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Hung-up and Hungover (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Request:  Could I request a Bucky x reader fic where the reader totally kicks his ass at a drinking game or pool and he’s so in awe of her that he flat out admits that he has a crush on her as she’s celebrating her victory? :)

“Nope, you guys can’t play,” Tony argued, pointing at you and Clint, “you never miss, so that just sucks all the fun out of it for the rest of us.  Besides, this game of pool is for cash and posterity, and you’re broke, so…point made.”

Clint snorted in disgust and waved Tony off, shaking his head and pointing at you with the hand that held his half-empty beer bottle, “that’s not fair.  She misses all the time, no need to punish me for it.”

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Chamber of Secrets - Part 21

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: So I reread this series last night and holy shit this has got to be the slowest slow burns ever. I’m so sorry lmao. Also, I know I haven’t been linking the previous part and next part in each chapter because takes so much time so I’m just going to put the series masterlist on each chapter from now on. 

Series Masterlist

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senpainoticedmebeforeitwascool  asked:

For the drabble post!!!! 37. "Wanna dance?" You're the best!!!!!! <3

(Send me a number & I’ll write you a drabble)

I’M SORRY THIS TOOK ME SO LONG TO GET OUT! I’ve been working a lot and had some complications BUT I FINISHED AND I’M GETTING THEM OUT THANK YOUUU FOR THE REQUEST! (also ily omg) Okay, onward:

“No one asked her to the dance.” Killua’s arm was slung over his face, shielding his eyes from his best friend’s too bright ceiling lights.

“Eh?!” Gon raised his head, chest down on his bed next to Killua. “I thought it was girls choice!”

“That’s a Sadie Hawkins dance, Gon. This is Homecoming.” Killua sighed, having to move his arm from over his eyes as he realized it would difficult to roll them any other way. His head lolled to the side, deep blue eyes regarding the dark haired boy beside him.

It was a school night and Killua knew he should be getting home soon but he’d prefer not to. Sometimes, Gon was the only source of sanity he felt he had, besides Alluka of course.

“N-no one asked her? Are they crazy?!” Gon almost yelled, mouth hanging open and eyes blinking almost several dozen times in a single minute.

Gon was absolutely shocked, flabbergasted as to why no one would ask Alluka Zoldyck, the sweetest and smartest girl he’d ever met, to a dance. Alluka was incredible, and his best friend’s little sister, which meant she was his little sister, too.  

Killua, on the other hand, was furious. It made his blood boil that anyone had the audacity to ignore his shining star of a sister, Alluka had cried. He was willing to start putting his fists into people’s faces.  

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anonymous asked:

Could you write some Jegulus fluff with no established relationship?

James got home from uni, taking the stairs two at a time, and immediately turned on his laptop. It was Thursday, which meant The Black Brothers would be posting another video. James was just a little bit obsessed with them, especially Regulus. He had a bit of a crush on him and had freaked out a bit when Regulus had followed him in Instagram.

Sirius and Regulus Black were two extremely attractive brothers who posted videos on Youtube of them getting drunk and then doing that challenges their followers asked of them. They were always hilarious to see, especially when they failed hardcore at whatever the task was.

“Hey everyone!” Sirius said, waving at the camera excitedly. “I’m Sirius.”

“Hullo!” Regulus said beside him, giving his own wave. “And I’m Regulus.”

“Welcome to the Black Brothers, where we make poor decisions under the influence of alcohol!”

“And you enable us for your own entertainment, you sick fucks!” Regulus joked, putting his arm around Sirius’ shoulders. “So what ill-begotten challenge will we be doing today?”

“Well, I for one am very excited about this one,” Sirius said, rubbing his hands together. “This challenge comes from @Prongs on twitter! Wait, Reg, is that the guy whose Instagram you’re constantly looking at?”

James inhaled sharply and leaned in closer  to the screen.
“What?” Regulus said, a blush rising to his cheeks. “I don’t do that.”

“Yeah you do,” Sirius said, pulling away from Regulus and sliding his phone out of his pocket. He began typing quickly. “Yeah, that’s totally him!”

James had to bite onto his wrist to keep back a squeal as Sirius showed his phone to the camera. It was a picture of James with his shirt off. “Look at him! I can see why Reg likes him.” 

James let out a noise that wasn’t human. He regretted every decision in his life. 

“I’m going to kill you,” Regulus said, shoving Sirius.

Sirius simply laughed and put his phone back into his pocket. “Okay, okay, I’ll move on. So Prongs, AKA the love of Reg’s life, has challenges us to play the guitar while drunk.” 

“In honour of this challenge, we will be drinking Pina Coladas!” Regulus said, seemingly having gotten over his earlier embarrassment.

“I said we should have drank hard liquor like real rock stars,” Sirius said, making a face.

“And you were overruled,” Regulus said shortly as Remus, Sirius’ boyfriend and the camera operator appeared from the side and handed them each a drink.

“How was I overruled?” Sirius asked in confusion. “There’s only two of us!”

“Shh, just drink,” Regulus said, tipping Sirius’ cup up towards his mouth.

The camera cut to later that night when both Regulus and Sirius were absolutely pissed. Some words flashed on the screen, which had never happened before. Prongs - this is for you.

James sat up straight and watched the screen with such intensity that it made his eyes water. Regulus was on the sofa with Sirius in the middle and Remus on Sirius’ other side. 

“He’s just so hot, you know,” Regulus was slurring drunkenly. “Like unbelievably hot. He works out, you know? And there’s all these pictures of him like right after the gym and holy fuck he is fit.”

Sirius and Remus exchanged a look and Sirius looked like he was trying not to laugh.

“And he loves animals which is just…pfft…” Regulus buzzed his lips together and shrugged. “I mean, come on. I think he works at the zoo or something? He’s got all these pictures of baby elephants and cute little penguins. And there’s a picture of him holding a baby fox, which are my favorite fucking animal, and I swear I almost died.”

“Have you ever talked to him?” Sirius asked.

Regulus huffed and dropped his head back onto the sofa. “I’ve commented on some of his photos. Not what I really want to say, just generic bollocks that everyone writes. What I really want to say is oh my god you’re perfect, please marry me and let me snog your perfect face.”

Sirius snorted into his drink. 

James felt his heart start racing but he also felt a bit guilty. Regulus clearly had no idea the camera was on as he said all this. It felt a bit like reading someone’s diary, it was just so invasive. 

James’ phone was blowing up with notifications from Twitter and Instagram but he resolutely ignored them. His eyes were still glued to the screen to hear what Reg would say next.

“I do I even begin to talk to him?” Regulus asked, scrubbing his hand over his face.

“You could always try talking to him,” Remus offered kindly. “He might be excited about it.”

James nodded in agreement with Remus.

Regulus sighed. “I don’t know…” 

The video cut again and James shouted in frustration. It came back on to their usual backdrop as Regulus and Sirius had guitars slung over their shoulders. Sirius actually knew how to play the guitar but as he attempted to play “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.” His movements were sloppy as he switched chords and he kept growling in frustration. It was extremely amusing to see.

Regulus went next and didn’t seem to know anything about playing the guitar. He just kind of kept strumming and sliding his fingers around randomly while Sirius cringed beside him. James wasn’t even sure what song it was meant to be.

“Okay, so Sirius got all the musical talent in our family,” Regulus said with a shrug.

“Either way, i think we can safely say challenge overcome!”

“Thanks for joining us! See you next Thursday where we do more dumb shit that makes us look like assholes.”


The video cut out and James quickly pressed replay. He usually did that anyway, but he knew he was going to watch this video several times. He dared to look through his notifications on his phone and practically everyone on the internet had sent him a link to the video or were asking him all these invasive questions. He’d gained a good 500 followers in the last half hour.

He wasn’t sure what to do in response to this. Should he comment on the video and hope Regulus saw it? Maybe make a response video of his own.

He couldn’t decide and tossed and turned about it all night. When he woke up in the morning he still didn’t have a good response. Instead he got ready for work, hoping the day might distract him. 

“All right everyone, stay together!” he called out to the group he was showing around the zoo for the day. James was a guide and he was currently taking a small birthday party through the zoo on the safari track. It didn’t seem like it would be difficult keep 12 eight-year-olds together, but it was. He was about to radio Marlene for some help when someone caught his eye.

Sirius, Regulus and Remus were all sitting together at one of the tables, eating soft pretzel and people watching. James froze and looked around in shock, not sure what he was meant to do. Remus seemed to spot him first and nudged Regulus.

“Marlene,” James radioed her quickly. “I need help.”

“Coming!” Marlene said cheerfully through her walkie.

The kids around him kept tugging on his vest in an effort to get him to move but James couldn’t get his feet to move. Regulus Black was making his way right towards James and he was immobile from the shock.

“Hi,” Regulus said softly. “I’m Regulus.”

“I know,” James said, laughing anxiously. “What are you doing here?”

Regulus bounced on the balls of his feet and smiled sheepishly. “It was my brother’s idea. I assume you saw the little stunt he pulled with the camera.”

“Yeah, I um, might have seen it,” James said, shoving his hands in his pockets.

Marlene finally showed up. “What do you need, James?” 

“Hi, Marlene, hi!” James said, feeling his palms becoming sweaty inside his pockets. “I have a personal thing to attend to. Would you mind finishing up with my group.”

Marlene looked between James and Regulus and then smiled. “No problem,” she said, herding the children away from them.

“So, this is a bit awkward, isn’t it?” Regulus said, biting his bottom lip. “I didn’t mean to make it sound like I was, you know, obsessed with you or anything. It probably didn’t help that now I’ve shown up at your work unannounced. That’s what I get for listening to Sirius.”

“No, it’s fine!” James said quickly. “I’m glad you found me because see I was trying to think of a way to reach out to you but i hadn’t come up with anything good yet.”

Regulus ran his fingers through his short, dark hair. He looked even better in real life than he did on camera and James had to keep himself from actively drooling. “So, any chance you might want to go out sometime?”
“Of course!” James answered right away. “That sounds great!”

Regulus smiled. “Really?”

“Yeah,” James nodded. “God, you’re actually really here. You came to find me. This is so surreal.”

Regulus stepped forward and took James’ hand in his own. “Want to show me around?” 

James grinned and gave Regulus’ hand a squeeze. “I’d love to.”

anonymous asked:

seventeen as your seatmate when you fall asleep a lot in classes eheheh ^ ^;

thank you so much for requesting love!

Scoups: Literally the biggest sweetheart ever. He noticed that you were super tired when you first got to class but was still surprised when he noticed you had actually fallen asleep. He would think about waking you up, but eventually decided not to and did that cliche standing up of the book so the teacher wouldn’t notice and he would take notes for you and everything and wake you up when the class was over.

Jeonghan: he would totally watch you as you slept with your head on the desk next to him. Like full on staring at you, not even trying to be subtle about it. Like he’d have his head resting on his hand and just have his head tilted to one side. Screw what the teacher thought he couldn’t get over how cute you looked with your soft little breathing and the hair falling in your face in just the right way he would be completely and honestly smitten

Joshua: A legit gentlemen right here boy let me tell you. He’d be sitting next to you just takin his notes and stuff and then all the sudden out of the corner of his eye he sees you starting to nod off, so he kinda taps your shoulder a bit to get you to wake up because the teacher for the class is super strict about falling asleep in class. And despite his efforts you still kept falling asleep so with he grabs your hand and just like squeezes it every time you start to nod off. Thankfully he keeps you awake the whole class and he makes sure you get home safely and tells you to go take a nap and he was just so sweet about it wow

Jun: i kid you not he was asleep before you even started to nod off. The class you guys are in wsa just so boring he passed out like ten minutes in. Seeing him sitting there with his head bobbing up and down as he drifts in and out of sleep soon has its effects on you, and before you know it you are both falling asleep and trying pretty hard to stay awake. Your teacher was the kind of teacher that wasn’t going to wake you up if you fall asleep, but at the same time will not help you with any work you missed while you were sleeping. It would just be a complete mess, and all thanks to Jun

Hoshi: This bright sunshine would never ever let you fall asleep in class. He’ll talk to you, sing to you, draw on you, just anything. And it would be completely unintentional like he wouldn’t even know that you were nodding off in that class. He would just be doing what he normal does any other day. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s a great thing he has such a habit of messing around with you because it keeps you awake in such a boring class as the one you are in

Wonwoo: the most quiet person you will ever sit next to in and class ever. He would be an awkward mess when he realized that you are starting to drift off to sleep. First he is confused because why would you fall asleep during such an interesting class (pfft wonwoo stop its not interesting) but then he would also be like do i wake her up? Do i let her sleep? What do?? In the end he would let you sleep and just take notes for you and pray the teacher doesn’t notice that you are asleep

Woozi: Super studious and hardworking Woozi would be absolutely appalled that you are falling asleep during class but he wouldn’t say much. He’d let you sleep and take notes for you and would probably go as far as to make sure the teacher does catch you sleeping. Even though he is extremely against people sleeping in class he knew that you were probably up late working on school work since you had been sitting next to each other all year long so he knew you werent a slacker. In the end he would wake you up before class and would offer to meet with you later that day to teach you everything you missed and it would be great

Dk: In all honestly you hated sitting next to him in the beginning of the year. He was always talking and you just wanted to pay attention to the teacher, but when it came to the day you were falling asleep he became your biggest blessing. He’d literally keep you awake because of his shining smile, it would be so bright it forced you awake ah jk, but his constant chatter is what keeps you awake, especially since he noticed that you were falling asleep. Obviously he managed to keep you awake the whole class even though you weren’t really sure what the lesson was about haha

Mingyu: Ah man this kid would be asleep before the class even started. You’d sit down next to him and he’d be all sprawled out on both his own desk, and yours. You’d just kinda stare at him but push him over and he’d whine cause you woke him up and you’re like what a baby, but you get about twenty minutes into that boring class and boom, you’re out. You are more subtle about it than Mingyu, but like you ended up leaning against each other and it would just be so cliche and cute oh man

The8: He would keep you awake with all savage comments, ah jk, but in all serious minghao would totally keep you laughing and giggling with all his sassy and savage comments about people and even the teachers and it would just be so great, screw falling asleep Minghao is to funny to miss this. But if you did start to fall asleep he most likely wouldn’t do anything about it, and like you’d get lucky if he even took notes for you like hes just not about extra work. You have to be really good friends with him for him to actually takes notes for you.

Seungkwan: boo diva ain’t gonna do extra work for you if you fell asleep during class haha, honestly he’d be super chill with the whole situation, and at most would keep the teacher from bothering you more than anything. Although if you needed help with something you missed in class, and he actually knew what was going on in that class, he would totally help you if you asked.

Vernon: tbh this kid wouldn’t even notice you fell asleep until the lesson ended and everyone started to get up and move around and you didn’t and he’s all like oh man dang it i should have taken notes because you totally fell asleep but tbh i wasn’t even paying attention i was zoning out half the time. And he would just be a flustered mess and it actually be kinda funny

Dino: he’d be an awkward little bean because he is sitting next to you but when he noticed you start to drift off to sleep he would try to keep you awake for a while but once that wasn’t working he would just take it upon himself to take notes for both you and himself. He’d be like perfect boyfriend material and it would be the best thing ever.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 4 (Part 8/?) (Wilsons x reader)

Part 7

“Get out of the goddamn suit, (Y/N),” Wade snapped, slapping his hand against the chest piece of the Iron Man gear that you had jumped into before he could stop you.  “You’re being stupid and you’re not thinking clearly. Your estrogen is raging and making you crazy again.”

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Fairy Tale (VampireAU! Namjoon)


-Requests Closed- 

Word Count: 3,269 words~

Fairy tales. This falsified idea that we can wish on stars, believe in fate and things will be alright. This is the real world. This unforgiving place where the single spark of hope can easily be crushed by others, intentionally or not. And what was left? Nothing and just you. It just left you alone to rebuild what you had, making you weary of anyone who could knock it down again. This is how walls are built, this is how people become insecure. Every single shred of hope was so precious to you that you can’t let someone else tamper with it. You can’t let yourself rebuild again. You just couldn’t…

“Damnit.” You hit your table with your fist, unable to finish the thoughts you typed on the screen and stared at the flickering line where you stopped. You were a writer, always was one for sharing thought and opinion. Fortunately, people began to agree with the things you shared and here you were, thinking of something else to say. Something to formulate an opinion on. It was simple.


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The Girlfriend Tag (Ashton Irwin Imagine)

Originally posted by teenagedfricks

Summary: Youtuber!Ashton is doing the girlfriend tag with Youtuber!Y/N

Requested: Yes, by @neversurvivedanightinthemaze 

Warnings: there might be a swear or so and this is poorly written 💔

A/N:I know nothing about this challenge thingy but I did my best.Sorry this took forever im on semi-hiatus! But I hope you enjoyed it :) not been proof-read, but gimme feedback on this

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Chicken (Steve Rogers x reader)

I’m doing another one with combined requests!

Request:  Hello hello!! Haha I know you probably have a lot of request but can you maybe write one where Steve and the reader were fooling around, playing tag or something and Steve piggybacks the reader. And he was going to set her down but she holds on tightly so he’s squishing her between the couch and him. He tries to get up but the reader doesn’t let go bc it’s comfortable and just fluff haha thank you you lovely person😊 

Can I please have a fluff Steve and Bucky, they have that kind of cuddly and playful relationship (they’re best friends) but in the end one of the boys gets more personal with the reader it’s up to you whichever thank you me love :3

Steve’s fingers dug firmly into your legs as he held on to you, fighting to keep his balance as you thrashed around above him.    

“Hey!  No hair pulling!  That’s fighting dirty!”  Natasha pulled her head back and looked at you with a renewed sense of determination. “You are so going down!”

Bucky’s face turned dark and serious as he helped to steady her balance, “Come on!  Get in there, Romanoff!”  

Thor and Tony were watching from the sidelines, clearly amused that it had taken so long for a victor to emerge.  “Lady (Y/N) is putting up a valiant effort.  They appear to be equally matched in their skills.”  

Tony reached into his pocket, “No way, I’m putting my money on red.”

“This has got to be the most violent game of ‘chicken’ that I’ve ever seen.”  Steve mumbled as he moved forward, returning Bucky’s fierce expression with his own.  “You ready, (Y/N)?”

“Go, Cap!”  Your leg muscles tightened to hold onto Steve’s shoulders as his hands released you, lunging forward to make this a 4-way battle.       

Just as the action began to pick up, Tony’s phone began to ring.  “Oh, come on!  Not now!” He looked down to see who had the audacity to call him at a time like this, when a roar of laughter and a thundering splash came from the pool.

“Son of a bitch!  Who won?!”

A smirk crossed Thor’s lips as he swiftly pulled the fifty-dollar bill from Tony’s hand.

“I did.”


“Stark, thanks for buying the first round!”

“Pfft,”  Tony huffed, “I still don’t know who actually won. For all I know, Thor just stole the cash red-handed.”

Thor then picked up his hammer and gave it a quick swing.  “I should say not!”

“Yeah, he’s clearly still worthy,” Steve said.  “Stealing seems pretty unlikely.”  

As the gentlemen were enjoying their drinks, you and Natasha had been out on the dance floor, and were quickly the center of attention, though not always the good kind.  It only took two men to be taken down as examples to the others before you were free to enjoy yourselves without having to deal with drunken fools all over you.  The men of your team watched as each victim took a hard hit to the floor, knowing full well that you were far from needing their assistance.

“Alright, boys.  Time to show these ladies a good time.  Who’s with me?”  Bucky finished the final swallow of his drink, slamming the empty glass down on the table with resolve.  

Tony jumped up quickly at this, eager to make it a lively evening out.  Steve raised his hands in front of him, declining the offer.  “I’m gonna sit this one out, fellas.  But please, be my guest.”  Thor shook his head, clearly far more interested in his drink than with dancing.  “I do not understand this type of music.”  

You saw the two men approaching and gestured to Natasha to be ready.  Before she could react, Tony grabbed her by the waist and spun her across the floor.  You were pretty sure you heard an actual laugh from her as she was carried out of sight. Bucky was quick to follow, taking your arm and spinning you, then lifting you over his shoulder and flipping you back onto your feet.  He danced with a zealous pace, but you were easily able to keep up, laughing out loud as he took control.

“What’s troubling you, Steve?”  

“Ah, it’s nothin’.” He shrugged his shoulders, watching the ice move at the bottom of his glass as he swirled it in his hands.  “I don’t know…I guess…nah, it’s nothin.” Steve had been watching you intently as you danced with Bucky.  He said he didn’t want to dance, but in reality he wanted nothing more.  Watching you made him ache inside, and the liquor would never be able to quell it.

“If I may,” Thor began, “if you have feelings for (Y/N), you should speak of them to her.  It is clear, even to me, that there is something you are not saying.  Do not be afraid.”

Steve popped one of the ice cubes into his mouth, chewing on it as he contemplated what Thor had said. “Nah, we’re just friends.  I don’t want to ruin that if she doesn’t feel the same.”  He looked back at you and Bucky, still full of energy, now taking control of the floor with Tony and Natasha.  “I just gotta work thru it.”

Keeping his eyes on you, he set down his empty glass and made his way in your direction.  You didn’t see him until he was right next to you and tapped Bucky on the shoulder.  “Alright, kids.  My turn.”

“Aw, Stevie, I thought you’d never ask!”  Bucky grabbed Steve’s hands and pushed him around the floor.  “We might have a fight over who’s gonna lead though!”

Steve quickly broke free of Bucky’s grip and turned to grab you.  You were laughing at the pair, but as the Captain wrapped his arms around your waist, the urge to laugh was gone.  The urge to breathe was gone too.  He stood still, holding you for a moment, contemplating what he was going to do now that he was here.  His eyes brightened and a large grin appeared as he gave you a spin then dipped you backwards, his hands on the small of your back as yours were around his neck.

“You ready (Y/N)?”

“Go, Cap.”


The rest of the evening with Natasha and the boys became more blurred as the night went on; the walk back to the tower seemed so much longer than it was on the way there. Your feet were killing you after hours of dancing in those terrible shoes, and you fully regretted wearing them.  You had decided that you just might never wear them again.

“Steeeeve.  Carry meeee.”

“Wow,” Tony laughed as he walked crookedly behind you, “hold on to that dignity, (Y/N).”  

Steve obliged, kneeling down in front of you so you could hop onto his back.  Wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck, you marveled at his size and how muscular he really was.  Tilting to the side a little, you rested your head against his shoulder, dozing in and out with the rhythm of his footsteps.

“Thoooor.  Carry meeee.”

Thor followed Steve’s lead, allowing an inebriated Natasha to jump onto his back.  “Jesus, I can barely hold on!  Maybe skip arm day once in while, big fella.”

Tony grabbed his phone from his pocket, rapidly taking photos of the four of you as Bucky critiqued his aim.  “Oh, yes. This will be well documented.  This is how I’m gonna get my money back.”

The tower was dark as your group arrived home.  The others went to their respective rooms, but you and Steve had decided to watch a movie when you got back; the energy from dancing still had your adrenaline going and sleep was a few hours away.  He reached out to turn on a light, but once it was on you both groaned at the harshness of it, so it was turned off just as quickly.

“Alright, hop down.” He was standing in front of the couch so you could fall back onto it, releasing him from your seven-block free ride.


He laughed and began to shake from side to side, hoping you would give up, but you gripped him tighter. “You can’t stay there forever, (Y/N)! I’m gonna win this one!”

“But I like it here!”

Steve sat on the couch, leaning back against you just enough to be uncomfortable for you, but not enough to hurt you with the weight difference he held over you.  “Give up, or I push harder!”

“Ooph!  Not so comfortable anymore!”

“Give up?!”

Despite the pressure against your torso, you laughed with short breaths,  “Never, old man!”

Steve stood quickly and suddenly, reaching back to grab you as he pulled your legs away from his waist. He dropped you on your back on the couch, his eyes now dark and his breath quickened.  He laid himself over you, his legs holding yours in place as he held himself up to look at you.  “What did you just call me?”

“Old…old man…?”  You were stumbling over your words now, barely a whisper.  This had quickly turned into a more intimate, more serious moment in a matter of seconds. You could feel your heartbeat pounding in your chest and your body growing tense as his gaze studied you.

“Do I look like an old man?”

“No,” you whispered.

“No, what?”

“No, sir.”  This was a new side of Steve you hadn’t seen before, and it wasn’t bad.

“Do I feel like an old man?”

“No, sir.”

“How about now?”  he said as he lowered himself, his weight now holding you down.  His lips met yours slowly at first, then growing in intensity and desperation as you responded to him, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him tighter against you.

Steve suddenly pulled back, his eyes shocked, as a hand firmly patted him on the back and you heard Thor laughing quietly.

“Well done, Captain! Well done.”

so many overdue projects but it’s kuroken month so who cares?? on the other hand i can’t believe i forgot it was june i thought i missed it omg

title: utterly, undeniably, hopelessly
pairing: kuroken
tags: for kurokenmonth prompt: firsts. falling in love with your best friend. lots of that shoujo sparkle and kuroo being a sap.
summary: The first time Kuroo realized he was utterly, undeniably, hopelessly in love with his best friend, he walked into a wall.

read on ao3 or or click below!

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A Successful Christmas

I did it! Yes! I upheld my promise to my followers! Yay! *sighs in relief* I really hope this story is okay… This is another one I feel kind of in between on.

Anyway, a Stevidot Christmas story as I promised! I posted this way later then I expected, but it’s still Christmas so it’s on time!

… I like the ending to this one. Hehehe.


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I Love You, Man (Part 8/?) (Avengers/MCU cast x reader)

Part 7

Chris sat on one side of your bed with Steve standing next to him, Sebastian and Bucky on the other side. With a few flashes of light and a handful of questions, the reporters finally left just in time to take care of official business that you didn’t want them to hear.  Steve took the pen that was left behind by your nurse and paused, nodding in resolution to put it to the paper sitting on the table over your lap.

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Kiss ♥ - Calum Hood Smuff

You had been good friends with Calum for a few years since you met at school, just before he moved to England to continue with his music. Ever since you were first introduced to the boy, you had had a connection. You’d both been in the same Drama class, and somehow managed to both be forced into the lead roles in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.

“Calum Hood, and [y/n],” your teacher chimed, “You’ve been slacking off this semester and I need something to put into your report cards. At the end of this double lesson, I expect a vivid production of the play we’ve been studying. I’m hopeful you at least know the title of it.”

The brunette boy standing on the opposite side of the theatre had looked over to you and smiled softly before heading in your direction. Upon getting closer to you, he’d dug his hands into his pockets and bored his eyes at the floor.   As soon you opened your mouth to say hello, he avowed conversation himself.

“I saw you at the soccer match I was playing at on the weekend.”

You froze like a deer in the headlights, trying to quickly reminisce back to the previous Saturday and Sunday.

“Oh yeah,” you affirmed after a short moment, “I play netball on the courts next to the oval. We usually play Friday nights, but it got cancelled-“

“cancelled because of the weather,” Calum concluded your sentence in a sigh. “We were supposed to play Thursday night and it got pushed to Saturday.”

“No shit,” you sighed.

He laughed under his breath, “Yes shit.”

“Dog shit.”

“Horse shit.”

Both of your eyes flicked to meet each other before a grunting chuckle emerged from both of you.

“So, why netball?” he asked after a while.

The chatter didn’t stop from there. Literally. You spoke for the next two hours. At the end of the class, when the teacher had beckoned you onto the stage, improvisation had been your only hope.

“How thy face be so lovely?” Calum had screamed whilst clutching his shirt near his heart and holding the other arm out to you.

Struggling not to double over with snorts and laughter, you yelled back and stepped one leg out towards him, “But thou love is forbidden poor Romeo!”

Lunging outward, he fell brutally onto his knee, using the momentum from his arms to slide along the hard floor and land on his knees at your feet. “Oh Juliet, drink this poison shot with me.”

Pretending to take a cup from his open hand, you crouched lowly onto your knees so you were both at eye level. You were not in the slightest prepared when Calum’s dry lips attached to yours for a hasty kiss. Instantaneously, your eyes had slammed shut. Your body remained perfectly still. There was no time for a proper reaction to the event, as your brain had completely turned off for the two second that his gentle mouth lingered.

He was the one to pull away from you, and swivel to face the teacher, lifting his arm with a thumbs up at her. Her expression was just a replica of your own. Mouth wide enough for an apple to be shot into it, and eyebrows trying to touch the sky.

Up until year 11, you continued as good friends. Partnering up in every group project, going to watch each other’s sport games, late night phone calls. One night, at about 11pm, Calum had called your phone while you were in bed.

“Hey [y/n], look at your window,” he’d laughed. You could legitimately hear the smile through the phone, and then quite easy see it through your own eyes when you looked out the window.

That night he took you on a tour around every street of the suburb. Every house you walked past, you would take it in turns to make up a story about who lived there and what they were doing. It was after hours and hours when you came across a mansion surrounded by a tall white gate.

“Okay, okay,” you’d taken charge for this one, “So it’s a husband and a wife. Two kids. One of the kids is a rebellious teenager who wears all black and the rest of his family hates him.”

“I’m pretty sure Michael doesn’t live here,” Calum inputted.

“Oh my gosh,” you’d giggled, “Michael’s parents don’t hate him! Well they might when they find out how bad he’s going to do in the exam tomorrow.”

Then you’d realised and screeched through the hand that you’d cuffed over your open mouth. “Calum! We have an exam tomorrow morning.”

Raising his hands in a shielding manner, as though you were going to smack him for keeping you out late, he spat out a few words to defend himself, “You wouldn’t have slept anyway, [y/n], I was trying to keep your mind from stressing.”

It was stuff like that which made you fall in love with him.

But all you ever were was good friends. There was no spark of lightning when you’d kissed in that one Drama class. No fire inside of you. No stomach being attacked by butterflies. No, none of that. That had all come later, you see. Once you knew all about him. Once you’d met his friends and family, and found out that you loved them. Once you’d understood all of his perfections and all of his flaws. His tempter was one those defects. The first time you had witnessed it, you were shocked out of your mind, completely unsure of what to do.

As the siren rung to conclude the end of the match, he had crouched onto his knees and punched his fist antagonistically into the grass, his head plunging down. Watching from the sidelines, there wasn’t anything you could quickly do to stop him as the opposing team captain had smugly patting him on the back. Calum was already furious, nostrils flaring madly, at the disgusting umpiring during the game, and the sarcastic ‘good play’ from the other player enforced him to stand up and lividly grab a hold of his white collar, elevating his feat nearly off the ground. Whiter than a ghost was the only way the competitors face could have been described. It was as though Calum’s snarling had killed him from shock and sent him to heaven and really just left his skeleton behind.

Thankfully, Calum’s team mates pulled him off and dragged him to sit down on the sideline bench. Frankly, you were slightly too mortified to approach him, but Luke, his best mate, persuaded you to go over there and do something. Sitting by his side, your legs dangled timidly off the bench, feet scraping along the tallest pieces of lawn underneath. His head was snug and compact into his open hands, not aware you were sitting right there.

Clearing your throat, you’d dithered with a conversation starter and settled with, “Hey Calum.”

After a small hesitation, you softly heard him grouse a “fuck” under his breath before lifting his head and looking at you. His eyes were straining red with tension, but he took in a large slow breath and then a sizeable exhaling prior to applying an acquiescent tone to his voice and answered with, “Hey. I forgot you’d come to watch the game.”

Calum had forced himself to hide his enragement from you until it had passed over. When you brought it up later, he admitted that he felt pressured to calm down in order to not scare you. And he mentioned that you should appear more often when he gets incensed so that he wouldn’t lose control as regularly.

The more times that he showed up, knocking urgently on your door with sweat running down his forehead after running the two kilometres to your house, because something had infuriated him and he couldn’t oppress the anger, the more time that you ended up spending with him.  The fondness between you increased slowly, gradually, but eventually hit what you thought was the peak one night at a Hood family gathering.

Because Calum was leaving for the UK, his mum had invited over the close relatives, and you, to spend some time together. But you ended up spending majority of your time playing lego with Calum’s four year old cousin.

“No, no, no,” you warned to the tiny child as he brought the tiny red piece into his mouth. “You can’t eat that!”

Cries began dispensing from his mouth like a waterfall after you’d taken the piece from him.

“Wait, no, it’s okay,” you spluttered, “look, look.”

Your efforts of connecting a few pieces to distract the child failed initially, but not long later, the cries evolved to small chuckles. And then you could hear a deeper chuckle transpire behind you. As you turned around, none other than Calum was bending over with his two fingers posing as bunny ears atop your head. You couldn’t help but be appreciative of his assistant in soothing the poor kid, so you promptly whispered, “thank you,” to him.

Smiling, he increased the volume of his voice and asked politely, “Hey Jack, do you mind if I steal [y/n] for a bit?”

Then without waiting for a response, Calum bounced up and proceeded toward his bedroom, expecting you would follow. Which you did. After shutting the door behind you, he sprung to his television, grabbing two xbox controllers and pressing the power button. Knowing where this was going, you crashed down onto the left side of his beanbag at the same time he slumped down into the right, evening the weight out perfectly.

“Fifa?” he questioned you, receiving a sharp nod in reply.

Half way through playing, he started up a conversation.

“You’re pretty good with Jack.”

Although it was surely a joke, you hadn’t sensed the sound of sarcasm in his words. “You’re kidding, right? If you hadn’t had come along the kid wouldn’t have stopped crying.”

Both your eyes sustained focus upon the screen as you flicked the buttons and swayed your arms radically with each swish in the match.

“[Y/n], seriously, you had him so down packed for hours before that. You’d be such a good parent.”

“Pfft,” you replied, “I don’t know. I definitely would want kids though.”

“How many?”

You thought about that for a moment, and when you finally answered it sounded more like a question, “Maybe two?”

“Fuck!” he growled as you scored a goal. Hitting pause on the game, he set the controller onto his knee and continued talking.

You’d been through what kind of house you wanted, where abouts you wanted to live, how often your children would be allowed to see their grandparents, what sport they would be playing as a child and whether the tomato sauce would stay in the pantry or the fridge; each of you revealing your thoughts, which besides the argument between netball and soccer for being a better sport, you had agreed on. When the chatter led to how you wanted your wedding to place out, you hadn’t been able to contain your dreams. After explaining every detail from what style of cake, to what colour flowers, to the exact number of guests invited, you were shushed at the deliberation of how your dress would look. Calum had been silent next to you for the entire ramble, smiling when you got overly thrilled regarding the unimportant minor niceties. But as soon as you had mentioned that you couldn’t reach a conclusive idea about your attire, he’d struck you with his own input.

“You’d look absolutely beautiful in anything, [y/n].”

That one line had done something to you. Almost like your heart actually hadn’t been working your whole life, and that tiny sentence had slapped it into full action. And then it was like every time you caught a glimpse of him, you’d had a lion beating at the inner of your rib cage, begging to escape and just attack Calum with all of the slowly increasing lust and burning desire to be with him. The immense want to be in constant contact with him had only exacerbated when he left the country.

Even when he moved to the opposite side of the globe, you both maintained frequent texts and calls. The two of you genuinely cherished your friendship. Calum could vent to you about how frustrating or tiresome his days had been, and you could do the same. One night, he had deliriously called your mobile at what was only 8pm for you, but 1am for him.

“[y/n],” he’d whined slowly into the speakers.

Concerned, you had frantically asked him what was wrong, if he was alright, if he needed help. Ignoring all that you had said, he spoke over the top of you quietly, “I really have to tell you something that’s been bugging me for ages.”

“Yeah, Calum, go,” you’d encouraged.

But muffled scratches and static had blared into your ears, followed by Michael’s annoyed voice, “Hey, [y/n], Calum’s drunk. And he’s being an annoying shit. Sorry if it’s a weird time in Aus.”

Whenever Calum returned to Australia from tours or during breaks of recording he would spend the days either with his family or with you. During his last homecoming, he had used up all of his spare days at your house. A vivid memory from the first night was still imprinted in your brain. 

“[Y/n]?” he had asked, fumbling with his fingers. You were both half-laying on your bed, atop the covers, with your backs resting up against the bed head. The laptop sat in between the two of you, bent at an angle where you could both adequately view the movie through the slightly scratched screen. You had needed to play snap with Calum for 30 minutes to waste the time as it illegally downloaded earlier.

“Yeah,” you breathed, acknowledging him but not removing your intense stare from the major character conflict occurring.

The slight pause before he spoke again did induce you to tear your vision from the film and look towards him, however. As you rotated, you saw his Adam’s apple run up and down his throat slowly, and then a hefty breath was pushed out his lips.

“You alright?” you quickly spat out, eyebrows furrowing.

Ignoring that question, he stretched out his fingers and pushed his hands downward on his thighs, as if attempting to get sweat off of them.

His voice was low and barely audible as he spoke, “Considering it’s late and all, and I don’t want to force you to drive me home, I was thinking I could, like, stay here for tonight.”

Of course, you had agreed, happily. But you weren’t sure how this was going to play out. Although you were obviously close friends, you had not ever slept at his house and he had never slept at yours. For the continuation of the movie, you struggled to focus on the action because your mind was contemplating whether you were to give Calum a blanket and lead him to the couch in the living room, or just hop into your own bed and expect him to follow suit. Your mind was suffering such a cyclone of anxiousness that you didn’t even realise when the credits began rolling on the screen.

Calum leaned forward himself and pulled the laptop screen down so that it clicked shut and the music that was playing ended abruptly. That was what shook you from your thoughts, and when you snapped back into reality, Calum was gazing at you, his hands clasped together and thumbs rubbing over the top of each other, hard enough to turn his tanned skin white.

Clearing your throat, you manoeuvred your legs to fall off the side of the bed and drop so your feet were flat on the carpet. Rising up from the mattress, you stood and began making your way over to your set of drawers. While you slowly retrieved your pyjamas you decided to turn your pondering onto him.

“So any preference where you want to sleep then?” you laughed awkwardly.

Calum’s response was speedy, as though he had already thought through his reply, but his words seemed to shake uneasily when they were delivered, “I don’t want to be a hassle, I’ll just sleep here with you.”

Relief lifted a weight from your shoulders, knowing now that you wouldn’t have to sound rude dejecting him to the lounge, or seem perverted to want him in your own quilt. Just as you rushed into the ensuite to get changed into more comfortable clothes, however, an even heavier weight was dropped onto you. What side of the bed would you sleep on? And what if you moved in your sleep? Or spoke? You might ruin Calum’s night if yo-

Again your hectic mind was interrupted by Calum wandering aimlessly into the bathroom, halting immediately at the sight of you and scuffing his feet as he stopped. Looking down, you saw that you were standing in only your bra and panties, the rest of your body completely exposed. The blush that crept across his cheeks was only half the intensity of the redness encompassing yours. You were frozen by his stare as his eyes slid down your features, stopping momentarily at your breasts, but then continuing down to around your knees before snapping back up to your face.

“Shit,” he swore squeakily.

The miniature you that sat inside your skull threw out a line and went fishing inside your brain for something to say.

Calum got in before you though, whispering, “damn,” and then half a minute later, “fuck [y/n].”

Shaking his head, he then took the few steps towards you, and raised his hand up to your chin, pushing your jaw upward to close your mouth which had subconsciously fallen slightly ajar. Showing a quick smile, he then walked by you to get to the sink, your shoulders brushing against each other ever so slightly. As the tap turned on and water started running, it ignited energy to start running through your own bones, and you hastily grabbed your long shirt and pulled it over your head.

The anxiousness you had regarding the rest of the night was a waste. Calum took control of most of your worries, hoping into the opposite side of the king-size, facing away from you and calling out a ‘good night.’ The lightness of your sleeping, though, permitted you to feel a movement behind you at around 2am. Forgetting that Calum was staying with you, you gasped and widened your previously closed eyelids as a large hand rested gently on your hip.

“Shhhh,” you recognised Calum’s voice quietly behind you and his warm breath now on the back of neck, calming you back down.

When you woke up in the morning, he was even closer to you, his chest almost flush with your back. His head was propped up on his hand, his elbow on the pillow, watching your expressions as you slept, and his fingers were trailing softly over your hip and up your side to your arm, before flowing all the way back down.

After that night, Calum’s confidence soared through the roof and did a few flips around the sun. It made you think that him seeing you half naked had amplified an underlying desire beneath himself to impress to you. He slept in your bed every night, usually spooning you, but sometimes pulling you backward and twisting your body so your head relaxed on his broad shoulder or muscled torso. During the daytime, if you left the home, he would lazily drape an arm around your shoulder and neck or place his hand around your waist.

This was what you had been wanting for, for so long. You could never notice, but whenever he held you, or touched you, there seemed to be a breath that you could finally release. It was as if you were constantly holding it in, like there was this incredibly tension in your life, but in his presence you were just relieved, calmed.

On the final night, you had both found your way onto his roof. You were having dinner with his mum, but Calum excused you both from the table. Sitting in between his legs, you had pulled your thighs up to your upper body, and wrapped your arms tightly over your knees. The night was fairly cold, so without being asked, Calum shook off his jacket and draped it over you.

How cliché and romantic. No wonder it made you feel like a child being given candy on Halloween.

While you both glared up at the first few stars that were appearing for the night, Calum suddenly changed the sweet mood and stated emotionlessly, “I’m going tomorrow.”

Neither of you spoke much after that comment, simply embracing each other’s existence while you could. It hurt that nothing was going to become of the past week. Your stupid feelings that you had developed for Calum were going to be drowned in a sea as soon as he was flying over an ocean himself in the direction of Europe. The next morning when you woke up in Calum’s bed, without Calum, you sighed and grabbed your phone from underneath his pillow.

(1)    Text Message: Cal

I didn’t want to make the goodbye any more difficult after such a nice week. I’ll probably be boarding the plane by the time you wake up. L. J

Luckily, school had started back up, so you were forced to do something during the day and not ponder on what extra you should’ve done whilst Calum was here, or why you didn’t just man up and become closer with him earlier on in your friendship. A week or so later, your phone had buzzed in your pocket in the middle of a class. Rapidly, you put on a small act, standing from your desk and clutching at your stomach with one hand. Furiously slapping the other across your mouth, you muffled to your teacher that you were going to vomit, and sprinted out.

Pulling your phone from your shirt pocket as soon as you’d made it half way down the hall, you were surprised to see that it was Luke. Pressing the green accept button, you held the speaker to your ear and listened to his perturbed voice.

“Okay, look. Calum has been a lost fucking puppy since we got back on tour, [y/n]. And I thought nothing of it, just assuming he was mildly upset from leaving family. But no. I was wrong. A couple of nights ago, I’m lying in my bunk, and what do I hear? Calum. Talking in his sleep. And whose name is he fucking whimpering? Yours. So in the morning, I’m like, ‘dude are you okay?’ and he’s all like ‘yeah, bro, I’m okay,’ and the next thing I know, he’s got his head on the fucking table saying how much he fucking misses you, and can’t even get out bed in the mornings, let alone go to these fucking interviews or concerts, without thinking about how god-damn much he wants you.”

Your eyebrows had raised at Luke’s immense ramble. The break in his monologue suggested that it was your turn to talk, but all you could muster up was a shocked, “Oh.”

Taking that as a sign that you were alive and listening, he continued, “you’re fucking coming here, [y/n], I really don’t give a fuck what you have to say, but you’ve done something to my band mate and you need to get your butt over here to help this kid out.”

Giggling slightly at the amount of cursing Luke was emitting, you explained to him that you couldn’t just ditch school and head over to Europe to join them. Annoyed, Luke continued to pester you until you admitted that in under a month you had a ‘home-study’ week instead of school. By then, the boys would have just made it onto the commencement of their North American leg, and Luke wouldn’t let you get away with saying no to joining them.

That conversation was what eventually led you to be walking off a plane in a foreign country, and being greeted by a grey-haired man holding a white paper sign that had your name on it.

“[y/n], this way” he shook your hand before pointing at a black van. Although you spent the entire car ride imagining how you were going to escape if this was actually a murderer kidnapping you and taking you to a secluded desert to chop you up into pieces, the van thankfully pulled up near a hotel which had a name you remember Calum mentioning a couple of days ago over the phone.

 Calum knew you were coming. Luke had to tell him so that he would stop his moping. As soon as he found out, he’d downloaded a countdown app on his phone, taken a screenshot of how many days it was until he saw you again, and sent the image to you. You were slightly concerned, though. Maybe Calum wasn’t going to show as much affection as he did when you were in Australia. You were hopeful that he hadn’t lost any of the ostensible interest he had towards you previously, because your ‘crush’ that you had on him, which you officially decided you could name a crush after you spent a complete two hour Maths lesson daydreaming merely about his eye colour, definitely had not faded.

Much to your delight, it was only a second after you stepped through his hotel door that his arms were swathed around your waist, his head digging deeply into the crescent between your neck and shoulder. Dropping the handles of bags that you were clinging, you returned the hug automatically. In that moment, you were able to truly understand how much you missed him.

“We’re going to go out for dinner tonight,” he hummed, lips moving against your neck. “We don’t have a concert, so yeah.”

Retreating away from him, and bending down to get another grasp of your bags, you nodded with a bright grin on your face. Swatting your hands away once he saw that you were going to carry the luggage yourself, Calum swiftly picked up the items and began walking backwards into another room, keeping his eyes set on yours. After an hour or so of meeting some of the crew that were also touring with the lads, and also having a decent catch up with the other three band members themselves, Calum loudly announced to the small group around you that you were both leaving to go grab something to eat.

It was a low key dinner. The café you were at was small, but it was welcoming, and you were quite frankly very content to be anywhere with Calum. There wasn’t too much to catch up on, because you had been sending messages back and forth ever since you saw him last. Three times throughout your meal, Calum had stared at you until you’d realised he was watching you. Then he’d quickly returned his eyes to the food in front of him, saying something like “I really did miss you, you know [y/n],” or “I don’t even know how I managed the past month without you.”

When you had both fit as much food into your mouth as you could, you pulled out your purse from your bag, expecting to go halves like you normally did.

“Don’t worry about it,” Calum affirmed with a smile as he stood from his chair, obtaining his own wallet from his pocket.

He grabbed your hand and helped you up before heading in the direction of the door and telling you he would just pay and be outside with you in a minute. As you waited by the street, it gave you a minute to re-adjust yourself, brushing your hair out of your face and flattening your clothes. Once Calum was back out, he put his arm on your hip and faintly pushed you to cross the road. You didn’t oblige, and continued to go along with his push for around ten minutes until you started hearing the soft sounds of waves crashing onto a shore. After a short while longer, the wind had picked up slightly around you, and despite the thick black night sky surrounding the two of you, you could just make out that Calum was directing you onto a jetty.

“Is this-“

“Yup,” he calmly interrupted. Standing behind you, he wrapped his arms just under your chest and rested his head sideways on top of yours.  Your body weight was sufficiently supported by him, as you allowed your now tired structure to fall into him.

By the end of the night, you’d ended up in his bed, because apparently Luke had never booked you your own room in the hotel. He’d made the brave assumption that you would be fine sleeping with Calum. And he was correct. The flight had made you so tired that you could barely move any part of your body. Your arm was flung around his neck as you limbered into his hotel room and crawled slowly onto the bed. Once your head had sunk into the cloudy depths of the pillow, your mind had also.

Only vaguely could you feel him pulling off your top over your head, unbuckling your jeans and pulling them down your legs. His fingers, which were like ice cubes from being in the wind earlier, brushed over your calves as he raised them up gradually to remove the pants from bundling around your ankles. You had no energy to protest. And even if you were awake and active, you doubt that you would’ve stopped him. Slipping his hands underneath your knees, Calum tucked your lower limbs up to near your chest whilst heaving down the thick quilt cover underneath you.

Before pulling the sheet back over the top of you, there was an elongated period of time where you lay hopelessly exhausted on your side, merely in your underwear. It was only when a small chilly shiver slinked into your spine and consequently inflicted a tremor to vibrate your body, that the soft covers were finally rested on top of you. The warmth and comfort, which was heightened even more when Calum’s body slid in behind you, automatically sent you into slumber.

The week that you had with his was nice. You were taken along to all of the interviews and all of the concerts with the boys. Time spent with just the two of you was restricted to nights, as he was busy majority of the daytime. But that didn’t stop him from resting his hand on your thigh during every car ride, or escaping vocal warm ups with his band to chat to you. The feeling of being in Calum’s arms every time you slept was overwhelmingly wonderful, but also daunting when you took time to think it through properly. Your relationship with Calum was strictly friends, and it had been for years, until that one week at home. How had things changed so quickly?

On the night before you left to head back home, you’d hoped and prayed that just you and Calum could waste the entire night together. Just becoming encompassed with each other like you had done on his last night in Australia. But your dreams had been shot in the face when his manager had made a declaration to the band that afternoon.

“We have the album release celebration party in a few hours, boys, I’ll meet you in the foyer.”

Calum’s anger was immediately evident as you could see his jaw tighten and fists clench. When he made his comment, each of his single words were pronounced as if there was a full stop at the end of them, “John, why the fuck are we having an album release party now when it was released three months ago.”

His manager put a tight hand onto his shoulder blade before straying his eyes towards you and then back at Calum, “work comes before girls, mate.”

A grunt elicited from Calum’s mouth as he aggressively shook the hand off his shoulder and began stomping from the room, grabbing your hand and dragging you along the way. When you were in another room, with the door locked securely shut, he had raised his hands to his head and began tugging hopelessly at clumps of hair, as if ripping them from his skull was going to fix the situation.

“[y/n], I’m fucked off,” he said slowly with his top and bottom teeth grinding.

“I know,” you replied, with lack of anything better to say, the clogs in your brain were working over-time.

“This night was meant to just be for us.”

“I know, Calum,” you started and then moved to stand in front of him. Your mouth turned into a soft smile as you gently grabbed his wrists and lightly pulled to bring them away from his hair. “It’s okay, we can still hang.”

You could tell he was attempting to calm himself down as he shut his eyes and fastened his lips together.

“We like parties, anyway,” you chirped.

When he didn’t make any calmer response, you sighed and dumped your head onto his heaving chest. Although the pumping of his heart merely augmented in speed, the muscles in his arms seemed to un-tense. Placing his hands on the top of your arms which were dangling by your side, he began to soothingly caress them up and down. To an onlooker, it now would’ve seemed as though Calum was the one relaxing you after an angry outburst.

At the celebration, you’d been slightly nervous with the large crowd of people in black suits and thick ties. The other boys and yourself were still wearing your denims and cotton shirts from earlier. This ‘party’ was more of a cocktail business meeting. Calum had sensed you felt slightly out of place and intertwined your fingers with his, squeezing gently, and then whispering in your ear, “at least we don’t have holes in our top.”

As if on queue, Ashton had nudged your shoulder and let out a low whistle, “I knew John was fucking around when he said we were going to a party. I heard there’s vodka at the bar though.”

Within ten minutes of that remark, you and Calum were crouched behind the bar counter, trying to stifle giggles and hold your hands still as you poured out six tiny glasses with alcohol.

“Ready?” he’d stammered before taking a firm hold of the first glass and raising it up to his bottom lip.

Mimicking his actions, you commenced counting, “3.   2.   1.”

In perfect unison, you both chugged the shots down your throat, each pitching three into the pits of your stomachs. Time was lost from that moment. Lost within the combustion of happiness and overall harmony of being with each other. There wasn’t much talking between you. Just simple stares at each other before one of you would laugh and look away. At first the drinks had made the cupboards and small surroundings by you spin clockwise around your head, but after Calum had gestured for you to lie down in between his legs which were spread on the floor, you felt much better. His strong fingers grazed through your hair peacefully, tugging somewhat at a few knots. Your eyes had leisurely shut when he began mellifluously digging the tips of his fingers into your scalp and relieving any tension.

You only recognised how soothing it felt when he briskly stopped, and began budging behind you, trying to stand up.

“I wanna go,” he announced to only you listening.

As he stood, he took a firm grip onto your hand and wrenched you from the ground. Holding his right arm with both hands, you stuck closely by his side as he escorted you out of the building. From what you could tell of the quick glance you’d made around the venue, the other boys had left also. For the entire amble back to your hotel, you kept your tense hold on Calum. It was only in the lift when he had hit the button for your floor that you released your clutch on him. For the ride upward, he had leaned on the handrail and gawked at you, while you were gawking back at him whilst leaning on the opposing side’s handrail. When the elevator dinged and the sliding door divided open, he bounded from his rested position and dashed out the door calling, “race you!” as he went.

Gasping at the change of pace, you pounded your feet against the carpet to chase him down the corridor to your room. When he hit the door ahead of you and rattled his keys shakily into the lock, you gained the time to catch up to him, and as he opened the door, you’d thumped into his back, causing the both of you to plunge through the door way and clutch each other for support from falling.

The two of you doubled over with sniggers at the childishness of it all, until eventually you both calmed and stood with pleasant smiles, again, just gaping at the sight of each other. Calum was the one to shatter the wall of silence.

 “God, this is going to sound stupid,” he muttered softly, as his eyebrows furrowed and he maintained eye contact with you, “but I just want to kiss you so badly.”

With just those words slipping fraught from his mouth, you had reached an absolute pinnacle of how far your yearning could go. You slapped your small hands onto each of Calum’s cheeks and lugged his face towards you. The blister inside of you that had been growing in your soul ever since you had been on your knees kissing Romeo had finally popped.

When your mouth attached, it couldn’t even be compared to the same instance that had occurred all those years ago. This time, Calum had twisted his head and snuck his lower lip in between your bottom and top. His lips were damp and soft from the liquids that had been passed through them earlier, and his tongue was even wetter when it slithered in between your teeth. His hands had glided to a resting position on the small of your waist.

Your feelings were up on a brand new level than what you had ever felt before. Like the blister that had popped released an assortment of stars that were now gracefully attacking every organ you had. The black inside your eyelids was complete with a firework display, and convivial rush of bliss was seeping in your skin and dripping onto your heart. The elation fluttered on for the furtherance of the night.

Calum has pushed you backward, smacking you awkwardly into the bathroom door, and then removing one hand from your side to rattle the knob until the support behind you was lost and you stumbled backwards with your feet slipping on the tiled floor. Calum’s face was encompassed by a huge grin and rumbling snort as you squealed and stuck your arm around to grasp onto the sink near you. When he bent over to help you back to a standing point where you could tilt your head at another angle to kiss him, you felt his hands take a new location on your ass. The length of his fingers as they were stretched out to their full extent allowed him to wholly cup your cheeks in the grasp. With the slightly more passionate sentiment, you took initiative in placing your hands like paws upon his chest.

A quiet hum broke from the confines of your throat as Calum began hastily squeezing and releasing your ass. You could feel the air that was being pushed from his nostrils onto your face was intensifying in speed and amount with every clutch. The action only made you want more. As you shifted your hands upward to embrace around his neck, you enclosed any free air that had been lying between your bodies, and instantly you could feel his hard length busting through his jeans into your centre. 

Like the plain feeling of his stiffness wasn’t enough, Calum forced your back onto the wall behind you and split his legs apart. Bending slightly at the knee, but ensuring not to lose the intimacy between your two warm bodies, he sent his crotch on a trip down a few centimetres and then up. The rigidness of his cock against your heat, even though clothes, was driving sweat to spur from the pores in your forehead. Your head flicked back, hitting the wall behind, as you moaned deeply at the sensation.

“Mmmm,” Calum grumbled as his hands lost the grasp of your ass and transferred his hands to your front, sinking down your pants initially to haul them off of you, but then later addressing your t-shirt and gradually pulling it over your head.

Neither of you kept a consistent control over one another. You moved smoothly and speedily, as if both fully aware of what you wanted. And what you both wanted was exactly the same. In no time, you had your legs wrapped securely around his naked torso whilst under the pelting warm water from the powerful shower head. The pellets of water were soaking through his tresses and dripping slowly onto your bare breasts before running off your nipples and soaring down to the floor. Some of the wetness was creating a stream down the crease of your spine, and flooded down into the slit between your two ass cheeks. As Calum spun you around slightly, the force behind the stream increased and sent the water flowing into your folds, where it met an already moist area.

Calum broke his lips from yours to pucker his mouth onto your cheek bone and then trace a straight line down onto your neck and collarbone. The foggy cloud of humidity from the general ardour and genuine heat of the bathroom was sending you into overdrive. As his teeth nipped slightly at your wet skin, you felt his hand tap at your thigh, begging you to release your enfold around him. Once you did as he wanted, he placed his nose to the tip touch of yours, and his hand grabbed his length and hazily draw figure eights on your clit with it’s tip.

“Uh,” you cried vulnerably, “Cal.”

“[y/n], I want you, baby, do you want me?” his voice sounded rough and husky, quite desperate after your weak response.

“Y-yes, Ca-Calum,” you stuttered in sharp breaths.

The pensive wait for his cock to fill you was broadened as he continued to speak gravelly, “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” There was a slight pause before he continued and his voice cracked, “So fucking long, [y/n]. So, fucking, long.”

As you forced your gaze to meet with his glassy eyes, you could see that he was being completely serious.

His tone turned hushed as he persisted, “Do you remember when we first spoke and I kissed you in that stupid play?”

A lazy smile took over your facial expression as you recalled the memory.

“We were fifteen years old. And I thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world that day.”

The entire pace of the scene had fizzled to a standstill as you listened to him with trickles dripping off his hair now blending into a tear on his cheek.

“And when I kissed you, I felt absolutely fucking nothing.”

Your lungs were now inhaling shakily. The expression of his thoughts was like an audit of your own.

“So I left it. For what, three years? Three years. Every single time I looked at you and saw how absolutely gorgeous you were, I brushed it off, because I knew that there was no spark between us, no flame, no feelings, we were better just friends.”

One blink and then tears were pouring from your own eyes.

“And God knows why I didn’t re-try it earlier, [y/n]. But when I’m kissing you now it feels like everything I wanted that damn first kiss to be.”

In a quick movement, he thrust himself into you, causing your jaw to drop open at the pristine feel. The palm of his hand stroked gently on your neck and cheek as he remained stagnant inside of you. His tongue emerged from inside his mouth and ran slowly over his bottom lip before his teeth came out and bit down firmly on the pink skin. You actually felt complete with him inside of you.

The next sentence that left your mouth didn’t need to be processed. It had been lingering in the back of your mind for a while now. Waiting for the perfect opportunity. And here it was.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Imagine Sam and Dean saving you after a hunt gone wrong.

Author: hogwartsismyhometoo

Requester: comfortable-anguish

Word Count: 1,932

“Y/N!” Dean calls to you from down the hall. “They’re going around!”

You nod in response and get into a balanced stance, machete held at the ready. This house is like a friggin’ maze, giving the vamps an unfair advantage. It’s old and dark and crumbling, but they’re fast and know the place well. But you have something they don’t. You have the Winchesters.

Three vampires slide into view, skidding to a halt when they spot you. You smirk at them.

“Not so fast,” you say quietly, and leap forward.

They immediately turn around and run in the opposite direction. You chase them, and out of the corner of your eye, you see Dean take off, too. Sweat slips down your face, your legs are burning, your heart is pounding, and you’re oh so tired. But the adrenaline pumping through your veins is enough to keep you going. You were born loving the thrill of the chase, you just didn’t know it. Not until Bobby found you as a baby on the side of the road. Not until Sam and Dean took you on your first hunt.

You raise your machete, ready to take a swing at the vampire lagging behind, but Sam gets there first. He barrels through a side corridor and hacks with his own blade. The vampire doesn’t even have time to shriek before her head falls with a dull thump to the floor.

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Haikyuu!! Otome Series?! - Special Story

Title: A Toss in a Different Direction
Characters: Kageyama Tobio + Reader | Other members of Karasuno make a short appearance
About: Kageyama admits for the first time that there’s something other than volleyball that he likes but…?! | Based off of these two prompts from imaginehaikyuu! CONGRATZ on hitting 600+ follows!! And congrats for Kageyama on winning the poll!
Format: Script based | Plus Extra!

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