain time of the month where revenge, pyromania, and murder are nigh. The house should be put under immediate quarantine and everyone should stay away. 
  • Both sisters know exactly how to hurt the other and will, at various emotional moments, whip it out just to win an argument or be cruel. It might be a secret one of them told the other a long time ago, or an insecurity they didn’t know their sister was aware of. Sisters know almost as much as moms and make the worst enemies. They’ll still slip you a tampon in public if you ask though. They’re not monsters.

This list could literally go on for years. And it has. The phrase “What, have you been making a list?” will suddenly be justified in an upcoming argument, so I should stop now.

I wish you the best, and if you have any specific questions we will gladly answer! At least I will. She’ll probably be watching TV and painting her nails.


I love it when I find cosplayers from more obscure and less popular anime series because it makes me so happy to find other who love them as much as I do! Wanted to put together a little photoset of hallway cosplay photos I took of some cosplayers from series that might not be as popular as others, but are very close to my heart! If you know the cosplayers, feel free to tag them! Hanon from Mermaid Melody is emlyn.saga.cosplay on Instagram! I’ll be periodically putting some of my favourite hallway shots I took of cosplayers up on my Flickr!

BTS Boyfriend: Coffee Dates

*A/N: I would like to dedicate this to instant cappuchino mix. You have made my life brighter. I love you.*

Seokjin: You two don’t actually have to leave the house. There’s a fancy coffee maker Seokjin’s mother gifted you with as a housewarming present, and when you feel up for it - not having to head into work until later in the day - you pull out a package of fresh coffee grounds, saved specifically for special occasions. Seokjin enters the kitchen not much later, the smell of brewing coffee perforating the air so strongly it’s almost sweet. He watches you focus intently on the way you pour the milk, determined to make it drip so prettily into the ceramic mugs. Your proud smile would cause one to grace his lips without his knowing, pressing a kiss to your forehead as he took the offering cup from your hand.

Yoongi: Min Yoongi, big on not making promises he can’t keep, would only utter the words in his head: “We should go out sometime, get some coffee”. But he knows he’s busy, so the words never leave his lips, though sometimes he’d catch you in the morning when you were heading off to live life for today, you muttering about how you hope you’ll have time to get some coffee on your way to work after giving his cheek a quick peck. You were also busy, and it’s something you were both comfortable with; it just made you cherish free times even more.

So he wouldn’t be the one to initiate it, but that is also just okay. He’d be startled out of his deep concentration by a knock at his studio door, the familiar sound of your voice calling out his name. “Can I come in?” When he turned in his seat, you would be sliding into the room, two venti cups balanced in a cup holder, with smile on your face. “You work too hard,” is the only explanation you would give, handing him the cup designated for him specifically. He’d be left only slightly speechless, too many responses running through his mind: “I’ve been meaning to do this with you”, and “Speak for yourself”. He settles on a low “Thank you,” eyeing you over the rim of his cup as took a cautious sip.

“I want to do this more often,” he would finally confess, hiding his smile as he looked down at the coffee. (oh no my bias is showing again)

Hoseok: Coffee dates have become a ritual between the two of you without either of you knowing. It’s always the same cafe on the way to your apartment, always the same grande almond mocha - no whip cream, almost always the same booth. You don’t realize until you take another candid photo, Hoseok on the other side of you as he puts his phone away. He looks good - he always does. But when you go back to your gallery, you notice a picture from last week, and the week before that…and the Wednesday before that.

“Hobi,” you would say. “We come here often, don’t we?”

He only meets your gaze with a blink, not phased by this information. Had he noticed? “I don’t think you said that pickup line, correctly.” A smirk bubbles up before you can catch it. He smiles, waving off your words. “No, try it again. I’ll play along.”

Namjoon: Coffee dates with Namjoon are planned, but not in the same way they are with Hoseok. It’s Saturday, and you wake up to your phone ringing. It’s Namjoon, explaining how he had to run some errands this morning. All he says is to meet him at that cafe, the one you guys stumbled upon one day out on the town and kept note to check out some other time. Well, it turns out that time had come. When you get there, Namjoon has already studied the menu, knows exactly what he wants. He says he’ll order for you and, with some reluctance, you allow him to do so as you take a seat at a bench near the windows. He comes back with two cups, setting one in front of you. When you start to ask questions of “did you ask for this” and “did you make sure that”, he simply nudges the cup towards you with a tight smile. Sometimes he’s patient, ready to let you go off on a whirlwind. Though the smile loosens up to something more genuine, he was not having your stubbornness today.

(You end up loving what he gets you, and that’s always fun to see for him).

Jimin: Jimin had found this cafe, peering through its window, and instantly had the idea to take you there. It seemed to fit your aesthetic, and he was quick to whip out his phone, taking a picture of the front to send your way. The picture would only be accompanied by one word: Saturday? And, of course, you would accept. He would be looking forward to it for the rest of the week, telling the rest of the boys how he was taking you to a new cafe to try out, how he hoped you liked it - it seemed your style. He’d relay the same thoughts to you as he led you there on Saturday, nervous wide smile that tugged at your heartstrings. Could Jimin get anymore adorable? It wasn’t until you met the smile accompanied by your genuine interest of the inside of the coffee shop that you knew the answer. Yes, yes he could get more adorable. The next question: how had you gotten so lucky?

Taehyung: Contrasting Jimin, coffee dates with Taehyung are never planned. Honestly, you guys were out buying groceries, Taehyung accompanying you because he could also finagle his way into getting you to buy him various treats he wanted. You’re driving back home when he spies a coffee shop in the distance, following up with asking if you guys can go there to get some coffee. What You expect is for him to just run in there, order something so you guys can get back home. You are sorely mistaken. It’s not until he’s interlaced your fingers with his, strolling leisurely up to the counter (ordering for the both of you because he knows what you prefer), that you realize he wants to stay there.

“Tae,” you try to protest as he you guys wait for your orders to get called. He’s quick to turn on you with the grin he knows makes your heart melt. All too suddenly you shrug off whatever concerns you had before, following him with his antics. Coffee dates are nice, of course. But when you sit down at a table, his fingers still locked with yours, you remember your earlier worries. “Tae, we don’t have time.”

Taehyung pokes his bottom lip out, and you have to be quick in explaining yourself. “If you want to get the popsicles in the free-”

“Oh!” he gasps then, eyes going wide as the realization hits him as well. “My popsicles!” He stands up quickly, dragging you along as you grab your coffee.

“Our popsicles,” you mumble, taking a quick sip of your coffee.

Jungkook: Much like Taehyung, this kind of thing is never planned with Jungkook. You both were simply enjoying your free time together, strolling around plazas and shopping areas when you both agree that you could drink something overly sweet, preferably hot. So you go to the first cafe you find. He complains when you order hot chocolate instead of coffee, grumpily paying for both your drinks as he tries to explain the concept of a “coffee date” to you. You gasp dramatically at that.

“We’re on a date?” You laugh when he looks unamused by your taunts. He mutters something about you going to find you somewhere to sit while he waits, and you oblige happily. When he comes with your drinks, you watch as his nose turns up (cutely, you think in your head) at the bitter taste of his coffee.

“Should’ve gotten hot chocolate like me,” you sing, blowing at your drink before taking a sip. It’s nice, warm, chocolatey, sweet. “Hot chocolate dates are cool, too.” You’d ignore his counter about how “‘hot chocolate dates’ doesn’t sound right” as you enjoyed your beverage.


BTS Boyfriend Series: When You’re Sick


Anon Requested:  8 10 and 25 for chanyeol if possible! Thanks<3

This one took forever but I think I will be making this into a series ♥ I really liked this one so much :)

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader

Warnings: No warnings

Word Count: 764

“It’s complicated.”

“You can’t just run away from this!”

“I think you like me.”

Your door was thrown open and slammed in a matter of seconds, you heard the sound of your door being locked and you raise your head to meet the eyes of Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol was your brothers best friend but you two were good friends as well, being in your brother’s life since EXO started you two grew pretty close in a short amount of time. “Hey Chan-”

“I think you like me.” He interrupts you causing you to suck in a breath. Your eyes widened momentarily before normalizing in size again. You breathed out and just let out a quick little laugh trying to deny his allegation. “What? Where would you get that from?”


Just deny it.

He won’t be able to see through your lies.

“I think you like me.” He says again, his eyes boring into you with such intensity you shift in your spot on your bed. “I don’t like you Chanyeol, where are you getting that from?”

Good. Just deny it.

“Honestly,” You speak up again. “Is this supposed to be some kind of joke? Did Baekhyun put you up to this? And why do you look so mad?” Your head tilts to the side seeing his chest heave up and down while he listened to your words. He did look mad. He looked angry yet you couldn’t understand why he was so upset. He couldn’t have known you were denying everything, he couldn’t know that you actually did like him, if ‘like’ was even the proper term. No. Cross off the last thing, you don’t like him. You can’t like him. That’s right, there’s no feelings what so ever for Chanyeol.

You shake your head at your thoughts looking back at the angry boy in front of you. His customary warmth that he always had was gone, he was cold and stiff and you couldn’t understand why him thinking that you liked him caused this. “I don’t like you Chanyeol, you can go-”

“You can’t just run away from this!” He yells at you quickly cutting you off. You jump slightly at the low roar from him but compose yourself swiftly. You huff out a hard breath and now your eyes are the ones that look angry, though you weren’t angry. Your eyes narrowed at him. “I’m not running from anything!”

“You’re lying!”

“I’m not lying Chanyeol! Things are…You see it’s-”

“It’s complicated yeah yeah your brother told me you’d say that.” Chanyeol waved off your words as if they didn’t matter to him.

“It is compli- wait…what?” A laugh escapes Chanyeol at your confusion. “Your brother seems to think you like me too, he’s the one who told me to confront you about it because you won’t act on your feelings.” You instantly shake your head at his words, you were only shaking your head because honestly, you were a loss for words. Your brother? Sehun? It completely baffled you that Sehun would even say this let alone tell Chanyeol to confront you about this.

“I don’t-”

“You like me, just admit it.” Chanyeol smirks making his way to you. Despite all your nerves racking up in your body you manage to stay still on your bed. Eyes staying on him the whole way he walked towards you, you’re able to shake your head. “No.”

“You’re in denial.” Before you know it Chanyeol was in front of you, he was dangerously close, he had a smirk plastered on his face though you couldn’t see it from the closeness between you two.

You can’t deny from the close proximity you two were in that your heart wasn’t racing, it was, but it’s just because of how close he was, it was just because of the way his breath fanned your face and it was just because you could feel his fingers ghosting over the fabric covering your lower back. It wasn’t because you liked him, you don’t like him. Yup, as long as you keep repeating it, it has to be true right?

Still, you have to deny it. You shake your head at him slightly. “No I’m-”

And just like that your words were halted by his lips. Your eyes close in instinct feeling the way his lips moved against his, his hand pressed down against your back pulling you in closer. Your hands ran up to your chest and you pulled back while pushing his chest. Your eyes fluttered open and he was still close to you, the same smirk plastered on his face. “Not.” You breathe out. “I don’t like you.”

“We’ll see about that.”

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It's a universally acknowledged truth that you have awesome hair. Do you dye it yourself? What colors do you like to use?

Aw thank you lovely!! I SO miss my mermaid hair :D I hope to dye it again soon once it gets warmer and I can get some color on this skin. Honestly I always went to my friend at her salon. lol I have SO much hair and didn’t trust myself to do it and it look good <3 Hannah is AMAZING at mermaid hair and I did A LOT of research on how to take care of it and make it last a lot longer

First time I went a crazy color about a year and a half ago: BRIGHT ass pink lol

Then after that Hannah wanted to do a blend in with MLP colors and I was like “yeah let’s do it I trust you”

THEN she took me more purple :D

There’s this AMAZING cheat I found on youtube how to maintain pastel hair. You take a dye (I usually used Manic Panic colors bc they were vibrant and had the colors i wanted) then mix them into your conditioner. Put it in your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash it out and it restores your color without having to go back to the salon ;)

Now my hair looks like this: top color is my natural hair color

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Snow White is one of my favorite princesses (I'm not even that much a fan of the Disney film, but Once Upon a Time mad me fall in love with the character) and I just wanna say that your Snow White is absolutely beautiful. I love it.

(( OOC: Thank you so much! I took inspiration from lots of different portrayals of Snow White over the years and tried my best to make the character my own, but also recognisable. It was pretty different to anything I’ve done before but I really enjoyed it! ))

Kellin Quinn and the Son of Voldemort- Chapter 38

Previous chapters

“E-Emanc-cipere,” I whispered softly enough so Mike couldn’t hear me.

Nothing happened. It didn’t help that I was sobbing. My head hurt and nothing was making sense to me right now. I was afraid for my friends and everyone else back at Hogwarts. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was too desperate to do the spell correctly.

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Okay so my best guy friend is going through some shit so me and my friends went out and bought him chocolate. So i called him to tell him to come outside and he came and he was so happy but then he took out his wallet to give me five bucks for it i was like fuck no. Then we left and ten minutes later he came over and texted me to come outside and he tried giving me money again but i was like no and then he started to tell me how happy he was to have people like me in his life that care about him so much and it was just so cute and heart warming and he’s so cute aw and he’s like low key really fucking hot so it makes everything better

I had to run up to my work to get something and i took Mathilda with me because my coworkers like seeing her, and I’d like… Just once… To be able to take my dearly loved cherished animal companion who means the world to me into a supposedly pet friendly environment and not have grown ass adults visibly overreact to her and vocally say how disgusting she is and make shocked disgusted faces at her and me until I leave their line of sight.

I don’t care if you don’t like snakes. You can not like snakes and also not make a scene. I don’t like small dogs, I don’t visibly cringe and vocally berate people who bring their small dogs near me. I also don’t like children, and I don’t do that when children are near me either because it’s RUDE AND UNNECESSARY. Don’t be fucking mean about people’s pets. Those are animals that that person loves and you making a fool of yourself isn’t worth it.


I’m sorry I took a while to reply but thank you guys so so so so much ♡ It really means a lot when someone tells me my writing is good. It gets me motivated! Honestly, I don’t think I deserve to have amazing followers like you guys. You’re all so kind and caring it just makes me feel so warm inside. Thank you so much. ;w; I feel much better now

I was tagged!

By @mayorintheshadows sorry I took so long to do this! I found it surprising hard to answer such simple questions! Thanks so much for thinking of me!!!

Rules: copy this into a new text post, replace my answers with yours and tag 10 people

A - age You’re only as old as you feel! So I’m three! Hahaha

B - biggest fear   Open bodies of water! If I can’t see the bottom I panic!!!

C - current time 11:41pm

D - drink you last had Cold cold Water!!!

E - every day starts with The Mum alarm! Hahaha

F - favorite song Ahhhhhhh! Why always making me choose music on these things! How can you choose! It’s all so wonderful!!!

G - ghosts, are they real? I think they are! 

H - hometown Just saying Australia! Stalker!

I - in love with  My Cats!!! They are my babies!

J - jealous of I can’t really think of anything. I’m not really the jealous type. I know that jealousy is human nature and we all feel it, and I like anyone else can feel “so jealous right now”! but I’m not really the type of person to dwell on my jealousy over something and begrudge others and bring them down for what they have/can do. I can want/wish for something or feel sad for myself and still be happy for others

K - killed someone I can’t even bring myself to kill the ants invading my kitchen! 😂

L - last time you cried Today… some hurts go too deep

M - middle name Lenore

N - number of siblings None!

O - one wish A happy and healthy life for me and my loved ones…

P - person you last texted Denice! Guess who! 😉 

Q - questions you’re always asked  None that I can think of? I do often get asked what school I go to, which is always funny to me because I’m well out of high school! Probably all wondering why I’m skipping school! Hahaha

R - reasons to smile Good food, good company but especially my cats!!! Oh and Animal Crossing of course!

S - song last sang  Part of That World from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. It’s temporarily replaced Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake- The Sugar Plum Fairy which has been playing on a loop in my head since I was 12! Send help!!!

T - time you woke up  12pm

U - underwear color Ahh Black……… wow that’s TMI! Pervert! Why would you even want to know that!

V - vacation destination  Oh this is really hard! I’ve never even left my state let alone my country! There are so many places I would love to go and things I’d love to see!

W - worst habit Sucking on my tongue ugh! I do it when I’m nervous and anxious. Thankfully it’s nothing anyone else notices and I’m not even aware I’m doing it myself, but it does hurt after awhile!

X - x-rays you’ve ever had Too many to count or want to think about

Y - your favourite food  Pizza and Pasta! Who can decide?! So Italian it is!!! Oh but Chinese…🤔😋😅

Z - zodiac sign Sagittarius ♐️✌🏻

I tag if you haven’t already don it yet: @madelaidecrossesanimals @wildleafcity @aromapots @prolistening @edencrossingofficial @famousmushroom @capricecrossing @hobbit-crossing @lostmitten @panscrossing but only if you want to of course!!! 💖

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Last year I started with bullet journal. Since I'm perfectionist it took me much more time that it should&it led me to procrastinate tasks. I bought planner that I'm happy with. Now your blog inspires me to start journal again. Like wow! Thank you

Ah, thank you for telling me this, that’s so nice!! I hope journaling works for you now, maybe give up decorating completely for a while and just make a basic one from the start? So that it doesn’t stress you even more. Good luck love! xx

The Iron Bull and Romance

I was hoping my writing would do the talking for me.  But clearly not.  And here I am explaining a few things about how Bull works and how romance/sex works with him.

Look.  Bull is not shy about sex.  He sleeps around.  It’s canon.

But it’s also canon that consent is vital to him.  And that the random lays he has aren’t so much random, as it is giving people what they need in the moment.  It would seem, judging by the way he is in game, that sex is less for him and more to help people out.

Bull is, arguably, one of the most difficult person to romance in the game.  He is always deflecting your advances at first and you have to manually agree to be with him three times.

So with that to consider, why am I making this post?  Because some anons, mostly.  I don’t like to respond to anon hate directly, but I took this as an opportunity to explain how I write The Iron Bull.

Never assume Bull is going to instantly want to have sex with your muse.  Because Bull doesn’t have sex for himself, he has it for other people.  To give them assistance or stress relief when needed.  So unless he is already in an established relationship you will rarely ver see him persue someone for sex on his own.

Do not tease the Bull.  Do not play games with him.  He will have a hard time distinguishing what is consent and what isn’t.  Yes, he is Ben-Hassrath.  Yes, he can read people really well.

But consent is NEVER something he assumes.  You need to be straightforward and up front with him.  The playful teasing can come later.

So no, anon.  Bull is not cockblocking you.  He probably just can’t figure out if your muse wants him or not.  If this is an issue your muse NEEDS to be straigtforward with him.  Otherwise he will leave you in the dust. If you play games with him he will assume you’re not serious about wanting him.

anonymous asked:

Have you watched pewdiepie's "apology video" yet? It literally made me so much more angry with him because he tried to take the blame off of himself by blaming the media for taking it out of context. Like boi, they didn't take anything out of context. They took that shit straight from your videos. Plus he didn't even really say the words "I'm sorry" he just went straight to trying to blame someone else. Ugh I'm just so beyond over it with him I can't

ugh ik it was such a non apology &he was trying 2 make himself the victim in the situation which is so ????  like can some1 tell this whitey ass bitch that actions have consequences no matter their intent ?? &ya this whole “”taking things outta context” is so annoying like the context is he did multiple antisemitic things and he still doesnt see anything wrong with doing them which makes the act antisemitic ?????? how is that out of context??

I want to thank everyone who send me a message yesterday. I can’t tell how how much it means to me you remembered, or at least took the time to send me a message for my birthday. Each years since I’m on tumblr, I get birthday messages from you and they never fail to make my day and to bring a smile to my face, and that’s one of the main reasons why I look forward this day so much. Thank you all, you are the best friends/followers I could ask for, and I am thankful for all of you.

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GOD IT JUST MAKES ME SO EMOTIONAL but on the opposite spectrum of the pain, lena spent her whole life with the girl she loves. like she went through so much pain and feeling unloved and then she met kara and her life just started to slowly get brighter. she redeemed the luthor name, she found a family that took her in and loved her with their whole hearts (bc obv superfam will love her endlessly) and u know that she's going to live 100+ years because she is too happy to let go of her life easily

this is so soft and pure,, thank u

anonymous asked:

Hey! I really like your art, I was wondering if you have any tips for a beginner digital artist (like really beginner)

Thank you very much :)

As for tips, I dont think I have much too offer other than the same old stuff everyone else says to be honest. BUT, if there was one thing I’ve learned, it is that you must learn to have patience with yourself and not beat yourself up because you’re not making the quality of work you oh-so want to be doing. It took me a while to cope with the fact that you’re not going to be the artist you want to be (skill wise) in just a couple weeks, a month, or even a year.

That may sound depressing, but you have your whole life in front of you still and art is a lifelong journey. You just have to take it one step at a time, day by day, little by little. Just keep up with trying to draw everyday, even if its for just a couple of minutes. Because one day you’ll look up and notice a year has passed since you first started drawing and you’ll be so amazed at how much better you are.

Side note: When I think about art I’m reminded of that stupid The Tortoise and the Hare story, lol.