this took so long to make cause i was screaming and crying and jumping and fangirling so hard

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Ok hello, I was wondering about whatever happened to that Jimin, V, and hobi hope honeymoon smut I requested a few months back. Like did admin K just decide not to do it? Cause I was told she was working on it and I seen it in the scenarios in progress thing but then it wasn't there anymore

Sorry, maybe it got lost or something? I remember doing something like that which is actually here; But I can complete the request now.

NSFW, 18+;

As the two of you got checked into the hotel and were on your way up to your room in the elevator. Jimin attacked you right then and there, thank god there was no one else in there. Both of your hormones raged as he rubbed your clothed flower.
You moaned into his mouth, him biting your lip as he replaced his hands with his clothed dick. The elevator dinged but it took you two a few seconds to realize that it had actually happen. You giggled as you ran to your door, making him chase you.
As soon as you were in the room, he had thrown you onto the bed and threw his shirt off somewhere else. You stared at him as you propped yourself up on your elbows and smirked, biting your lip. You knew it drew him crazy when you did so.
He took off his pants in one go and hovered over you, slipping your sundress off, leaving you in your panties and bra. You hissed as he placed his mouth over one of your nipples, tweaking the other. His lower half grinding against you in such a slow motion, teasing you.
“Faster,” You’re able to moan out and you feel him smirk against your breasts. He follows your command and you dig your nails into his shoulder. The rubbing discontinues though, as he pulls your panties just low enough just to enter you.
“I love you,” He whispers into your ear as he thrusts in. You can feel the euphoria take over your body as he fastens his pace. His groans drown out your own and you’re unable to breathe regularly as he sticks his tongue down your mouth as well.
You cry out a moan as you release, cumming over his dick and he smirks to himself being able to last longer than you. He lets go, cumming inside of you and then falls onto your body gently. You play with his hair in your hands.
When he’s finally able to catch his breath he looks up at you and smiles, his disposition totally different from just a minute ago.
“I love you,” He smiles and kisses you softly.

“Yayyy!!” Your just-wed husband screams as he jumps around in excitement. The two of you decided to just go to the beach for your honeymoon. Nobody was at the beach, why? Because it was already night time.
“Taehyung!” You laugh and scream as he splashes you with water. “Hey!” You scream and try to get back at him. However, he’s too fast and in a second he looks like he’s already a mile away.
“So unfair,” You mutter to yourself and pout, crossing your arms. He laughs and turns around walking back to you.
“Aww, is my jagi mad?” He jokes and wraps his arms around you as a warm embrace. You tiptoe and bite his shoulder softly and he chuckles swaying both your bodies back and forth.
“Come here,” He says, as he grabs your hand in his and leads you back to the sand. He sits you down across from him and he smiles at you, softly caressing your face.
“I’ve loved you for so long now,” He says and your cheeks warm up at his deep voice. You nod and smile to yourself.
“I love you too,” You whisper back. He smiles and then dives in kissing you, something so soft that then turns more passionate and hot, which leads to your swimsuit being taken off, and his swim trunks as well. He lays back in the sand and brings you on top of him.
“Take your time,” He says as he looks at your with lustful eyes but a loving smile. You bite your lip, unsure of what to do but you slip him in. His junior is slim but long and you can feel it hitting deep into your core.
“Mmph,” You moan out and hover over him, your hands on either side of his head. He raises his head and kisses you softly.
“Help,” You giggle and wiggle your bottom against him, eliciting a moan out of him. He shakes his head and grabs your hips in his hands, slowly pushing you up and then pulling you in closer. Every time it happens, the two of you moan.
It dawns on you that the two of you are hacing sex on the beach under the moonlight. Nothing could be more romantic than right now with him.
He shifts, you on bottom now. You see a smirk building on his lips. This is the Taehyung that all the fangirls scream over. You can’t help but feel butterflies in your stomach as he grabs your breasts in his hands, massaging them. He leans down to kiss you all the while so and you feel him thrust in you hard and fast. His pace is quickening and you can barely respond to his kisses.
“Hnng Tae,” You moan out. He sucks on your neck, leaving a mark and claiming you as his. He then softly kisses the spot as he thrusts harder than before.
“I’m close,” He whispers against your ear and you feel tingles throughout your body. You nod, signalling him to let go. And you feel it, both of your juices mixing with each other inside of you. So warm, so loving, so… hot.
You bite your lip, not wanting to tell him that you want another round but the look on his face tells you that he already knows.
“Can’t resist huh?” He laughs and groans as your buck your hips up, making him enter you again.
“I think it’s you who can’t,” You smile and the two of you go at it again.

“Hoseok, hoseok,” You sing his name as the two of you swing your connected hands together. He looks down at you and smiles, placing a chaste kiss on your temple.
“Hoseookkkkk!!~~” The both of you laugh as you broke out into song. “I love you.” You say and he smiles that dashing smile that first made you fall in love with him.
“I love you more,” He says and you know he means it but you want to fight back telling him that’s not true but you’ll let him win this time.
The two of you were returning back to the hotel after a fun day spent together sight-seeing around Macau. You felt so happy after eating delicious foods with him and just being able to spend the quality time both of you deserved after your wedding.
Truth be told though, you were nervous about having sex with him for the first time. And tonight would be the death of you. Yep, you were a straight up virgin who never even dared to go close to second base. But here you were, married and now on your honeymoon with the most wonderful man you had ever met.
“You okay?” He asked as you laid out on the bed, limbs spread out as far as could go.
“Mmhmm,” You replied not trying to sound nervous but failing. He came out of the bathroom and raised an eyebrow at you then chuckled, realizing why you had sounded so nervous.
“Hey,” He softly called your name after and you looked up at him, “We don’t have to tonight.” Your heart felt relieved but it also stung. You pouted to yourself and then stood up, walking over to him feeling determined now.
“Hoseok, we are doing it. We are going to have sex,” You said with a confident face. He looked at you and then started to laugh like he had never before. You grew mad at him but when he hugged you, it was replaced with soft feelings of warmth and happiness.
“Come on, let’s take a shower,” He whispered and led you into the bathroom.
“T-together?” You asked and he nodded with a grunt. You instantly felt nervous. He closed the door and you looked at him, uncertain what to do.
As he started to lift his shirt off of him, you screamed and he looked at you surprised. He chuckled and then put his shirt back on.
“I-I’m not good! I’m no good at sex!” You yell and then stop to look at his face. You couldn’t read him, but it was probably because you felt only nervous and anxious. He smiled and walked over to you, bending down to your height, kissing you on the nose.
“We’re not having sex,” He said, “We’re making love.”
Love. Making love, his words repeated in your mind. That’s right, the two of you weren’t just some strangers going for a one night stand. You two were a married couple, there was passion within you relationship, there was beauty, and most importantly love. There was love involved.
He looked at you so softly that you felt like crying.
Instead, you turned on the shower to warm and walked over to him, jumping against him and pushing him against the wall, capturing his lips with yours. You slipped your shorts off along with your panties, while he got rid of all his clothes as well.
As he pulled your top off, you suddenly got shy.
“They’re… small,” You said and he shook his head.
“You’re beautiful inside and out, always,” He kissed your lips and you complied to taking your shirt off along with your bra.
You entered the steaming shower and he followed. You were naked, in all your glory. But it was okay. Because the man you loved the most was right there with you. He smiled before he carried you up into his arms and you wrapped your legs around his waist.
The kissing between you two began to get heavy, third base had been reached in a couple of seconds when he grabbed your butt with one hand and massaged a cheek while the held your breast softly.
You moaned into his mouth, wrapping your arms around his neck for balance. His kisses were so soft but so rough, you didn’t understand how it could be that way.
“E-enter me,” You moaned out and threw your head back as he licked your neck. He stopped and looked at you seriously.
“Are you sure you’re ready?” He asked and you nodded.
Your eyes fell back closed as he kissed you again and finally entered you in one swift moment.
You expected the pain to come, for it to hurt like hell, and to maybe even bleed, but it didn’t. You were fine. In fact, it felt good. Wait, not just good, AMAZING. You bit your lip as he hand came into contact with your clitoris. He began to rub you there, your body in a state of ecstasy as you tried to contain yourself.
“Ugh!” You moaned as he hit your g-spot over and over again. His groaning turned you on as he nibbled on his jawline. You moaned for more and he gave it to you.
You could feel him throbbing in you and you felt ready too.
“I’m gonna cum,” He groans.
“Me too,” You say and hold on to him tighter.
In a matter of moments, it happens. His love juice is inside of you and you feel nothing but happiness.
“I love you,” You tell him and he smiles after his breathing calms down.
“I love you more,” He says.