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You All Deserve Each Other


summary: Dan Howell is the errand boy for the popular girls at Uni. he has to carry shopping, order drinks and even ask out guys for them. One fateful day at Starbucks, however, the guy they want Dan to ask out for them… is his boyfriend. 

if you think you may have already come across this story, well sort of. I changed the plot a bit but I still got permission! Don’t sue me! 

Link: A Breath Of Fresh Air by Ink-Stained-Tea


Here we go!

Phan status – together

Warnings – swearing

If you asked Dan Howell what he currently thought about school, he’d probably just swear at you.

For one, he didn’t even want to be a lawyer, so why the fuck was he taking law?

He was also the errand boy for the popular bitches.

Shopping? He was carrying the bags

Coffee? He was ordering, picking up, and generally doing anything besides having coffee

Cute guy? Dan had to ask him out for the girls

Lunch line? He was queueing

Lines in general? He was queueing

Test? He took the notes

You get the general idea.

The one thing Dan did like about going to this Uni, was that it was he was closer to where his boyfriend, Phil lived.

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