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Uncharted characters as zodiac signs
  • Nathan Drake: Gemini
  • Elena Fisher: Aries
  • Victor Sullivan: Sagittarius
  • Sam Drake: Taurus
  • Rafe Adler: Scorpio
  • Nadine Ross: Aquarius
  • Chloe Frazer: Leo
  • Harry Flynn: Virgo
  • Cassie Drake: Libra
  • Charlie Cutter: Capricorn
  • Katherine Marlowe: Pisces
  • Eddy Raja: Cancer

YouTuber: Lim Changkyun
Username: I.M WHAT I.M
Subsrciber count: 5,001,431
Most watched video: I.M WHAT I.M - PPAP
Fanbase: I.MEME
About: Lim Changkyun is a quite fresh top YouTuber of the industry. He had his major breakthrough with an on going trend - PPAP - which he recreated flawlessy and it went viral. He started the series of “Guides by a man” which is a mix of being savage with his friends, a parody and a piece of life from your favourite boy, Changkyun. He uploads monthly, keeping his fanbase waiting for too long for quality content videos. He is the meme/crack king of YouTube. His fanbase mostly consist of males but he has plenty of female subscirbers as well. He posts a lot on Twitter but hardly ever replies to his mentions, keeping the fans confused when he tweets things like: “New video coming soon” which will be released in like three weeks or two days later. The world might never know.

Monsta X as YouTubers series: Shin Hoseok, Yoo Kihyun, Lim Changkyun, Lee Minhyuk, Chae Hyungwon, Son Hyunwoo, Lee Jooheon

I was thinking about Jungkook’s wings in BEGIN and then the feathers falling in Jimin’s LIE….. and the result was this messy sketch xD [my original tweet]

I Missed You | Dylan O’Brien Smut

(A/N): So I got three requests that were about the same so I combined them together. I’m so sorry this took so long to post!(Rude Anon here you go smh) Enjoy!

Request 1: Hey baby. A smut where is very lovely.. Maybe Dyl got back from being away for shooting and he got back and he missed y/n so much and we do sex and he always say something like “I miss you so much. I love you, love, love you” and is all flufyy 😚😘😙

Request 2: Maybe a smut where is no ‘fucking’ but 'making love’ (sounds clichê i know .. But I would REALLY appreciate that)

Request 3: long fluffy dyl smut? and maybe add a lot of nicknames like babygirl?

Requested By: Anon

Warnings: Very fluffy smut, oral(male on female), unsafe sex, and swearing (?)

Pairing: Dylan O’Brien X (Reader)

(Y/N) = Your Name

**I edited this GIF so give credit if you use it, or I’ll hunt you down ;)**

You silently waited for your boyfriend, Dylan, to get home while sitting on the couch as you watched t.v. trying to occupy yourself. It’s been four months since Dylan’s been gone and he was finally coming home. You haven’t been this excited in forever, and the thought of you finally seeing your boyfriend again made your heart flutter and beat faster.

Your thoughts were interrupted when you heard the front door open, then close. "Babe, I’m home!“ Dylan announced and you quickly stood up from the couch, making your way towards the front door. Dylan finished taking his hoodie off along with his shoes and looked up at you, a bright grin tugging the corners of his lips.

Before Dylan could even say a simple 'Hello’ you immediately crash your lips onto his, cupping both his cheeks. Dylan immediately kissed back, letting out a relaxed sigh into the kiss as your lips moved in sync. Dylan wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him as he kissed you deeper. Dylan then leaned down, picking you up by your thighs so you could wrap your legs around his waist.

Once you did, Dylan helped keep you up by securing his hands under your butt. Your lips moved in sync with his as he carried you to your bedroom, shutting the door behind you two. Dylan then tossed you onto the bed while still hovering over you as your hands tugged at his shirt, and he disconnected his lips and brought them to your neck.

Pulling Dylan’s shirt over his head, you tossed it onto the floor and Dylan immediately went back to peppering your neck with soft, wet kisses. Dylan then brought his lips back to yours, softly connecting them.

"I missed you so much, (Y/N).” Dylan breathed as he kissed down your chin, and down your jawline. You bit down your lower lip, “You have no idea.” You whispered, grinding your hips upwards against Dylan’s already hardened bulge, earning a pleased groan from Dylan’s lips. Dylan re-connected your lips as he slowly slid his hand underneath your shirt, softly groping your clothed breast.

Dylan pulled your shirt up and over your head, tossing it where his shirt was. Dylan kept his lips connected with yours as he slowly sat you up, snaking his arms behind your back to un-hook your bra. Once it was unclasped, Dylan helped you take it off and toss it on the floor.

Laying you back down, Dylan’s lips went straight to your left nipple, sucking and nibbling on it making you tilt your head back, a moan escaping your throat. Dylan swirled his tongue around your nipple, then moving to your other one while giving the other one he had just abandoned the same amount of attention with his fingers.

Running a hand through Dylan's hair and pushing his head closer to your breast, you tugged at the ends making a soft grunt emerge from his lips, making a wave of vibrations run through your body. Dylan released your nipple from his lips and started kissing up your collar bone, sucking on the soft skin.

You felt your core becoming more soaked by the second, you needed him to touch you. You let out a muffled moan through your pursed lips as your squirmed from underneath him, and he got the point. Dylan hooked his fingers inside your pants, pulling them down along with your panties, tossing them on the floor.

Dylan looked down at your soaking slit, licking his lips in anticipation. You bit down your lower lip as Dylan leaned down, hooking his arms under your thighs and pulling them closer so his lips were inches away from your clit. You felt Dylan’s soothing breath on your clit as he blew cold air onto it, sending vibrations through your body.

You then felt Dylan’s lips pepper the inside of your thigh with kisses, sucking on it harshly but gently. Dylan then moved his lips to your other thigh, and you saw about three light crimson hickeys. Dylan kissed up your thigh, making his way to your clit as his tongue swept up between your folds, parting the lips making a soft moan escape your throat.

You were so delicate, considering you haven’t done this with him in a long time. His tongue started swirling around your clit going clockwise then counterclockwise making your hands fly to his hair, pushing him closer to your clit. Dylan started lapping at your juices, enjoying the taste.

“You taste so good, babe.” Dylan moaned between your thighs, making you shiver. Dylan’s head fit perfectly between your thighs, the way he made you feel while doing so. You moaned in response, softly tugging the tips of his hair as you felt his tongue delving in, making you buck your hips closer to his mouth.  

Dylan continued to lap and suck on your bundle of nerves as you shuddered from underneath him, laying your head back onto the pillow as you continued to moan. You ran your hand through Dylan’s soft brown locks, placing your hand on the back of his head to keep his steady. You then left Dylan’s cold, slim fingers part your lips as his tongue continued to work on your clit. Dylan slowly slid a finger inside your soaking entrance, making you sigh in pleasure.

Dylan added another digit and started to slowly pump them as he continued to lap at your clit. You moaned in pleasure, feeling Stiles’ fingers curl and hit your g-spot perfectly. You could tell just by the eye contact that Dylan was smirking, he loved the noises you made when he pleasured you, it reminded him how well he’s doing. And damn did he miss it…

You moaned Dylan’s name as he started pounding his digits into your entrance, curling them to help throw you over the edge. You clenched around his fingers, letting out a loud moan as you released onto his mouth. Dylan flicked his tongue, collecting all your juices making sure to clean up the mess he made. Dylan then sat up, sucking his fingers clean and licking your juices off his lips, then wiping his chin with the back of his hand. “Delicious.” Dylan purred as you laid there panting.

You bit down your lower lip, tugging at Dylan’s belt on his jeans and taking it off. When Dylan took his jeans off, he tossed them on the floor along with the rest of the clothes. Looking into Dylan’s eyes, you teasingly slipped your hand into his boxers, grabbing Dylan’s throbbing length and pulling it out of his boxers. Dylan took off his boxers as you slowly pumped his length, earning a few muffled moans from Dylan’s lips since his lips were pursed together, his eyes fluttered shut.

You pumped Dylan’s length right in front of your entrance, then Dylan grabbed hold of his length and slowly pushed in. You both moaned in pleasure as your walls hugged firmly around Dylan’s length.

“You’re so tight, babygirl.” Dylan purred into your ear, nibbling your earlobe making you moan in response. Your mouth hung slightly agape as you adjusted to Dylan’s length, considering you haven’t had sex in a while and it almost feels like it was the first time all over again.

Once you had fully adjusted to his length, you gave him a nod of reassurance. Dylan started to slowly rocking his hips against yours in a slow thrust, furrowing his brows in concentration and biting down his lower lip. You started grinding yourself up onto him, connecting your lips with his.

Dylan started to slowly quicken his pace, your hips snapping together and you moaned against his lips, arching your back so your chest was against his. Dylan groaned in pleasure, wrapping an arm under your back and pulling you closer against him as he started thrusting into you at a much faster pace, keeping his arm under your back to keep you steady.

Dylan then rolled over so you were straddling his lap and he was under you, his hands softly grasping your hips. A moan escaped your throat from the new position and you slowly started grinding down onto him, making a moan fall from his lips. You then started rocking your hips back-and-fourth at a quick pace, making Dylan screw his eyes shut and bite down his lower lip.

You then clenched around Dylan’s length as he moaned your name over and over again, feeling your peak coming closer. Dylan softly grabbed your hips as he started to thrust up into you, making a loud moan emerge from your lips as you arched your back, tilting your head back. Dylan looked down to where your bodies met, and he felt as if he could cum by the view.

“F-Fuck, Dylan..” You moaned in a whisper, your mouth slightly agape as you clenched around his length once again. Dylan groaned in response, “Do that again, babygirl.” Dylan moaned, continuing to thrust up into you. You clenched your muscles again, feeling Dylan’s length twitch inside of you as he came undone, moaning your name. 

That’s all you needed for you to reach your peak. You let out a loud strong of moans as you continued to grind against Dylan, releasing onto his cock. Your orgasm crashed into you as your vision blurred and you felt yourself dissolving into pleasure. Dylan helped your ride out your orgasm, slowly grinding upwards. Dylan wrapped a hand on the back of your neck, softly pulling you down to smash his lips onto yours.

You let out a relaxed sigh, Dylan’s soft lips moving in sync with yours as you felt your high disappear. You slowly pulled his length out, rolling over to his side as the two of you continued panting. Dylan rolled to the side to face you, placing a sloppy kiss on your lips and you returned the kiss, placing your forehead against his.

“I love you, Dylan. You know that." You breathed gently, making Dylan nod and place his lips onto yours again. "I love you too, (Y/N)." Dylan whispered, and you rolled over to the side so Dylan could wrap an arm around your waist so you spooned. Dylan was always the big spoon, and sometimes he was the little spoon but he prefers big spoon so he can hold you.

"So much.” Dylan whispered, placing one last kiss on your neck before you drifted to sleep.

(A/N: Oh my god, so many Dylan feels!! Thank you sm for reading, I’m sorry it took so long to post - Adriannah)


Under the cut there are exactly #188 gifs of darkskinned goddess and musician Justine Skye requested by @lovelylyrix. They are what I deem to be roleplayable. I created each gif myself and used different psds. Please do not take or edit them without credit (or asking me first) or add them to any gif hunts. I created the gifs from her instagram videos as well as some interviews and youtube videos. Each gif is 250x188 in size (or thereabout i made sizing mistakes in a few of them and was too lazy to correct them). Please like/reblog if use or you’re an rph.

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iamamykitteh  asked:

RFA: MC making the worst pun in the world

Sorry this took so long but this is probably my fave request so far and I tried to do justice to it. I love terrible puns smh ~ mod stranger

RFA + MC making the worst pun in the world

Zen: laughing outside but crying also on the inside because wtf that pun was SO BAD but he loves you SO MUCH

Yoosung: will laugh 110% of the time because he loves you so much and every joke you make (even the ones that should never have been brought into existence) is fricking hilarious to him

Jaehee: this girl has finally found something she hates more than Jumin’s cat projects

Jumin: has already booked one-way tickets for him and Elizabeth the 3rd to New Zealand and ready to drive out to the airport (and then crashing his car on the way)

Seven: the more terrible the pun, the louder the praise (#GodSevenApproves)

anonymous asked:

Headcannons time! Let's say Kakyoin's s/o is great at video games, but always comes second place to him, and despite being a great at stand fights they feel like their weak, and despite being such a great lover to Kakyoin and doing everything in their power to make sure he's happy, his s/o feels like their doing enough and just secretly feel inferior even though their optimistic and smart. How would Kakyoin react to finding out about this?

I’m horrifically sorry for the wait; I hope this turned out okay.

  • As close as they are, it’s going to take Kakyoin awhile to notice anything; he’s happy in the relationship, and he’s been assuming everything is fine on his s/o’s end too. Eventually, though, he’s going to notice something- maybe it was a forced smile, or maybe it took his s/o a bit too long to squeeze his hand back, but the realization hits him all at once. Something’s wrong.
  • His first reaction will be to assume he’s done something to offend them, so he might try to appease them with small gifts. He’ll bring home their favorite flowers, maybe pick up that book they were looking at last week- once he feels like he’s bought enough things to keep them calm for a bit, he’s going to attempt to sit down and talk.
  • He doesn’t like to have any secrets between the two of them, so although he rarely wants to toe the line and upset his s/o, he’s going to be firm about getting them to tell him what’s wrong. His heart sinks when his s/o is finally able to tell him; he’s disappointed, mainly with himself for making his s/o feel this way and not noticing, but he’s also vaguely disappointed in them for not coming to him sooner.
  • Everyone is different, so although he resolves to do what he can to make his s/o feel better, it will take some time to figure out what works for them. He’ll most likely continue buying them gifts, and they’ll get more and more extravagant; he’s also going to make a point of complimenting his s/o and reminding them he absolutely adores them with every chance he gets.
the smh + the dogs they would adopt

(i was inspired by this post by @jewishtango and i did so much research for this you don’t even know how invested i am)

bitty: listen,, bitty’s dog is almost as big as he is,, it’s a newfoundland dog and he has to train his dog to always stay out of lardo’s way because she would have to be an olympic vaulter to get past, before bitty adopted his dog he spent 3 months learning recipes for gourmet dog treats and he has approximately 87 vlogs about new recipes he’s trying, with his dog guest starring

jack: jack’s golden lab l o v e s to go running. on days when jack doesn’t want to go for a run even though he knows he has to (and he does have those days) his dog will gently (but relentlessly) nudge him towards the door. his dog is well trained enough that they don’t need a leash, and she’s very cuddly and loves plopping down in jack’s lap. she’s also been trained as a therapy dog and jack has had her since he was coaching peewee and one of the kids mentioned that petting dogs makes you happier. (later on, when bitty has moved in, jack is routinely struck by the similarity between bitty’s puppydog eyes and his dog’s)

shitty: a meticulously groomed white poodle. he doesn’t go for the classic poodle look but he delights in taking his dog to the dog park and annihilating via frisbee competitions all the dudebros who think it’s weird he has a poodle. his dog loves it, she’ll play fetch with literally any object that looks throwable. she also loves people and shitty had to train her to bring guests a toy instead of jumping on them when they walk through the door (once again mostly for lardo’s and bitty’s benefit). occasionally the ‘toys’ she brings are actually articles of shitty’s clothing, which shitty is only somewhat inclined to stop

(more under the cut because holy shit this got long)

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Jack’s Girlfriend Theory C.

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about how the Samwell boys will react once they realize that Jack’s “girl” is a baker, mostly that…

A) This is the lightbulb moment: “The One Where Everybody Finds Out.”

B) It goes completely over their heads.

BUT! I present a third option. 

We know the boys can be a bit… dense, when it comes to their teammates’ love lives. The boys have NO reason to believe Jack is anything but straight, so they’re not going to go straight from “girlfriend + good cook” to “JACK IS GAY AND SECRETLY DATING OUR CLOSE MUTUAL FRIEND WHO IS ALSO A GOOD COOK”

Also, the team (+Lardo) has seen Tater ask Jack about his girlfriend who cooks. In the comic, they seem to brush it off as Tater being funny/teasing Jack.

So say they come up to a Falconers game and the fateful SMH-Tater meeting occurs. Ransom manages not to faint, EMTs are not called, and adult conversations are had (kinda). 

Then, somehow, someone mentions Bitty’s pies. Let’s make it Chowder, bless his poor, excitable, well-meaning heart. It could go something like…

Chowder: You were great!! Even the warm-ups were cool!!! I’m so glad we made it, I thought we were going to be late because Bitty took so long to pack up his pies! Oh, sorry, Bitty!!

Bitty: Well I wasn’t about to come to the game empty-handed!

Jack: Priorities, eh? I see how it is, Bittle. 

Tater: You bring pie??

Bitty: I sure did! Plenty for the whole team to share. I’m leaving them with Jack so ya’ll can enjoy after practice tomorrow, but if you want a slice now I can run back to the car–

Jack: Bittle, no–

Tater: No no! I wait. Something to look forward to, a-ha! Did Jack’s girl bake them? He share pies from girlfriend before! So good! Why she no bring them herself? 

Everyone: ………

So now, here, the hockey hive-mind is spinning. Our boys are dumb, yes, but they aren’t dumb enough that they won’t draw SOME conclusion. 

And that leads to…

C) They realize Jack’s “girlfriend” IS Bitty, but they think it’s a hilarious misunderstanding. 

It’s a pretty natural assumption from their standpoint: Bitty sends Jack pies. Jack shares pies with Tater & the team. Team assumes its from a girlfriend. Jack is too awkward to correct them. Thus, Bitty is Jack’s “mystery girlfriend.” 

Do they think Bitty is ACTUALLY dating Jack? Of course not. 

Are they still going to chirp them within an inch of their lives? Oh hell yes. 

Jack and Tater get called back to the locker room, but that doesn’t mean he escapes it. The SMH group chat BLOWS UP, even before they leave the stadium: “BROS HWO COULD U NOT TELL US?” (Ransom) and “DIBS ON BEST BRO AT THE WEDDING BRO” (Holster) and “Jack dude you brought this upon yrslf” (Lardo) and “Oh wow Bitty’s Halloween costume makes so much more sense now” (Chowder) and “ASLJKA;siQIWNDwnlqkAjk;dVXN,aisd” (Ransom & Holster)

Even Tater gets in on the action, chirping Jack once they get back to the locker room: ‘Why you not correct me, huh? I can keep secret that you single, have only teammate to cook for you, ha ha.” ( “Ha ha :/ ” - Jack )

And on the drive Samwell, Bitty is subjected to comments like ‘Oh hey Bitty it’s not too cold is it? You’re fine? I guess our former Canadian Captain really rubbed off on you, eh?’ and ‘Hey lets do a beer run on the way back Bitty can pay he’s got a hockey sugar daddy now.’  ( “STOP >:( ” - Bitty )

And they brush it off well, but the whole time, Bitty and Jack are TERRIFIED. Suddenly there’s another layer to this lie they have to live. They have to toe the line of indulging the joke and discouraging it, acting normal and watching their backs, all without drawing suspicion.

For Jack, it’s another source of stress, the idea that this very special but very private part of his life is now out of his control and in the hands of his friends, who are good guys but don’t understand the damage they could do to his career/life if they were to be careless with it. 

And then there’s Bitty, who has to deal with it every day. Bitty, who has never been in a real relationship and wants to bask in the attention he’s getting–even if the chirps are at his expense, because they come from a place of love, and he likes to think (hopes, prays) that his friends would react just the same if they knew that he & Jack were dating for real. 

But then a week passes, then two, and they relax a bit when they realize their friends are morons and really do have no clue. 

Instead, Jack & Bitty get frustrated, because every time Bitty texts Jack or tries to Skype, someone is there, leaning over his shoulder, sticking their head into his room, chirping, making kissy faces or obscene gestures, and generally being obnoxious as possible as they try to encourage Zimbits to “express their love,” while in reality they are being the opposite and the biggest cockblocks ever

The first time Jack visits the Haus afterward everyone pelts him with rice as soon as he enters the door. When Bitty goes up to visit Jack one weekend, he finds a “care package” - condoms, lube, giant dildo (“I don’t know which is worse, one of y’all actually bought one of these, or someone had it just lying around”) - hidden in his suitcase. Soon after The Reveal, Shitty gets stoned, gets ordained online, and makes a solemn oath to fight anyone to the death who will stand in the way of his officiating the “greatest celebration of love and bros and hockey’s triumph over heteronormativity ever celebrated.”

(Shitty does get to officiate the wedding, eventually. Lardo is Jack’s Best Bro, and Ransom and Holster are Bitty’s Co-Best Bros, and at the wedding reception every single member of the hockey team swears up and down to anyone who will listen that they were the only one who knew Jack and Bitty were really dating, they just didn’t want to give the secret away because they’re cool like that.)


@taegedy : Omf I just saw the request about texting/snap chatting Jin when you started teaching yourself Hangul and I was wondering if you could do Suga and jungkook too? that’s so cute i love that scenario a lot

: “I miss you, Yoongi~~~~”

yg: w a t

: “What do you mean ‘what’?”

: This is so hard humour me

yg: Are you trying to learn korean?

: You learned english for me so I thought I’d return the favour 

yg: “I’m touched 💜”

: “you’re welcome ✌️”

yg: “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ you still can’t speak complex korean 😂😂😂” (i can’t specifically remember but it’s along those lines can you tell i used google translate for this sentence smh)

: I only understood half of that and I’m assuming you’re making fun of me

: “you asshole 🖕”

yg: “i’m touched ~~~~~”

yg: “you are so cute 😂😂😂”


We can fight

The phrase is “you are so handsome!”

Pt 2/2

These took so long because doing requests for other languages are so much more difficult because of the translation and the script and stuff. Fun! But still difficult. Thank you for requesting!!! :D

- Admin J

MARDI GRAS 2K15 WAS AMAZING!!!!!! Our group went off and i am honestly so blessed that i was able to dance along side my mother. I’m so happy that she decided to get the group into parading (back in 2012) because everyone has the best time!! not only are you around super genuine people, but you’re around so much love and good vibes that it makes you forget about all the stresses it took to prepare!!!!!! it’s days like these where I see my parents so for equal rights that makes me regret not coming out to them yet but i hope that when i do they’ll understand why i waited so long!!!! thank you mum & dad for everything.


“I find that the best way into [acting successfully] is to open my heart up to it and allow it to be as truthful and honest as I can be, and I can make it. It’s hard to do that; it’s hard to open yourself up to something.”

Scott and Stiles have been best friend’s for years. I can’t believe Scott is taking Theo’s word over Stiles’.

Scott doesn’t even give Stiles a chance to explain.

Doesn’t even give Stiles a chance to share what ACTUALLY happened. (because we all know what Theo told Scott is BULLSHIT)

As his best friend, Scott has to know how much killing Donovan must have affected Stiles. It took Stiles so long until he could finally live with himself after it happened. Stiles felt so much guilt and now he finally has come to terms with it and accept that it wasn’t entirely his fault and that Stiles did what he had to do to ensure his family was safe.

Scott put him back to square one. Scott made him guilty and feel horrible about the incident all over again.

And to make matters worse, Scott FLINCHED. He FLINCHED. The big bad werewolf flinched at the human with a wrench. 

Smh at Scott.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if it's only me but every time I read chapters with Mo and He Tian kiss I think that He Tian after a while wanted to deepen the kiss (I mean this panel where we see their lips and his tongue) and that's what snapped Mo back to his senses and he pushed He Tian away.

it’s not just you, anon, i’ve definitely thought about that too!!

well, maybe not exactly about he tian deepening the kiss, because that savage straight up shoved his tongue down guan shan’s throat and that’s as deep as you can get tbh, but i always had the feeling that after an initial moment of stillness he tian lighlty touched guan shan’s tongue with his own and that that was what made guan shan finally react

it’s just the impression that i get every time i reread those two chapters with the kiss tbh, and like you said it’s probably because of that close up on their mouths, which just gives me this strong suggestion of movement, i think it also makes sense based on the type of kiss and on what he tian might have thought and felt at that moment: an open mouthed kiss is awkward as hell if you just stay still, and since guan shan didn’t immediately push him away he tian probably took that as permission to go a little further and explore guan shan’s mouth (which is probably something that he wanted to do since day 1, let’s be real, but that wasn’t the gay to go about it, smh. someone pls help this clueless boy)

um. anyway. i feel a bit guilty for having kept you waiting so long for such a lame reply, but i really agree with you on this, so i don’t have much else to say!! (and i feel slightly creepy for analysing the kiss like this, so i hope i didn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable and i apologise if i did)