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Straight White Boy Problem #987

last time I smoked weed (two years ago lol) I got really existential while listening to Childish Gambino when i was at Ryan’s house and i took a couple hits and was like what the hell am I going to do with my life? Am I going to find my soulmate some day? Do my friends actually value my feelings and do they value me for who I am or are friends just using me for their own gain? Is it okay to root for the New England Patriots even though I’m not from New England? All these questions were going through my mind and I was breaking down. I didn’t know what was going on I didn’t know I had all of these pent up emotions that were being brought out. I was scared. I wanted to talk about my dilemnas with Ryan but the last time i tried that, he made fun of me I need to start letting myself feel emotions rather than smoke my troubles away. So I quit weed. Granted, I still hang out with Ryan but it’s just not the same bc I dont smoke anymore :/

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Okay, just hear me out. The twins and the the cousins, at a beach.

did someone say group summer trip (in which i’m too lazy to draw any other characters)

felix is a summertime sourpuss but adrien’s having none of it


12 days of stydia
    ⤷  day two:
favorite episode (3x11)

On Coming Out

Okay, I’m going to be unbearable, tacky, and profound. Please feel free to tune out. But I finally told my mom about my girlfriend two days ago, and she took two days to mull over the topic, and today we sat down and we finally spoke about me being into girls for the first time (she’s known for a while, but this was our first real conversation that took more than five minutes). Now I’m supposed to be asleep, because I have a flight back home in a few hours, but I’m too excited to sleep. So instead I’m going to be embarrassing and share Profound Thoughts about coming out.

I’m always really bitter when I see any media emphasising the importance of coming out. They make it sound as if being out was an end-all for us, and if you don’t come out, you are: living a lie, hurting your partner, showing you are ashamed of your partner, etc. I fucking hate shaming people for not coming out.

On the other hand: holy shit, being out is awesome. I’m out at work, I’m out to all my friends, I’m out to my mom. I love it. I kiss my girl in public, I make dumb gay jokes to my team at work, I tell my mom about how my gf is going to hate our new bread basket. It feels wonderful. In comparison, being closeted was a constant exercise in bitterness and vague anxiety. It was looking over my shoulder, it was feeling excluded from conversations, it was just so fucking uncomfortable. Now I get why some non-straight people idealise being out, and why they treat it like the ultimate goal. But there is a catch.

The thing about me is: I’m almost 30 years old. I moved countries, I’m renting a flat with my girlfriend, I’m financially independent. I live in a big, cosmopolitan city that doesn’t give a fuck. There is an LGBT support group in our local library, a gay bookshop just a bus ride away, not to mention other facilities. We have a large group of non-straight friends, both locally and all around the world. Of course I’m out. I’d be stupid not to be in these circumstances. Of course I don’t care when my bigoted relatives make homophobic jokes around me. No matter what they say, I’ll be a continent away from them in a few days, and anyway, I’m in this family and I like girls, fuck anyone who has a problem with that.

You know when I wasn’t out? A few years ago. When I was struggling with finding work, struggling with depression, and scared that if I came out to both my parents, my dad would make my health even worse with his insensitive comments. I wasn’t out when I’d just managed to find work, and I didn’t want to take risks. I wasn’t out when my girlfriend was far away in a different country, and I didn’t have the comfort of waking up next to her every day.

Coming out is great. 10/10 would recommend. But coming out isn’t what makes life good. What makes life good is finding yourself in circumstances in which you are able to come out safely. It’s either putting yourself in a place that you know will shield you from the backlash, or building yourself a state of mind in which other people’s bullshit doesn’t touch you. You can’t come out unless you feel safe, be it for external or internal reasons. Guilting non-straight kids into coming out is immoral, cruel, and stupid. Coming out is not a life-changing act of heroism. It is, it should be, a result of finding oneself in safe, healthy circumstances. That’s when it has the chance to feel as great as they make it sound in the movies.

Miss you~V

Pairing: Taehyung (V) x You
Warning: Smut
× × × × × × ×

’“I’ll come today baby. My manager gave me 2 free days since i needed to see you”’ Taehyung said over the phone

“Yayy i can’t wait to see you!” You smiled, happiness filling you

’“Okay babe, see you soon”’


You squealed as you two finished the short conversation. He wasn’t supposed to come home for next 2 months, or even more. You got up and decided to clean yourself a bit, since you were in your pjs only with a little dirty hair did in your ponytail.

“Gosh i need a shower” You mumbled to yourself before stepping inside the bathroom

× × ×

You took a deep breath, warmith of hot water still able to be felt on your skin. You dried your hair fast and brushed it, making it look decent. For clothes, you took just some simple shorts and Tae’s shirt, since he loves when you wear his clothes.

Just as you finished with dressing up, you heard a knock on your door. It was obviously Tae. You run towards the door, not wanting to make him wait.

“I missed you” You said jumping in a hug as you opened the doors

“I missed you too. So much” He replied hugging you back

He came inside the apartment, you still not letting him go. Just as you managed to lock the doors, he attacked your lips with a deep kiss

“Mhm-Tae” you moaned in between kisses

“Said something princess?” He asked, licking his lips as he stared down at you.

“I-i love you” You said, feeling yourself getting wet as he massaged your lower back with his long, slender fingers.

“I love you too, princess” He replied before starting to kiss your jaw line, making you moan loudly

You felt your knees go weak, and before you could say anything, like Taehyung knew, he picked your up with a bridal style. While staring at you with those beautiful dark eyes, he brought you to yours bedroom.

He threw you on the bed, before moving on top of you, kissing your neck hungrily, making hickeys all over it.

It wasn’t often that Taehyung was this dominant, but when he is, like right now, you melt under his touch and you aren’t able to think properly. It’s like he’s making you crazy.

“I love when you wear my things, princess…but right now, i want nothing more, but to see you naked. Right in front of me and only for me” Taehyung said, staring lustfully at you

“Go on then” you breathed out

Taehyung wasted no time. He looked at your clothes, before hurriedly moving the shirt off of you, and then your pair of shorts. Underneath those were a pair of black underwear. Taehyung scanned your body, before also removing those, so thag you were completely naked, laying in front of him.

“Someone’s really wet” Taehyung said, moving down on your lower region

“W-well” you blushed, stuttering

“Shh don’t worry, princess. I love seeing you that wet for me” He said as he placed his point finger at your entrance

You groaned at his actions, hating how he loved to play with you when you’re wet. He loved making you wait and beg for him.

“P-please” You gasped

“Please what?” He asked cocky

“Please…please fuck me” You begged

“Well, someone’s eager” He replied before pushing one of his fingers inside of you, making you moan.bHe pumped inside of you, soon putting inside another finger.

“You’re tight ” Taehyung said, loving the way you look when he pleasures you

You felt that you’ll come soon, and before you knew it, you were coming a lots on his fingers, letting out a loud moan. He pulled out his fingers out of you, licking off your juices.

“T-taehyung, i need you.” You said wanting to feel him inside of you

“I need you too princess, get ready now” He whispered on your ear as he moved himself on your entrance

He slowly started coming in, but ended up slamming against you, making you let out one hell of a moan. He started thrusting fast, moving almost completely out before slamming onto you again and again. You were a moaning mess, holding onto his shoulders as he thrusted into you.

“You’re so tight princess, so fucking tight!” He groaned and he moved in and out

“T-taehyung, i’m gonna-”

“I’m gonna come too princess” He replied

Soon, he was filling your insides with his sperm. There were lots of it, some even coming out of you. You layed on the bed, feeling like you’re on cloud nine. Your breathing was compeltely steady yet, when you felt him turn you on your stomach

“You didn’t think we were done, were you?” Taehyung said in husky voice, which always send thrills down your back

He spanked your ass, loving how you would moan at the contact of his skin hitting yours.

He positioned himself at your entrance again, ready for round two. He slammed hard into you yet again, making you moan each time he thrusted. His hand was brought up on your neck, slightly choking you as he thrusted in. The rush of being choked like that was breaking all bounrades of excitement

Taehyung gripped onto your neck tighter as he came into you for the second time tonight, letting out a low groan as he did. His juices filled every inch of you, making you see the stars.

But it wasn’t still enough for him. He needed you, so so much. After months of not being near you and not being able to touch you, he craved for you. Then seing you in that tight shorts you wore earlier, it definitely made him be even more horny

He noticed how you were more quiet now, tired from the two rounds but also still enjoying the feeling of him coming into you

“I’m not done with you yet” He said, groping your ass as he pulled you more near him.

“Put that ass up for me princess” He said as he positioned himself on your entrance

You did as you were told, not expecting the next thing that happened. He inserted himself in you, but in the other hole. You let out a loud moan, followed with soft whimpers as he was pumping in and out of your ass hole.

The feeling of you being so tight around him, was arousing him even more. His pace didn’t slow down even though he felt as he was coming. Instead, he started pumping harder, his semen flowing even deeper inside of you.

You fell on the bed, his semen falling out of your ass hole. You were still slightly shaking in pleasure, a dreamy look on your face. Your legs were as someone cut them off, you basically couldn’t feel them anymore.

Taehyung layed right next to you, his big hand moving up and down your body. He fell alseep like that, looking at his precious little princess which he made feel amazing after not seeing her for that long.

× × × × × ×

This was my second smut i ever wrote, actually. Hope you liked it!

In This Moment - Part One

Request: Hi. Can you write were y/n and shawn meet on a vacation? thank yu!

Word Count: 1,959

A/N: This has to part, because it otherwise, became too long. Part two will be up tomorrow. 

In This Moment – Part One

The sharp sun – that non-stop had burning into my skin – headed up my entire body, I took a sip of my water to cool me down. It had been ages since I’d last been on vacation, and this time it was really needed. I had been exhausted for weeks.

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I have so much feelings over Kaz and Inej he literally lost his mind when she was stabbed and then took two days to work up the courage to talk to her what a dork??? He wants to bottle her laugh and get drunk on it every night like what sappy shit Kaz I can’t deal he just wants Inej hE WANTS HER TO STAY AND HE CALLED HER HIS GIRL AND I’M STILL NOT FINE HE’S GONNA CAUSE SO MUCH SHIT TO GET HER BACK JUST FUCK ME


When I took off the rose-tinted glasses I could see what was really going on.

All of this truly happened to me, two years ago I decided to leave and now I’ve decided to share my story. People have told me to let it go, and yet to this day I still have issues trusting others and recurring memories of the horrible feelings.

Let this be a lesson to others, especially high schoolers.

You are young, you might not completely have yourself figured out yet… And that’s okay. Just please, do not let this happen to you. If it does, please learn to forgive yourself.

Emotional abuse is no less dangerous than physical abuse. It will leave scars just the same.


Hello! Once again, this is so random and cringey but that just happened to me the other day, I was like dying on my own haha so I imagined having someone taking care of me and Joe was the first one in my mind! (Just saying, I’m watching Joe’s livestream right now and I’m dying he’s so beautiful and Britt is so funny, I cant)

“Y/N, you’re boiling.” My boyfriend Joe argued with me about how I felt after putting his hand on my forehead. I had been sick for the past two days and insisted to go with Joe to see his sister for the weekend. “I swear, I’m okay. Let’s just go now.” I said with a weak voice and got out of the car. I heard Joe sigh in frustration and get out of the car as well. As we were about to knock, Joe took my hand and studied my face as I frowned. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked softly and I gave him a weak smile and nod. It was a lie, I felt horrible. My head was hurting me like hell and so was my stomach. I was freezing but my body was hot and I was exhausted from the 2 hours drive from London to Brighton but I didn’t want to ruin our weekend so I just let it go.

Not matter how hard I was trying, I was getting sicker. I was wearing one of Joe’s hoodies and was cuddled up against Joe’s chest as we were all watching a film on the couch. I had my arm around his chest and he was slowly stroking my arm up and down with his hand but even his body heat was not warming me up. I was drifting off to sleep when I felt Joe’s body starting to move and I unconsciously let out a small groan. I opened my eyes again and saw Alfie and Zoe getting their coats on. I looked up to Joe and slowly let go of him. “We’re just getting something to eat and we’ll be right back, don’t worry. Do you want anything?” He asked and I shook my head. “Oh hell no.” I mumbled and cuddled back against a pillow. “I told you we should have stayed home.” Joe admitted and put the blanket over my legs carefully. I couldn’t find the strength to fight with him anymore so I just ignored his words and felt myself drifting off once again.

A sudden touch send shivers all over my body and made me feel even more cold. I shifted a little bit and managed to open my eyes to see a worried Joe staring at me. He was softly touching my cheek with the back of his hand and he offered me a small smile as I leaned into his touch. “Are you feeling better?” He asked with concern in  his voice. I let out a small sigh and smiled back. “Not really.” I admitted and Joe shook his head. I heard Zoe and Alfie coming in with the food and offered me a smile. “I’m really sorry, guys.” I said as I moved to sit up. As they all started eating, I tried my hardest to fight the tiredness but it was hitting me like a brick wall. 

After they ate, Joe got up and I frowned. “I think I’m going to take this little one to sleep.” Joe said as he started to pick me up in his arms carefully. “That’s alright. We’ll see you guys in the morning.” Zoe said with a smile and I felt bad for ruining Joe’s time with his sister. “Have a good night.” Alfie said, smiling as well. “You too.” Joe stated and carried me to the bedroom, carefully laying me in the guest bed. I watched him as he took his top and pants off and flipped under the blankets with me. “Next time you’re not feeling okay, please let me know.” He suddenly blurred out with a smirk which made me chuckled slightly. He wrapped around my stomach and held me close before leaving a soft kiss on the back of my head. “I’m sorry I’ve ruined everything.” I said just above a whisper and his grip tightened. “You haven’t,love. I like taking care of you.” He whispered into my ear and it made me smile. “I’m still sorry.” I sighed as my eyes were closing slowly. “Just stop being sorry.” He said and I felt myself drifting into the arms of sleep once again. “I love you.” Joe whispered really slowly into my ear and I found enough strength to smile one last time. “Love?” Joe questioned before noticing I was asleep. “Awh.” He exclaimed silently and kissed my cheek before joining me in my sleep.

Fuck The Tarmac: A blog post by John Watson

its been three years since that day. Since the day Sherlock said he was leaving for just six months. But I’ve been stuck on this god damn tarmac for three fucking years now. Mary still says she’s pregnant, literally Mary, that isn’t how pregnancy works? Sherlock took drugs in the plane for two years before he returned. He was literally so fucked up, but it’s okay because after two years he woke up and smiled at me really fondly and I knew it was gonna be okay…besides the fact that England has literally been hacked by Moriarty for a year. So yeah, life is great, Happy New Year and lets get the fuck off this cursed, cement prison. 


Yo guys can you do me a favor

Okay so like

If you’ve followed me in the past year you know that I wrote a 65 chapter story for Undertale called The Road To Redemption that I’m really proud of and that took me exactly one year to write

Right now my Kudos count on that story is really close to 3000, and I really want to hit that milestone before the year ends, and we’ve got like two days left of it

Could you guys go to my fic and just scroll down and leave a kudos on it for me and help me hit 3k? I’d really appreciate it.

You can find it over here

You can also like, read it if you want. It’s pretty good. I suggest reading it. And commenting on it.


Okay yeah it’s finally here! The Promotional Video I’ wanted to post since forever! It took me two days to get this  freaking video up //
Since I don’t want this post to be super long, it would be great if you could read the video description if you don’t mind it and if you have a little time! I would really appreciate it!


So I’ve been absently looking for picture references for my Ryder, because Mass Effect Andromeda is only 4-5 months away, and I wouldn’t want to be unprepared when I could spend hours obsessing over what she’ll look like and storing images.

I found the color image first. I love the heart shaped face and the big eyes and the soulful look and the bow mouth, and I filed the image away (okay I buried it in my like folder and it just took me a quarter of an hour to find it).

And then a few days ago I found the black and white picture of a silent screen star, Sylvia Sidney, and I was struck by the resemblance between the two, so Miss Sidney went into the like folder also, along with several other pictures.

But it was when I went looking for more pictures that I made a discovery. The name was familiar, but I couldn’t think of anything I’d seen her in.  Until I realized that this is Sylvia Sidney:

Originally posted by dialnfornoir

And now of course I’m in love with the idea of a Mass Effect protagonist who starts out bright eyed and optimistic and sweet and ends up a fiesty old curmudgeon who scares the crap out of everyone (and survives to a ripe old age in order to do so).

sternbeere ha rebloggato il tuo post e ha aggiunto: “Hi, I do not want to be annoying and repetitive (which I sometimes…”

I hate reblogging the same thing twice, but I am…

afraid the comments will get lost, now I have also two further questions:
1. would she turn out the same Huffle-puffish, if she had not been indoctrinated by Euphemia and mainly Rodolphus (at least in my hc it was mainly Rodolphus) 

2. I am really curious about her childhood, especially with regards to the missing information about her Ravenclaw traits, I mean we can make guesses, from what she told, but it is a) not enough and b) spiked with lies probably.

Delphi and Sorting - part 2

**First post about the topic can be found here ** 

**WARNING: long, long post ahead, answering the first question only**

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🥒 some things

🥒 i was thinking i’d be super bored tonight but i think i’m okay. it’s already 3:00a and i haven’t cleaned yet, so i’ve got that to look forward to.

🥒 that drug i took thursday night fucked me UP. a half tab is fine, but that whole thing was way too much. i wasn’t right for two days after i took it.

🥒 i forgot my ipad so now if i want to read it will have to be on my phone which i don’t like as much. le sigh.

🥒 i am really, really, really, very much in love with my boyfriend. i’m deliberate and intentional about being vulnerable and raw with him. i’ve always held men at arm’s length, way more than i realized until after the failure of my second marriage. so much to process.

🥒 i am not at all happy with my hair color i had done last week. i feel like a dick asking him to redo it, but i’m going to call tomorrow and ask him anyway. it’s not being a dick, right? i’ve been tipping him well for years. i mean i really hate it.

🥒 i agreed to stay late for the coworker who normally relieves me at 6:30a. she had just finished a paper when she texted me at 2:00a. i probably wouldn’t have said yes if it was anyone else.

🥒 i was going to replace the furnace filters here at work (it’s a big old house) but i could not for the life of me figure out where they are on/in the furnace. i’m normally pretty handy, too.

🥒 i haven’t been doing my PT and that’s going to come back to bite me pretty soon. maybe i’ll do some tonight here at work.

🥒 i pretty much slept all weekend. this overnight schedule has fucked me up a bit. i feel somewhat out of touch.

🥒 i want another massage. maybe friday. but i’ll have to figure out what other part of my budget i can take it from.

🥒 i haven’t been doing my skincare routine. my skin is going to get icky.

🥒 i’ve bored myself with this list. will i even post it?

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2PM as dating profiles (on a dating site)

A/N: I took this as what their “About Me” (or description or what have you) would say… I hope that’s okay.

Jun. K. Profile Picture: Probably his dogs. Singer, songwriter, dancer. Father to two wonderful sons: Noopy and Denver. 2PM by day, soloist by night.

Taecyeon. Profile Picture: Either a rare Pepe or a really really nice selfie. Puns are my life. Meme-lover. Traveler. Rapper.

Nichkhun. Profile Picture: Selfie. Writer. California native. Quiet nights in with books or at the bookstore are the best.

Wooyoung. Profile Picture: Either nothing or some edgy meme. (Would have nothing, or would have a really cheesy pickup line or pun)

Junho. Profile Picture: His cats or a selfie with one or all of them. Cat lover. Singer. Songwriter. Save a drum, bang the drummer. (A/N: As far as I am anyways, he knows how to play the drums.)

Chansung. Profile Picture: Nothing or a simple selfie. I just want to put myself out there. I’m not too great describing myself. I want to hear about you.


[does this even make sense]

it started out as a doodle but you can’t just expect me to draw something happening in a forest and not make it with full background. it’s way too fun to draw.