this took me two hours and i loved every second

“i hate you,” andrew said casually. he took a last long drag from his cigarette and flicked it off the roof. “you were supposed to be a side effect of the drugs.”
“i’m not a hallucination,” neil said, nonplussed.
“you are a pipe dream,” andrew said. 

here it is, my first ever digital painting! pls go easy on me i know it has a million flaws i’m still learning i just had to paint these two bc i am andreil trash ok

all to myself: vlog 3

“It’s hard to be a vlogger when half your subscribers care more about your hot friends than you.”
- Y/N, from her April 23, 2016 vlog titled ‘Jimin shows his stupid abs 8 times (not clickbait)

↳ vlogger au
pairing: jimin x reader, yoongi x reader

teaser&info (i suggest reading this first) | 1 | 2 | 3 | on-going

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What is this with ragtag space families making me love them and then dying on me? Why must you hurt me this way? Y’all broke my heart, you did, and you didn’t even get a nice firework to your funerals… (actually, well, they did. Kind off. Ugh.)

Anyway, guys, I think I didn’t understand all of the story – the things before and the things to come, the bigger picture – since this was my first Star Wars movie ever, but it was, all in all, very easily to follow even for a newbie. Good guys fight for the right thing and fuck up but try again (and then they fucking breaking my heart, because of course I don’t need that or anything, no).

All in all, this movie was awesome – it somehow sweeps you right up in it’s pace, I really didn’t notice that two hours passed while watching it. The characters are stubborn and broken and determined and good, and I love them, and I hated the Empire-dude with all my heart, and Darth Vader took my breath away he was so cool and scary… the story was well-told and thrilling, and the music on point, and I absolutely adored every freaking second of it – yes including the deaths, because they broke my heart, and that only tells how much they made me love and cheer for those guys, because I cared for them, and I wanted them to live, and they made me do that in two hours and that takes a lot.

Guys, I need to watch all of Star Wars now. I need to. I need to see where Rogue One’s hope went to, and how it began, and how it ended.

Obsession acquired, beep-beep. Probability of getting very much obsessed with this franchise is high, very high.

It only took two hundred and forty days
seven hours
twenty-six minutes
and eighteen seconds
But I can finally say it:
I’m over you.

I no longer think about
the way your hips move when you walk
the way your lips move when you read
the way you always took your glove off
before you held my hand so you could feel me.

I’ve completely forgotten about
texts in the middle of the night, saying you love me, miss me
inside jokes no one else thinks are funny
songs that made you want to pull your car over and kiss me immediately.

I can’t remember
how your voice sounds
how your mouth tastes
how your bedroom looks when the sun first comes up.

I can’t recall
exactly what you said that day
what I was wearing
how long it took me to start crying.

It only took two hundred and forty days
seven hours
twenty-six minutes
and eighteen seconds
to wipe you from my memory.

But if you said you wanted me again
or tomorrow
or two hundred and forty days
seven hours
twenty-six minutes
and eighteen seconds from now,

I’m sure it would all come back to me.

—  Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

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Can I get the GOM + Kagami proposing to their so in highschool & they reply to ask again in 6 years because they're still too young, six years exactly later they propose again and their so is in shock because they could've sworn they were joking?

Uuuah this is very cute! And that is some dedication right there. Most of these boys would probably be… 22 years old during this? I am putting this under a cut because it’s much longer than I expected.

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My Little Pony The Loyal Subjects Blind Box Opening - 8 Boxes!

Phew, that only took like 2 hours to process! Here’s my two-part blindbox opening video, made up of two attempts to film me opening blind boxes, and my phone died midway through! I hope you enjoy!

I included as much relevant info as I could think of at the time; size comparisons to G1, discussion of the cards, a look at the ponies from every angle! Feel free to leave me questions for next time! I’m going to post my second video tomorrow, it’s another unboxing one - KITTY LOVE! :O

God I just love MakoHaru so much like just let me explain

Look at them, look at the looks in their eyes. Makoto’s eyes are just so full of love and admiration for Haru. Meanwhile, Haru is looking back with a surprise, an awe, at the person in front of him. The only person who can comfort him and make him feel this way.

And it’s more than that just the feelings these have for each other amazes me. There’s no one else in the series that mean as much to either one of them as each other does. There have been moments where Haru lost his cool in some episodes, but to no degree did it ever come to the point that it did in season 2 during their fight.

The same can be said for Makoto. We had never once seen Makoto at this level of concern (even frustration) with anyone else in the show no matter what happened. The only single person who made Makoto lose his cool was Haru.

They’re the only two people who can bring out this level of passion in each other. Sure, they care for other characters, but never has it gotten to the level that it did between them. 

Also, when Makoto told Haru he was going to Tokyo it was the first time we saw Haru break. Before that haru was fine with whatever other path his friends took. He knew Rin would probably leave somewhere to swim, he didn’t mind, as well as his other friends careers.

But Makoto he figured would always stay with him. He was the one Haru cared about, so when Makoto said he was leaving that was the moment Haru broke. Makoto is the reason Haru broke.


Also, just to add it in, Makoto was the only one to directly voice that he loved Haru. Even if he spoke for everyone else, the only person he can 100% speak for is himself and his feelings.

Makoto loves Haru. This is actually canon. This goes beyond, admiring swimming talent, he loves Haru. Not for his swimming, but for Haru himself.

Then after the fight the only reason haru was willing to leave and actually go to Australia was because he was afraid to face Makoto after the fight. THE FIGHT AFFECTED HIM TO THE POINT WHERE HE WAS OKAY WITH LEAVING THE COUNTRY ON A SECONDS NOTICE. LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

Now, not even just the absolute passion they bring out in each other, the way Haru is so concerned about his relationship with Makoto is shown when he comes back.

Haru is so surprised Makoto is there for him, but struggles with what to say because after their fight he’s worried about their relationship. Haru has never been shown before this to act this way towards anyone. The level that he cared about this fight and their relationship is incomparable to any other.

And Makoto, the sweet little angel, is able to sense this and understands why haru said all those things. He knows Haru wants to say sorry and that Haru still cares for him, so he welcomes Haru home and like that everything between them is cleared because they have that connection where a huge make up session isn’t needed. Their hearts connect and understand.

I see you blushing Haru, you can’t hide it. You lovesick fool.

Now, MOVING ON TO EVEN MORE, Makoto is also the only person shown to make Haru feel jealous

to the point he begins to dislike someone who was previously a friend. Close enough to where they shared a bento, mind you. Now Haru doesn’t even want to be touched by the Kisumi who once tried to steal Makoto away in middle school.

Haru has never felt this towards anyone else. Not sousuke for becoming close to rin, in fact any hostility between them mostly came from Sousuke and Haru was never really angry with sousuke because of rin, but because Sousuke was so hostile when he never did anything wrong, even then he was concerned about Sousuke’s shoulder. Never had he felt the same dislike he felt for Kisumi.

Meanwhile Haru also doesn’t feel jealousy when Rei and Nagisa have shown to be close, do I even need to go into that if you'v seen the show?

The comfort these two have with each other is also pretty noteable. In season 2 Haru and Rin could barely stand sharing the same bed meanwhile Makoto has been known the hold onto Haru while sleeping next to each other in the past 

also earlier in the same seen it’s clearly shown how close the two have scooted next to each other to sleep, compared to the other kids. They’re quite close together.


This little gem of official art (where Haru is also clutching a pillow with the same pattern as the shirt they both share *cough cough*)

It seems as Makoto and Haru have no boundaries. I mean c'mon, Makoto comes to Haru’s house almost every morning and helps Haru out of the bath. You have to wonder how that started.

Oh, I almost left out the fact that haru chose to go to Tokyo just so he can be close to Makoto. That’s who he cared to stay with. He didn’t pick a college at home to be with Nagisa or Rei. He didn’t try to get into the same college as Rin. He chose Makoto. Haru chose his future with Makoto and decided he wanted to stay by Makoto’s side over anyone else’s.

Can we also talk about the way these two smile at each other for a second

And they go out on dates all the time.

Look at them sharing food. Just thinking about Haru is going to lean down and eat that as Makoto feeds it to him. That’s obviously what’s going to happen here don’t even doubt it.

It’s also funny because I probably didn’t even include half the art of them going on dates, like honestly.

Did I mention the fact they share the shirt Haru is wearing? God I love this official art so much let me just take a second on this too. They both look like they had recently taken a bath. Leads to the possibility they bathe together? Would explain how comfortable Makoto is with getting Haru out of the bath. Also, look at how comfortable Makoto’s siblings are with Haru. That’s a close relationship for your little brother to be hanging off of your lover best friend like that.

Continuing on, let’s remember that when they were kids the reason Haru even swam at the pool was because Makoto asked him to because he said the oh so famous makoharu words

wait a second where have we- oh yes i remember



The coach said it not me.

Now more with this scene, because it’s really important

Makoto, even at such a young age, was willing to let Haru have the dolphin that he wanted. They have the relationship where they’re willing to do things like that for eachother, give things up. Meanwhile you have seen Rin and Sousuke in the same situation where the did play the rock paper scissors. I think the creators did this on purpose to really show the difference between the friendships, and as much as I could go into the parallel between sourin and makoharu, this is a post about makoharu.

Lol, just to add this in too, there’s no trace of Haru’s swim attire which means he’s in that tub naked. Naked and thinking of Makoto eyyy

Okay, but back to being serious there’s so many reason I love MakoHaru and even with all I’ve written so far I’ve barely scraped the top of the water. I’ve only addressed like half of the second season and honestly I could talk about every single episode about how much these two care about each other and love each other, but then this post would be about 2000 times longer than it really is.

*sighs* I just






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idk if you've written something like this but can u write abt niall out of no where asks u to marry him and then he's like fjck i didnt mean to say that outloud fuck, thanks!!! xX

It had been a great day.  For no real reason really.  Other than the fact that you and Niall had spent it together.  It was raining so there was no going outside.

The morning had started out with cooking breakfast and then eating it together.  He told you all about his plans for the week which included studio time and hopefully a date with you.  You informed him that you were gearing up for a hopeful promotion at work to which he pecked a kiss to your lips and announced they’d be “idgits” if they didn’t promote you.

The couch followed after a quick shower together.  No sex, just some lazy touching and kissing.  You promptly put on a pair of sweats and one of his hoodies while he pulled on a pair of his sweats and an old t-shirt.

And now you were both on the couch.  Your head was in his lap while you thumbed through your iPad reading the news and some social media while he flipped between golf tournaments on TV and played with your hair.

What you hadn’t noticed was that at least 30 minutes ago his attention had been taken off the TV and placed squarely on you.  He watched while you read.  He was enthralled with your eyes as they moved back and forth as well as the way your mouth moved.  He quickly learned that when you were reading a particularly dramatic story, you pursed your lips and gritted your teeth.  He’d never noticed that before but now that he had it was banked in his memory forever.

“God I love ya so much.  Marry me, Angel.”  He whispered softly.

So softly.

So much so that he didn’t even realize he’d said it out loud until you froze.  Your eyes the only thing moving as they met his.  You let your iPad fall against your chest,

“Wh-what?”  You asked softly.

Niall’s eyes widened,


You pushed up onto your butt, turning to look at him while both of you stayed silent.  He ran a hand over his face,

“Didn’t mean t’say that out loud.”  He answered softly after a few moments.

You stared back at him,

“S-s-so what?  That means you didn’t mean it?”

He quickly lunged forward to put his hands on your shoulders,

“No.  No.  Angel, I meant it.”

You swallowed hard, the earlier jump to anger dissipating out of you as you watched him try to figure out how to explain this one.  He pulled his leg up onto the couch and turned to look at you,

“I just…I meant…”  He let his hand fall to the couch with a thud as he’d finally given up on trying to spin this and just decided to go with the truth, “I wanted t’do that somewhere special.  You in a pretty dress, me…”  He looked down at his outfit, “Not in sweats.”  He looked back up at you, “I wanted t’get down on one kneed and tell ya…”  He took your hand in his as he swallowed, “That you are the best part of every one of my days.  That I can’t imagine what my life would be like without ya.  That I love ya more and more every second of every minute of every hour of every day.  And that I want ya with me…”

Your eyes were wide, this was definitely a shock considering the day the two of you had had.  He lifted your hand to his mouth and pressed a soft kiss to the back of it,

“So…what d’ya say?  Wanna marry me?”

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ok but i just headcanoned that every time oliver feels his guilt spike/remembers his time when he had to be in the league that felicity kisses him on the arrowhead mark on his back. She'll wrap her arms around him from behind, press her body against his and kiss that spot to let him know he's not there anymore and she loves him no matter what.

It took two months, seventeen days and roughly fourteen hours…

“You know, Lyla’s been getting after me about having more ‘couple’ friends, whatever the hell that means.”

Oliver froze in the middle of unzipping his jacket. After a second of silence, he continued, pulling it all the way off, the sound of rough leather and the clink of Diggle’s gear being put away the only things filling the air. Oliver pinched his lips into a thin white line, taking a slow breath before he moved to hang his jacket on the mannequin, offering a nonchalant, “Oh?”

“Yeah.” Oliver glanced back. Diggle stared at him, his face giving away nothing; it didn’t show the steady level of strain that still existed between them, the hard-edged comments over the comm, the unanswered questions, the awkward silences… “Do you guys wanna come over for dinner?”

and it took one week, three days and about four hours for her and Oliver to find themselves standing in front of the Diggle’s door.

Oliver lifted his hand to knock, hesitating for a second before going in for the kill… but right before his knuckles touched the door, he paused. She watched his hand, watched it shake a little, watched him move to knock again before he froze, again. 

Oliver finally pulled his hand back. 

Felicity looked up at him. He stared at the door, his face a mask of memories; he didn’t have to tell her that he wasn’t seeing it as it was now, but as it had been when he’d walked in there with the League, when he’d infiltrated his best friend’s home as Al Sah-him, taking his wife against her will and leaving their toddler daughter alone.

Oliver’s brow furrowed, a storm of emotions sweeping over his face before he grimaced, bowing his head.

He’d talked about it, a little, during one of their many nights laying in bed, arms wrapped around each other, a dull lamp on the nightstand the only illumination of the ceiling… the night he told her about the League, about coming to Starling, he’d had his head resting on her naked chest, his arms wrapped around her, his voice partially muffled as he described what he’d done, why he’d done it…

And about Diggle, what he’d said… and that he’d been right.

They were broken, and neither of them were making any real effort to fix it. They were more uneasy acquaintances now, partners because they fought the same cause - that was it.

But then Diggle had invited them over, for dinner. 

As friends.

It was a step, an important one, and now it was Oliver’s turn to take the next one.

“Oliver…” she breathed. She pressed her face into his shoulder, breathing him in - he smelled like home, like Oliver, mixed in with the leather jacket he wore and the distinct smell of Fall starting to fill the air outside.

Felicity didn’t say anything - she didn’t have to - as she slipped her hand under the back of his jacket, skimming his back until she found the scar she’d memorized long ago - the arrowhead that had been burned into him, a symbol of his new identity within the League. 

“I don’t hate my scars,” he whispered. “I used to, but now they’re just… there, they’re things that happened to me, things I survived… but not that one. That one’s just… it’s an ugly reminder of… who I had to be.”


“What I’m capable of, what I had to do.”

“No,” Felicity replied, shaking her head, ignoring the tear that slipped from the corner of her eye, streaking into her hair. She kissed the crown of his head, her heart clenching when she felt one of his tears on her breast. “No, Oliver, it’s not that, not at all. It is a reminder, but not of that - it’s a reminder of what you had to overcome, what you had to go through to get here, to who you are now.”

Felicity’s fingers traced the scar through his shirt before she pressed her hand over it.

“You’re not your scars, Oliver, not any of them.”

Oliver sighed, his shoulders falling as he leaned into her and Felicity shifted until she was behind him. She wrapped her arms around his waist, hugging him tightly, pressing her lips to his scar. He stiffened, just like he always did when she kissed that particular scar, before melting against her.

It was her reminder to him that the past was the past, that he wasn’t that person, that he’d never been that person despite the mark on his body…

That it wouldn’t be easy, repairing the damage, but he could do it. 

He would.

Oliver’s hands covered hers where they laid across his stomach, holding her just as tightly.

A minute later, Oliver knocked.

Beautiful Human Squad under the cut…

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