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Why does it seem like dazai has his own harem?

Well, maybe I’m not the best person to answer this, because I’m not Dazai’s #1 fan. If I have to be completely honest, it took me a very long time to tolerate him, even longer when it came to actually like him. 

I can’t deny that it’s true, everyone seem to have a crush on him and I wondered why, because I really couldn’t find an answer to that question, a reason for all of them to be so utterly obsessed with him. To me, he was just a dramatic asshole who was taking advantage of everyone’s weaknesses. 

But now I’m watching BSD for the second time, and maybe I found some answers. Dazai is like an upgraded version of Oikawa. He could be treated as the best character ever or as the most toxic of them all. 

They have so much in common if you think about it. Dazai is strong, perfectly aware of his abilities, scary, manipulative, the team mastermind, he likes to toy with people and he always acts according to an ulterior motive. At the same time, he’s probably the most charismatic character in BSD, he’s beautiful, a natural leader, charming, funny, sometimes even an adorable dork. In one word: irresistible. 

It’s incredible to look at the effect Dazai has on people: 

  • you have Chuuya who’s still fixated on him after FOUR YEARS, he says he hates him but at the same time he put his own life in Dazai hands literally the fist time they went back on a mission together (???????)
  • you have Akutagawa, for whom my hear aches every time. His only life purpose is to be validated by him and honestly Dazai look what you have done to this child, he’s permanently emotionally bruised 
  • you have Kunikida who’s constantly annoyed by him but at the same time he always gets along with his tantrums
  • you have Atsushi who thank god is the only one who seems to take none of his shit, despite having had his “Dazai phase” as well in the very beginning. (THE PINKIES IN THE ED HONESTLYYYYYYYY) 
  • you have Fukuzawa who’s quite fond of him too and lets him do basically whatever he wants
  • Even our constantly unenthusiastic Ranpo seem to to enjoy working with Dazai (tbh their relationship is quite endearing, I feel like Dazai has a soft spot for him somehow)  
  • The only person who had a normal relationship with Dazai was Oda but of course he’s dead

He may not be the official protagonist of BSD, but Dazai is for sure the center of everyone’s attention. Every turning point in the story revolves around him, every single thing that happens just follows his big mental plan. He has that attitude of his, he looks so carefree and uncaring that every time he shows some affection people feel like they’ve been blessed by some kind of god. 

To answer your question, I don’t know why they all love him so much. It’s just the Dazai effect, I guess. 

and he’s a fine pice of ass ok we can’t deny that I mean look at him 


      Requested by @phangirlof

      Sitting with the cute wiggling puppy in your arms, you wait on the couch, anticipating when Sehun will return home from dance practice. You’ve always talked about owning a puppy together, but Sehun had always knocked down your idea, stating that Vivi is enough for the two of you. Yes, you love Vivi to death but getting another puppy sounded like a brilliant idea. Now here you are with a baby pitbull desperately trying to escape your arms and explore the apartment. 

      You had picked up the little guy at a pound a few hours earlier. Walking through many cages to find your ideal puppy took almost an hour itself. The staff working at the pound were almost frustrated with you because you wouldn’t leave without the perfect dog. You had to make sure he was cute so Sehun would at least consider keeping him, but you knew as long as you did aeygo for your overly sassy boyfriend, the pup would be yours. 

      The blue eyes peeking out of one certain cage won you over. Kneeling down by the cage, a grey pitbull with little white markings trotted to you. He whined until you reached your hand through the bars and petted his soft head. Once you decided he was the one, you’d alerted the staff, them gathering supplies for him such as a collar, leash, a bed, and some food. 

      You were tempted to send a quick picture to Sehun, but you decided to let it be a surprise. Climbing into the drivers seat of your car, the puppy hopped on your lap, instantly falling into a deep slumber. The soft snoring coming from the sweet animal brought a smile to your face and it was difficult to focus on the road when you kept glancing down in awe. 

      You hear your apartment door clicking open, signaling Sehun got your urgent text message. Instead of sending a picture of the dog, you had just told him to come to your place after work. He usually did anyways to snack on all your food. “Y/N! Why did you actually invite me over here for once when you know I’m going to come anyway.” A voice states. The puppy halts it’s wiggling, it’s ears perked at the unfamiliar voice. 

      Your hands firmly place the wild puppy on the ground, it shooting off in the direction of the male voice, it’s short stubby tail wagging back and forth. Not being able to keep the smile off your face, you waited to hear Sehun cooing over the dog, but instead you’re surprised when he screams. Sehun runs in front of your comfortable place on the couch, dragging the puppy behind him. The puppy’s teeth are solidly snapped shut on the end of Sehun’s sweatpants. He runs so fast, the puppy can’t keep up so it holds on with it’s teeth while being tugged on it’s belly. 

      You can’t contain the laughter that spills from your lips. Tumbling on the floor,  you clutch your stomach at the terrified expression on your boyfriend’s face. Little legs soon topple over you, a slobbery tongue licking all over your chin. After gaining your composure, you pull yourself off the ground while taking the puppy back into your arms. Sehun points accusingly at the adorable creature, “That thing was trying to kill me!”

      The puppy growled suddenly as Sehun starts to approach you. Perfect timing. “See!” Sehun exclaims, backing away. You hand the bundle of cuteness to him and he hesitantly takes it, giving you an awkward look. “He just wants to play with you! It would be embarrassing if you’re scared of this tiny little puppy.” You state, picking up one of the dog’s toys to also hand to him. 

      “Didn’t I tell you Vivi was enough for the both of us?” Sehun swiftly changes the subject, narrowing his eyes. “Fine, if you don’t want him I can take him back to the pound where he was waiting to find a good home.” You sigh, reaching for the puppy you know he isn’t about to give up. Whether he admits it or not, Sehun has a weakness for adorable creatures called puppies. 

      “No, no, no! We can’t take him back!” Sehun almost yells, cuddling the dog into his chest. The puppy nuzzles his head into the fabric of Sehun’s sweatshirt. The love in Sehun’s eyes is obvious when he examines the little dog. There’s no way on earth he is going to let it go. “I thought Vivi was enough for both of us?” You remind him, a smirk forming on your lips. Watching your satisfied expression, Sehun rolls his eyes. “I can allow Vivi to have one sibling, I guess.”

      You both sit on the floor, throwing the toy back and forth, watching the pitbull scrabble for it over and over. “He needs a name though. Since you’re letting us keep him, you can pick a name.” Tapping his chin lightly, Sehun snaps his fingers. “His name is Boba.” He has to be kidding. Lord, this child. “Sehun! We’re not naming the pitbull after bubble tea!” You argue, throwing the dog toy and hitting him square in the chest. “Do you want to keep the dog or not?” Sehun asks, throwing the toy back and nailing you in the face. Huffing, you lift the puppy in your lap as it chews on the toy it managed to catch. “Boba, it is.” 

-Admin Minnie


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Home Sweet Home- DenNor

Finally! The long awaited omegaverse DenNor fic! Sorry it took so long, I had to rework it to make it better. It took a direction I didn’t originally have planned so here is some family fluff!

Characters: Denmark, Norway, child!Iceland

Pairing: DenNor

Rating: T just to be safe

Warnings: Alpha!Den, Omega!Norge, child!Ice, human names, mpreg, fluff, family

Summary: Matthias came home from grocery shopping but couldn’t find Lukas. 

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Request: Yurio is a frequent bedwetter. when he went for a sleepover at beka's place, he was having such a great time that he lets the known fact that he wets the bed on some nights slip aside. Wearing a teenager diaper is waaaay off the list anyway (the thought alone is too embarrassing for him) and he normally just places a mattress protector under him. But not at Beka's sleepover and beka wakes up to find yurio with a cold wet patch between his thighs (Beka finds it adorable)

Ooh, this was a sweet request! I find bedwetting so pure, for some reason… There’s something so vulnerable about it. Sorry it took me so long to write this. I hope it’s okay for you.

“It’s so goddamn good to get away for the night. Viktor and Yuri are disgusting, Beka, they never stop cuddling and kissing and making gross jokes. Even on the fucking ice, it’s all ‘oh Yuri, your ass looked fantastic when you landed that quad.’ Ugh, it just never stops!

Otabek smiled as Yurio ranted to him rapidly, barely seeming to draw breath. Yurio was staying the night at Otabek’s place - they were both curled up in bed now, the light out, just idly chatting before they drifted off to sleep.

Yurio kept up a steady stream of conversation, trying to push his niggling worries out of his head. He was nervous about falling asleep - he had a certain night time problem that he really wanted to hide from Otabek. 

Yurio had a tendency to wet the bed. Quite frequently, to the boy’s dismay. It made the teenager burn with humiliation, but no matter what he tried he couldn’t seem to stop it. It didn’t happen every night, but it had occurred enough for Viktor and Yuri to find out about it; that had been bad enough, but then Viktor had the audacity to suggest Yurio try teenage diapers. The blond had nearly ripped his head off. He was not going to wear diapers like a little toddler - even the idea made him cringe. He usually slipped a mattress protector underneath him and got on well enough - but if he tried to do that now, Otabek would see.

Yurio clenched his fists determinedly. It was fine, he wouldn’t wet the bed; he was fifteen years old, for God’s sake, not five. He had his face set stubbornly as he drifted off to sleep, curling into a ball under the duvet.

Otabek, who had always been a light sleeper, was jolted awake when he felt Yurio fidgeting and shifting uncomfortably in bed, sighing a little as he slept. Otabek propped himself sleepily up on one elbow, making the sheet slip below Yurio’s hips. The teenager was still curled up, but Otabek could see the wet patch between the boy’s thighs. Oh. Otabek gave Yurio’s shoulder a gentle shake.

“Yura? Yura, wake up…”

Yurio’s eyelids fluttered open sleepily - but he snapped awake when he recognised the cold, damp sensation between his legs. He winced, his face flushing crimson.

“Shit…” He sat up gingerly, burying his face in his hands. He turned away from Otabek.

“Fuck, I’m sorry, Beka… This-this happens sometimes,” Yurio whispered, his voice barely audible. Otabek placed a comforting hand on Yurio’s shoulder, not trying to say anything. Yurio was stiff and red-faced, tense as a coiled spring - Otabek knew that any attempts to console the boy would make him lash out and snap.

“I’ll take care of the sheets if you want to go get cleaned up,” Otabek said softly. Yurio nodded silently, still not looking at the older boy. He slipped out of bed forlornly, his face scarlet with shame. Otabek quickly stripped the bottom sheet as Yurio showered, slipping a spare pair of his own pyjamas into the bathroom for Yurio, even though they’d be too big.

After Yurio cleaned up and put on Otabek’s too large trousers, he couldn’t bring himself to go back into the bedroom. He sat with his back against the bathroom door, his head in his hands, fists clenched. Otabek must think he was such a baby! How could he have wet the bed in front of Beka? Otabek was always so cool, so collected, so stoic. Yurio hated looking weak in front of him.

When Otabek realised Yurio had been gone for a worryingly long time, he went and pressed himself up against the bathroom door, sighing.

“Yura? Are you okay? Look, it doesn’t matter. I don’t think any less of you. Come out,” he said softly to the door. Yurio didn’t move.

“No! Fuck off!” he yelled, still painfully embarrassed. Otabek sighed again. It was impossible to win Yurio over with comfort - it just went in one ear and out the other with him. So how could Otabek show Yurio that nothing had changed between them?

Easy - just move on and continue to treat Yurio like an equal.

“You want to play video games for a while before we go back to bed?” Otabek called. Yurio was silent for a while, and then there was a click as the door unlocked. Yurio stepped out slowly, his face set.

“Only if I can use the best controller.”

My Guardian (Part 12)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1140

Warnings: swearing, hints of cheating (kind of?), angst.

My Guardian Master List

**I am sooooo sorry this took so long for me to write. Like I stated before, I wrote several drafts, all of which I didn’t like. So, here’s this.

Cas rolled his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. He had listened to the Winchester brothers bicker for over an hour and had nothing useful to show for it. Sam had researched for hours, trying to figure out how to find Crowley, but he found no leads. Dean, well, he had nothing to offer either, but he insisted a spell wouldn’t help.

“We already tried a spell, Sammy. Look at how that worked out!” Dean shouted at his brother in an abnormally gruff voice. “She has no fucking soul!”

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Hello! Could you post a link to the Harper Perennial Olive Edition of The Bell Jar? I saw your post and I want the exact book in your pic

Hello! I wish I could, but that particular edition is long out of print. It took me a very long time to find my copy via the used book market. I just checked Amazon, eBay, and Thriftbooks for you, but none of them had this edition. You’ll have to check those sites and others every week or so until you locate one, and when you do, pounce on it!

One thing that will help is the ISBN: 978-0-06-184990-9

I didn’t have that as I was searching, so it should make it a little easier for you to ensure you’re getting the right edition.

One more thing. All Harper Perennial Olive Editions are only available for one year, so if you like them, you should buy them when they’re available. Finding them after they’re out of print is a fun but not so easy task. 

Good luck! :)

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Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel

by clicking ( here ) you’ll find 160 gif icons of paige secosky. i made all of the gifs from scratch plus i resized and colored them. feel free to use my gifs for whatever you’d likeincluding redistribution as long as you give me credit.. these took me a ton of time so please be courteous. if you plan on using these / find them helpful make sure to give this a like + reblog. + upon further requests, i’ll update this gif hunt.

so i watched fantastic beasts today and loved queenie so much that my hand slipped

take a look 👀👀👀 at this! that ➡️right ➡️ there is the mail. ✉️✉️ can we talk about the mail ✉️✉️ please, mac 💻? i’ve been dying 🤒🤢 to talk about the mail ✉️✉️ with you all day, okay 👌🏽? pepe 🐸🐸 silvia. this name keeps coming ⬆️up ⬆️ over and over again. every day, pepe’s mail ✉️ is getting sent 📪 back to me. pepe 🐸🐸silvia. pepe 🐸🐸 silvia. i look 👀 in the mail ✉️, well THIS WHOLE BOX 📦 IS PEPE 🐸 SILVIA!! so i say to myself, i gotta 🔎find 🔎 this guy. i gotta go ⬆️up⬆️ to his office 🏢. i gotta put his mail ✉️ in the guy’s goddamn ✋🏽hands ✋🏽otherwise he’s never gonna get it. he’s gonna keep coming ⬇️down⬇️ here. so i go ⬆️up⬆️ to pepe’s office 🏢 and what do i 🔎find🔎 out, mac 🍔? what do i 🔎find🔎 out? there is no 🐸pepe🐸 silvia. THE 👨🏻MAN 👨🏻DOES NOT ❌❌ EXIST. okay, so i decided ohhh 💩shit💩buddy. i gotta ⚒dig⚒ a little deeper📉. there’s no 🐸pepe 🐸silvia? you gotta be 😂kidding 😂 me. i got boxes📦📦 full of 🐸pepe🐸. alright, so i start 🏃🏽marching 🏃🏽my way ⬇️down ⬇️to carol💁🏽 in HR. and i ✊🏻knock✊🏻 on her door🚪 and i say “💁🏽💁🏽CAAAROL💁🏽. 💁🏽💁🏽CAAAAAAAROL. 💁🏽💁🏽 i gotta talk to you about 🐸pepe🐸.” and when i open the 🚪door, 🚪what do i find? 🤔🤔🤔there’s ❌not ❌a single goddamn 🗄desk 🗄in that office🏢! THERE. IS. ❌NO. ❌CAROL 💁🏽IN💁🏽 HR. 🍔mac💻, half the employees in this 🏢building 🏢 have been made up. this office is a goddamn 👻ghost👻 town.