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inspiration for witches

  • witches of the forest and the night - they change into wolves during the day and roam the green forest of trees searching for fellow caged creatures. The set free winged and wise owls under the moon, that illuminates their pearl feathers.
  • witches of the winter and stars - foggy winter evenings become hues of blue filled with starry nights for the witches. they live in old victorian schools surrounded by trees made dead by the harsh cold season. they wear bewitched moonstones around their necks that turn them into deers enchanting the frozen forest…
  • witches of the sea and precious gems - these witches live and breathe the sacred salty air of the shore. they use precious gems to channel their inner soul to undulate crashing waves into the grey sea. they dance and drown beneath the crystal watery surface like silver sea-sirens.
  • witches of burning fire and flames - golden wreathed witches filled with the radiance of bright fire and flames. they use blazing candles to illuminate the darkness in their cathedral of trees. their familiars are foxes as red as the sun and as sly as smoke from their fires. 

OMG finally I’ve done it! It took me about two weeks but I’ve done it xD 

My Foxes. My boys. *-* I’m still trying to recover, yeah… However, every time I spot a post with a quote from aftg, I read it then look for it in the book and read the whole page, and you know what? I always feel the moment, but every time that feeling is going deeper.


“It’s really simple for friends to become lovers. Just one of the two, needs to take that one step closer. With this one step, the relationship between the two will change entirely. Just like this.”

“One step, that one step never existed between Gook Doo and me. But that day, that person, took one step closer to me.”

Mistakes you made | one

Bucky x Reader

Summary: in which Bucky breaks up with you because of an insecurity. 

Word Count: 1326 | Rating: G [not for part 2 tho]

 Warnings: Yelling, cursing 

 A/N: Now if you need a part two, I can do it 😀😀😀 I s2g this was supposed to be just a prompt omg. I thought about this prompt all day (now you know why it took me so fuckng long) + I’m on the phone which makes it 100x difficult to write so Sorry for any typos. And I have two more prompts in my ask box, and I promise I’ll do them tomorrow (don’t worry and I’m sorry Annonies, if you’re read this)  I’m a very irresponsible writer, with no hope 😞😭 and if you stick around with me in spite of that then I want to thank y'all 🙏🏼

Requested by: @frenchtherainbow thank you, you’ve officially brought out the angst in me 🙃😭

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Who knows Tolkien’s elvish (Sindarin mode) should understand what Oilell said (And I hope I didn’t screw it, cause I learned it so long ago omg).

4th panel: I love you

9th panel: (that) I love you, dumbass (spelled on “Dumb one”, since all elvish insults using adjectives seem to be built this way :v)

Oilell’s truly speechless lmao

And I think I fell in love with chibis *v*

tbh idk what I’m doing. And now as I look at it, this comic feels shitty. But whatever… xD

Phillip “Lip”  Gallagher Imagine

Pairing: Lip Gallagher x reader
Warnings: cussing, sadness, cuteness
Description: You and Lip are best friends and you finally confess how you feel to him
Requested: nope
A/N: this is my first imagine so bare with me, I still hope you enjoy it :) this also took me too long to write omg like I thought maybe three days because I’ve done it before oh NO. This took me two weeks yALL

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You had been best friend’s with Lip ever since he cussed out a boy that was harassing you in grade school. You thanked him for weeks until he finally laughed it off, and since then you two have been as thick as thieves. Throughout your school career with him, all you saw was this big brother that would gladly beat up anyone for you. He was always there for you, and you spent more time with him than you did your own family.

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It only took two hundred and forty days
seven hours
twenty-six minutes
and eighteen seconds
But I can finally say it:
I’m over you.

I no longer think about
the way your hips move when you walk
the way your lips move when you read
the way you always took your glove off
before you held my hand so you could feel me.

I’ve completely forgotten about
texts in the middle of the night, saying you love me, miss me
inside jokes no one else thinks are funny
songs that made you want to pull your car over and kiss me immediately.

I can’t remember
how your voice sounds
how your mouth tastes
how your bedroom looks when the sun first comes up.

I can’t recall
exactly what you said that day
what I was wearing
how long it took me to start crying.

It only took two hundred and forty days
seven hours
twenty-six minutes
and eighteen seconds
to wipe you from my memory.

But if you said you wanted me again
or tomorrow
or two hundred and forty days
seven hours
twenty-six minutes
and eighteen seconds from now,

I’m sure it would all come back to me.

—  Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone

Got my wig fixed up and finally found the khakis I needed (but of course they’re not visible in these lol).

I got the sweater for Christmas as a gift from my dad!! I really love it omg. My eye doctor won’t let me get colored contacts though…I have eye issues from medicine I’m on. Anyways.

Ken Ichijouji winter outfit from Digimon Adventure 02! The middle two I’m holding Leafmon and a D-Terminal (I think that’s what they were called…?).

Happy Digimon Selfie Sunday! I took these Friday but shhhhh.

I’ll be wearing this one day at Tekko in April! Last year it snowed that weekend so like, why not lol.



The main idea of this was Jake meeting up with Dirk once again after he died and Dirk faded in to the glitch. I really do hope everything turns out okay between them

It took me two days to complete this and I love how this turned out.

I hope you guys like it as much as I do.

I think you can guess whats my favorite HS ship.


Angel (Jeonghan)

angel (jeonghan)
type: small angst, but there’s fluff towards the end =w=
pairing: jeonghan x reader
synopsis: u and jeonghan have been going out in secret, but the members catch you two one day ooh
words: 1780
a/n: sorry it’s so long omg this took me the whole day hOPE U LIKE IT ILY

In all honesty, you hated it. Always exchanging small glances, but never anything else. Always sitting next to each other, but never getting the touch that you craved so much. Always wanting, but never getting. The constant pulling away, sneaking around unnoticed, pretending to be ‘just friends’… It was tiring.

And to be completely, utterly honest, you despised it.

You knew it wasn’t his fault, none of it was. But you never understood why. Why did you have to go through this? Why aren’t you allowed to show everyone the love you have for each other, after he oh so sincerely said that you were his everything? Questions and assumptions, constantly circling your brain. Constantly circling, constantly eating you alive.

You were on your way to the boys’ practice room, after a text from Jeonghan, asking for you to come over. Your heart began to beat, you missed him, you missed him so much.
But all the excitement that was slowly building up inside you was crushed back down, after another text came through, ruining any hope you had in your heart.
According to your boyfriend, it would simply be ‘too risky’ for it to be anymore than a hangout. Your feelings were torn, torn between being understanding and torn between being hurt.

One month, it had been. One whole month of not seeing him after his commitments to their comeback. You’d think that after such a long period time, they’d be absolutely ecstatic and be itching to hold each other in the other’s arms once more.
Unfortunately, your relationship was a bit more complicated than something as simple as that. Jeonghan’s schedule was usually far too packed for you and him to make time to see each other. And what made it harder was the fact that somebody was always there.

He couldn’t kiss you, because someone was in the other room and could walk in any second.
He couldn’t hug you, because the members might take it all the wrong way and find out.
He couldn’t hold your hand, because that’s just simply giving it away.

And it hurt you, it really did. But no matter how much pain was caused to your heart, you always came back to him.

You didn’t know what it was about the long haired boy that made you stick by him all this time. Maybe it was the way he would whisper sweet nothings into your ear, as you two cuddled up on the couch to the sound of the fireplace crackling. Or perhaps it was the way he kissed you, like he needed you, like he longed for you.

A small smile came to your lips as you stood before the building where your boyfriend was waiting, reminiscing about all the amazing memories you and Jeonghan shared. You slowly raised your fist to the door, knocking several times and waiting for a reply on the other side.

“Oi! Someone get the door!”
“-Oof! Don’t make me get it! We have a maknae for a reason!”
“But hyung!- ugh, fine.”

Soon, the door swung open, revealing Chan, Seventeen’s maknae. Immediately, his eyes lit up when he saw it was you, “Y/N! What are you doing here?” He asked rather excitedly.
You were close to all the boys, considering the fact that you hung out with them so much. And it was a surprise, even to you, that they hadn’t picked up anything that was going on between you and Jeonghan.

“It’s been a month, of course I’m going to visit my favourite boys!” You smiled, although inside, you were just dying to see your boyfriend. You didn’t even have to say hi, simply seeing him would be enough. “Great! Well, we’re all just about to eat, so hurry and come in! The hyungs made kimbap!” Chan grinned taking you by the wrist and tugging you inside.
You were greeted by a chorus of hello’s from the members once you were in their line of sight. Slowly, your eyes scanned each of their faces and your heart skipped a beat when they landed on those familiar brown eyes that made you melt every time you saw them.


Biting your lip, you averted his gaze, not wanting it to last any longer than it should. Your heart was racing, he was so close but so far away. You cleared your throat then quickly sat down as Seungcheol passed out kimbap to everyone.
The same thought passed through your head as every once in a while you two would lock gazes.

Always wanting, but never getting.

His voice snapped you straight out of your thoughts, “I’m gonna get us all some water.” Jeonghan said, standing up and dusting himself off from any stray pieces that came off the kimbap. Thinking nothing of it, all the boys nodded with mouths full and shooed him away.
“Jagi- I mean Y/N, come help me out.” He said quickly, before disappearing into the kitchen.

Your stomach did back flips at what could’ve happened if that whole word had slipped from his mouth, but by the looks of things, the boys were too immersed in their kimbap to even think about what Jeonghan had said. At his request, you nodded slowly, scrambling to your feet and following closely behind him.

You saw him, his back against the counter, that cute SnapBack you always loved on his head. Quickly, you walked to him and was about to envelop him in the biggest hug you could muster, when he suddenly pushed you away softly. “Y/N, what are you doing? We could get caught!” Jeonghan said sternly.

Ever so slowly, you backed off, stuttering softly and trying to form a sentence from your dry mouth, “I-I just thought… Jeonghan I-… It’s been a month, I miss you.” You whispered, your hands suddenly becoming a very interesting thing to look at. “That’s no excuse Y/N! This whole relationship is supposed to be a secret!”

Your blood began to boil, anger rose and overtook any other emotion you were feeling at that moment, “But why Jeonghan?! Why must it be like this?! A-are you embarrassed of me? Is that why? Are you embarrassed people might judge you because you’re stuck with a nobody like me?”

Tears blurred your vision as all the sadness and pain that you had kept bottled up for who knows how long, resurfaced. Seeing you like this, broke Jeonghan’s heart, he never liked it when you cried, but he hated it even more when he was the reason behind those tears.

“Jagiya, you know that I would never get embarrassed by you. I mean, look at you. Your beautiful in every single way, and I am so so lucky to have you to call mine.” The long haired boy tried to get your attention, placing his fingers on your chin and pushing it up so your eyes met.

“You wanna know why I wanted to keep us a secret? I wanted to protect you, you know how publicity can be, and you know how savage some people can get online, I don’t want any of these things happening to you, I just want to protect you, baby.” He said, his voice hushed, gently swiping his thumb underneath your eye to capture all the tears threatening to spill.

His words surprised you. Never would you have thought that protecting you was his intention the whole time. Your heart warmed like no other and before your mind could catch up to your heart, you hugged him as tight as you could, “I missed you so much.” You murmured.

“I missed you too.” He whispered back. Slowly, he detached himself from you and locked his eyes on your lips. Slowly, he leaned in, and slowly your lips met.
God, it had been so long since you two kissed that it felt like it was their first time doing it.
The familiar fireworks exploded in your stomach as your lips moved in sync with each other, the passion in it making up for all the loneliness the both of you had felt throughout the past gruelling weeks. It was then that you had come to realise that if sneaking around with Jeonghan was what he wanted, than so be it.

You’d rather have him in secret than not have him at all.

“Hey! How long does it take to get wat- oh.” Hoshi said, walking into the room while you and Jeonghan lips were still locked.
Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, pushing Jeonghan away as fast as you could. They were busted. “What’s going on in here?” Seungcheol asked, entering the room, along with the rest of the members.
You looked up at your boyfriend, not knowing what to say in this situation. You were surprised when Jeonghan’s face looked absolutely calm. A small spark of hope lit inside you, thinking that maybe he’d finally tell the truth.

But yet again, you were disappointed when all you were met by was silence.

“I-It was an accident, I slipped and accidentally fell on him, then we accidentally kissed.” You said flatly, feeling completely drained. The boys nodded slowly, letting the matter slide, they were just about to leave when Jeonghan’s voice rang out.


A small gasp left your lips as he enveloped your hand in his, “I haven’t been completely honest with you guys. For the past 5 months, I’ve been going out with someone. That someone is the most beautiful person in the whole wide world, they stuck by me even when I made some pretty dumb decisions and they stuck by me through my busy schedule. They’re kind hearted and would never ever hurt a fly, I admire them for being so strong hearted about my decision to hide them from the fans.. And from you guys, I love them and really hope you agree with our relationship too.” Jeonghan said firmly.

You were met by silence for a while until Seungkwan chose to speak up,“So.. Just to be clear, it’s Y/N right?” Slowly, you two nodded, waiting for the verdict from your best friends.

“Ugh finally”
“Yeah guys, geez. I mean we didn’t know what was happening between you two, but you were so suspicious!”
“I totally called it.”

The response took you aback, but nevertheless, made you grin from ear to ear. Your secret was out, finally. You looked up at Jeonghan who was already staring down at you with the same smile mirroring back at you. Standing on your toes, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for another bone crushing hug.

“You really are an angel, Yoon Jeonghan, you really are.”


OKay so this took me all day to make. Im not good at animating/making gifs so i put in the two images used for if anyone wants to. anyway yea, im really proud of these and im going to sleep now.

more demi!Cas stuff for ace!Cas day because I said so  (*˙︶˙*)☆*°
destiel, canon divergence (probably some time after s8 finale where Sam’s fine and dandy after not finishing the Hell trials and human!Cas joins them at the bunker right after he falls)

Castiel is sure he’s the one; they’ve been hunting this siren for the past two days, and he’s tired and exhausted and just wants to go back to the bunker and rest.

He texts Dean and Sam the location of the siren while he keeps his eyes glued to the thing. He sips his drink and grimaces. Alcohol tasted much less like… alcohol when he was an angel.

“Hey there, sweetheart,” a woman slides beside him. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Castiel gives her a glance and back to their target. “No, thank you.”

“Aw, don’t be such a stiffy,” she says smoothly. “Though, I hope by the end of the night someone will be a little of that, if you get what I mean.”

Castiel frowns at this (he really doesn’t have time for this right now), and glances at her again. She smirks and tucks a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear, and leans a little lower to display herself better. She’s a very attractive woman.

“I’m a little occupied at the moment, but thank you for your interest,” he replies evenly.

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i went to sleepaway camp one summer when i was younger, and it was around when nintendogs came out so i was pretty attached to my game, and i was so worried about my dogs, that my dad actually played nintendogs every day for me while i was at summer camp, like he fed them and took them for walks and thats just not something ill ever forget

Overdoing things Caeseria!style..

So I basically took a day off work today to go ice skating… because the lure of an almost person-free Skate Canada rink is sometimes too much.  The Precious calls to me…. anyway.  

Because it was a weekday, the sessions are close to 2 hours rather than the usual 50 minutes.  I haven’t managed to get on the ice in two weeks, so out I went.  I did a lot of fiddling around: swizzles, S-curves, deep edges (omg, have I mentioned how much of a pervert I am for the sound of my blades ripping into the ice, JFC, I love it).  When I got off the ice, I almost fell over in front of the two or three retired guys who’d also come out to skate.  Embarrassing, because last time I did a two-hour skate I’d only been on the ice a total of three times, so the two hours encompassed me just skating forward and trying to remain upright.  This time.. yeah, I was actually doing stuff.  

Apparently, I have tendons or muscles on the *outside* of my ankles that join with my calves.  These, and about every other single muscle in my legs are killing me.  I feel like a newborn.  Halp.

In somewhat related news… I wore Yuuri’s jacket while skating.  I think I redeemed his honor, because I didn’t fall over this time while wearing it XD

But holy crap was it fun.  Get out and skate, guys, if you can.  Because being on the ice… the only way to describe the joy is this: Go listen to the song Yuri on Ice.  THAT is what ice skating feels like.. the cool air on your face, the sound of your blades, that ripping noise ;)  Yessssss my precious! :D


Happy AlWin day everyone~!!

Omg, I’m sorry it took me a while to post this, I only just got home ^^’

Anyways, here is my contribution for AlWin day and as you guys can see I went for a “family/domestic” theme ;)

On the first doodle we have Al and Winry, with her pregnant of her their first child, maybe, and being two adorable lil’ things <3

On the second doodle we have the two again, this time with their oldest child, Trisha and their middle child, Urey, who looks like Ed.

How ironic XDDD

And lastly we have a doodle of the three children together: Trisha (the kind and yet protective  sister), Urey (the quiet child) and Nina (the cutie).

Well, I hope you guys enjoy~!!!

Infinite - Hello, It’s Me Again

Request: Infinite hasn’t seen their best friend/crush for almost two years, and, finally they get a surprise visit!

Ps; I’m so sorry this took forever! Apparently moving up in the ranks means I can no longer avoid workplace drama….

Sunggyu: *he’d be in disbelief at first upon seeing your face* “I-is… Is that really you?”

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*might consider confessing now that you’re back*

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Dongwoo: *dies of excitement* “OMG! Y/N! I MISSED YOU!”

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*would basically spend the whole day with you, wanting to hear all about your adventures the past two years*

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Woohyun: “Jagiya!! I mean, Y/N!” *probably fantasized about what could’ve been during the years* ignore the text

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*decides it’s now or never* “I have something to tell you…”

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Hoya: “It’s so good to see you” *happy, but uncertain of how long you’ll stay*

*just treats you as he did before, hanging out, hiding his feelings. Only now he’s occasionally wondering if you’ll stay this time*

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Sungyeol: *sees you; can’t believe it* “You’re back! I’ve missed you so much!”

“Warn me next time you decide to leave me with these idiots”

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L: *his face when he sees you*

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*still getting used to your return* “S/he’s back..?”

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Sungjong: *spends a lot of time with you, both of you wanting to catch up*

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“How could you leave me with these morons..?” feigns betrayal

Hope you like it! Sorry for taking so long D: