this took so much effort omg

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OMG I just wanted to thank you for making that post abt the vlive because you must have put so much time into it. AHH~ it made my dayy and it just made jikook sail even further for meee <3 thank you so much ily

I am reaaaalllllly happy you enjoyed it. It indeed took some time but if my followers take the time to send me an ask, It is only natural to put some effort when answering. Right right ^^

AND you also made my day so I think you deserve a hug or even BETTER, a JIKOOK HUG COMPILATION
Because if you ship Jikook you can enjoy:

The front hugs: 

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The side hugs: 

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The back hugs (that jungkook seems to love)

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The laying down hug:

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The imma squeeze you hugs: 

1-The jimini way (So precious)

2-The EXTRA kookie way …

Thanks for the ask ^^

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Currently suffering from a cold so SHINee gets a cold?

SAME (hope you feel better baby!)


  • so congested that it’s difficult for him to hear 
  • keeps yelling what???? whenever someone tries to talk to him 
  • honestly the members are just moving their lips to fuck with him 
  • absolutely no appetite which disturbs him more than anything but had some soup to have some kind of sustenance
  • took cold medicine and knocked out for 12 hours (minho: *holding a mirror to his face* well he’s breathing) 
  • afterwards good as new!!! he bounces back fast 


  • “doesn’t my voice sound kinda sexy like this” 
  • soulfully croons “lonely” in a raspy voice 
  • wearing a turtleneck and a sweatshirt over it 
  • chugging orange juice while watching reruns of one piece 
  • at first he poured the juice into cups but it took too much effort so he’s curled up on the couch with the carton and just drinking straight from it 
  • “ummaaaaa can you make me jook” (rice porridge) 


  • breaks out the hanyak (chinese medicine) immediately and heats it up 
  • stares at the bowl of black liquid with dread
  • “it’s okay kibum since your nose is stuffed you won’t even be able to taste it”
  • he was so very wrong omg WHY 
  • takes a long hot shower to clear his sinuses and he feels more human afterwards 
  • gets pho to heal his soul 


  • “i’b nob sic” / shinee: what / “I’MB NOT SIK” 
  • jong: minho your fever’s so high it hurts me to touch you 
  • loud sneezing v often and key jumps every single time 
  • sniffing so obnoxiously that tae’s looking at him in open disgust and pelting tissues at him 
  • *blows nose* “it’s just allergies” 
  • literally cannot understand how his body could betray him like this 


  • looks suspiciously at all the members like “who got me sick”
  • alternating between being elated that he could stay in bed and being v pitiable for not feeling well
  • has to be dragged away from the computer bc “taemin pls you really don’t have pneumonia” 
  • eating ice cream but then it occurs to him that he can’t actually taste it so he’s sad af again 
  • throws off his blankets “I HATE BEING SICK” but picks them up immediately bc he’s cold now 

A bit of Larcana to soothe the soul <( ̄︶ ̄)> Read right to left!

I was headcanonning about how they met and bam this happened I say bam but this took five days XD

ALSO, KUDOS TO THOSE OF YOU WHO MAKE LITTLE DOUJINSHIS AND TO MANGAKAS LIKE HOW DO YOU DO IT?! The writing, the drawing, just everything! You all have so much patience and skill and I’m even more impressed than before, I really appreciate the effort you put into it!

I really hope you all like my attempt!! <3


Roman & Peter (Hemlock Grove 2.01)

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Can you do some Junkrat relationship headcannons?

yes ofc!! sorry it took me so long to reply omg

-honestly the clingiest lil shit ever to exist. he loves affection and will cling to his S/O’s arm the entire time they’re out

-not great with words, but makes an effort to remind his S/O he loves them

-his hyperactiveness can get a little much and he often gets quite a few stares in public. it can make dates awkward

-not one for pda but loves lil forehead kisses (both giving and recieving) in public!!

-makes lil metal trinkets out of scrap he finds. they’re all super cute and brighten up the boring overwatch-standard bedroom

-if you share a bed, he just sprawls out across the whole space (and basically on top of his S/O too)

-doesn’t like his S/O seeing him without his prosthetics but wil sometimes suffer it because bathing together is fun

It's The Thought That Counts

Nico looked down at his hand and grimaced. This was the fifth time he had shadow traveled out of camp to buy his boyfriend flowers and the fifth time they had died in his hands on the way to the Apollo cabin. His nervousness didn’t help. Nico and Will had only been dating for a month- it was their one month anniversary- and this is what couples do, right? They buy each other flowers? Regardless, Nico just wanted to do something nice for Will who had nursed him back to health and been nothing but kind to him.

Unfortunately, like his stepmother, flowers didn’t seem to like the son of the death God very much. As soon as he had a fresh bouquet in his hands they suddenly began leaning away from him as much as possible before they withered and died just as he reached the Apollo cabin. Nico was sure that he was several minutes late for their date now. He huffed.

Why was it that everything he came into contact with died? Everything… everyone he loved. And now he couldn’t even give his boyfriend flowers.

Nico was close to tears when the door of the Apollo cabin swung open, startling Nico, and Will seemed to barrel out as enthusiastic as ever. 

“You’re late!” Will said. “That’s unlike you… Are you alr-”

He stopped short when he took in the scene of Nico standing there in a button-up shirt, looking quite distressed while holding a bouquet of dead flowers. 

Nico looked nice. Why was he so upset- was something wrong? The flowers! Of course! Being the son of Hades does have it’s downsides… How many times had Nico gone back to get new flowers? As Will processed these thoughts he was began to feel overwhelmingly touched that Nico would do such a thing for him. 

Nico’s face turned red.

“I- I’m sorry-" he began but was interrupted by a set of big arms enveloping him in a warm hug.

Will pulled back enough to kiss Nico lightly on the cheek.

"Thank you Nico, they’re lovely.” Will murmured. 

Nico looked down, bewildered, at the once colourful flowers that were now brown and dried out, a few petals falling to the ground. Looking back up at Will, he saw that the son of Apollo had a huge smile on his face. Nico was seriously starting to worry for that boy’s sanity.

“They- they’re dead!” Nico spluttered, as if Will hadn’t noticed. 

Will’s grin never faltered as he exclaimed “You got me flowers! Hold on.”

Will took the flowers and ran back inside his cabin. Nico was wondering what in the Hades he was doing before he saw Will in the front window, setting down the wilted flowers in a vase. Nico gaped as Will came back out and took Nico’s hand.

“You’re adorable. Let’s go.” Will said, smiling down at him.

As Will led a baffled son of Hades away, Nico wondered if perhaps Will was just happy that Nico cared about him enough to put in so much effort. He really was more insane then Nico thought. 

boop *freezes your nose*

after devoting my entire existence into this drawing that took a total of 21 hours to do, I finally finish it omg ;w; this ship is just so wonderful and tragic and beautiful and they deserve some love okay

[do not repost pLEASE I put so much effort into this, the last thing I want is someone taking it, thank you!!]

Outlander Photo Recap S1E3, "The Way Out".

If anyone in the future ever reads this and wonders why there is a Favorite Scene AND a recap, weeeell, it’s because I didn’t start recapping the show until E4, and now am going back in effort to fulfill my #1 request from all the lovely people who took the time to read the other recaps. Episodes 2 and 1 still to come as of this post, and the rest of my Outlander silliness is here.

Once upon a time, there was an intelligence officer who loved his wife very much. So much that he wanted to pull strings to keep her away from the front lines until she was all “OMG the privilege of the upper classes” and he was all “you are so sexy when you are stubborn” and they parted with longing looks and a solemn promise from the wife that she would come back to him.

Poor Frank. (Continued after the jump!)

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Omg this took me so much time and effort!  I still can’t believe I did it! 

I’m working on this piece since around a month (well, it took me something like 30hs or so, probably even more but, yeah.)
I don’t even own a tablet so i worked ONLY by mouse and… i think i’m dying x.x  
I can’t move my arm anymore, it hurts too much, but it was worth it ;;
I’m so happy ;;
I’ll never be friends with hair and clothes (the collar is random and I cut off the jacket cause I couldn’t handle it uuups~) but yeah, I did it! ;3; 

I love the outcome but–next time I’ll do a digital portrait I wanna use a tablet xD mouse takes too much time and effort, even if details can be more accurate (?) 

I’m really proud of me ;3; 

 Anyway, hope you enjoy ;3; 🙆🙆💞


we love halsey so much that we covered her entire album 


     today is @hdahl2​‘s fifteenth birthday, and though i’m sure tumblr isn’t
     the optimised place for birthday posts, i though it would be a good 
     place for me to post this long text post about how amazing you are.

     hanne, you’re probably going to hear this a lot today, and most of it is
     probably going to be from me. so, what the hell, i’ll just say it again. 

                                                you’re amazing. 

     but to me, you’re not just amazing. you’re a bunch of other things, too.
     you’re wonderful and fabulous, and you’re the dan to my phil. 

     so, therefore, i have searched through the archives of tumblr to find some
     of the best content around. lainie productions presents:

                      WHY HANNE IS THE DAN TO MY PHIL

      ( that gif felt necessary. come on. )

                                      YOU’RE A BIG NERD.

                                    YOU’RE A TAD CLUMSY.


                                           THAT CURLY LIFE. 

                                                   SMOL CHILD. 


                             YOU’RE SO GODDAMN CUTE. 

                         KILLIN’ IT ON THE DANCE FLOOR. 

                                                               ( OF SORTS. )

                                         ( YES, THOSE ARE SEPARATE THINGS. )


                                 YOU’RE A LITTLE DINOSAUR. 

                       YOU’RE ALSO A VERY DANK MEME. 


                   YOU TEND TO SWEAR … QUITE A BIT. 

                            YOU CAN GO FROM A MODEL

                   TO A BLOBFISH IN LIKE TWO SECONDS. 

 AND HAVE YOU EVER BEEN SO SHOCKED YOUR BOOBS                                                             FELL OFF?

                    AND FINALLY, AND MOST IMPORTANT, 






     HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVELY!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A                                                      PHANTASIC DAY!

                            ( see what i did there? … i’m not cool. )

                               oh yeah, and here’s some gif credit:

                                  x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x