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How long does it usually take you to do an animatic? Bc I am doing one and it took me a solid 10-12 hours to do a 2 mins and am i too slow? am i too fast? I just feel like i'm doing something wrong.

it depends on how motivated i am honestly!! and wow thts fast :O its ok to be fast but please remember to take breaks! take some time to rlly think through whats gonna be happening

Joora(ish) Drabble-- Prompt: Eva

Eva was going on four minutes late.

Really it shouldn’t be all that much of a surprise because, like, Noora knew how Eva was. Sometimes she got so caught up in the moment that meeting will escape her mind. And honestly she wouldn’t be surprised if Eva ended up being fifteen minutes later, or twenty minutes, or maybe she completely forgot and Noora should call her to maybe reschedule-

And then there was a flash of dark hair and a grin and Noora was torn in between oh thank god and shit fuck why.

“I’m here!” Eva swept into KB with all of the grace of an excited puppy. Noora smiled tightly at her, sipping her already lukewarm coffee and taking deep breaths; deep enough to maybe calm the erratic heartbeats threatening to beat right out of her chest.

“Hi,” Eva said, sitting down and pulling a deep sip of coffee, “Thank god. Today has been weird. While I was walking here, I was stopped by this man who was looking for his dog, but I was like, hmmmmm stranger-danger, you know? But he looked like Magnus if Magnus was like 30 years older and-” Eva paused and took another sip, waving off her story, “Anyway. Hi Noora.”

“Hey,” Noora pulled a strand of hair behind her ears, “Umm- what kind of coffee did you get?”

What kind of coffee did you get? Fucking hell.

Eva’s eyes sharpened, “Oh no. What is it? Is everyone okay? Eskild? Oh god- is William back in town?”

Which, snort. If he was, Noora would be the last to know about it, and the last to care.

“No, no nothing like that. I just-” And fuck this was much harder than she thought it would be. “I just wanted to talk to you about something.”

“Okay…” When Noora couldn’t quite open her mouth to respond, Eva gave her an exasperated look, “Nooooorraaaaaa, hallo? What’s going on?”

And she should just rip it off like a band aid right? That was the easiest way to go about things.

“I like someone.”

Okay maybe baby steps would be better.

Eva lights up, “No way! Who? Do I know him?”

“Ummm.” Noora bit at her lip, and looked down to study her chipping nail polish, “Well…”


“It’s Jonas.”

Silence. She could barely risk a glance up. But when she did, Eva just blinked at her. Her lips were parted just the tiniest bit and then she smoothed them out with a quick shake of her head, “Jonas? Like my Jonas? I mean, not like my Jonas but like- Jonas, Jonas?”

Noora let out a careful breath, “Yeah. It’s not- I didn’t mean for- We just have a couple of classes together and he’s- he’s really cool and we grabbed lunch the other day and then dinner- and then. Fuck, Eva, I don’t know what to say.”

“You and Jonas?” Eva took another careful sip of her coffee, eyes wide like she couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing. And Noora’s stomach was so tied up that it actually hurt, because fuck, why was she like this? Always falling for the guys that could bring her best friend’s the most pain?

“Holy shit, you guys would make such hot babies.”

Noora blinked, “Wait, what?”

“Holy shit, Noora! Yes! It took me a second but I am seeing this now. You and Jonas, taking no shit. Discussing capitalism and like- feminism and taking down The Man. Wow- Noora Vasquez, huh?”

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Nooa put the brakes on that one real fast, “Noora Nothing. We’ve just been hanging out a bit- wait you’re okay with this?”

Eva snorted, “Jonas and I- we were never going to work out. He’s too smart for me-”

No, he’s not!”

“Whatever, but you two could literally run Norway. This is like couple goals. I just pictured you guys in like- sitting in a private jet drinking champagne and in expensive designer clothes-”

Noora laid her forehead down on the table and groaned, “Oh my god. I literally love you so much. Eva, really.”

“Pshh,” Eva flicks Noora’s head, “Wait so does Jonas know you like him? I’m going to need the full story on this.”

Noora groaned a bit louder.

Please, Malia?

Male Tate x Female!Reader
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Author: T 💕
Request: “Can you do Teen Wolf one shot where the reader is really frustrated and horny and Malia is being really aggressive and is teasing her and they end up having hardcore sex????”
Warnings: Smutty af, Lesbian sex, fingering, oral, public teasing, aggressive Malia (I feel like that needs to be a warning), language, hardcore smut, nsfw gif.
Author’s Note: I think I would sleep with Malia Tate tbh😂

       I shot up from my sleep with sweat rolling down my face, my heart hammering in my chest, and my panties wet enough to drown a small group of toddlers.
       I just woke up from a wet dream about my girlfriend. Malia and I have been together since shortly after her and Stiles broke up.
       I don’t know what it is this early in the morning, but my sweet and innocent dream about the girl that I loved took a sudden turn and became the filthiest and wettest dream imaginable. The clock on my phone said that it was 6:30 in the morning, so I opted for a shower to try to soothe my sexual frustration.
       I stripped down to nothing and turned on the water. I heard my phone buzz on my counter. I groaned when I saw it was from my girlfriend. Well, “groaned” is the wrong word. It was more of a moan.

       My WereCUTEote: Good morning, baby! How are you?💟💟

       I sighed. “No need to lie to her.” I thought. I picked up my phone and began to text my girlfriend​ back.

       Me: Super duper horny and frustrated if you want to know the truth.

       As soon as I pressed send, I thought of how personal that really was. Yes, Malia is my girlfriend, but that may have been something I should have kept to myself. The counter echoed the buzz from my phone when Malia texted back.

       My WereCUTEote: Can I see?😋😏

       For as long as the two of us had been dating, neither Malia nor I have sent nudes to the other. I felt my arousal literally drip down my thighs as I sat on the counter and opened my legs, snapping a picture.

       Me: See, Malia? That’s because I was thinking of you.

My WereCUTEote: ….Oh, wow, baby. That got me going too. Can you hurry up so that I can see you?

        I moaned loudly and sped through my morning routine and ran out to my car so that I could get to the High School as fast as I could.

        I parked my car in park outside of the school and took a few minutes to breath. I got out of the car and wwas oushed against the door, the metal making my skin cold. “Good morning, babygirl. I missed.” Malia put one hand on my waist and the other on my thigh, moving it upward slowly.

       I pushed a moan back, but I knew that Malia could smell the sexual tension, even without her superhuman senses. “H-Hi, babe. I missed you too.”

        Without any warning, Malia cupped my core through my thin leggings and stroked my clit roughly. I put my head back on the car window and ground into Malia’s palm. My mouth hung open and I panted loudly. The knot in my lower abdomen was seconds away from bursting. Malia’s fingers continued to move over my swollen clit with such pleasure I could hardly stand it.

         “Malia,” I moaned to my girlfriend. “Fuck, Mal, I’m gonna cum…don’t stop…” I braced myself for an orgasm that I knew would leave me a mess.

        As my orgasm came up, Malia took her hand away, making me whine. “I said don’t stop.”

        “I know what you said. I heard you.” She smirked, taking my hand, walking us to where the rest of our friends were standing before the first bell rang.

        Multiple people said “hi’s” and “hello’s”, but all I could do was stare my girlfriend down as she smiled and acted like nothing was wrong. I didn’t actually realize how long I was staring daggers at her until Lydia said something about it. Malia just laughed and told everyone that I was just “angry and frustrated”.

        “That’s one way to say it.” Scott laughed, knowing exactly what she meant.

        The bell for first period rang and we all migrated to class. And, just as my luck would have it, my first period was the same as Malia’s, and we sat next to eachother. I could do this. It’s Friday, just a few classes to get through and then I could spend the entire weekend at Malia’s house. Malia sat next to me and put her hand on my leg like she did every day. It’s only an issue now because every time she touches me I feel like I’m going to explode.

        Malia leaned in, “You better be quiet, Y/N.” She whispered.

        I looked at her. “What do you mean? I didn’t say anyth-” I gasped and quickly slapped my hand over my mouth.

        Malia reached inside my leggings. “Ooh, no panties today, babygirl? That makes me so wet.” I clenched my jaw and opened my legs further sso Malia had better access. She stuck her two fingers inside of me and began to slowly thrust them in and out of me. She finger fucked me under the table faster when our teacher came in. I tried very hard to listern what she was saying, but all my brain could register was that my girlfriend was publically fingering my soaked pussy.

        “Please, Malia?” I panted quietly into her ear. “Please let me cum?” Malia shooked her head and pulled her fingers out of me the, while she looked me right in the eyes, she stuck them in her mouth.

        “Malia?” The two turned our heads to the front of the room. “There is no eating in my class.”

        Malia wiped her mouth and smiled devilishly. “Sorry, Miss. I’ll eat it later.”

        I almost came just from hearing her say that. She made it hard to pay attention during class all day long. The day drug on and on and on untill I couldn’t stand it. As people piled out of the front door of the building, I wasted no time dragging my girlfriend to my car by her wrist. “Hey, what’s going on, baby? Are you okay?”

        I sung the car door open and pushed her in the back seat. “Get. In. Now.” Malia hummed and smirked as she got in the back seat. I got in after her and shut the door behind me.

        “Sooooo, are you gonna tell me what this is about or?” I crashed my lips into hers and pushed her on her back, I straddled her lap.

        I took my hand from her cheek and slid it between our two bodies. I pushed the heel of my hand against her clothed clit. As we kissed, a perfect storm of white teeth and soft flesh, I put more and more pressure on Malia’s bundle of nerves.

        I pulled away from our kiss to see her face twisted in pleasure and panting my name. She panted and pushed her hips into my hand even more. “Y/N…baby…oh…oh, god.”

        I could tell by her facial expressions and the shaking of her legs that she was on the verge of her orgasm. And, just like she did to me earlier, I pulled my hand away.

        The lightning speed of Malia’s head snapping up seemed almost fake. “Please, Y/N? Please don’t tease me. I was so close.” She begged.

        All I did was laugh. “You teased me all day long, babygirl. All. Day. Long. And now I feel like it’s time for some payback. You remember that comment you made during first period about how you were going to “eat it later”?” I asked as I took of my shoes and leggings.

        “I remember.”

         I moved myself so that I hovered my pussy over her mouth. “Well, baby, now you are going to make good on that promise.”

        Malia got the hint and pulled me down to her face and attacked my pussy with her tounge. Malia drifted her own hand down to the front of her shorts as I rode her face. “Absolutly not, Mal.” I said.

        I took her hand away from her core and brought it to my chest. She squeezed my left breast as I felt my orgasm approaching. “Oh, Mal…I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum!” My legs shook and my breathing hitched in my throat as I came on my girlfriend’s tongue.

        I heard Malia moanas she licked me clean. I leaned down and kissed her, savoring the taste of myself on her mouth. I trailed kisses from her lip, down her chest, on to both of her boobs, down to her stomach, and stopped just above her clit. “Are you ready to cum, hum? Huh? Ready for me to finger fuck you so hard you’ll feel it tomorrow?”

        “Yes, Y/N. Please fuck my pussy with your fingers. I can’t stand the waiting! Please?!”

        An idea popped into my mind. “Do you feel bad about teasing me all day?” I slid off her shorts and panties.

        “Yes, I’m sorry.” Malia moaned.

        “Do you promise you aren’t going to do it again?” I traced her pussy lips with my two fingers.

        “Fuck! Yes!” The second the words left her lips, I plunged my two fingers into her pussy. I thrusted them violently in and out of my girlfriends pussy. Her juices drenched my fingers and dripped onto my seat. I put my tounge on her clit and flicked it while I fucked her with my fingers. I bit down on her swollen clit.

        “Y-Y-Y/N. Ooh. Oh, my god. Can you- can you add another finger…please? OH!” I added my third finger and pushed all three fingers inside of her harder and faster. My tounge flicked her clit over and over again.

        Malia arched her back up. “I’m gonna cum! Aah! Please, can cum?!”

        “Cum, Malia. Cum all over my fingers, Princess.” Malia grabbed at my hair and tightened her walls around my fingers as she came. Hard.

        I did the same thing she had done in the classroom earlier that day and stuck my fingers in my mouth and sucked them clean while I looked her in the eyes. “Get dressed, babe.”

        “Why?” Malia asked as i got dressed and climbed into the drivers seat, starting the car.

        “Because we are going to your house for round two.” I winked.

the next da vinci

summary: son chaeyoung is a really good artist

“Hey, can I draw you?”

The two of you were just lazing around in the art studio when Chaeyoung had asked that. You thought she was joking because of all the times you asked her to draw you and she refused, so you joked back.

“Should we reenact Jack and Rose too? ‘Draw me like one of your French girls.’

She laughed at your joke, shaking her head. “I’m serious, Y/N. I want to draw you.” She then reassured you by taking out her sketchbook and pencils, flipping through to a fresh page. She looked up at you, waiting.

“Oh, so you are serious. Okay.” 

You chuckled with a wide smile, because honestly, this was the first time that your girlfriend wanted to draw you. You quickly got into a pose, sitting up on a table with one leg over the other, head turned to look out the window. After seeing that you were set with your pose, Chaeyoung started to sketch you out. She glanced up at you every once in a while, her eyes following the lines of your body. She ended up staring at you in intervals. You could hear her muttering compliments under her breath each time she looked back down at her sketch, and it made you feel all warm inside, a small blush on your cheeks.

But she finished quite fast. And she was snickering. 

Suspicion arose in you, so you got off of the table and walked over, eyes squinted. “Son Chaeyoung, what did you do?” You took her sketchbook, only to see that she was drawing a stick figure version of you. 

“Wow, I should have known that it was too good to be true when you said you wanted to draw me.” You wrinkled your nose, Chaeyoung taking back her sketchbook.

“I just wanted to stare at you because you’re so pretty.” She gave you a toothy grin before laughing. “I promise I’ll draw you for real now. If you’ll just get back to your pose.”

“Mm..” You thought for a bit before agreeing. “Fine, I’ll let you since you complimented me, but you have to draw me seriously this time.”

“Don’t worry, babe, I will.”

Tastes Like Heaven

Written for Kari’s Christmas Quickie Challenge @thing-you-do-with-that-thing. I choose Dean x Reader with the song “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.” Hope you like this one! 

Word Count: 2040

Warnings: Language, smut, a little fluff and Dean eating pie (yeah, it really is a valid warning), oral sex (male and female receiving)

Aesthetic made the lovely and talented @thing-you-do-with-that-thing! Thank you so much! It is beyond perfect!

Dean Winchester had rescued you and your stranded car about six months ago. He owned the only auto shop in town and when you called for an emergency tow, color yourself happy, surprised and more than a little turned on, when this hunk and his dazzling green eyes showed up. You had been expecting a guy named Tiny who was anything but. But what you got was this, this, guy with a body built for manual labor and lips built for sin.

It was no surprise to you, when he told you that the repairs would take a little longer than he anticipated, that you were secretly glad. It gave you an excuse to stop by his shop every day to check on the progress and see him leaning over your hood, covered in sweat and grease.

One week later, your car was done and although you were relieved to have your ride back, you were disappointed that you wouldn’t be able to see Dean anymore. So you decided to do what you do best. Be bold and make the first move.

“Winchester Brothers?”

I would know that voice anywhere. “Dean? It’s Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

“Um-ah-hi Y/N. How’s your car running? Is everything okay?” He sounded nervous as fuck.

“Hi, Dean. It’s running great, purring like a kitten. I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tomorrow night?’

“Yes!” he yelled into the phone, a little excited. He paused, then answered, slightly more chill than before. “Um, yeah, sure, Y/N. I would like to have dinner with you tomorrow.”

“Great! You’ve got my info. See you at seven.” I blurted out.

“Seven sounds great, Y/N! See you tomorrow.” I hung up the phone and did a little dance.

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Alex Gaskarth - Tour

*A/N after writing this I realised that it wasn’t exactly what was asked for, I’m so sorry!*

*your pov*
“For fucks sake Alex, why the hell is you underwear in my bed”
I shouted down the bus, I’ve been I tour with the boys for a months already, and I have 4 excruciating months left. I love them all, it’s just Alex has no concept of privacy of personal space and just doesn’t know when to stop.
“I don’t know ‘y/n’, maybe you did it, maybe it’s a sign that you want me in your bed”
“Of course” I said sarcastically “when will you learn to tidy up after yourself, you’re not 12”
“I might be” he shouted back.
He was so childish, seriously.
It was our one day off and I was tidying up after him.

*Alex’s Pov*
“Princess ‘y/n’ is at it again, why can’t she just give it a rest” I said.
Jack looked at me unimpressed.
“Dude, she’s trying to help, and to be honest I’d be pretty pissed if your underwear was in my bed”
“She’s just so annoying though” I whined to him.
“Get over yourself Alex, she’s my friend she’s on tour with us, so you’ll have to find a way to get along”
And Jack stormed off.
Fucking great, 4 more months, I want to like her, she’s beautiful it’s just we constantly clash.
“Who the fuck has drawn eyes on my bra” I heard ‘y/n’ shout from the end of the bus.
That would be me, it was pretty funny.
“Alex?! Why do I have a feeling it was you!” She stormed in, and she looked hot.
“Don’t shout at me, I’m only 12” I said, and she nearly smiled but she broke back into a stern face.
“Whatever, I give up, I’m just going to get ready” she walked away.
“Ready for what?” I was confused, she didn’t really go anywhere.
“The party, tonight, I suppose you can’t go considering you’re 12” and she slammed the bathroom door.

*you pov*
Why did Alex have to be such a prick. Couldn’t he leave any of my stuff alone?!
I was in the bathroom getting ready for tonight and just having some general 'me-time’.
I pulled my hair out of my face and applied my make-up in the tiny mirror, everything was going wrong, I must’ve been 20 minutes already.
“Y/n, hurry up, I know you’re a girl, but I really need to pee” Alex was banging on the door. He could literally walk in considering there wasn’t actually a lock on it.
“Go piss in a bush Alex” I shouted back.
“If you’re not out in 3 seconds I’m coming in”
I didn’t move and he just walked in.
“Get out” I tried pushing him out.
“I gotta go, sorry” he said in a very 'sorry-not-sorry’ way he looked at me for a second.
“So are you going to do your make-up” he said knowing clearly that I had done it.
“Fuck you Alex” I moved closer to him, trying to intimidate him.
“You fucking wish” he replied getting closer.
“What?” I spat back. What did he mean 'I wish’ what? I wish I could fuck him? Well he is attractive, but he’s does nothing but piss me off, but, he can be funny…
“I said, you wish you could fuck me” he got even closer and lifted my chin so I was looking up to him.
“Do I? Do I really?!” I said in a sarcastic/shocked tone.
“Well, I’m gonna find out” he put one hand around my waist and pulled me in kissing me.

*Alex Pov*

“Well, I’m gonna find out” I said to 'y/n’, that was a ballsy move, 'I’m gonna find out’ well done Alex, you sound like a douche, I thought to myself, but I still grabbed her waist and kissed her.
And Oh. My. God. It was unlike any other kiss, it was more than perfect and she was kissing me back, her body pushed into mine and her hands ruffling my hair. Her lips partly for my tongue and we were in perfect rhythm with each other.
I stopped kissing her.
“You still need to change your clothes for tonight yeah?” I said genuinely.
She looked flustered from the kiss and replied “yeah, why?”
“It won’t matter if this gets ripped then” before she had a chance to have ago at me for suggesting I was going to rip some of her only clothes, I slipped off her top carefully.
Pushing her against the bathroom wall I was fondling her breasts and leaving bite marks down her neck.

*Your Pov*
Alex had his hands all over me, and was biting my neck. I wanted this, I didn’t just want it, I fucking needed it, needed him.
He was turning me on so much, I was getting so wet, and from the feel of it he was turned on too.
I pulled his top off and pulled his jeans and underwear down exposing his cock, and I could see how much he wanted me.
I took control and kissed down Alex’s stomach, in response I could hear him moaning. I licked up and down his shaft
“Yes 'y/n’” he moaned.
I put one hand round the base and started rubbing him, sucking him in-between, this was driving him crazy, he was moving himself further down my throat.
I took his entire length down my throat and moved my head up and down fast, sucking him, he was going to cum, his breath was getting ragged and he was trying to say my name as he unloaded down my throat.
“What are we doing?” He said twirling my hair around his finger.
“I don’t know, but I love it” I replied and took my clothes off.
He looked me up and down, getting hard for me again.
“Wow, and I love it too” he said.
“Um, 'y/n’, you were taking quite a while, and I can hear noises, where’s Alex?” Rian said at the door.
“Sorry, give me 10 minutes - ow” Alex nudged me. “Make it 20, I don’t know where Alex is, sorry the noises is coming from the radio on my phone”
“Okay” Jack replied wearily, the bus door slammed so we guessed he’d gone.
“Radio, really?!” Alex said and laughed.
“I didn’t know what else to say, anyway, but he’s gone now so just fuck me already” I said and moved his hand onto my breast, he followed by sitting me down gently, kissing my neck and putting his fingers inside of me, I squirmed and moaned, he was pumping them in and out curling his fingers up.
“You’re so wet” he growled in my ear, only to turn me on more.
I was leaving visible bite marks on his neck, he pulled me down onto the floor and got on top of me.
“Okay?” He asked quietly.
I nodded and he slammed his entire length into me.
He was going faster and deeper into me, I was leaving scratches down his back.
“I’m so close” I uttered out to him, feeling my stomach knotting up.
He slowed down, but went deeper, I had the most amazing orgasm and he followed shortly afterwards, collapsing next to me in the bathroom.
“I suppose I better actually get ready now” I said to him kissing his cheek.
We helped each other get dressed, and he actually helped do my hair.
We left the bathroom together and Jack caught us “why were you both in there, please don’t tell me you were arguing, we have a party to get to”
“Actually we made up” I replied and Alex nudged me and laughed.


Anon: Can you do a one shot where the reader has car trouble and is stuck on the side of the road. Then this biker rides up and tries to help with her car but, he doesn’t have his tools with him. A storm is coming too quick to ride to safety so they have to wait in the car for the overhead storm to pass. And smut.

Warnings: SMUT in a car. Unprotected sex. Wrap it up family. Oral female receiving. Dirty talk. Cursing. Dominant male character. If I forgot something my bad.

Word count: 3143

You had been working way too hard in the office and you needed a well needed break. So what better way than take some time off and go for a drive through the back roads and ease your mind.

Hell you had a few dollars saved up. Why not take a chance and ride to Vegas?  It was only four hours away.

That was a great idea if you would’ve rented a car. You had a SUV and it was a gas guzzler. It was your baby but, you been neglecting your baby lately.

You knew your car had some miles on it and you needed to have it looked at but, impulse hit you and you figured you’d be just fine.

Well unfortunately you were wrong as two left shoes. You were no mechanic. You knew now you should’ve paid more attention when a couple of exes told you to look at this and check for that. Instead you decided to go for it.

Now you were sitting on the side of the road with your car not going anywhere. Was it the transmission? Was it the radiator? Was that belt supposed to be hanging off like that?

Ah shit you thought to yourself. Because you were in-between towers you had no cellphone reception.

Let’s face it you were screwed and not just screwed. Royally screwed because, your day was going so damn awesome. There was a bad storm overhead and you needed to get somewhere anywhere fast.

You had been sitting for a few hours when you heard a slight rumbling in the distance. Then it grew louder and louder until finally it was right on you.

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Dangerous Woman

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Natasha x Reader

Chapter (1/?)

Chapter 2 (x)

Chapter 3 (x)

masterlist (x)

A/n: So I was planning on just making a one shot based off the song  Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande, but I got too many ideas.  I also wanted to switch it up from writing about Steve and Bucky.  If you guys like this please let me know if I continue making parts!! Thank you!

One look was all it took for you to be completely enticed with Natasha Romanoff.  She was a living Aphrodite ,and you couldn’t get enough of her.  The beautiful red locks of silk that fell past her shoulders makes her stand out in a crowd.  That soft, snow white skin that made you want to run your hands all over her.  Oh, and those plump lips were calling you.  She was the embodiment of elegance, but if she gave you one glance you’d be intimidated like a venomous snake looked at you.  

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Choosing You (Part Four)

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: AU! - Dean, Sam, and Castiel are in a band and they want the reader to join.  She does, even though she’s already in another one.  Things get complicated, feelings get weird, and no one knows what obstacle is going to come up next.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 1,901
Tags: au!, plot driven, angst + lots more on the way,
A/N: As usual, if you comment/message me/reblog a comment about the fic, there’s a 1000000% chance I’ll reply with a funny gif and nice words :)



Your stomach dropped as you stared at the man before you.  Your mind went blank and words wouldn’t form. God, this was a nightmare.

Dean reacted before you could. “Back off,” He said through gritted teeth, grabbing Michael’s wrist and peeling his hand off of you.

Michael didn’t even look at him.  “You’re a fucking traitor,” He said to you, his voice vicious.

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You Catch Him Masturbating (c.h.)

a/n: I need Calum… Or a boyfriend that does and looks like Calum… Or just Calum… Yeah, Calum would be nice.

“Guys… What if he never likes me back? Honestly… Like what if he never shares the same feelings for me that I feel for him?” I ask Luke, Michael, and Ashton and the girls.

We’re all sat on the tour bus, Calum laying in his bunk with a stomach ache, talking about how I should “tell Calum I have ‘the feels’ for him.”

Michael’s words.

I’ve known these boys for the better half of my life and when they invited me to come along on tour with them, I couldn’t resist. I would be able to spend almost all my time with Calum, the boy I’ve liked for about a year now.

And it’s not like the stereotypical ‘I like him and he doesn’t even notice me’ because he does notice me. Calum gives me hugs and forehead kisses and listens when I’m sad and is there for me like anyone a person’s known for 10 years should be. But he doesn’t know that everything he does to me and for me makes me want more of him emotionally and physically with every passing moment.

The boys think I should just tell Calum. The girls on the tour bus, Michael and Ashton’s girlfriends, believe that I should at least drop hints. I believe that I should just leave and get married so that maybe my feelings for Calum will just disappear.

“Y/N, Michael and I wouldn’t even be dating if it weren’t for me telling him I liked him for two years. When I told him, he said he liked me for three years… If we were going the way he was, we still wouldn’t be together,” Y/F/N laughs and Michael playfully groans.

“Oh whatever, Y/F/N,” Michael laughs. “As much as angers me to say, Y/N, Y/F/N is right, you have to tell Calum or else you two might never get together.”

“You, Luke, and Ashton are his best friends and you’re all telling me you have no idea if he feels anything non-platonic towards me?”

They all shake their heads and Michael and Ashton’s girlfriends laugh.

“Sorry, Y/N, guess you’ll have to find out for yourself,” Ashton shrugs.

“Go talk to him now… I mean if he doesn’t feel the same way then at least you can like get off the bus and fly home or something since we’re stopped for now… Right?” Luke adds.

“Yeah… That’s really what I need right now… Thanks Luke,” I fake smile and stand up.

Now’s as good a time as any.

I walk to the back of the tour bus and go behind the hung up sheet separating the sleeping section from the others. I walk in quietly just in case I have second thoughts and need to run out.

I think about what I’m going to say before even taking another breath. In my silence, I hear what sounds like whimpering from one of the bunks.

Is that a dog or?

Oh fuck, baby,” I hear Calum moan out.

Does he have a girl back here and we didn’t know? I almost begin crying… I know that Calum isn’t a virgin or anything but it still pains me to see him, and hear him, with other girls. I turn around ready to run for the hills as Calum moans out my name, making me stop in my tracks.

What the fuck?

Y/n… Fuuuccck!” Those words began as a moan from Calum but ended up as a groan as if releasing pent up sexual frustration. Is Calum really masturbating while imagining me?

You’re so great at sucking me, baby. You pretty fucking lips wrapped around my cock. Go deeper, baby, go deeper,” Calum whimpers after his words.

I walk over to wear I know his bunk is to find his eyes screwed shut, sweat all over his naked body and his large hand wrapped around his even larger cock. His hand twists around and moves up and down his shaft, precum decorating his tip.

I try to look away in order to not look like a creep, staring at her crush jerk off to imagining her but I can’t help but look at him and think about how much I want this. 

I cough, hoping to get his attention… It works as Calum shoots up and stares at me, eyes going wild with embarrassment

“Y/n… Fuck! Oh my God,” Calum scrambles, trying to find the blanket to cover himself.

“Yeah… You said that already,” I giggle slightly, trying to ease the awkwardness. “I’d actually like to help you… If you want me to.”

“What?” Calum all but screams.

“I… Would like… To help you,” I smirk, reaching my hand out and moving the blanket, uncovering what Calum was so invested in a few seconds ago. I climb up into his bunk which barely fits two people and wrap my hand around his shaft.

“Y/N, shit, that feels so good,” Calum groans, using his hand to help guide mine, showing that he likes me being rough. I take that into consideration as his hand moves away. I move my mouth to his tip, sucking and licking up and down his shaft, or as much of him as I can take.

Calum pushes my head down further urging me to take more, he moans when I start gagging, basically face-fucking me.

“I’m not gonna last long, Y/N… I’ve wanted your tight mouth around my cock for way too long,” Calum groans before releasing into my mouth. I face him and open my mouth, letting him see all of his cum in me before swallowing it.

Calum sighs out in satisfaction, falling back so his head hits the pillow.

“Y/n, I–”

“I like you, Calum… A lot…”

“… I like you too, probably a lot more than you like me. I don’t even know what to say after what just happened but I like you,” Calum stutters. “I-I’ve liked you for a while now… As you now know. And what you just did for me… I would’ve never thought that would actually happen. I thought you just liked us being friends.”

“What are you talking about? I’ve liked you for a whole year now,” I laugh.

“Ugh, try two years,” Calum chuckles. “I’ve fallen more and more in love with you with every passing day.”

“Woah… Love?” I ask.

“Well I mean you kind of just sucked me off so I feel like we’re pass that stage where I need to pretend to feel less than what I do… Y/N, we’ve been best friends for ten years… I’ve been in love with you for two… And to be completely honest, I wouldn’t mind being in love with you for the rest of my life,” Calum shrugs and chuckles slowly.

“Wow, Calum… I feel the same way, it’s kind of scary,” I giggle. “I don’t want to move too fast, but I want to be with you so badly.”

“Me too, Y/N. I love you.”

“I- I love you too, Cal,” I smile, pressing my lips against his, straddling his waist. He hums and smiles against my lips, returning the kiss. His hands find my waist, pushing me down on him.

“Wow if I knew that all it took for you to admit your feelings was for me to suck you off, I would’ve done it ages ago,” I smirk, breaking away from the kiss.

“Oh shut the fuck up, Y/N, and let me kiss you like I’ve been dying to for the past two years,” Calum smiles, reuniting his lips with mine.

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What Peridot screencaps do the mods think are the cutest? [also dorito mod i'm in love with the way you draw peridot <3]

Oh man, I love all my screenshots of her and I think she’s pretty darn cute most of the time ♥♥ but I’ll try to narrow it down to her cutest moments ;)

Hope I didn’t steal any pics Dorito Mod had in mind! (and I also seriously love the way they draw Peridot ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥)

- Mod Sparky

My turn! (Wow it took me like four days to get to this rofl I’m so sorry.) 

(All of Too Far, basically.) 

And thank you! <3 All I do is make her fluffier… and fall out of practice with how to draw her really fast it seems!  Oops! 

- Dorito Mod

Pretty Eyes [Steve Rogers One Shot]

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Captain America x Reader


“Omg I want a request. <3 Steve. How about Steve gets injured in battle and gets the feels for his paramedic or something. Idk. I used to work in an ambulance and I’m selfish I want all the Steve! But no ambulance romance ambulances are dirty!” - waywardwinterfics

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! Hope you like what I did with it ^_^ You’re amazing btw! <3

Everything hurt.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

And then all of a sudden, everything kind of didn’t. Things were starting to blur but he could sense movement around him. Where was he?

The last thing he remembered was falling off that Hellcarrier into water.

“Stay with me!” a female voice shouted. Was it at him? They seemed so far away. She had pretty eyes. They seemed worried. “Charge to hundred. Clear!”


He was in an ambulance. People around him…they had to be paramedics.

He was starting to feel cold. Was it death claiming him, or was it the water? He was drenched. Did he drown? Was he dying? Was he dead?



He couldn’t die. Not yet. He had to find Bucky. He had to help him.


“He’s stable now,” he heard someone say. It was the girl with the pretty eyes. She seemed closer now. “We can move him. What’s the nearest hospital?”


“Congratulations, Y/N! You just save Captain America,” a different voice said. So they knew who he was.

“Lets get moving!” the first voice – this Y/N – commanded, and he could feel the vehicle start to move.

He slowly opened his eyes, and tried to get his bearings. A hand on his chest gently pushed him back.

“Hey, hold still,” she told him with a gentle smile. “We got you.”

“What’s going on?” he asked her. Something about her made him instantly trust her. He felt safe.

She said something. He didn’t hear what it was. Things got blurry way too quickly.


He lost consciousness on her. She wasn’t too worried. She and her team had him stabilized. She looked at his face, and it looked like he’d been in the ring with Mike Tyson and had lost – terribly. He was already bruising and no one would have even recognized him.

But the red and blue uniform of the star spangled hero America was crazy about all over again was a little hard to miss.

When Y/N had started her shift that morning, she never would have imagined that she’d end up saving Captain freaking America’s life.

Soon, they had him admitted and her part of the job was done. But when her team prepped to leave, she stayed back. “You guys go ahead. I’m going to stay here until someone who knows him comes around.”

Josh grinned. “The whole world knows him,” he quipped.

She rolled her eyes at him. “You know what I mean. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.”

She waited until they brought him back from the routine scans and things. It took an hour or so. Maybe it was three. She had kind of lost track of how long she’d been waiting.

She stepped inside the room once everyone left. She thought he was still unconscious, but he wasn’t.

“You saved me, didn’t you?” he croaked out, startling her.

“Oh hey…you’re finally awake,” she said, smiling down at him.

He tried to smile back, but he couldn’t. It hurt too much. “You have really pretty eyes,” he told her. Then her face got blurry all over again. He complained as much. Then he couldn’t see anything anymore.

He lost consciousness on her. Again.

She sighed and found a seat next to the bed, and that was how Sam Wilson found her when he walked in all worried.

“Is he okay?” he asked her as he walked in.

“He’s stable now,” she answered. “He took a real beating. Who the hell did this to Captain America?” He ignored her question. She didn’t exactly mind. It was probably classified. She expected it to be as much. “You should talk to the Nurse Jones. She will update you on his status,” she informed him.

“Thanks. I’m Sam. Sam Wilson. You were the paramedic on scene?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Y/N Y/L/N. I couldn’t exactly leave him alone until someone came for him.”

“Thank you, Y/N. I appreciate that. We got him,” he said, sending a genuine smile her way.

She looked around wondering who was this “we” he referred to and realized that the entire wing was now under guard by armed men in unmarked black gear. It was time she took her leave.

“Alright then. I guess my work here is done. See you around, Sam,” she told him, picking up her jacket off the back of the chair and shrugging into it.

“Hopefully under better circumstances,” he quipped back at her with a grin.

“Definitely. Tell him to stop picking fights with brutes,” she joked making Sam laugh.

“I’ll make sure to tell him you said that.”

She shrugged. “He was so out of it, I doubt he’d even remember me.” Then with a final wave, she walked out.

Two weeks later…

It was her day off. She had plans to have absolutely no plans at all. She snuggled herself in her bed all cozy and comfortable, with a hot cup of chocolate and Netflix to keep her company. She had just found the perfect position to lie on, when the doorbell rang.

If she ignored it, maybe it would go away. It rang again, a little more insistently. With a groan, she climbed out of bed.

When she looked through the peephole, all she could see were flowers. A bunch of bright yellow roses stared right back at her. She opened the door to let the delivery guy know he had the wrong apartment.

She was struck dumb by who she found at her doorstep.

He took advantage of her temporary silence to smile at her with a “Hi.”

“Hi,” she mumbled back. His smile was blinding her.

“I’m Steve Rogers. I think you saved me, ma’am. I just wanted to thank you for that,” he told her, holding out the yellow roses.

“I know who you are,” she said, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

“These are for you,” he said, referring to the flowers when she didn’t move to take them.

Hesitantly, she took them. “You recovered pretty fast,” she pointed out. “I’m glad you’re doing okay. And I was just doing my job. You didn’t have to do this.”

“I wanted to,” was his simple answer.

He was looking at her funny. It was making her feel funny. And the way he’d just said that he wanted to, it made her feel funny too. Was Captain America flirting with me?


“I hope this doesn’t seem too forward, but I was wondering…” he said smiling down at her. Wow. He really was tall, wasn’t he? “Can I take you out to dinner sometime? Maybe this Friday?”

“Are you asking me out? On a date?” she asked.

“Yes, I am,” he answered, surprising her even more. At her continued silence, he got nervous, and it showed. “Is this making you feel uncomfortable? It is, isn’t it? I’m sorry. I should just go,” he rambled and turned to leave.

She stopped him, with a gentle hand on his arm. “No, wait. I’d love to go out to dinner with you. And Friday sounds perfect.”

“Really?” he asked, almost sounding surprised she said yes. “I mean, yes. That’s great. I’ll pick you up at 7.” With a boyish grin, he took off.

Y/N couldn’t believe what had happened, but that Friday turned out to be the first date of many, many more to come.

Followed by the sequel “Starry Nights”.

Check out my Bucky Barnes X Reader series “Save Me From Myself” here.

Sickness & Stories (Raura Oneshot)

So I’’m getting really tired of waiting for the new episode of Austin and Ally to come and I’ve been desperate to see a Raura promo and stuff, I ended up writing a oneshot.

P.S: Sorry for the bad grammar, I did it in one-shot and in a rush

* * * * *

Laura woke up as her alarm rang. The clock showed 6.30a.m.

She hit the snooze button and decided to snuggle back behind her covers. That was when she noticed she still had her phone on her other hand.

Laura checked on her phone. She realized there was a new message.

Last night she had been texting with a certain friend who was on Tour with his band to Europe He texted her that he was on his way to Cali. Today was supposed to be their first day of Austin and Ally season 4 table read. Yes, they made a season 4, finally, after all the struggle from the fans.

Remembering this, her eyes opened wide. She quickly opened the message delivered.

“I’m heading straight to set today from the airport. If you want to know more all about my awesome tour in person, then meet me in my dressing room at 6.00 a.m.”

Laura snorted reading the text. Geez that Shor boy has some degree of narcism. She glanced at the clock in her phone and realized it was already 6.37 a.m. She immediately stood up from her bed. She panicly grabbed her towels and went straight to shower.

Laura rushed downstairs, finding her mom still in her sleeping gown, starting to prepare breakfast for the rest of the family, gazing at her questioningly.

“Honey, it’s 6.40 in the morning, what’s going on?”

“Mom, I need to go to the set right now!”

“What happened?” Mrs. Marano is now even more confused.

“Just take me there now, pleeaaase?” Laura asked, making her infamous puppy-eyed face.

“But you haven’t had your breakfast yet, honey.”

“Nooo, I reaaally need to go there now!” Laura demanded. “come on mom lets go!”

“I can’t, I need to prepare breakfast for your dad, and Vanessa. Wait, why don’t you tell Vanessa to take you there–”

Before her mother finished her sentence, Laura was already on her way upstairs towards Vanessa’s bedroom.

–instead,“ her mom finished her sentence, then shrugged.

Laura bust into Vanessa’s room. She snatched her sister’s bedcover and shook her body hard.

"Wake up Vanessa!”

“Go away!” Vanessa responded, pushing Laura away.

“Vanessa, you have to drive me to set RIGHT NOW!”

“it’s 6.45 for crying out loud! Kevin and Heath are probably still in their pajamas.”

“Come on Vanessa!” Laura shook Vanessa’s body even harder.

“Allright! Allright!” Vanessa finally gave in and stood up.

“Thank you thank you thank you!” Laura smiled widely and hugged her sister. Vanessa chuckled and pushed her away playfully. She walked towards the bathroom.

“I knew you’re dying to reunite with him again but I didn’t know you’d be that interested,” Vanessa blurted out with a mumble.

“What?” Laura responded.

“Nothing…” Vanessa responded back, giving Laura a meaningful smirk.

Actually Laura was really used to hearing Vanessa’s mumble that she heard exactly what she said. But she decided to pretend she didn’t.

* * * * *

Laura arrived on set at 07.05. She felt really guilty. Ross must’ve waited since 6.00. She rushed inside to find that the set was completely empty. Only the security guards were there for morning shift. He looked surprised at the sight of Laura entering the building. But he let her in anyway without asking anything, and seemed like he actually knew she was going to come at that moment. He gave her a meaningful smile while opening the door and letting her in.

“Thank you,” Laura smiled.

Laura hurried towards her dressing room to put her stuff there. She was taking out her key when she noticed Ross’ room that was just a couple of meters away from her was open.   

She stopped and tucked her keys back into her bag and decided to go to his dressing room instead. After all, she owes him a huge apology. She got to his door and knocked on the door gently.

There was no answer.

Then she decided to enter the room, slowly opening the door. As she entered the room, she scanned inside and stopped at the sight in front of her.

Ross Shor Lynch, was laying on the couch, sleeping soundlessly. Most part of his body didn’t fit in the couch of course, so his legs was dangling on the edge of the couch. He was fully dressed in a shirt and a leather jacket covering his whole body. He still has his socks and sneakers on.

Laura smiled at the view. She gently put her bags on top of a table in Ross’ dressing room and tiptoed in closer towards him. As she got to the couch, she slowly kneel beside him.

She propped herself on the floor, and decided to have a closer look on her co-star. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. She could see his chest, moving up and down, breathing stagnantly. She noticed Ross’ hair has gotten really long since the last time they hang out together. She noticed how messy it was, but it wasn’t a surprising fact since she knows that he likes to keep his hair messy when he’s being himself, not Austin Moon. Usually Ross has his hands crossed on top of his chest when he sleeps on set, but this time, he let his hand dangling all over the place. His right hand was hanging on the side of the couch, and his other hand rests on top of his stomach.

Laura couldn’t help herself not to smile at the sight of this. Ross’ sleeping face, looking so innocent and cute like a little puppy. This kid have gone through a lot this year. Though it seems really cool and amazing, and he’s having the time of his life, still, he must be VERY exhausted. She thought she might just enjoy the view for a little while before the boy wakes up.

Something caught her attention though. There was a sudden frown formed in Ross’ face. His face looked different. It was pale. This leads her to further notice that a sweat was dripping from his head. And some more. It was 6.00 a.m in the morning and it was really cold down there, how could he possibly be sweating?

Laura leaned over towards him worriedly. Her worry deepens as Ross made another frown, this time looking in pain.     

“Ross?” she called out. But he didn’t counter.

Laura gently put her hand on top of his forehead, then her other hand on his neck.

Her hands were the one that woke him up. His eyes fluttered open softly. He smiled at the view of Laura.

“Hey, you’re late,” he commented, smiling. His voice sounded hoarse and weak. He sounded even more sick than she thought.

“I hurried here really fast before I even got home,” he continued. “Someone owes me an–”

“Ross, you’re hot,” Laura cut him off, her hands was still on his forehead and neck.

A huge smirk emerged from Ross’ face.

“Wow, thanks Laura,” he giggled. “I get that a lot though.”

“No,” Laura quickly countered, though her face started blushing. “I meant you’re feverish. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Ross smiled, as he took Laura’s hands and immediately sat up. “You’re worrying too much.”

Laura knew Ross was lying. She caught a glimpse of pain in his face as he sat up too immediate. She noticed he was trying hard to hide that he’s still recovering from dizziness.

“No you’re not,” Laura pulled her hands away from his grip. “You look awful. You really need some rest Ross.”

“I’m okay, really,” Ross gave another smile. “I even drove myself here this morning. I’m totally fine.”

“You drove yourself in a condition like this?!” Laura got even more surprised. “Why would you do that? You could’ve hurt yourself.”

“Really Laura, we’ve been apart from months and now you’re looking for a lame argument for us to debate about?” Ross shook his head teasingly.

“Seriously Ross, I’m worried about you,” Laura was now desperate at his constant denial. “You really need to go and see a doctor.”

“No I don’t,” he denied. “I’m totally okay.”

“Really?” Laura prompted. “Then you would totally be fine if I did this…”

Laura made a sudden attack punch towards his stomach. It was a hard punch for Laura, but it wasn’t strong enough to hurt him. She always does that to him. But this time, he winced and bend over with hands over his stomach.

“Sorry sorry sorry, I didn’t mean that!” Laura immediately responded guiltily and worriedly touch his hands over his stomach. “See, you couldn’t even take my weak girl attack. You’re definitely not okay.”

“Wow you’re punches are getting stronger,” Ross lift his head and grinned at her. “Have you been working out?”

Laura stood up. “I’m going to call your mom to pick you up. You can’t rehearse today.”

“No please don’t!” Ross looked up.

“No Ross, don’t be ridiculous. You need some day off,” Laura said. She took out her cellphone to prepare to dial Stormie Lynch.

“No Laura, please,” Ross pulled her hand with the cellphone down. “It’s just a cold.”

“So you’re finally admitting you’re sick?” Laura looked at him now looking a little pissed. “But it doesn’t look like "just-a-cold” to me.“

"It’s okay, really,” Ross tried convincing her, still gripping on her hand. “I just need some short sleep and after I wake up I’m all fit again. It happened during tour. Nobody found out about it.”

“Wait, this happened before?” Laura’s eyes went wide.

“Well… y-yes,” Ross reluctantly answered.

“And you still perform on stage anyway??” now Laura’s tone got higher.

“Well I could still perform,” Ross countered. “Its just a cold, nothing serious.”

“Don’t underestimate cold Ross,” Laura said. “You need to treat yourself immediately. If you don’t want me to call your mom, then I’ll call a doctor to come over.”

Laura thrust Ross’ hands and paced towards the door.

“No Laura, please you don’t have to do that,” Ross stood up from the couch to prevent Laura from leaving.

That was when Ross finally couldn’t hold back from coughing. Coughing really bad that he winced in pain again. Ross could feel a sudden pain attack on his stomach and he reeled as if he was about to collapse.  

Laura rushed back at him worriedly and caught his shoulder right before he fell.

Laura immediately guided him to take a seat back at the couch. Ross was still wincing in pain when he took Laura’s phone and stuffed it at his pocket.

“Ross??” she protested.

“Just don’t call anyone, okay?” Ross begged, breathing heavily. His stomach was still in pain.

“Just, lay down,” Laura pleaded, looking worriedly as she helped him to a laying position. Ross let out a few more cough. Laura stood to take some water and gave him a glass. Ross took the drink and lay back, closing his eyes, inhaling deeply.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” Laura asked with a softer voice this time. “I don’t get it Ross.”

“I can’t skip any schedule, okay Laura…” Ross responded weakly. “Everyone’s counting on me. If I skip a day of filming, then they will have to delay a day. Then we might have to cancel a tour date. My family will be dissappointed. So does the R5 family.”

“But you are in no condition to film today–”

“It’s just a table read Laura, chill,” Ross smiled reassuringly. “I can handle this.”

“You might be the busiest 18 year old there is, and people are counting on you, but you’re not a superhero Ross. Even Peter Parker has a day off. Even Paul McCartney could get sick,” Laura said. “I’m sure your family and your fans will understand that too.”

“But its not just them Laura,” Ross countered back. “I don’t want to miss anything. I want to be able to do it all, you know. Because I finally am doing what I love doing.”

Laura sighed.

“Well at least you should’ve taken a rest at home instead of coming here so early,” said Laura. “You’re not doing yourself a favor at all being stubborn like this.”

“But if I went home then my mom will find out that I’m sick. She won’t let me come here for the table read and then I–”

“Then your mom is being completely logical, I would do exactly the same,” Laura chimed in.

“–wouldn’t be able to see you.”

Laura was taken aback by this sentence. She fell silent. They’re eyes met.

Laura could feel the sudden burn on her cheeks. Those burns that always happens every time this Shor boy starts being a sweatheart and melts her heart to the core. She could only hope the blush didn’t seem too obvious to him though.

Ross on the other hand didn’t notice the sudden emotional spasm on Laura since he’s focused on his own. He couldn’t believe he just said that.

“I mean, I’ve been away on tours for months now, and I havent seen you for a long while so I really wanted to catch up with you,” he tried really hard to sound as casual as possible. “You’ve been busy yourself too right? I mean, a movie, a music video for the Vamps, UNICEF stuff, I just want to hear from you personally.”

Laura blinked. But she still didn’t know how to respond.

“This morning might be the only time I have for that,” Ross added. “So please don’t call my mom, or a doctor to ruin this, okay?”

Laura hesitated. This boy really is stubborn.

“You know what, you’re right,” Laura finally answered. She sighed and let out a smile. “This might just be a cold. I’ve been learning first aids in high school and I can totally handle this. So, here’s my new offer…”

“I’m listening,” Ross smiled.

“I’ll be your personal nurse for the rest of the morning. By the time the crew is here, you’d be healthy as ever. What do you say?”

“Deal,” Ross nodded, agreeing. As Laura took out her hand for a handshake, Ross sat up on the couch and stretched his arms for a hug. They quickly switched their position as Ross took out his hand, Laura stretched her arms for a hug. They paused at this position, as an awkward silence filled the air.

They both broke into laughter.

“So this is also our thing now?” Ross commented.

“Well that was weird,” Laura retorted, still laughing. Then she stood and leaned closer to hug the boy.

“Just so you know,” said Laura in between their hug. “This is the only time I’m letting you go. Next time, I’m really going to call your mom.”

“Yes ma'am,” Ross answered.

Laura broke from the hug and gave him a stare.

“Have you eaten breakfast yet?”

Ross gave Laura a sheepish grin.

“Oh my God, you haven’t??” Laura stared at him disbelieved. “Do you really hate yourself Ross??”

“Well I told mom I was going to have breakfast with you here…” Ross looked down guiltily.

Laura shook her head, before she broke into a giggle. “You’re lucky, because my mom packed lots of breakfast for me today.”

“I knew that,” Ross smiled.

She took out a lunch box from her bag and opened it. Ross was about to sit up, but Laura prevented him with her left hand.

“No, let me do it,” she offered. Ross lied back on the couch, while Laura scoop a spoon on to her breakfast and feed Ross.

“This is delicious,” Ross commented in between his chewing.

“You’re lying,” Laura confronted.

“Okay fine, it taste horrible with my current state,” Ross gave in. “But I bet it taste awesome if I wasn’t sick.”

“Why thank you for your honesty,” Laura gave him another spoon.

“Soo, how was the movie?” Ross started a conversation.

“I had a great time,” Laura answered excitedly. “Great cast, great storyline!”

Ross smiled at this.

“Did you watch it?” Laura asked.

“Well, yea…” Ross answered shortly.

“How was it?”

“It was awesome. Your acting was incredible, totally cool.”

“Oh yeah? what about the kiss?”

“What?” Ross seemed a little surprised for a moment. But then he continued, “Well, it was good I guess. Y-you did good.”

“You haven’t watched it, have you?” Laura giggled.

“What?” Ross pulled out a confused look. He thought for a moment. “Wait, so there was no kiss?”

“You know, you didn’t have to lie you watched it to make me feel better,” Laura laughed. “I’m totally cool if you haven’t watched it.”

“I’m sorry,” Ross raised his brow appologetically. “I really wanted to watch it but I haven’t got the time, so…”

“I understand,” Laura nodded.

“So there was no kiss?” Ross lean in, eyes widen in curiosity.

“You’d have to watch it to find out,” Laura shrugged teasingly.

They enjoyed their breakfast while sharing their stories. Ross told her about his second trip to Europe, and how much fun he had with his family. While Laura, aside from her filming businesses, told him about her final year of high school. Before they know it, they already spent an hour talking to each other.

Laura checked the temperature on Ross’ body by touching his forehead and his neck.

“You’re still feverish,” she looked worriedly. “Do you normally take pills?”

“Nope,” Ross answered. “I usually take naps and wait for it to go away. And I drink lots of water.”

He let out another cough and frowned.

“I’ll try to compress you,” Laura stood and walked towards the bathroom. A minute later she came back with a basin of cool water and a towel in her hands.

She gently put a towel that had been dipped into the basin on top of his forehead.

“How are you feeling?” Laura asked, kneeling beside him.

“Much better,” Ross smiled. “Thanks Laura. I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble.”

“Hey,” Laura smiled back. “You owe me for this though.”

“But on the other hand, you were pretty late this morning,” Ross looked up as if he was thinking hard.

“Fine. We’re even,” Laura chuckled. “Now go to sleep please.”

Ross gave her another smile before he closed his eyes.

Laura checked on her watch. It was already 08.00. The table read starts at about 10.00. He still has some time to rest.

“Hey Laur?” Ross asked, his eyes still closed.

“Yea?” she leaned closer.

“Your hands felt really cool this morning. Can you put them over my neck again? It felt really good,” Ross pleaded.

Laura laughed at this. “Great, now you’re just taking advantage of me.”

Ross smiled with his eyes closed. “Please?”

Laura rolled her eyes before she leaned closer to put her hands around his neck.

“I’m only doing this because your sick. I’m going to get you for this next time though. Keep that in mind.”

“Ooh, I’m so scared,” Ross whispered teasingly.  

A few minutes has passed and Laura could see that Ross’ breathing had become stagnant. He must have already fallen asleep. She gently pulled her hands from his neck and then she stretched them.

Taking care of Ross turns out to be exhausting. Especially the last few minutes where she had to stay in a position of holding on his neck for minutes. She felt really sleepy. She thought she might just go to her dressing room to take some nap herself. But then she heard Ross murmuring words in his sleep.

She checked on him and turns out sweat was still coming out of his head. He was frowning again. She checked his forehead again.

At least his temperature had gotten lower.

She took another towel, dipped it into the basin of cool water, and put it on his forehead, replacing the previous one.

She looked at Ross’ pale face. She couldn’t leave him here alone.

She sat beside the couch on the floor and put one of her hand on his neck again to help lower the temperature. But she got so sleepy that she didn’t notice her head dropped on top of Ross’ chest as she began to lose consciousness and fell asleep.


She woke up at the ray of light which shone on her face. Slowly she opens her eyes and yawned.

As her eye focus began to recover, she found herself resting on top of a couch, wrapped in a leather jacket. She noticed it was Ross’ dressing room couch. The leather jacket was also his.

“What the–” she sat up immediately, panicking. She glanced at her watch. It was 09.45.

“Rise and shine sleepy head,” Ross Lynch, came out from his dressing room bathroom. He had changed his sweaty shirt with a long sleeve indigo shirt. Laura blinked at the sight in front of her, dumbfounded.

“How did you–? How did I–? Wait a minute?”

“The table read is about to start young lady, you’d better be prepared soon,” Ross lift his brows, grinning teasingly.

Normally she would be pissed at Ross’ annoying behavior, acting all cool and healthy, pretending nothing had happened, but this time she was too happy to find that he looked so much better now. She end up smiling widely.

“Then I’d be leaving,” Laura stood up and took her purse. She gave Ross a last nod and Ross nodded back.

As Laura opened Ross’ door, she was surprised to find Raini and Calum standing in front of her.

“What have you guys been doing in there?” Calum asked in curiosity. Raini just stood there, giving her a judging eye.

Laura fell speechless.

“Well?” Raini demanded, grinning this time.

“W-well… I…” Laura stuttered. “I w-was…”

“Guys, it’s 9.55,” Ross came out of his room just in time. “They’re waiting for us. Come on!”

Before Laura, Raini or Calum could say anything, Ross was already dragging the three towards the table read room.

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hi sorry to bother you!!! but your wings on your drawings always look so beautiful and amazing and i was just wondering how you draw the larger wings (like in your drawing from about 3 weeks ago) because i can't for the life of me draw wings ever without them looking all horrible (also i really love your art like wow you're one of my favourite art blogs ever)

thank you!! you’re not bothering me at all. sorry it took me some time to reply, but i was working on setting up this quick tutorial for you!

reference is key! you gotta know how wings look before you can draw them! and there are many different kinds! different birds are adapted to  different things (fast flight, agility, soaring, etc.) so their wings will be adapted to those specific things too. pick a bird!

the easiest way to draw wings is to break them down into shapes.

the basic anatomy is similar to that of a human, with shoulder, elbow and wrist. then you can block in the feather shapes!

see how it works? three large blocks in each wing that sometimes overlap depending on how the wing is bent. once you’ve studied enough wings and drawn them enough times, you’ll be able to do these shapes yourself without needing reference. i rarely use reference for the wings i draw anymore, but even though my wings aren’t 100% anatomically correct, it’s really not a big deal since wings are very generous and are so bendy and stretchy.

so this is how i build up my wings, fast and easy:

keeping in mind the joints (shoulder, elbow, wrist) and then block in the shapes.

and lastly, add feathers! there’s a system to feathers to, but i’m not gonna get into that now since that’s a whole long tutorial on it’s own. this ended up pretty long after all (oops). but i hope it was at least a little useful to you!

How about some tea? || +lucifersatan

Crowley had been out for a month. A whole month. Or only a month? He wasn’t too sure about it at the moment. Why? Well, because he seemed to have been unconscious, which alone if frightening to some point since demons don’t become unconscious. But aside from that, he was tied to a chair. Again. Somehow, he did think it was funny, ironic to some point to be honest. He didn’t like it, no, not one bit, but he smirked either way.

“Abaddon. I should’ve smitten you whore when I had the chance.”, he just grinned, leaning back to get comfortable in the chair. Devil’s traps all around. Binding spells all around the place and oh great, wristbands. Metal with the same sigils etched in than the bloody cuffs he’d been in for months.

“Oh, Crowley, I’m just the one to bring you here. I’ll be gone in a blink.”, the knight hummed, shrugging.

The demon looked around to realize they weren’t alone in the room. “Honestly, you didn’t make it too hard to find people who hated you more than me.”, she laughed. “They practically stood in line when I sent out my message. And damn, they’re fast. Came all the way here, just to have some fun. You like fun, don’t you?”, he smirked and took a few steps back. “Have fun, boys.”, she cheered and turned to leave.

Crowley yanked on the restraints. Nothing. Perfect. Had he really pissed so many hunters off? He knew, he hadn’t been the most hunter-friendly demon walking the earth, but wow. Their faces.

8 months, 18 days, 9 hours, 12 minutes and about 45 seconds later, he had no clue how he got out. He knew he just felt a breeze of cold air hit his face. And he’d never thought he’d be thankful to feel bloody dull, cold wind on his face, but he was. He also didn’t know how he ended up wherever he was right now. He didn’t even know where he was. He didn’t exactly see. It was just dark. Pain and darkness. He still felt the wristbands around his arms. That’d explain the fact he couldn’t teleport and didn’t heal, as he was supposed to.

He didn’t exactly smell anything in particular, so no clue on that end. Crowley was sitting, that much he felt. But where? Sand, grass. Okay, no road hopefully.

The demon had never been so helpless, never felt that … cornered and he didn’t enjoy the feeling. Every crack made him jump, he was freezing and sure he hardly wore clothes anyway, given the fact there wasn’t anything he hadn’t been through in the last… how long had he been there? He didn’t know.

Shit, what if this was a trick? Some new fun way to get at him. They probably were watching him and found amusement in him being utterly helpless.

He fumbled with the remnants of his trouser pocket to get his mobile out. He’d never been checked. Not that he had been able to move anyway. Blindly he tried typing, hoping he would more or less get his message across.

PLWAAE GRLP. LOVAZD OHOME.  (Please help. Locate phone.)

He sent the text to the contact he had on speed dial, for once glad and relieved he’d set it in the first place. He just hoped the other got it and hurried, since the he was about to lose consciousness again, only this time, he embraced it. No jumping when he heard something, no pain, no darkness. Unconscious was good. 

Request: Missing You

It was days like this that Jack really felt alone. He’d just arrived back in Ireland from a long weekend at Pax Prime and now that he was home, met with the harsh emptiness of his apartment. Jack had begun to remember one of the reasons why he loved going to conventions so much.

The Irishman set his suitcase down on the floor and immediately went into his bedroom and collapsed onto his bed, sighing softly and taking in a huge breath as the covers smelt of home and gave him comfort. It didn’t do anything to subside his loneliness, but it for sure made him appreciate home.

Rolling onto his back and adjusting his pillows so that he was comfortable, Jack pulled out his phone and realised that he’d received a text from Mark. A small pain formed in his stomach as he felt it twist and turn into knots. Mark was one person who he was missing terribly.

“How are you? Did you get back alright? xx”

Mark was one to send kisses on the end of his texts, others thought it was weird that he did it even with friends but it was one of those small things that Jack really appreciated.

“I miss you :(“

“Awww, I miss you too man :( We’ll see each other soon though xx”

The thing was, there was no more conventions that Jack was due to go to this year and that meant that he wouldn’t see the American until at least next year and that scared the shit out of him. The sheer idea was enough to have tears forming in his eyes.

“Soon is next year Mark. That’s a long time tbh.”

“Try not to think about it too much. You’ll upset yourself xx”

Jack was way past upsetting himself now, he could see his vision getting blurry as the tears happened to pool in his eyes, one escaping and falling down his cheek. He let out a heavy sigh and sniffed loudly, deciding to reply to him.

“Too late for that. Already crying.”

“Please don’t cry Jack :( Come on, think about how fun Pax was xx”

He had to admit, this year’s Pax was pretty fun. There had been a vast amount of fans there to see them and he’d got to see all this internet friends including Felix and Ken who he’d never met before. Seeing them both had really made up for how short the weekend was, but of course, it didn’t amount to seeing Mark again.

“It was fun. But it’s over and I’m alone again. I might as well cry.”

“You’re not alone Jack, I’m talking to you right now. Please don’t cry xx”

“I’m sorry Mark. I’m just really upset. I miss you all so much, especially you.”

There was a long pause between their texts messages as Jack had sent that message, the younger man beginning to panic as he feared that he may have said too much. That was though, until his phone went off again.

“I really miss you too. The entire ride back, you were all I could think about xx”

“Holy shit..” The Irishman whispered as his face went bright red at the idea that Mark had been thinking so intently about him. At the same time though, to think how much the other man had been missing him too, just made him cry harder.

“Without you here. It doesn’t feel the same.”

“Gotta say the same Jack. You light up the room when you’re around xx”

“God you’re making me cry harder. Fuck, I miss you so much”

“You have to pull yourself together. Please? For me? xx”

Letting out a heavy sigh, the younger man wiped his eyes of the tears that streamed from them and stared down at his phone screen, biting down on his lip. Jack wanted to feel better for Mark’s sake, but how could he when was so alone.

“I can’t. Whenever I wait for you to reply, I remember I’m here alone in my apartment.”

“Jack. I’m always going to be here, I won’t ever let you be alone. I promise xx”

Reading those words made Jack’s eyes widen slightly and he breathed in deeply through his nose. He didn’t know why, but something just told him that it was time he let himself be honest with Mark.

“Can I tell you something?”

“Anything, I’m all ears Jackaboy xx”

“I’ve liked you for a while now. I just never considered it as something real. But today, coming back to my apartment and realising how alone I was without you. I knew that my feelings for you. Are in fact, true.”

The replies stopped and there was an eerie chill in Jack’s bedroom as he stared at his phone and after about ten minutes, the Irishman knew that he was being ignored. The idea of Mark turning him down hurt, so much, that Jack couldn’t help it when he began to cry again.

He hid his face in his pillow as he bawled, the tears coming thick and fast from his eyes and soaking the material immediately, not that he cared though, his whole body ached with emotional pain. “I’m such a fuckin’ idiot..” Jack mumbled into his pillow, still crying and hiding his head again.

That was, until the phone went off again.

“Wow. I never really expected that you’d say that to me Jack. I’m sorry I took so long to reply, I just couldn’t type the words. But I have to say, I do like you too. And I mean like a lot xx”

Unable to believe what he’d just read, Jack’s tears suddenly stopped and he grinned widely as a sense of anticipation grew inside him.

“So.. Where do we go from here?”

“I was kind of hoping to ask if you’d like to be my boyfriend tbh :P xx”

Jack threw his phone on his bed and squealed, he wasn’t able to contain himself as it seemed unbelievable what was happening.

“Hehe yes :) I’d love to be your boyfriend Mark.”

“Is it settled then? Is the pact sealed? ;P xx”

“You fucking know it ;) Pact sealed and printed Fischbach.”

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Katniss and Peeta watching fireworks on a rooftop together and some kissing happens maybe? :))))

Anon, I am SO sorry this took me a week to complete! I hope you’re still around to see this, and I hope you enjoy!

BTW this take place in the same universe as my Girl Scout cookies drabble.

“Pull back like this,” I say, bringing the string of my bow back so my hand rests near my ear. To one side of me, a string of young girls follow suit, copying my actions, aiming their beginners arrows at the large targets a few feet in front of us.

“And… let go!” My arrow flies, cutting through the air and lodging itself solidly into my target. The other girls let go of their own respective strings; some arrows fly forward, with one or two even making the target. Others fall pathetically to the ground. Each girl moves to retrieve their arrows to try again.

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yeah I don't want the fight to end soon either, I want Doffy to suffer >:) and as for what G4th might look like, there's something that's been bothering me: in Punk Hazard at one point Luffy started to run through a hall in Caesar's lab, and he ran so fast that he himself said "wow I ran so fast I created flames!" and there were two tracks of flames, and he was immensely tired by doing this... I don't think Oda-sensei would add this just for kicks

geez, it took way too long for me to find that scene again, I suppose you mean these panels from chapter 680:

When it comes to One Piece, every detail is important… so I guess, you’re right: he didn’t just add that for kicks.

But OMG, can you imagine Luffy using some kind of attack - Gear Fourth - that involves fire? How suuuper awesome would that be!!! And damn it, now that you planted that idea in my head, I won’t get rid of it.

I want to see Luffy’s fire-attacks!! >.<