this took me too fast wow

Erik reads fast

“I reached box five early in the morning, well before anyone was around. There was a long uncomfortable wait ahead of me inside that hollow pillar, and since I was not eager to take up my position there a moment before it was necessary, I sat back among the shadows and read Madame Bovary and Salammbô. They say that Flaubert became a recluse in order to write; I found that interesting… Two hours later, having finished both novels, I turned in boredom to study last night’s program, which had been dutifully left on the little shelf for my perusal by my worthy Madame Giry. “ 

/Erik from Susan Kay’s Phantom/ 

Really, my dear OG? Wow! You Monsieur, frighten me a bit. I don’t think I am a slow reader (not too fast, but faster than majority of people I know), and it took me 2 days to finish Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera. That book is a bit more than 300 pages long in Hungarian, and it was the first book I literally couldn’t put down so I read it the whole day both days. But even like this it took me 2 days to finish it so I roughly read 150 pages a day. And you read two books in 2 hours. *faints*

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How tf did you even get 23k ?? Thats just wOW IM SO IMPRESSED ?? Thats the highest follower count ive seen lmao... How long have you had your tumblr for?? Btw your art is absolutely gorgeous no wonder so many people follow you! 💕✨

that’s what i’d like to know because i have NO IDEA it’s at 25k now and i just ??jhg thank you so much 💗

it almost makes me feel a bit cool

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(almost. in reality my hands get sweaty whenever i imagine that you all decided to click that button)

Credit to @slipstream-oxton for the lovely banner! (Your credit is on the banner too but I just wanted to highlight this! :D )

|| Guys, guys, GUYS! How are we here so fast! How?! I don’t understand?!

A HUGE shoutout to all of you lovely people for following this blog (whether you’ve seen it from when it was a really tiny new blog or just joined me now as I’m getting into the swing of things!) I appreciate you all 100% even if we don’t talk!

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What Peridot screencaps do the mods think are the cutest? [also dorito mod i'm in love with the way you draw peridot <3]

Oh man, I love all my screenshots of her and I think she’s pretty darn cute most of the time ♥♥ but I’ll try to narrow it down to her cutest moments ;)

Hope I didn’t steal any pics Dorito Mod had in mind! (and I also seriously love the way they draw Peridot ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

- Mod Sparky

My turn! (Wow it took me like four days to get to this rofl I’m so sorry.) 

(All of Too Far, basically.) 

And thank you! <3 All I do is make her fluffier… and fall out of practice with how to draw her really fast it seems!  Oops! 

- Dorito Mod