this took so long to make and it isn't even good

The thing that makes me most upset about Hydra!Cap is that it’s essentially tearing apart what Steve Rogers has stood by for such a long time. He’s always represented courage, steadfastness, and strength as well as determination in times of hardship. He was the underdog at first. Captain America started out at the bottom and it took such a long time and so much struggle for him to even get into the army. So many little children have read these stories and thought, “if Captain America can do it, i can do it too!” So many kids have looked up to this character for decades. So many people have been touched and inspired by this character, and I can’t stand how the qualities and traits they’ve admired in Steve Rogers are being broken down. Decades of character development have been decimated. The foundation of his character, how good, selfless, and just genuinely caring Steven Grant Rogers is is being destroyed, and that’s why Hydra!Cap disgusts me.