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There are two digits written at the top of his test. Red ink bleeds into the page, and even when he turns the paper around they show through. At first, the numbers don’t register to him–they’re unreadable, unreachable, and he feels numb all over, like nothing can touch him.

And then the score registers–61–and Rich suddenly feels like he can’t breathe.

Normally he’d be fine crumpling up the exam papers and tossing them into the nearest recycling bin, but that currently isn’t a viable option for him. 61 is far below the class’s failing grade, which means the teacher is going to call home. There’s no way he’ll be able to hide this from his dad.

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in honour of how dismissed nicky hemmick is, do you have any headcanons about him?

headcanons?? about my son?? Yes :^) (sorry this took so long asdfghjkl)

- definitely locks himself in the bedroom and just calls Erik when the twins (or even the other foxes) get to be too much, like when aaron makes an unnecessarily cruel comment or when andrew gives him a certain murderous look or when kevin someone dishes out too much “constructive” criticism at practice
- will actually drink those kale smoothies with Kevin if Kevin makes him one
- we’ve heard of therapy dogs for just about everyone else, but I’m just gonna throw this out there: Nicky with a therapy dog because he gets really depressed sometimes and Bee thought it would be good for him to have someone to take care of who will love him expressively and unconditionally
- he’s seen every movie known to man and he’s that one friend that understands any reference you could possibly make,, good to have around, 10/10 quality human
- sings along at the top of his lungs to the songs he likes and he’s… Actually pretty good? very nice voice, but often sings badly on purpose just to annoy Aaron
- likes to hang out with the upperclassmen now that Andrew isn’t totally against them:
- he calls Dan “mama” and she always rolls her eyes but she kinda likes it tbh
- let’s Allison put nail polish and eye liner on him but “none of that cover up shit, I’m proud of my ONE freckle thanks”
- discusses the bible with Renee tbh, like not very often but sometimes he’ll see her reading and ask about something and they’ll end up talking for hours
- Nicky: “Matt do you think pigeons have feelings”
Matt: “Nicky it’s 3 in the- oh my god… do they??”
- got into a fist fight with an opposing backliner because he was insulting Dan
- was really drunk once and talked shit about Aaron TO Aaron because he thought he was Andrew
- is secretly trying to learn french and russian

“Nyo ho~”

Art raffle 3rd place prize for @ssmilleyy; Gyro Zeppeli


wiNks that’s actually hobi wearing the 6/10 crop top but shhhh

I also made an extremely lowkey dodie refrence with jimin for an ask I recieved but shshshshhhhhhhh 👀


Group: DAY6

Focus: Park Jaehyung

Genre: Angst, Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 4953

Requested by Anonymous: 29. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with him/her.” 30. “I’m not losing you again.” 31. Why do you keep pushing me away?” with Jae please!! I really love your writing!!! <33333

Note: This is my longest piece of writing to date! Please leave some feedback and let me know if you like it!

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Sometimes you really cursed the universe and the whole soulmate bullshit it came with.

Sure, it was cute to know that you wouldn’t end up alone and you’d have someone to love wholly that will love you back the same, the whole concept was nice.

But, of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

While it was true that everyone had a soulmate, it wasn’t guaranteed that everyone would actually meet theirs, even if they did have their soulmate’s name imprinted on their skin in gold.

Some relationships were lucky in that the golden letters would appear upon meeting their soulmate(in some cases, soulmates) others- not so much. It wasn’t extremely rare to hear that while one had their soulmate’s name appear immediately, the other would not receive their golden letters at the same time and so, sometimes the one who was aware of their soulmate would often be subjected to watch the one they love go on with their lives obliviously and pray that their name appears on their bodies eventually.

You supposed you were the unluckiest human being ever to exist in the universe.

Not only did you have to deal with the overwhelming feeling of his name become tattooed to the skin of your collarbone, making you feel complete and whole, so much that left you breathless when you met him but you also had to feel the crippling disappointment when you looked into his eyes and knew that your name was not on his skin.

You remembered meeting the guitarist as clear as day.

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Yoonmin Boyfriend Ensemble#5

Jimin’s account:

Yoongi decided to serenade me guys and he was so nervous about it! Look at this cute fluffball 🙈🙈


a laviyuu photoset for my wonderful sister 💙
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Show Me - Jin X Reader

@iateyourcookiexd asked:
Hi! ^ω^ I love your page and I was wondering if you could do a scenario where Jin is really adorable and sweet in public but is actually rough and sexy in private when it’s just Y/N and him.. Thank chu <3 X

A/N: Hi! So I actually really loved your request asdfghjkl but the reason it took so long was because I had no idea how to write this ;-; So hopefully you like it ^^

Genre: Romance / Fluff / Semi-Smut

Word Count: 1683

“Jin?” you called out to the empty hallway when you heard a click of the door. It was roughly around 2am. You were supposed to be sleeping, but you always wanted to make sure Jin came home safe, making sure he had enough to eat before going to bed. He opened up the door as quietly as he could, only to turn around and jump at the sight of you standing there, “Y/N! JEEZ YOU SCARED ME!”
You laughed to yourself as you waited for him to take off his jacket and his shoes, “And what are you doing up? You’re supposed to be sleeping” He frowned at you. Jin always took care of you, in return for being so caring towards him. He made sure you were getting enough sleep, meeting your daily nutrition, and getting regular amounts of exercise, or, just going outside of the house in general. The last thing he wanted was for you to get sick while he was away on tour, because that would mean he would have to endure the pain of not being able to be in your presence to take care of you.
“I was waiting for you” You smile cheekily. He sighs before pulling you into a hug, “You know you don’t have too, right? I was going to just jump into bed with you and hold you tightly there, you didn’t have to stay up for me, princess”
You only snuggle into him more, “Of course I did, but I have to admit, I was just about to doze off before you opened the door”
“Dammit. I’m sorry, I should have waited a bit before coming inside” he kissed you lightly on the forehead. The both of you walked as he hugged you, taking penguin-like steps into the bedroom. He lifted you up in a bridal style and laid you down on the bed, pulling the blanket over you as you snuggled into the soft pillow. He planted a kiss on your forehead before heading into the bathroom to change and wash up. He joined you after a few minutes, pulling you into his embrace, “Princess?”
you hummed in response as you hid your head into the groove of his neck. “I have the day off tomorrow; we can finally go out on an actual date” You smiled consensually as he stroked your hair.


Jin woke you up with sweet kisses all over your face, hands, body, and basically every visible piece of skin he could find. You moaned awake in response, “Jin? What are you doing?” You smile, trying to push him off. You wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, but he only pulled you in closer. He left rough kisses on your neck, making you moan in pleasure.
“If you do that princess, I won’t be able to stop myself” he smirked. You had missed this side of Jin, his rough side. He had always been too tired from practice to initiate anything, and coming home at extremely late times did not help.
You moaned again, Jin smiled at you, knowing that this was what you wanted. He gave quick kisses around your neck and working his way down as his hand trailed up your shirt, “No bra?” he smiled. You only nodded, impatient for him to continue. He continued his hot trail of kisses down your chest and onto your stomach, which was where he stopped. He giggled to himself and you looked at him confused, “Someone’s hungry” he smiled, getting off of you. You whine at the loss, but he only smiles, holding out his hand to help you up. You stare at his hand for a while before placing yours on top, pouting.
“You’re so cute” He smiled, squishing your face and kissing your cheeks, “Don’t fret princess, we can continue as soon as you get some food into your system. What do you want to eat?”
“Hmm…” You walked up to him, leaning close in and rubbing slow circles on his chest. He swallowed at your actions, you’ve never been like this before, “Where did this attitude come from? You never teased me before” he took your hand in his, “oh, I don’t know. I may have picked up a few things while you were away” You whisper hotly into his ear, making him mewl. You slid your hand off his chest and you walked out of the room, glancing over at him. He looked straight into your eyes, following you like a lost puppy.
“I’m in the mood for anything, Jin” you smile as you take out a pan and a few ingredients in the fridge. He walks up behind you and moves you out of the way, taking your place, “Let me cook, princess. I haven’t been here to cook for you for the longest time. I haven’t been able to cook at the dorm for a while, I’m afraid I might have lost my touch” he chuckles to himself. You embrace him from behind, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, “I don’t think you could ever lose your touch in cooking. You’re a natural”
“Thank you”
He whipped up something quick, French toast. You munched it all down as Jin watched you, only smiling, “You’re a foodie and I love that about you” he points out. You look up at him and blush, “Is that the only reason why?” You ask, knowing his answer
“Of course not. You’re beautiful, talented, and everything I could have ever wanted”
You only smile, “So, where are we going today?” It’s been a while since you last asked him that. He was away for far too long, but you loved how those words just rolled off of your tongue.
“Well, we can go anywhere you want. I don’t really have anything planned except for..” He took a moment to clear his throat, “at night” he smirked at you as crimson rose to your cheeks. You quickly hid your face, getting up to put the dishes away. He follows with a “you’re so cute” as he stands up to clean the dirty plates and utensils.


You and Jin were wandering outside, strolling through town hand in hand. You stopped to window shop at several places, dragging Jin with you as he let out an exasperated sigh almost every time.
Jin sat outside of the store on a nearby bench as he waited for you. Not wanting to go into a lingerie shop with you. It’s not that he was embarrassed, he just didn’t want to go to far as to choose what you should wear. He tapped his foot on the ground as if listening to the beat of music. He bobbed his head and sang to himself a bit. Several young ladies, and older ones noticed him, whispering about how handsome he is, but Jin didn’t seem to notice. A Mother sat down beside him, baby in her arms. He looked at the baby and found it staring at him. He made faces, trying to make the baby smile and laugh, and it worked. The mother noticed his doing and smiled at the man sitting beside her, “She has been crying all day” the mother spoke. Jin looked away from the baby to look at the voice that he presumed was talking to him, “You’re the first person that has made her laugh today” she said as she bounced the baby up and down, pressing her finger into the child’s cheek and kissing it. Jin smiled, “well, she’s beautiful when she smiles. Even without the teeth” he said, making the both of them chuckle.
You came out of the store, purchase in hand as you walked towards Jin. He was talking to someone. You approached him from behind, covering his eyes with your hands, “guess who”
“Princess, please, your voice isn’t something I can forget” he smiled. You giggled as you let go.
“Who is this?” The lady asked, her baby now asleep, “This is y/n, my girlfriend” Jin spoke before you could open your mouth. He stood up beside you and grabbed your hand, kissing it. The lady smiled at you two, “You’re very beautiful” she says, directing her attention to you
“T-Thank you”
“You’re such a cute couple, still in the lovebird mode. How long have you guys been dating?”
You and Jin look at each other before speaking, “Roughly 2 years” you said in unison, only to look at each other again and laugh.
“Well, I hope you have the best life, he’s definitely a keeper” she winked at you. You only smiled back, “I Know”
“And you” she said, looking back at Jin, “Take care of your woman. Don’t leave her stranded there with her kid, okay? Basically, don’t be my husband” She laughed. Evidently, her husband came back, “June!” The man came rushing towards her, “Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Do you need anything? I’m sorry for taking so long”
You poked Jin and whispered to him, “That’ll totally be you as a dad" you giggled as Jin playfully hit your arm, “so that means I’ll be a dad, huh? We’re moving quite fast here princess” he smiles and you can only blush.
“Well, we have to go” June interrupted, “Thank you so much for helping me”
“Of course” Jin spoke. You watched the family go off, holding hands and still smiling at each other as if they were still 18 on the inside, feeling that “true love” vibe from them. You rested your head on Jin’s shoulder, “They seem nice” you say, his grip tightening on your hand, “Yeah, I hope we’ll be able to have a family like that soon” he faced you, taking your other hand in his so he would be holding both, “And I hope we’ll be just as happy as they are, still looking at each other as if we had just met for the first time and it was love at first sight”
“You’re so cheesy”
“But you love it”
“True, I love you”
“I Love you too princess”

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Wow I’m thinking about how I’ve gone through two biases in exo before realizing jongin was the one I can’t believe it took me so long asdfghjkl he was like coming up for air, he was like wiping the fog off the windshield, like putting glasses on for the first time

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Chanyeol arrives at the airport and looks over the crowd of screaming fans for that one familiar face he's been waiting so long to see again?

(Asdfghjkl I’m so sorry this took so long I’m horrible, but like drabble requests still open)

“Look for me.” The text read simply, from her.
“How will I be able to find you, there’s gonna be hundreds of fans waiting for us to come out those doors.” His long slender fingers typed back.
“You’ll know.” She answered.
After the group had passed passport control, they stood before the huge doors that separated them from hundreds of screaming girls. The security guard held up his fingers counting down from three. Three…two…one, the doors opened as screaming filled his ears. The others went straight to signing a few autographs and promoting like true idols, but Chanyeol only looked around for one face. What caught his attention first was the balloon floating high above the crowd, a read heart attached to a long red string. Anyone else would have just scene a simple balloon, but Chanyeol saw his past and his future. He followed the string all the way down to the girl who was holding the balloon-his girl. She gave him a playful smile, before retreating to the back of the crowd, all he could see was the balloon hovering in the air. He quickly made his way outside with his guards out the exit he had seen the balloon float out of. He looked left and right frantically, but the guards started ushering him towards the car before the fans could catch up. But he had to find her.
He was in the secluded parking lot before he knew it, with his girl no where in sight. He had sent her 30 messages telling her the car was gonna leave.
“Phones these days, they distract people from things right in front of their faces.” He heard her angelic voice. She was leaning against the car casually the red balloon still attached to her wrist. He couldn’t hold it back anymore he ran to her sweeping her up in one swift motion. Her legs wrapped around him instantly, oh god how he missed her legs. She was his girl, his girl with the red balloon.