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Kinktober2017 Day 14: Role Reversal with Klance

*Releases Day 14* *It’s supposed to be Day 15* *Hides in corner*

Altean Prince Lance x Galra Guard Keith AU

I know this isn’t exactly what role reversal normally means, but hey, I went with it.

Lance let out the dirtiest sound he had ever made in his entire life as his back arched against the bed, looking up at his bodyguard with a red face and squinting eyes.

“K-Keith…” The Altean Prince muttered weakly, writhing about as the Galra pinned his arms above his head with one hand while the other spread his legs apart, running his fingers up and down Lance’s thighs.

“You know, I’ve always thought your skin looked so smooth…now that I finally get to touch you in all these wonderful places, I can confirm just how right I was.” Keith’s teasing voice just made Lance’s face even redder as he willingly spread his legs apart wider. He knew he took very good care of his skin, not just because he was a prince, but because he liked being able to be confident in it, so hearing Keith compliment something he worked hard for made his heart warmer than it already was.

“Spreading yourself willingly for me, now, my Prince? I must say, I’ve been observing you all this time, but I never could have guessed you were so naughty.”

Lance’s face was growing red all the way up to his pointy ears as Keith continued teasing him, and he hated that getting him flustered was a specialty that the Galra bodyguard possessed. He wanted nothing more than to hide his face in his hands, but obviously that wasn’t possible right now, so he instead tried to deny it by closing his legs again.

“Ah, ah, ah, not so fast, Prince Lance.” Keith spread his own legs from in between Lance’s to spread his apart again, grinning down at him in that sexy way that showed off his fangs. “You can’t hide it anymore, Prince; and you don’t need to.” He leaned down until their chests were parallel, pressing soft kisses to Lance’s forehead, and if those made him melt, the words he spoke next made him implode. “I’ll take good care of you, always.”

Honestly, Lance was ready to start tearing up from how sweet Keith always was to him, always more than a bodyguard, always there for him physically and emotionally, and he wanted to express all his gratitude, but his emotional outburst was cut of as Keith’s finger prodded his hole.

“Oh!” Lance gasped, body suddenly tensing up at the sudden feeling. Keith immediately began kissing every inch of his face, showering him in claims of “you’re so pretty” and “you know I’ll never hurt you”. Lance did know. He knew Keith would never hurt him, and in the end, that was what relaxed him completely as he let the Galra slip his finger inside, squirming a bit at the unusual but welcome sensation.

“Keith…” he whispered, already panting from how hot his body felt.

“Shh…” Keith shushed him soothingly, hand moving from his wrists to stroke his white hair. He didn’t have to hold Lance down anymore and he knew it, doing whatever he could to show the Prince his love as a second finger slipped inside of him, and the two appendages began working together to stretch Lance’s walls in two separate directions, covering themselves in his Altean self-lubricant and slicking up his walls.

“Oh god Keith…” Lance was finding out that he was very verbal during intimate sessions, and that he apparently loved crying out his lover’s name as he squeezed his eyes shut and focused on the feeling of the fingers moving around inside of him, getting him even wetter than he already was. Being Altean, he was pretty sure his hole would just adjust to whatever size was needed for Keith’s dick before readjusting to give him pleasure, but Keith wanted to go the extra mile and prepare him like this anyways, which only strengthened the sentimentality of the gesture. God, Lance loved him more than he ever thought it was possible to love anything. He wanted him more than he ever thought it was possible to want anything.

“Keith…” His hands weren’t being held down anymore, so he moved them to grab the wrist of the hand that was stroking his hair, opening his eyes to look up at Keith pleadingly. He forgot to speak for a second when he met those yellow Galra eyes full of so much care. Only the beating of his heart reminded him that he was alive, and remembering that he was alive made him remember how much he wanted a certain something. “Keith, I’m okay…but you’re gonna kill me if you don’t get inside of me soon…”

Keith blinked in surprise for a tick before grinning, digging his fingers in deeper. “Oh, I will, will I? I suppose they’ll arrest me for treason for killing the Prince of Altea.” He snickered, and Lance hit his arm playfully, face reddening more.

“Keith…please, I…I need it.” Relief flooded through Lance as he felt the fingers pull out of him, replaced by something much larger and hotter pressing against his entrance. Just feeling it made Lance shiver and whine, hole gaping wide and ready for Keith’s large Galra dick. He waited…and waited. And then, he curled his back to look up at Keith.

“What are you doing? Why aren’t you doing it?” To his surprise, Keith’s face didn’t like teasing at all; he wasn’t even smiling as he stared back at Lance. Frustration took hold of him as he desperately pushed against the head of Keith’s cock, needing it inside of him. “Keith, just do it! That is an order from your Prince!”

“You’re not my prince.”

Lance’s eyes widened, and his entire body was seized by fear as he stared at Keith’s unforgiving eyes. “I’m…not your…?”

“You’re revoking your title as Prince and giving it to me.” Keith said, voice completely serious. “You’re going to call me ‘your highness’, and you’re nothing more than a peasant now. Understood? If not, I’ll just go ahead and let you tend to your own needs.” He began slowly pulling back, immediately making Lance’s arm shoot forward in panic.

“No!” Lance gasped out, gulping. “N-no…please…your highness.” Just hearing those words leave his mouth directed towards Keith made both of them shiver in satisfaction. It wasn’t that they weren’t happy with their current roles, but the power swap that came with reversing their roles was just so exhilarating for them both.

“In that case…” Keith pushed forward, sliding his cock into Lance’s dripping hole and groaning as the walls contracted in response to his thickness immediately.

Lance’s breathing was already picking up pace as he gripped the bedsheets and clenched his teeth together, a long, drawn out whimpering sound escaping him as he felt his hole being filled up. It wasn’t long before Keith’s cock was completely buried inside of him, and they stared at each other for a bit, unmoving. Then, Lance got impatient and tried rocking back.

“Please…move Keith…” The glare he got quickly reminded himself of the role reversal as he squirmed. “Please move, your highness…”

Finally, the smile returned to Keith’s face as he cupped Lance’s face. “You’re going to have to beg your Prince a lot better than that, darling. You have to beg me to fuck you.”

Lance’s heart pounded against his chest in humiliation, but his pride was one of the last things on his mind as he felt Keith’s cock pulsing from inside of him, offering to move if he could just convince him to. He gulped and took a few deep breaths, preparing himself for the filthy language he was about to unleash.

“Fuck me…your highness.”


“Fuck me, your highness!”

“Is this how you treat royalty?”

“Please fuck me, your highness!”


“PLEASE FUCK ME YOUR HIGHNESS!” Lance was shouting at the top of his lungs, his body a mixture of frustration from how much he needed something he wasn’t being given and lust from how hot Keith was making this. To his relief, his final screams had been enough, and Keith started to really fuck him, wasting no time in going slow simply because he didn’t need to.

Huge sparks of passion and pleasure were flaring through Lance’s body repeatedly, and the process was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He tried to focus on breathing so that he wouldn’t just pass out, but it was proving impossible for him to remember how to focus on anything anymore as his body spasmed and shook with each massive thrust of Keith’s cock.

“Lance, fuck!” Keith grunted with each thrust, slamming deep inside of Lance and into his prostate, which only added onto the pleasure he was already receiving just from being filled up.

“Fuck me your highness, please fuck me harder, make me lose my mind, your highness, I NEED YOU TO FUCK ME!” Lance was crying out and screaming so many things he couldn’t even comprehend it all, couldn’t even be sure if he was speaking coherently as he begged and begged his royalness to fuck him more. After all, Lance wasn’t royalty in this situation; he could say as many dirty things as he wanted to. As a result, constant streams of “Fuck me!” were coming out of his mouth at the top of his lungs, only encouraging Keith to do exactly as he begged.

Keith was literally making him lose his mind by fucking him, and he was even forgetting that not being a prince was just a role reversal thing, completely submitting himself into his new role beneath Keith.

“Fuck me your highness, bless me with your seed, please, I need you inside of me!” He begged, eyes wide with lust as he did his best to thrust back to meet Keith’s hips, although he could barely feel his legs from how hard his body was being pounded. He was clawing at the sheets and trying to express the insane amounts of pleasure shooting through his body in any way he could, including screams, but he just couldn’t seem to get ahold of himself as he lost himself in the lust and passion and ecstasy of Keith’s cock.

The Galra on top didn’t seem to be doing much better with his self control, letting out constant growls and roars as he went back to pinning Lance down, hips ramming forward with everything he had, balls slapping against Lance and making obnoxiously loud slapping noises. He was definitely close - too close for either of them to stop now.

“Lance…! Fuck, Lance, I’m gonna…cum! Gonna fill you with my…royal seed! That what you want?! Come on baby!” He smacked Lance’s ass, causing a shaky yelp to escape him.

“Ah! Yes, please! Please your highness! Fill me up, I need you! I…PLEASE!” All Lance could do in the end was plead and beg and scream as he felt Keith cum, his hot, sticky Galra seed flooding Lance’s royal Altean body and staining his insides. The sensation of being stuffed sent Lance over the edge, and he came alongside Keith as they both screamed and pressed their bodies as close together as possible. Keith’s cum filled Lance completely while the Altean’s cum shot all over their chests, the bed shaking and squeaking from all their passionate bucking.

They slowly began coming down from their sex high as their orgasms died off, leaving both boys panting and staring at each other with passionate looks that also said ‘what just happened’.

Keith slowly pulled out of the prince, wincing at the squelching sounds that followed his dick before he shuffled off to the side and fell down next to his lover. Silence ensued between them, just listening to the sound of each other’s heaving chests and relishing in the pleasure they’d just experienced.

“…I love you.” Lance honestly didn’t know what else to say, so he just blurted out his feelings out, snuggling backwards into Keith’s chest. The Galra immediately wrapped his arms around Lance, kissing the back of his neck.

“I love you, too.” He assured. Lance keened at that, smiling wider than he ever had as he sighed.

“Oh, also, that was amazing. Thank you, Keith.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘your highness’?”

Lance scowled and shoved back against Keith playfully, and they both laughed tiredly as they lay on the bed to go to sleep.

Harley x Ivy thing

“Do you have to pull me so hard red!” Harley Quinn argued as her girlfriend, Poison ivy dragged her through the airport.

“Don’t worry, sweetie,” the green skinned woman replied. “We’ll be at the boarding ramp soon enough.”

The two made it to their plane and Harley and Ivy sneaked into a pair of empty seats.

“You think anyone will know we stole their seats?” Harley wondered.

“If they do, I’ll send them a kiss,” Ivy winked.

Harley giggled. “Red, you are a very naughty girl.”

“I must get it from being around you,” Ivy remarked.

Harley lay back in her seat and smiled, taking off her sunglasses and revealing her pale white skin and blue eyes. She took of her red beret hat and let her long blonde hair flow free. “Thanks for this by the way. Getting me out of this city.”

“I don’t leave my friends in bad places, harl, not that I had many friends before you,” Ivy told her.

“I just wish Mistah J hadn’t come back,” she looked out of the window. “He probably has a dozen guys out for me.”

“Batman will put him behind bars eventually, you and I both know that, and once your former puddin is back in the crazy house, we’ll head back home.”

“You think nightwing is feeding the babies okay?” Harley inquired.

“You left him all the meat in the fridge, so I guess that’s enough.”

“Well, they do eat a lot, even for hyena’s,” Harley giggled.

“Where did you get them anyway?” Ivy wondered. “They follow you everywhere you go.”

“Oh, I found them in the zoo one night. Mistah J was real mad when I brought them home, but then they laughed with him and… he was happy. For that one moment, my puddin was happy for me, but…” She then shed a few tears

Ivy put her hand on her girlfriend’s shoulder. “Hey, Hey, it’s okay.”

“I know, but thinking back… it kinda hurts sometimes.”

Ivy then held her hand. “Don’t worry, if you stick with me, I promise nothing will happen to you.”

“And I the same for you, red,” Harley replied.

Ivy giggled. “I love you, Harleen Quinzel.”

“And I love you too, Pamela Isley.”

Ivy leaned in and kissed harley, her green lips pressing against harley’s soft red ones.

Harley stroked her cheek as they kissed and smiled. “You’ve been eating chocolate.”

“Well, it is a naturally grown plant product,” Ivy replied.

Harley and Ivy then touched foreheads. “It’s crazy. You and me, running away together. Two years ago, no one would have thought that.”

“And here we are, about to take wherever we’re going by storm.”

“I hope it has a beach,” Harley admitted.

“Why? Your skin is bleached white, you can’t get a tan.”

“Neither can you greenie, but that doesn’t matter, just being there, with you, it will be perfect.”

Ivy blushed. “You’re a real sweet bean, you know that?”

“I’m the sweetest sweet bean ever, red,” Harley proudly declared.

“Please put on your seatbelts for takeoff,” the PA voice stated.

Harley and Ivy buckled up. “Here we go,” Harley said with a grin.

“Right with you,” Ivy added.

The plane shook as it sped down the runway before taking off into the air.

Harley looked out of her window and smiled. “Goodbye Gotham. See you soon.”

Ivy was about to make a comment about Harley thinking the city was alive, but she didn’t. Harley was happy now, free again. She didn’t want to ruin this moment.

Harley then looked at Ivy again. “And red?”


“Thank you, for everything you’ve done for me.”

“And thank you, for everything you’ve done for me,” Ivy replied.

Harley then snuggled up to Ivy. “You think they have cartoons on this flight? I’m in a bit of a disney mood.”

“I’ll have a look,” Ivy replied, stroking her girlfriend’s hair. This flight was going to be long, so Ivy wanted to make sure her favourite little clown girl was happy and entertained.

for @thefingerfuckingfemalefury

She’s all mine and nobody else’s. I tattooed my touch so she can remind herself that I took ownership of her body. I own her orgasms, and I own her moans. No one else can make her groan in desperation like I do. She misses how I touch her in her favorite places and she misses my kiss. The very kiss that can inhale her soul. I just know that I can’t wait to have her again and I can’t wait to unleash the inner goddess within me.
—  gabbybaby17 (She’s All Mine)
How I gave up my virginity

I knew that I wanted to have sex sooner rather than later. The fact is that most young girls, once they start their period, want sex. We all talked about it at school, from the age of 11 or 12. A lot girls I knew were no longer virgins by the time they were 14 and a lot of them had sex with older boys and men. Most older men are creeps, and boys their own age are totally immature, so they hide their desires until they can have a better chance of having sex on their own terms - and it doesn’t happen as much as it should - creepy men generally succeed in putting them young girls off their sexual exploration and development. But if a young girl can find an older man to fuck them and he isn’t a creep, they’re going to take the opportunity, or else make the opportunity happen. For me, I had to make it happen and it happened sooner, not later. In 2007, when I was 12, I already knew about boys and sex. I mean, I knew boys made me feel funny (butterflys in my tummy, thinking about them made me wet etc) and I knew what sex was. I had no experience, but I was curious - more than curious. My mother had told me the facts of life and I had already had my first period. Later that year, after I had gotten my first period, and had a few of them, my older cousin Tom, who was 25, took my virginity. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that he didn’t take it. I gave it to him, and I gave it to him very willingly. He was handsome and played rugby and got a lot of attention from girls. He had just finished university. I saw him regularly as he lived nearby and I always made sure to dress in a way that he would see - the shortest skirts that I had, the cutest clothes. I always paid him attention and flirted with him in a really silly girly way. He knew I had a crush on him, it was obvious. I did see him looking at me, but I knew he would never touch of me of his own accord, because I was too young. Other people commented on my crush too and thought it was cute - but they didn’t realise that there was lust there. Occasionally we would end up alone together with nobody else around, when my parents were out working and had to ask him to babysit me at short notice. My first time happened when he was babysitting me one evening. I knew I had to make my move because he wouldn’t himself - I knew how young I was and how wrong it was. Adults had really emphasised to us that sex with older men was very bad, that we were far too younbg. But I wanted him because I knew him and even at 12, I fancied him. I knew exactly what I was doing. We were watching TV and I sat close to him. I put my hand on his thigh and he started a bit, but then settled down. I could see him getting hard and I put my hand on it. He told me not to, that it wasn’t right and that I was way too young, but I told him I wanted to, and that I knew about sex. I rubbed my hand on his bulge and he relaxed, the bulge between his legs getting firmer. I pulled the zip down and put my hand in and through his boxer shorts and played with his dick, the first time I had ever touched one up close. He unbuttoned his jeans and raised himself up to pull them down along with his boxer shorts, leaving his dick totally on view. It was really hard and I grabbed it, squeezing it - he told me not to sqeeze, just stroke it. I did that for a while, exploring the first dick I had ever seen fully hard. It seemed huge to me, though I have had bigger onces since. I’d guess he was about 6 inches and quite thick. He told me to put my mouth on it and to suck it, which I did. And when I did, it felt right. I wanted this and I wanted him. As I sucked and slobbered and gagged on his cock, his hand found his way under my skirt and into my knickers. Whether a girl is 12 or 22, her pussy is the same. I had rubbed my pussy before and had orgasms and could get wet and I was definitely wet by the time he started to play with my virgin pussy! He knew what to do. I came very quickly, as he found my small but hard clit above my small wet pussy. His other hand worked his way up my top and under my training bra, and started fondling my budding tits. I’m a b-cup now and small, but when I was 12, my tits were barely there at all. He pulled my knickers down and I stopped sucking his cock and took my skirt off. He pulled my top over my head and unhooked my bra. He grabbed me and kissed me and it was like electricity…I ran my hands under his top and felt his chest while he sucked on my hard nipples. I still get wet thinking about his body - he was ripped. He put his finger between my pussy lips and stroked me and I came again very quickly, moaning as I did. I was ready, and I think he knew it. He asked me if I knew what was going to happen and I said that I wanted him to put it inside me. I told him I hadn’t done it before and that I was a bit scared, but that I wanted it. He took me by the sides and lifted me over him so that I was straddling him, his hard cock against my tummy. I couldn’t stop touching it, stroking it. There were drops of thick fluid coming out of the slit at the top of his cock. I asked if that was his sperm and he said no, that was called pre-cum, that it was the same as when a pussy was wet and that it meant he was ready. So I told him to do it. He asked again if I was sure and I said yes, that I was very sure. He told me that it might hurt and I told him that I knew this. I repeated that I was virgin and there was a layer of skin blocking the way. He said it was called a hymen and that it needed to be broken for me not to be a virgin any more. I told him again that I was ready. When I said this, his attitude changed a bit and he became…not aggressive, but firm. He called me a naughty little slut and said that I was going to get it. He lifted me up and placed me over his cock. With one hand he took his cock and guided it to my pussy and found it….now I got very nervous and started to tremble. He pressed his cock into my pussy and pulled me down on it as well. I could feel a very hot and firm presence between my pussy lips as he probed his cock in my pussy. He thrusted some more and I felt a sharp pain and I cried out. He kept going and then stopped. There was some blood on his cock, which had come from my pussy, but not too much. He asked if I wanted to stop, but blood never bothered me and I knew why it had happened. I told him no, and to keep going. He was inside me now and it felt painful, but also pleasurable. I could feel a hot thick feeling between my legs. He started thrusting and the pain started to go away to be replaced by a feeling of intense pleaure that I simply could not describe. As a woman, I know now that he was hitting my g-spot and rubbing off my clitoris as well, but to the 12 year old girl I was then, I had no idea what it was, all I knew was that it felt so, so good and that I didn’t want it to stop. I could feel a pressure building up inside me, intense pleasure that kept building and building. It felt like an orgasm that I got when I rubbed myself but so much stronger. Eventually, it got too much and I went over the edge, crying out loudly. He told me that I had just come and I asked him what that meant. He explained that when someone comes, it means they have had an orgasm, which is what the good feeling is when people have sex. It all made sense to my 12 year old mind, and I realised better what I was doing when I felt good when I rubbed myself - it was a lighter, less intense version of what happens when people have sex. I asked him if he had felt the same way and he grimaced as he kept thrusting and said not yet, but that he was about to. He grunted again and told me that I needed to get off him before he came too, or else he might come inside me. I told him that I wanted him to cum inside me and started to wriggle around on top of him and asked him if he would…he told me that if I kept doing that, he would come in no time, but that really, it was better if he didn’t…but I kept wriggling…he started to curse and swear and called me a dirty little slut and he started to moan and grunt and really thrust into me hard, which felt so, so good. Then he started shouting really loudly that he was coming and I felt a searing hot, wet feeling inside me. He stopped after about a minute of thrusting and suddenly I felt hot, very wet and sweaty and exhausted. I collapsed on his bare chest and he held me. I was so tight and he was so large that he stayed inside me the whole time even though I felt his hardness go away. We both came down off our orgasmic highs. My mind was a rush of feelings and emotions about what had just happened, but I felt happy, that I had gotten what I wanted. It felt right and I felt very close to Tom. He whispred in my ear that I was a dirty little girl and that he was going to do this to me again when he was ready. I didn’t understand and asked when he’d be able to see me again. He told me that he didn’t mean tomorrow or the next day - he meant after he rested and was ready again in about a half hour. I was surprised, I didn’t really understand how boys can go again once they are rested, but I soon learned what that meant! We kept resting as we had finished, me straddling his legs and he still inside me. When he was ready, Tom lifted me off him carefully. There was a fairly large puddle of white liquid from between my legs, flowing out of me and on to his groin and his legs. I was shocked to see it as I had no idea there would be a mess. He told me not to worry, that we’d clean it up later. He laid me down on the couch and he took his shoes, socks and jeans off, which had been around his ankles. Now we were totally naked. He put his cock on my face and moved it to my mouth, leaving a trail of sperm across me. He told me to put him in his mouth and clean him up, and I did, slobbering over his cock as I did. I could feel him getting hard again. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and took me by the ankles and spread me wide open, making me feel very exposed and dirty. I loved it. He told me that the first time was having sex. But this time, he was going to fuck me good and proper. And he did. This time was not gentle. He plunged his erection into me and thrusted, totally controlling things and basically, just using me. It hurt a bit because I was so tight but he kept going. He told me that I was going to be his fucktoy from now on and that he was going to use me. I came more than once from his fucking me, I can’t remember how many times, but it felt both painful and pleasurable. He came again eventually shouting as he did so. When he pulled out he wiped his cock on my thigh and told me I had been a good girl and told me that I had been asking for it. And he was right and I knew he was right. Then he took me to the shower in the bathroom and cleaned me down, making sure all of the sperm was gone. He fingered me roughly to try and get as much out as he could, and I came again when he did it. When I was cleaned up, he told me to get my clothes and to go to bed and he’d come and tuck me in after he had finished cleaning the couch. Eventually he came to my bedroom to tuck me in. I told him that I knew not to tell anyone about what had happened, not even my best friends and he told me that he would be in a lot of trouble if people found out - and that this needed to be a secret - forever. I did not get pregnant from that night, thankfully, and although we had sex quite a bit over the next few years, until I was 16 and got my first proper boyfriend, we always used condoms until my parents put me onto the pill when I was 14 as they thought it better to make sure I was safe just in case, although I am quite certain they had no idea I already had had sex by then and had quite a lot of it with Tom! I have always preferred it bareback and it only resembled what it was like on my first time when I was getting it bareback. That is still the case to this day. I always prefer to have men finish inside me without a condom. It’s more real and more pleasurable. I think it’s got something to do with my first time. Tom and I don’t have sex now, though we often talk about it fondly. I think neither of us would rule it out again if we were both in a situation that allowed it - but he is married and I’m living with my boyfriend. Anyway, I’m 26 now and I can still remember every detail like it happened yesterday and frequently use the experience to get me off when I am alone and masturbating. That’s my story. I hope you liked it… Kathryn L

_______________________________________________________________________ Holy fuck that was hot, I rarely comment on these submissions but damn. My cock is hard. 5 stars.
Snap & Tickle [Promptis]

A/N: Final Fantasy XV (Prompto/Noctis) -  12. “Stop sending me those ass pics!” - @shibakamiko sooorry this prompt is probably aaages old by now but here it finally is x’DD you probably forgot~

Summary: Prompto likes to take pictures of Noctis’ butt. Noctis likes to tickle Prompto. Everyone has their personal interests right?

Word Count: 1658

Ping. Noctis was carefully bent over to reel in that fish when he received a message on his phone, and he made a face when he opened it. A picture, of him right there bent over, and perfectly zoomed in on his ass. 

“Prompto!” he called out, turning around to spot the sneaky photographer, but no one was answering, so he just groaned and turned back around.

“I know you’re out there dude. Stop sending me those ass pics! Pfffft,” Noctis sighed, but not interested enough to quit his private fishing moment and chase after him. Ignis was busy cooking dinner, Gladio was sharpening his weapons, so Noctis had all the time and space in the world to go fishing at the pond nearby their camping site.

He had actually no idea what had gotten into his friend. This wasn’t the first ass-picture of his own he got these days. Prompto seemed to have acquired a new hobby of snapping royal ass-pictures at all moments and times of the day, especially the vulnerable moments like when Noctis mounts his Chocobo, when he bends down to pick up something or like this, when he’s ready to reel in a fish.

Ping. Ping ping ping~. Noctis almost denied it, but he couldn’t help grabbing his phone again to see a gallery of ass-pics enter his chat with Prompto. The other one was obviously taken right at this very moment, but now he was receiving a collection of never-seen-before pictures of his ass from all angles and from different moments. Geez. With this he could easily make a collage of ass-pics of his own. 

Prompto?” That naughty guy. Noctis carefully put down his rod and turned around slowly, eyeing the bush that was obviously Prompto’s hiding place from where he took that picture earlier.

“I swear, stop sending me those pics.” He started walking towards the bushes and smirked.

“In fact, I want you to stop making any of these at all.” He could hear a faint giggle come from the bushes, which was honestly the most adorable thing ever, like Prompto was a kid playing hide and seek and knowing he was about to be found any moment. Noctis rubbed his hands and he grinned. One more step closer to the bushes and – ping

Noctis froze and checked his phone. Another ass-picture of when he was fishing at the pond just now. 

“You’ve really done it now, you have made Prince Noctis angry~” Noctis sang mischievously without feeling angry at all, to be honest. He just enjoyed their little game, and now as he stood right in front of Prompto’s hiding place he could hear the bushes giggle again in anticipation.

“I really swear you should run if you want to stay alive. I’m serious.” That was actually kind of Prompto’s cue because now he leaped out of the bushes and made a roll to dodge Noctis’ fast move in an attempt to catch him.

“Heehehe~!” Prompto indeed was like a child, giggling as he tried to run away. Tried. He really tried. Noctis had tumbled over when his own leap at Prompto missed, but before the sneaky gunman could escape he managed to grasp his ankle, pulling him down into the grass with him.

“Eeehehe no waahahait!” Prompto screeched as he was wrestled down by the young prince until he was lying face down with Noctis sitting on his back, pinning one of Prompto’s arms behind his back to make him even more immobile.

“I did warn you honey,” Noctis taunted, and with his free hand he began to dig in between Prompto’s ribs. Now that had been a while. 

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Match. - Niall Horan Imagine.

This is the first time that I wrote an imagine in other language, so … it’s not that good (Sorry for the verbs. I always struggle with that ones.) If you want the version in Spanish, just let me know, please.

And he was disappointed.

But it was not my fault that his football team has lost against mine. 

It was not. Or was it?
“Love, are you upset?” He quickly denied.
“I’m not, I’m not.” His blue eyes never looked at me, or at least not since the game finished. And that had been about 6 hours. We were still wearing our jerseys. By the way, both were green. 

But this time I had won,I felt I kicked him in the liver. I tried to cheer him up, but nothing worked. He continued to have this sad frown.
I knew what It was like to lose in a World Cup. I knew it perfectly.
And his team was about to be in the semifinals, a hair to be a winner, was not for less his sadness. I knew the feeling, he felt a hollow in the lower part of his stomach when he was disappointed, and God knew it was true.

What would not I do to make him feel better?
“Do you need a kiss?”
He denied.
“A hug?”
“No,honey. Thanks”    
Oh, I know what he needs.                                                                                
“A blowjob?” And it seems that now he listened to me. He looked at me suggestively.    
“Well, now I’m listening to you.” I smiled.
Oh, Niall. You never change.
“I think you’re wearing too much clothes.” He sighed, I knelt in front of him and slid the elastic of his sweatpants down slowly out of his body.
“Well,well.” I whispered and raised my eyebrows. And this naughty boy did not wear underwear. Excellent, because mine seemed to be completely ruined just after taking a look at his crotch.

“Show me what you can do with this pretty mouth.” He stroked my cheek and placed his thumb between my lips. Damn, he makes me hate him very often.
“Oh, no, not this time.” No, I was going to have the reins today. 

He was surprised and I took that slight moment of doubt as an advantage. Let’s say he was already leaning on his back while I was on top of him. My God, he looked delicious, vulnerable. The times I had with him like this were counted, he was helpless, but I enjoyed each one. 

“Your underwear just makes this worse, I can feel you through the fabric, you’re killing me.” And it was not too much to say that he was doing the same to me. But come on, I’m a strong girl, I can take it. I think so.
“Ugh, poor boy, I guess I’m hurting you.” I pretended to get off of him, but he would not let me. The movement only caused more friction between his body and mine. He was right, he was killing me.

And then the need to feel him was somewhere deep inside me, just where I wanted him to be. In a very deep place. I took off my underwear from my body in desperation, but I was not planning for him to remove my jersey.There was no way.
“No way, handsome boy.” He had returned to his position quickly and I took advantage of the movement of his hip to put him inside me.
Oh, just where he had to be, he had moaned, I heard his groan of pleasure, and I loved to hear him come out of the depths of his throat.
“All the damn day you complained that my team had fucked yours. Well, I’m definitely going to show you what a fuck is.” So I did it.
My God, I was delighted with the expression on his face when I was in control. I was delighted with the swaying we did from top to bottom, with as much force as we could.His hands on the sides of my waist made me do it stronger and faster, faster.
The thought was bouncing in my head, this thought, and throbbing inside exactly where I needed it. Well, more than just the thought. And then, there I was, at the top.
Judging by his face, I gather he was. His face tensed for a second, his stomach was hardening and he lifted his hips. Incoherent babbling came from his mouth and his hands took me harder.
God, yes.                                                                                              

When we finished I leaned on his chest and felt the dampness in the fabric for the effort. His hair was messed up by the speed of our movements and rough breathing. He caressed my face and sighed on my lips.

“Oh, God, I’ll definitely complain more often about games.” He said.
I laughed, he was in the bathroom a moment later.
“Do not think I’m done with you.” He turned slightly, I could see his face still reddened by the heat.
“Not yet?” I denied it while waving my eyelashes slightly.
“I still owe you a blowjob, then you’ll know what it’s like to bite the dust.”
“Holy …”
He said with a look of surprise, he seemed to be about to faint.
Damn, how much I loved this man.

As I said before, this is my first imagine (in English)

Hope you like it.

-Kisses, H.

Effortless: Part 1 (M)

I just wanted to say that being a spy has always been a dream of mine..LOL. Anyway, this is something I suddenly became inspired to write about. I hope you all like the first installment of my BTS SPY!AU series.

INFO: A chapter in the SPY!AU series where Park Jimin is part of your mission and to get his guard down you flirt your way through and take him up to your hotel room. A huge plus for you because you get to have some sweet and smutty fun with him.

A special appearance: Taekook

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anonymous asked:

Cophine - OB

  • who worries about how they will look when they’re older

probably neither? i don’t think they’re super into their looks. i mean, there’s some vanity there because cosima has that eyeliner on point even on her death bed and delphine takes her time straightening that mane so yeah both like to look good but i feel like it’s mainly for themselves.

  • who makes the mix tapes/CDs

initially delphine makes one bc wow such romance very old school what a gr8 anniversary gift but then it’s full of lame slow french songs and cosima’s like lemme show u how it’s done and she puts together a mixtape of songs like low by flo rida

  • clings to the other during scary movies

it’s cosima, y’all know it’s cosima. delphine’s very amused with it but she doesn’t say a word because she knows cosima gets all BITCH I AINT AFRAID OF NO GHOST and tries to act shes not shitting her panties and pulls away and delphine OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want that bc she likes cosima clinging onto her tooooooo much

  • gets into the shower with the other randomly

ngl my first thought was delphine and then immediately cosima too so i guess that’s both??

i just kinda feel like delphine would be cool with it both ways she’d be like *cheeky grin* ok den but on the other hand if it’s delphine joining cosima at first cosima would be like DUDE YOU SCARED ME THIS IS HOW PEOPLE DIE IN HORROR MOVIES Oh you’re naked ok nevermind but if it was her joining delphine she’d be super smooth lmao

  • flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone

cosima. and delphine laughs so hard bc she’s in love with an actual idiot.

  • initiates hand holding while the other is driving

cosima bc delphine doesnt let her drive at all and ofc cosima has to do SOMETHING with her hands lmao

  • secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events


  • asks weird questions in the middle of the night

*OH MY FRENCH GOD, WHAT NOW?? FACE* *sighs* “yes cherie?”
“what if someone actually kept spaghetti in their pocket?”
*grabs pillow* *smothers cosima* “SLEEP. SLEEP FOREVER.”

  • asks “what are you thinking about?”

both with a double chance of delphine

  • always has to be touching the other

BOTH and it’s canon

Request: Anonymous (Y/N)

Side-note: Dirty

 Y/N’s  POV:

                “Thank you for the tickets Harry!” ‘Of course baby. You listen to Rihanna enough. I figured it was about time you could to listen to her in person.’ “I’m just so excited. I can’t believe in a few minutes she’ll be walking out on that stage to perform. Plus we have a VIP suite all to ourselves. I have been to very few concerts and am normally in the back where everyone looks like ants. This is just amazing. Thank you!” ‘Of course. Also as an FYI, we have VIP service as well so if you want any food or drinks we just order them on the screen over there and someone brings them to us.’ “Seriously? You know you didn’t have to do all this? I would have been fine with any seat; a normal one would have sufficed.” ‘I know but I wanted to spoil you. You deserve it.’

Just then the lights dimmed on stage and Rihanna walked out. I jumped up covering my mouth and Harry stood up and wrapped his arms around me. As the set went on I couldn’t help but get into the music. I was dancing against Harry and continued pressing my bum against his crotch grinding against him slowly. I grabbed his hands and began rubbing them all over my body. He groaned and began rubbing his hands over my body without my help. I placed my hands on his thighs gripping them tightly and digging my nails.

                ‘I need you.’ “But the concert isn’t over.” ‘Then I’ll buy you tickets for another show. Now come.’ He took my hand and guided me inside the suite to the bathroom. ‘You are a very naughty girl.’ “And yet you’re the one with the dirty mouth.” Harry smirked and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Wait Harry, do you have a condom?” ‘Shit…’

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