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Do you have any ideas/theories about the curse of ymir? Whether they will try to stop it somehow or if it's even real? Like how are they going to deal with this? It honestly stresses me out so much and makes me so and I know bc of it we probably won't get a very happy ending but I continue to read theories and give myself some home anyway. Though most theories are so fucking sad omfg lmao

Hi anon! I’m sorry this response has taken so long, this is probably the toughest ask I’ve had before, so it took awhile to think about. We have a few options for this. I’m just gonna run down the line.

1. They can’t stop it

     The least favorable answer. This way, all of the Shifters would die before the series ends. There’d be nothing anybody could do, and the series ends hopeless. I don’t ACTUALLY think this is likely though. I don’t have the interview, but Isayama I think it was, mentioned something about how the number 9 occurs a bunch in snk, and that it’s related to “the end of a cycle.” That probably ties into the To You, 2000 Years in the Future thing. I’m thinking it’s probably something like a 2000 year curse, and it breaks at the end of the series.

2. Reunification Theory

     This is probably the one I’ve seen thrown around a bunch. The basic gist is that somebody has to take all of the Titan powers back into themselves. What happens next kind of varies. Maybe they summon Ymir Fritz. Maybe the Shifter puts themselves into Annie’s crystal stasis, then they get buried at the bottom of the ocean. Maybe THAT’S where To You, 2000 Years in the Future comes from. 2000 Years later they find the Crystallized Shifter at the bottom of the ocean.


     Someone from the Ackerman Clan (Mikasa) summons Ymir Fritz, tells her to fix it, she does. @falcon94ssy is the mastermind of this theory.

4. Reunification Theory Except It’s With Eldia And Marley But Every Time Eren Gets Captured It Gets Faster

     This is probably my favorite one atm, but I think the series would have to be a bit longer for it to work. Basically, Paradis fights Marley, they work things out, and then they venture out into that mysterious forest that Ymir Fritz is always depicted in and literally get like, archaeological evidence for how to fix it. Maybe there’s like an ancient tablet with secret Shifter instructions? I haven’t really given this one too much thought, but I’d love to see everyone reunite to find Ymir Fritz or something related to her. Something to give them an idea. It sounds like it’d need its own arc though.

Sorry again for the super delay in this response! Thanks for the ask!


Spring days without practice 

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What's the biggest model gig you've ever gotten?

H: I usually do just simple photo shoots for clothing companies, but once I did a school fashion show~! All the clothes and hair and make-up was done by the students at the Uni, it was interesting, but really fun!

A foolish traveler was on a journey. He was stupid because he was easily tricked. The townspeople took advantage of him. On that journey, he was tricked into giving away all his money, clothes, and shoes. But the traveler was foolish, so when the townspeople lied to him saying, “this will really help,” tears would stream down his face…and he would say, “please be happy.” When he gave away his last belonging…he was naked and ashamed to be seen. So he decided to travel into the forest. Then he met the monsters who lived in the forest. They wanted to eat him, so they tricked him with clever words. Of course, the traveler was fooled and when the monsters asked, he gave up his arms and legs. Eventually the traveler was nothing but a head. He even gave his eyes to the last monster he met. As the monster munched on his eyes…he said, “thank you. I’ll give this to you in return.” and left him. But that was a lie, too. His gift was a single piece of paper that had fool written on it. But the traveler cried saying: “Thank you, thank you. This is the first time anyone’s given me anything. I’m so happy. Thank you. Thank you.” And tears kept flowing from his eye sockets. And while he was crying…he died.

Momiji Sohma, Fruits Basket Volume 3, Chapter 17

“…Everyone… laughed. While they laughed I closed my eyes…and thought about the traveler. I thought about the traveler who was tricked into being nothing but a crying head saying, ‘thank you.’ and…I thought…how…lucky…he was. Loss…suffering…its pointless to think about them. The traveler didnt think about them.That might be stupid to some people…but it’s not stupid to me. That I won’t trick anyone, even if other people think that person deserves it. I just want to make them happy.”

Secrets Undone|| Pia x Harry

Harry had just arrived home from being in the studio. He was currently finishing up small details for his solo album that he would be releasing in a few months. He didn’t think that he was going to be in the studio for so long. He yawned as he set down his keys and wallet as he walked down the small hallway that lead tot he kitchen.

“Pia?” He called out as he went to make himself a glass of water. He wondered where his girlfriend was as he took a sip of his drink. He was going to see if the other wanted to run out to get something to eat with him or if she wanted to just order take out.


BTS before their date


“Ok, I need to get in shape, she likes my back and shoulders the most.”

*ends up his training after 3 hours*


*dresses up*

*eats more*

*looks in the mirror*

*eats again*

“Ye, now I’m irresistible even more than usual.”

*eats a bit more*


*wakes up earlier than he’s used to*

“Oh God, where are my eyeballs?”

*thinks a lot what to do so early in the morning*

*looks at clocks to be sure, what time is it*

*looks around him with suddenly blank mind*

*looks at clocks again*

“I think, I woke up too early. I’ll just go and sleep more.”


“This day has finally cOoOoOoOmEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE!” 

*since morning he’s energizer*

*screams all the time*

*jumps all the time*

*smiles all the time*

*laughs at things what are not funny all the time*

*calms down after he sees himself in some reflection*

*just now thinks about what to dress*

“Should I put some make-up on or no?” *happy-hysterical screaming-laughing in front of mirror* “She said, she doesn’t like, when I wear make-up…”


“Shit, I was so flurried that I didn’t sleep all night.”

*drinks coffee*

*drinks a lot of coffee*

*gets just too much hype*

*breaks every small thing, what is around him in range of 10 metres*

*trying to get in sense by listening to music*

*falls asleep*

*getting up too late*

*that late that his date was like 5 hours ago*



*calmly eats his breakfast*

BTS: “Jimin, do you remember, that you are going on date today?”

Jimin: “… what did you say?”

*running around like hes late for his date*

*sees, that he has much more time than he thought*

*spends 1 hour by enthusiastic running outside while thinking about that one girl*

*showers with his best smelling shower gel*

*tries to find good outfit*

*tries really hard*

*finally decides to go*

*stops and changes his clothes one more time*


“Its heeeereeeeee~”

*eats his favourite breakfast*

*drinks his favourite limonade*

*tweets, how happy he is*

*calls his parents to say, that he loves them and how hes grateful them for his birth*

*jumps around*

*sings his favourite trot*

*tries to rap*

*rather goes back to singing trot but with his own lyrics about his girl*

BTS: “Taehyung…”

Taehyung: “Yes?” *still very happy*

BTS: “Your date is tomorrow.”



“Oh my God, my face…”

*complains about his stupidity*

*tries to eat something*

*he is too nervous to eat so he goes to workout*

*cant workout so he goes to choose some clothes*

*cant choose any outfit cuz hes too nervous*

*asks his make-up noona to do make-up for him*

*looks at his reflection for a long time*

“Argh, even make-up couldn’t help.”

Master list

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Omfg please more jasiperleo headcanons with a cute little stupidly adorable Leo I'm with you on the lack of fanart and fanfiction because honestly this ship needs to be a God itself


(sorry it took so long to reply)

  • can we talk about gardener leo and piper and piper would charmspeak the plants so they’d grow nice and big and pretty, and leo would make the coolest things out of the shrubs, like an eagle or a lion or etc
  • leo is a cuddling bun, he’s a lil bun and total cuddle bun, ok i have so many cuddle headcanons bc like leo radiates warmth so like BRUH it’s perfect but anyway like they cuddle leo so much
  • in the winter
  • in the spring
  • in the fall
  • not in the summer it’s TOO HOT
  • but when they cuddle leo always somehow ends up wrapping himself around them if it’s just two of them
  • but when it’s all three of them piper and jason wrap themselves around leo bc he’s just so TOASTY ok i’m done omg
  • leo built a buford 2.0 ((did buford die or something i still don’t know??)) and he made it have specific settings so when piper or jason is sick and he isn’t there, buford will follow them around the apartment with tissues and advil and freeze/heat packs and what not
  • of course when leo gets sick buford gets pushed out of the way bc piper and jason fuss over him to much
  • whenever leo gets to frustrated with his work and piper or jason have to go find him, they always pull him out of it with a rainshower of kisses and they don’t stop until he leaves with them to watch a movie or take a walk or something
  • whenever jason and him are sparring leo keeps cracking jokes until jason gets to annoyed and just pins him down
  • jason’s always like “guess i win”
  • and leo smirks like “nah from this angle i think i did”
  • whenever piper and leo spar, they’ll fight at first, but leo always get’s distracted by how awesome his girlfriend is and she’ll judo flip him a lot like annabeth did to percy
  • ok so sometimes they’re gone on quests, like just one of them, but it doesn’t matter which one is gone bc whichever two is left at the apartment, leo will set up a cheesy as HELL romantic scene w/ roses and candles and serenade them with his mediocre guitar skills and sexy times always follow bc that’s leo’s secret
  • but when leo is gone, jason and piper talk about what he does and they ask each other which song he sang to them last time and laugh and HEY they have sexy times to but it’s so chill bc no one dramatizes it like leo jeez
  • leo decided one day to go all out and get a hot stuff tattoo anyway except he decided to get this killer flames sleeve and when jason saw it he almost passed out cause DAMN his boyfriend got 300% hotter how is that possible
  • whenever leo comes back from the forges he ALWAYS smells like wood and coal and burning flames and piper LOVES it 
  • they were at a fair once and leo tried to win a big bear for piper but he couldn’t do it so jason stepped in and got it and leo got pissed so piper held the giant bear and jason held leo all the way home

were these cute enough???

i’m sorry if they’re not i don’t think i’m very good at cute stuff but i hope these are sufficient??

thank you for sending the ask!!! :)

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Last night i had a dream that Leo, N, and Ravi were at my college and Ravi kept lifting his shirt to show his abs and i got rly annoyed so i stood behind him and just held his shirt up and asked everyone who walked by if they'd seen his abs lmao what

oMFG LOOOL DUUUDE I’m actualLY DEAD what is your passive aggressiveness hahaa 😂😂😂

you were probably imagining this