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who let ash help with the cooking. look at him. he’s so excited to be helping. he’s making a mess of himself. he’s probably only allowed to help mix things and ONLY if he sticks to the recipe given to him that’s probably why pikachu is there it’s to keep him in line. but does he care? no. he’s so fucking pumped to try doing shit that usually only serena and clemont do and he’s determined to be the best mixer ever. look at him. he’s stirring so hard that he’s splashing batter on himself and i’m wondering how long it took before somebody was like “omfg ash that’s not how you mix poffle batter you’re supposed to beat it and whisk it so that air can actually get in the dough why else do you think they’re so light and you’re making a mess and look just help bonnie put up the decorations okay. please.” anyways i can’t believe it’s been nearly twenty years and this is the first time in my memory that i’ve seen ash anywhere near a kitchen for anything other than eating food or cleaning or summat so look im gonna cherish this. im gonna fucking cherish this stupid single freeze frame moment in time that was literally only on screen for like less than a second because fuck you this is adorable i’m so proud of my boy trying to cook. he’s helping!


(n.): reparation for a wrong or injury; amends.
bts x reader
genre: angst

prologue | part 0.5 | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9 | part 10 (tentative)

  • part 9: “What the hell was happening. All of a sudden I was torn between whether to stay or go was the right thing to do. Fuck if I knew.” day 81.

A/N: wow sorry this took so long ive literally been working nonstop and sleeping when i have time omfg. SORRY LOVE YOU. HOPE U ENJOY. XO


30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 6 | first generation

      Jonathan has been inviting me to these kinds of fundraisers more often after my successful business launch of Fizzle two years ago. Throughout all the years of our friendship, his belief in me and my dreams has never wavered. It’s mostly thanks to his constant support that I finally pursued my dreams.
     My best friend manouvers us between people with utmost confidence, his eyes set on the bar across the room. He seems eager to reach it as soon as possible. Not that I’m surprised by this—he always has a drink in his hand.

     “Jonathan!” calls a feminine voice over the music and people’s chatting. I stop and turn to look behind us. A girl with brown hair and curious eyes, reaching almost to my shoulders in height, is walking toward us in a hurried space. 
     “Aren’t you going to introduce us, Jonathan?” she asks him while flashing a polite smile towards me.
     “Greg, meet Sam. Sam, this is Greg. We done now? I need to find a drink soon.“ He separates from us and starts towards the bar again.
     The girl in front of me hoffs, but tries to hide it with a smile. I get the slight feeling that she’s internally rolling her eyes at him, but gives a pointed look at Jonathan’s back instead. “He knows better than to call me Sam.” She offers me her hand and a smile to go with it. “I’m Samantha. Nice to meet you, Greg.” 
     I shake her delicate hand and offer a “Nice to meet you you too!” back. Something about her makes me think that this won’t be the last time we meet. And, right now, with her smiling up at me, her hand still captured by my own, I’m not sure I mind.




Yo trevor is a horrible beverage

Hehe so a little more about trevor. He’s a total fuck boy who wants to party and do nothing but drugs all day long 24/7. He’s a master manipulator and is incredibly narcissistic. One day while he was giving weed to firewater he saw Darwin. A lonely, broken looking Twinkie. He instantly took a liking to. He knew he could make that twinkie do whatever he wanted (at least he thought that). So he ‘accidently’ bumped into Darwin and as an ‘apology’ he offered for him to crash at his place for a bit till he could figure out where he’s going. Then he proceeded to drug the poor twinkie. Eventually Darwin became drugged up enough for trevor to go out and Party, dragging the messed up mentally broken and emotionally unstable twinkie with him. Fast forward to the morning and Darwins night was a total blur. All he knows is he has a massive headache. His back aches and he’s sleeping next to a very tall beer bottle. He freaks out a bit but manages to calm down when he remembers that he didn’t sleep with trevor. He tries to leave but trevor basically manipulates him into staying. Eventually they do sleep together and it becomes a continuous abusive thing. Trevor gets whatever he wants and darwin is to manipulated, mentally and emotionally broken to do anything about it.

Got tagged!

I was tagged by the wonderful @blurpyboo! I am so sorry it took me this long to do it lovely, I liked it then completely forgot about it o.o

★Nickname : Jess

★Star Sign : Scorpio

★Height : 5′0

★Time Right now : 9 pm 

★Favorite Music Artist(s) : ever changing but right now I like James Arthur, Prince, Ed Sheeran, IDER, Richard Walters, SOHN, Tom Odell, The Rigs and Jamie Cullum :)

★Song Stuck in Your head: Inhale Exhale - Nao (ridiculously catchy)

★Last Movie Watched : Inside Out (I love this movie so much omfg)

★Last tv Show Watched : Sherlock

★What Are You Wearing Right Now : black pajama bottoms with a soft grey and white speckled t-shirt ^_^

★When Did You Create Your Blog : June of 2014

★What Kind of Stuff Do You Post : A mix of Supernatural, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Yuri On Ice, Throne of Glass, A Court Of Thorns and Roses, funny text posts, quotes, some memes… I’m a mess and I have (almost) no shame. 

★Do You Have Any Other Blogs : nope, this is my only one 

★Do You Get Asks Regularly : not often but when I do it’s a pleasant surprise 

★Why Did You Choose Your URL : My name is Jessie; most people think it’s short for Jessica and usually end up (at some point or another) asking if Jessie is short for Jessica (it’s not, I promise). Then I tell them it’s, “Just Jessie,” and later decided it’d make a good url

★Gender : Female

★Hogwarts House : Hufflepuff

★Pokemon Team : I don’t know lol I never did play PokemonGo

★Favorite Color : Either pink or purple 

★Average Hours of Sleep : it varies, anywhere from 4 to 10

★Lucky Numbers : Idk if I have “lucky” numbers but I like 3, 8, 9 and 12 :)

★Favorite Characters : I’m not even going to attempt this lmao it’d be too long; any character I post a lot of, have tagged with the crying emoji and a heart or say is my child is definitely one of my favorites. 

★How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With : three

★Dream Job : not a clue in the world 

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This took me a long time to finish, but I am happy with the result! Also this is 11″x17″ size so maybe it’ll be a future print. Hope you like it! (Reference )

College AU [3/?]


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sigh. prewarning: to all y’all mobile app users, my latest fic is clocking in at about ~18500 words. i really don’t want to break it up into multiple posts if i don’t have to, so therefore, if you visit my blog’s actual page, you’ll be in for a bad surprise and might have to scroll a lot. but, from what i can see the readmores work on the actual dash so you’ll be safe from The Nonsense there.

it took me literally like a month and a half to write this stupid fucking thing or something. work and depression are a bitch, lemme tell ya. nobody’s gonna read such a long fic (that’s also christmas-themed and is now late) but hey man what can i do i worked hard and it’s absolutely awful omfg

i’ll post it hopefully tomorrow or wednesday. just gotta do some editing and shit. i also have some pics to do to go along with it and i’m planning on doing another in the “series”; they’re technically standalone but i’ve decided to thread them through a timeline regardless. tbh it might just get to the point where it’s all one fic with chapters i don’t even know. i also have about fifteen zillion other fics to write and pics to draw and no time!! wooohooo

1: Origins! How did you come up with the concept for your OC?

Originally I needed an outlet to put all my energy into so I created a character that was everything good about myself and turned him into his own person creating McTwisp where as Ollie is all the bad in me but again he’s his own person. They’re basically my yin and yang. They keep me stable and okay because I can talk about things going on in my life through them in the form of roleplay and that makes me feel a lot better. A way of coping so to say. 

5: Were you nervous about putting your OC out there? How long did it take before you decided to play your OC here on Tumblr.

I was VERY nervous about it. I was scared people would find McTwisp annoying rather than the total sweetheart everyone has known to come to love and cherish. I’m so glad people like him omfg. It took me years before I got the courage to do it. 

Ollie took no time, he was spontanious and I was like people liked McTwisp they’re bound to like Ollie and I was right so it’s been pretty rad. 

the signs as bangtan bombs

aries-  Jin and Jimin’s Push-up time

taurus-  SUGA’s sleep mate

gemini- recommend the songs (Selfie with VJ Kook)

cancer- 눈,코,입 (EYES, NOSE, LIPS) of BTS

leo- the happening in Changwon 1 : Watermelon

virgo- Jimin’s ‘GIRL’S DAY- FEMALE PRESIDENT’ dance

libra- N.O (Trot ver.) by Jungkook and (Opera ver.) by BTS

scorpio- BTS Magic show

sagittarius- Jung Kook with Fun

capricorn-  Cheerleader jin with ARMY Bomb ─○"

aquarius-  'A guy like me’ lip-sync by JungKook (V cam)

pisces-  Let’s speak English!

acehanzos  asked:

The first half of the alphabet 👀👀👀👀

[Send me an ask with any of the letters from the alphabet and I’ll reply with something I love that starts with that letter!]

lizbeth omfg

this is so late because it took me awhile w/ my shite memory to think of things so i ended up using some characters because i do love them

welP OK, not gonna list format it because that’d be long as fuck but:
autumn, books, cats, drafting (stories), eclairs, fall out boy (old,,,,love), genji, hanzo, ivy (idk why i love this vine??), jazz, kheelan (an oc of mine ;o;), lizbeth, mccree

The types stuck in an elevator

*suggested by anon (omfg I’ve been waiting to do this) sorry it took so long*

INTJ: *planning angrily*

ESFP: *banging on doors frantically* HHHHHHHHHHEEEeEEEeeEeee EEEeeeellllLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!1!!

INTJ: shut up


INTJ: shut up. I’m trying to think of a plan.

ESFP: …….


INTJ:  *lunges at ESFP*

ESTP: *breaks them up* Whoa….whoa. Both of you need to calm down….there’s gotta be an easier way….

INTJ: *fighting ESTPs grip* ENTP HELP ME.

ENTP: *also trying to come up with a plan, just less noticeably* aLL OF YOU NEED TO SHUT UP. I HAVE AN IDEA.


ESFJ: *picks up ISFJ and begins squeezing the life out of them in a terrifying, yet comforting bear hug* we’LL GET THROUGH THIS. Right ENFJ?

ENFJ: *nods solemnly* Some of us may not make it out…..but we will be triumphant in our efforts….


ESTJ: And, statistically speaking, I have a better idea…so why don’t you all just listen to me….

ENTJ: Or…me……cuz ya know….since when did ENTP ever lead us to victory *coughs* never 

ESTP: Whoa you went there…but why don’t we just…..

INFP: Guys can we just shut up?

*no one hears*

INFP: Never mind. Ughhh

ISFP: I feel you, man. I feel y-


Everyone: *shocked by ISTJ’s outburst*

ESTP: You’re right….

ISTJ: Yes. Yes I am…..I guess…


*this starts another round of arguing*

INFJ: ….uhhh….I have an idea….

ENTP: SO DO I. …….But….you can go first….*reluctantly*

INFJ: *begins describing elaborate plan that makes perfect sense and will definitely work, to the surprise of no one*

ISTP: *pries open door with crow bar* I hate you all. I’m done with this. God, you’re all the worst. I hate this *leaves*

INTP: *points to open door* Uhhh

*another round of arguing breaks out, trying to decide who will carry through INFJ’s plan*

INTP: Guys…..


INTP: Nevermind.

hearts meet after a year apart ... 
and those melancholy feelings subside...

ahh !! chapter 418 was so CUTE \(*T▽T*)/ this is dedicated to akinakami / kagi–horuda my main NaLu girl ; u ; i hope you like i t -

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request - can you do a one shot or series doesn’t really matter, where this girl likes you and calum gets jealous?
word count - 1663
You and Calum had been best friends since forever. He was one of the only people who had stayed friends with you after you had announced you were bisexual. All the girls you were friends with assumed that you’d fall in love with every single one of them because they were girls,so they left. You had a hard time making friends that were girls after that,but a few weeks ago you had met someone. She was tall,short dark brown hair in a cropped quiff. She dressed very much the way you did,with band tees and black skinny jeans. She had revealed to you that she was bi aswell,and it raised your hopes high because you had begun to develop a slight crush on her. But you also had something for Calum. You told yourself it wouldn’t work because he was your best friend and you didn’t want to ruin that friendship,but still you were weary about the ordeal. You had been fuck buddies in the past during high school,but he never showed any real interest in you,not in the way you wanted. Since then you had both decided to stop and just be friends with no benefits,just normal friends. You decided,since Ashton,Calum,Luke,and Michael were your 4 best mates,now would be a good time to introduce Cadence to them. You were supposed to hang out on Friday,so you made a mental note to tell the boys. A few days passed,till it was Friday morning. A quick call to Luke and you were informed that the boys were all together and he knew they’d be okay with it. To say you were nervous about it would be an understatement. She wasn’t the best with meeting new people,and you feared that they wouldn’t like her. If they didn’t like her there was no way you’d be able to feel comfortable with being with her. She was surprisingly excited to meet them when you dropped in early. She didn’t wear much makeup so she was ready in only minutes. You drove to their house,jamming out to Bring Me The Horizon blasting through the speakers all the way there. Your nervousness went away for the ride there. But soon it sparked right back up when you parked in the driveway. She was in no way shy,just glad to get to meet them. You both entered the house with hesitation on your part. You heard a few yells and grunts from the living room and you followed the sound. You found Luke and Michael playing fifa on the xbox,and Ashton and Calum were just watching. “Guys?” You asked,your voice coming out smaller than intended. They all snapped their head to your attention,and Luke hopped up to greet you. The confused look on their faces made you uneasy. “Hi I’m Luke.” He smiled softly,his shallow dimples looking adorable on that cute little face of his. He reached his hand out to hers,and she politely took it. I could’ve sworn I saw her cheeks darken a shade when he smiled at her. You shot him a look telling him to back off and you knew he caught the drift when he backed up a step. Michael followed,then Ashton,all greeting her in the same way. Calum hung back a bit,an unfamiliar look in his eyes. He didn’t shake her hand,just eyed her down. “Hi,I’m Cadence.” She said politely,smiling at him. He nodded his head,maintaining eye contact with her and keeping that resting bitch face on. The feel of the room was suddenly small and awkward,and you felt like you might faint. You took a step of confidence and made your way to the long black couch that was in an L shape around the large flat screen television. Everyone followed,and soon Luke and Michael went back to their game. Ashton made some small talk with Cadence,talking about school and family. You nudged Calum from his phone but he ignored it. “You okay?” You whispered to him. “Yeah.” He replied emotionlessly. You kind of ignored it,and began talking with Cadence. Calum joined in on the conversation about colleges you were having at the moment. “Where do you want to go to college Cadence?” He asked,a certain tone in his voice showing that he didn’t care much. “Wherever (y/n) goes.” She sent a wink your way. You giggled bashfully,trying to hide the blush that was creeping onto your cheeks. She noticed and started laughing,pulling your hands from your face and clasping them around hers. You began laughing even harder at absolutely nothing and eventually you were leaned over,red in the face from laughing at absolutely nothing. Your laughing and smiles soon ceased when you chose to glance at Calum,who was eyeing you with his jaw clenched. He was undeniably angry,no doubt in that,you just didn’t know why. You gave him a questioning look,and he returned it by telling you to come talk to him in a minute. He lifted himself off the couch and basically sulked to his room. You got up moments later,going the route to his bedroom you had been to so many times. When you got to his room,he was leaning against the wall,his arms crossed like a child not getting their way. “What is the matter with you?” You asked through clenched teeth. “The matter with me? What’s the matter with YOU? Why the fuck do you bring a girl to our house without even telling us?” You groaned and rolled your eyes. Of course Luke had forgotten to tell them. That’s why they were so confused. “I told Luke. He probably forgot to tell you.” “Doesn’t matter.” His attitude wouldn’t waver. “What are you talking about?” “She’s not good for you.” You let out a laugh at the choice of his words. The arrogance of him. “How would you know what’s good for me?” “I just do.” His ego had shot through the roof. “And what’s good for me Calum?” You narrowed your eyes and looked directly at him,staring him down. He took a step closer,and then another step. You were now against the wall,his body only inches from yours. He took his time in leaning down to your ear, “me.” And with that in a second his body was against yours,every inch,every detail,you could feel against your own body. He shoved his lips onto yours. His kiss was hard,firm,filled with the familiar feel of sex and lust. You let your mouth fall open slightly,allowing his tongue to enter your mouth. It had been months since you had done this,but he had never been this dominant,this powering. You loved it. He moved his soft lips down to your jawline,then down the side of your neck. He stopped just above your collarbone,stopping to leave his mark right there where everyone would see it. “You’re mine. All mine.” He said darkly,his eye’s shifting from a chocolate brown to a almost black-brown. He lifted your shirt over your head and let it fall beside your bodies. His fingers lingered across your skin,leaving a trail of goosebumps everywhere he touched. You returned the deed and helped him pull the black nike sports shirt from his body. You stared down his body,noticing the way his stomach muscles clenched and contracted with every breath. He had definitely been hitting the gym lately. You traced his v-line with your fingertips while connecting your lips together again. The feeling of his lips on yours made your stomach tingle and butterflies detonate inside of you. His roughness wasn’t short-lived when he laid his hand on your ass and gripped tightly. He pulled you up so that your legs were wrapped around his waist tautly. His lips were wet and hadn’t left yours even for a mere second while he carried you over to the bed and dropped you on it. He facily pulled down his shorts,leaving him in only his boxer briefs which were becoming tighter by the second. He hovered over you,unzipping your skinny jeans and pealing them from your legs. Your lips were met once again,this time with a gentler feel. He kissed all over your neck and down the valley of your breasts. He brought his slender fingers to your back and in one simple movement,your bra was tossed to the end of the bed. “You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled,making your heart flutter. He slipped your panties off with ease,then stood up,staring down at your exposed,naked body lying on the bed. In just seconds he had stripped his boxers off and was ripping open the foil packet in his hand. His body had gone back to being over you and he was starting to line himself up with you. He teased you a bit by rubbing himself against you,which led to you whimpering please over and over again. He pushed his throbbing member into you and you were slammed with memories of you two in bed,just like this. He took his time at first,letting you adjust to his impressive size. He soon went faster,and with every thrust you were even more euphoric than before. The glint in his eyes didn’t leave,the love,the admiration in them was palpable. He treated your body like it was a work of art. He never pressed too hard, nothing that could push you too far. He left kisses all over you neck and face,smiling down at you as he pushed himself in and out of your heat. Your head fell back as curses and Calum’s name slipped from your swollen lips. His grunts and panting short breaths always signalled that he was nearing his release. You left long,jagged scratch marks down his back when he finally let himself go. You came only moments later,with his name spilling from your mouth. His name tasted sweet on your lips and came out like creme. You had so many feelings in your body right now,pleasure,exhaustion,but most of all,love. “(y/n)?” Calum asked softly,laying down on the bed right beside you. “Yes?” “I love you.” “I love you too Calum.” And you meant every word.
AAAAAND i want to apologize if I have any grammatical errors,I don’t have enough energy to fix them nor do I care. This was such a good request for me because I’ve been really confused about my sexuality like damn guys are hot,but yeah so are girls. Also I just wanna say sorry for this taking so long to do,I’ve been very busy with personal issues but it’s all cleared now and I’m filling requests,just give me some time. I have a bunch lmao,, hope you have a good day ,love you all xx