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[ 4/19/17 ]💦
I took these pictures many moons ago. This spread seems so old to me now, but it’s still new to you. I have been having so many problems uploading to Tumblr! My photosets rarely make it through processing and it’s so annoying. I tried posting multiple times last week to no avail, from my phone and laptop. Any ideas what’s wrong? Please help a sister out

So today I tried posting a video of What More Can I Say? from the 2016 Falsettos bootleg because it’s amazing and in such great quality, and Tumblr took it down because “Long policy short: We don’t allow sexually explicit videos to be uploaded to Tumblr.”

… What??? The video is literally just two shirtless men in bed doing nothing but cuddling??? What the hell??? Tumblr has so many porn blogs that stay untouched and this non-sexual video gets taken down??? I’m so confused.

Sunday Seven

Today was about as close to perfect as a day can get. It was hot and sunny, and I got to spend it outside playing in the dirt. Also…I did NOT get a sunburn anywhere!

I drove into town around 1:00pm to water the community garden. I did NOT get stuck in traffic. It was smooth sailing there and back.

I took my camera with me when I went to community garden. Almost all of the photos I snapped were of bees. It’s great to see so many of them! I didn’t get around to uploading them to my iMac for processing yet. I didn’t even bother to look at them in the LCD screen when I got home. I hope they turned out okay.

My peppers are flowering, which always gets me a little excited, but I’m even more excited this year, because I’m growing varieties I’ve never tried before. A YouTube gardener from Norway sent me the seeds.

My potatoes and bush beans went in the ground today, which means, I’m officially done with seed planting. I still have some transplanting left to do though.

Even with all the time I spent outside doing stuff today, I hadn’t met my step goal by mid evening, so I grabbed my iPod and had a dance party for one in my bedroom. I’m now at 16,439 steps. I quit dancing at 9:55 when the song, “Every Breath You Take” came up in the shuffle. I really like that song, but, since it was the last thing I heard before bed, I’ll probably have stalker dreams all night.

I need more days just like today. I must find a way to make it happen.

Monday morning edit: I did, indeed, have stalker dreams all night.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Um..I'm 4'11 and I was wondering if you could do the RFA + Unknown Where they are walking around with MC and someone is like "why are you walking around with a 13 year old??" And MC is like god not again this happened to me today..

Ahh I’m sorry this became so general I’m just in lOVE with short MC stuff (probably because I’m not very tall myself!). Plus I feel so bad that this took so long to write! I’ve got some problems with my eyes right now, so I haven’t been able to focus on a screen for too long but I tried my best ^^”


  • He’d be so helpful though if you couldn’t reach stuff
  • The relationship would be adorable
  • Full of him lifting you up and so many cute kisses
  • And ofc since he knows how it feels when people judge / mock your appearance
  • When someone mentions you looking like a kid
  • He’d make them regret it instantly oh god
  • And then once they left he’d take and upload 50+ selfies with you on all his social media to let everyone know so it didn’t happen again


  • Okay but she’d love being taller
  • Like she’s used to being shorter than everyone it’s such a nice feeling for her
  • All I can say is she’d give so many cute forehead kisses
  • If anyone tried to mock you she’d take your hand (probably lace her fingers with yours) and leave the scene
  • Because let’s face it she’s definitely want to defend you but isn’t one for confrontation
  • my muse is pretty weak for Baehee right now I’m so sorry


  • The height difference would be so adorable
  • He’d pretty much engulf you and he would be in l o v e with that
  • And he’d love how he feels he’s protecting you even more
  • Without a doubt would also love to remind you
  • Like he wouldn’t even try to hide his smirk
  • Lil bit of teasing every now and again
  • But when someone else does it
  • They’d better run before he breaks their neck
  • Casually wraps an arm around your shoulder too 
  • “say anything else about my princess I dare you”


  • Let’s face it he has the appearance of a child no one would question it
  • He’d probably be like Jaehee
  • Honestly though I feel like he’d love being taller because he’d feel more masculine
  • And we all know how important that is to him oh god
  • Anyone tries to make fun of your height and that side of him would leap out
  • Precious bby suddenly becomes very protective
  • And would not hesitate to defend you
  • It would be beautiful and maybe kinda scary because dAMN that wasn’t expected??


  • He’s make so many jokes about your height
  • And they’d never be the typical jokes. He’d be so creative with them
  • Moving stuff you want to a high shelf would probably be the closest you get to predictable
  • Lord have mercy on anyone who makes comments on your height
  • When he does it, it’s cute and playful
  • If anyone else even tried
  • “bITCH you have five seconds to run”
  • He cares about you more than anything and will do anything make sure no one makes you feel bad
  • Even if he has to break a few limbs or something


  • I genuinely feel like he would love dating someone shorter than him (like everyone else in my head dAMN)
  • He’d find it so adorable and
  • No one would try to make jokes about it
  • If they did they’d get about two seconds in before realising their mistake
  • This boy could glare them to an early grave
  • Whoever it was better back away before he does anything more than that
  • I’m all about protective Saeran save me