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Hi! I'm in love with your Sastiel fic idea! I've only read the prequel (with Rowan, the only that is an actual fic) and part 1 (hc format, mostly about what Seraphine and Kastiel look like and their powers). But I was wondering if you have a fun blown fic for that or if most of it is just hc stuff. And if it is a fic, where would I be able to find it. Thanks <3

Hey, friend! Thank you so much for your kind words 💕 (And sorry it took so long for me to reply because I low key had to update my master list before I answered)

I update every couple of days, and my master list is linked in my profile description on mobile and they’re also properly linked on my desktop like this:

A Court of Fire and Dreams 

  • it’s the beginning of Sastiel
  • a five-part fic
  • first three are written in HC style
  • last two parts are written as proper fics
  • the whole fic takes place in the Court of Thorns and Roses world
  • setting is in Velaris
  • Court of Dreams are mentioned

Moon of Fire

  • sequel to ACOFAD
  • all written as proper fics
  • directly continues on from the story
  • takes place in the Throne of Glass world
  • setting is mostly at Oakwald Forest
  • cameos from TOG characters (spoilers)
  • currently halfway through writing this fic

Click here for the A Court of Fire and Dreams master list!

Hope this helps and you enjoy ACOFAD my friend! 

First Date with SF9

@itshuneeh - Sorry these took so long to do!!! It took me a while to really get to know SF9 so I could do this request properly~ Also I’m doing this request based off a First Date outfit request PeachJin did before and you can find it here! Thanks for requesting!


He felt confident as he walked over to the place you two decided to meet up, but the second he saw you, he became nervous and his mind went everywhere. It was a pretty hot day so he took you out for some ice cream. He would stutter a bit over his words when asking you what flavor you wanted. After ordering, you both sat down at a small booth by the windows and talked about anything and everything. When you found out her could draw, you asked him to draw a quick sketch of you on the napkin. He saw how amazed you were over his small hobby and it gave him more confidence. After talking some more and finishing your ice cream cones, he walked you back home. At night, right before you went to bed, you got a text from him saying,

“I really hope you enjoyed our date. Let’s go out again soon!”


Youngbin would be super excited about your first date. He thought it’d be best to take you to watch soccer match. He had just gotten the tickets and thought it was a perfect opportunity. Both of you sat on the stands and watched the players run around and score goals here and there. You would watch him scream and jump up his seat when his favorite team would get close to making a point. The sight made you laugh as you saw his childish side come out. It made you happy to see him be himself when he was doing something he enjoyed. While walking you back home he grabbed your hand in his and held it until you both reached your front door.

“Today was the absolute best! Especially because you agreed to go with me. Next time I get more tickets let’s go together again. Deal?”


Jaeyoon had no idea where he could take you for your first date. That is until Inseong came walking into the room with two concert tickets in hand asking if anybody wanted them. Jaeyoon jumped straight up and grabbed the tickets from Inseong and quickly sent you a picture so you could see them. Luckily the tickets were for a concert the very next day. He met up with you at the entrance of the venue and handed you a ticket. Once inside, it wasn’t long for the opening band to start playing and then the main act to continue after. Every now and then Jaeyoon would pull you closer to him. The venue was small and crowded. He did not want to risk losing you in there. He walked you back to your house and gave you a bright smile, showing his dimples. He thanked you for going out with him and began his walk back home.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have screamed so much. The boys are going to kill me if I can’t sing properly during practice. Let’s go on a quieter date next time!”


You were very curious. A normal date at a cafe was far from Dawon’s usual spontaneous style. So when you sat down at the table with him across from you, you could’t help but give him a weird look and asking what he had planned. However, he only shrugged and gave you a cute smile asking if you were ready to order. You both placed your orders and while waiting you two talked. Although the date was still normal, Dawon’s usual high energy and jokes were always present. A few minutes later her excused himself to the bathroom and left you waiting at the table on your own. Right after, the waiter began to walk in your direction. Except, in his hands wasn’t your order. It was a huge bouquet of varying flowers. Dawon walked towards you right after the waiter left and brought your orders with him. You smiled at him and thanked him for the flowers before beginning to eat.

“You know, I don’t even know the names of these flowers. I just thought they were pretty and got them for you. I’ll learn the names of the flowers for our next date though.”


It wasn’t Zuho’s first time roller skating. It was just his first time in a very long time. Zuho had suggested going to an arcade and then a movie for your first date. However, you really wanted to check out the new roller skating rink that had opened near your home. And that’s how Zuho found himself looking at the skates on his feet, unable to stand up, in fear of falling down. Although he was scared, looking at your happy and excited expression eased his fear a little. You both stood up, you grabbed onto his arm, and you both waddled together to the rink. The second Zuho step foot onto the rink and began to skate, his old rusted skill came back to life. Zuho skated like a pro. Meanwhile, you were the opposite. You held on to the railing and slowly moved forward while guiding yourself with the railing. Zuho came over and grabbed both your hands and pulled you away. You were slightly scared, but with Zuho helping you skate it was fine.

“Okay, I know I fell three times, but you fell more than ten times so don’t laugh! Let’s stick to the arcade and movie next time, yeah?”


Romantic boat ride? Yes please! It was well into the afternoon when you and Rowoon got on the boat. You both sat down near the window watching the sky, the clouds, the water, and the sun as it began to set. You both talked and enjoyed each others company. It was a cute and simple date and you loved it. You couldn’t have asked for anything better than that, especially since you were with Rowoon. You looked at him and smiled before looking out the window again. However, the sight had made you gasp suddenly and Rowoon asked you what was wrong. You shook your head and pointed out the window. It was amazing how only a few seconds had passed, but the sky was now decorated with different shades of blues, pinks, purples, and oranges. It was the most beautiful sunset you had ever seen. Luckily you were distracted and did not notice when Rowoon snapped a quick picture of you looking out the window, but you saw the picture when you were scrolling through your social media apps.

“She thought the sunset was beautiful, but I thought she was more beautiful. I can’t wait for our next date.”


You had been nervous. Going on a date with a super cool and handsome guy was something you really weren’t prepared for. Though, halfway through the date you has completely relaxed and enjoyed bike-riding with Taeyang. You both were slowly biking along a small path in a park. You guys exchanged stories of how you first learned how to bike. The relaxing ride was filled with many laughs and different stories of your first time doing things, like, your first time going on a roller coaster, your first time jumping off the deep end of a pool, and your first time walking through a haunted house, plus many more. You were both in the middle of laughing when you noticed your bike slow down. Your eyes widened realizing your back tire had a gotten a flat. Taeyang helped you take it to the nearest repair shop. However, now you had no way of getting home. He quickly offered taking you on the back of his bike. Seeing no other solution you agree and stepped on. You were nervous again, and he told you to wrap your arms around him so you’d be safe. When you did you could see the tips of his ears become red. He dropped you off at your home and stopped you before you walked inside.

“How about, after our dates, I take you home on my bike? I know it’s not the best ride, but it was fun taking you home like this. I’ll see you soon!”


When you both got to the aquarium, Hwiyoung shyly asked you what you wanted to go see first. You didn’t really have a specific place in mind so you suggested to just walk around for a while and then decide from there. Both of you walked through the many areas that held numerous amounts of fish and other sea creatures. Hwiyoung would often make very loud sounds of awe and surprise, as well as push his face very close to the glass to look at the fish inside. Although he was very shy and quiet sometimes, he didn’t hold back his excitement and happiness from seeing all the different fishes. You took a picture of him making at kissy face at one of the fishes when he was trying to mimic how the fish looked. When he noticed you laughing at him he became shy again, but showed some aegyo to save himself from further embarrassment.

“I’d rather take a picture with you, and not with the fish. Next time let’s go on a date to the zoo! There are really cute animals there we can take pictures with!”


Chani decided that talking a walk through a park trail would be a nice first date. After meeting up with you at the entrance, you both began talking about how nice and calming it felt to be around all the trees and plants. It was refreshing to have a change of scenery from always being surrounded by tall buildings and many shops. It wasn’t very cold out but there was coolness that lightly nipped at your skin every now and then. However, as soon as the sun slowly started going down, the temperature also started to drop. It was getting a little bit colder than you were used to and you began to shiver. Chani noticed almost right away and took off his jacket and put it on you. He also grabbed your hand in his and placed your intertwined hands inside the jacket’s pocket.

“It was a bit cold out right? I’ll make sure to check the weather properly next time we go on a date. How about a picnic on a warmer day?”

I hope you like it!!! ♡

-Admin SugaMint🍭


the abc’s of bangtanf is for friendship/family

“Teamwork and friendship. The love and friendship between our members. Our bromance or brothership is strong. The fans probably like the way how we are attached to each other. This is our strength.” -BTS Secret to global popularity (cr)


Magnus talking in different languages

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STAR TREK ( 2009 )  ━  dir. jj abrams
    ❛  the statistical likelihood that our plan will succeed is less than four-point-three percent. 


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isabelle lightwood or clary fray

“Everybody, on a different level, goes through good times and bad times and you have your fair balance. We aren’t the only ones in that kind of situation, and we shouldn’t feel so down. It’s not the end of the world. We’re very lucky to be where we are.”

Happy 30th Birthday Brendon Urie!


Mean Girls, Seventeen edition: Who are the plastics? They’re teen royalty. If Pledis was Ceci Magazine, they would always be on the cover. Plan V + My Angel