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its funny that isak is now apparently so jealous of mikael that he turns violent. whereas he had more reason to be jealous and bitter about sonja, which he wasn’t. he never took his frustrations out on her, he even went as far to call her sweet and forgave her immediately when she was quite awful to him. but with mikael - suddenly isak is all for throwing punches??? sonja and even were in a long term relationship and mikael and even never dated but may have had a thing (onesided or not, who knows)

why is it that isak is so threatened by mikael and not sonja??? it gives me really gross vibes tbh. it makes this feel like, to me, isak never fully took even and sonja’s relationship seriously bc sonja was a woman whereas mikaels a guy and has ‘more of a chance stealing even’ or something idek….. do u get where im goin with this? this is such a bad look, im getting biphobia vibes. its as if sonja never counted bc it wasn’t ‘real’ or something. just yeah. gross vibes tbh.

breaking news: elderly war hero (pictured here in 1943) is the most bisexual bi to have ever existed and he wants the world to know. his exact words were: lmao I’ve never been straight a day in my life, btw have you met my bf bucky? he’s pretty, right? can you even believe it, can’t keep my hands off him. man we don’t even rest and he sleeps naked lol


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andreil + 121? i think itd be so funny and maybe neil accidentally blurts it out in front of the foxes and andrew mocks him for it later

I am so so sorry that this took so long, but its finally here [along with the strength to write all of the other generous prompts I’ve received :) ]

From here.

Summer was just beginning for most high schools and even for some college students when the Foxes were called back to PSU to continue training once again. Not that Neil minded in the slightest, but this year was going to be different, what with the girls on their last season and the new recruits already being a pain in his ass.

They started up pretty easy, much to Kevin’s anguish and Nicky’s delight, going through basic drills that tempered footwork and stamina before moving onto stick work and fundamental technique. And surprisingly, the new kids had gotten on pretty well, with the exception of one who did everything in his power to try an outdo the rest, both in performance and problems on and off the court.

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Chekov x reader: The away Mission

Okay so I’m so excited for this one!  It’s my first ever one trying to do Chekov, fluff or romantic stuff, so I hope I did okay!  Thanks to @aos-imagines-n-such for the idea :)

Warnings:  I mean, maybe it’s fluff, it doesn’t feel very fluffy to me, but sure…

Word count: 1078

The day had been nothing less than a gigantic disappointment.  I had been on my way to the bridge when Bones had come out of med bay and yelled my name.  “Y/L/N! Thank goodness, I need your help.”  I had rolled my eyes and then gone to see what the problem was.  He was short-staffed due to everyone having come down with the flu, and he needed me to sub in for the day.  I was a trained doctor so it made sense that he should ask me, but I was supposed to go on an away mission that day.  When I told him, Bones said that it was no big deal, he could cancel my spot.  I had been looking forward to that mission for a month.
   So instead of having an adventure down on another planet, I got to take care of vomiting people and probably caught fifteen different diseases in the process.  
   When Bones finally released me from my duties, I ran down to the bridge to see how the mission had gone. Upon opening the door I saw the last picture of the planet flash off the screen as everyone began switching out for the night.  Not only had I missed the mission, I had missed the debriefing about the mission.
   Disappointed, I turned to leave when I heard a familiar voice from behind me.  “Y/N!  Why did you not go on the mission?”  It was Pavel Chekov, my best friend.
   Even though I knew he’d be able to read me like a book, I put on a fake smile before turning around.  “Hey Chek!  I stayed behind to help Bones in med-bay because he was short-staffed.”
   Pavel studied my face.  “I thought you wanted to go on the away mission…” he said slowly.
   I blinked away a tear and swallowed the lump in my throat.  “Well, yeah, I did, but it’s fine.  There’ll be other missions.”
   I sensed a change in his stance, and noticed that he got a look in his eye like he had an idea.  “Hold on a minute,” he said, moving away from me to talk to Captain Kirk.  
   Pavel spoke softly and Kirk nodded, his eyes flickering over to me.  A moment later, Pavel returned.  “Sorry about that,” he said.
   “What did you say?”  I asked.  Pavel Chekov was my best friend, and I wouldn’t put it past him to do something embarrassing to try to make me feel better.
   “Nothing,” he said, a cheeky grin appearing on his face.  “You know, I actually just thought of something I have to do right now, so I’ve gotta go.”
   “Chek, what did you say?”  I called with a laugh as he walked briskly away.
   “You’ll see!”  He called over his shoulder.
   As he exited the room, Captain Kirk came over to me.  “Y/L/N, I need you to help me with something.”  I searched his eyes to see if I could get him to spill the secret Chekov was cooking up.  
   “Captain, does this have anything to do with Chekov?”
   “Y/N, you shock me.  I wouldn’t get mixed up in the affairs of my crewmates!”  He gestured widely with his arms, before glancing back at me with a grin.  “Actually, I need you to sort these photographs that we took on the planet for me.  I want the ones of the environment over here, and the ones of the crew over here.  It shouldn’t take you too long, maybe five minutes.  Thank you so much!”
   Forty-five minutes later, I had finally made it to my door.  As soon as I had finished sorting and left the bridge, Uhura asked me to help her move some furniture around in her dorm.  That took ten minutes on its own, and then some intern spilled coffee all over themselves and needed me to take them to Bones for burns.  Funny thing, the coffee wasn’t even hot.  And then, I had reached my door when two engineers began having an argument in the hallway. So of course I had to make sure that they were okay and had resolved their conflict before I walked away.
   Tired and exhausted, I entered my apartment and hit the light switch.  Nothing happened.  I was about ready to cry, because why me, on today of all days, when I suddenly noticed the jungle sounds and green streamers hanging from the ceiling.  “Hello?”  I called, not sure whether I should laugh or be afraid.  “Chekov, did you do this?”  I felt my way around the room until I found my bed.  Now I just had to find my flashlight and
   “Boo!”  Someone jumped me from behind and rolled onto the bed with me.  I screamed and twisted myself around to grapple them, pinning them down and pushing their face into the dim light of my clock.  
   “Crappit, Pavel!  Why’d you have to scare me like that?”  
   Pavel grinned at me.  “How do you like your away mission?”
   I looked around me as Pavel scooted out from under me to grab the remote for the TV in front of my bed.  The green streamers were all over the ceiling, and green paper was taped to all of my walls.  The jungle sounds were playing on Chek’s phone, and I laughed as I took it all in.  “You did all this because I was disappointed?  How did you have time?”
   “It wasn’t easy.  I had to bribe some girl to spill coffee all over herself and pretend she had burns to get you off the trail.”  
   I stared at him.  “Wait.  You got all those people to distract me?”
   He blushed.  “Maybe.”
   I laid back down on the bed beside him.  “Well thanks, this is amazing.  I really, really love it.”
   “Captain, I spot life on this planet!  What should we do?”  Pavel’s voice suddenly went low and stern, as if he was impersonating Spock.
   I laughed and then shouted, “beam us down, Scotty!”   On cue, the TV screen lit up with an image of an adorable monkey.
   “Now then Captain, I believe we must observe these animals in their natural habitat.”
   “Planet Earth!  This is my favorite documentary!”  I shouted excitedly.
   Chekov slipped his arm around me and put his finger against my mouth.  “Shush,” he whispered.  “You’ll wake the monkeys.”  
   “You’re the monkey,”  I said, laughing as I snuggled into his chest.  Yep, the day had been nothing less than a gigantic success.

Life is Fluff: Everyday Heroes

Art by iminchains

Chasefield Fluff in the AU where Max turns in her photo.

“Now, I know this isn’t how any of you wanted to win or participate in this contest. You may feel that an opportunity was taken from you among the struggles our campus has undergone this week. But I just want to thank each and every one of you for participating in the Everyday Heroes contest, for representing yourselves as well as Blackwell Academy. It is with great pride that I see how you have continued your academic pursuits while supporting one another through turmoil. As the principal of this school, I would like to say that you are all every day heroes, and you all show a potential that fills me with pride for this school and its students.”

Principal Wells was not many extraordinary things. He was not a great administrator. He had not been a great husband in either of his two marriages. He was not a particularly great man. But he was quite a decent speaker, for though the class of eight photography students knew this was a pre-designed speech for the school and city newspaper, many of them did stand up straighter to hear his acceptance and appreciation, his eyes bouncing around to settle on each and every one of them for a brief moment, never letting them wander onto Juliet’s camera or the journalist on the other side of the room from her.

“But now, I think it’s time to announce the winner of this contest. I hope we can all accept this personal victory as a communal one as we send the winner to San Francisco this Friday.” Principal Wells took an additional moment to look at everyone briefly one last time. “The winner of the Everydays Heroes Contest for Blackwell Academy is Maxine Caulfield. Congratulations, Max.”

Max’s eyes widened in shock, and the applause began before she even had the chance to take a step forward. On the other side of the arc of students was Victoria, and Max saw her lips purse into a fine line as she followed Daniel and Kate’s lead and began to clap. Then, she stumbled forward, removing her hands from the pockets of her hoodie, and found Principal Wells’s hand outstretched. She fit her tiny hand in his for a brief moment, and he guided her to turn towards the cameras to smile for a moment as they shook. 
Michelle Grant took a few steps forward, and offered Max a rectangular frame wrapped in loose brown gift paper, which she gingerly accepted. She peeled off the paper, taking sure to dispose of it by handing it over to Wells, who dropped it onto Jefferson’s former desk before the two both held the frame, revealing the print of Max’s photo to everyone.

More camera flashes, and more applause. And Principal Wells was speaking more, something about Max, or the contest, or something, but now it was Max’s eyes that flickered around the room, watching everyone’s expressions.
Kate practically cheering.
Hayden just sort of grinning, clearly not very invested.
Taylor clapping loudly, then quieter when she realized Victoria probably wouldn’t want her to be too excited.
Stella clapping regularly, and being one of the first to cut off.
Alyssa smiling like she rarely smiled the whole while.
Victoria’s lips slowly curling into a bit of a smirk the longer the clap continued, but clapping as long as anyone but Kate.
Juliet pausing from taking shots to give Max a thumbs up.
Daniel clapping slow, as if he were uninterested, but still smiling supportively the whole time.

Principal Wells was done speaking, and handing off Max’s photo print entirely to her. “Thank you so much, Principal Wells,” she said, and bowed a little, not wanting to hold the photo with just a single hand, and held it out to be clearly viewed a moment longer before stepping back into the crowd of her peers.

In the minutes that followed, virtually everyone in the room stopped by to talk to Max individually - not so much about her photo, but about going to San Francisco. Yes, I was am so excited! No, really, I thought you were going to win, I loved your piece Taylor - and fellow tardy assignment doers, right? Oh lord, Kate, no, I couldn’t do any of this without you, you’re an actual hero.

But there was one person who stood near the corner of the desk closest to the door, leaning on it and watching this little procession while talking to Wells, or Juliet, or whoever was close, shooting Max direct looks and smirks when she could. Victoria, of course. They weren’t threatening, exactly, but they made Max a little uneasy. At least … well, they made her nervous. But she was too flushed with victory to let it get to her.
When Victoria finally turned to leave, alone even, that made Max especially nervous, and she broke away from her friends with a, “I’ll be right back, I just wanna talk to Victoria for a sec.”

She saw Victoria several steps down the empty hallway, and hurried after her, calling, “Hey, Victoria, wait.”
Victoria turned aroundfolding her arms over her chest, face already stuck in its smirk. “Oh, hey there Max,” she said with no hint of actual surprise. “Congratulations on your win, though I’ll still contest that it has more to do with your whole involvement in taking down a serial killer than your photography, but I suppose if you hadn’t, I might have won and been going to California with a serial killer, so I guess I’m all right with you getting this one.”

Max just chuckled, aware of this rumor, though pretty sure there was no substance to it. “I don’t think they were influenced by school rumors - at least, I hope not. I just, um. I wanted to see how you were doing. I know this could have been a big break for you, and we both know you really deserve one.”

Now Victoria’s hands fell to her hips instead. “Oh, well, how considerate of you, Max Caulfield. But my work will be in a gallery without school sponsorship soon enough, don’t you worry about that. In fact, I need to go check on a possible deal via e-mail, if you’ll excuse me,” she replied, turning to stride away.

Max made a quick step, reaching up to grab Victoria’s shoulder a little, not sure how to properly communicate what she was doing, but it was enough to get Victoria to turn around, really confused and a little unnerved.
“I really like you,” Max blurted out.
Victoria blinked. Many, many times, her head shaking minutely as she tried to process what she’d just heard. So she tried to clarify aloud, “Um, what?”
Max froze, realizing how fucked she was. So she just went with it all the way. “I. Uh. I think your photography captures an artistic rendering of yourself through its symbolic self-projection. I look at your subjects and I think they are beautiful, not just because they are, but because you captured them in a way that reflects your own beauty and vulnerability. You are strong and smart and really goddamn funny, even when you’re kind of being mean. And when you’re not being mean, or just playing at being nice, I think you are wondrous, and I really like you.”

Victoria took a long, quiet moment to process, to collect herself, just to find words. But when they came out, they were almost scripted, or rehearsed in some way. “When I look at your photos, I know, though maybe half of them actually feature you, that they’re largely meditations on adolescence, and chaos, and all sorts of pretentious bullshit you pretend you don’t subscribe to. But you capture them as if they are not the focus at all, like you’re ironically pointing out one’s vanity and self-centeredness amidst something so confusing and powerful, like you are the fool, or the vanity, but you’re actually the wise man. And I think that is unique. I think you have a gift. And I admire you. And I’m so glad that you choose yourself as a subject, because I think you’re beautiful, and I like that you give me an excuse to look at you and get to know you all at the same time, because if I looked at you half as much as I’ve looked at your photos, you’d know how I felt about you.”

Max was crimson by this point, so confused on how to express anything more that she began to go further and further off script. Not just her verbal script, but her total script for behavior. She offered out her hand, palm upward, and looked up at Victoria’s lips for a moment before nervously looking away from even that closeness.
She was amazed when Victoria’s hand settled over hers, her wide, warm fingers over Max’s wrist.
“So, do you want to tell me how you feel now?”
Victoria nodded, the word small between her lips, “Yeah.”
And she took that step still between them, and bringing a hand behind Max’s neck, and pressed her lips to Max’s. Max’s hand turned so her own fingers could lace with Victoria’s, and she stood on her toes to make kissing Victoria easier, her other hand reaching up into Victoria’s hair.

So, understandably, Max was a little stunned when Victoria pushed her back a little, taking a moment to understand that this was playful. But Victoria was grinning. “I feel like I really fucking like you, Max Caulfield, and like you should find some showy way to ask me out again so I can make out with you some more.”

Victoria turned and started down the hall.
Max sputtered, “I could turn back time, kiss you right in front of Jefferson, take a picture of it, and turn THAT in for the contest.”
Victoria actually laughed out loud as she went. “Now that would have been cool. Call me when everyone’s done praising you, and we can talk more about how much you like me.”
Max cupped her hands together to form a megaphone: “MY BODY IS READY!”
Victoria just kept laughing.

Let This Be A Sign (Part 4)

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(A/N: I know I said that this would’ve been posted up by yesterday, but In a turn of events, I was just accepted into a very difficult (and v interesting) internship at my university and I honestly couldn’t be happier! My apologies for not keeping my promise! ALSO~ holy crap?? 1.5K followers? Thank you so much! xx)

Despite you being very frustrated with Newt at this precise moment, you couldn’t help but lead him to your apartment building.

“Do you have anywhere to stay?” You asked blandly in front of the brown and red building.

“No I don’t,” replied Newt as he glanced upwards, “but I can make accommodations elsewhere.”

“Nonsense,” you retorted, throwing Newt a soft smile as you opened the building door, only to walk through it. “I have a spare room you can take- if you’d like of course.”

“T-thank you.” Replied Newt quietly as he too, stepped through the door.

“Nobody stays with me,” you began to explain, “but I’ve always had a spare room in case, um-”

“In case I came back?”  Newt asked with a raised eyebrow, causing you to blush slightly.

“No,” you replied with a devilish smile your blush still in full bloom, “in case I wanted to bring someone over.”

Your response caused Newt to stop in his tracks and blush furiously, while you continued to walk aimlessly through the hall, stopping when you reached the elevator. He was still standing there, stiff as a board as he stared at you, his ears and cheeks red as a tomato.  “Are you coming?”

Your question seemed to snap him out of the trance he was in because not three seconds later was he at your side, clearing his throat. “S-sorry,” he said, “you kind of threw me off for a second there.”

“Did I?” you asked innocently, “how come?”

“No reason in particular.”

You hummed in response and nodded as the elevator arrived, creating a ‘ding’. As you both stepped into the elevator you pressed your floor’s button and fiddled with your fingers, a nervous habit you adapted.

“D-did you ever find someone else?” Newt asked suddenly, causing you to turn your head in question, “you know- after us?”

You couldn’t help but take a deep breath and shake your head slowly, not taking your eyes off of the wooden floors that lined the elevator. “It’s kind of hard to find someone else when you’re the latest rumor in Hogwarts Drama.”

You didn’t look up at Newt as you continued to stare at the ground, the elevator humming underneath the both of you. “Everyone talked about how you went off and saved Leta, leaving me for her, because I wasn’t good enough.”

“But that’s not true!” Replied Newt, shock entering his voice, “I didn’t want to leave (Y/N), but I couldn’t let her take the blame!”  

Right as the elevator hummed to a stop and a ‘ding’ echoed in the small space where both you and Newt stood, you looked up at shrugged at your clearly upset best friend. “It’s in the past Newt,” you said gravely, “maybe we should just let this go- it might be better for us.”

As soon as you reached your apartment door, you couldn’t help but suddenly feel very sheepish about having a man enter your private space.

It really shouldn’t have mattered since the boy was Newt of all people, but you figured it was the fact that you hadn’t seen him in so long that made you nervous.

Your apartment wasn’t much, but to you it was the place where you could destress and relax, really it reminded you of the Hufflepuff Common Room. (A place you really missed, truth be told)

The walls were a light cream color while pots and pots of lilies added decoration to it. Pictures of your family and friends from both Hogwarts and MACUSA lined the walls to add a more home feeling to it.

As you walked in your living room you couldn’t help but take a quick look at one of the frames among the many that lined your wall. The picture held two Hufflepuff’s who were laughing uncontrollably and holding hands tightly as they walked along fallen leaves. You loved that picture dearly because, although things with Newt didn’t end ideally, you liked to remember the good times you had with him.

As you turned around to welcome Newt into your home you accidentally bumped into him because he was standing right behind you. You bumping into him hardly seemed to faze him as he stared at the frame with sad eyes. “Is that us?” he asked quietly.

“Yeah,” you admitted just as quietly, your cheeks flushing slightly. “I-uh, kept a few things after moving here- it reminded me of home and I thought it would make the process a little bit easier.” 

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright,” you replied, clearing your throat slightly. It’s not that you didn’t want to talk to Newt about the situation at hand, you just didn’t feel like it should matter anymore- the both of you were now adults and it was time to forget such a long memory. “I can show you to your room if you want- it’s right across from mine.”

You waited for Newt to reply but when he didn’t, you couldn’t help but tug lightly on his jacket like a child; the movement caused him to look at you with sad eyes, “Come on,” you said softly, “I’ll show you to your room and then I’ll make us some dinner.”

In the short few minutes that it took Newt to settle in his room, you excused yourself to make dinner when he gripped your arm, forcing you to stop leaving; you raised an eyebrow in question.

“Your home is very lovely,” he said, a soft smile on his face, “Thank you for sharing it with me.”

“N-no problem,” you responded.

“I want to show you something too if you don’t mind,” Newt continued as he walked away from the neatly folded bed and placed his suitcase on the ground softly, clicking the straps open. “I want you to meet my creatures.”

Stepping inside Newt’s suitcase felt like an entire different world, you couldn’t help but gasp quietly as his creatures gathered around Newt, each of them whining slightly. You couldn’t help but smile to yourself when you heard Newt mutter, “it’s okay, it’s okay, Mummy’s here.”

Suddenly you felt something small scurry onto your leg, causing you to jolt, but before you could say anything, you were greeted with big black eyes and a bill like snout. It sniffed at your necklace before looking at you curiously.

“Hello,” you said softly, “and who are you?”

“That’s the Niffler,” Newt replied suddenly as he walked towards you, a smile on his face, “he’s a devious little thing, but quite sweet if he likes you.”

“Has he ever gotten you in trouble?” you asked with a grin as the Niffler played with your necklace lightly.

“Actually,” replied Newt sheepishly, stepping closer to eye the Niffler pointedly, “he’s the one that made a scene in the bank.”

“Oh!” you replied, glancing at the Niffler, “so you’re the one that made Tina arrest Newt.” In responce the Niffler sniffed at you once more before burying its head in it’s hands in an almost apologetic way, causing you to gush slightly.

In your mind, Dinner was long gone as Newt continued to show you around his suitcase, you met all of his creatures and enjoyed the way he would behave with each individual creature.

 In fact, you even met a funny little creature named Pickett, who gratefully, took to you very well; he even let you carry him for a while.

Everything was going well until Newt asked you to pick up some of the food for the Erumpent from the shed. Of course you obliged instantly and practically skipped to the shed. 

Dare you say it, but everything was starting to feel like your times in Hogwarts again, you swear you hadn’t had this much fun in ages.

Upon entering the Shed, you couldn’t help but playfully roll your eyes at Newt’s messy workspace, you remember quite well your study sessions with Newt and how messy the workspace got quite quickly; but as you continued to walk around the Shed, eager to find the Erumpent food, you couldn’t help but pick up a nearby picture frame from a table, curious.

The picture moved beautifully as it showed a young girl smiling playfully at the camera, her smile radiant, although the picture was in black and white. 

Your eyebrows furrowed in concentration as you tried your best to figure out who this girl was, she seemed oddly familiar.

You turned the picture frame slightly and gasped quietly when you found handwriting on the back, it was written delicately in fine ink.

 “Thank you Newt, I look forward to seeing you again. -Leta Lestrange x.”

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so here’s a fun sketch i forgot to turn digital for like 2 weeks of @mintcaboodle / @maliciousunicorn ‘s ocs! i love them so so so much honestly??? like these two cleared my skin and blessed my children so 

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okay and how about like??? link looking at his weapons and wondering what would happen if he traced over his old scars with them??? how funny would it be if the hero's sword was the thing that took the hero's life.. my poor boy is suffering...

what if one of his issues with the master sword is it never breaks

like all his other weapons are finite so if hes feeling tempted or something he can at least as a last resort go fight a moblin or something and break it so the temptations gone for the time being

but the master sword never breaks. even if it runs out of energy, it doesnt take it long to recharge again. its always there, tempting him. it almost seems like some kind of sick joke to him.

and his scars are … bittersweet. he has so many you cant tell when new ones are added (if u Kno Wht I Mean) but his worst ones, the ones from the wounds that nearly killed him, just make him angry and regretful. if only hed not gotten found in time. sometimes, in his darkest times, he considers reopening them; using the scar tissue as a blueprint, maybe make the wound a little deeper, a little more fatal this time

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Thoughts at the movies: Yay I'm going to see a movie but holy moly I have to sit through the whole thing. OMG those adds just took up half my attention span and they were horrible. *Movie starts* hmm.. so how long does it actually go for. Hmm..I wonder if those emergency exits actually get used, the ceiling is so weird. Why are people laughing that wasn't even funny. *Constantly looking at peoples emotions especially the person I'm sitting next to* Movie ends uhmm so I didn't really get it.

Can you do an Oli Sykes imagine where he get really mad at something y/n did and throws something at her and it nearly hits her, ending in lots of fluff and forgiveness on both their parts -Anonymous

You were with your boyfriend Oliver Sykes or who you like to call Oli. He was the best guy you could ask for. Well except when you guys got into arguments. They were heated and that wasnt because of you but because Oliver never stopped.

Yet you were currently having a nice day sitting on the couch cuddling. Today was Oliver’s day off and he decided to spend it with you. It seemed as if nothing can ruin it.

Just then your phone rang and you watched as Oliver picked it up for you. From the sound of it you had gotten a message.

”Y/N whats this babe?” Oliver asked you and you positioned yourself to sit up next to him. Oliver handed you your phone and you read the message on the screen.

It was a text from your best friend Kevin that you had known from middle school all the way through today. Everyone wondered why you two hadn’t fall in love. You just never seen eachother that way.

You read the text:

- Hey babe wat u doin? Cant wait to see u again!! Lmfao the other night was fun and wild… lol except your yelling was too much tho hahaha

You were laughing and looked back at Oliver who was looking back at you with the most angered face youve ever seen.

”What are you mad about? It’s just a text babe.” You said trying to touch Oliver but he got up.

You could see how that text could sound dirty but it was nothing like that at all.

All you did was go over to Kevin’s house and watch hella scary movies. That’s where the yelling part came in. You also ate snacks and drank beers talking about your relationships. 

He was dating your best girlfriend from middle school, Chelsea ,for 9 years now and you guys were talking about how to propose to her. You were so happy for them and hoped the same for you and Oli.

“I dont know maybe cause its a text involving a man fucking my girlfriend?!” Oliver exclaimed standing up raising his voice.

“Oli baby calm down. We’re just friends. Dont be so stupid.” You stated laughing a little at the way Oli thought. You began replying to the text. “You think this is funny?” Oliver asked and just then he took your phone and threw it against the wall.

“Oliver are you fucking crazy?!” You yelled going to retrieve your phone but Oliver stopped you.

“Dont you even dare. Sit back down. Now.” Oliver demanded and you did as you were told.

“Now how long have you been screwing eachother? Huh?” Oliver asked and you just rolled your eyes.

“No one is screwing anyone Oli. Me and Kevin are just friends and you fucking know that!” You said raising your voice at him.

“STOP FUCKING LYING TO ME DAMMIT!” Oli yelled in your face and you felt your blood boiling as you stood up.

“Oliver leave me alone about this. Youre being a complete asshole. Im not cheating and i never will!” You yelled back and it only made things worse.

“I don’t want you seeing him again:” Oli said quiet enough for you to hear and you felt the tears fill your eyes. Those were the words you never wanted to hear. Because those were the words that meant you and OIiver werent going to last forever.

Ever since you started dating you,Kevin, and Chelsea promised to break up with any Boyfriends or Girlfriends that tried to tare you guys apart.

“Well then I don’t want you to see Austin Carlile ever again.” You smirked which only made Oliver even more mad at you. You watched as he starred at you with a cold look. Just then he walked up to you quickly , so fast that it made you flinch when he reached you.

“This is not a game Y/N.” Oliver said to you through clenched teeth.He was pissed off at you and you have never seen him this way before.It was really intimidating.


“You dont know what i need!” Oliver yelled and just then you felt something barely touch your ear and  break against the wall. You saw that it was a lamp. You turned around to see a surprised Oliver and you broke down crying.

Did he really just try to hit you with a lamp? How could he do that? after all the things you guys had been through.

“Y/N im so sorry… I didn’t mean for it to get that close.” Oliver said getting close to you slowly as if you were a scared puppy. He came and pulled you into a hug.

“Oli im  sorry… i should’ve explained to you that Kevin had a girlfriend and we were only friends. I dont want to ever fight like this again.” You cried even more. It was the truth you had always wanted to be forever with Oliver.

“Yes i understand im just a jealous jerk. I shouldnt of went that far im so stupid. Its just the thought of loosing you hurts me all the time and gets me so frustrated. Please forgive me baby.” Oliver said in a calm voice that went so good with his gorgeous British accent.

“Yes of course babe… Now can we please go back to watching our movie? And also you’re buying me a new phone.” You said drying your tears and you and Oliver laughed.

“Of course babe anything for you.” He said kissing the top of your forehead. And thats how you spent your day with Oli watching movies and cuddling the whole day.

anonymous asked:

It's horrible I can't find any more eight year fluffy five. Could you Rec some eighth year fluff with some snarkiness. Btw your blog is my go to drarry blog it's the best :) Sorry for bothering I've just read every fluffy fic even on here and it's so hard finding good not to long eighth year fics that have in character drarry.

I’m super sorry for the late reply, please don’t hate me!!!

And I share your pain; I love 8th year but I think I’ve read them all!! Also you don’t tend to find much 8th year with pure fluff, most 8th year is angst angst angst. So it took me a while to find some; these aren’t all pure fluff, mainly cute and funny - I just hope you haven’t already read them ;)

  • Feelings   Upon returning for their ‘eighth’ year, Draco notices Harry doesn’t look well. He also notices that Harry’s best friends are too busy exploring their new relationship to see something is wrong, so he decides to take it upon himself to fix things.
  • Love is a many tentacled beast Draco has a stalker, or is it a secret admirer? What does Potter have to do with it? 
  • Two Wands Make a Right  Harry’s wand is playing up and Hermione thinks she knows the answer, but why does she have to be right all the time, why does Draco Malfoy have to be so god damn difficult and why is he wearing his tie backwards?
  • The Deal  Harry doesn’t want to end up with Ginny, she knows that and understands but no one else knows that Harry’s little secret is that he’s gay and completely besotted with Draco Malfoy. Harry knows it’s unlikely but that’s where the deal comes in.
  • Amelioration  Harry’s return to school after Voldemort’s demise was pleasantly peaceful, until the holiday decorating contest.
  • This is a Test    This is an Eighth Year at Hogwarts story in which Harry and Draco are a couple of months into a relationship which began during the summer immediately following the defeat of Voldemort. In the absence of old friends and enemies, and during the first flush of a new relationship, everything has gone swimmingly until they found themselves back at Hogwarts for an extra post-war year. Draco can be anxious and prattish, while Harry finds it hard to give up saving the world. It might involve stupidly creative use of a time-turner on Harry’s part that could threaten to overturn recent history and put even the defeat of Voldemort in jeopardy (well, that last part’s perhaps a bit of an exaggeration, but sounds like a good hook!). 
  • Incurably In Denial Heroes Affliction   Harry had been under the insane illusion that once he’d defeated Voldemort all would be well. It was, at least, until Hermione and Ginny got it in their heads that Harry was suffering from W.A.T.E. Wizarding Affects of Traumatic Experiences Syndrome.
  • The Potter Malfoy Problem  The room of requirement’s gone mad — at least, that’s what Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy ‘requires’ him, of all people, but why does it keep dragging Harry there like he’s some kind of furniture, every time Malfoy enters it? Throw in Pansy the pervert and a clipboard-wielding Hermione, and things can only go from bad to worse. And that’s not even mentioning the pirates … 
  • Storm in a Teacup   For reasons he’d rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter’s hair. This cannot end well.

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Hey you :) I love gaf so much. You and eliza are doing such an amazing job creating your universe. I've never read a fic that just makes me / feel / so damn much for not just the main pairing, but every character. If you're taking prompts at the moment, any way we could get an angsty little something with clexa ft. mentions of either finn or costia? No worries at all if you're busy, but I crave scenes like that with all my soul. Much love <3

(sry this took so long to fill & honestly this is literally just clarke being an ass but its cute & a lil funny & i love her so here u go)


you’ve tried your best to be a good host, and, really, costia is smart and kind and she makes lexa smile. she’s also neat and funny.

and beautiful.

it’s irrational, you know, that you’re jealous, because not once has lexa even probably considered cheating, and you don’t doubt that she’s profoundly in love with you—it’s always been you who has been more hesitant to love her back in the same big grand way, because it seems to come so intuitively to her and sometimes it’s hard for you—but you know lexa loves costia too. she has to, because they’re familiar with each other, and comfortable, and lexa’s only like that with people she loves. which, you know, include, well, her friends.

but she, at one point, was in love with costia. and sure, it was for a little over two months six years ago, well before the two of you got together in any official capacity, and sure, you and lexa have lived together for a little over a year, and you’ve applied to grad schools in the same areas, and you’re entirely, completely sure that one day lexa intends to see the world with you, and marry you, and have a family. she has never, ever done anything to even suggest otherwise.


you come home from your p chem lab, which had taken so long, and your photographs hadn’t developed properly, and you have a bio exam in two days that you’ve not had nearly enough time to study for, and you’d had to process numbers for like four hours in lab, so you’re not in your favorite frame of mind, for one. you’re exhausted and it’s getting close to your twenty-second birthday, and you love parties, and you certainly love yourself (mostly), so generally you like birthdays—but your dad isn’t here for them now, and it’s all just kind of a lot. especially because you’re kind of a disaster at emotions anyway.

let alone with your girlfriend’s ex sitting on the couch with her when you get home from hellish math, and costia is holding lexa’s arm, tenderly tracing the flowers there, and lexa is looking at her fondly and saying something soft in farsi. 

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