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Can you talk about the pros and the cons of Olivia Hussey's Juliet? She is my favourite Juliet, but I would like to see a more critical review of her portrayal for once!

Ah! I’m really happy that you asked this because I’m hopelessly in love with Franco Zeffirelli’s movie and I could talk about Olivia Hussey’s acting all day long.

The first thing I would like to remark is the context in which the movie was made. In many ways, it is a mirror of the youth movements of the 60s, and the trope of idealism versus violence, dreaming versus fighting, is one of the main characteristics of the movie. The fights are really violent (the opening brawl, for instance, was filmed in a more aggressive way than usual, as it fatally has Capulets and Montagues murdering each other and women screaming with their children in their arms), and it presents Romeo and Juliet’s love as an innocent, harmless force as opposed to the cultural violence that surrounds them. Olivia Hussey underscored how excellently the movie had harmonized with the ideals of her generation. And, indeed, you could say it is an ode to sexual freedom, peace, and the power of youth. You can see that in the way Zeffirelli filmed the bedroom scene, with Juliet lying naked after consummating a marriage she arranged herself.

Zeffirelli seemed to be particularly interested in her character:

The central idea is that of a puppeteer, Destiny, who handles all the characters. They are all puppets on a stage and no one is fully responsible. The whole tragedy is permeated with the idea of fate. There is nothing to do. Juliet is the only valuable opposition to it

So he decided to exploit the transgression of Juliet’s acts, and I will always be grateful to him for giving us such a powerful, intrepid Juliet. He was also one of the first directors to cast teenagers to play the lovers. Precisely, physically speaking I consider Olivia to be really suitable for the role. The innocence and tenderness of childhood she conveys wonderfully, but once she gets to express herself you find that her eyes denote such intelligence, her voice such fortitude, that you couldn’t possibly dismiss her as a dumb kid. (To be honest, I can’t fathom how it is possible to distort the play to the point that people think the word “dumb” befits Juliet and Romeo.) She transmits so much expressiveness with those piercing, inquisitive eyes and her loud, firm voice. See how monotonous she sounds when she lies to the Nurse, but how fierce her voice is during the “O bid me leap…” speech in the cell. She is a Juliet that does something else apart from blushing and smiling tenderly—she is also restless, frustrated, even rude in some parts. She doesn’t limit herself to simply reciting her lines in a monotonous tone, but rather she inserts so much depth and energy in every single word that she succeeds in constructing a complex Juliet—Olivia handled the duality of her character really well. Sometimes she cries fearfully on the floor as she implores her parents to listen to her and sometimes she contemptuously yells at her mother that she won’t marry Paris “by Saint Peter’s Church and Peter too.”

To me, Olivia portrayed Juliet as a young girl who is too alive to contain herself—as if the world weren’t big enough for her. One of the things that amazes me about her acting is the way she uses her body to transmit her indefatigable energy. She shows a great command of herself. For instance, I noticed that she spends a huge amount of time running. We find her running the first time we see her, she leaves the scene running after her conversation with her mother, she arrives at the ball running, she comes in and out of her balcony running repeatedly, she arrives in the church running again, and hurriedly crosses herself before running again toward Romeo with her arms wide open. I could go on. (But interestingly, during Paris and Friar Lawrence’s brief conversation in the cell, she comes in running as well, but once she spots Paris she stops suddenly and starts walking instead, as if she were attempting to behave more correctly, faking to be a more restrained and therefore acceptable woman. She does this as well when she runs to her mother’s bedroom and stops abruptly before Lady Capulet can see her.) With this restlessness and her resolute nature, she transgresses the tediousness of her society—she is simply too in love with life itself to confine herself to inaction. It makes perfect sense to hear her describe herself as “a boundless sea” when you hear her exhilarated laughter. 

And then she denotes so much determination and self-condifence. Olivia takes advantage of every single line to portray Juliet as an independent, strong-minded young girl. “But trust me, gentleman, I’ll prove more true / Than those that have more cunning to be strange.” She sounds so angry when she says that. More than swearing her love to Romeo, she looks like she is threatening him not to fool her. (He actually even nods nervously there and it’s hilarious.) And her face is priceless when he tries to swear his love by the moon. She tells him off. She is so resolute and skeptical throughout the whole balcony scene, it’s wonderful. I invite you to watch that scene again, paying attention to her facial expressions.

Another scene I think is worth commenting is 2.5, when the Nurse delivers Romeo’s news to her. I like to compare her acting here with that of other actresses playing Juliet. In this scene, her impatience is usually portrayed more like an inoffensive, sweet frustration. She is still adorable even when she is irritated. However, Olivia’s Juliet does not even try to palliate her impatience. When she goes down the stairs and notices that the Nurse is not yet come, she boldly places her needlework on the table as she goes on ranting about how disgusted she is by old people. When the Nurse finally arrives with Peter, Juliet basically puts her hands on her waist impatiently and kicks him out after giving him a quite exasperated look. She then even takes away an apple that the Nurse was holding in her teeth and clenches her fists. But when she finally gets her Nurse to tell her what she wants, she euphorically bursts into laughter and thus leaves the scene running enthusiastically. I find this much more entertaining than, say, Rebecca Saire’s acting, who was only slightly impatient in comparison with Olivia’s liveliness.

The movie is replete with moments like that. I still can’t get over the way she looks at her own cousin when she turns around (screencaps here), or the fact that she doesn’t even look at Paris when he kisses her hand and says farewell before leaving the ball. Moreover, the camera tends to focus on her emotions. The first kiss is filmed in a way that only allows you to contemplate Juliet’s face and all the different emotions she goes through. There is that long kissing sequence in the balcony scene where you can only see her face as well. And in the last scene, the first hint that she is still alive comes from her hand. The camera focuses entirely on it as she begins to move her fingers slowly, but all of a sudden she clenches her fist with strength and resolution. The camera then follows her hand as it reaches her face, and those wide, alert eyes open again. Those are just a few examples, but the movie is full of close-ups of her intelligent eyes.

The main flaw of Olivia’s Juliet, however, is the same flaw of the whole movie: too many lines were cut out (more than half of the play!). Certainly they skipped some of her wittiest moments, such as the part where she deceives her mother, or the “gallop apace” speech, in which she so explicitly poeticizes sex. Although its absence is partly compensated, in my opinion, by the more than evident sexual agency she shows throughout the movie. She actively looks for Romeo at the ball, and even when he touches her hand for the first time, the camera shoots her eyes closing in ecstasy. She grabs his shoulders in their second kiss, and even holds his face in her hands and kisses him as he stays still in the balcony scene.

Another thing I dislike is her reaction to Tybalt’s death. The way she criticizes Romeo is wonderfully acted again—really vigorous and enraged. But it stops there. The last thing she says is, “But wherefore, villain, didst thou kill my cousin?” In the play she goes on trying to find out what must have really happened between Romeo and Tybalt, and she comes to her own conclusions. However, in the movie, we just see her bash Romeo and then we don’t see her again until the next morning, when she is happily sleeping by his side. It sort of weakens the character, because Juliet doesn’t forgive him entirely until she decides it couldn’t had been his fault.

And, of course, there is the potion speech missing. It is actually the soliloquy she chose for her audition, but Zeffirelli decided to cut it out because he feared it would alter the balance between Romeo and Juliet in terms of their importance to the plot: “If she does this potion speech, she’ll get all the attention. The film won’t be Romeo and Juliet—it will be ‘Did you see Olivia Hussey in that scene?”

But I think Olivia’s Juliet is excellently paired up with Leonard’s Romeo—the angriest Juliet comes with the softest Romeo. It is as though Thought and Dream intertwined. While Juliet speaks with a very potent, determined voice, Leonard’s Romeo has more of a whispering, soft tone. (We literally see him sighing with his eyes closed against some pretty flowers.) This duality of their personalities is tangible in the very way they are introduced in the movie. Romeo’s entrance is accompanied by a dreamy, tender song as he appears smiling at a flower that he is holding in his hands; Juliet, on the contrary, shows up running while a much more energetic song is playing (from around 1:03 on). It goes on like that for the rest of the movie and it culminates with their last words. Romeo raises the venom with tears streaming down his face as he slowly whispers, “here’s to my love”. (It! Breaks! My! Heart!) Juliet, however, roars her last words, and even half smiles at the dagger for a moment as she commands it to “rust” in her.

So what I love about her is her strength and her ability to denote so much expressiveness with her body. If only I could watch her perform all the missing lines. She did so much with the little she was given, it’s wonderful. We need more Juliets like this—Juliets who express themselves so freely and fearlessly.


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I love… @blueherondale‘s Afire Love…((I read it when I first discovered ONS and I fell in love!!))


*Busts through the door two whole weeks late carrying Starbucks* Hello!  I am here and I brought a (belated) Rosemary for my bud @ironbubble!!!

I am so so so sorry this took so long, I really don’t have an excuse, but the important thing is that it’s done now and that you hopefully like it! 

(one of the costume ideas was suggested by @rainbowcloversandwhalechickens and I am so thankful for the help with that thank you)

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when I was just starting out on the hp fandom I was extremely prejudiced (is that the word??? idk) with Slytherin and when I took the pottermore quiz I ended up in Slytherin and it got me so mad I didn't enter the website for a long time. Now I see how stupid that is. My house is huflepuff because it's the house that better defines me, but I'm also really Slytherin and I learned to embrace it. (sorry for the bad english, still learning the language)

be both then !!:D i feel like the movies and books made us look like total assholes so honestly don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault or our fault that we got a bad rep from the beginning.

Let me make it up to you (Jooheon) SMUT

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Request: Heyyy I really love your blog. Take your time with requests and you have a great blog! Okay im a ho for Jooheon smuts so can i request one where you two get in a bad argument and he see leaves for a little while, but when he comes back he sees you crying so he gets all dom yet really romantic and gentle to make up for making you cry. thanks~~

IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK FOREVER! Ill make it somewhat long bc I told you “tomorrow” but its been like 2 weeks i think…….

I hope you like it~~~

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Save that Child

A year ago on 16/7/2015, I was taking a break in my workspace and decided to check out a new trailer on You Tube. It was the AOT live action version trailer. I was intrigued by the plot and found out there’s an anime version of it. I took a chance and the rest is history. A year later, here I am. Writing shitty self-indulging levihan fanfics. I don’t know guys. This is a mistake. lol.

Tumblr prompt from @prosotankutu : Levihan- Hanji saves a baby.

Read here for notes

1 Year Ago

Year 840

The Fall of Wall Maria

It was a beautiful day. A good day for an expedition beyond the walls. Everybody was in a high spirit as they crossed the gates, only a few titans spotted along the way to the checkpoint. And then it rained. Hanji didn’t expect her day to take a turn to the south. In the morning, she was excited to leave the walls and meet those pesky titans. Now, she only wanted everything to end. They returned with their heads hanging low and more dead bodies to throw to the pile. To add more to their despair, Commander Shadis just had a breakdown in the full view of the folks in Shinganshina. Crying and wailing to a heartbroken mother, what a day. It was supposed to be beautiful.

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Following the kid in that temple had seemed like a good idea at first. Of course, as it often was the case, the keyword there was ‘at first’. They were several meters under the surface now, yet she could hear the storm raging above her head, the ghostly sound of wind whistling inside the cave. As if being stranded in the middle of Rebel territory wasn’t risky enough, they were now groping their way through the crumbling maze of its underground galleries, lit only by Vader’s lightsaber and the eerie light of Beetee’s eye – and, truth be told, she was enjoying every second of it. Of course, Aphra was the only one groping, since the droids’ sensors didn’t require much light to function and Vader… well, she didn’t quite know how he got by. Perhaps he was using the Force, or perhaps his helmet had some kind of low-threshold sensors as well. Either way, the dark didn’t seem to bother him.

Aphra took her hand off the wall and followed the red glow, picking up the pace in an attempt to keep up with Vader, and nearly tripped over as she stubbed her foot against what felt like stone rubble.

“Kriffing stones…” she grumbled, trying – and failing – to kick the stone aside.

“That, Doctor, was my foot.”

“Oh… uh… I’m sorry. It’s really dark in here. Did I hurt you?”

“No,” came his grouchy reply.

“Cool. Let’s… pretend I didn’t do that.” She paused for a second before she spoke again. “Hey, you know what I was thinking? This place gives me goosebumps. I love it. It’s like we’re about to meet a ghost or something.”

Ironic that she’d say that, Vader thought, trying to ignore the voices ringing in his head.

“We most definitely have,” he agreed.

“Wow! Really? Are they pissed?” He could nearly sense her eyes rounding with disbelief as she stopped in her tracks.

“Probably,” he answered laconically, gesturing for her to keep walking – even if he doubted she could actually see his hand moving.  

“Hm… okay? That… doesn’t seem to concern you?”

“What I’m concerned about is finding the boy. I know he’s still in here.”

“Uh, if you say so… Where are we going exactly?”

“To the archives,” he said as they took a left turn, entering a wider gallery. If the boy was looking for holocrons, as Vader assumed he was, it was the logical place to look first – not to mention the gut feeling that he was indeed getting closer.

Though he was not familiar with this particular temple, he was fairly certain they were on the right way. The voices grew louder with every step he took, reaching their full nuisance potential when he stopped before the massive door at the end of the corridor. His ears started buzzing as the voices surged up, clamoring and mingling in a cacophony of frantic whispers and pained screams, as if purposely trying to overwhelm his senses. Almost as if the ghosts were warning him away from something. Or someone. One voice in particular caught his attention. A voice he remembered far too well.

…The very thing you swore to destroy…  I will do what I must… don’t try it!… you were the Chosen One!

Ah. Kenobi. Or at least what little was left of him. He was there too. And by the sound of it, he did not want Vader to go through that door. All the more reason to push forward. What could Obi-Wan do about it, anyway? Lecture him? Play on his guilt? Vader was not impressed so far. More powerful than I can possibly imagine. Is that so, old man?

Ignoring the admonitions of his former mentor, Vader grabbed the handle and pushed the door open, revealing a large, barrel-vaulted aisle, lined with several rows of stone shelves, filled with glowing cubes and cones, with a depleted datapad here and there.

Aphra peeked inside the room and decided that it was safe to follow him inside, taking slow, unusually careful steps down the main aisle. It wasn’t long before Vader froze on the spot and she could only assume that he, too, had caught sight of the shadow browsing through the shelves. The silhouette, she suspected, was that of the boy they had been looking for. Yet, she didn’t manage to catch a better glimpse, for the shadow started and made a dash for the door, causing several artifacts to shatter on ground. Before either of them got a chance to catch up, an intense silver flash flared up before her eyes. There was no sound. No blast. Just the thud of her back slamming against the floor as her body was tossed next to Vader’s black mass. Then a complete blackout.

Without opening her eyes, Aphra stirred a little and realized that she was still lying on the hard ground. Judging by the overall soreness of her body, the impact had been brutal. How long she had been out was a mystery, yet she wondered if she had received some kind of first aid, for, if she was to be honest, she smelled like a blasted medcenter. She didn’t know if Vader had been knocked out as well, but she noticed that his breathing was loud – louder than ever – which meant he must have been close, and yet she didn’t feel the usual ebb and flow of his respirator.

“Urgh… I feel like sh*t” she groaned, failing to rub her closed eyes as her hand encountered a hard surface instead.

“Wait a minute…” she paused, surprised by the deep rumble that had just escaped her mouth. “That’s not my voice!”

Her eyelids jolted open at the realization. She quickly propped herself on her elbows, ignoring the dull pain she felt above both joints, and the sight before her nearly caused her heart to stop. It took her several seconds to finally put her thoughts into words :

“Uh… Why are you red? Why are you me?”

Vader jolted awake and blinked in surprise at the sound of his own voice, and, for once, he, too, remained dumbfounded by what he heard and saw. The question caused him to look down at his feet or rather… Aphra’s feet? He was too confused to make sense of any of this, too stunned by the abundant input of his senses – Aphra’s senses, from the feel of chilly air on her skin to the fruity taste of her lips. He brought a hand – an ungloved, flesh hand – to his face, and couldn’t help but notice how soft it was compared to his own withered skin. His gaze stopped on the nearest shelf, caught by the mesmerizing glow of the holocrons and all those bright hues that had slowly washed away from his memory. He didn’t, however, linger much on those thoughts, for he was beginning to feel dizzy, and suddenly realized that he had forgotten something: breathe. How could he not have breathed yet, he who had craved such freedom for the past two decades? He took a deep, forceful breath, filling his healthy, unburned lungs with the stale, dusty air of the temple. He didn’t mind the dust. He wouldn’t mind swallowing sand if it meant breathing freely again. For the first time in a long while, Vader felt good. Until the rush of oxygen produced its sobering effect, and realization dawned upon him: he could not stay that way. It was unreasonable. Impossible. Unthinkable. He had to be Darth Vader if his plans were to succeed. Whatever had happened needed to be undone, for both their sakes. He looked at her and took another breath, now fully aware that he would, sooner or later, have to renounce those again.

“I believe we have a problem, Doctor.”

>part 2

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I'm really bad at people so I'm sorry for this coming so late? but I'm glad the response from me and leproblematique helped you out re: rape fantasies. I've had them for many, many years myself - not directed at myself, but projected onto characters - and if I'd been younger when all this purity stuff got so intense I think I would have really struggled with shame for it. And thank you for sending the ask b/c I was so glad to talk about it! it's important!

Sorry that this took me so long to get to! Tumblr’s purity culture really fucked me over when I first got on here. Finding your blog was a breath of fresh air and got me to stop repressing parts of myself that weren’t as palatable to other people. I’ve had these fantasies since I was in high school, sometimes about fictional characters, sometimes about myself; I’ve started reading darkfic because of them. It was really reassuring to hear that I’m not a monster because I don’t have any sexual trauma that caused me to enjoy this type of fiction. A lot of people focus on the survivors that have these fantasies and interests, which is important, but tends to make me feel like some sort of voyeuristic sadist for being into it as well. Thanks to you, @shidgephobe, and @leproblematique, I’ve slowly been starting to accept myself again. Thanks again for your kind words!

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I love your writing so much! You really know how to grasp the characters and I find myself looking forward to more ~! May I request a scenario with Kuroo becomes friends with benefits with a his crush in his college class on the condition that it ends when one of them finds a person they love. one night, Kuroo goes over to her place because she needs to talk and she says they need to stop because she found someone and he gets upset until he realizes it's him she loves. This was long I'm sorry..

guys you’re never gonna believe who this is,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it’s me! I finally wrote something! I know, amazing right. Im so so sorry I’ve been gone for so long! Junior year is literally so rough like I took wayyy too many AP classes and if im not in the top 10% I wont be able to go to the college I want to ahahahah

but anyways admin emma has been doing such a good job! thank u all for being so nice to her and I hope my lil scenario isn’t too bad


“You know, we should really stop doing this.” He whispered in your ear, but you were able to hear the smirk through his words. Feeling his soft kisses against your sensitive skin shot electricity through your body, and you felt a warm feeling spread as you cuddled up to him.

It was the third night in a row you had called him over, all past 1 am. Not to mention this little “friends with benefits” thing had been going on for over two months now. You never thought that this would be your kind of thing, ever, and you couldn’t understand why you weren’t able to just let him go.

Actually. You thought, biting your lip a bit to keep from smirking yourself. He wasn’t terrible in bed. In fact, he was excellent. Which didn’t make a lot of sense considering he had only slept with a handful of people before you. But there was no denying, he was good. Too good for you to let go, in fact. Or, that’s what you tell yourself.

Turning back to face him, you caught his soft lips in a tender kiss. You could feel the smile on his face, and always wondered if that was meant for you. “But,” you whispered back, pulling away ever so slightly, “I don’t want you to leave yet.”

He let out a playful sigh, tightening his grip around your waist and pulling you close. This was always where the lines would become blurred. It was dangerous territory, and could almost inevitably leave one of you with a broken heart, but you let it slide. For now. You had to, because Kuroo was…because he was Kuroo.

When his breathing evened, you realized he had fallen asleep with his head still close to yours. Of course, it was against the rules for him to sleep over.

“So, what does this make us?” Your face was red, and body hot as you only used the sheets as a necessity while you laid there. It seemed almost impossible to be able to turn and look at the boy next to you. The boy who you had only met a few days ago. The boy who you just slept with.

“Friends.” He breathed out. But something didn’t feel right. The word felt awkward and small as it hung in the damp air around you two. “Good friends?”

Friends who sometimes sleep together. “But also, friends who can talk and hang out in public too, right?” Though it was obvious you two wouldn’t be doing much of that, and you knew that too. So why did you feel like it was something you had to say?


It feels like you guys were so different back then. You two knew so much about each other now.

But he had never slept over. That’s not something that friends do. That’s something that couples do, and you guys were not a couple.


A pang shot through your heart and you visibly deflated. Though, you weren’t supposed to feel like this! It shouldn’t make you sad, you should be happy, right? Being single is fun. Right?

Though as you laid there, it finally dawned on you that you didn’t want to be single anymore. You wanted someone to fall asleep next to you every night and hold you close, even if it meant being a bit squished. You wanted to wake up in the morning and find out that the last of the creamer ran out, because it would mean someone would’ve been there to use it. You wanted to find clothes around the house, and have to do more dishes.

But most importantly, you realized, you wanted him.

“What did you want to talk about?”

Kuroo’s face seemed a bit worried as he walked through the door to your tiny apartment. The fact that he had known to take off his shoes made you smile. But what if this doesn’t work out. What if he doesn’t want to be more than what you are.

Your face was scrunched and quickly realized that this might be a mistake. Would it really matter that much if you guys just continued the way you were? Sure you might not be able to do everything you wanted, but you were still able to see him.

“_____?” He said, walking up to you, “Is everything alright?”

“I, uh,” you stammered, trying a bit to straighten out your face. You knew it wasn’t working. Come on, ___. Just spit it out! “There’s, uh, there’s something I need to, clarify.”

Almost immediately, his face fell. No! That’s not what you wanted. Suddenly the air grew thicker, and it might have been one of the first times you found yourself unable to look at him in the eyes. “You found someone, didn’t you.” His voice was stoic and deep, with his eyes in malicious slits. You could tell he was hurt, but you still weren’t able to speak.

“Well, yes, but I-”

“You want to end things?” After cutting you off, his demeanor changed almost completely, Suddenly you found no trace of emotion, no trace of sadness or even anger. When he began to turn you finally leaped up, grabbing his wrist and holding it so tight it probably hurt.

“No! It’s you, you dickhead!” Finally, you were able to get out the words you wanted, but you still felt as if you couldn’t breathe. He made no move to talk, or even turn to face you. “Testurou,” you whispered, “please, answer me.”

Suddenly, he turned around, and engulfed you in a kiss. You could feel the tears that had been on his face, and now, you were able to feel the curve of his lips. Pulling back, you wiped away his tears, and let out a small laugh. The built up tension seemed to flow out of you two easily in this moment.

Kuroo’s eyes briefly scattered your face while his grip secured tighter around your waist. “Don’t scare me like that.” He said, letting out a small laugh after.

You began to follow suit, your giggles escaping when his mouth wasn’t on yours. All the laughs and tender kisses that you two shared felt so different than the countless before. 

You were finally able, to express your love.


iit’2 been forever 2iince ii’ve had to feed hiim though 2o ii miight be rememberiing it wrong

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Hi, um, I just got into a really bad argument with my s/o and he had called me a very insulting name because of my race (Mexican). He knew how insecure of my skin color I am (I'm like the other anon that goes to an all white school so it's very difficult) so it hurt a lot and I've just been crying. Could I possibly get GoM making up with their girlfriend who's like me after an argument like that?

I am really sorry that this happened to you and I apologize even more because I took so long to write this for you when you were in a time of need. I hope this can give you some happiness and help you fully move on from what was said to you. I feel for you and I am so sorry that happened. I hope my attempt at Mexican references were accurate :) A bit angsty y'all! 


Akashi never thought he would ever say such vile things. He couldn’t believe he raised his voice at you let alone debase your race. You ran out crying after the argument and he felt his heart break, not only because he was the one who made you cry but because he might actually lose you. He knew he had made an awful mistake and needed to fix what he had done, needed to fix you. He ran through the house slamming doors open and looking behind every door he passed by. Listening for your sniffs, he found you in the second floor bathroom. He knocked on the door but only a small and weak “go away” was heard and he knew your heart was closing him off just as this door was. Leaning his head on the door and closing his eyes he spoke softly.

“_____-chan…. I… I am so sorry for what I just said. I don’t know what I was thinking. If I was thinking at all.”

You sniffed again and gave no response, only putting your head in your hands while he took a deep breath and continued with a shaky voice.

“I should have never, ever, let those words come out of my mouth. There is no excuse for my actions. I… I don’t know if you know this but…. I love you and your skin.” He said softly.

“There is nothing wrong with the way you look. If anything, you are more beautiful than any rose, flower, or gift I could ever give to mend my words so please, let me in, ____-chan.”

You gave one final sniff and stood up. There was no excuse but you were ready to talk it out with him and hopefully move on. In three strides you opened the door and was met with puffy red eyes and disheveled hair.

He was crying too.

You both jumped into each other’s arms and silently embraced, squeezing and holding each other in consoling hands. Akashi moved his lips to your ear and whispered,

“Estoy Enamorando, _____.”  He said in perfect dialect.

You gave a small smile and pulled him in tighter.

It wouldn’t be an easy relationship, but it was worth it.



Daiki, you don’t have to look at every girl you see walking by! It’s disrespectful!” You yelled with your hands open in a shrug and trying to get your point across. You were both arguing in your bedroom after a date gone bad. Daiki just couldn’t pay attention when a pretty girl walked by.

“What? How?” He responded grimacing at your words. He didn’t understand how he was disrespecting anybody.

“Me, Daiki, your girlfriend! It makes me feel like you aren’t interested in me at all!”

“Well I am with you, right? So obviously I am interested.” He said looking down at you with slit eyes that held impending anger.

“Ah, dios mio! I can’t believe this!” You said frustrated beyond belief.

“Huh? What did you just call me?” He said leaning into your face with an irritated look.

“I didn’t call you anything, estupido. But now I did!” You said pushing him away from you by his shoulders.

“What the fuck does that mean, ____?” He was actually getting mad at you for thinking you were speaking about him right in front of him.

“Don’t worry about it! It’s my language and I’ll say it whatever I want!”

“Tch. That’s exactly why the people at school don’t like you either.”

Your arms dropped and you put your head down, frowning. You didn’t know people talked about you behind your back at school. And Aomine knew all this time and never said anything? Your eyes began to water and you backed away shaking your head in disbelief from his words.

“Oh shit, _____, I’m sorry that came out wrong I—“

“Leave it, Aomine.” He flinched from the use of his last name. He put his arms out to grab you and hug you but you pulled away before he could get too close.

“Listen _____, I shouldn’t have said th—“

“Yeah, well you did.” You spoke with a quivering voice and trembling lips. You moved away from him and wrapped your arms around your body, sitting down on your bed. Aomine hung his head in shame and stood in his spot.

“_____,” He began with a curt but soft tone, “I shouldn’t have said that. I… I’m sorry.”

You didn’t reply but only sat there contemplating what you wanted to say and do.

“Aomine, it’s not the words that hurt. It’s the fact that you said them.” You said, tears dropping out of your eyes onto your closed fists.

“I-I didn’t mean any of it, I have no idea where it came from!” He said louder, taking a step closer to you to hopefully get close enough to hug you and stop your tears.

You stood up and wiped your face and began to collect your things.

“What are you doing?” He asked knowing full well you were leaving.

“Obviously my pigmentation poses a problem here so I’m leaving.” You were walking towards the door with heavy feet and an even heavier heart.

“_____-chan please, I didn’t mean what I sai—“

“I don’t think you understand how insensitive that was and h… how much that hurts.  I need sometime alone, Aomine.” You said slamming the door. Aomine stood there with his head down and for once, he felt like shit.

“Kise we have to take the picture in the light!” You said trying to get a good selfie with your boyfriend.

“What? Whyy? This spot is perfect, _____-cchi!” He was holding his phone out in front of you two and was moving it from side to side to try and get some sort of lighting in the dim living room.

“Because I’m darker Kise, you won’t be able to see me if there is not enough light!” You said reminding him with a serene tone. You both had been through this many times as Kise was a selfie fiend and always asked to take one with you, but could never find the perfect one because of contrasting skin tones.

“Ughhh why does _____-cchi have to be so dark? I hate it!” He said pouting and turning his phone camera off.

“What?” You said puckering your brow and moving away turn your head and look at him.

“We can never take a picture because you’re so dark! Why can’t you be lighter, ____-cchi?” He said closing his eyes and sighing in disappointment.

“Uh, sorry I’m not a bleached color, Kise. If I could change it, I would.” You said standing up and walking away.

“Hey, wait, _____-cchi! I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings!” Kise said with wide eyes and a sorry manner.

Your slamming of the bathroom door let him know he had done just that. Kise felt his heart break and he frowned, angry at himself. He couldn’t possibly talk to you now after he said such horrible things. Looking down at his phone, he realized maybe he needed to lay off the selfies for a while.

Kuroko you sure do like vanilla shakes, huh?” You said while you watched him drink his milkshake nonstop. You both decided to stop for beverages after school at Maji Burger.  

“Mhm.” He replied nodding, straw popping out of his mouth.

“Do you not like vanilla, ____-chan?” He asked.

“No, I do. It’s very creamy, isn’t it?” You said slightly suggestively, slowly putting your food into your mouth.

Kuroko hummed and before he could catch your suggestion, the waitress came back over and asked if you needed anything further. Except she didn’t speak to you, she spoke only to Kuroko. She offered him water and extra napkins but not you.

“Uhm, excuse me,” You said, grabbing her attention before she could away.

“Could I have some more water please?” You asked with a smile.

“We are all out.” She gave you a curt nod and briskly walked away.

“You are? You have no water?” You said in a disbelieving tone. Kurokos eyes were alert and flicking back and forth between you two.

“Exactly, ma’am. Maybe you should dine somewhere else. Or go back where you came.” She walked away into the back of the restaurant.

“What the hell was that?” You said looking at Kuroko with confused eyes.

“She only said they didn’t have any more water.” Kuroko said looking at you with blank eyes.

“Oh, and you believe them?” You said voice raising along with your anger.

“She does work here.” He took another sip from his cup but kept his eyes on you.

“You don’t think she was doing that because I’m a different race, Kuroko?” You asked him in disbelief.

“Not everything is like that, ____-chan.” He looked away and shook his head.

“Thanks for defending your girlfriend.” You said sitting back in your chair angrily.

“You should really calm down, _____.” He said looking at you with a slight frown.

“Oh?! I should calm down when I’m the one being treated poorly?” You yelled not caring how loud or rude you sounded.

“Well when you act like this, yes. I wouldn’t be so sure about serving you either, ___-chan.”

You immediately left the restaurant without a second word to him. Needless to say you never got your water and Kuroko began to understand the struggles of an interracial relationship.

Midorima, just try it! I promise you this food is very good!” You pleaded with your boyfriend, trying to get him to taste a tamal.

“No. That smell is making me sick.” He said harshly, pushing the plate away from him.

“But I made it especially for you! This is our family’s secret tamal recipe!” You said in a soft tone while pushing the plate back at him.

“It is so very good! When my mother was pregnant all she wanted was tamales!”

“_____ no I do not wa—“

“And really there are so many combination you could make!” You kept speaking over him to get your point across.

“No, ____, I’m serious I—“

“Midorima you have try it, just a bite, please!” You said not noticing how much your rambling was angering him.

“_____-chan, I said no thank y—“

“I’m telling you your taste buds have never had anything so good befo—“

He slammed his hand on the table out of frustration and spoke loudly.

“I do not want to try your food! I like traditional dishes, not ta-ma-les!” He said trying to pronounce the word. You blinked in surprise and responded saying,

“Oh, o-okay, I-I’m so—“ You began realizing how much your talking enraged him.

“And stop cutting me off! It’s very rude! Maybe you people do that where you’re from but we don’t do that here!” He said balling his fist up and huffing out his last response.

You sat there digesting his words with your mouth open. Your throat was suddenly very dry, as if you had swallowed a cotton ball. You quickly grabbed the plate and threw the whole thing, tamales and all, into the trash. The plate clinked at the bottom with a loud ‘thunk’ and you both knew the plate was broken, a personification of your current relationship.

You began walking away and Midorima turned around to say he was sorry but was only met with the bedroom door slamming shut. He sat at the kitchen table and wondered why he said such things. He knew that he was mean sometimes but this was the worst. He picked up the rest of the food and wrapped it, placing it in the fridge and cleaning up. He walked over to his computer and began to search ‘how to make tamals’. He needed more than words to comfort you this time. 

Murasakibara had dragged you to his favorite sweets shop and was looking through the array of colored and sprinkled sweets. The shop was almost as big as a small strip mall, extending far back and with a second story.

“Huh, we never had a sweet shop this big, Mura-kun.” You had been in awe the whole time and Atsuhi like your fascination but he was getting irritated because you weren’t helping him choose any sweets.

“_____-chin, what about these?” He said leaning over a clear display case with a chocolate cake in it.

“Woah, look at that container! It’s so big~” You had been in sweet shops before but had never seen such details put into such a store.

“_____-chin, help me choose some food.” He said whining a bit and standing up to look down at you through lazy eyes.

“Oh, okay. Sorry Mura-kun.”

You both began walking through the store again yet you kept saying how much you like the smells, the atmosphere, and Murasakibara was at his limit. He hadn’t eaten since you two go there, which was about an hour ago and his stomach was grumbling.

“_____-chin, I want to eat. Now.” He said in a deep voice.

“Ahhhh look at all the colors here, Mura-kun!” You were leaning over a display case and staring in at the different cooking.

“Neh, ____-chin,” He said while putting his big hand on your shoulder.

“If you don’t help me chose some sweets, I’m going to crush you.” He said with a scowl on his face and his hand squeezing your shoulder.

“I thought you of all people would know what the best sweets are.” He said removing his hand and moving away from you, completely forgetting his comment and trying to find more food.

You quickly pushed his back in anger and ran out the store with tears streaking down your face. Murasakibara left after realizing you were sad, never buying any sweets that day.

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I have been thinking about hot modern witch gemma and her brother harry all day. I NEED IT LIKE BURNING

ahaha okay, it makes me really happy you have been thinking about it, because i have too!!! So, I hope you don’t mind me publishing this because I want to use it as an excuse to talk more about hot modern witch gemma and her brother harry on my blog!!!

okay, there is just something super appealing to me, thinking about how the differences in Harry and Gemma’s personalities could sort of be reflected in their magic and the way they used it!!  Like, not that either of them would necessarily be more powerful, but just like Harry’s magic maybe seeming bigger and more volatile and colorful and Gemma’s maybe feeling more measured and precise.  And how differences like that could lead to small jealousies between the two of them.  Just like small sibling rivalry hurts because Harry feels a little like no one takes his magic seriously, even though he is very skilled and can use it subtly, and Gemma feels like her magical creativity is constantly being overlooked because she has always been so good at the academic side of it.

Like just imagine them collaborating on brewing a potion in Gemma’s kitchen on a Friday night.  Gemma is stirring the cauldron, her blonde bob perfectly in place despite the steam, and Harry’s is perched next to her on a stool, wearing a shawl and holding one of his toads while grumbling under his breath about how she never lets him do the stir.  And Gemma keeps rolling her eyes because of Harry’s special tips about when to add the newt eyes to make the potion look extra iridescent because  “there’s nothing wrong with a potion that’s functional as well as beautiful.”  and Gemma already knows that doesn’t need to be told four times.  

but then as the night goes on and they have more wine and they bottle more potions they start talking about their magical insecurities and build each other up. 

“Your magic isn’t boring!  How can you say that? It’s stylish, you must know that!  You have a very distinct style in everything you do.  I wish I could make choices that way! Don’t listen to anyone else.” 

“They’re underestimating you because they’re not as smart, Harry.  People that don’t take entertainment magic seriously are snobs.  I wish I could do half the spells you do, and so do they!”            

And so they would just bicker a lot of the time and get frustrated with each other but also just love each other so much, too.  They’d be so protective of each other in such a nice way and i love thinking about it.   


THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | bleedingwinchesters vs. orgasmicsam
round 5 | season 5 + favourite relationship 
| the winchester brothers

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Congratulations Berocca! :D You deserve those followers and more. I'm in kakairu hell since I have 15 and now, ten years later, I'm really glad that good artists like you continue doing things and inspiring others. It's awesome! X) If you have free request yet (and if you want, of course), you could make a sweet scene (like Iruka taking care an injured Kakashi) or a sexy one (shirtless kiss, maybe?... sexy men it's your specialty!). Thank you for yours amazing drawings and have a nice day! :)

Thank you so much for your sweetness T-T I’m so sorry this took so long!! I was trying to make it good and then i became all sad when i kept seeing how bad it was so i kept deleting it and making a new one… and now i’m just sort of blindly hoping you like it.

I hope it was what you requested…sweet and sexy (?? T0T)

Once again, thank you so much. I love you. I love our kakairu comm too. I hope you always have a lovely day!!