this took only 600 years

OMG. HE IS CUTTING HER BOW WITH HIS SWORD! he literally breaks it in two. How freaking pissed is he?!

One more reason for me to dislike this arrogant Elf King. He’s leaving her defenseless for battle? Asshat! I don’t care that he had reason to be angry - that is WRONG!!! He is no ‘gentleman’, for lack of a better word.

Wait a minute. Now that I look at it again, it looks like he kills her! Dang.

Can we hold the fuck up and rewatch this three-second .gif again? 

Tauriel has her bow aimed at Thranduil. You can even see the arrow and the bow fall aside. That bow still looks wholly intact to me, so it seems more as if he knocked it out of her hands. The blood on his face is too less to be a fatal wound from her throat (it could be her cheek or her hand or something—whichever, but I know damn well it’s not her throat). [EDIT: the blood’s there before he strikes out.] Even if the bow was broken, Tauriel fights with more than just a bow. She has extra daggers and excels at combat training. She is nowhere near defenseless.

All of that is trivial to the fact we don’t fucking know the context of this scene.

To outright say Thranduil kills Tauriel—an Elf he took in, raised for 600 years, who Legolas has only two days to bring back, when he comes from a culture where kinslaying is taboo and lived in a time when it was rampantis fucking absurd.

STOP DEMONIZING THRANDUIL BASED ON THESE MOVIES. There’s literature sources that proves he’s not as awful as people try to convince. If people took a moment to read the books or even just research the texts online, they would know this.

Yes, he has a temper that’s strange even among Elves, but he’s not going to kill any of his subjects or family because ultimately he is a good king that puts the best interests of his kingdom first and foremost. He is a father that loves his son and probably never wanted him to participate in a war because hey, guess what? Thranduil lost his father that way and sustained PTSD from it.  He wouldn't want that to happen to Legolas or Tauriel, nor would he want to lose them as he did Oropher. Thranduil wants a peaceful resolve:Smaug’s supposed to be dead, so he’s helping out Laketown. He hopes to negotiate terms and find reconciliation with Bard and Thorin, then all hell breaks loose. He didn’t want to fight at all. Thranduil does what has to be done. [“You will forgive me if I finish this.” ring any bells?]

Calling him an asshat and not a gentleman for being angry in a situation where we don’t know what’s going on is wrong. It’s judging him without bothering to understand. Do I think he shouldn’t have removed her bow? I need to know why she has it pointed at him before I can answer. But keep this in mind: threatening a king is an act of treason. By all rights, Thranduil can have Tauriel punished worse than taking away her weapon. Which just adds another layer of why Tauriel would threaten her king and surrogate father at all. I don’t know and neither does any of us until the movie comes out.

Quit coming to brash conclusions which make little to no sense that ultimately insults the integrity of a character and the world Tolkien built.

            To think a drunken 3am decision would result in one of the greatest roleplaying experiences I have ever had to date. I’ve met some amazing people, have gotten to write with some truly talented authors, and made some great friends all in the process. Not once did I ever think this blog would catch on like it did. It took me three and a half years to reach only 600 followers on my previous most popular blog, but only a little over two months to hit 1K here. It’s absolutely surreal, and it baffles me to know there are so many people out there who genuinely love my portrayal. I thank all of my followers so, so much for your continued love and support. I wouldn’t be here if it were not for each and every one of you.

Now, let’s get down to business!

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