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black widow: the red room (i rise with my red hair)

anna’s theme - john corigliano// run boy run (instrumental) - woodkid// тили тили бом - unknown// twisted nerve - bernard herrmann// winter (concerto no 4 in F minor) - vivaldi// soviet assault waltz - ola strandh// once upon a december (russian version) - mariya katz// smells like teen spirit (instrumental) - 2 cellos// swan lake (swan theme) - tchaikovsky// 1812 overture (finale) - tchaikovsky// black widow - susanne sundfor//

black widow: the red room [extras] (and i eat men like air)

the nursery - clint mansell// russian girl - jenia lubich// i come with knives - IAMX// in the hall of the mountain king- grieg// lacrimosa - mozart// once upon an december (music box) - david newman// itsy bitsy spider - unknown// valley of the dolls - marina and the diamonds// requiem In D minor - mozart//

the long awaited sequel of party poison. ill do fun ghoul and jet star eventually! 

Stop Being Cute

Title: Stop Being Cute
Characters: Reader, Wonwoo, Mingyu
Genre: Fluff? Fluff.
Trigger Warning: None. Note: Lowkey dialogue heavy? 

“Stop,” You whined, playfully hitting Wonwoo’s chest, “I’m studying.”His arms were wrapped around your waist and his chest was pressed against your back while his chin rested on your shoulder. 

“I have an exam next week, Wonwoo.” You said. You had brought your textbook and notes along to their dorm in the foolish hopes that you would be able to get studying done. 

“Oh my gosh,” Mingyu turned to S.Coups and whispered, “They’re so cute.”

“Stop!” You giggled when Wonwoo blew on your neck, “I’m studying!” 

“You’re so easily distracted.”

“I am not!” 

“Yes you are. I’ll prove it.”

“Fine! But you’re gonna lose.” 

Mingyu stared in awe. Adorable wasn’t the right word for you two. It was more than that. In all the years he’d known Wonwoo, he had never seen him behave so playfully and loving around someone that he had feelings for. Mingyu was happy for his friend. Wonwoo was finally giving and receiving the love he deserved. 

Wonwoo turned to you and kissed your cheek. You ignored him and focused on taking notes of the central dogma which you desperately hoped to improve your understanding of. You felt Wonwoo’s lips slowly coming closer to your cheek. When his lips were close to your cheek your turned your head and your lips made contact with his. Immediately after doing so you turned back to your textbook as if nothing happened. 

Mingyu had taken a video and captioned it “Relationship Goals” which he sent to Wonwoo. 

Wonwoo’s phone buzzed. He looked at Mingyu and rolled his eyes, “You’re just jealous.”

“I know!” Mingyu said, “You guys make me feel so lonely! But you’re so cute!”

“Nuh uh.” You said.

“You don’t think we’re cute?” Wonwoo gasped. 

“Of course we’re cute.” You reassured him.

“I know.” He said, placing a chaste kiss on your forehead. 

Mingyu wanted to roll his eyes but was astonished at the same time. Since when was Wonwoo capable of PDA? 

“Stop being cute. Please. I don’t think I can handle this.” He groaned. 

You and Wonwoo looked at each for a moment then in unison you cheekily said, “No.”