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Well there we go. The first commission I have asked for Rhea. And I am still so speechless how beautiful this turned out. @kf1n3: thank you for doing this for me. Thank you to already agree on a second one for me. I love your style. And I can’t tell you with any words how much this thing means to me. This is 1000% Rhea, even more than the Rhea in game. You actually “developed” her for me, I described you how I imagined her and she actually turned out way better than I imagined her. *hehe* Please never stop drawing. And for anyone around here: go and follow this lovely sweet being with her more than lovely OCs (I mean really look at the boys!) and if you can afford it commission her. Really. Send her your love. She deserves it so much.

Well and after she sent me the sketch I was that much in love that I even wrote a few lines for the scene. I am no writer at all and no native english speaker, so sorry upfront, this is far away from good. Nevertheless for anyone who might want to know what exactly is shown up there ;)

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cas-backwards-tie  asked:

Since your requests are open can I please request a Bruce x Reader where (it could be a headcanon or imagine) the reader is pregnant and literally can't get comfortable going to sleep or pretty much anywhere. Idk. Maybe she has really bad symptoms and it's just- not pretty at all but they still love her? (I just had this stuck in my head all night) Please and Thank You ❤️

I hope this is what you wanted sweetie!! I made it off a continuation oh this fic: Baby Fever. This is also a +Batfam

You groaned as you turned onto your back. You let out a long sigh as you laid your hand on your swollen stomach. It had been months since you and Bruce decided to have a kid. Your due date was coming closer but you were uncomfortable all the time.

Whenever you sat on the couch or walked it anything! Your ankles were swollen your breasts were always sore. Your cravings were driving you mad and you never got to sleep.

You were happy to be carrying a child, but you also hated it. So here you were staring at the ceiling not being able to sleep.

“You’re definitely your father’s child.” You spoke as your kid kept kicking you.

You looked over to see that the clock read seven in the morning and glared at it. You struggled out of bed and smiled when you finally got up. The door opened and you looked to over to see Damian walk into the room.

“Good morning mother.” He greeted you and you smiled warmly at him.

“Good morning Damian.”

You walked over to him and you both left the room. You smiled as you saw everybody sitting together at the dinner table for breakfast and took a seat next to Bruce.

“How did you sleep?” Bruce asked you

“I didn’t.” You smiled sweetly and tried to get comfortable on the seat. Slowly growing frustrated.

You jumped when you felt a hand on your shoulder and looked being you to see Alfred putting a pillow behind your back.

“Thank you, Alfred.” You grinned

Your mood swings were the worst. One minute you were happy and the next your either lashing out or crying. And the last time you lashed out it took everyone to calm you down.

“How did patrol go?” You asked and looked around the table.

“Pretty decent, strung up some bad guys, beat Penguin the usual.” Jason answered and your eyes widened

“Is Oswald okay?” You asked and everyone paused.

“Well he went to the hospital for some injuries but he’ll survive.” Jason told you carefully and you felt your eyes watering.

“You sent him to the hospital?! He must be in a bunch of pain!” You cried and put your head in your hands

“It was only a few stitches mom.” Dick said and Tim agreed with him

“But they still must have hurt him!!” You defended him and glared “Wait, why should I defend that jerk face! He’s kidnapped me multiple times and has done nothing good for Gotham! But he does have that awesome lounge.”

You stopped your rambling and looked around the table. Everyone looked at you with smiles and you looked confused at them?

“What? Did I do something wrong?”

“Nothing we just love you.” Bruce smiled and took your hand.

“Even with all my mood swings and morning sickness and well everything else?”

“Of course why wouldn’t we? It’s still you even with all your crazy mood swings.” Tim smiled

“I’m not crazy!” You growled at him and he nodded frantically

“Of course not darling.” Bruce patted your arm

“You guys are the best! But how many times have I told you not to leave your weapons lying around the house Damian Wayne?!” You asked as you threw one of his shuriken next to his head.

“I have to be prepared if we get attacked!!” Damian defended himself and Bruce sighed.

It was going to be another tough couple of months but it was worth it.

Love me do

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request:jhello!! i love your writings and i was wondering if you could do a angsty peter x reader writing based off of the seven minutes in heaven scene from Riverdale?-  @lukesxmermaid

AN: I LOVE RIVERDALE AND I LOVED THIS REQUEST SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! So I decided to mix this scene and this other one for the request! Hope you guys enjoy! Also little rambing I’ve been feeling like writting is a duty rather tha a hobby lately, so I’m very sorry if I dont upload as regular, but also school just started so I’m trying to work things out

Word count: 2091


Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

As Y/n listened to the loud music and watched everybody drinking and dancing she felt out of place. She knew she probably looked that way as well. She thought maybe coming to the party would be fun, after all, Michelle and Ned were supposed to be here as well, but who she really came here for was Peter.

They’d been best friends for as long as she could remember, living next door to each other, walking to school and back home together, having sleepovers and so on. Everything was perfect between them, but of course Y/n had to fall like a fool for her best friend.

Anyways, she had arrived to the party, and had been hiding in the bathroom for 20 minutes, while the other 10 she had been standing in a corner pretending to have fun and eating chips. Finally she spotted her three friends coming into sight. They probably came together after decathlon practice.

“Hey Y/n! You’ve been here long?”

“Not much” she lied as she talked to Michelle. “Just got here”

“We would’ve arrived earlier, but someone couldn’t decide on what to wear” Ned rolled his eyes as Peter blushed. They were obviously talking about him.

“Guys! Seriously I didn’t even take that long!”

“Well, you ended up looking great, doesn’t he look handsome y/N?” Michelle questioned, a knowing smirk on her face.

Michelle was the first and only person Y/n told about her crush for Peter, and she was always looking for ways to push the two of them together, although it hadn’t worked very well in previous occasions.

“I mean- yeah umm, you look good”

“You really think I look good?”

The girl’s cheeks blushed as tried to look for words. Peter look at her with curiosity in his face, making her quickly look away. Why did her heart had to race up that much every time he saw her?

Before she could answer they were interrupted, as Flash threw his arms on both of their necks.

“C’mon lovebirds, we’re going into the sitting room to play a little game, and you’re all in”

He dragged Peter and Ned as Michelle and I seated across the room, next to Liz.

“Ughh I hate Flash! If he hadn’t interrupted outside you would’ve probably had made some progress with Peter”

“Let’s be honest MJ, Flash or not I wouldn’t have told Pete anything, I just can't”

“Why not? I’m pretty sure he likes you just as much!”

“But what if he doesn’t?”

Flash cleared his throat as he got a bottle in his hands and starting explaining the game’s rules, as if not everybody knew them already.

“We’re going to play 7 minutes in heaven people! So who wants to go first? Not you Penis Parker- we know nobody wants to kiss you anyways”

Peter sank into his seat as some people tried to muffle their laughs. Michelle rolled her eyes at Flash’s immaturity and made one of her sarcastic remarks.

“Seriously Flash? Are we back at middle school or what?”

“Since you’re so eager to start, why don’t you go first?

“Whatever, give me the stupid bottle”

Michelle spinned the bottle in the middle of the table. As Y/n watched the bottle spin she thought ‘Poor Michelle, I hope she doesn’t get Flash, I can’t imagine a worst chance’ but oh god was she wrong. As the bottle got slower and slower her own nerves increased. Why was she so nervous? It wasn’t like it was her turn. But of course the bottle had to stop in front of the one boy she had feelings for, the one she actually cared about and wanted to kiss herself.

Both Michelle and Peter stared wide eyed at the bottle and then at her. She felt as if all eyes were on her, waiting for her response. Was she really that obvious? She tried to swallow the lump on her throat and gave Michelle a reassuring smile. She knew it was just a game, and besides, she trusted her. She wouldn’t kiss the boy she knew she liked.

“Well, seems like Penis Parker is actually living his first kiss today! Congrats Parker!”

“Fuck off Flash- Peter is my friend! We’re not going anywhere!”

“You know the rules Michelle, you either take him or someone I choose- wait actually, forget about it, you can take me instead, forget about Parker”

Michelle looked over at Y/n. She knew it was wrong, but she didn’t want to go with Flash either. She tried to give her best apologetic look as she stood up and took Peter’s arm, guiding him towards the nearest empty room.

Y/n looked helplessly as Peter followed her and closed the door behind them. She tried to stop her eyes from burning, but she couldn’t help it. She tried to take deep breaths and relax, but with every second that passed through she found herself wondering, what if? What if they actually did kiss? What if Peter, or even Michelle gave in? What would she do? Would she be able to handle it?

She tried to ignore what was happening behind the closed door, but Flash kept making little comments about the noises he heard. Y/n thought he was probably making things up right? He kept saying how he could hear Peter moaning Michelle’s name, but she knew that couldn’t be.

She was glad most of the time was over, only 30 seconds to go. As she started to actually relax she heard a loud noise, and soon enough Flash was giving the insight.

“Yooo! I think Peter pinned Michele to the door! Who knew Parker got it in him?”

Y/n stared wide eyes at the door. She didn’t want to believe in Flash, but she had indeed heard the noise. Just 15 more seconds. Time seemed to stop as the boy announced time was over and opened the door.

Both Peter and Michele had swollen lips, crazy hair and even though they were both staring at the floor she could see their guilty faces. She felt her eyes starting to water once again, and a pressure in her chest telling her to get away as soon as possible, before things got embarrassing for her.

Michelle tried to find her sight but she refused to do so. She didn’t want him or her to know how she felt. Y/n stood up and made her way to the exit, without glancing in their direction. However she did say some last words to her so called friend.

“Good to know I can trust you”

“Y/n wait-”

“Save it”

She crossed the door to the living room as calmly as she could, but as soon as she was out of the house she started running, trying to leave everything behind. Not only the betrayal of her best friend, but also her broken heart.

She got to the streets and realised she didn’t knew where to go. She had planned on going back home with Peter, but now that she couldn’t maybe she should just go herself. She started walking trying to think of anything but tonight. Y/n had only made it a couple houses away when she heard Peter coming calling her name from behind. She wanted to keep going, ignore him and run away, but if she wanted to get things over better do it right now.

Y/n tried to keep her tears inside as she took a deep breath and turned around to face her friend. As he came face to face with him she wanted to forget what had happened, and just go back to how things used to be an hour ago. But now Peter obviously knew how she felt. She couldn’t go back.

“Y/n wait up!- What’s going on?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know it”

“I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about”

“Peter you cannot be such an ass! I like- I like you okay? I have for so much time! and not just as friends” The girl finally let the truth out, the one she had been holding for so long, as well as the tears as she thought of how things could change from now on. “I’m not asking what you did with Michelle in that closet- but I am asking you- do you love me?”

Peter avoided her gaze as he tried to think of an answer, but after the silence felt like to long she knew the answer. He didn’t love her, and he would probably never love her. She tried to turn around once again and stop embarrassing herself, but Peter walked  towards her and took her arm, spinning her around.

“Y/n, of course I love you”

“But of course you don’t love me as I want, am I wrong?”

“You’re just, so perfect”


“You’re like- the perfect girl next door and I- Y/n you’re way out of my league, I think you deserve better”

“If you don’t like me Peter you can just say so, you don’t have to make up a lame excuse as always”

“I’m telling the truth, I just- you could do much better than me”

“I don’t want anybody else”

The girl still had a sad look on her face, but she tried her last move. She got closer in his arms, and stroke his cheek with her left hand, staring into his eyes. She could see Peter getting nervous, and giving in. Maybe it really could work. She felt as they both moved closer, leaning into each other, looking at their lips and back into each other’s eyes. She wanted nothing more than to kiss him right now.

“I didn't”


They were so close to each other they were whispering. The girl didn’t even remember what they were talking about, she just wanted him to shut up, but apparently Peter was in a talkative mood.

“I don’t kiss MJ back in the closet, she was just- trying to help me”

This brought Y/n back to reality as she remembered what had happened a couple minutes ago. If they hadn’t kissed what had happened back there? She felt herself rolling her eyes, thinking Peter was just trying to cover for her. She stepped back and pushed him back, feeling her walls building up again. But so did Peter, knowing her better than anybody else.

“Y/n let me finish! She wanted to help!”

“Help how?”

“She told me you liked me okay?! And she wanted me to ask you out but I- I didn’t knew how! So she came up with this plan to make you confess and- that’s it! She faked the whole thing”

Y/n’s head was hurting from trying to process what Peter had just said. So had it all been a lie? What about the swollen lips and messy hair?

“But what about? the hair? the sounds?”

“It was all staged!”

“And you agreed to do it!?”

“I had to!- I wouldn’t get the guts to do it otherwise!”

“Do what?”

“Tell you how I feel, kiss you. I’ve like you for so long I don’t even remember. You’re the only girl I think of when I wake up and when I o to sleep. You make me so happy I don’t want to be away from you ever”

“Peter I-”

“Y/n, please, believe in me, when I say I love you”

Y/n smiled as she heard the words she had been waiting for. She took his face into her hands and this time didn’t stop until their lips crashed together. They kissed, moving their lips together. Both of them were eager to kiss more, but wanted to take their time to get to know every corner, every inch of each other. They kissed with years of love and passion. Pulling each other’s hair, running their hands through it and trying to held the other closer to themselves. They finally felt themselves smiling into the kiss, pulling slightly apart to catch their breaths, and join their foreheads.

“I love you too Peter”

Peter took her waist and spinned her around, like in all those movies they had watch, and all those dreams she had had. But this time it was for real.

She still had to apologize to MJ and thank her, but as she stared into those brown eyes, with his hands pulling her close and running his hands through her hair she knew things would be okay.

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I really want Kara to stand up to Eliza for Alex. It's not Kara's fault that Eliza put so much pressure on Alex and she had her own very considerable problems to work through at the time, but those sisters would go to the wall for each other and I can't imagine Kara not calling her out for it once she'd twigged what was happening. Especially with Maggie's backing.

She loves Eliza.

She always has.

She’s loved her since she took her face into her hands and first called her sweetie.

Loved her since she introduced her in public as her daughter, but made sure Kara knew that she would never, ever, ever pretend to be replacing her mother, because her mother would always be special, always be cherished, always be alive in Kara’s memories, in Kara’s heart.

She loves Eliza, and she thinks, now, that her love for her – her need for her, for an older woman’s arms to wrap around her tiny body when she had a nightmare [and Rao, she had so many of them], to tell her it was going to be alright, that there is no shame in surviving – might have made her miss certain things.

Certain things about how Eliza treats her older daughter.

Certain things about how Eliza holds Alex to superhuman expectations.

Superhuman expectations that have made Alex drink. That have made Alex suppress herself. That have made Alex isolated and self-destructively reckless and, until Maggie, almost completely unable to assert what she needs, what she wants, beyond when she needs Kara to be safe, beyond when she wants to protect Kara.

And of course she wants to protect Kara, because Eliza has made her believe that she, as a person, is worthless without doing so.

Without being perfect.

So Kara keeps her eyes, her ears, extra open the next time Eliza comes for dinner.

She tries to keep a lid on the shame burning inside her that it took her so long to realize, took her so long to realize that Alex’s extreme anxiety, extra drinking, around Eliza was actually a response to emotional abuse wrapped in love, not an overreacting paranoia that was kind of cute but not that serious.

She tries to keep a lid on her own shame, because she’s been talking with Maggie about it – drinking with Maggie about it – and Maggie is nothing if not straight-up with her.

“Should you have realized when you got older, Little Danvers? Sure. But when you were a kid? Kara, your entire planet had just died, you had no one. You had to restrain yourself in ways I can’t even begin to imagine, and it… of course you just wanted someone to care for you like Eliza did. And you know what the point of beating yourself up for not realizing it sooner is? There is none. Absolutely none. Point is, you’re realizing now, and you can validate Alex now, and that’s what you’ve gotta focus on, okay?”

So she tries to keep a lid on her own shame, so she can be at her best when Eliza comes over next.

She brings pie and Kara groans in ecstasy, and she brings tiramasu and Maggie thanks her profusely, but both little sister and girlfriend exchange tense glances behind Eliza’s back when Alex’s face falls, because Eliza hasn’t brought anything for her.

“You’re always going through so many different food phases, Alex – almost obsessively healthy some weeks, carelessly unhealthy other weeks – I can’t keep track of all that, dear.”

Alex grimaces and Kara steps forward. “Next time just ask me, Eliza: I always know what Alex is eating these days, so if you want to surprise her, I can help!”

“You’re so thoughtful, Kara dear,” Eliza praises, and Maggie squeezes Alex’s hand as Alex rolls her eyes and bites her lip.

Kara flushes.

That didn’t work.

She’ll have to try harder.

Eliza gives her the opportunity again when they’re sitting down to dinner, and Eliza wants to know why Alex could have not recognized Rick Malverne until it was too late, how she could have let herself get her sister put into such an impossibly position, and of course she did a wonderful job keeping herself alive until Kara and Maggie could rescue her, but really, Alexandra, how could she have let it come to that in the first place?

Alex guzzles root beer like it’s whiskey and Maggie is about to speak, her hand on Alex’s thigh, but Kara beats her to it.

“Eliza, Alex has been through hell and back, and I love you, Eliza, you know I do, but you don’t get to speak to my sister that way. She did things that you can’t even imagine to keep herself alive, to keep me safe. She would have died for me, protecting me, and she almost did. And if there’s anyone to blame for all this, anyone whose fault this whole Rick Malverne thing is? Other than him? It’s mine.”

“Kara, don’t – “

“No, Alex, it’s true.. It’s true and it doesn’t matter how many times you tell me it’s not my fault: Eliza clearly wants to assign blame, and I understand that. I do, too. And it’s Rick’s fault. But it’s also mine. Mine, because I was the one who didn’t listen to Alex – Alex, who you unfairly put in the position of caring for a devastated child when she was just a child herself – and ran to the scene of that car crash. I exposed myself to Rick, and I was the one he was using Alex to try to manipulate. Alex is a hero, Eliza, and I know you love her, I do, I know, but you need to start talking to her like you do. Or you can leave my home until you’re ready to give Alex the respect she deserves.”

Her voice trembles and she adjusts her glasses with trembling fingers, and Alex is crying and Eliza’s eyes are wide and Maggie is holding Kara’s shaking hand under the table, biting her lip because Kara is nearly breaking her fingers, but she doesn’t mind because god, Alex’s kid sister really is a hero, isn’t she?

“Kara, I’m sorry I – “

“It’s not me you have to apologize to, Eliza,” Kara interrupts, her voice soft and her voice coated with love. For Eliza, but mostly, mostly, for her sister.

Her sister, who she would die for without a second thought.

Her sister, who would die for her without a second thought.

Her sister, who she lives for, every day.

Her sister, who lives for her, every day.

Her sister, who Eliza spent years emotionally abusing in Kara’s name.

And Kara won’t have it anymore.

“Alexan – Alex – I – Kara’s right. Your sister – you’re sister’s right. I’ve never been fair to you, Alex, and I’ve never… I told you last year to take care of yourself, and I told you I’m not disappointed in you for being gay, but Alex, beyond that, I haven’t… I’ve quite failed you, haven’t I?” She voice quakes and she closes her eyes, counting to ten, a habit she’s acquired when interacting with her oldest daughter over the years.

“I love you, Alex. And I know I haven’t been nearly good enough at expressing it. But I’m going to do better. And when I fail – and I will fail again, I’m sure – I want you to tell me. And I want Kara to tell me. And you, Maggie, sweetie. And Alex, I… I am so proud of you. Of the hero you’ve become. The hero you’ve always been.”

“It took Kara telling you to get you to say all that,” Alex whispers, and Eliza nods sadly.

“Yes. And that isn’t right. I know. But let me try, Alex? Let your mother try?”

Alex grips Maggie’s hand, swiping comforting circles onto her thigh, and Alex leans into Kara’s strong arms. 

“I’ll think about it, Mom. I’ll think about it. Okay?”

Eliza nods, a small, hopeful smile on her face. “That’s all I can ask for, I suppose, isn’t it?”

Alex nods as her lips tremble, and she breathes in her little sister’s scent, focuses on her girlfriend’s touch.

She’s going to be alright. Because these women think she’s perfect, including all her imperfections, even if her mother is still learning that.

White Wine Nights

Summary: In which, we expose Lin as a wine mom 

(I really couldn’t think of a better description, I apologize)

Author’s Note: yay, my collab with @hamilbye!!! yes, it did take us that long to decide to write together and yes, it only took us like three days to finish this. We put our amazing brains together and wrote this pretty quickly. 

I love love love working with you, Nat. It was the most fun. I also love love love you. You’re the best. AND you’re very talented. 

Words: 2,138 

Warnings: alcohol/drinking mentions, a curse word or two (I forget), fluff 

An audible sigh escaped you when you stepped off the elevator in your apartment building, taking a right turn to head down the long hallway. Your feet carried you, but protested heavily after the shift you had pulled at your dead-end waitressing job. You were sure you smelled of stale cigarettes and dirty dishes, but at least you had some cash in your pocket. As if that hadn’t been stressful enough, you hadn’t even seen your apartment in about 20 hours due to college classes and familial commitments. It was the week before Spring Break and hectic was the synonym for your life.

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Looking Back

Wishing my absolutely adored @sugarplum-senpai the happiest of birthdays - again ;D I happen to actually be RIIIIGHT on time in my timezone, somehow. Thank you for being so loving, kind and inspiring everyday. This is for you~ 

Read on Ao3

This was ridiculous.

The sun shone brightly above them, its light glistening across the dark waters crashing against the shores down below, and the air had absolutely no business being this cold.

The wind had been less aggressive back at the settlement. Seeing the clear skies so early in the morning, he’d thought – naively, in hindsight – that the temperatures would climb as they’d ride to the northern coast. Waiting under the sun should have been… Possibly not comfortable, but certainly not this ridiculously unbearable.

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Can you some headcanons for Dante and Vergil when their daughters learn how to walk and follow them around. I just can't I love this dorks so much!!!

oh heck this is a really cute idea (also it’s still father’s day where I am so happy father’s day everyone!)


  • Okay so Dante is a really chill dad, and he’s okay with waiting for his little girl to walk and he doesn’t expect them to suddenly know how to do it. After all, he’s pretty sure that he took awhile to start walking too (but memories back then are too hazy for him to remember or too painful).
  • But when his daughter finally learns how to walk, he’s taken by complete surprise, because his kid didn’t show any signs of even standing up in his presence. 
  • So when he learns that she can walk, he’s so excited. And he may not show it outwardly but Dante melts whenever he sees her following him. His s/o is always somehow getting pictures of them walking around together and he will always look at the photos once they’re fully developed and printed. 
  • If it isn’t a job, or too far, Dante will mostly walk to places now just because his daughter likes to follow him around. It’s arguably the cutest thing ever. Like I picture it almost as if she’s following him around like a little duckling would follow its mother. 
  • He keeps a photo that his s/o took of him and his daughter inside a pocket in his jacket, that along with the photo he once took of his s/o without them noticing. It reminds him what he has to fight for whenever a job gets especially difficult and or if he’s been away from home for too long.


  • Even though Dante had his child before Vergil did. Vergil is highkey competitive and wants to prove that his kid is the best (he totally starts off as one of those dads) until his s/o scolds him and says how their daughter can take as long as she needs to until she’s able to walk. He begrudgingly accepts.
  • When his daughter begins to walk, Vergil is actually really excited even if he doesn’t show it outwardly. The only way you actually know is that when she follows her father around, she’s wearing the coat that Vergil actually went out and bought her a coat was almost too similar to his own. If your child had his signature white hair, they would’ve been twins.
  • Your daughter is a big daddy’s girl, and she loves spending time with Vergil and his s/o thinks that it’s adorable. Plus they can see that Vergil is in much higher spirits, and the bond between father and daughter is very strong.
  • As his s/o you don’t need to worry, your daughter loves you just as much as Vergil. Even going to you whenever she wants to convince her father to do something (one time he tried to resist her famous puppy eyes when she asked him to play dress up with her, but then she got you to do it too, and Vergil had admitted defeat). 
  • Listen,,,he may not look it, but Vergil actually likes spending time with his daughter and s/o whenever he’s not on jobs, and walking with his daughter is one of those special times. 

booksgivemelifeiswear  asked:

Congrats on the 1k!! I love your writing so much (I can't believe we are mutuals!!) I love the dynamic between Andrew and Wymack so can you write Wymack helping Andrew through some bad days before Neil got into Palmetto?

I’m so, so, so sorry. Tumblr’s notifications come in one every three in a lucky day, apparently ^^” That said, I loved this prompt! Wymack’s the best and his relationship with Andrew is freaking adorable!
I took a page out of Nora’s books, quite literally, where Andrew says coach sold the gun after he kept breaking in…

As far as signing season went, Wymack was used to shit going down. With the kids he recruited it was no surprise, and since he actively searched for them willingly he wasn’t even allowed to complain. Which sucked some serious balls, just to say.

So Wymack pulled another late night discussing with the board about how he left to recruit a player and came back having offered a full scholarship to three. Who cared? It’s not like he had an overabundance of players. He could do with a couple back-liners, Minyard was good and even if Hemmick was rusty Matt could hold his ground like a pro. It would work, so fuck everybody.

He was so tired he didn’t even notice anything wrong until he was already in his bedroom to get changed into something less stuffy than shirt and necktie. There was a rustling sound from his kitchen, a thud and the tingling of some bottles, and David was no idiot enough to believe it was the wind.

There was a gun in his bedside table. He’d had it since he left his mother’s hospital bed, when there was a talk about his father getting out of jail and maybe coming after him. The asshole lost a prison fight before he could make true to his threats, but David had already started building on his dream of second chances and Exy and he kept the weapon, just in case.

Now, he held it in his hands, steady, finger off the trigger until he was sure about what was going on, and he walked slowly down the corridor of his minuscule flat. The sound seemed to come from the living room and after a moment he located it at his liquors cabin.

What a fucker.

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Can I request an imagine where Bill is watching you come downstairs in a sundress, your 7 and a half month baby belly sticking out and you're waiting to dance with him outside of your shared home and he can't help but to cry a little because he's been dreaming of this ever since he met you years ago and you just hold his face with a smile and rub your nose against his?

    Hello, dear! Thank you for the request, it’s a little short but I hope you like it. x- Nur.

     Y/N stepped out of the bedroom, paying attention to her dress, and began to walk down the long hallway. They never said to her, “When you’re pregnant, you have to pee so much.“ It had a little less than two months to due date, her body was like a huge balloon, and they had spent the last two weeks moving a house. Bill did the bulk of the work and he hadn’t even let Y/N lift the slightest thing. In the last few years, the apartment they were living in was pretty but small; it was for a newly married couple not for a family with a child. Bill and Y/N wanted their first child to grow up in this house and they started the breeding process. Now everything was all right. They had moved into a beautiful home that they couldn’t believe in, there was a huge garden in the house, and there were plenty of empty spaces for their child to play games. She put her left hand on her belly and stroked it lightly. When she picked up her head and grabbed the handrail, she saw her husband walking out of the kitchen with a bunch of beer in his hands. With Valter coming in from behind him, Bill stood there. When she looked at her husband with a smile, she realized that Bill was staring her carefully. She had changed the style of her clothing a little because of the weight she had gained, and the tight and short fabrics were replaced by plenty of flowered dresses. Every morning, as she examined herself in the mirror, Bill was hugging her and telling her how beautiful and charming she was while kissing her neck. Y/N knew Bill was very fond of her, even if she didn’t know why. When Bill pushed the bottles in his lap to his brother and stepped right into his wife, Y/N rolled her eyes.

“Bill, I can go down the stairs by myself, I don’t need your help, love.” Bill nodded at the woman and stopped at the end of the ladder, handed his left hand to Y/N. As she stepped down, she saw the sunlight hitting Bill’s wedding ring and smiled to herself. When she came over to the man, Bill put his hand on her waist. He kissed her forehead and they walked outside.    

    The party they threw to celebrate the new house was so crowded that Y/N no longer knew who she was talking to. Saying “Welcome!” and “Goodbye” was harder than she expected. She knew Bill wasn’t happy with inviting so many people, he was pouting while seeing his friends out. She looked around at the chair she sat in. She took a sip of orange juice from her glass. Of course, she could never describe how happy she was because she was pregnant but she missed alcohol. When she recalled that she read in a magazine that French pregnant women could drink a glass of wine once a month, she licked her lips with enthusiasm. As she was going to the table full of alcohol bottles, she saluted a few friends and had to talk with them for a while. She was looking out of the corner of her eye to the wine bottle, and she could see that the bottle was getting empty. Unaware that Bill was watching her with a few close friends in the corner, she politely asked permission and walked to the table like a hunter approaching the hunt. As she took one of the clean glass and the wine bottle which had little liquid left in, she started to look for a quiet place.

Baby?” She continued to listen to the music and laughter coming from their home without moving. She opened her eyes when she heard the footsteps approaching. Bill knelt beside Y/N, pointing his anxious look at the woman.

“Is everything okay? Are you in a pain? Tell me? “She tried to rise up with a huge bump in her belly. With Bill’s long fingers supporting her, she smiled and shook her head.

“I’m fine, love. It just… just the crowd was a little overwhelmed me.” She reached out the glass that was standing next to her and took it to her lips. “Bill, I said I am fine.” Bill took her glass and left it to the moist glass underneath them.

“We had agreed not to drink alcohol.” With licking his lips, Bill caressed Y/N’s left cheek; she closed her eyes and enjoyed the touch. “It’s okay, I took only a few sips. The smell isn’t as beautiful as I remember. "She saw Bill relaxed, smiled at him and kissed his soft pink lips. Bill moved his hands between her hairs as he pulled back so that Y/N could breathe. While his hot breath created a hurricane in her neck, his soft voice like caramel filled her ears.

"You gave me a promise for dance. How about go back to the party and have fun? "She nodded at him as she put her nose in between his shoulder and neck and inhaled his smell. Bill could not help laughing at his wife grunting while he helped her get up.

"Every time you sit down, I have to be there to help you get up.” She rolled her eyes and laughed, Bill, closed the short distance between them and his hands on her waist. They started to move with the music reaching their ears in a humble voice. Y/N put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. While they were swinging right and left, Bill left a kiss between her hair.

“I thought of my life before I met you, and I was living a fucking stupid life. The only thing I care about was my work. I couldn’t break a leg about women. By that time I had lost my belief in love because of the women who were my life. But then one day I met you. It was a small and quiet party and I was so bored… Then you entered the room with all your glory and hugged your friends. Oh God, everything was moving in slow motion. I couldn’t keep my eyes off you, at that moment I realized that I fell in love with you before I knew you. I even didn’t know your name; I could give up everything to hear your voice. “When Y/N looked up at her husband, bit her bottom lip. Bill’s green eyes were steamed and he was staring at her.

"Y/N, I love you more and more each passing day. You’re digging in my skin; it feels like I’m going to die if I stay away from you for a second. And here, I know you love me to carry my child. I know you want to spend every moment with me just like I do. I have more than I could ever imagine, love. "She put her warm hands on the sides of Bill’s cheeks. Bill licked his lips and smiled at her as a drop of tears that he couldn’t hold more, wet his face and fell down. She smiled as she reached the man and rubbed her nose against his.

"I love you.”

“More than everything  …”

Starry Eyed- Michael Clifford


and probably my last…haha combined two requests that were so obscure I just had to go this far…so ya…tell me what you think??

Next thing, we’re touching, you look at me it’s like you hit me with lightning…

Michael couldn’t help but admire her legs in that mini-dress. He found himself staring at the v in her legs, and how tight that skirt was over her ass. She sat down next to Calum, placing a kiss on his cheek.  

That’s right…she’s Calum’s girlfriend. Not yours Michael. 

That’s one thing you hated about being roommates with Calum, you were constantly around his girlfriend, Lacey. Even her name was provocative. 

Just then you felt an arm link with yours, Crystal. Here she was in nothing but a bikini, body better than perfect. More than enough. But yet you still felt your gaze drift towards Lacey. 

“Are we going swimming or what?” Crystal asked you, pouting her lip. 

You then heard screaming, and turned to see Calum throwing Lacey in the pool.

“Calum! I didn’t even get a change to take of my sun dress! It’s wet now!” She yelled

“Oh come on Lace, hey watch out!” He said, jumping in next to her.

“I’ll take that as a yes” You winked at Crystal, picking her up too.

“Michael!!” She screamed as you jumped in the pool still holding her.

Calum and Lacey laughed, holding up their arms to prevent the splash from hitting them. As if that really did anything.

“Ugh let me take this off before it’s completely ruined” Lacey sighed, while pulling herself out of the pool. She slowly stepped out of the dress, hanging it on a chair to dry. Her actions did nothing to stop your staring, her tiny bikini leaving little to the imagination.

You guys stayed in the pool for awhile, laughing and having some beer. After a few hours though, Calum received a phone call.

“Hello? Luke? Ya. Seriously? Ok where are you? Ya. I’ll be there soon. Yes! Alright. Bye” Calum said, hanging up the phone.

“Everything ok?” Lacey asked.

“He drunk again?” You added.

“Yeah, I gotta go pick him up. I’m going to take him home, and I think I’m gonna stay over at his place for the night. He sounds completely wasted, I don’t want to leave him by himself.”

“Would you mind giving me a ride home? It’s on the way” Crystal asked.

“Ya sure, let’s just hurry ok?” Calum said, giving Lacey a quick kiss goodbye and going to change real quick.

Soon they were both gone, and that left just you and Lacey.

“It’s still early…you wanna watch a movie or something? Or do you have to go home?”

“No I don’t have to go home yet. A movie sounds nice”

“Great” You smiled, and helped her out of the pool, watching the water slide off her stomach.

You grabbed some towels and headed to the couch. You both were pretty buzzed, but you grabbed some more beers while she chose the movie. Wasn’t long until you both were now completely drunk. With every sip you moved closer and closer to her, making casual conversation and both of you laughing at the movie.

When the movie ended, you turned off the tv, and shifted to face her.

“So whatcha wanna do now Lace?”

“I-I don’t know” She said, seeming to fully realize just how close you both were.

“No?” You asked, taking another sip of your beer. Your gaze drifting down her body, still in her bikini from earlier.

“Is there something you had in mind?” She asked, biting her lip.

There was some sort of unspoken communication between you both, both of you silently telling the other exactly what you wanted. Because suddenly you both went towards each other, and soon you were both a mess of tongue and teeth. She wrapped your hands around your neck, grabbing fistfuls of your hair, as you moved your hands along her back, grabbing her ass and lifting her up to your room.

You threw her on the bed, climbing on top of her before returning your lips to hers. Your actions caused your hips to brush each other, her moaning and bucking her hips up to yours. You moaned, and kissed down her neck, reaching her bikini top. You quickly untied the strings and pulled it off of her, then kissed down her chest.

“Mmm…Michael…please do something”

You laughed, and kissed down her stomach, passed her clothed core, down her thighs, before slowly making your way back to her sweet spot, kissing her inner thighs.

“M-Michael please…” Lacey moaned.

You moaned in return and slowly slid off her bikini bottoms, running a finger through her folds.

“Oh, so wet for me baby…”

“Michael, please, no more teasing”

You began to slowly pump your fingers inside her, loving the way she was a moaning mess underneath you.

You rubbed her clit as you took off your swimming trunks. Then without warning you slammed your cock inside of her, thrusting fast.

“Oh..Michael…oh fuck…oh fuck..” Lacey moaned. You loved her moaning your name. It made you thrust even harder, feeling your orgasm coming and knowing she was approaching hers.

“Oh fuck, so tight for me baby, mmm ya…you gonna cum for me?”

“Ya…almost there…”

“Come on baby” You moaned, thrusting as fast as you could. Your thrusts were becoming sloppy as you got closer and closer, so you begin to rub her clit to make her come faster. That did the trick, soon she began to scream, her orgasm washing over her.

“Oh Michael…oh shit…” She moaned.

Your thrusts began to pick up a bit, riding out her orgasm and approaching your own.

“Lace…I’m gonna…”

You couldn’t take anymore, you let go, your load filling her up. You were a moaning mess, so was she as she came for the second time. When you both rode out your orgasms, and you collapsed on the bed next to her. Both of you drunk and tired, so you practically instantly fell asleep.


You hadn’t been asleep long, you knew that much as you heard screaming.

“Holy shit! Fuck Michael what the fuck did we do…Calum…shit!!” Lacey screamed, tears in her eyes.

It took you a second to figure out what was going on, why Lacey was in our room. Then images of you and her together flashed through your mind, you kissing her thighs, her digging her fingers in your back, you both moaning in pleasure.

“Oh fuck…this didn't…I mean…”

“Oh it happened Michael…how could we both be so fucking stupid?”

“Look this stays between us k? No reason for Crystal or Calum to find out alright?”

“That’s your solution? Whatever Michael…I’m just gonna go…I can't…no…” She said, walking out the door.


You didn’t see her for awhile. Calum was going to her place instead, although after a few weeks it seemed as if Calum had seen Lacey as much as you did. And that was saying something considering Lacey was avoiding you like the plague.

You were sitting in the living room, playing some video games when you heard a knock on the door. Calum wasn’t supposed to be home until tomorrow, he decided to go visit his mom since Lacey was pushing him away.

So imagine your surprise when you opened the door and found Lacey standing on the other side.

“Lacey what are you doing here?” You asked, completely shocked.

“Can I come in?” She said nervously

“Yes of course, come on. Calum isn’t back yet-”

“Yeah I know…I need to talk to you…” She began to play with her hands, obviously wanted to say something but seeming hesitant about saying it.

“Everything ok?” You knew something was wrong. Lacey was so out spoken, she was never nervous about saying anything. And she was also coming to you…

“There’s no easy way to say this Michael…”

“You can tell me Lace…what’s wrong?”

She laughed, although there was no humor in it.

“I’m pregnant”

Divided - Epilogue

This is a direct sequel to Unexpected Guest. This is the final official chapter. I may go back and write the cave chapter from Len’s POV, I’m not sure yet, still tossing it around. If people are interested?

Thanks to @mccoymostly for planting the little plot bunny in my head and being my idea bouncer and beta throughout this whole fic.

5,089 word(s) of some good ol fluff and what we all came here for, smut. I also apologize for the length. I went back to edit it and somehow ended up making it longer. I don’t know what happened.

Leonard x Reader - MATURE AUDIENCES

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

“Meet me in my quarters tonight at 7. I’ve cleared you for your next shift. It’s just me and you tonight, darlin.”

You had found the note on your desk, with another small rose, when you first walked in. You picked it up and immediately recognized the tight scrawl of Leonard’s writing. You smiled to yourself as you kept pulling it out throughout the day to read it.

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Older Pidge and Lance get engaged, but with the whole 'universally famous paladins of Voltron' thing means planning the wedding becomes An Ordeal. Chaos ensues.

WELL not so much chaos as stress but here’s 2500 words of…whatever the hell this is lol. not proofread because it’s late, but i hope you like it <3

“Where do you want the wedding?” Allura asked. She trailed behind Pidge, who stalked around the Castle looking for her favorite tablet. She had been so sure she left it on her bedside table…

“Uh, Earth?” Pidge said. She was only half-focused on Allura’s questions; they came too fast, and she barely gave her a chance to answer them before plowing on to the next one.

“Hmm, well, your species has just make first contact,” Allura reminded her, tapping her own tablet with a stylus thoughtfully, “so are you sure about that? Aren’t you worried the variety of guests will overwhelm your government?”

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Pegging anon here again XD I hope you guys don't mind if i keep requesting (I just love you so much) Well...I was thinking about Zen playing with MC (tickles or smth like that) while them has gum in their mouth and oops. It came out. And then... you know... OMG MC, MY RAT TAIL D: yup, it seems someone needs a haircut. If you could write something like that with RFA+ V + Saeran + Vanderwood (Everyone with undercuts? omg i can't breathe) it would be great. Again, Thank you ♥

A/N: Welcome back pegging anon (๑ゝڡ◕๑) totally took inspiration for zens from you sorry but also a lil not sorry because it was a good idea xD We absolutely do not mind! Thank you for loving us, we love you too ^^! <3 SORRY IF THIS GOT TOO LONG I CAN’T HELP MYSELF (but omg can you imagine them with undercuts? quick someone make fan art) ~Admin 404


           -It was an innocent game of Twister or was it? wink wonk

           -He was showing you how good he was at the game! And he was winning!

           -Right foot red? GOTCHA


           -He slipped and accidently hit you in the chin, which caused you to yelp in pain

           -“OH MY GOD, MC??? ARE YOU OKAY??? OMG I’M SO SORRY!!!”

           -He’s busy worrying about you, but you were looking around for the gum you had in your mouth. Where the hell did it go???

           -When he goes to rub the back of his head and apologize for the 47th time, he feels something sticky

           - ew wtf is this oh mY GOD MC PLEASE TELL ME ITS NOT YOUR BLOOD OR ANYTHING?????

           -You check it out for him, and…

           -“Oh.. well uh, there’s the gum I’ve been looking for, haha….”

           -…your….your what

           -You immediately drag him to a barber shop to get it fixed up

           -Pouting because??? He now has to get his hair cut? It took him SO LONG to grow it out!

           -Pouting too much to even tell the barber what he wants done to his hair, so you have to decide for him

           -At the end it looks like fine??? Like, now he has a little floof on the top!

           -When he sees it short in the back with a star etched into it???


           -Always tracing the star when he’s trying to think or focus on something

           -5000000% Putty in your hands if YOU trace the star lightly


           -The two of you were relaxing at home, so he decided to leave his hair down!

           -Get into the relaxed spirit!

           -He had been messing with you all. day.

           -Cooking? Comes in and tickles you from behind.

           -Washing dishes? Comes in and pokes your sides until you’re a laughing mess on the floor

           -You were SO. ON. EDGE.

           -He calmed down hours later, so you thought it was safe to chew on some gum, just to take your mind off of watching your back from the literal tickle monster in your house

           -At one point, he stepped incorrectly and you could hear the floor creak from behind you

           -So you took the opportunity to get your revenge!

           -You whip around and tackle him to the ground, tickling up and down his sides until he’s literally gasping for breath and is red in the face

           -You let him cool down, but you stay hovering over him

           - big mistake

           -Just when you thought you had your revenge, his hands were back at your sides, tickling you back!

           - big mistake part 2

           -You couldn’t get away fast enough! You ended up a laughing mess

           -Until you feel your gum fall out of your mouth and

           -P A N I C P A N I C PA NI C PANIC

           -He stops immediately and almost starts crying right then and there when he realizes it’s in his hair

           -It takes an hour of crying to drag him to the barber to get it fixed up


           -So you sit him down and talk to him about getting an undercut

           -“Zen, if the barber cuts just the bottom layer, it gets the gum out, and your hair will still be long-ish! It’ll just be short on the sides, the top will be longer, and you can tie it up if you want!”

           -Agrees because he can still keep his hair at least semi-long, it’ll just be a secret undercut

           -His hair goes down to his shoulders now rip the rat tail

           - you get it done too because holy hell you felt TERRIBLE




           - pls baehee it was an accident

           -You didn’t mean to fall asleep with gum in your mouth!!! But you were so EXHAUSTED!!!

           -She was just as exhausted when she came home! She didn’t notice either!

           -She woke up the next morning to something sticking to the back of her neck?

           -‘Did I sweat that much in my sleep last night???’

           -When she looks in the mirror and sees that it’s gum, she calmly woke you up


           -“MC? Did you sleep with gum in your mouth last night? I believe it’s found its way into my hair.”




           -She has to calm you down and invites you to the beauty parlor with her, to get a new hair cut

           -Goes for her previous hair style, the short cut


           -So you suggest getting it slightly shorter, but with a secret undercut tattoo instead of all of it short!

           -Once you explain what an undercut is exactly, she’s really liking the idea!!!

           -“MC! Would you get a matching one with me?”

           -So the two of you got cute matching undercut pieces of intricate lotus designs!


           -Makes sure to wear her hair up as often as possible because she loves it that much

           - also makes sure you aren’t sleeping with gum in your mouth anymore

           -Offers to do your hair for you so she has an excuse to trace your undercut


           -You asked him if your younger cousins could come visit!

           -He obviously couldn’t say no to you! You looked too cute asking him!

           -Well that and he loved you, jfc, he’d get you anything you asked for

           -What he DIDN’T KNOW, however, was how ANNOYING your cousins were!!!

           -They’d be perfect little angels when you were around! But the MOMENT you walked through the door threshold, they were DEMONS


           -Seriously considered making a few bodyguards come into the penthouse to play with them

           -But!!! He didn’t do that!

           -He had to get along with them! They were important to you!

           -He kept reminding himself that he needed to get along with them

           -That thought was thrown out of the window the moment one of them purposefully stuck gum to the back of his head

           - literally just smacked it to the back of his head

           -Couldn’t even get angry. Couldn’t say anything. Couldn’t make any facial expression.

           -Complete blank, Jumin.exe has stopped working

           -You happened to walk in the moment it happened and you disciplined your cousins

           -How dare they do that to your JuJu!!

           -You sent them home and spent almost an hour trying to get Jumin to respond to ANYTHING

           -He didn’t say anything, but took you by the hand, making you accompany him to fix his hair

           - expensive ass hair dresser omg

           -He has no idea how to fix this. REALLY doesn’t want his hair short, but that’s all the hair dresser kept suggesting

           -Before he got angry at the hair dresser, you suggest an undercut, that way he can keep some of his floof!

           -You even suggested getting a cute design in it!!

           -“But MC, would it be professional?”

           -Well, I mean, maybe???

           -“But Jumin, you could get a cute little kitty design! I think it’ll be super cute!”

           -That’s it, hands down, MC said “kitty” and said they’ll think it’s cute, HE’S GETTING IT

           -Honestly loves it when he sees it, and requests you take a picture for him totally not because it’d be blurry if he did

           -No fucks given if it isn’t professional, he’ll give dirty looks to whoever talks badly about it

           - lowkey talks MC into getting one too because he goes insane when he sees them with the kitty undercut


           -He doesn’t even need to get gum in his hair to get an undercut

           -He just really wants one!!!

           -He’s no longer part of the agency! He can do whATEVER HE WANTS

           -Was going to tell you

           -Was going to take you along

           -But decided surprising you was a lot more fun!

           -So he gets it done in secret, and comes home, calling for you

           -The moment you see him, you grab the closest lamp and hold it defensively beCAUSE THAT’S NOT YOUR CURLY-HAIRED GOOFBALL


           - mc wtf are you gonna do with a lamp pls, it’s me

           -He didn’t get it cut extremely short, it’s still pretty shaggy in actuality

           -But it took you a minute to register that, wow that’s Saeyoung


           -10/10 LOVE running your hands through it omg

           -When you get to the back of his head, you can feel the patterns of a spaceship and a few stars

           -“Okay but what did you expect me to get MC??? IT’S SPACE!!!!”

           -The sensation he gets when you run your hands over the shorter hairs immediately gives him chills

           - dear god dont do it in public

           -He’s so excited! It’s a shorter kind of shaggy than he’s used to, but!

           -It’s not in his eyes! It’s lighter on his head!


           -Tries his hardest to talk you into getting one too

           -“At least get a secret one MC!!! We can make a whole GALAXY if we just put our heads together, HA”

           - pls help me

           -The other members think it’s odd, but also very….Saeyoung-like

           -When you see him run a hand through his newly-found short shag, you dIE INSIDE

           -BECAUSE IT’S SO HOT???

           -Like the shag was amazing before don’t get me wrong but there’s juST SOMETHING ABOUT IT?????

           - I dunno if y'all know but sometimes with curly hair, if you cut it short, it gets evEN CURLIER WHY IS THAT A THING

           -That being said, his hair is even curlier than before!!!!

           - admin 404 requests some fan art of short shaggy-haired saeyoung, stat


           - hipster

           - wish i was kidding

           -but i am not

           -He didn’t get it just to do it though!

           -The two of you were innocently taking pictures at a local park!

           -He was the one taking pictures of you, but this time you decided it was your turn!

           -So you take a few candid ones, but just to play around, you pretend to be him

           -“Okay V, pose just like that, yes! Now tilt your head just a bit- PERFECT! Now look up and to the left? NICE, STAY LIKE THAT”

           -He couldn’t help but smile at how adorable you were

           -There’s nothing that could wipe the smile on his face!

           -Except…maybe… one thing

           -When he laid down on top of a short brick wall for a picture, he didn’t anticipate to lay his head straight down onto a wad of gum;;;;;

           - poor bby omg

           -You got really upset and started cursing the gum, the wall, the person who put it there, thE RISING COLLEGE TUITIONS IN AMERICA!

           - mc, sweetheart, it’s just an accident please stop trying to blame the american government for gum in my hair

           -The two of you decide to spend the rest of the day getting the gum out of his hair

           -Easy solution: Getting a hair cut

           -So the two of you go to the closest barber to get it done!

           -He asks what you think he should get done, and you recommended an undercut!

           -He can keep the floof, still have his side-swept bangs, and it’ll be all good!

           -Loved your idea! So he went with it!

           -When it was over with and he got a good look at it, he loved it even more!

           -Truly appreciates your opinion and is exceptionally happy at the large smile on your face!!!

           -He likes the feeling of when you run your hands through the top, but likes the look you get on your face more

           -For a good day or so, asks you to take more pictures of him and his haircut!



           -You were running from Saeyoung since you took the last PhD. Pepper

           -So you needed protection!

           -Who do you go for when you need protecting?

           - Edgelord McGee Saeran!

           -You almost tackled him to the ground before hiding behind him as Saeyoung ran into the room behind you



           -Why the hell were the two of you yelling? He crossed his arms and glared at his brother

           -“Hey, idiot, leave her alone. It’s just a drink, geez.”


           - Uh yeah okay whatever

           -He just stood there while the both of you bickered and he decided he had enough

           -He started to walk out of the room when he felt something hit the back of his head?

           -It didn’t hurt but something is definitely in his hair

           -You went to spit your gum at Saeyoung (like a child) and the fuCKER DUCKED


           -When he turned around, he saw the look of horror on both of your faces, before Saeyoung had to leave the room because he was about to laugh not about to die today lmao peace MC

           -Slowly raised his hand to the spot in his hair and realized it was the gum you were chewing a little bit ago

           -Goes completely blank. His resting bitch face becomes very apparent

           -No death glare, just…. blank

           -So you apologize profusely!! Offer to take him to get his hair cut!!!

           - okay but i dont wanna do that MC


           -He usually cuts his own hair, so having someone do it is very odd for him

           -Not to mention some person he doesn’t know is coming at him with a sharp object

           -You actually have to hold his hand so he doesn’t like, attack the hair dresser

           -Doesn’t know how to feel when he sees the short hair, he liked the shaggy mess he had

           -He decides that he can deal with it though when he sees how much you love it!

           -You’re almost running your hand through the longer hair on the top, and you lightly run them over the shorter sides and it drives him CRAZY

           -The sensations kill him, he blushes like mad and just sits in silence because???? What the hell is he supposed to do??? He doesn’t want you to stop

           - Still punches Saeyoung when he gets home though because it’s all his fault


           -Okay, listen,,,,,,

           -It wasn’t even your fault!!!

           -You’re just the one who pointed it out!

           -During their mission, wherever they were hiding had the gum there, okay?

           -“MC, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” okay but i just said i didnt?

           -Knows it wasn’t your fault but they’re just like???? So lost?

           -Super angry because they can’t shower now!!!!

           -Complains until you drag them to get their hair cut

           -PISSED because they like their long hair!!! UHG

           -Spends about an hour looking through the options and declines all of them

           -You show them a picture of someone with an undercut and they immediately pointed it out

           -“That one. I like that. Think I can pull it off?”

           -Yes, yes you can

           -They were calm throughout the whole thing, you thought they were going to put up a fight when the hair dresser came at them with scissors

           -Makes you leave so they can surprise you with the big reveal at the end!

           -You honestly didn’t recognize them, even when they were standing right in front of you

           -“Hey there sweetheart”

           -“Sorry I’m taken”

           -“Uh yeah, by me, idiot”

           -When you look up, hoOOO BOY



           -Since you didn’t say anything, they started to really worry that it looked bad

           -500% ready to go back and fight the hair dresser

           -You stood up abruptly and scared them a little, but as soon as you run your hand through their hair and down the side of their face lightly, they calm down and smile

           -“So? What do you think? Is it terrible?”

           -10/10 have to reassure them multiple times throughout the rest of the say that they look great and it really suits them!!!

           -Embarrassed every time you tell them they look fan-fucking-tastic

anonymous asked:

I saw a post like this before but can't find it anymore but how about jealous adopted brother Damian of his sister and Jaime getting ahem a little too close on a mission, or maybe him walking in on them kissing, he just wants to spend time with his big sis but is to proud to admit it 😂

a/n: Yeah so this was written then deleted lmao then rewritten so here you go

original request: Oh!! I’m you can change it from actual/full sister to either half sister or adopted sister. Like she was already Bruce’s kid and the two grew close and act like they real siblings and all. If you still can’t do it then that okay!

black-dceu-imagines answered:

Oh oh can you guys do something with Jaime where the reader is Damian’s older sister and she’s very sweet and stuff and she likes Jaime a lot (he likes her back too) but Damian doesn’t want them to date because he’s scared that she’ll not love him as much anymore? I’m sorry if this is a bit OOC. And you guys can take your time, but please tag me in it if you can? Thanks!!!

a/n: I’m gonna write this kinda in the context of Teen Titans vs Justice League

a/n x2: I’m also so sorry this took so long holy shit also since we don’t have any sense of what Jaime would be like in a relationship I took some creative freedom with this. I feel like he’s someone that once the relationship has 

You sat at the kitchen table in the Titan’s tower as you waited for Damian to be done training, you knew he would be a while so you were just going to chill and watch tv until he was finished. 

“What are you doing here, beautiful?”

 You turned around to see Jaime coming down from the stairs in just a tank top and sweats, it looked like he just finished showering by his slightly wet hair. You could feel the blush coming on from just being around him, especially with him not in his usual Blue Beetle suit. You’d been harboring a crush on him for a while but you were too shy to say anything about it, until he asked you out himself a month ago. He was so relieved to find out you felt the same but didn’t understand why you didn’t say anything earlier, in his eyes you were the most beautiful girl ever. You didn’t know what to say, he was a titan and even though you and Damian were just as much kids of Bruce he was his biological son and embraced the vigilante lifestyle way more than you did. 

“Hey, Jaime, I’m just waiting on my brother, how’s it going?” he shrugged and kissed your cheek as he passed you and headed to the fridge “eh, I was okay but I’m feeling a little better now that you’re here” You felt your skin get even hotter if possible and you tried to hide your face even if he couldn’t really see your blush because of you’re brown skin. You were lucky he was rummaging through the fridge and didn’t catch you being bashful, you wouldn’t hear the end of it if he did. 

He came to sit next to you with a bowl of strawberries, putting an arm around your waist.

“Want one?” he held a strawberry out to you and went to take it from him but he moved it back. “No babe I wanna feed you” you rolled your eyes even though a smile made it’s way to your face. “You’re such a romantic, Jaime Reyes” he kissed the spot under your jaw “you know it”. You let him feed you a strawberry then you fed him one but he decided to tease you.

“You know, I’m pretty sure there’s something sweeter I can have a taste of” You wanted to make another comment about how corny he was but his lips were on yours and you were soon lost in the feeling.

His hand was on your waist and the other was on your neck, guiding you into a deeper kiss. Your hands were around his neck, your fingers twirling the hairs on the nape of his neck. You two were so lost in each other you didn’t hear Damian coming down from the steps into the kitchen. 

“[Y/n]” you pulled back from Jaime so fast you almost gave yourself whiplash. There he was, Damian, your little angry brother. He was real sweet once you got to know him, in his own adorable way. You went over to hug him, even spinning him around a little bit. “Jeez, you’re get to big for me to keep doing that huh? Better slow down before you look like dad” you joked but received no kind of response. You looked at Damian’s face again to see him staring at Jaime, with that kind of expression he only had when he was about to to something brash. You put an arm on him “alright let’s head home, Alfred’s waiting” You took about three steps before you heard Jaime call out to you. “Wait! [y/n] I forgot to ask, are you busy on Friday, I was thinking we could go to that new place that opened up downtown?” “Yea sure, I’m f-”

“She’s busy, too busy for you Reyes” Damian cut in and gave him a look, he purposely avoided your gaze. You shook your head “No I’m not, I’ll see you at school Jaime”


After dinner you and Damian decided to play with Titus, you were playing fetch and decided now might be the best time to talk to him. “Why don’t you want me to go out with Jaime? He’s a good person, he’s on your team and well I like him” Damian stood up “Well I don’t like him he’s no good, especially not for you. You’re too good for him” You stood up too “Damian, I love you but I can decide who’s good enough” He started walking away and you followed.

“You don’t get it! If you’re spending all your time with him than what about me? I’m your brother, what if you don’t even love me anymore” he trailed off at the end. You saw the look on his face and hugged him “Dami, don’t ever think like that, I‘m your sister and I’ll always be your sister. Family is a strong bond, I can’t replace you and we’ll be close no matter what. No one can get in the way of that”.

He sighed, only sort of hugging you back but not trying to pull away from your arms either. “Just don’t let his stupid rub off on you” you chuckled, “Jaime is smarter than you think, little brother” he scoffed “You’re blinded by love”.

Cas is twenty-six and has never been kissed. It’s never been a problem, but now his advisor is saying that his dissertation, a romance novel, is lacking a personal touch and won’t be liked by the board. With one day until it is due Cas is at wits end, but maybe his roommate, Dean, can give him a few pointers. 2.9k [AO3 Link]

“You love me?” Jo asked with wide, open eyes.

Anna nodded back timidly and tried to walk away, but Jo caught her arm before she could make her escape.

“How long? How long, Anna?” she demanded. “How long have you loved me?”

Anna may have been an angel, bright and powerful and able to smite Jo in an instant, but in that moment, the angel looked completely and utterly human. Her eyes were downcast and her lip was perched between her teeth. She looked terrified, which was beyond Jo. How could an angel of the Lord be terrified of a simple human like her?

“Ever since I pulled you from Hell,” she whispered. “When I touched your soul, it was the purest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. From that first caress of your being, I knew that I’d Fall for you, Jo. I just knew.”

“Anna…” Jo trailed off, because what the hell. How could an angel love her, a hunter? It didn’t make any sense, because angels hated hunters. The only reason Jo was topside was because she was a pawn in their games, and even though she thought Anna wasn’t like the others, she still had doubts at times. She thought that Anna was just putting up with her, that Jo’s love for the angel was unrequited.

“I should go,” Anna said as she turned on her heel. Her large, obsidian wings flew out, ready for flight.

Jo felt herself panic as Anna crouched down. She couldn’t let her angel leave, not after a confession like that one.

“No you don’t,” Jo said, reaching forward and turning Anna around. With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and

“Their lips…no. They touch one another with their mouths…no. They…uh…mack on one another for a long time…the end.” Cas pushed his laptop away and ran fingers through his hair, groaning. “This is impossible,” he muttered to himself, and brought his elbows up onto the table.

He’d rewritten the ending scene with Anna and Jo’s kiss a thousand times, but it never worked out. Professor Mills cited a lack of personal touch, and told him to base the kiss on his own experiences. “Add a little raunchiness, will ya?” she said to him with an upturned grin. He nodded and laughed along at the time, but now he was truly panicking. He was never going to finish his dissertation before tomorrow’s board presentation, and it would all be because he’s the only twenty-six year old on the planet who has never been kissed.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t tried before. Back in college, Cas was almost kissed a few times, the closest being when he was playing a drunken game of spin the bottle with his floormates. It landed on a girl named Meg, a feisty business major who was known for her escapades in the bedroom, but when she leaned in and tried to kiss him, he couldn’t do it. When Cas imagined his first kiss, it always was with someone he really cared about, not some girl from Edlund Hall that he barely knew.

“Yeah, wait until you find the perfect person to kiss. That’ll do you a lot of good,” Cas angrily muttered to himself as he pulled his computer back towards him. The cursor blinked back at him mockingly, and Cas carefully began typing.

“With a fire within her, Jo leaned in and grabbed Anna’s face-”

“No, no, no!” Cas cried out as he pounded on the keys. Even if he had no experience, why couldn’t he write this damn scene? Kissing was not rocket science, and he’s read enough romance novels in his life. Why can’t he just write a few lines and get it over with?


He cringed when Dean’s voice hit his ears. The last thing he needed was his roommate seeing him all up in arms over this, especially since he was the one Cas had been trying to get the courage to kiss for years now. He quickly thought that if he wasn’t such a coward, then maybe he’d be able to not fail out of his dissertation.

“In my bedroom!” Cas called out, and began fruitlessly typing nonsense as Dean’s footsteps ricocheted off the hardwood floors, stopping when he reached Cas’s door.

“You okay?” Dean asked, and Cas turned around to see his friend leaning against the doorframe, lips turned up into a smirk as he toed the ground with his boot.

Perhaps it’s heightened by Cas’s troubles, but Dean looked even more handsome than usual. His jeans were rolled up at the bottom, revealing his ankles, and his white t-shirt was dirtied from his work shift at the garage. Combined with his playful gaze and his hands in his pockets, Cas felt himself blanching.

“Earth to Cas? You there, buddy?” Dean said as nodded in his direction.

Cas blinked owlishly a few times before going back to his laptop. “Yes, I’m sorry. I’m just trying to finish my dissertation.”

Dean walked over to his computer and peered over Cas’s shoulder. He could feel Dean’s breath on his neck, and it took everything in him to not turn his head and close the distance between them. It would be the perfect moment to get experience-

“Wow, this sucks,” Dean snorted, and alas, the moment was broken.

Cas glared up at Dean and pushed away from his desk. “You think it’s crappy? I’m presenting this to the board tomorrow,” Cas reminded him with emphasis. “And you decide to tell me now that it’s crappy?”

Dean held up his hands and backed away into the bed. He plopped down and replied, “Crappy isn’t the right word. It’s just…lacking. Jo grabbed Anna’s face and kissed her until they broke apart tells me nothing,” he said, quoting the last thing Cas wrote down. “I want to read about what the kiss felt like for Jo, you know?”

Cas took a deep breath and took a seat next to Dean. He folded his hands in his lap and glanced out the window, then asked the question that had been on his mind all day. “What does it feel like to be kissed, Dean?”

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on if there is a season 11, it also ending on a cliffhanger? I'm so torn about the whole thing. I can't stand to have M&S ending up like this but I'm also afraid what more damage CC might do.

Well, here are my thoughts, were we to be blessed with another season, if there is any sense in this world and things follow the rules of logic. 

Fox goes, “Hey, it took way longer than we expected to get the next season greenlit, and it looked for a while like it might not happen at all. I wonder if maybe we should have listened to Gillian Anderson when she kept talking about closure and how she was excited to come back in order to say goodbye properly, and not just assumed that she would be gung-ho to do an 11th season, even after we insulted her by not offering her as much as Free Guitar Lessons McHamcouver. So maybe this time we should assume that this is the last season, and end it satisfyingly. If we end up coming back someday to do another one, that will be great!”

And CC goes “Look, I ALWAYS INTENDED to get Mulder and Scully back together, I was just creating DRAMA and CONFLICT, because we can’t just have them enjoying each other and being together and united against an external force, like, we can’t just GIVE people the thing that is literally the only thing that anyone who watches this show cares about, we have to instead TAKE AWAY that thing and wreck it and make it not fun and give people OTHER things that they do NOT want, that’s how you make TV, everyone knows that. But anyway, I was going to RESOLVE it, it just took longer to get to the next part than I expected, for reasons literally no one could have foreseen. But I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON and this time I’ll let them have 21 seconds of a semi-satisfying ending that resolves at least .5 of a thing.”

And David and Gillian go “Hey, it is so much fun to get the band back together and do this show, and we are such good sports who do such a kickass job of promoting this thing even when it doesn’t really deserve it, and it was super fun to make one more season together even if we are not fucking, and this time some makeup people were hired that didn’t make everyone look like if a clown had to disguise its clown face with human makeup, and we’re so glad to know that Mulder and Scully are still out there doing their stuff and maybe we can come back and revisit them someday, if we get paid in solid gold dildos, but we are happy with what we delivered to the fans and can walk away from this EXTREMELY LONG chapter of our lives feeling good about it. And now we’re going to go do an indie romantic comedy together.”

So, that’s my hope, that it would go something like that. In short, that everyone would have learned their lesson about taking for granted that there would be a next chapter, and therefore would resolve it in a way that would preserve the legacy. And that if CC didn’t want to do that, Fox, who owns the show, would make him. So, that would be the optimistic version. I can’t imagine that CC would end ANOTHER season that took years to come together on ANOTHER cliffhanger and make that same gamble again. I CAN’T IMAGINE. And yet, and yet. 

I still want another season, regardless. I can’t help it. 

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ok, so what if todoroki was going for a walk with his s/o, and they pass by a bakery on their way with some cakes in the window. his s/o starts giggling to themselves so todoroki asks what's up. and then his s/o just points to a strawberry shortcake and says that it looks like him ((idk, i just can't stop thinking about how he looks like a strawberry short cake)) awesome blog btw, keep up the great work!!

This is adorable and funny af XD

It was a dashing summer afternoon. Autumn was just around the corner, so the streets already were beginning to gather up its characteristic piles of colorful leaves, and the sun was threatening to go down a bit earlier than usual. The day was comming to an end within warm sunset light and a nice, cool breeze. The perfect ending for a perfect day you had spent in the company of your lover, Todoroki, going from here to there and doing any kind of activities together.

You had watched a movie at the cinema, ate lunch together, went shopping for a while and even spent some time at the park resting under the shade of a tree. You had chatted, laughed, hugged, enjoying each other’s company as much as possible before the day ended and each had to return to their routines. This had been a little break you two took, a break you decided to spend with the person you loved the most.

However, now it was coming to an end, as both of you walked together towards your home hand in had, trying to absorb as much of the other as you could and gather a stockpile of images to remember. A comfortable quietness had your lips sealed with a smile, basking in the silecnce of a beautiful afternoon and the perfection of the moment overall.

A silcence and a perfection, you ruined with a rather loud snicker as you passed by a bakery.

“What are you laughing at?” Todoroki felt the urge to ask as he saw you couldn’t control your mirth anymore.

You were looking through the shop’s window, pointing at some of the delicious goodies showing off. 

“That cake” you tugged at his sleeve and showed him what you meant. It was a strawberry shortcake “It looks just like you” 

It was even funnier once you saw him arc a brow at you, clearly not amused.

“How am I even similar to a cake?” 

“Don’t deny it! Just look at the colors!” you took a strand of his hair between your fingers to emphasise “Besides, I bet it’s just as sweet as you are~”

“I feel like my masculinity is being threatened” 

You rolled your eyes, grabbing his hand again and pulling him towards the shop’s door.

“I want to try it!”

“Are you trying to replace me?” Don’t make me jealous, [name]”

“Come on!” You laughed, now literally pushing him inside “I bet it’s delicious”

“I bet I’m sweeter” 

When he finally surrendered before your prayers, you two got into the store and saw it also worked as a coffee shop and that it had some tables where you could sit down. Persistant with your childishness, you ordered the shortcake and watched you boyfriend give a long sight as he leaned back on the chair with crossed arms.

“You are unbelieveable” 

“And you are boring” you sticked out your tongue at him, proud of your comeback “At this rate I am really going to replace you with the cake”

As the order arrived, despite the confusion of the waitress as regards why a young couple was looking at each other as if they were in middle of a duel, you both picked up your weapons (the forks, really) and dived them inside the whipped cream.

“This is it, this is the moment when I decide if the cake wins over you, Shoto” 

“Not a worthy rival, if you ask me”

“Shut up and eat the damn cake”

Both of you took some of it into your mouths and fell into a tasting-silence. You almost shed tears of joy as the overload of sweetness blessed your tastebuds and a very much pleased hum escaped your cream-stained lips. It was delicious. Getting into the bakery had been a great decision after all.

“Oh, Shoto” You got ready for some teasing,smiling deviously as you saw him swallow with quite an annoyed face and placing his fork back on the table “I guess it’s settled, I…”

But he didn’t let you finish the sentence, as he cupped your face with his hands and pulled you into a deep, long kiss that took your breath away and wiped the last remains of cream from your lips. You were totally bewildered, since he almost NEVER kissed you like that in public, so sensually, so hungry. When he pulled away you were flushed and he was smirking, totally pleased with himself.

“You can’t decide until you taste both” He said cheekily, cutting another bite of cake with his fork and taking it to his mouth “I’m definetly sweeter” 

merchant-of-aegis  asked:

Dude yes okay I gotta semi angsty headcannons for you. If any of the Paladins end up in any kind of relationship, platonic or romantic, they can't sleep with anyone, even other Paladins, nearby because they've all gone thru some shit and the nightmares make them violent in their sleep. I view this as Shance, but it works with any of them. They could be dating for a while, years maybe, but they need separate rooms or beds for sleep because of violent outbursts. Makes up with lots o cuddles


but can you imagine shance being unable to sleep next to each other. lance, who grew up with sleepovers with his siblings and cousins and friends, who was roomies with hunk and often slept in his bed just because. 

shiro, who doesn’t remember people very well but remembers that he used to enjoy being held in his sleep - he’s always filled the role of protector naturally, so being held in his sleep made him feel protected and loved. 

lance and shiro, who finally end up together after a lot of “omg just fucking kiss already jfc” from pidge. they take things slow at first, and it takes them like a week after they confess to each other to actually kiss.

and then of course that first kiss is sweet and slow and everything either of them wanted it to be. lance lets out this little breathy sigh and shiro just loses it, grabbing lance’s face and kissing him so deeply that lance really feels like he’s going to be swallowed by the storm of the black paladin’s passion. the best he can do is hold on and try to give back as good as he’s getting. it’s apparently enough for shiro, because the way he’s crowding up against lance, invading his space, and with someone in his personal bubble, lance hasn’t felt this much at home since he arrived in space. 

after that, pidge regrets all her comments imploring them to smooch, because they are clingy and schmoopy and gross everyone out by kissing literally everywhere. shiro is surprisingly shameless in his affections. he’ll hold lance’s hand when they’re all relaxing in the common area, and he doesn’t spring away from lance when they’re all but dry humping in the hallway and someone walks up on them. he’s got the decency to look a little sheepish, but there’s a lot of reluctance in his movements when he pulls away. in battle one day, lance makes a tight shot and shiro calls out “nice shot, babe!” and hunk squeals

so obviously it doesn’t take long before they’re advancing their relationship. their first time is in the middle of the day, spontaneous and filled with smiles and laughter. they’re docked on a friendly planet they’d helped liberate two years earlier, and the others are still out in the market. lance had led shiro back to the castleship, grinning and breathless as shiro kissed the life out of him along the way. lance started to lead them back to shiro’s room, but shiro diverted them with a snarky looking grin and took him to the lounge, where he laid lance back on the couch and worked several fingers into him before he fucked him slow and deep until they were both reduced to a sweaty pile of suspicious bodily fluids and dopey, lovestruck looks. 

it took them several more weeks before they ended up in an actual bed with one another - and fell asleep. that first time it happened, shiro was startled out of a dreamsleep by lance shrieking in his ear to please, wake up! focus slowly crept up on him and as soon as the reality of the situation dawned on him, he scrambled backward, flattening himself against the wall, a hand clapped over his mouth, grey eyes wide and feeling more terrified than the first time he ever saw the gladiator ring. he’d had lance’s arm twisted behind his back and one of his knees pressed between his shoulders, forcing that beautiful face into a pillow. 

shiro didn’t sleep that night, despite lance holding him and murmuring reassurances of his affections.

the next time they spent the night together, it happened again, except to lance. he’d always been prone to sleepwalking. shiro remembered that matt had been a sleepwalker too, so he knew how to handle it. gently guide them back to bed, don’t wake them up. woke up and saw lance standing in the doorway of his bathroom, murmuring to himself, eyes half lidded. smiling, shiro got up and spoke nonsense, quiet and calm, gently putting his human hand on lance’s shoulder. 

in an instant, lance’s eyes shot open, his mouth curled in a feral snarl, and he twisted shiro’s arm behind his back and body checked him into the opposite wall. when shiro managed to get his feet under him again, lance was dropped into a crouch, muscles tense and eyes still dulled with sleep. the blue paladin launched himself at shiro and they grappled. in some small, detached part of his mind, shiro wondered where lance had been keeping all of this strength - he could barely hold him off. 

lance managed to wrestle shiro back to the floor, and had his forearm pressed against shiro’s throat when his throaty gasp of “babe, i love you, please” managed to shake lance from his nightmare. 

lance flung himself at shiro as he coughed and spluttered, gasping for breath. lance gasped for breath as well, panicked sobs instantly overtaking his body and suddenly he was in hysterics, loud, uncontrolled bawling. shiro joined him, albeit far more quietly.

there is a mutual decision to not fall asleep together after that. 

it’s a strange dynamic that is introduced to their relationship. they’re in love, they’re adults, they’re warriors and survivors, but they can’t even overcome their own minds enough to sleep beside one another without trying to kill each other. 

lance cries a lot, and it rips shiro apart every time he kisses lance goodnight and watches him leave

they try a tonic from coran, some altean mixture that works to suppress dreams. it leaves them unable to block out the torrid thoughts during the day, as they have no escape in their dreams. they’re unnecessarily cold to each other and their teammates; they don’t take it more than a handful of times. 

this lasts for a year and a half.

eventually, they’ve freed more people than the number of galra they’ve killed. they’ve liberated more planets than they’ve been betrayed by some. they’ve scraped by more times than they should have died. the dreams calm down, if only just a little. so they try again.

shiro doesn’t remember people very well, but he remembers enjoying being held while he sleeps. he knows that lance wraps around his body much like the black lion wraps around his consciousness. neither of them lash out at one another, for the first time in their nearly two year relationship. he will remember lance, he knows. he’ll remember thinking that sunlight woke him up, shining bright on his face the next morning. he’ll remember the feeling, a warm and beautiful ache deep in his bones, when he woke up expecting to see the sun, and instead saw lance smiling at him. 

Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 54

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

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Chapter Fifty-Four: Adorable

Lucy’s eyes slowly opened when she heard the sound of leaves crunching. She looked up just in time to see Natsu walking around the large tree. His lips curved into a smile once he saw his girlfriend sitting there peacefully.

“Found ya.”

She smiled along with him. “Looks like you did.”

“Yeah.” He looked up, placing a hand on the thick trunk. “This is the Sola tree, Magnolia’s pride and joy. I’m surprised you didn’t know that.”

Lucy shrugged, moving to pat the spot beside her. “Guess I missed that bit of information.”

It took Natsu a few extra seconds to sit down, his muscles aching from walking so much. He did better than others since he was used to walking everywhere, but he didn’t normally walk eleven miles all in the same day.

“Water?” Lucy offered, holding up her bottle.

He took it without hesitation, thankful for the cool liquid. He was in such a rush to find Lucy he forgot to stop and grab something to drink. After taking several gulps, he sighed. “I’m beat.”

“You look like it,” Lucy giggled, noting the sweat clinging to his skin.

“Yeah, I’m all sweaty.” He laughed, grabbing his shirt to pull it outwards, letting the air touch his skin. “Good thing I brought deodorant.”

Lucy watched as he fished in his side pocket of his cargo shorts, pulling out a stick of deodorant. While applying it, Lucy saw a hint of his stomach. She turned away to give him a little privacy.

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anonymous asked:

Mega Mama: love all of your Bawson fics. Would love a Hallmark style prompt of Ginny moving to a quaint small town and renovating a charming little house. Her cantankerous contractor is none other than Mike Lawson who once hosted a renovation show with now ex wife Rachel. Money pit style calamities and hilarious mishaps and of course the budding romance. Has been on my mind for a while, I'm just not a writer. Please and greatly appreciated:

oh man, i love me some hgtv, so why the heck not? (also, thanks for trusting me with this! i hope you like it!)

i’m ignoring the near-impossibility of a single, recently graduated person actually buying their own home let alone having the money available to renovate it. Millennials aren’t killing the housing market in this fic 😉

handyman special | ao3

Ginny Baker did not run from her problems. 

(Did she give up when the Varsity baseball coach didn’t want her on the team or did she show up every day of try outs and prove she was just as good as the boys? Not that showing up every day actually got her on the team, but still. The point stood, okay?)

If it seemed like that was exactly what she was doing by breaking up with her boyfriend of three years the evening he proposed and moving all the way across the country, well, that was just a matter of perspective, wasn’t it?

Her mother called it a disaster waiting to happen.

Personally, Ginny preferred to think of it as moving on. Making a fresh start. Realizing her very own Manifest Destiny. 

Just with way less dysentery and genocide.  

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