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Bonus points: Actor Josuke gets (almost) as protective of his wig as the character is about his hair. "Don't touch it, do you know how much time it took them to make this?!"

SHIT, KNOWING HOW MUCH EFFORT GOES INTO POMP WIGS, I’D BE PROTECTIVE TOO–god, speaking of though, probably accidentally punched actor Rohan for real when he’s doing his whole Snapping Over his Hair bit and got a little too enthusiastic about it.

Rohan runs off set holding his busted lip and Josuke’s just like OH GOD I’M SO SORRY

Episode 7! 

[If you’re curious about the previous mega-posts, feel free to read them here:

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It’s mid-November and we’re right now in the central part of the Yuri on Ice series. This is where things start to get interesting, right? To make things better, number 7 is my lucky number, so I was expecting something good from this episode.

Have I ever told you that I have an unbelievable good luck when it comes to OTPs? No matter what kind of ship it is, if it becomes my OTP, my OTP will become canon. No matter how gay. This has never failed me (I don’t have maaaaany OTPs, though, but still).

So far, it seems like Yuri on Ice won’t break my streak of OTP good luck. I told you all to trust me, right?

What did I expect from this episode, knowing this? I read about Japanese fans theorizing about a kiss and, let’s be real, I really wanted it to happen. It either had to happen in this episode or in the last episode. 

Turning to figure skating (because yes, I’m a figure skating fan and I’m watching this show for it too), I really wanted Leo to make it to the podium and qualify for the GPF. Bias? Noooo. (Yes.)

I also wanted #JusticeForPhichit. He didn’t get good quality animation last episode and he also deserves a better score, so I hoped he could improve his standing in the FS and, if he beated Yuuri, make my predictions true.

I was also really curious about Georgi. As I predicted a couple of days ago, I thought he was going to fail during his FS. I’ll probably be using the #PoorGeorgi hashtag a lot these days.

For this episode, I’m going to change my way of watching it: so far, I stopped the video every time something interesting happened, took screencaps and wrote my opinion. This time, I’m going to watch the whole episode first, scream inside, die, and then rewatch it for screencaps and to write everything. The cons of this new way is that it might take me a bit longer to watch and I won’t have a way to scream as I watch it, which is something I love to do when I’m overwhelmed with feelings. It might also change the way I write this post. The pros, however, is that I have more time to think about what I want to write, and might skip unimportant things to focus on the most important ones. I will still talk about the impressions I had while I watched the scenes for the first time, don’t worry. Also, I hope Crunchy’s player doesn’t make it too hard to skip scenes so I can take screencaps better.

Okay. I’m ready. (I’m not.) Let’s watch this.

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Hubby Kook [M]

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Request: “Can I request a Jungkook smut when he is my husband”

Word count: 2067

Although she wasn’t the best of cooks, Jungkook loved her wife’s cooking. In fact, there was little he enjoyed more than to be welcomed by a meal made by her after a long day of practice. He could taste the effort and care she put into it with every bite he took and as they shared up to the smallest details of their day, he couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky he was to have her in his life.

Because of their careers – which had little in common – they couldn’t always spend as much time together as they would’ve wanted and since Jungkook’s life was so hectic and un-ordinary it was those little moments with her that he looked forward the most.

She insisted on doing the dishes while he took a shower, to “save time” she said, but he still thought that the few minutes his shower would take, would still be too long being apart. That’s why he made sure his shower was as short as possible and came back out as soon as he could, not even bothering to put on some clothes, only covered by his white towel wrapped around his waist.

When he reached the kitchen, she still wasn’t finished with the domestic task, and he couldn’t help but stand still, silently admiring her silhouette as she unknowingly continued to wash the dishes.

She was wearing a short skirt, her shirt tucked inside of it making her already prominent curves stand out even further. Her sleeves were tucked up to her elbows and her hair was gently falling down her shoulders. He followed her every movement with her eyes until he decided it was time to get closer to her.

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EXO Reaction when you buy them a present with all your savings

Anon requested “when you are rather poor and use the money you were saving for college” but the title was going to be a little long so.. XD enjoy, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


He’s really happy and wears/uses it all the time. Of course he won’t say it but he knows how much it took you to get it and he appreciates all the effort you put into it more than anything “Look Jagi! It looks perfect on me!”


*Tries so hard not to cry* “Baobei… you really got me this… you know you didn’t have to… I don’t know what to say, I love you…”


*Decides to make the most perfect present for you* “I made it with all my love, just like you did mine. I know what you did there jagi, you didn’t have to. But thank you, you are the best girlfriend ever”


*Baby panda is so touched that he will not stop crying for weeks*


“If I give myself to you, you’ll let me take care of everything right Jagi? I’m just saying… I want to take care of my girl that’s all. I love you” *Already thinking of taking care of you for the rest of your lives*


“So this is what we are going to do boys, we’ll sing in the streets of Seoul and all the tips we get, we’ll donate them to my jagi for her college” *It’s all a surprise he planned with your parents*


Of course he would be happy and touch but he would spend sleepless nights thinking how to help you out without being rude. He knows you would never ask him for help of that sort but he still wants to help somehow.


“Wait… wait baobei.. I’m manly… I shouldn’t be crying… but why am I crying… I’ll always be thankful for this” *Lu is an angel, Lu won’t let his girl down in the future, just you see* 


*He’ll hug you forever* “Just to make things clear jagi…you aren’t getting rid of me. By the way, you see all those presents over there? They are all for you” *He knows that even if he gave you the whole world it wouldn’t be enough, but he still has a big surprise for you*


“Jagi let’s get married… You are the best thing that could ever happen to me… you are the best present. Jagi… let me make you happy” *He can’t wait anymore, he loves you too much to waste one more minute*


*He knows he is the luckiest man of the world, but with this he feels like the luckiest man of the galaxy* “I think I just won the galaxy lottery… baobei… you didn’t have to… I think I’m going to cry”


*Rumor says that his gifts are quite generous. Rumor says he recently bought some college you want to attend to… rumor says he is giving a lot of scholarships… rumor says he is madly deeply in love with you* *Daddy Suho xD*

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I collaged some phone case/phone wallpaper Watch Dogs/Watch Dogs 2 themes at first just for myself, and then for my sister and gf~ all of the images I used are official art from the games minus this one which you can find there

these are free to use, just please don’t claim credit for making them as I actually put a lot of effort into these! they took me hours of finding the right images, cleaning/editing them and lots of fun stuff so yeah don’t be rude please

I don’t plan on making more at the time, but if a lot of people really really want me to do more I guess i’ll try… but i’m running out of images lmao, official art only has so much y’know.

(please don’t repost or remove my description, thanks!)



thank you so much for a wonderful year filled with happiness, success, and precious memories! you’ve achieved many great things in such a short period of time and we couldn’t be any more proud. all the effort, hard work, and dedication has paid off and we look forward to seeing your continued growth and improvement in the future! no matter whichever path you may take, swings will always be by your side ♡

BTS Reaction: Their gf has never left their home country.

Request:  BTS reaction to their foreign girlfriend never being out of her home country? Love ur blog btw ❤️

A/N: This blog loves you too anon! Sorry this took so long to post, stupid internet :( Enjoy! xx


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It had been a few days since you had spoken to Jin, no matter how many times you’d texted him and attempted to Facetime him, everything on his end seemed cold. You tried not to panic too much, you knew he was busy but at least one text could have reassured you. You started to become frustrated at the lack of effort on his end, scrolling back through your texts, the last one being from a week ago telling him how you’d never been anywhere but your home country. Just as you started typing out a fairly disgruntled text to your boyfriend across the sea, you heard a car beep outside your bedroom. Standing there, smug as you can imagine, was Jin, fanning himself with a passport before nodding towards the car. ‘Let’s go on an adventure’ he’d say before taking your hand and leading you into the back of the car.


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‘Seriously? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ he’d ask in awe over Skype as you explained to him that home sweet home was getting a little tiresome. He smirked to himself as he started typing rapidly into his studio laptop, humming to himself. ‘Nope, I wish. Maybe someday I’ll be able to come visit you all the way in Korea.’ you chuckled to yourself, your boyfriend feeling even further away than usual through the confines of your laptop. ‘You know I’d love that’ he mumbled, seemingly distracted with whatever he was doing on his laptop. ‘How’s the 22nd of this month? Long enough to get your passport sorted?’ he asked. ‘Yoongi, no I can’t afford it…’ ‘It’s a good thing I can then, isn’t it babe?’ ‘It’s too much!’ you insisted, shaking your head in an attempt to stop an unmoving and stubborn boyfriend. ‘Is it so wrong for me to want to hold my girlfriend? I love you and I want to see you.’ He’d say matter-of-factly, shutting his laptop to prove his point. ‘See you soon baby.’


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‘Happy Birthday Jagi!’ he’d exclaim over Skype as you held an envelope in your hand that had arrived in the post this morning from Hobi just in time to have it for your big day. ‘Hobi you know you didn’t have to get me anything…’ you said, suddenly feeling shy at your boyfriend’s show of generosity. ‘Oh Jagi it was nothing, just open it already I want to see your reaction!’ He would exclaim jumping up and down in anticipation. ‘Alright, alight!’ you giggled, tearing the envelope open. As soon as you saw what was inside a wave of emotion run you flat, clamping a hand over your mouth to stifle the gasp emerging from your mouth. The plane ticket to Korea stared back at you while Hobi giggled through the speakers of your laptop. ‘Oh Jagi, don’t cry!’ He’d laugh, you still being speechless. ‘Ok so you’re going to come and see me in Korea and from there we’re going to take a little trip to Thailand, that okay with you?’ he’d ask as you nodded so hard you thought your head might fall off. ‘Oh Hobi thank you so much! This is the best gift I could ever ask for, I finally get to see you.’ you gushed, running the ticket through your hands. ‘I’ll see you soon babe’ he’d say before explaining he had to go to practise. The whole build up to your trip he’d send photos of where he’d take you.

Rap Monster:

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It was nearing Valentines Day and Namjoon had come up with the ingenious idea of taking you to Paris, since you’d never left your home country. Seeing as he spoke English he thought the communication wouldn’t be too difficult and that it would be super romantic to meet somewhere neutral and spend your time together exploring a new country. He would try and learn a few French phrases and words to keep you two safe but other than that he wanted this trip to be spontaneous. On valentines day you saw a package on your front door. In truth you had forgotten all about the occasion, thinking nothing of it normally and especially with your boyfriend across the ocean it wasn’t something you really thought about. Opening the package there was a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy with a note in it’s hands and a ticket. ‘Meet me in Paris? -Joonie x’ you took the envelope in your shaky hands and opened it to see your flight details and hotel details, seeing how hard he’d work to organise this filled you with gratitude, rushing to your phone to call him and thank him.


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‘Ahahaha what?? You’ve never been anywhere else?’ your phone dinged with your boyfriend Jimin’s text message as you finished up your work. ‘No Jimin, we can’t all be popstars who travel around the world :P’ you’d reply, rolling your eyes at how oblivious yet sweet your boyfriend could be. ‘I know, still, how would you feel about coming on tour with me and the boys?’ You almost knocked your coffee over at that one. Go on tour?? With BTS? Not just to one country but five or six? Was he serious? ‘What??’ you replied, unable to tell if he was joking or not. ‘Well me and the manager have been talking it out for a while now and the boys all think it’s a great idea. I was going to wait until you birthday to ask but we might need more time to get your passport sorted- if you want to come that is :)’ He probably thought you were ignoring him you sat there, slack mouthed for so long. ‘OF COURSE I WOULD ARE YOU KIDDING ME???’ He replied almost immediately; ‘Ahahaha well of course, who wouldn’t want to see me? ;) Love you, maybe I’ll get to see you sooner than we thought xx’


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Sssshhhh’ Tae would exclaim as he found out you’d never left your home country. He had his hand over the camera of his phone while you were facetiming as apparently they were at a recording studio that didn’t allow cameras. ‘Hey, I need to tell you something’ he’d say, peaking your curiosity. ‘What is it?’ ‘Well…’ he’d say twiddling his fingers idly. ‘…’ you sat there, waiting for Tae to finish his sentence ‘there’s been some new… changes to the WINGS tour…’ he’d say nonchalantly, still not unveiling his phone camera as he dragged out his sentences, keeping you hanging on the edge of every word. ‘What do you mean?? Tae for god’s sake just tell me, you’re killing me here. I can feel myself ageing.’ He giggled at the absurdity of the situation before screaming so loud it hurt ‘WE’RE COMING TO SEE YOU’ he yelled, uncovering the camera to reveal himself and the boys packed inside a minibus, looking exhausted but in good spirits. ‘NO WAY’ you screamed, jumping up and down. ‘We’re taking you back to Korea with us, Y/N, we have this all planned out’ he smirked. ‘See you in an hour’ he said, giving you the kind of smile that melted your heart before hanging up.


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Well as far as crappy Birthdays went this took the cake, not that you had one. As the sunset on what had undoubtedly been a shambles of a ‘special day’, your mind couldn’t help but wonder to your boyfriend. Sure he was busy, but had he really forgotten your birthday? You hadn’t heard from him for days and while you weren’t worried, you couldn’t help but feel a little angry at him for neglecting you on your birthday. As you finally gave up on any kind of birthday miracle, you got into your pyjamas before going over to your curtains to close them and call it a night. That was before you saw a balloon float up to your open window with a peice of paper attached to the bottom. You swiped it from the air and upon closer inspection saw the piece of paper was a plane ticket to Korea. Amidst your confusion you saw the note scrawled on the back: ‘Will you be the Jasmine to my Aladdin?’ it read, as the opening bars of A Whole New World began to play from below you. You looked down to see your boyfriend, dressed as Aladdin, holding up his phone and singing the song, grinning up at you with his infamous bunny grin. You ran down the stairs and flung yourself into his arms, him spinning you around and kissing the top of your head. Among all the happy tears and staring at each other to make sure you were really there, you whispered ‘yes, I’ll be your Jasmine.’

5 pages letter from May 21st, 1984 by Ted Bundy (x)

Dear Diane,

I have received your letter from May 1st, I apologize for taking so long to answer it. Thank you for writing to me.

You say that you have written to me on two previous occassions. I’m sorry, but I don’t recall those letters.

In your letter you speculated as to the possible reasons why I didn’t answer your earlier letters. I’d like to comment on your theories.

1.I’ve many letters from total strangers.” You’ve a point here. I do receive many letters from people I have never known (I agree with you, by the way, that “there are no strangers in the world, only people we haven’t met.”)

The main problem here isn’t so much the time I’d need to answer took me, that problem can be overcome. All I need is the motivation. I made little or no effort to write back to people like yourself, but lately I have been because … well, it’s not easy to say actually. I guess I just feel free to in a way I wasn’t before.

No, the real problem I have in answering you and others who write to me is a straight forward for me: I don’t have the stamps.

People don’t send me stamps or stampered, self- addressed envelopes (note: Here he makes reference on the right where it says:“Let me correct what I just wrote.”) Sometimes people will enclose a stamp or two but they are for the exception.

I’m not being critical, Diane. That’s just the way it is. I can’t send people letters if I don’t have stamps.

So I have to conserve the few stamps I have for people I have known for years, especially my wife and family. Only when I have what can be considered an extra stamp or two now-and-then do I respond to the (illegible) of correspondence I have from other folks.

Believe me, I don’t expect people to send me stamps. I don’t imagine that it occurs to people who write to me that I wouldn’t have just one stamp to use to write them back. But as I’ve explained, there are many letters that each need only one stamp.

And it may also be that people assume (illegible) heard rumors to the effect that I have money, or friends or family with money. I don’t, and (whatsmore), I don’t receive a nickle from many of the books, articles, TV programs, or (illegible) films about Ted Bundy. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

That’s fine, too. I don’t want any of that money and I don’t need it. The fact is I’m broke, and while I can handle that, it also means I can’t afford stamps to go on letters to you. So it goes.

Excuse me, I’ve made too much of the stamp (illegible). It doesn’t bother me actually, it’s just the way it is.

2.My wife doesn’t allow me to answer letter from other women?

This is the second theory you propose. Perhaps you were being only half serious on this one. No problem. Of course, if you knew my wife, Carole, you would understand immediately that isn’t the case.

3.You are too busy to write a lot of just friends letters.

I’ve already addressed this point, though briefly, earlier on. Time is not a big factor here. Or is lazyness. It can be, though.

I find that I have more than enough to keep my days (illegible) from 5 in the morning to 11 at night. I’m rarely bored. However, contrary to what you assumed, I do not work with legal matters.

Generally, (illegible). I find the law too limiting and doctrinaire the way it goes about separating people. But that is another story.

So while I am being in a relaxed, controlled, and positive way, there is time to write just friends, occasionally, attorneys, the time available is limited and there are many people to write to. It’s also important that I feel inwardly moved to write to a certain person, and I don’t always feel that way. I have to be conscious of my inner flow and that is another story too.

I enjoyed your letter and enjoyed writing to you. Again, excuse me for taking so long.


also fuck you @ whoever took rebs’ old url, i hope you know what an utterly sad and pathetic little person you are. you’re fucking despicable. imagine having so little compassion or sense of dignity that you get your sick kicks from saying horrible things about lesbians just trying to do positive things for a community of queer people online. imagine having such an evil ilk inside you you put this much effort into bullying a suicidal stranger. why dont you try and contribute one damn positive thing to society some time, you absolute fucking waste of space. your heart is full of bile and i hope that fact keeps you up at night @pearlrebs

So I saw this comment about my town Safe Haven recently. (Just one of them, believe me there are much, much ruder ones). I know this is one of the comments that isn’t a big deal but I’d like to clarify some things.

It’s not possible to built this town overnight, no - not even with hacks. It still took me months. I overthink the landscaping a lot and rebuilt specific areas several times until I’m happy with the result. A very important part is also the stories of my towns, they are much more for me than you could possibly think.

Safe Haven is meant for people to be - like the name already says - a Safe Haven, where people can find peace and safety and escape from the real world for a while. That’s the reason why I built this town. 

I don’t know why people allow themselves to judge about something they know nothing about and/or haven’t made any experiences with it. You can basically just judge me if you sat here beside me watching me creating this town. 

I owe this post every other person who hacks their town too and got any hate or negative comments because of that. No matter if hacked or not, we all put love and effort in our towns!

I’m tired of people that spread negativity in our acnl community.

With Love, Bella

So I did a little experiment. I wanted to know how easy it was to replicate a script format WITHOUT any screenwriting software (just using openoffice here, not even Word, because I’m a cheap ho lol) and ZERO experience with scripts.

I wanted to see:

1. How much effort it was

2. How much time it took

3. Could I make it LOOK believable (my dialogue notwithstanding lmao)

4. Could I replicate a real script just from looking at samples, even though I’ve NEVER WRITTEN ONE EVER.

And, yeah. I think I did alright. It took almost zero effort for someone with experience using a word document creator to adjust the margins and font to look like a script. It took about twenty minutes, give or take. I think it looks marginally believable, especially if my targets aren’t all that familiar with how scripts should look and read. And there were a ton of samples on Google for how to replicate dialogue, ques, and descriptions.

So what do I want y’all to take from this?

It is SO EASY to fake a script guys. Like, even I didn’t think it would be this easy. It would be nothing at all to print this out, take a blurry pic of it on my phone, post it here on tumblr, and say OMG RILARKE IS RISING!!!22112ekibfrjbfvjdv

This may be the pot calling the kettle black here (because I believed that spoiler for a hot minute too) but PLEASE, any script spoilers you get, BE 100% SUSPICIOUS. ALWAYS. DO NOT SPREAD IT AROUND OR POST IT UNTIL YOU CAN BE SURE. There are assholes out there who have the same skills I do at replicating a script, and they want to troll you because they get off on it. Don’t let them.

Fort Night

Josh crouched over, finishing up building a pretty impressive looking pillow fort. It hadn’t been his first time making one, but he had never put so much effort into making one before. Standing back up straight, he took a small step back to scan over the fort. It looked like it could have withstood a major earthquake and was decorated with cute stuffed animals. His eyes quickly checked the cat clock on his wall, 5:37 PM. He still had time to take a shower if he hurried.
Slipping into a loose tie-dye shirt and shorts, Joshua skipped over to his kitchen where he pulled out a jar of Nutella. His eyes scanned the pantry, his hair was still dripping wet, the small pitter patter of water drops falling onto his tiled floor made him anxious for the night to come. Before he could close the red pantry door, he heard knocking on his apartment door. Not expecting this, he jolted slightly in surprise before rushing over to the door.

Swinging the door open, he was greeted by a boy in a red shirt and a black visor. “Hello!” He held a bag in his arms that contained the pizza Josh had ordered earlier. Without saying a word, Josh pulled out his wallet. It was completely covered in pictures of kittens, Tyler got him it on his 27th birthday. It was a cute scene. At exactly 12 AM Tyler shoved a little box into Josh’s chest. The box had Christmas gift wrapping around it, and a bow that was bigger than the box itself. It was typical for Tyler to do silly things like that, especially for birthdays. Pulling out a wrinkled up twenty dollar bill, Josh handed it to the boy quickly. “Thanks man!” He exclaimed, handing a box of lukewarm pizza over to the drummer. Before Josh could say anything back, the kid rushed away down the hall.

Setting the box down on his counter, Josh opened up his stainless steel fridge and retrieved a clear plastic container filled with cut up fruit that he had bought at the store. Taking all of the food in his arms, he carefully laid out everything in the fort, along with two spoons for the Nutella and his laptop for movies. A few days prior, Tyler brought up the idea of having a movie night. It wasn’t considered a date, neither of them had ever believed that they could ever make a move. But, Josh was definitely considering it a date. He had a good feeling about that night. Once he finished making the fort and all of its contents inside, he heard faint knocking on his door. Taking a deep breath in, Josh readied himself for the night. As he strided over to the door, he fluffed his almost fully dry hair, trying to make himself presentable. His hand clutched onto the ice cold doorknob and he slowly opened up the door.

“Hey man!” Tyler exclaimed, walking into the apartment right away. “I was looking through Netflix before I came over and….” Josh wasn’t listening to a single thing his friend was yapping about. His heartbeat was drumming in his ears as he checked out Tyler. Slowly closing the door after his friend, he smiled nervously and nodded. “So, what movies were you thinking about?” His bandmate asked as he made his way to the living room where the pillow fort stood.

“Clueless,” Josh said with a quiet chuckle. His friend busted out into a fit of giggles. Tyler absolutely loved that movie, Joshua knew that was a fact. “It’s funny and cute and the best,” He added, walking over to the pillow fort. “Do you like the sick layout?” The drummer grinned widely.

“Sick as frick,” he answered without any hesitation. Dropping down to his hands and knees, Tyler crawled into the fort and laid on his stomach. Josh followed Tyler quickly, getting into the fort and laying down right beside his friend. “Pizza, Nutella, and fruit?” The taller male asked, cocking up an eyebrow.

‘Oh god what a terrible idea,’ Josh thought to himself. He felt like a complete idiot for not actually making dinner. The pink haired male honestly thought that making dinner would be pushing it. It would have made things feel too much like a date. “Erm, yeah,” he stuttered, pursing his lips out in frustration with himself.

“This is perfect,” Tyler insisted, opening up the box of pizza and retrieving a piece of pizza that was way beyond cold. “I love cold pizza,” he teasingly pushed Josh and looked over at his friend with reassuring eyes.

“Heh, thanks man,” He sighed in relief, opening up his laptop and launching Netflix. After a short bit of loading, the 90’s chick flick started to play and Tyler quickly zoned out, completely lost in the film. Josh wanted to watch the movie too, but he was so distracted by the fact that Tyler was beside him, in a pillow fort, in dim lighting, while watching a romcom. He couldn’t concentrate on the film, the scent of Tyler was enough to get him completely high. Every time Tyler would laugh at a crappy punch line, Josh would examine his face. The dimples that formed on his cheeks, the lines that cutely creased his cheeks, his eyes would squint almost to the point where they looked closed. All of this detail, it gave Josh butterflies. He was so infatuated with his friend and he didn’t know what to do about it. They had been friends for so long and he didn’t want to ruin it by making a move.

Halfway through the movie, Tyler opened up the jar of Nutella and grabbed one of the spoons. Although he loved Clueless, he couldn’t pay much attention to the film. He knew Josh was staring at him. It wasn’t very awkward, he loved feeling his eyes all over him, but it made things feel tense. Gripping onto the cold spoon, he took a big scoop of Nutella and turned slightly so he was facing Joshua. “Open up,” he commanded with his dopey smile.

“Oh my god,” Josh giggled, closing his eyes and opening his mouth. Tyler carefully placed the spoon in his friend’s mouth. He loved feeding Josh like this, it made him feel like they were a couple. “No homo,” he cackled. Josh quickly followed after, feeding his friend Nutella too. After a few bites, Tyler thought it would be funny to put some of the chocolate spread on his friend’s nose.

“Hey!” He exclaimed, cleaning off his nose with a finger and licking it off carefully. He couldn’t manage to make a stern face at the singer when he was cracking up over the scene. Without any hesitation, Josh took a spoonful and spread it all over Tyler’s mouth. “Hah!” He said victoriously.

“Oh my gosh,” Tyler’s jaw dropped in disbelief that his friend really did that. He shot Josh a glare before laughing. He tried his hardest to lick off the dense chocolate on his lips, but it quickly became a challenge when Josh was practically in tears, struggling to tell Tyler how he looked great with a goatee. “Help me dammit,” he demanded with a big smile. Josh scooted over to Tyler, his eyes carefully shot at his lips and then into his deep brown eyes.

“Sure pal,” he smirked and started to wipe the Nutella off with his thumb and licking it afterwards. Seeing Josh lick his thumb slowly was driving Tyler crazy. His tongue looked so soft and gentle.

“N-not like that!” He exclaimed, dipping his fingers into the jar before smearing it all over Josh’s mouth. “Like this,” Tyler started to kiss the Nutella off of the sides of Josh’s mouth. His tongue gently ran across the drummer’s lips, cleaning up the Nutella that was caked on him. Josh wasn’t sure how to react, he stayed dead still, terrified to make a move. “Aren’t you going to help me?” Tyler asked in a pushy time.

“I- uh-” Josh followed along, carefully kissing the chocolate off his lips. Soon enough, the chocolate was gone, and Tyler was still kissing his friend. His eyes were closed at this point, he had no reason to be looking at his lips when he knew the Nutella was gone. The kisses were short and quick at first, but as Josh warmed up, they became longer. Their lips started to open and tongues slipped out, dancing together. Tyler pushed Josh onto his back carefully. Their lips had disconnected as Tyler climbed on top of his friend.

“No homo,” he whispered and giggled before lunging his head down. His soft lips started to nip at the drummer’s neck. This had sent chills down Josh’s whole body, he took in a sharp breath when he felt the boy’s teeth graze against his skin softly. The movie was still playing in the background, but Josh honestly couldn’t care less. Tyler was straddled on top of him, giving him small hickeys all over his neck. His lips moved up to behind his ear, “I want you,” he whispered, hands slowly moving down the drummer’s chest. His heart was racing a hundred miles per hour, he was sure that Tyler felt it when he stroked his chest. Josh’s unsure hands tried to grab onto Tyler’s belt but was quickly swatted away. “Not so fast,” the brown haired male purred.

Arms moving up, Tyler took off Josh’s tie-dye shirt slowly. His head dove back down, tracing small kisses from his chest to his abdomen to his belly button. The drummer’s head was slowly becoming fogged the lower Tyler kissed. His hands gripped Josh’s pants. His fingers fumbled with the button and zipper. After a short struggle, Tyler yanked the pink haired boy’s pants down. A wide smile grew on his face when he saw that Josh was wearing iconic smiley face boxers. “Cute,” he chuckled before groping his friend.

“F-fuck,” Josh whimpered, he hadn’t been touched like that in a long time. Looking down at Tyler, he slowly propped himself up with his elbows.

“You like that?” Tyler hummed, pulling down the smiley face boxers. “You’re hard and I haven’t even started yet,” he grinned widely. He slowly started to stroke Josh, locking eyes with him. He loved the facial expressions he made when he touched him. The drummer’s eyes fluttered closed, his eyebrows furrowed and his body twitched under Tyler’s grasp. His head tilted back as his friend stroked faster. His stomach tightened as he tried to control his breathing. Soon enough, Tyler stopped, pulling off Josh’s pants and boxers off completely. The pink haired male whined when he felt the tanned boy stop. “Oh hush..” Tyler cooed gently before continuing, “You’re gonna get more than that.” He assured his friend.

Licking his fingers, Tyler slowly inserted his index finger into Josh’s entrance. He didn’t move an inch, not wanting to hurt his friend. “Let me know when you’re ready for me to move,” he whispered.

Josh was as stiff as a board, he had never had a finger up his ass before. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling at first, but after a few moments he got used to it. Nodding slowly, he gave the word to Tyler. “O-okay. You can move.” He said, feeling his muscles loosen up before tightening again when he felt Tyler slowly push his finger in and out. After a short period of time, Josh’s whimpers became moans. He added a second finger, scissoring his fingers in his friend to prepare him for what was coming next. He was getting used to this feeling, it started to feel amazing. Soft moans escaped from his lips as precum leaked onto his own stomach.

Tyler retracted his fingers, wiping them onto Josh’s discarded shirt quickly. “Do you want this?” He asked, hands on his belt.

“Y-yes. Fuck Tyler please don’t stall.” Josh cursed. Nothing was cuter than seeing Josh all flustered and cursing underneath Tyler. He loved how red his cheeks were. Nodding slowly, he unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned and zipped his pants, and slid them off. Josh sat up, practically tearing his friend’s shirt off. Tyler smirked, finally taking off his boxers. The two sat in the pillow fort for a few seconds. Josh felt like it was forbidden to see his friend completely nude and… Well, erect. Before he could whine some more, Tyler gripped Josh’s neck and pulled him into a rough kiss.

“Tell me you want me,” he demanded through is teeth. His eyes scanned Josh’s carefully as Josh spit out,

“F-F-fuck… I w-ant you.” He choked out and closed his eyes. Tyler could hardly wait himself, letting go of his friend’s neck, he looked down at Josh’s stomach. He clenched his jaw, spitting on his friend’s ass before thrusting into him slowly. “F-” The drummer couldn’t speak at this point. Consonants were the most he could blabber out.

Tyler’s rhythmic thrusts went along with Josh’s whines. He leaned down, kissing his friend to shut him up. Hips bucking along with Tyler’s thrusts, he couldn’t even open his eyes. He wanted more. Moving up, Tyler dug his fingers into the male’s hips, pulling him up and forcing him to go deeper into him. Their hips crashed together like waves in the ocean during a storm. Their breaths drowned out the movie. As each minute passed, Tyler’s went faster and harder. Josh wasn’t sure how much longer he could last if Tyler was going to keep up the pace. “I-I’m,” he moaned loudly, biting his lip, almost breaking his skin.

“Don’t,” Tyler growled, gripping his friend’s neck tightly and pushed up. His hand pressed against Josh’s windpipe. His eyes rolled back as he tried to gasp for air. “Don’t cum until I tell you.” The drummer’s hands moved up, finger’s intertwined in Tyler’s fluffy hair. Small beads of sweat dotted along his forehead as he struggled to keep going. The singer’s free hand moved down and began stroking the male underneath him.

All of this was too much. The pressure built up until he reached his breaking point. Josh let out a gentle cry as he came. His back arched and toes curled, throwing his head back, he shook uncontrollably underneath Tyler. “Fuck.” Joseph whispered harshly under his breath and between his grunts. The pillow fort that was thought to withstand an earthquake came toppling down. Seeing his friend so flustered set him off, eyelids fluttering shut, he came and hunched over Josh. Both panting together, Tyler managed a smile and stuttered “No homo,”

“Totally homo dude, totally homo,” Josh replied, sitting up and pulling the male on top of him into a gentle kiss. Tyler smiled softly into the kiss, pulling out of Josh he sat down beside his friend. His fingertips slowly traced the tree on the drummer’s sleeve. “How long have you been wanting to do that?” Josh asked, finally able to breathe normally.

“A long time.”


“I love you man.” Tyler admitted. “And I don’t mean having sex with you has made me love you. I’ve-”

“I know.” Josh interrupted his friend. “I love you too. Can we just sleep in my bed together tonight?”

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Here Rose! *gives him a bouquet of FAKE flowers hand made, a little horribly, with colorful tape with certain shades of red* I know your not much of a fan of being handed real flowers so i took the time and effort to make this! I hope you like it!

(ok I need to work on some V-day card aaaand someone piss me off just now so I’m in a bad mood..))

Tumblr people appraising psa

I just realized that everyone on tumblr follows normal lives. They’re not paid authors/artists. They have their own jobs, or school, and they do this on the side, yet manage to make art that makes someone wonder if they just took a picture, they manage to write stories that, even without pay, can make you sit in the corner crying like a little baby because of how well written it was. And not only that, but there are loads of other blogs that do other things that take a lot of time. I mean, I don’t even want to THINK about how much time and effort went into phanfiction catalogue. And there are so many more. Blogs that write poems, that do amazing edits, all in our spare time. I can barely wrap my head around the idea that the smut writers just go to school, have this idea, write it out, and no one they know knows.

can we change the way we, as a fandom, look at fanfiction, and fanart?

can we, as a fandom, start appreciating authors and artists in the way that they deserve? what i’ve seen since i joined the marvel fandom two years ago has shown me that that the current attitude to art and fic is, well, kind of appalling.

we read things, sometimes we kudos, we rarely comment. we reblog stuff with base level tags, or just hit ‘like’ and move on.

i see text posts that are outdated memes get more notes than a piece of art that took a lot more than ten minutes to create.

fandom is so rich with talented people that seeing the fruits of their effort has become the norm. we appreciate it, but not in the same way we would in smaller fandoms.

we’ve become expectant. we’ve become elitist. we see so much work from so many fan creators that we’ve stopped appreciating the time it takes to create them.

artwork can take hours, days, weeks, months. same with fic.

we consume it in minutes, or hours, or days, and move on.

these fanworks are not a right, these fanworks are a privilege, and one we, quite frankly, are deserving less and less.

when was the last time you left a comment on a fic? when was the last time you reblogged meta, or art, or just a post about your favourite characters, with anything other than the character names and the fandom in the tags, and maybe triggers shown in the work? when was the last time you truly showed your appreciation for the creators in the fandom?

i’m not saying i’m not guilty, but i see artists think they’re terrible because their work doesn’t get notes, i see writers give up because their work has just been consumed without anyone saying “hey, good work with this!”

i’ve seen new writers scared to start, because they don’t think they’re good enough for fandom. i’ve seen artists scrap every single thing they draw because it doesn’t hold up to what fandom has dictated is good by the notes a select few people get.

and sometimes, that’s all it takes. “hey i really enjoyed this” or “wow this is gorgeous” or even just a button mash in the tags or the comments. it can do wonders for a creator’s self esteem, it can be the thing that keeps them creating.

it can be the difference between a dull dash with textpost after textpost and a vibrant dash with art, edits, gifs, or all shapes, sizes and skill levels.

a kind word can be the thing to push people to keep working, to get better. even if they’re not at a standard you deem “worthy” of comments, or they’re not popular in the fandom.

in fact, especially these people.

i’m not saying that the writers and artists with 20k followers and a million notes and comments don’t deserve them, they absolutely do, but there are so many underappreciated artists and writers out there, that don’t get the feedback they deserve simply because they aren’t “big”.

you can see it for yourself - look at the top fics on ao3 for whatever ship. you’ll see recurring usernames, only a small handful of people, and then a drop in kudos, hits, and most prominently, comments. 

if we as a fandom want to show the writers and artists, editors and gifmakers, icon makers and manip-artists, and everyone else i can’t think of off the top of my head, that we deserve their time and effort, we need to start giving them this feedback.

tl;dr: comment on fic. comment on art. reblog things instead of liking them. send messages directly to the artists and writers if you can. show these people that this fandom wants them here. or we’re gonna see a sharp decline in people willing to give fandom anything.

This one goes to all the people who took time to help me with my url-issue and a special big hug @the-impossible-diary @thevortexofourminds @francoisbry @mojo5050 @streetberlin @martinmeijer @luxlit @pixandum @photoshamanism @by-lulette @skyoverhamburg @sonlight972 @icardamome @reevesdesign @paperbulletclub @bazarette @letstalkphotography

THANK YOU very very much!! I’m deeply moved by your effort, concern and encouragement, I’ve been away from Tumblr for quite a while and I did not expect so much love and fraternity. It feels warm inside and this might be the positive side of the all thing.

I already started to rewrite the source on my photos but considering that I post since 2012 it might take a while before I’m done :-)

THANK YOU again and again. You all rock!!!! Love, Carole