this took so long you dont even understand

For me they are the most introverted out of the six so i think they could totally get along out of “you dont annoy me as much as your siblings” cause they know how to mind their own business. Dont really see it as romantic, but if they were i dont think it would last long, in my opinion they are not as complementary as Bubbles/Brick.  But i love the idea of them interacting, understanding each other when they are done with their bothers/sisters and talking about cars, of course.

I don’t understand why Saúl had to be so passive aggressive talking about Theo joining us when he himself spent a couple of years at our youth academy, and then he said “those who don’t want to be with us,don’t matter to us” Theo had ZERO appearances with the first team,he didn’t matter to you long before he didn’t wanna be with you. He wouldn’t even have expressed a desire to leave had they given him a chance but okay.
This is not the first time this happens I dk why they’re taking this so hard honestly it’s like we took a symbol of theirs .. we didn’t take Gabi take a chill pill 😂

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I really heckin love your writing and I was wondering if you could do headcanons for Jared x reader with ADHD thank :0

Thank you and I love this concept💕 (sorry if its a little long, i get carried away with jared)

-when Jared first met you, he thought your hyperness was really cute and “spunky” as he liked to call it

-honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Jared had a little bit of ADD himself, that’s probably what drew him to you

-but when it came to being in class together, you two were a m e s s

-you constantly tried to get his attention, like poking him with a pencil or constantly tapping him on the shoulder

-at first, he thought it was funny and adorable, but when he HAD to listen to the lesson, he would get a little frustrated

-when you tapped him one last time, he turned to you
“(Y/N), im trying to pay attentio-”

-you held out a little paper heart you had made for him

-he practically melted on the spot, you were just so cute

-although when you actually tried to do your homework, you easily got frustrated
“i just… im just stupid and i dont understand and i never will”

-he is having N O N E of that
“you’re not stupid. here let me show you”

-it didnt matter how long it took, he would stay up with you all night if he had to

-you were so precious to him and he hated seeing you upset and so hard on yourself

-you often woke him up from his naps too
“jared…jar…jarbear…J A R E D”
“i love you and im hungry”

-even though you can be a handful sometimes, he still loves you and never stops you from being yourself


Never really thought about the future. Never really could think much past you. In that respect, your ma and I had something in common, God rest her soul. But neither of us, I don’t think, were ever meant for much. Here’s the truth — baby, here’s the truth. I’ve got a rootless heart. I don’t think I’m meant for loving, or at least not anymore. And I should die out here. I’m the kind of guy who’s not meant to go back. I try to imagine a life after this and it just won’t come. So forget about me, will you? If it’ll make you happy. Live glorious, eat like a king, laugh until the sun comes up, never look back. Don’t you dare look back. More than anything I want to know that you kept on. More than anything I want to know that you took on the world — everything else seems to matter less and less.

So how long have I loved you for? Womb to tomb, sweetheart. Since before I was even here at all. I get it now, you understand. Your ma was right. It really is a stupid question. (x)


Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took, Tyrannosaurus Rex

“Even though the wind may blow it all away, don’t ever worry ‘cause I’m your friend”


September 30th, 1947, you came into life. We’re in different worlds, now, but you will live here with us for as long as your music plays and as long as your image remains- for years and years to come. We love you Marc, all of your friends here, all of your friends with you. You are loved.

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how long will it take to be able to read japanese? cause it has like 3 different alphabets and i dont know where to start ;_;

bruh you wanna read Japanese, or you wanna understand Japanese? Because three alphabets are the least of your troubles. (They aren’t even alphabets btw, hiragana and katakana are syllabaries and kanji is a logography borrowed from Chinese.)

Think how long it took to memorize A-Z. Chances are, it was so long ago that you don’t even remember how long it took.

So? Hiragana and katakana are like alphabets. There are a limited number of symbols and each corresponds to a sound. You can probably learn both in like, two weeks, if you’re really lazy. Three days if you really mean it. And then you’ll be able to read this: あけいまずとウオゲムふぁりおころウンジュべたがりちゃめるない. What does it mean? Nothing.

So, heck, you can learn to read Japanese kana in three days.

Kanji is a whole ‘nother story. I’ve been learning kanji (via Chinese, then Japanese) ever since I was five and I’m still not done learning. never will be. 

Reading aside, you know whats probably 23842 times bigger than reading? Grammar. And vocab, but let’s focus on grammar. You don’t need it to be able to read, but it’s what lets you understand a language. Anyway, grammar is big.

You don’t know where to start? Take classes in person or online. Look for resources, like the ones I’ve collected here. Heck, look things up on Wikipedia. Start on the article on the Japanese language and go wherever your heart desires. it’s good stuff.

Anyway, this turned into a lecture, but remember this:

Japanese is fucking hard. It’s a whole language, of course it’s hard.

Japanese is a lot more structured than English in terms of grammar and word usage. Logic can take you very far, and I’m glad for it.

Three alphabets is the least of your problems, and in fact, it solves a hell of a lot more problems than it creates. The amount of literary flexibility offered by three orthographic choices is astounding. Three alphabets is nothing. You wanna be scared of Japanese? Implied subject. Sentence structure that varies vastly from English. Context-dependent pronoun dropping. Humble language. Honorific language. Artificial honorific language. Case particles. Ooh, case particles. The phrase should send shivers up the spine of every student. Four-word idioms. Past, present, progressive, passive, perfective aspect, stative aspect, durative aspect, potential, and conditional conjugations. Wasei-Eigo. Set phrases. Pitch accent. Sound symbolism. Don’t even get me started on Classical Japanese.

Don’t forget, it’s a language, not a secret handshake. How long did it take you to learn English? 

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Hello, So I saw your koreaboo post, and you stated that it is someone that uses random korean phrases in their daily conversation...I am currently learning Korean and sometimes use phrases while talking so I can become fluent in the language. For example if I said "to do" in korean just to make sure I am using it correctly would that still count as a koreaboo? I hope that makes sense. Thank you.

i dont think so, you’re just practicing so you can improve. i had to do that when i took japanese in hs.

when i say using random korean phrases in their conversation i mean like random words/ phrases out of nowhere especially towards people that dont even understand it. as long as you dont sound like this

then you’re good.

what she says: im fine

what she means: I dont understand why jumpstart took the site down at all if the boards still arent fixed. what was the purpose? to punish us? how long can it possibly fucking take to delete a bunch of boards, they do it by the hundreds probably every day, why has it been DAYS and they still arent back??? obviously the mods are able to access the boards again because they were able to take them down, if that even is the real reason for the incident, which I doubt. AAAAND on top of everything else why are so incompetent that you cant even figure out how to ACTUALLY extend the AC and not just keep the page up for longer, scores arent sending so right now this “extension” is completely pointless. whats your problem jumpstart? maybe hmmm I dont know youU SHOULDNT HAVE FIRED ALL THE PEOLE WHO KNOW HOW TO RUN THE SITE