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pokemon leader shindan + trainer shindan

+ close up of their teams:

The OTP Tag

Unpopular Ship That You Ship: BlackIce (Jack Frost + Pitch Black)

Don’t ask why, because I have literally no idea. I saw it one day on my dash, and I just couldn’t not. You know? 

OTP That You Didn’t Ship At First, But Now You Do: Sabriel (Sam Winchester + Gabriel)

It started off as me just reading Destiel that had side-Sabriel and I didn’t mind, but I didn’t ship it either. But, then, of course, I fell into a hole and now I do ship it lowkey. (Sam is so tall wtf)

Most Hated OTP (NOTP): Megstiel (Meg Masters + Castiel)

No. Just. No. I physically can’t. I emotionally can’t. I am unable to even. I just. No. Absolutely not. It’s just weird okay. An angel and a demon. That made me so uncomfortable the whole time. I’m so sorry to anyone who actually ships this, I don’t mean to be mean. 

An OTP That Took Way Too Long To Get Together: BB and/or Semperance (Temperance Brennan + Seeley Booth)

Omg. Literally took until the season six finale for them to get together. It was literally hell. I couldn’t believe it took them that long. Jeez. But then they got married and had a kid, so I guess that makes up for it. All I really want to say is: FINALLY.

Favorite Non-Canon OTP: Sterek (Stiles Stilinski + Derek Hale)

I hate to say it, but as of right now, Sterek is non-canon and will probably stay that way. BUT, if you follow me, you know how much I LOVE them together. Ugh. I can’t. They are so great. I had to include two gifs. Forgive me. I love them too much.

Favorite BROTP: Sciles (Scott McCall + Stiles Stilinski)

Literally, the Ultimate Bros™. Love these nerds. Rocky paths, but it’ll all be okay in the end. Or, as Ed Sheeran would say Se enioma enko ye, bibia be ye ye.

A Popular OTP That No Matter How Hard You Try, You Just Can’t Ship It: Joeck (Joe Sugg + Jack Maynard)

I honestly have tried, you guys. I promise. I don’t know if Joeck is even that popular, but I just can’t. My Jaspar heart won’t let me. How do you even pronounce Joeck??? Anyway, I will admit that they are cute.

Favorite LGBTQ+ Ship: Johnlock (Sherlock Holmes + John Watson)

Like, yeah. This one was obvious for me. Even though Johnlock isn’t canon (yet), I love their relationship. I fully support the theories of Gay Sherlock and Bisexual John. Hell yes. Sign me the fuck up. I have high hopes (who am I kidding) for a possible series 5 if Mofftiss can make their minds up. No shade. No. That was a lie.

All-Time Favorite OTP: Larry Stylinson (Harry Styles + Louis Tomlinson)

Okay. Listen. Larry will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first ship I EVER HAD. How crazy is that? I certainly can’t believe it. I haven’t been an active part in the 1D fandom for a while thanks to all the shit that’s been happening since 2015 started. But. I will always ship Larry, no matter what. Larry is real. End Babygate. This one will also have two gifs, and I’m not sorry.

Like. Literally. Just kiss.

Anyway, i encourage all who want to partake in this fun thing to do so. :) I got the tag idea from @cutemarmaid.


God… this took way, way too long. But the primary sketches and design for the Noblesse Theory of Happiness fan video is finally, finally done after quite a while! More information under the cut! Warning for manhwa spoilers, despite this being an AU of sorts.

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                                         ♦  FRIENDS Nine - Nine 

                        “Officer Bing has gotta 10-100. That’s pee-pee.”

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one

Please don’t Repost :3


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anonymous asked:

I don't know how much Persona you're into, but is it at all possible to ask about a Persona 5 AU? Because the idea of Gladion being a Phantom Thief feels super fitting to me

I have Persona Q on 3DS. I’ve played Persona 3 and a bit of Persona 4 on a friend’s PSP. So, I had to do some research hehehe. Said research took way too long lololol.

I see the opening people are ice skating and there’s a Harley Quinn lookalike and I’m like wtf?? XD


  • Gladion and Lillie moving to a new place in Tokyo would probably feature a lot of quarrelling about asking directions.
  • Like Lillie is the kind of person who stops to talk to every little girl and every dog and police to ask for directions.
  • Gladion does not like people so he’s defo not talking to anyone.
  • He’d glare at everyone, and then what would become of him? XD
  • It’s lucky he’s got her with him tbh.
  • The two of them are staying with Professor Kukui, his wife owns a cool café where they both live in. :DDD
  • Kukui basically rehashes Gladion’s little chivalrous tryst saving a woman from a man who was groping her which doesn’t make Gladion like him any better.
  • Lillie refuses to let Gladion go by himself and Lusamine really couldn’t care less where her troublemaking kids go so she’s free to go with him.
  • They have to go to Mele Mele school (because they’re nice and the Principal Hala believes in second chances).
  • Anyway, that night Lillie and Gladion’s phones chime, it’s some weird app that Lillie remembers suddenly opened earlier that day.
  • They decide to delete the creepy thing and fall asleep and both of them wake up in the Velvet Room.
  • Inside the Velvet Room, they’re shocked to find their long lost dad, Mohn, tailed by two Raichu (one Alolan and one not) wearing some kind of prison guard outfit.
  • Moon tells them some confusing things about rehabilitation and tells them to keep the app.
  • When Gladion and Lillie wake up, they’re convinced that the only way to see their dad again is through the app. With this in mind, they make their way to school.
  • When they get there, the app alerts them and opens to show a button to the Metaverse and another to the Palace of some guy they both find out later is their teacher. 
  • You are the welcoming committee person - well, not really, you sent yourself to do the job since no one would - and you drag your friend Hau along with you but you catch them fiddling with the app.
  • Suddenly, you guys take a turn into the classroom you’re all supposed to be in and end up inside of a huge Palace.
  • This is how you four become Persona users traversing people’s minds and stealing their hearts so they stop being corrupt!!! *^*
  • Man this AU is super heavy. 
  • Hau is defo the Ryuji of the group. He’s got a pirate for a persona. Bless.
  • You’re more angry with the Professor than Hau is though even if the guy ruined Hau’s athletic career.
  • But, you and Hau are too shocked by Gladion’s persona awakening. 
  • Gladion in the Joker outfit omfg *screech*
  • And Lillie’s Persona awakens when Gladion is put in danger. 
  • Lillie would have probably a Queen looking Persona. She’d wear more regal clothing than Ann, though. 
  • Lillie can be a supporting Persona user like Futaba sitting on top of a floating throne in regal dress! *^*
  • In the middle of the fight, a doppleganger of you in slutty clothes comes out to fight you and you’re so enraged that he objectifies his students like this that you let out a Persona of your own. ;)
  • Turns out he’s always forcing himself on you which is one reason Hau never lets you go anywhere without him. 
  • In the end, Gladion is caught and you have to physically restrain Lillie from going after him. 
  • Because of your connections, you manage to contact Looker, the Detective that is on Gladion’s case and convince him that Gladion isn’t the culprit.
  • Looker smuggles Gladion out of prison and they all figure out who is the real mastermind behind the incidents.
  • You, Lillie, and Hau manage to clear Gladion’s name and destroy the fake-Mohn in the Velvet room together. :DDD
The Long Lost Sister Returns.

A young woman carrying a pink bundle in a basket huffed and walked up to the house. Oohhhh, the idiot next door to her did this often enough with trinkets and junk, but a baby?! What had he done? Attempted to bring his wife back? Ha! The fool. Caught in the mothering demon’s web. The baby woke up from her slumber, so obviously his plan failed. She wondered how long it took for it to fail this time.
She really needed to use the front door more often, rather than the back door or the chimney. Maybe then people would stop leaving cursed things and freaking bABY TIME CAPSULES. She knocked on the door sharply. A redhead with gleaming green eyes opened the door.


“Here! Take this stupid baby. Whoever named her is here. My stupid neighbour preformed a stupid ritual to bring back his stupid wife even though she only ever used him. He’s pretty stupid. I’m sorry about whatever that mothering demon did, but here. Take back the baby. I do not like kids. I do not like babies. So, just, take her! Raise her or whatever it is you mortals do. Her name’s on her charm. I’m sure you and the one who named her will be happy to have her.” She spoke fast and huffed at the end.

“I- What?” Mark asked, bewildered, he held the baby in one arm and held out the other, “Wait, wait. Who /are/ you?”

“An irritated witch who really needs to move or to get her neighbour evicted.” She said grouchily.
“Now, good day!” She huffed once more before leaving in a cloud of smoke. Mark coughed and waved it away before closing the door. He looked at the baby’s wrist, where the charm was. He could hardly believe his eyes. There was no way! The charm did not say that. He must he dreaming! Jacob- How would Jacob react?!

The charm read,
“Tabitha S. Wilkes”

Last night I had a dream where I was in a nice coffee shop. I bought 2 doughnuts, I finished eating my first 1 and was waiting for my 2nd but the waitress took too long so I got up to ask her about it-she was also the cashier. As I was making my way to the cashier a man with a bodyguard also made his way to her. We got to the cashier at the same time. I asked her about my doughnut when I look to my left I notice that the man was G Eazy(wtf lol). Then, G Eazy ends up giving me a super bad anxiety attack!! And I end up crawling around into the cash register table and the cashier didn’t even question it. She just gave me my doughnut as I was in the middle of my anxiety attack.

cutiepanser-deactivated20161217  asked:

What if we're all waiting for KanaMari to kiss while it turns out they already had their first kiss when they were younger and wanted to experiment to see what kissing was all about?

Ok but first year kanamari experimenting is my jam. Imagine one day when they were hanging out in their clubroom, Mari asked Kanan if she had ever kissed anyone. It had taken her quite a while to muster up the courage to ask that because a large part of her was afraid to know the answer? She wasn’t entirely sure why she was so scared, but whenever she had imagined asking this before, all she could think about was Kanan talking about the many, many people she had kissed. 

Kanan, however, hadn’t kissed anyone before because her soft gay self was too afraid to approach anyone she liked. Most girls she knew kissed boys. So when Mari asked that question, she was surprised, to say the least. She was also super nervous because she could see the expectant way in which Mari looked at her, as though she were expecting her to have some sort of experience. Kanan felt better when she heard Mari say, “I don’t have any experience, so I was just curious if you did.”

“Everyone seems to talk about this type of stuff,” Mari continued, “And we see it all the time in movies. I feel kinda weird for never kissing anyone.” Kanan wasn’t entirely sure how to respond, so she just hummed to show Mari she was listening. She never really liked talking about kissing because it felt like her feelings were so much more different than others around her. Kanan admitted, “I haven’t really considered kissing anyone, but if I were to kiss someone, I would want it to be with someone I trust.” 

“You trust me right? If you wanted to, y’know, try it, maybe you could do it with me?” That reply surprised Kanan, and she had trouble looking at Mari’s red face without feeling herself turn warm too. It was true; she trusted Mari, and she liked her far more than anyone else she had ever met. Kissing was such a big step, though, and Kanan wasn’t sure what it would mean for their friendship. But at the same time, if she didn’t do it now, who knew when she would have another opportunity to know what it felt like to kiss a pretty girl. Kanan nodded and said, “Okay, let’s try it. Right now.”

It took them a while to actually make the move. They stared shyly at each other, shuffling their bodies to find the most comfortable position. It was their special way of stalling. The fear of the unknown was hitting them harder than any time before. After some long, awkward moments, Kanan asked “Are we gonna do this?” Mari nodded, and she scooted close enough to Kanan that their legs pressed against each other’s. Closing their eyes, they both leaned in.

It was short, almost like a peck, and the way Kanan’s rough lips hit Mari’s softer ones was less than perfect. But nonetheless, everything about that kiss felt right, and almost immediately after moving apart, their lips found each other’s once more. This time they went slower, less impatient but just as eager. Mari brought a hand up to the back of Kanan’s neck, pulling her closer than they had ever been before, closer than she could have ever dreamed. Mari’s flowery perfume filled Kanan’s nose, and it comforted her rapidly beating heart. It felt familiar, like home. 

They would have stayed there for much longer if they knew Dia wasn’t supposed to meet them minutes from now. They would have ignored that meeting altogether if they knew things would fall apart a short couple days after. They would have stayed in that moment as long as possible if they knew it would be two years before their lips met once again. 

Just out of curiosity, I tried to read tumblr user megumi0505’s “Compromised Logic” polemic rants with an open mind, wondering if maybe, just maybe, I could find any sense in NS/SK’s arguments. However, I had to stop after a few minutes…

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