this took so long and i am so proud

I will admit I had a crush on you not so long after meeting you and most people would say I’m crazy but look at how far we’ve come. I tried so hard to resist but no matter how hard I tried to push you away, you just kept drawing me in. I am so proud of us, how strong we are now, I’m so proud of you, proud of the person you have become. I’m so thankful, thankful that against all the odds I was led to you, to the most incredible person in the entire world.
—  Tenari Ioapo // It took me days to fall for the one person I’ll spend my entire lifetime loving.
7 times Victor Nikiforov was extremely gay for his fiance and it showed on his face

7. The “my boyfriend just made puppy eyes at me so I decided to give him my soul, my body, and the whole world” look.

6. The “this boy is so cute and perfect I want to squeeze his cute little body and kiss his face but since I can’t kiss his face I’m going to settle with squeezing his perfect body everytime I get while I scream internally” look.


4. The “I’m at the point of no return nobody save me i’ll die happily in the arms of this wonderful boy” look. 

3. This one needs a gif. The “somebody hold me right now this boy is too cute for this world too beautiful omg what’s happening what is this feeling inside of me ***It Must Be Love playing in the background***” look. 

2. The “I saw him already this morning we woke up in the same bed and everything but oh my god Yuuri there you are why did you took so long nevermind I’m so glad you are here I’m so happy to see you again run to my arms my beautiful fiance” look. 

1. The “literally dying from proud I am, how much I love this wonderful, perfect boy, how happy I am to see him triumph and how unbelievably lucky I am to be engaged to him” look. 

“So this was Levi, the witch.”

-The Stag in the Dark, chapter 1

Okay so @perksofbeingawaifu‘s darkstag aesthetic is so pretty I had to make something for the fic even if I hadn’t finished reading it yet lmao. and I thought a deer with creepy eyes would go perfectly with the whole vibe.


Here Are My Colors

Anthony Ramos x Reader

Requested: anthony x reader where reader is anthony’s longterm girlfriend who stuck with him through him never being home, missing out on date nights for rehearsals & performances, & really through everything together. when the show hits broadway, anthony starts staying waaay later than he has to @ the theatre & on readers 3 year anni with him, he insists he has to stay late at the theatre when they already had plans together & reader discovers it was just bc he wanted to hang out with jasmine

Words: 6,149 (i get it man, I’m so extra)

Warnings:  swearing, cheating, AND angst, SO much angst, I’m sorry


ALSO, I have no words as to how PROUD I am of this fic, it’s UNREAL. It took me so long to write and I love it, it’s basically my child. PLEASE ENJOY.

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damnugothot submitted: 

 Height:  5'6

Weight Before:  182 lbs.

Weight Now:  148 lbs.

It took me so long to finally understand that I had the control to change my body, I just had to put in the effort.  One random day in October, I decided to change my eating habits.  I am so proud of how far I’ve come and I’m excited to reach new goals I’ve set for myself. 

See more Before and After weight loss pictures  or  SUBMIT yours.



anonymous asked:

Psssst--So a friend and I thought about a Steven Universe AU for Septiplier and it ended up with this really angsty bit where Mark (Morganite, for a gem reference) is cracked during a battle against homeworld, and Jack (Emerald) had to poof and bubble him to save him from suffering, not unbubbling him until he had a healer to save him. I was just wondering if you could maybe draw a bit of that? ^^

 I’m sorry it took so long to answer x3 It’s a nice idea, and tho I am the worst with character design, the concept is neat :) 
 (I’m proud of the second one, why) Thanks for giving me something to procrastinate with btw x3
 I love suggestions like these :) 

ok wait i have to say this before i say anything else


not only did she absolutely kill it in power rangers and her singing career is always amazing, but now she’s got eyes on her for batgirl and jasmine in the live-action aladdin

like it really just makes me want to cry how far she’s come and how this one movie (that deserves so much more appreciation btw) is giving her so many new opportunities that she FUCKING DESERVES. I’m honestly surprised it took people this long to realize how amazing she is

all in all I’m just so proud of our girl and for her always being who she is and now its finally paying off and i just love her so much so yeah theres that

Auston Matthews - Proud

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I’m SO sorry this took me so long but I wanted to make sure it was perfect and I know nothing about ballet lol But I had so much fun with this, even if I started over like ten times! Thank you for requesting this :D

Request from @i-am-a-lost-girl16  :  Hi! Can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where you’re a dancer and he (and some of the team) come to your performance of the nutcracker? Just lots of cute fluff :) I love your writing!!!

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I Love You (Support: A Harry Styles Imagine Part 3)

I’m so sorry for the long wait! I suck at endings so I had a really hard time writing this. I couldn’t sleep knowing I was so close to finishing it, so tada! Here’s part 3!

Thank you so much to everyone who enjoyed my stories. I really do appreciate all the love and messages. Love you all!

If you haven’t read Parts 1 and 2, here they are!




It finally the day of the fashion show. To say that I was nervous was an understatement. People were running around backstage trying to make everything run as smoothly as it can. Models were in their dressing rooms either getting their hair or makeup done, or they’re already trying on the gowns to be flaunted that day. I, on the other hand, am fixing my models so that the dress comes out like how I pictured it.

Cara Delevingne was telling me how she felt wearing my creation. She told me how powerful and fierce she felt wearing the yellow and red suit-dress that I designed for my “work” collection. I can never get used to being complimented by someone famous people. To heck, Tyra Banks came by and patted me on the back saying how well I did when she looked around backstage. I was reliving the moment when I heard someone call me.

“Y/N!” A voice said. I almost didn’t hear it because of the commotion but luckily I did. It was my mum and dad who flew in just to watch and support me today.

“I’m so happy for you baby girl!” My dad said, hugging me. While my mum was hugging me, I heard my name being called once more. This time, it was Gemma. Anne, Robin and Michal were also there. I smiled at them and summoned them to where we were.

“Y/N dear!” Anne said, hugging me. I greeted them and let them greet my parents. Seeing everyone laughing and getting along made me think of him.


Harry and I were always thankful that our families got along. He always told me that he already felt like part of the family when he met my parents. I also felt the same love when I met his. It was too good to be true.

I sighed and thought about him being here beside me, supporting me. But no… he decided that his career and his dreams were more important than mine. Heck, he’s not even here. I shook my thoughts of him. He doesn’t deserve me thinking about him.

** A week ago **

“Are you sure you’ll be ok driving alone? I mean, Michal and I can go with you to London then come back. It’s not that far you know?” Gemma insisted for the nth time. I just laughed and continues putting my newly bought things, which I had to buy since I left my things in London while I stayed with the Styles-Twist family in Cheshire.

“I’ll be fine Gem. I drove my way here. I can drive myself  back.” I said, putting the last of my things that I bought.

I “accidentally” bought quite a few too many cute sundresses and a few shirts for the coming season. She smiled and gave me a hug. Michal said his goodbye and left Gemma and I alone.  

“You and Harry haven’t talked in the last few days. Are you guys still not talking to each other?” She asked. I sighed and closed the car door.

“We broke up, Gem. There’s no reason for us to talk to each other now.”

“But.. you’re still my best friend right? You’ll still talk to us?” Gemma asked. I laughed a little and held her hand. “ I mean, you’re not closing the doors on any scenario of Harry asking you to get back together, right? There’s still tahg ray of hope?”

“Of course you’re still my best friend. And your family means a whole lot for me to just cut contact.” I gave her one last hug when I saw Robin accompanying Anne down the few steps going out, I met them halfway.

“Anne! You shouldn’t have went out. I was about to go in and say my farewell.” I said, helping Robin assist Anne.

Anne was fine. She got out of the hospital a few days after she was confined. No damages were seen. Everyone was just cautious when we’re with Anne.

“Dear, you’re the one leaving. I should at least say my goodbye. Hopefully not forever.” Anne said. She was so sweet and thoughtful.

“It’s not. I promise! I’ll see you guys during the fashion show. I already made the arrangements so that you can sit beside mum and dad.”

“Oh they’re flying in?” Anne asked. “That’s nice. Haven’t talked to your mom in a while. It’ll be nice to catch up.”

“Yeah they are.” I answered.

“You never answered my question.” Gemma intervened.

“What question?” I asked.

“About you and Harry. There’s still that chance of you guys getting back together right?”

“We’ll see what happens.” I answered.

“Enough with that talk. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen. You better get going now dear. It’ll be a long drive to London. Take care, ok? Call me when you get home.” Anne said with a last hug.

As I was about to ride the car, I saw a silhouette, a silhouette that I knew very well. It was Harry. He stepped closer to the window which made me see his face. If it weren’t dark, I could’ve sworn that he was crying. I just gave him a small smile and entered the car, not looking back.


The fashion show was a complete success. The entire team was now on their way to the after party. I told everyone that I’ll just follow since I had to fix my things from my dressing room.

As soon as I get to my designated room, I saw a tall figure by the mirror. It was admiring the pictures that were pasted on the mirror. There were three pictures - a picture of me with my family, me with my friends, and me and Harry. The last picture was a polaroid picture of when we went to Universal Studios Florida. We were dressed in our Harry Potter robes holding a wand in one hand and a mug of Butterbeer in the other. It had the words “I met my Harry Potter.” on the bottom. It was also the day we had our first kiss.

I was taken back to reality when I heard him call my name. I looked at him and saw his dimpled smile. I haven’t seen that smile in ages.

“Hey.” He said. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

“Hi.” I said, shying away from him. He coughed a little to get my attention once more.

“These are- um, these are for you.” He said. I was too focused on his presence that I failed to notice the bouquet of roses with him.

During our first date, he asked me what type of flowers I favored the most. Ever since I answered roses, he made sure I got the freshest and most elegant bouquets in the entire duration of our relationship. It made me feel like he really paid attention to the smallest details about me.

“I- um, I know how much you love roses. So I- um, I brought you some. And it’s- it’s red. I know red roses are-” I cut him off.

He’s nervous.

“Thank you. Not only for the rose… but for coming in general.” I said, taking a sniff off the elegant red roses. He finally took a long breath and started talking again.

“Look, I’m so sorry, love. I really am. I now know how big of a jerk I was. I was the shittiest boyfriend alive. But seeing you on the runway during the end… it made me feel something. It made me feel proud. So proud of you love. And I want to feel that more often. I’ll be here, supporting you till you decide to retire. I’ll watch each and every fashion week that you’ll be in. I’ll be there with a huge banner that says ‘that’s my girl right there!’ I’ll be the loudest person present.” His small rant made me laugh for the first time in months.

“It has been months since we broke up. It took me losing you to realize that you’re it for me. I hope you see that as well because I can’t last another day without you. I love you baby. I will forever love you.” Tears started streaming down his face. For a second, I saw the Harry that loved me to death - the Harry that made me fall in love with him.

“I can’t be at the bottom of your priorities again Harry. I need to know that I’m important as well.”

“You are baby. Oh, my God you are the most important woman to me right now. Mum and Gem are only after you.” I smiled at his remark.

“I love you… so much.” I said, putting my hands on both sides of his face. He didn’t waste time. He went for it and kissed me.

Oh how I missed his lips.

“I love you too baby… so much. I’ll always be here, supporting you, forever.”

I Smile

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[ jaehyung ] 


word count; 2.3k

genre; angst

summary - a jae scenario based on the song ‘I Smile’ by Day6 (lyrics in italics). You and Jae had been broken up for some years, however you accidentally meet again, causing old feelings and emotions to rise. Jae wanted to pursue his music career and both of you left. Neither you admitted it to one another, but you missed one another terribly. 

“There’s a graduation festival on at my university this Saturday if you’d like to come,” Y/F/N announced, slumping down onto the couch in your family’s living room.

“Yeah? That’d be nice considering I’m finished up at school too,” I said, placing down two cups of tea. Both you and your best friend loved to spend the first week of summer holidays being lazy at one of each other’s homes. Tonight you made cookies and were about to start watching a new, highly popular drama, lying around in your comfy pyjamas.

“I just love the festivals each year, there’s always great music and free food, which is a bonus,” Y/F/N added, picking up a warm cookie from the plate that was perched on the coffee table.

For the rest of the evening we happily chatted about our weekend plans and commented on the drama that we were currently watching.

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Kiss [Rick Grimes x Reader]

This is for @eurusholmmes who requested a Rick Grimes kissing imagine! This one kind of got away from me, but I really hope you enjoy it! Sorry it took so long!

Originally posted by saviorswaan

Words: 3,500

Summary: The course of you and Rick’s relationship told through the kisses you share. 

Warnings: Fluff, Angst, Sadness, pretty much everything you can think of

A/N: I am so proud of this; this is like my 9th symphony. I hope you all enjoy.

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In Every Living Thing #5

“In every living thing there is the desire for love.” ~ D. H. Lawrence

Nalu | Sculptor/Greek Myth AU
part 5/7 read: all | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | on

words: 2000
rating: T

Yes, it’s been more than a week since I last updated this. Yes, I am both sorry (that it took so long) and proud (that I wrote it at all). Yes, it is an actual update! I can’t believe it either!! 

moon ii.

Old romance might have failed, but modern romance surely wouldn’t.

At least that’s what Lucy thought when she signed Natsu up for online dating. 

“But Lucy,” Natsu whined, “Do I have to?”

“Absolutely,” Lucy huffed, “The best way to learn about love is to be in love, so that’s what you have to do in order to be able to stay here; I told you. Got that?”

“I guess,” Natsu grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

It had been a month since he had become part of the lonely Heartfilia household, and what he had contributed, mostly, was life. Life and the unexpected, but more frequent company of not only Wendy but also Gajeel, who seemed to slowly but surely grow more accustomed to being more than just the guy who left Wendy at the door and disappeared.

Change had come slowly, and it was still happening, but it had not gone unnoticed.

The fact that Natsu had decided that romance wasn’t for him and he’d rather hang with Lucy and Wendy to play video games and listen to their stories wasn’t exactly helping Lucy’s love mission along. Especially not her new plan of making him fall in love, instead of merely talking about it and continually failing to explain.

“You promised me!”

“Right, right.” Natsu sighed theatrically. “I’ll go and try to love her! But only for you.”

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A Complete Collection of LGBT Pop Culture- An Idea I had

Ok I’m going to say something that I never heard before, but I feel like it is a known fact in our culture: going into the LGBT+ community is sometimes hard. There are over a million of reasons why people can feel this way, and even though are community tends to be open minded, it is still kinda hard to find one’s footing.

I remember when I realized my sexuality, I felt like I had no one to talk to. I wasn’t out, plus my mom worked at my school, so I didn’t feel comfortable going to any groups because I feared it may get back to her. I was in high school, and even when I started telling my friends what was going on, I still felt really alone. I came from a very liberal high school where people wore tails and pjs to class, and I knew that there was representation there. It was just that I didn’t know anybody. I had no one to look up to, no one to be my role model. That was until I decided to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I was already into shows with wlw in them, e.g. True Blood, Glee and Pretty Little Liars, but at that point I had fated interest in those shows as I grew older. Willow was the first character that I really bonded with, and she kinda became my first role model. After finding her I realized that while I didn’t have any role models in real life, I could find strength and a sense of community within TV shows.  I went from watching at total of around 5 shows ever, to about 10x that in the span of a couple of years.

The reason I’m saying this now is because it took me a really long time to find the shows that spoke to me. I found out about Clexa existing from a facebook article talking about her death. I found out about Wayhaught from my youtube suggested videos. The only reason I was able to watch Sanvers as it occurred is because I saw Supercat cracks mixed in with other crack videos. I stumbled on Hollstein by accident, and almost never watched Carmilla. What I’m saying is, so much of who I am today, and why I am proud to be who I am today, came from these characters and the amazing fandoms behind them. And so many of these communities I came only to be in by happy accidents.

Which is why I am proposing creating a space with all the history of our pop culture documented. I believe that by providing a place where people can go and learn about our history and how we got to where we are today is important, especially through the eyes of pop culture. A place where all fans of different fandoms come together, forget the shipping wars at home, and join to create something beautiful, where all members of our community will have a voice and representation.

The only rules I have in creating this space is that we are inclusive to everybody. I know that there is rarely an issue that everyone agrees on, but in this space we should be able to critic work without spilling hate- even though sometimes it can be deserved. We already have Tumblr for that, so let this space be a place for people looking for new things to watch, read, listen to, just to find.

So what am I asking? Mainly for help and ideas. Even though I have learned a lot about this community since I joined it, I know have tons still to learn. Also while I can tell you a lot about wlw ships, I really can’t speak for many mlm ships. There are so many voices here that can tell stories to this community that I would never be able to tell. I know a lot about TV ships and the trope Bury the Gays, but have no knowledge about LGBT+ artists and how their work has influenced the community. So first, lets get down a good idea, maybe a website of some kind, maybe a wiki- I really don’t know the internet well, I can’t even make a gif, but I know there is someone out there who can. People who are smarter than me, more creative than me.  Lets find a way to get this collection out to the world. If something in pop culture, i.e. celebs, music, art, TV, movies, comics, musicals, plays, youtubers, or anything else which fits in this category, write something about it. We will build up a collection of information to help the next generation come into this community and something that hopefully they will be able to add onto. So please spread the word if you think this is a good idea.

His Heart - [BTS] Namjoon!Au

[A/N] My dimply googly bear deserves all the love.

What’s more annoying than a continuous door bell ring so early in the morning. It drawn you away from your laptop instantly.

But your hate dissipates as soon as you saw who it was. Purplish hair-do, and deep dimple, bringing his own laptop. “I found a few routes that you could take. It’s shorter in duration but you’ll have to walk two minutes across the street to a bus station. And when I googled it, it’s not a street, it’s a highway.”

He stepped into your apartment, “So I studied the other route and although it takes longer, you don’t have to jump three train line like the first route. This one will be a lot…” he pauses as you pulled his chin down for a chaste kiss, “…safe. And they put the price on the side.”

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