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Harvey Dent on Gotham Tonight (TDK Special Features)

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first real phil drawing, this took so long!! art cannot capture the true beauty of this man!! i love him!!

Boyfriend Hoseok

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psa; this is my ultimate bias so hope you don’t mind my crying every so often ;;w;;

  • ok listen, THIS BOY, t hiS Bo y rig ht her e, is not what you think!!!!!!
  • he looks so cute and squishy and his laugh sounds like some magical shit but beware; there’s another side to him
  • the side that THRUSTS (expertly) AND GRINDS AND GETS FREAKY
  • I HAVE
  • so he’ll be such a cute bf; buy you souvenirs on tour, text you goodnight & good morning, offer you the last crisp in the packet, start tickle fights
  • but if “lil” hobi comes into play
  • ok, glad we’re clear on that
  • he’s mature enough to tell you what turns him on like “jagi, would you mind putting that black underwear on tonight?” but not mature enough to where you surprise him by asking for a risky quickie & he won’t giggle
  • bc he will
  • he’ll giggle like a little girl and turn red bc “jagi, that’s so dirty!!”
  • but don’t think that means no
  • it doesn’t
  • he beats you to the “risky” place & doesn’t even care that he’s super loud so everyone’s gonna know what’s going on
  • in fact, he likes the risk
  • he’s seriously loud though I don’t think I’ve stressed that enough
  • joonie has banned you from bts’ dorm bc no one gets any sleep if you stay over. you’re not even allowed visit for 10 seconds. the maknae’s have been warned that if you’re there & they don’t tell, they’ll be in BIG trouble
  • so you can’t even sneak in without jungkook telling on you; “hyuuuung!!! (y/n) is here!! they’re going to do weird things!!!”
  • even if you two are only cuddling and hoseok’s telling you about his day, namjoon will still run you outta there
  • listening to him talk is wonderful
  • his voice is so soothing and the expressions he makes show how he wears his heart on his sleeve. so when he smiles, you smile. he cries, you cry. he’s angry, you best believe you’re angry too. he’s an open book
  • most of the time
  • unless he’s really hurting & upset
  • then, since he won’t want to bother anyone, he’ll keep it to himself
  • even when you call him out on his limp (from so much dancing) or how he hasn’t slept or eaten right in weeks, he’ll play it off with that smile of his like “ah, you worry too much!”
  • which is so hypocritical bc even if you’ve just eaten a 3 course meal he asks if you want anything else
  • this boy would do anything for anyone but isn’t so good at taking help
  • unless you show up to the studio some night and spoon feed him like he’s a baby. which will make him laugh so hard, until he cries & he realizes the tears aren’t from happiness anymore. he’s just so happy to have you in his life, you’re his everything
  • oh and that SMILE 💗💕💖💘 X1000
  • it’s the most glorious thing ever known to man
  • one of the world’s greatest attractions
  • people flock from all corners of the earth to gaze at its wonder
  • his smile is so bright & happy & it shows why his stage name is “J-Hope” bc that smile brightens the world and fills you with hope that things may be bad now, but there’s always a tomorrow
  • he cares so much for ppl
  • he’s always looking out for his band members & complimenting them & making everyone feel good about themselves
  • he physically can’t see faults
  • so any lack of self confidence you have will vanish when you start dating hobi because every day he’ll not only tell you you’re perfect, but show it too. he’ll do anything to make you smile
  • his family love you btw
  • the moment they seen how glowy and bright he looked around you, they already starting asking about grandkids/nieces & nephews
  • oooooh about that glow, let’s focus on it for a second
  • his tan is so beautiful. it’s already well established that he. is. THE SUN. so it’s no surprise that his tan (and those tanks he wears in the summer omg yeeeeeeees) is so glowing & radiant
  • he radiates warmth from within so peppering his glorious, tanned body with kisses is the equivalent of kissing the sun - be careful or else you’ll get burned
  • you can tell by how he performs that he’s got so much passion
  • and you can feel that passion in the relationship too
  • likes to take you out and show you off. isn’t prone to jealousy since he trusts you so wholly. and taking you out, getting drunk with you and grinding against you in the club is his go-to date when he’s stressed and overworked
  • he also loves chill dates, with cuddling and good wine
  • where you play with his hair fuck he loves that
  • watching his peaceful sleeping face, admirng his beautiful lip mole, his dewy skin, long lashes, cheekbones, cute ears, fluffy floof hair, the gentle rise and fall of his chest, that trickle of sweat that runs down his long neck, across his collarbones, down his chest
  • fun fact: hobi sometimes sleeps naked & touches himself
  • fun fact #2: those are good nights 👍👌👀👌👍👌👀
  • being in awe of his fluid movement. how he can seem so graceful even just drinking coffee or jumping and screaming around the place. his dancing skill is so deeply ingrained in him that even when drunk dancing, he rules the dance floor like a true dance king
  • will always notice when you’re upset and do anything to make you smile
  • getting cute snaps 24/7
  • hoseok is so complex, with different sides to him and no one gives that enough thought
  • onstage; dance machine, sex god, destroyer of ovaries
  • offstage; fluffy dork, apple cheeks and heart smiles, a laugh purer than a choir of angels
  • public; cute, cuddly bf
  • private; fucks you half way to sunday then cuddles for daaaaaays
  • he’s also prone to feeling insecure. he’s dealt with some demons before, which is why I thikn that yoonseok is so pure (they understand each other on a whole other level T^T), and he sometimes doesn’t feel good enough. that’s why, despite how good he is at dance, he’s often the last one to leave the studio. that’s why he practices his rap/singing/rehearsing/etc so hard. bc he never feels good enough. he feels like the least loved member it’s ok baby I’ll love you enough for everyone else
  • so knowing that you see him as more than just the goofy, ugly horse looking member, that you take him seriously and listen to his thoughts, makes this boy feel so many things, you don’t even know :’’’’)
  • overall the relationship is filled with love and laughter, especially considering that hobi is the living embodiment of these things. he’s essentially the perfect boyfriend. but that’s no surprise since he’s a perfect human 😉😍

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I’m sorry this took me so long to do but I can never express in words how perfect hobi is. writing was so hard bc I kept getting lost in my feelings. I tried not to be so extra & believe it or not, this is my love for him toned down. idk if it’s any good or readable but hopefully it is 😅

A/N: hello everyone! I hope you’re doing okay! I came here with another fic. YAY! I’m being productive after all the time I took. Anyways, this fic goes with a massive special thanks to Ginny ( @otomiya-tickles ) for helping me wirh the idea and stuuuff. I love you sweetie💕

This prompt has been here forever so it was time for me to write it down, I’m so sorry for the long wait @hellobuds so we have:

AsaNoya. #4. “Run”

I hope you all enjoy this! Thank you so much for your support on my lastest fic!! (Sorry about that ugly image I’m on my phone right now!)

Summary: Nishinoya Yuu has a lot of energy. Azumane Asahi doesn’t.

Words: 1,576 (under the cut!)

Asahi didn’t exactly think Noya would like to celebrate their first day of Summer break by going to the gym after class. He was exhausted; tests and projects had taken the best of him for the last two months and he really wanted to just come back to their shared apartment and have a little nap before going out to have a dinner with his tiny boyfriend.

But Noya clearly had other plans; he sent Asahi a message earlier in the day, saying that he wanted him to come with him to the gym and Asahi just can’t say no to Noya, specially when he makes that face and his big brown eyes get all…

“Ah…”, he sighed and brushed a stray strand of hair that fell off his bun behind his ear. He heard Noya’s giggles at his side and he glanced down at him.

“Don’t make that face, Asahiiiii~”, he says, holding onto Asahi’s arm. “It’ll be fun! We’ll not be there for too long and then we can have sushi!”, Asahi just sighed again, however, a soft smile appeared on his lips looking at his boyfriend’s bright face. Jeez he seriously wants to kill him flashing that massive smile.

“You know what?”, Noya asks, letting Asahi’s arm go and brushing his fingers against the back of Asahi’s hand. “We should make some run sprints since we’re at the park!”

Asahi frowned, watching the little hills around the park they needed to pass through to get to the gym. Noya said it was a shortcut.

Run”, Asahi says, not exactly asking.

“Yes!”, Noya jumped a little and started to jog next to Asahi.

“What, those run sprints we did back in the training camp weren’t enough for you?”

“That happened like two years ago, Asahi!”, Noya laughed.

“Well, my muscles burn just at the thought”, Asahi said, pointing at the strong muscles of his thighs. “And we’re already going to the gym isn’t that enough?”, He asks, and he wonders why does Noya want to make him do exercise when Asahi only wants to sleep for fourteen hours in a row.

Cmoooon, Asahiiii!”, Noya whines, stopping to make a little tantrum.

“No”, Asahi answers, ignoring Noya’s pouting face and walking pass him.

Asaaaahiiiiii”, Noya whines again and with two jumps he’s right behind Asahi, wrapping his arms around his lover’s waist, his puffy cheek pressing agaisnt Asahi’s back.

“I said no”, He answers, trying to ignore the added weight on his back.

Asaaaahiiiiiii”, Noya rubs his face on Asahi’s back, right in between the back of his ribs, his arms tightening around Asahi’s middle and his feet dragging behind him.

“N-Noya! I said n- stop doing that!”, Noya whines again, rubbing his nose right into Asahi’s spine, his skinny yet muscled arms resting on Asahi’s hipbones. “Y-Yuu! Don’t rub- Stop!”

Asahi stopped on his tracks, squirming and trying to arch his back away from Nishinoya’s face as a light blush starts to spread on his cheekbones. He hears the soft sound of Noya’s muffled giggles and he swears he felt his smirk against his back. Oh no.

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The IG pic g post wTom made me think of SDCC last yr was pic of J2 at resort? Matching hats then pics of Jared partying J2 wJason golf she post same type pic saying hope sdcc is fun we miss you even hashtag sdcc it's like she warns him with these

Hello, dear anon!

I know what you mean, but I’m not sure if it’s about warning him or just tweeting to give the J’s a little moving space. I’m definitely not a fan of G, but I can imagine her posting these little quips by request or need. They do give her attention, too. Here’s a post my friend @jdumblr made at the time (and seeing this reminded me to answer this ask)!




Yep yep, nothing going on here, just two straight guys on a trip together, as the “wife” so readily reminded. And let’s move onto the more recent occurance now… 

(x, others are private or deleted)


It does look an awful lot like the “miss you” post, doesn’t it? I definitely see a pattern here - the J’s go out looking like such a power couple, doing grossly romantic things (like buying rings) and taking pictures with fans and the beard steps in to remind us all how straight they are. It’s really, really annoying, but it’s her job.

I don’t know if there’s any foul intentions behind it, though. Why would she even want Jared around? She does fine without him for 9 months of the year, why would a little hiatus trip suddenly make her miss him? I highly doubt it’s about that. To me, it’s just for show so that the general fans and hetties can see that “Yup, Jared’s still married, aww.”

None of this is for us. We’re a very small faction of the fandom that is next to insignificant and the bearding tricks don’t work on us. The PR stunts aren’t to convince us of the marriages being real, but those that don’t pay a whole lot of attention to what’s happening behind the façade. It’s ugly, frustrating and very annoying, but that’s just something we have to deal with. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond to your ask, sweet anon! I hope your weekend turns out wonderful!

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Art and Archie

Word count: 2582

Warning(s): Drinking and like one swear word

Pairings: ArchiexReader, just in case that wasn’t obvious from the title.

Request:  Plus size reader x Archie? But the reader is an artist and focuses on painting with gouache and watercolors and graphite sketches in her sketchbooks.And she always draws herself the way she thinks she appears, like, feels ugly, and then Archie finds it and tells her its not true and all? and she needs to paint a portrait to get into an art school and wants to paint Archie? And, by the way, maybe include fluffy smut that inspires her? Arggh its very specific but I hope you dont mind! Thankiee luv

Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long! Also I can’t draw for shit so idk anything about art but I tried my best! Hope you like it! 

Your hands moved swiftly, decorating the page with graceful strokes and elegant curves. You were drawing yourself again. Well, more like drawing how you saw yourself. It started out with you doing self-portraits but then you got a little creative and started drawing yourself as things or people you imagined yourself to be.

You had drawn yourself as an elephant, an ugly dragon, Ursula from the Little Mermaid and a million other things, with your own personalized touch. You didn’t plan on showing the drawings to anyone though.

Today, you were a hippopotamus. But not a regular hippopotamus, of course. A hippopotamus that had midnight blue skin and wore a pale white dress along with white hippopotamus shoes. It had stars all over its body, stars that were golden and silver.

You tried to make the hippopotamus as pretty as you possibly could, adding as many details as you could. But nothing could make it beautiful. Just like nothing could ever make you beautiful.

You were about to punch a hole through your sketchbook when you felt someone sit down next to you. You immediately slammed the sketch book shut and stuffed it into your bag before turning to look at the intruder.

“Seriously?” Archie rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you ever let me see what you’re drawing?”

“Because I don’t want to.” You said bluntly.

“Are you not showing me because you’re drawing weird Japanese porn?” He asked, nudging your side.

“Yes. Yes, I am.” You said, and you couldn’t help the small laugh that slipped out of you. “How’d you guess?”

“Do you want to come have lunch with me and my friends?” Archie asked, smiling at you.

“My friends and I.” You corrected, pulling a bag of chips out of your bag. “And no, thank you.”

“Why not?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “Just don’t feel like it.”

“Do you not like them?” He asked, making you frown. You turned to look at him. “I didn’t say that, Archie.” You said before shoving a chip into your mouth. You held the bag out to Archie, who grabbed a handful.

“But you never hang out with them.” He protested.

“Don’t I?” You asked, pretending to be surprised. Archie rolled his eyes before shaking his head at you.

“Veronica’s throwing a party tonight. You should come.” He said.

“Why?” You asked, looking away from him.

“Because it’ll be fun. And you can finally, y’know, talk to my friends.” He teased, grinning.

“Whatever, Andrews.” You mumbled. “You should get back to your friends, though. I bet they’re looking for you.”

“You’re probably right.” He said, standing up and swinging his backpack over his shoulder. “Will you go to the party?” He asked.

“I’ll think about it.” You smiled, shrugging.

“Alright, then.” He smiled back. “See you tonight, (Y/N).”

You watched him turn around and walk away before grabbing your sketchbook again. You pulled out the thin slip of paper you had printed out, which you kept in between the pages.

The NY School of Arts. The most prestigious art school in the country. You had wanted to go there for as long you could remember and now, you were finally going to apply. Archie had helped you with almost everything, helping you make decisions and being a great friend. You were required to send in your portfolio, an essay on ‘your journey with art’, your credentials and a portrait. You had almost all of those things done, except for the portrait. You had to send in that application within the end of the month and you had no idea who to draw. You groaned internally.

You flipped to your most recent drawing: the hippopotamus. You stared at it for a while, at all the work you put into it. Obviously, you couldn’t send this in. You sighed and closed it again.

What place did a hippopotamus occupy in this world?


You ended up deciding to go to the party. You didn’t want to but Archie had spammed you with texts, threatening to kill you or steal your sketchbook or never speak to you again if you didn’t show up. So you decided what the hell, might as well go. Maybe you’d even find someone who you wanted to draw.

After scouring social media for a while, you gathered some vague details about the party. It was a sort of semi-formal affair. From what the majority of the girls were posting, you figured out the dress code was something shimmery/glittery/shiny/sparkly or something similar. You had to search your closet for hours before you found something that would be okay.

You were now wearing a sleeveless, shimmery gold dress that reached your knees, with black leggings underneath it along with a black jacket and a pair of black heeled boots you stole from your sister’s closet. You hadn’t spent much time on your hair, just deciding to let it do it’s thing, and you tried to make your makeup look pretty and glowy.

After one final look in the mirror, you decided that was as good as it would get and grabbed your bag, which contained your sketchbook, phone, and makeup.

Veronica didn’t live far from you, only about 10 minutes away. As you stood in front of her house, fiddling with the strap of your bag, you could hear the loud music and the voices coming from inside. You grimaced, the thought of social interaction making your stomach squeeze.

You had never been a girl with many friends, even though you had lived in Riverdale all your life. As the years went on, you eventually became the girl who was either invisible or picked on. So you stopped trying to talk to people and, instead, let yourself get sucked into your art. This was also the reason you weren’t keen on meeting Archie’s friends. You couldn’t stand the idea of being laughed at by them.

You mustered up your courage, walked up to the front door and rang the bell. You held your breath as the door opened to reveal a very beautiful, very drunk Veronica Lodge. “Oh my god!” She squealed when she saw you and immediately threw her arms around you. “(Y/N)! I can’t believe you came!”

You chuckled as she pulled away. “Neither can I, to be honest.”

“Archie!” Veronica shouted, looking around for him. She turned back to you, a glint in her eyes. “Come on, we gotta find Archie.”

“Um. Okay?” You responded as she grabbed your hand and dragged you into the house. You tried your best to dodge all the sweaty bodies that occupied the room.

“There you are!” Veronica yelled, leading you over to where Archie stood with Jughead and Betty. “Look who showed up!” She said, gesturing at you and grinning.

“(Y/N), you came!” Archie said, pulling you into a hug.

You laughed and dramatically placed a hand over your heart. “You just matter too much to me, Archibald.”

He rolled his eyes, but the smile didn’t leave his face. “You look really nice.”

“Thanks.” You blushed immediately. “You do too.”

Archie chuckled in response.

“Um, I’m gonna go get a drink.” You told him. “Do you want anything?”

“Yeah, I’ll just come with you.” Archie said. The two of you made your way over to the kitchen, Archie’s hand resting on the small of your back. You pretended not to notice but your heart was pounding in your chest. This boy….

Archie grabbed a beer and so did you, as you guessed beer was probably the official party drink. You placed your bag on the counter before hopping up to sit on it. Archie leaned on it next to you, his arm brushing the side of your thigh.

“So.” You took a sip of your drink. “What do we do at this party?”

“Well, we can dance. Or play some games. Or y’know, just talk, really.” Archie shrugged.

“I don’t like any of those options.” You wrinkled your nose, making him laugh.

“(Y/N)!!!” Veronica called out, appearing in the kitchen. “Come here!”

“Me?” You blinked.

She giggled. “Yeah, you.”

“Um, okay.” You hopped off the counter, turning to Archie. “Be right back?”

“Yeah.” He nodded, smiling. Just as you turned to leave, he quickly grabbed your hand. You raised an eyebrow at him. “When you get back…” He paused to lick his lips. “Do you maybe want to dance?”

You couldn’t help but smile. “Okay.”

“Okay.” He responded. He quickly leaned forward, brushing his lips over your cheek.  

“Um, okay.” You let out a breathless laugh as he pulled away, his cheeks just as red as yours. You couldn’t stop smiling as you made your way over to Veronica.

“What’s up?” You asked her.

“Shhh.” She leaned forward, pressing a finger to your lips, her face dangerously close to yours and making you question your sexuality. “Not here.”

She grabbed your hand again before leading you to her room, where Betty stood with her arms crossed over her chest. She rolled her eyes when she saw Veronica. “Honestly, Ronnie, I don’t see the point of all this.”

“She has to know, B!” Veronica said dramatically.

“Don’t you think she already does?” Betty chuckled. “It’s pretty obvious.”

“Um, wait.” You interjected. “What do I have to know, or already know?”

Veronica leaned close to you again. “Archie likes you!” She said in a hushed whisper.

“Oh.” You said. “Oh, um, I don’t—um, okay?”

“Don’t tell me you didn’t know!” Betty looked at you in disbelief.

“I didn’t know!” You exclaimed. “I just, I never really thought…I mean, he’s Archie Andrews!”

“And he’s liked you, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), ever since he first spoke to you.” Betty grinned at you.

“This isn’t funny.” You crossed your arms over your chest. “Are you guys just mocking me?“

“What?” Betty and Veronica chorused.

“Ha, ha, guys, great joke.” You rolled your eyes.  

“Why do you think we’re joking?” Betty almost looked amused.

“I think you already know.” You snapped. This was the exact reason you hadn’t wanted to come. People just enjoyed making fun of you.

“Get outta my way.” You mumbled, pushing them out of your way as you made your way to the door. You almost went home. But then you remembered…your stupid, stupid bag. You’d left it in the stupid kitchen, on the stupid counter, next to stupid Archie. You groaned as you made your way to the kitchen, only to find that neither Archie nor your bag was in there.

“Seriously?” You mumbled to yourself, as you moved through the crowd. You pulled your phone out and texted Archie, asking him where he was. When he didn’t respond after five minutes of waiting, you decided to go to a quieter place to call him. You made your way to the backyard and found Archie there. Hunched over with your sketchbook on his lap.

“Archie.” Your voice came out clear and deadly calm. “What the fuck are you doing?”

To your surprise, he didn’t slam it shut or make any excuses. “Looking at your art.” He responded.

“You know I don’t like when people see it.” You said through gritted teeth.

“Yeah, well, no wonder.” He said.

“What is that supposed to mean?” You asked, offended.

“No! No, I didn’t mean it like that.” He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Just come sit down, please.

You went over to sit down next to him and snatched the sketchbook out of his hands. “That was not cool, Archie.”

“I know.” He sighed again. “But I was curious.”

You didn’t respond.

“Why do you draw yourself like that?” He asked after a while.

“How do you know I’m drawing myself?” You asked, looking at your thighs.

“I could see the transition. You started with drawings of you and then like, they got sort of twisted? They’re still beautiful, of course. I mean, the actual art is beautiful but it’s clear that you’re choosing to draw yourself as something ugly. And it’s like, you try to make it pretty but you don’t really want to.” He rambled.

“It’s just…how I view myself.” You mumbled.

“Why?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “Because it’s the way others think of me?”

“I don’t think of you like that.” His voice was soft, gentle.

“Whatever.” You mumbled, picking at the hem of your dress.

“(Y/N).” He said, taking your hand into his. “I don’t think you’re ugly at all.”

“Then what do you think?” You whispered, finally looking up to meet his eyes.

“I think you’re beautiful.” He said, his eyes boring into yours. “And I think that you’re ridiculous for not seeing how absolutely amazing you are. You’re so talented and creative and you’re the best artist I have ever known. You’re kind, even to people who don’t deserve your kindness. You’re a wonderful person, (Y/N), and I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”

You couldn’t say anything—and you couldn’t stop looking at him. He was so beautiful. From his fiery red hair to his warm brown eyes to his soft pink lips. He was perfect. And there, under the moonlight, the sounds from the party a distant throb, you wanted to kiss him.

“Archie.” You breathed out. “Can I kiss you?”

He nodded, placing his hand on your cheek and tilting his head towards yours. The kiss was short; a few gentle brushes of his lips against yours. But, oh god, was it wonderful. You felt like you were filled with all the colours in the world and you were about to burst and spill out a rainbow. You were so happy. You couldn’t remember the last time you’d been this happy.

You pulled away, resting your forehead against his. His thumb traced circles on your cheeks, his breathing a little uneven.

When you finally opened your eyes to look at him again, you broke out into the biggest smile. He smiled back.

“What?” He asked.

“Nothing.” You mumbled. “I just really, really like you.”

“That’s good. Because I really, really like you too.” He replied.

“Wow. Betty and Veronica weren’t lying.” You giggled. “You really do like me.”

“What?” Archie shot you a confused look.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” You smiled again. You leaned towards him and rested your head on his shoulder, as he wrapped an arm around your waist. You didn’t speak.  You didn’t need to. This moment, under the stars, in the pale glow of the moonlight was something you never knew you craved until now.

As you looked at him again, you realized something. You’d been looking everywhere for inspiration but you’d forgotten about the person who’d helped you every step of the way.

“Archie?” You said.

“Yeah?” He responded, turning his head slightly to look at you.

“Can I draw you?” Your voice came out timid.

“Draw me?” He seemed confused.

“For my college application.” You explained.

“Wait, really?” He pulled away to stare at you.

“Yeah.” You looked down shyly. “I wanted to draw someone I really liked. Someone that made me happy.”

“And you’re choosing me?” A smile was slowly beginning to spread across his face.

“Yeah.” You smiled back.

“Okay. I mean, of course you can. I would love that!” He said, his voice now full of excitement.

“Thank you.” You responded, leaning in to kiss him again.

“(Y/N)?” Archie said once you pulled away.

You hummed softly in response.

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”


“So dear brother. Did the king really say.. I was ugly? Even if you’re on the battlefield, how can a brother not send his sister a reply? Are you… are you really.. I’m sorry it took me this long to recognize you. I promised to become happy, but I couldn’t keep it. I’m sorry.”


It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life. If you had a friend you knew you’d never see again, what would you say? If you could do one last thing for someone you love, what would it be?
                                  Say it, do it, don’t wait. Nothing lasts forever.

it’s you; a very angsty zayn/louis playlist

who doesn’t like a lil of angst on their lives, right? this mix its quite long, it has 80+ songs so yeah. thanks to everyone who sent me songs to add to this. ♡ 


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The truth is, they don’t know which one of us is going to be sitting down on that throne, and which of us is going to be bowing down. But I know, and you know.
Avatar: The Last Airbender