this took so long and idek what i'm doing

So my friend @amyxmanning takes the most amazing selfies right and long story short a little while back I took one of them and made what is to this day my greatest accomplishment in photo editing:

(Thanks to Amslydale for both encouraging this creation and giving her enthusiastic and official blessing to post it - she’s a majestic peep that needs to be appreciated honestly)

I’ve been thinking about some chess pieces.

Let’s talk about the characters, shall we?

  • Ethan and Aiden - pawns. Pawns tend to be the pieces that are dispensable, the ones you sacrifice to take your opponent’s pieces. But look at how close these two are to the back. They’re hovering around Derek - maybe because they want to protect the king, or maybe because they don’t want to get involved with the actual fighting. They’re in a very low-risk situation right now, when they should (by natural chess strategy) be front and center, getting the game going. It reminds me of when Derek asks them, “Are you willing to die for him?” Going by how far back their pieces are hanging, I’d say probably not.
  • Peter - knight. Knights are sneaky. They’re the only pieces that don’t have to move in straight lines, and that makes them the ones you have to watch out for. It’s a lot harder to notice when a knight is going to be a threat. Hmm, sound familiar?
  • Deaton - rook. I tend to find rooks to be the most helpful pieces after the queen, and I think that fits well with Deaton. He’s kind of chilling out off to the side, away from most of the action, but still providing backup and stuff. 
  • Isaac - pawn. I’m not as interested in Isaac’s piece as I am in the fact that he’s off the board, and our attention was specifically drawn to that because Chris picks up his piece in that scene and puts it back down again. It could just be symbolizing how he’s in the hospital and currently out of action, or it could be some more serious foreshadowing.
  • Chris Argent - knight. I don’t have much to say about him other than to watch out for the knights, because they’re sneaky.
  • Kate - bishop. Not much that I can come up with here, either. Her placement makes it seem like she’s very involved with the fighting - the most people are clumped over there. But then again, she’s dead, so I’m not sure how significant her piece is.
  • Jackson - rook. I like the idea of him being a rook - he’s more powerful than the werewolves who are pawns. Probably because a kanima is stronger than a werewolf and all that jazz. He’s out of the way, not doing much, which I think is just because of him being in London. Moving on, then.
  • Derek - king. Everything I would’ve said about this has already been said by people much more eloquent than I. So I’ll leave it at that. King Derek. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?
  • Allison - knight. Ahh, this is where things get interesting. Allison’s a knight, which we know is a sneaky piece. But look at how she’s a white piece on the black pieces’ side. She’s the only piece (other than the unnamed bishop on the left) that’s crossed over the center line. I don’t know if anyone has a screenshot from 3A when we first see the chessboard, but I know that Allison was on the other side, with Chris and Kate and Jackson. She hadn’t crossed over yet. Now she has. What’s changed? Maybe it’s symbolizing her moving away from her family, gravitating towards her friends, or her not knowing what side she’s really fighting for. You know what it reminds me of? A spy crossing over enemy lines.
  • Scott - pawn. Ah yes, there’s a reason I saved Scott for last. Why is he a pawn? Pawns are weakest, the most dispensable, and no one really values them at all. This entire season we’ve been told about Scott being the “true alpha.” The True Alpha is something amazing, someone so rare and extraordinary, there’s such a big deal about it. It makes sense, then, that Scott’s piece would be one that’s equally as powerful - the queen. At first I thought maybe he was just a pawn because all werewolves are pawns, but that’s not true anymore - look at Derek. The thing about Scott is that even though he’s a pawn, he’s very far up the board. He’s as far as he can go while staying on his side, and everyone seems to be clumped together around him. He’s in the center of the board right now - everything is revolving around him, and he’s in the midst of all the fighting, despite being so much weaker than the other pieces. That’s why he’s a pawn - he’s fighting to save everyone around him. Sounds very Scott McCall-y, doesn’t it? Save, don’t kill. (You know what usually happens to the pawns that go super far up early in the game? They get eaten first, or they get sacrificed to get one of the opponent’s pieces.)

To be honest, I think I might be reading into this board too much, especially since Sheriff Stilinski tells Derek that he’s one move away from checkmate, when in reality nothing on the board could move to make that happen. Also, my chess is a little rusty, so correct me if there were any mistakes in here. What do you all think?

                 You know I really do like you, Connor,
                    don’t you? But, you know, I’m also
                    trying to do something here and if you
                    won’t stop doing—— that, I swear I will
                    come over there and hit you in the face.