this took me so much it started out so differently and this was not what i wanted and idek

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You should write some mute lance, whether its him having been mute in the past, being a selective mute, being injured and becoming mute, or straight up not talking anymore, i think you'd write it well


I kinda went on my own here, Whoops

On contrary to belief Lance didn’t like to talk. Well scratch that, he loved talking but he didn’t like to be talked over. Everytime he was talked over he immediately clamped up and he felt a lump form in his throat. Being the youngest in his family only lead to Lance being talked over constantly. 

It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to stop telling a story because everyone started a different conversation. It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to never finish a thought because someone would constantly interrupt him. 

Lance wasn’t a fighter so when this happened he would just clamp his mouth shut and listen to what the other person had to say, because it was obviously more important. 

Lance found himself talking less and less around his parents, siblings, and classmates. Nobody ever commented on Lance’s new quietness so Lance had no reason to start talking again. Lance would go days without saying anything to anyone. He communicated through shrugs and nods. 

Why should I talk, everyone is happier when I don’t. 


Fast forward to the Garrison when Lance met his roommate Hunk. Hunk wasn’t loud but he wasn’t quiet either. Sometimes Lance didn’t even hear him enter the room while other days Lance would hear him hallways away.  He liked Hunk, Hunk never pressured him to talk, Hunk just kept him company throughout their days. 

Hunk would ramble about projects he was working on and homework and Lance would listen quietly. It didn’t even dawn on Lance that he had never said anything to Hunk before in his life. 

They were both in their room, Lance on his bed reading a book while Hunk was laying on the floor building something. 

“Dang it, these wires all look the same, I can never tell them apart.” Hunk ran his hands through his hair in annoyance. 

Lance looked at his distressed roommate and looked down at his book. “Why don’t you put colored tape around the different wires.” Lance’s voice slightly cracked due to the lack of use and Hunk screamed. Not like a small scream but like ‘help someone is getting stabbed scream.’ 

Lance jumped causing is book to fly across his bed and he stared at Hunk who was staring at Lance his hands over his mouth. 

Lance swallowed around a small lump that was forming at the base of his throat. He inhaled “Sorry I didn’t mean to…scare you?” Lance wasn’t sure what he did wrong exactly. 

Hunk blinked a few times and slowly removed his hands from his mouth. His breathing started to slow down as he continued to stare at Lance. 

Lance started to shift where he sat. Why he is just staring at me? Lance was about to bolt out of the room but Hunk regained his bearings before he moved. 

“I’m sorry for screaming! You just have never talked before and I thought you were mute or something. Then you just spoke and I got scared. Like I wasn’t expecting that at all.” Hunk inhaled until his lungs ached “Sorry I’m rambling.” 

Lance smiled at his roommate “Hunk you ramble all the time, I’m used to it.”

Hunk started to laugh and before Lance knew it he was laughing with Hunk. They only stopped when they heard a knock on their door. 

“Officer Davis, opened the door. We have a complaint of a noise disturbance.”

Hunk and Lance shared a look and started laughing and Hunk went to open the door. 


Hunk and Lance became best friends within a week. They had shared everything with each other, and Hunk didn’t interrupt Lance once when he was talking. If he accidently did he would apologize immediately and beg Lance to continue what he was saying. 

Lance started to love talking again. 


The only time Lance would have trouble talking would be when he came back from a break. When Lance was around his family long enough he would clamp up again, but slowly Hunk would bring him back out of his shell. 


Hunk could only do so much and sometimes it wasn’t enough. They had just saved a planet from the Galra and they were all meeting up with the leader. 

Now Lance didn’t usually talk during diplomatic missions but he felt obligated to speak up when it concerned him. The leader was discussing how helpful the blue lion was and how it help save the planet. 

“You must tell me Blue paladin, how does the ice work?” The leader placed his (hand?) tentacle on Lance’s shoulder. 

“Well you see, Blue and I ha-” 

“That’s interesting but like was it just the lion acting on their own?”

“Kinda, you see I have to put my bay-”

“So are you not needed to fly Blue? If she does all the work what do you do?”

“Well I have to fly he-”

“But they are magic lions, surely they can fly on their own.” 

Lance opened his mouth to respond but slammed it shut before any words were formed. Then Lance did what he did best, he shrugged. That was all he did. 

The leader looked at him a bit skeptical before nodding “So how does the ice get formed?” 

Lance shrugged again. He kept his eyes directly on the leader and his lips sealed. Lance was nudged by Shiro, he didn’t care he wasn’t going to talk. He looked at the leader one more time before walking towards Blue and flew back to the castle. 


Lance didn’t bounce back like Hunk prayed he would. It had been about 2 weeks since the last time he said anything. He just shrugged and nodded. Never even opening his mouth except to eat. The castle was quieter than any of them wanted it to be. Mealtimes were filled with force conversation and Lance scarfing down his food in order to leave. 

Even during missions Lance wouldn’t say anything, Blue would send the other lions messages so everyone knew that things were going well but Lance never talked. 

When they met new species Lance would stand in the background silently, just watching everyone. 

Hunk tried his hardest. He would talk about things he knew Lance liked, but Lance would just smile and pat him on the back and walk away. 

The team couldn’t get Lance to talk, and they tried. They did everything they could but Lance would just sit in silence. He didn’t even talk to Coran, and that broke the older man heart. 


The paladins were hosting a party in the castle with about 7 species from different planets. They all worked together and received a huge win. 

Everyone was talking and enjoying the party and Lance was standing by the wall sipping his drink. He watched a boy, around his age, walk towards him. 

His arms and neck were covered in tattoos and he has pointy ears with piercing all over his body. His skin was a soft blue and his hair was a bright red. He smiled at Lance and stood by him. 

The boy thanked Lance for saving his planet, and of course Lance caught onto his flirting techniques. 

Lance laughed, like a real laugh. The first laugh in weeks maybe months. It echoed through the room and every paladin heard it. They attempted not to make it obvious but they were all listening to see if Lance would do anything more. 

Lance, who was completely oblivious to what his teammates were doing, stuck his hand out to the boy. “The names Lance.” 

Self-Projecting? Do I Know Her? 

Hell yeah I was self-projecting. 

I’m basically how I write Lance XD 

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!!

Thank you for this!

Btw give it up for my bisexual son ❤💜💙

Training Wheels prologue // Jungkook x Reader.

Résumé: Jeon Jungkook knew how to make you fall for him, to make you succumb to him and follow his every command. But will you find out about his intentions? Or would he make you fall for him too deep that it would be too late for you to find your way out?
Length: 1 565 words.
Inspiration: Melanie Martinez – Training Wheels
AU: Bad boy
A/N: yo, at first I was thinking about yandere!you x jungkook but then it kind of took a different turn and… ok idek my idea was messed up beautifully. Enjoy this attempted masterpiece I have created, for now.

Originally posted by szebasstian

Jeon Jungkook. Just the name would make your heart hammer and your eyes widen and you’d neglect whatever you’re busy with to search for him. That’s because you are lovesick.
You weren’t like this at first, and people noticed it. But you didn’t. Even after a good number of them came and tried to warn you, about your sudden behavior change and advised you to catch yourself before you fall into his trap. But you didn’t. You never understood why they would say such things. Like, isn’t love a good thing in this generation? And what have they got to do with any of this anyway? You’d think. But if only you knew how sad the truth they said is.

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What do think is the chemistry between grimmjow and ichigo? What's the appeal?

Short version:

Ichigo is a highly empathetic character, and he understands Grimmjow despite Grimm’s stubborn refusal to show anything other than unadulterated rage

Long version:

And I’m so sorry because I got waaay into it and it got really long.

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A RichJake Fanfic

‘Ow.’ was the first thing Rich thought when he woke up. ‘Fucking shit, that hurts.’ Was the next.

The next thing he thought was ‘What the fuck?’ when he saw the tubes connecting him to an oxygen bag. Then he saw the scars. The scars etched into his skin, reminding him of what happened. The scars that, he knew from the moment he saw them, would taunt him forever.

He expected a shock. One that would make him stand up straighter, make him open his eyes up more, make him smile. It never came.
He expected the voice in his head telling him ‘No Richard, that’s wrong.’ and ‘Do that Richard, not that.’ It wasn’t there anymore. All that was left was the occasional glitch.

He sat up. That was all he could do, lying in a hospital bed with no TV nearby, or phone. He blinked. It became apparent that no, the fire wasn’t a dream.

‘Oh fuck, what did I do?’ Was the last distinguishable thought that popped into his head. Then, they became a blur. ‘How much damage did I do?’ ‘Is everyone ok?’ ‘IS JAKE OK?’

“Oh my god, Rich is awake!” The voice broke him out of his approaching anxiety attack. Whipping his head around, (which he realised was a bad idea after feeling the pain from his settling scars) Rich realised that it was Jeremy Heere’s friend… he couldn’t remember the kid’s name, who was standing in the doorway.

“Hello? Rich? RICH?” The boy said as he ran over to him, flailing his arms infront of Rich’s face.

Rich came to his senses and slapped the boy’s hands away. “WHAT?!”

The boy rolled his eyes. There was a distinct pause as the boy silently scanned him. He then sighed. “You have no idea who I am, do you?”

“No fucking clue.”

Another slightly sad sigh. “Michael Mell. Jeremy’s best friend.”

“Nithe to meet you.” Rich said, reaching out a heavily bandaged arm. ‘Oh shit.’ He then thought. ‘Oh holy fucking shit shrine.’

‘Oh god please no.’
“Have a lisp?”

Rich closed his eyes in exasperation. He had forgotten about that.

“No, I jutht like thaying eth'th like that.” He grunted, sarcasm dripping from his every word.

“Jeez, dude, stop getting so defensive.” Michael raised his eyebrows, put his hands up and stepped back in defeat.

“Jutht don’t… talk about it. Pleathe?” Rich stared Michael in the eye, almost threatening him to keep going. 

“Sure bro.” Michael replied casually, probably not even noticing the baleful glance.
“So…” Michael looked down, not wanting to ask the question that was lingering on his tongue, “why’d you do what you did?” He inquired tentatively.

“Don’t,” was the answer. Rich wasn’t even sure himself.

— a month later –

The TV was on. Rich had been moved to a more open room when the doctor’s found out that he was awake. They had told him that he was “Lucky to be alive,” and that they thought he was dead. He almost wished that were true.

He wasn’t paying attention the screen. Lights flickered from it onto the bromidic, white wall as some inaudible noise hummed in the background. Rich had no idea what the yelling woman was angry about, nor did he really care. He didn’t care about much these days.

Most of his friends had come to see him. He had found out, over the past month, that they were real friends.
He and Christine had become fast friends, geeking over the newest Broadway musicals. He had discovered that he had a certain soft spot for musical theatre.  
Chloe was one of his closest friends, which was a surprise to both of the two. They had never really liked each other before, by association. She was his best friend’s ex, he was her ex’s best friend. However, it had all been resolved and she had helped him to paint his nails (which was double as difficult, because they had to convince the doctors that no, Dr. Beck, it’s not secretly alcohol and no, Dr. Duke, we’re not going to stain the bedsheets) and he helped her through her Physics homework, which he had always had an affinity for.
Brooke was forever kind, constantly telling him that he’s not a crusty nerd that deserves to be in the gutter.
Jenna was constantly filling him in with the latest gossip (which he didn’t care much about but he humoured her anyway) and never failed to make him laugh with her own, slightly untrue, details.
Rich could share experiences with Jeremy, about Squips. They were each others’ support for things they knew no one else would understand.
Michael was his friend. There was nothing specific they had in common, but they were the comedic relief in the time that everyone needed it.

There was only one person that wasn’t there. Everyone knew it, but no one said a thing. It would just make their absence more prominent.

'Where are you, Jake? Why haven’t you come by?’

It was a thought that ran through Rich’s head everyday. That day, it was one of the only thoughts that was there.

'Do you hate me? I know I deserve it but I need to see you. Will you hate me even more if you see the mess I really am? Will you ever forgive me?’

His face was ever there in Rich’s mind. Every time he laughed, every time he broke down. Jake was constantly haunting him.

— two months later —

He was being let out soon. At least, that’s what he had overheard when he passed their table. All of them seemed so happy, so overjoyed. So… why wasn’t he?

Jake distanced himself as much as he could. He had tried to stick to normal life. To pretend that it never happened, to pretend that people like Jeremy, Christine, Chloe and Rich had never existed. It was just Jake Dillinger against the world, and he was fine with that. Of course, he wasn’t.
He wanted nothing but to be sitting there with them, celebrating the fact that his best frie- ex best friend was almost back from hospital. He had to keep reminding himself that Rich was his ex best friend. He had incinerated his entire house, for god’s sake! But as hard as he tried, he couldn’t be mad. Rich’s face kept popping up into his head. It wouldn’t go. Whenever he pretended to laugh with his popular friends, at something that wasn’t even funny, he would start to reminisce the times when that laugh wasn’t fake, when he would be cackling like a witch at something stupid Rich had said. Then he’d mentally slap himself for being stupid, and go back to daily life.

He wished it would be different. He wished he could muster up the courage to just go to the damn hospital. But he was too scared.

'Jake Dillinger, scared?’ A voice he knew all too well said in his head. 'Now that doesn’t sound the Jakey-D I know! C'mon bro, go get 'em!’ Rich’s words from his first football game as captain echoed in his ears.
They were fake. That wasn’t Rich. That was his Squip. He had never even known Rich. At least, that’s what a tiny, vexatious voice kept whispering every single time he was close to getting in his car and driving straight up to the hospital. But Jake knew. Jake knew that the real Rich was always there, that he did know the real Rich. He had to have known him, because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t.

He was going to do it. Definitely. He just needed to… figure out how to not fuck up.

'God, this is much harder than I thought it would be.’ He thought.
'Let’s just fucking do it.’

And so Jake Dillinger cracked open the stiff, hospital door with his crutch, and saw him. He saw Richard Goranski, sitting on his creaky, $50 hospital mattress playing Mario Kart with Michael Mell. His grin was wider than Jake had ever seen it, and his hair was pushed back with sweat. He looked almost… hot. Jake then swiftly drew his crutch back, closing the door.

He took a deep breath. 'I can’t fucking do this. I should just… leave forever.’ He peered through the window of the door. Could he break such a happy, serene moment? Could he fucking buck up enough to do this?
'Yeah I fucking can!’ Jake thought, and so he slammed open the door with his crutch.

“I’ll fucking beat your ath, Michael!” Rich yelled as he revved his engine.
“Fucking try me hoe,” Michael challenged. They flashed each other grins as the race began. They were abruptly stopped however, when the ward’s door was slammed open, possibly scuffing the plain walls behind. The pair jumped in surprise, and swivelled their heads around until they could’ve been likened to owls. Standing in the doorway, with a nervous smile on his face, was the last person they could’ve expected.

Silence. For almost a solid minute, there was silence.

Then, it was broken. “Jake?”


So…. I did this? Just to be clear; I’m not a writer in any way. I did this at 12am on my phone and only wrote this because I ran out of richjake content and needed something, ANYTHING about richjake.

I don’t know if I’ll continue this. I probably will because I have no life, but I honestly have no clue. Also sorry about not having a cut…. ahahaha yeahhh I don’t know how to put one in. If anyone could tell me that would be great thanks!

If you want to get tagged in the next one then just ask! (Like anyone will want to read more of this trash but oh well I tried)

If you also have any ideas for a name that would be greeeaaat because I’m even worse at naming than I am at writing and that’s saying something also im accidentally taunting all of u expensive headphones shippers and im really sorry oops ahaha updated ao3 version:
s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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Hey (its me again) can I have some more phase 1 stuff. I noticed tht noodle always had like little matching space suit looking outfits. So maybe like some shopping for her with the boys?? Idek u just always seem to come up with rlly cute creative things but keep it in perfect characterization and I just love ur writing okay. Thanks❤️ -h

(Hello again, sweet anon h, I spend some time researching her outfits, and came to the conclusion that they, obviously, looked very much like some kimono-like Japanese uniforms. Hope this is okay! It was fun writing it. ALSO U SEEM RLY NICE, i wanna know who you are)

They had tried everything by now; begged, ordered, persuaded with candy and ice cream. Nothing helped, and though she was little, she stood her ground and yelled a big “No”, one of the words she’d learnt in English, and a pretty useful one, each time they presented actual clothes to her. Apparently, fashion for 10-year-olds weren’t tasteful to tiny Noodle but in all fairness, none of the band members really liked pink. She had to wear something though and when they rotated the responsibility of getting her dressed and ready each morning, it was the same for each of them. They’d choose a piece of clothing but she’d refuse to wear it unless they’d explained that she’d have to wear that or nothing.

They’d caught her several times looking through their drawers and pull on their long-sleeved shirts. They were way too big for her, almost looking like oversized dresses as she nearly stumbled in them when trying to walk in them. She’d call their names excitedly and then swing around the big sleeves with a grin. None of them ever got mad at her but she got mad when they wouldn’t let her wear them.

“Noodle, you can’t wear that, please take it off,” Murdoc sighed, “I can’t pull it offyou, it wouldn’t seem appropriate.”

“No!” Noodle said defiantly and spun around to make the sleeves flap in the air, “No, nonononoooo!”

“Well, it’s my shirt,” he tried again but she just shouted again, “Fucking hell, wasabi girl, take it off.”

Russel and 2D eyed them from across the room, Noodle having stolen Murdoc’s chosen shirt for the day. Russel smirked, “Seems like you gonna have to give it up.”

“Shut it, it’s the only one I have that’s clean,” Murdoc replied bitterly and began pulling at the sleeve, causing Noodle to yell at him in Japanese.

“Wear one of the dirty ones? Body odor never seemed to bother you,” 2D snorted and Russel started laughing. Murdoc grumbled, eventually giving up when Noodle started screeching.

“Fine, you little shi-,” he was cut off by Russel’s raised brow, “Fine, Russel, you say something to her then!”

“Very well,” Russel walked up to Noodle, crouching down to look at her as she still flapped the oversized sleeves, “Noodle, look at me.”

Reluctantly, she did and Russel cleared his throat, trying his hardest to form a sentence in his head. His Japanese was horrible but he figured that after the hair-trimmer-incident, where Noodle had nearly shaved all her hair off, he’d have to just learn a few words and commands. It took him a moment before he eventually said something close to a sentence, “Noodle, how about we go out to buy clothes and you can choose whatever you want?”

Noodle eyed him suspiciously but eventually nodded with a big grin, “Yes!”


It turned out that even though Noodle got to choose whatever she wanted, she was still picky as hell, dragging her boys from store to store, and looking miffed at every piece of clothing that she passed. She wanted nothing in too bright colours, nothing with patterns of princesses, butterflies or flowers. It was horrid because somehow clothing industries were certain that all girls liked pink and purple with glitter and rainbows.

“We’ve literally tried everything,” 2D groaned, stopping up to light a cigarette and refusing to walk anymore. He sat down on the nearest bench, “When can we go home? My feet are tired.”

Murdoc nodded, sitting down on the opposite side of the bench, “For once I actually agree with Dimwit, dare I say that I want to take my boots off.”

“More like your hooves,” 2D grumbled at the nickname, crossing his arms over his chest and tapping the cigarette.

“Shut up, 2D,” Murdoc said bitterly and Russel sighed deeply, holding Noodle’s hand tighter so she wouldn’t run off.

“You two better get off your asses so we can move on, there’s still loads of shops left and I’m not gonna break my promise to her. She will pick something she likes before we go home. Simply parenting, you know,” Russel lectured, picking Noodle up and let her sit on his shoulders, legs around him, “Are you going to keep on whining or?”


After what seemed like, and probably was, hours, Noodle finally started speaking up and pointing to a tiny shop. It was one of those that you didn’t really notice when walking down the streets and Murdoc held up his arms, “I rarely say this but thank God.”

Russel smiled, trying not to show how badly his feet hurt from walking for hours. He put Noodle down onto the ground again and she happily ran into the small, Japanese-like, shop.

A little bell chimed as they walked in and a little old, Japanese lady looked up from the counter. She smiled widely as soon as she saw Noodle, waving at her and Noodle excitedly looked at all the things. There were lots of colours, making most of them almost dizzy. Daruma Dolls, Lucky Cats, different coloured paper laterns, the smell of matcha tea and several different tea sets and porcelain. What caught Noodle’s attention was neither of those things, instead she steered towards a rack of clothing which only contained what seemed to be Japanese-like, old fashioned kimonos; long jackets with wide sleeves and a tight collar.

“Why didn’t we think of that?” 2D said with a whimper, crossing his legs and examining his poor feet after sitting down on a chair, “It makes sense she’d want something that reminded her of home.”

“This shop is creeping me out,” Murdoc mumbled, looking at the Daruma Dolls, “Hah! This one har your eyes, Faceache!” He picked one up and the lady immediately snapped at him in Japanese, causing him to put it down as he looked completely flustered. Noodle’s eyes widened and she started giggling. The woman walked up to her and spoke softly in Japanese, pointing at the different pieces of clothing.

“Remember Noodle, you can choose whatever you want in here,” Russel reminded her and the woman translated, making Noodle look up at Russel with wide eyes. She walked to hug him close, her head on his stomach.

“Go on then, Noodle, choose something,” 2D encouraged from his seat and the woman slowly translated for them. He finally stood again and walked up to look through the rack with her, “You should definitely model for us, right Russel?”

Noodle looked excited at that and nodded, picking out a red outfit with white sleeves. She showed Russel, who nodded approvingly. It was a long, red jacket with buttons all the way down and it had matching shorts to go with it. Where the breast pocket should’ve been, there was a small white logo of something neither of them knew.

She was lead to a changing room by the owner and soon came out in the outfit and her helmet. She beamed, hands in her sides, and spun around.

“Fuck this, I’m going for a cigarette, anyone got a lighter?” Murdoc said after a little while, looking quite unimpressed and still bitter at the fact that he had been scolded by an old, Japanese lady.


It took surprisingly little time for Noodle to choose several outfits, including a sandy coloured one and a black one. She was happier than ever as she was allowed to leave in the red one, and even Murdoc had to smile at the sight of her. It didn’t last long when the rest of the band presented a Daruma Doll for him, which he didn’t find funny at all. Though especially Noodle found it hilarious.

It became much easier to get on with their mornings after this, and the person being responsible of her getting dressed and ready for the day, started getting their morning tea and toast warm instead of cold.

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pretty sure it'll be something like Shiro would disagree with most of Keith's plans, the rest of the team will listen to Shiro (naturally) and that'll cause keith to go all emo on everyone. Cliche and boring tbh, I dont wanna see the team falling apart after all the trust and bonds they built in s3 together. And honestly if Keith runs away or some shit i am probably going to be high key annoyed -__-

i both agree and disagree, in the sense that, i do see why this could be lowkey predictable but i also do genuinely think that if handled correctly, this has the potential to be an interesting storyline. and what you thought is the cause of “”the rift”” is pretty much plausible, considering that we’ve already got glimpses of shiro and keith both sort of leading at the same time with that awkward, semi funny moment in episode 6 of season 3.

i went a lot more extreme i gotta say. my first thought was keith joining lotor’s ranks because he manipulates him into doing so (and we know he’s good at that and keith is very vulnerable right now), because he finds out keith is half galra just like him (assuming lotor does know he is half galra, let’s go with yes for the sake of this making sense). i don’t think this will happen but i do think lotor and keith might have a face to face and tells him something that might damage him and how sees things. you see, the problem with keith angst is kind of this. we get a lot, but we never get to see what goes on in /his head/ properly. we, as the audience, are led to assume stuff. like, oh keith feels like this because he thinks he might be galra, oh keith is unstable because shiro, who’s the only person who stuck by his side, is gone, etc etc. but we never get to like…. hear it from him?? directly??? the other issue is that it outshines the other characters but this is another story we know a lot about.

speculations and impossible scenarios over, i do have a few ideas that could led to this sort of rift. let’s keep in mind that season 4 (actually season 3B to be more precise) is only 6 episodes. now, in these 6 episodes, supposedly there’s gonna be the introduction of matt holt, the discovery shiro is a clone (or at least some hints towards it) and how zarkon and lotor deal with each other (i guess). how are they gonna cram all of this stuff into 6 episodes? i don’t know, i just can hope for the best.

one of the most plausible theories for the rift (i’m gonna call it like this for now) is how you said, he might run away because the team agrees with shiro and not with him. this is interesting because we know keith was very reluctant to take shiro’s place at first. and even when he did, he always made sure to point out he was doing this for shiro. i sort of feel like, now that shiro is back, keith is more eager to prove shiro that he can do good. like “hey see? i took the position you wanted for me i want you to be proud of me” kind of deal. keith pretty much doesn’t have nothing to look forward to on earth and this battle in space is like…. one of the only things he’s focused on. i’d go as far as i can and say he probably doesn’t care what happens to him, as long as the main goal is reached. when shiro tells him “hey i’m proud of you black has chosen you” he doesn’t look happy at all. you’d think he’d at least be “oh thanks shiro” but nope he’s just…… troubled?? i feel like something’s already starting in his mind (and once again it’s just us as the audience assuming this).

i’ve always assumed that keith would be the last to figure out shiro is a clone. because he’d probably be so happy to have him back he would absolutely refuse to believe the real shiro is still lost in the void (and this might break him even more). but now i feel like, since he knows him best, he’s gonna be the one who realizes “uh oh something’s not right” but the team is gonna be skeptical, because this shiro well…acts like shiro. (and side note: i do also think the clone genuinely believes he’s the real shiro. i wouldn’t be surprised if he sacrificed himself or something once he figures out he’s not the real one or something, or does this after keith exposes him idek)

keith isn’t shiro. he knows that, the rest of the team knows that and they’ve told him. so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the team takes shiro’s words/orders with care. this is like a huge reach but i kept thinking about alfor and zarkon in the flashback episode as a parallel of keith and shiro clashing against each other. maybe it was sort of a foreshadowing but to be fair they don’t have much in common other than the fact that each black paladin has had a galra connection: (zarkon is galra, shiro has a galra arm, keith is half galra). 

we know that in the first page of the guidebook (which mind you, is post season 2 and not that official but still) lance writes a note that says “assuming keith doesn’t run off or something” which could be a direct reference to him trying to run away in episode 6 of season 2, but also a sort of season 3 foreshadowing. keith is still grasping at the concept the team is his family and is probably gonna do something impulsive such as leaving for good and the team i guess is gonna…chase after him? 

something tells me that this scene is an indicator that keith might not take part of missions amymore (at least temporarily)

also in the season 4 preview, we see that during the parade’s air show, the black lion is nowhere to be seen. i think that..something starts already to crack there.

another plausible idea: now that zarkon has woken up, he will 100% try to reclaim the black lion. keith and black don’t have a strong bond and this might put the team in a lot of trouble. i’d like to see keith and black trying to bond naturally, although i wouldn’t want it to feel like a repetition of what shiro did in season 2. but seeing him find a better bond with the lion and getting better at diplomacy and stuff would be nice. i just… i feel like he’s gonna step back (maybe because something happens on a battle and it’s his fault and he feels very very bad) and that’s the big decision. black goes back to clone!shiro, red stays with lance (and you know damn well he would leave it to lance because he trusts him). i wouldn’t be surprised if this would lead to an heart to heart with lance because of how their relationship is different now and keith listens to him, always. i wouldn’t be surprised if he was the reason he decided to came back, apologize to the team and take over black again once clone is exposed and fight lotor.

ok wow this is like, super long but i think i’ve covered everything?? but overall these are my thoughts over this plot point. it can potentially be good IF it’s not just for angst purposes that go unresolved and put people unnecessarily in the bad spotlight.

anonymous asked:

Hi there ^_^ how are you? Can i ask you for Jealous namjoon scenario ? I wanted to read something like that for a long time ^^ but not smut


Genre : Angst.

Word count : 1.5K

A/N : Idk, I wrote it so fast idek if it’s any good but this request has been sitting in my inbox for so long and just ugh….I’m sorry. I’ll edit it later It’s 3am…

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

Namjoon has a strong sense of possession.

He never liked it when people took what he deemed his. Whether it was clothes, ideas, or other people. It was a strange love-thing or maybe even an obsession. He only wanted you to smile at him that adorably. Since it was your smile that made him fall in love in the first place, he didn’t want anyone else feeling the same for you. He wanted you to laugh so wholeheartedly at his jokes alone. Because to him no one deserved to hear that beautiful melody, a melody that belonged to him. And, most importantly, he never wanted anyone else to touch you.

Namjoon knew that it was selfish and unhealthy for him to be so territorial over you so he never said anything about it. He also thought that all that came with the agreement of being exclusively for each other. Or maybe he had a different definition of what that meant. In the end, even in his head, it didn’t feel right for him so he kept it to himself.

Stress was making the voices of his insecurities louder than the ones of reason. He always trusted you and knew that your love for him was equal to the his own. But, it didn’t help that he constantly felt like he was never enough. Namjoon always felt lucky that you chose to stay with him although he was gone most of the time and you only get to see him a few hours at the time. So, it was always present in the back of his head that one day you would leave him for someone better.

Since his music wasn’t going too well, he thought that everything else in his life wasn’t either including his relationship with you.

Namjoon has a strong sense of possession and you were testing him.

It started when he walked out of his room to you and Jin sitting on the dinner table happily chatting and laughing over some video he couldn’t see. His face fell into a deeper frown when you hit the older male’s upper arm shying away from whatever he told you.

Of course, in a dorm with six other boys who doted on their leader’s girlfriend, it was a normal occurrence so he didn’t think much of it most of the times. He trusted that everyone knew their limits. However, he was just not in his right mind that day.

I’m over thinking this.” He repeated to himself. It still didn’t make it better.

Then, over the next few weeks, he started to notice more and more interactions like that. Things that used to just slide unnoticed became more noticeable but, the truth was that, it was only him stressing over them too much. It only lead to him getting more and more distant from you.


You didn’t know what you’ve done, or if you did anything, for Namjoon to be treating you so coldly. He started using schedule as a reason to spend less time with you, for you to spend less time at the dorm -which is the only place you could really see him without having to worry about your face being all over the internet the next morning-. It made you blame yourself to the point of diving into a deep and inexplicable sadness every time he turned you down – afraid he lost interest in you- when it only used to make you a little upset.

You thinking his jealousy was him falling out of love and his lack of communication was slowly killing your relationship and you weren’t even aware of it.

[2:35 P.M] To Namjoonie : “Joon-ah, Jin told me that you have the day off tomorrow. Can I see you?”.

[3:56 P.M] From Namjoonie : “Then why don’t you spend it with him?”.

[3:57 P.M] To Namjoonie : “What is that supposed to mean?”.

[4:05 P.M] From Namjoonie : “Nothing. I’m busy.”

You threw your phone on the bed after having read them over again and again. It seemed off, his tone was different from all the other times he had to tell you that he was busy. He was usually apologetic, not that he needed too, but it still felt like you were talking to your boyfriend. Now it just seemed like he was a stranger.

A few days passed and you didn’t get anything from him. You knew they had a comeback soon so practice took over most of their times but all the boys still had time to text you or even call but Namjoon never did. You would always ask about him and they would always have an excuse as to why he wasn’t there with them, and why he couldn’t call. But you felt it in their tone that he just didn’t want to talk to you.

Namjoon couldn’t hide behind the fact that he wasn’t good with words since he was -and that was Yoongi’s excuse-. He let it get to him, he let the voices pollute even his bond with his hyung who he saw as competition now. He couldn’t talk to you either because he was scared that you would walk away the moment he brings it up and he would be left alone. But, even now, he was still very much alone.

He didn’t realize he was pushing you away until it was too late to turn back. He needed time to think, time away from you, and time away from all the things that made him doubt you. The less you were around Jin, the less toxic his thoughts were. But it also meant less time spent with you.

[5:30 A.M] To Namjoonie : “Are you up?”

[5:32 A.M] From Namjoonie : “Why?”

[5:33 A.M] To Namjoonie : “I miss you.”

You waited and waited, turning your phone on then off hoping for that notification to pop up but there were no other replies. It was already taking its toll on you already and you found yourself craving the affection that he used to give you.

“What are you doing here?” Asked Namjoon when he opened the door to find you. The harsh question caught you off-guard but you were already expecting that much. It was why you came in the first place.

“Nice to see you too.” you said as you stepped inside. Namjoon rubbed his face, he didn’t mean for it to come out that way but he only seems to fuck up time after time. It was like his mouth was spewing things out before his brain could even process them.

“Hey, hey, I’m sorry okay. I was just not expecting you to come here, that’s all.” He grabbed your forearm and turned you to him, trying to make his voice softer. You just sighed looking away from him for a moment.

“Y/N!” Namjoon cringed at the cheery voice knowing it belonged to Jin. Of course he’s happy to see her. “Where have you been? You haven’t visited in so long.”

“It’s because you are all so busy.” You smiled but the look of confusion that the eldest gave Namjoon was enough explanation you needed for everything that had been going on. Jin looked back at you trying to cover up for Namjoon’s lie but he was never a great liar, unlike your boyfriend.

“Listen-”Namjoon stepped towards you and you took a step back shrugging.

“You could’ve just told me you didn’t want to see me.” Tears were gathering in your eyes but it wasn’t worth spilling them on something like that, “I didn’t think you were this low, Namjoon.”

“Well, it’s not like you’re that excited to see me after all,”

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh please, I’ve seen you two all over each other so keep your anger to yourself,” Namjoon chuckled which only added to the frustration that was building up inside of you. You looked up at Jin to find him looking back with the same confusion and slight anger.

“You know what, Namjoon, instead of ignoring me you could have just said it bothered you,” you took a deep breath stopping yourself from yelling, “instead of being such a …dick about,”

“Don’t turn this on me this your fau-”

“No, you are not going to turn this one me. Call me when you go back to being Namjoon,” you took a step back, still facing him, and smiled, “The namjoon I’m dating and not this person I don’t even know,”

“Y/n, wait, you don’t mean that” He gripped you again, this time harder to make you stop, the fury in his eyes slightly intimidating. You pushed him off of you,

“Or you know what, just never call me again. I don’t want this anymore”.

You sent an apologetic link towards Jin since you knew, the moment that door would close and you leave, hell would break loose. However, you didn’t think of it again and walked out.

Namjoon has a strong sense of possession. And it always made him lose the people he loved.

okay, here’s the thing about the ‘but im tagging it properly and therefore making it avoidable!’ argument.

i realize that a lot of you really do think that you aren’t doing anything wrong, and that kids (or people who dont want to see that) wont find your nsfw/disturbing content because it is properly tagged. that is not the case.

1. you can find them outside of tumblr

tumblr isnt a vacuum, tagging it will not prevent kids from seeing it.

for example; my younger cousins (i have like ten sets of younger cousins my family is huge) like to look up pictures of their fave characters, sometimes even print them out as posters, or, if they are black and white, use them as coloring book pages. i used to do that when i was little. my younger cousin’s friends do that. when i did service learning for the younger kids in my k-8 middle school, all the kids would do that during computer time. its a thing kids do.

when i typed in ‘black butler’ with the safesearch on into google images, i immediately got a picture of a naked ciel wrapped in ribbon.

okay, but lets try specific characters, and maybe a show with an even younger audience. 

‘steven universe garnet’, with the safesearch on. scroll down just a tiny bit, not even an inch of the scrollbar down (and of course the scrollbar will be moved down in all of these situations, why would you just stare at the first page over and over again??? but im giving these searches the benefit of the doubt and not digging really deep trying to search for stuff).

BAM, garnet wrapped in a small towel, dripping wet coming out of the shower in a sexy pose.

well, im just a kid who wants to look at pics of my fave mystery twins! let me search ‘mabel and dipper pines’… is that them kissing? on the mouth??? yep. after about a cm of scrolling down. with the safe search on.

there are also even more pics of them kissing (they are all by the same artist i think… different pics tho) if you search ‘gravity falls dipper and mabel’

and whats the worst about this is that thing that happens when you click on a pic, and google shows you related pics/pics like it… so even ONE slip up opens the door to much more (yIKES the stuff i saw while researching garnet…)

what that also means is that, when clicking on a totally innocent picture, not even a questionable slip up, you’d get recommended a nasty one. while searching ‘steven universe rose’ i clicked on a pic of her, and in the ‘related images’ thing that popped up there was a pic of rose and greg… doing stuff.

also, when i searched ‘hiro and tadashi’, i clicked on one of the very first pics that came up, where hiro was a toddler and got mad ‘cause tadashi took a pic where his hair was up molded all weird form his bath. related images? hiro and tadashi very close, blushing, and looking into each other’s eyes romantically. 

and kids probably wont search ‘___ nsfw’, but just as a test i searched all of those fandoms with the safesearch on, and still got nsfw/suggestive/incesty stuff. so that proves the point that safesearch doesn’t block everything, and you cant just say, “well, the parents should monitor their kids!”, because a responsible -but not smothering- parent would make sure that their child’s computer or devices had safesearch on– that doesn’t 100% work.

(with the exception of black butler i guess, but that dosent really matter considering how young (starting at 11) the fanbase is) these shows are childrens cartoons. as the ‘big kids’, the older audience, it is not right to make these spaces unsafe for the target audience. no one is saying you cant enjoy these shows, but you should not be drawing (and most importantly, posting) harmful things involving these shows.

2. not everyone can blacklist things

not everyone can blacklist things. whether its because their computer or device isnt compatible with xkit, or they are relatively new to tumblr and aren’t even aware that ‘tumblr savior’ is a thing, not everyone has the ability to keep stuff off their dash, even if you do tag it properly.

3. spammers

shippers who ship minors and adults. they post pics of said minor/adult pairing.

when they post those pics or comics or whatever, they do tag it properly! #seba//ciel, #ere//ri!   yay!

but do you know what else they tag it with? the name of the show/series.

not even just the name of the show/series. everything related to the show or series, because they want more notes. looking for a pic of alois trancy? boom! seba//ciel. even stuff that isnt seba//ciel, but is tagged as seba//ciel. why is there a gif set of sebastian in the alois trancy tag???

goodness help you if your favourite character is a character in the ship you hate, because the tag is probably full of that minor/adult pairing. that’s rough, buddy.

4. then just dont follow me!

first - unless you have it stated on your blog or in your about or whatever, something along the lines of ‘hey btw i draw/post child porn’ (and yes, it is considered child porn even if they are drawings, and not photographs of real children) (EDIT i recently found better links than that one, so have some more: <3 <3 ), how are people supposed to be aware that they shouldn’t follow you?

and it has to be specified. just saying ‘oh btw this blog posts nsfw sometimes’ isnt the same, because there is a difference between adults being depicted sexually, and minors being depicted sexually. 

one may be a bit embarrassing to show up on your dash when your friend is looking at the screen, or maybe might make a follower a bit uncomfortable- but they can handle it, its just sex.

the other is highly disturbing, and can upset/trigger panic attacks in a lot of people.

second - they might not even be following you.

someone could see a (non nsfw) piece of art you did on their dash, and they could go to your blog to check you out because they liked your art.

then, they could be greeted by pics of an adult and a minor f*cking. (im looking at you, seba//ciel and ere//ri shippers)

is it your fault they clicked on your blog and saw stuff they didnt want to see? 


is it their fault they clicked on your blog and saw stuff they didnt want to see? 


the thing to take away from that situation is, did tagging your posts prevent them from seeing your posts?


I made a short, 3 am thing here about a Neil who grew up as his father’s son rather than Riko’s player, and now here’s my rant about it. (I will write about it eventually, alongside my Cinderella AU and my cliche high school AU. Maybe. I’m aiming to do so) (What should I call this AU? Heir AU? Butcher AU? I think I’ll go with Heir for now)

This got incredibly long because for some reason I decided to plan an entire fic wow

  • so this is a nathaniel who was never sold to the moriyamas
  • a nathaniel whose father was never in debt
  • a nathaniel who takes the time to learn how to take over his father’s empire
  • he learns how to cut and carve and the best places to aim and how to cut a man’s eye out and how to torture with only a few weapons
  • because hes not at risk, his mother doesnt take him away
  • i imagine that, considering her own history, she doesnt let him ignore her side and teaches him how to fight physically and how to use a gun
  • (not that nathan would let him ignore that either, but he wouldnt prioritize it like she would)
  • perhaps nathaniel grows up beside ichirou rather than kevin and riko because theyre heirs to their fathers
  • now, nathan and mary frown upon exy but it keeps him in shape and it does something with his pent up energy
  • besides, exy makes him seem normal-ish
  • (hc nathan puts nathaniel into a private school and the private school happens to have exy)
  • until nathaniel turns thirteen and he makes his own kill
  • its gradual but hes brought into the business more and more as he grows older so he has less time for exy
  • and nathaniel cant say he really likes being the future butcher
  • but he knows better than to go against his father and mother
  • but then kevin day happens

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Giving & Taking Pt.05

I don’t even know what this is. Sorry I’ve been really poorly, so I’m not sure if this is even any good. Either way I hope you enjoy. & Feel free to let me know what you think here. You can also request something here. <3


Warnings: Graphic smut, Sexual Intercourse, Slight ass-play? idek?

Genre: Romance, Angst, Smut, & College AU

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader, Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 2,573

Pt.01 Pt.02 Pt.03 Pt.04

Originally posted by mvssmedia

After the first time having actual sex with Jungkook, you were hooked needless to say. You became addicted to his touch, and you didn’t want to go long without it. As the weeks went on you and Jungkook found any chance you had to meet up and have sex.

You already had your routine down. You would be the one to call or text Jungkook. You made that rule so he wouldn’t call or text when Namjoon was around. You would agree on a time and place before hand. Usually, it would end up being at one of Namjoon and Jungkook’s friend’s parties. And you would always be there five or so minutes early so nobody would catch you leaving at the same time.

Tonight was no different from any other Saturday night. Yoongi was throwing a party, and of course, you and Jungkook were both attendings. It only made sense since you were Namjoon’s girlfriend, and Jungkook was now good friends with Yoongi. No one would’ve thought that the only reason you were both there was in fact to see each other.

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Patched Up || Jimin


Summary: Gang AU. Your late night commute home from work turns into you working in a makeshift operating room in your apartment bathroom thanks to the guy you bumped into.

Word Count: 2,031 I went overboard okay? The rest is under the cut cause gdi Nova calm down.

A/N: Thank you for being my first request anon dear and thank you and I love you for the compliment!! <33 I hope you like the scenario; Gang AUs are also a guilt pleasure of mine ^^

Part 2 >>

The wind swirled around you, the stray strands of hair blew uncontrollably across your forehead as you battled the cold air. You tugged your jacket closer to your torso and continued on your regular path to your apartment.

You had just gotten off your shift as a nurse at the nearby hospital and you weren’t going to lie, the hours you had been working recently were surprisingly manageable thanks to the influx of university students who had been gaining work experience. You were immensely thankful for that, purely because you didn’t have to work the night shift and therefore mess with your sleeping pattern.

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Like Father, Like Son

AO3 Link

Genre: Oneshot, First meeting AU where Phil is a primary school teacher and Dan is a single parent.

Summary: Fiction. Phil is a good teacher, he is. He just can’t control Samuel Howell. And turns out he can’t control Samuel Howell’s single dad, either.

Warnings: Nothing if you’re cool with single dads and cute teachers

Word Count: 4381

A/N: This was written for the lovely @theinsanityplays for her birthday! I hope you like this and have the lovely day that you deserve. Love you <3

Reminder that I don’t know Dan or Phil at all and I’m not suggesting this in any way reflects reality. This is a work of fiction

Phil’s head had never hurt quite this much before.

The ceaseless screaming of children outside his classroom window probably shouldn’t bother him quite as much as it did, but just then, Phil could honestly say that he’d never heard a noise quite like it before. Three weeks into the new term, and he thought he’d be better prepared.

He wasn’t, though.

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Kiss Me

Originally posted by daeguboy

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: So much fluff


Word Count: 3.4k

Summary:  “I’ve got a friend tonight who flew all the way from South Korea! Kim Namjoon where you at, brother?!”

Or where Namjoon surprises you at an Ed Sheeran concert


// I didn’t have Wi-Fi while writing this so most of it is, unfortunately, pure assumption. I’m sorry :< I finished this at 2am lol

The soothing sounds of the piano drifted through your ears, you always loved music but never knew how to create it for yourself. You didn’t know how to recreate the comfort it would give you when you were sad, you never had the proper words to sing when you were happy. Making it was never your thing, it was more of your boyfriend Namjoon’s kind. But that didn’t stop you from enjoying and loving it. You couldn’t create your own, so you loved the music that others created for their hearts to be expressed through and for yours to be touched. So you found yourself here, on a vacation in Europe, at an Ed Sheeran concert.

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James Flint/Thomas Hamilton Appreciation Week

 Day 1 - Why do you ship them? 

Rather extensive gushing over the two under the cut ~

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Peaches Blossom || M

Part 5/? of my Halloween series

►Character: Got7′s Jackson || You

►Summary:  Jackson came back to fulfill his promise, but he didn’t have that much time left.

►Genre: Smut; Tengu!Jackson;

►Word Count: 7, 335

This fuckin long ass one shot makes me lazy to proofread after sending it to my beta, lol my beta is so loyal to me tho. Btw, a tengu is a bird demon according to Japanese folklore, I’m sorry if I got any information wrong but this is just a fiction, okay guys. This is my favorite piece aside from ghoul!Taehyung and wizard!Hoseok. 

 And about this Halloween series. *sigh* I just manage to finish 5 and HALLOWEEN IS OVEERRRR OTL. But I still have wizard!Jimin and wizard!Namjoon in my draft, so maybe I should start different series for them? Another AU series? Idek? Btw, Black Bird is my favorite manga, totally recommended *thumbs up*

© Inspired by a manga by Kanoko Sakurakoji, Black Bird

The man in front of you cowered away, flinching when the bruise on the corner of his lips stings. Your glare still fixed on him, his eyes looking everywhere but you. He only smiled in relief when your mother came with two cups of hot tea and some snacks for him, beaming brightly when he saw the sweets. “Yugyeom-ah how long is it? Five years since I saw you? Aigoo, you have become so handsome now.” You scoffed. The man that your mother was currently doting on had come out of nowhere and hugs you in front of your house. Being yourself, your instincts kicked in making you throw your punches at him, resulting for his split lips. The problem is, you don’t even know him. Five years ago, you were involved in an accident, resulting in you losing some of your memories. Maybe you know him from your past but you didn’t remember him. Your mother excused herself, wanting to leave both of you alone. Once she disappeared the younger man cowers once again from you. “Noona, you’ve become more violent.” Your frown dissolves away. “What kind of a person was I?” You quietly ask him, making him look up at you, confusion filled his wide eyes. “I lost my memories. Five years ago I was involved in an accident and in coma for three months.” Yugyeom froze. Five years ago. That’s when he and his brothers left. Yugyeom shifted. “Actually, we’ve known each other since we were young.” You frowned. “We moved away five years ago and we recently moved back to our old house…” You stopped him, confusion filled your mind. “We?” He grinned at you before nodding. “There’s someone you should meet, maybe your memories will come back after you meet him.” You followed Yugyeom after him annoyingly insisting you to meet his brother. You told your mother that you were going out before exiting the house, trailing behind the excited man. His house was a few blocks away. You felt your jaw dropped when you reached the said building. It was huge, traditional house. Gray brick walls surrounding the house, protecting it from any intruders but you can see the peak of the roof peeking above the high walls and you could feel that the house would be jaw-dropping. Yugyeom motions for you to follow him, he pushes open the wooden gate, revealing the yard that was lined with tall bamboo trees. “Hyung!” Your eyes flicker towards where Yugyeom ran to, only to halt in your step. In front a bush of flowers, there’s a man crouching down; his fair hair caught your attention, shining softly under the sunlight, his lips curved in a small smile. He looks up; his eyes met yours, his smile dissolve as his eyes bear an unreadable expression. Slowly, he stands and turns towards you. His eyes gleam with familiarity, contrary to yours. “Look who is here.” Yugyeom bounced beside the man, grinning from ear to ear, forgetting his busted lips only to wince when the wound stung. “Y/N…” You stuttered, eyes darting towards Yugyeom and him. He took a step towards you, his eyes searching yours, confused. You took a step back, contemplating whether you should run away or not, making him halt in hi steps. “I-I’m sorry but do I know you?” You felt a little ache in your heart when his face fell, realization hits him. “Hyung, she lost her memories.” His eyes were back on you, confusion filled his irises. Nodding curtly, he smiled. “It’s okay. I’m Jackson.” He offered his hand for you to shake. Hesitantly, you took it, feeling his long fingers brush against your delicate one.

Jackson led you inside, his eyes flickered towards you and a small smile lingered on his lips. He can’t stop looking at you; you’re still as beautiful as he could remember. It’s been five years since he last saw you and he had been missing you so much during those time. You never left his mind, you were his motivation everyday, pushing himself beyond his limit so that he would be in the position he is right now. He left you to pursue his dream, to become his clan’s leader. The only way he could be with you is to be a clan leader. Unfortunately, you didn’t remember him. His heart breaks when Yugyeom said that you lost your memories. He watched as you took in the interior of his house, biting back a grin at how your eyes widen in amazement. It was a traditional house with some modern touches to comply with his taste. He motioned for you to enter a room. You followed him. The room is spacious. In the middle of the room, there’s a wooden table with cushions situated on either side of the table. The sliding doors were made of glass and open wide enough to let the soft breeze blow in, overlooking the garden that was lined with several cherry blossom trees. Pink petals scattered on the ground, some even manage to sneak in the room, littering around. There’s also a pond on the other side of the garden, disappearing away from your sight making your curiosity surface. Jackson ushers you in, gesturing for you to sit down as you obeyed, sitting down on the soft cushion. Your eyes drifted back to the garden, feeling the soft wind blowing your hair slightly making a smile unconsciously appear on your lips. Jackson couldn’t stop himself from staring, his heartbeat quicken at the familiar sight. He fisted his fingers, holding back the urge to crush you into his arms, to hug the life out of you. When you look back at him, he was back to earth, smiling back at you. You swallowed. Even though you can’t remember him but your body seems to remember him so well. You heart would flutter every time you meet his eyes, warmness filled your body along with the feeling of security. As if no other things could harm you whenever you’re with him. “I’m so sorry that I don’t remember you.” He shook his head. “It’s okay, it’s not your fault.” You bite your lower lips causing him to smile again. At least your old habits were still there. Reaching forward he tugged on your chin. “Don’t do that, you’ll bleed.” You look at him, wide eyes. A flash of memories filled your head.

Your tears brimmed eyes fall to the ground, your fingers gripped on the hem of your cardigan and your lips tightly between your teeth. A hand reached forward, tugging on them to pull it free. “Don’t do that, you’ll bleed.”

Your head throbbed making you hiss. Jackson halted, concern filled his eyes. “Are you okay?” You nodded you head, feeling the pain dull away. Even after your reassurance, his eyebrows still knitted in worries.  “Tell me.” He cocked his eyebrow in confusion. “About you. Everything. Us.” His expressions soften. He sucked in a deep breath before heaving it softly. “First off all, I know you can see demons and spirits.” Your heart skipped a beat. How did he know? Does he see them too? “Because I’m one too. I’m a tengu.” Your jaw went slack, you felt like the world had come to a halt. A tengu. A black bird demon. “And you…knew about. We’ve been friends since we were young. At that time, you were crying because there’s a demon picking on you. And I saved you. Since then we were inseparable.” His eyes filled with affection, his soft voice filled with fondness that melts your heart. Pausing, he let you absorb all the information given.  Since you were young, you could see demons, spirits and every supernatural being that were invisible to normal human eyes. They were always picking on you, either tripping you or playing with your hair. They always cling to you. You don’t know why though. They always seem to be attracted to you. You still remember, crouching down at a corner, tears stained your cheek and there’s a boy, holding out his hand at you. It was Jackson? The door slides open, revealing Yugyeom who quickly bows at you before scurrying towards Jackson. “Noona!” You flinched in surprise when a loud voice pierced through your ears before a strong arm enveloped you into a tight hug. You froze when another body crashes you as well. “Y/N’s here! Yayy!” You gasped before trying to push them away. “Guys…” A deep voice called the boys to stop as they recoil away, freeing you before shrinking behind you. You look towards the owner of the voice. A tall man with dark hair bowed down at you with another person standing behind him, smiling gently before waving towards you. “This is Jaebum, my right-hand man. That is Mark and these…” You looked behind you. “Jinyoung and Yongjae.” They waved at you excitedly while you just nodded at them. “Wait!!” Another loud exclaim approached the room when another figure appears beside Mark, panting from his running. “Noona! I’m Bambam!” You scoffed, is that a real name or nickname. It seems like they’ve learned about your situation since they’re introducing themselves. A shuffling sound caught your attention. Jackson had stood up, smiling down at you. “I have some matters to attend to. I’ll come back shortly. Would you be okay staying with these boys for a while?” Smiling reassuringly at him you nodded. “It’s okay, Hyung. We would make sure Noona is entertained while you’re gone.” He nodded before bowing curtly at you, retreating away from the room along with Jaebum, trailing behind him. You watched as his figure disappear, feeling a sudden hollowness filling your chest. “Noona, wanna go somewhere?” You diverted your attention towards Youngjae who was grinning widely at you. Curious you followed the boys, as they lead you out of the room. “Noona’s gonna love this.”


Your jaw slackens in awe as you take in your surroundings. At the moment, you were standing in the middle of a garden situated behind the house. It was huge, pink petals and shrouds filled the garden, arranged around a pond with koi fishes swam around the clear water. There’s a small teahouse built above the pond making it looks as if it was floating. The sunlight leaking through the cracks of leaves making the garden looks divine. The raucous boys’ voice echoed through the enormous ground, pulling your attention away. “Noona come here!” You step towards the tea house, carefully stepping over the stone bridge that leads towards the boys. Once you reach there, you could see different snacks filling the table along with hot tea, served in a ceramic cup. You slid off your shoes before stepping inside, sitting in between Yugyeom and Jinyoung. You look at Yugyeom who was still cowering away from you. You grabbed on his chin making him flinch but you ignored his reaction to examine his bruised lips. “Does it still hurt?” He shook his head. “I’m sorry, who asked you to attack me first.” The other boys laughed at him. “Noona, you would always come here with Hyung.” A sudden silent filled the room, grief filled the boy’s face making you frown. “Oii, I’m not dead yet.” The air lifted when they chuckled at your familiar words. Your mind drifted back to Jackson making your heart skip a beat. “I have a question.” They halted, attention focused on you as you raked through your brain on what you’re gonna ask first. “It’s okay. Slowly, Y/N-ah. We know you have a lot to ask.” Mark smiled warmly at you, instantly relaxing you. “Why…did you guys moved away five years ago?” They all froze. You turned towards Jinyoung as he avoided your gaze. “We had to go back to our village, so that Jackson hyung could be the new clan leader. That’s the only way for him to be able to be with you.” You frowned with confusion as your eyes set on Youngjae who gave you a nervous smile. You were about to fish out more information out of him when Mark beat you to it.

“Y/N-ah, what I was about to tell you, you have to listen carefully.” Mark’s stern eyes making you nervous, the tension filled the air making you fidget before nodding curtly. “You’re a senka. A holy fruit in the demon world. Your blood could give an incredible power to any demon that consumes it. Also for any demon that takes you as their bride, their clan would be prospers for their lifetime. As for the clan leader, he would be granted undefeatable power, making him immune to any attack.” You let the information sink in, suddenly feeling your chest tighten. You could feel your mind weigh down with the new information, too much to take in. “I know this would look like Jackson is taking advantage of you. But he never has. He was really in love with you; he’s been protecting you since he first met you. If he really wants to take advantage of you, he would have done so a long time ago.” You swallowed, your fingers gripped on the edge of your cardigan. ‘He’s right. Even though you can’t remember anything at the moment, you were sure that the feelings were mutual.’ Your head suddenly throbbed; a flash of memory filled your mind.

I’ll come back. I’ll come back and fulfill our promise, to make you my bride.

“Noona! Are you okay?” You widen your eyes to meet Youngjae’s concerned ones. You look around, meeting the boys’ worried faces. You smiled before nodding. “I’m fine.” Your head pounded with pain but you managed to ignore it. “Now that we’re back, Hyung can finally fulfill his promise then he’ll be heal…” Youngjae halted making you frown, the other boys were glaring at him as he shrinks away. “Heal? Why? Is he sick?” They avoided your eyes once again. “Yugyeom, tell me. What’s happening?” Yugyeom’s eyes met yours but Mark stopped him, clicking his tongue in warning. “But hyung, she’s bound to know soon.” Your eyes darted between Yugyeom and Mark who were intensely staring at each other until Mark gives in with a sigh. “The only thing that we can tell you is that, Jackson is really sick. You have to ask him for any further details.”

You frown at the lack of details, wanting to threaten them to tell you more when a voice interrupts you. “What are you guys talking about?” You turn around to be greeted with Jackson’s towering form who was now leaning against the wooden pole. Your lips unconsciously curved into a smile when your eyes meet his. “Nothing much, hyung. Just reminiscing the past of Noona and you.” Laughter echoed in the air as the boys started to tease you. You only glared at them making them laugh harder. Jackson grinned at the sight, feeling warmness envelope his heart. A firm hand patted his shoulder, making Jackson turn towards his close friend, Jaebum. The latter just nodded at him before approaching the tea house to join the crowd, Jackson following suit, sitting on the opposite of you, stopping Yugyeom who wanted to offer his seat. He doesn’t want you to feel pressured or uncomfortable. His eyes gleamed when you are laughing, the sound had been a music to his ears years ago. How he wishes that he didn’t have to leave, but if he didn’t then he can’t marry you. His discussion with Jaebum and his friend from the kitsune’s clan, Wonho earlier had told him about what happened to you five years ago. He knew there’s a white snake demon who wanted to harm you, almost killing you. So your accident wasn’t an accident in the actual fact. He could feel his rage boiling but when he got home to your voice, it melts away all his anger.


The dead leaves and petals crumpled underneath your steps as you walked beside Jackson. You glanced towards him, a question surface in your mind but you hesitate. “Just ask away.” Your eyes widen in surprise, he just smiled, amused. It seems like he knows you so well. “They said you are sick?” You stuttered. Jackson paused making you halt your steps too. He chuckled, his hand reach towards his nape. “Ahh, they can’t really keep a secret don’t they.” You grinned at his words. “Well. If you put it simply, yes I’m sick. I was attacked by a white snake demon who injected her poison into my body. It is slowly, devouring, my whole body, weakening my power.” You felt your heart missed a beat. Does that mean… “Yes, I’m dying.” Your breath hitched, your hand covered your mouth as your wide eyes filled with shock. “Wha… But… Isn’t there any cure?” He simply shook his head, his eyes dropping to the ground. “It’s too powerful, not even your blood could fight it.” Your hands tremble, tears started to brim your eyes, you unknowingly shook your head in denial. You just met your childhood friend again after five years but he was dying. Jackson frowned before taking a step towards you, his fingers hooked underneath your chin making you look up at him. “Hey, I’m not dying soon don’t worry. We have time.”


Bambam and Youngjae had walked you home. You went straight to your room, what just happened earlier felt like a dream to you. The next few days also felt like a dream. You’ve been at Jackson’s house everyday now in an attempt to recover your memories. Even your mother had met him, she was so happy to meet him again. On one day you would have lunch with them where you helped Youngjae to debone his chicken wings, learning that you used to do that to him all the time. The other day you would help Jaebum to feed the koi fishes, acknowledging that you’ve named several of them before but they died and you cried for days in Jackson’s arm. However, you never stayed the night, which Jackson understood completely, not wanting to pressure you into anything. It’s been two weeks since you first met them back. Like a routine, you would always drop by whenever you’re free. Today though, when you push open the wooden gate, you paused. The air felt still, too quiet for an unknown reason. Something’s not right. Quickening your steps, you quickly get in the house, stalking towards Jackson’s room only to find the three younger boys standing stiffly in front of the sliding door. “Yugyeom, what’s wrong?” Approaching the trembling boy, they freeze upon hearing your voice. A loud roar of pain echoed through the hallway making your heart clench. “Jackson…” You ran towards the source of the voice, only manage to gasped at the scene in front of you, your eyes widen with shock. In the room Jaebum and Mark were struggling to hold a trashing Jackson down, blood dripped from his lips, his fair hair had turned black, as dark as the midnight. His red irises met yours, a whisper of your name spilled from his bloodied lips, his forehead contorted in pain. He’s in his true form. His demon form. Puddles of blood smeared across the room making your breath hitch, your heart clenched painfully in your chest as your hand covered your mouth. Yugyeom pulled you back, trying to hide the scene from your eyes but it’s too late. Jinyoung slides the door close, leaving you with Yugyeom, Bambam and Youngjae outside. You were still in your shocked state when another cry of pain filled your ears. “Yu-Yugyeom what’s happening? What’s wrong with Jackson?” Your trembling hands grasped Yugyeom’s who was swallowing back his tears. You shook his arm. “Tell me! What’s wrong with him?” Tears started to pour down your cheek when you felt another pair of arm wrapping around you. “Tell me!” Bambam started to sob behind you, his arm wrapped around your waist. You tried to untangle their arms from your body, reaching towards the sliding door that separated you with Jackson. His pained moan hurts you, you don’t want him to be in pain. “Noona, don’t.” You scream in frustration when Youngjae managed to stop you, pulling you further away from the room.


Staring down at your fingers, you swallowed back a sob, your bloodshot eyes stared down sullenly. Your tears had dried, staining your cheeks. The younger boys had managed to drag you away from Jackson’s chamber, sitting you in an empty room. Silence filled the air as you waited, sitting across the younger boys who were in the same state as you. Their faces blank of any expression, hair ruffled in frustration. The steaming tea had cooled down on the table in front of you, untouched. Wiping your cheek, you heaved a deep breath when the door slid open, revealing a gloomy figure, Jinyoung. He looked tired, his face was sullen when his eyes met yours. Abruptly you stand before wobbling towards him, ignoring how your legs had gone numb from sitting for too long. “How is he? Can I see him?” His lips spread into a forced smile. “He’s fine now. The poison…” He paused, exhaling a shaky breath. “The poison had started to approach his heart but his body is fighting it, making him be in a great pain.” Your expression gone blank, but your heart pounded painfully in your chest. “Is..Is there really no cure?” Jinyoung’s eyes darted towards yours, something hidden beneath his dark irises. You frown. “There is… There is a cure right? Jackson said there’s no cure…” He hesitate, biting the inner flesh of his lips. You grabbed on his arm. “Tell me, there’s a cure right? Please tell me the truth.” He heaved a heavy breath before screwing his eyes shut. “I shouldn’t tell you this but I don’t want him to die too. Yes, there is a cure.” Yugyeom stood up to stop Jinyoung. “Hyung no.” “He’s dying Yugyeom! Can’t you see?” The younger boy recoils away upon Jinyoung’s outbreak. “It’s okay just tell me.” Your words came out as a whisper but still audible. “He has to claim you.” You turn towards Youngjae. “What?” He looked up at you timidly, his eyes darted between you and Yugyeom. “He has to claim you in order to make his power stronger so that he could fight the poison.” Your breath was caught in your lungs, his words dawning on you, your shoulder slumped.

To claim you would make a demon clan prosper, giving the leader an undefeatable power, invulnerable.

Jinyoung lead you towards where Jackson is, sliding the door open to be greeted with a familiar pale hair. He was lying down, tucked underneath a thick blanket with Jaebum sitting next to him. You sat next to Jaebum who gave you a small smile, a pat on your knee before excusing himself out of the room, leaving you alone with Jackson. You stared at him. They had cleaned him, his pale lips and skin makes your heart ache. His eyes flutter open, meeting yours. His hazy eyes focused solely on your face, a smile curved on his lips. The blanket rustles as he tries to get up. You helped him into a sitting position, leaning his back against the wall. Your eyes dropped to his half exposed chest, the dark blue cotton robe he’s wearing is half undone. There’s a faint black pattern drawn across his milky skin. It’s the poison, staining his veins black, embedded underneath his skin. You froze at the sight. Realizing it, he pulled the robe tighter around his body, covering it away from your sight. He reached for your trembling hands on your lap, giving them a weak squeeze. You looked down, turning your hand around to squeeze his hands back, finding that three of his fingertips were wounded, his bloodied nails chipped, the sleeves of his robe hiding his bruised knuckles from your sight. Your heart throbbed, you caught your quivering lips between your teeth. He must have clawed something due to his pain “Hey…” His voice was hoarse, coming out just as a mere whisper. Swallowing, he gave you a weak smile. “I’m sorry that you had to see me like that. It must be scary.” You shook your head, wanting to tell him that you’ve seen scarier things before but couldn’t find your strength to. He chuckled, the light sound ached your heart. You looked up at him. He was staring at you fondly, he looked so weak due to his pale lips and his eyes had lost its warmness. He reached up towards your cheek, wiping away the tears stain with a frown. “You didn’t tell me.” Your soft whisper reached Jackson’s ear. He looks at you questioningly. “You said there’s no cure.” His frown dissolves away, exhaling a small sigh. “They really can’t keep a secret.” This time you didn’t laugh. Your frown only deepens, tears started to sting the back of your eyes but you try to hold it back. “Hey…” Jackson’s fingers hooked underneath your chin, bringing your face up to meet his eyes. “I don’t want to pressure you into anything. I want you to be willing; I want you to do this with your own consent. Not because you have to.”


You thought of what he said. Although you can’t remember anything, you know that you’ve been deeply in love with him before. Even right now, you’ve fallen for him once again. The next day you went to see him again, early in the morning. He looks better but still weak. Even though knowing that, he still insists on having a walk with you in the garden. Your cautious eyes watched his every step, always on alert. He chuckled. “I’m fine. I can walk on my own.” You pouted slightly, noticing that both of you had stopped underneath a peach blossom tree. Jackson looks up, the golden sunlight showered him making him look almost angelic opposing to his true identity. The breeze softly blows the silk haori that he wore on top of a black shirt and sweatpants. “You remember this tree?” His eyes met yours, gleaming with tenderness, smiles curved on his rosy lips. Confused, you looked up at the pink shrouds. “We made a promise here.” His fingers laced with yours, drawing your attention away. He smiled gently at you but you frowned. A promise? You were about to say something to him when Mark rushed towards both of you. “Jackson, your brother came…” Jackson’s body tense. “They know it.” Mark’s careful sentence makes you frown. You looked towards Jackson who also bared the same expression as Mark’s. Turning towards you, he stares at your face. “Why?” Your soft voice flutters his head making him smile at you. “Nothing. Stay here for a while okay?” Shaking your head, you grabbed on his wrist. “I’m coming with you.” He seems to hesitate but you keep your stern eyes on him, not wanting to back away making him sigh before nodding. Locking his fingers with yours, he leads you towards the front yard, with Mark trailing close behind you. Jackson stands in front of you, hiding you away from the sight but you still manage to see Jaebum, a long sheath that you assumed is a sword gripped in one hand, the other boys also in the same position as he is, all looking at one direction, on guard.

Frowning you try to take a peek but Jackson halted in his steps, making you almost hit his back. “Brother! Finally, you’re here. Could you ask your, boys, to let me in? They’re so rude to their new leader.” Jackson’s hand clenched tighter around yours, you reached towards his arm, wrapping your nimble fingers on his elbow in a comforting manner. He glanced down at you before turning back towards his brother. Sneaking a look, you look at the man who was standing a few feet away from the gate, dressed in all black, even his long hair was the same shade but his eyes were different. They were red, and they were looking at you making your heart miss a beat. “Ahh, look who’s here. It’s Y/N!” He took a step forward making the boys taking a step forward too, hands ready at their own sword. The man let out a rumble of laughter, his deep voice sent a shiver to your spine. “I just want to meet my future wife…” “She’s not yours.” Jackson’s voice broke through the garden, making the former halt. “You do know that your title is gonna be revoked, don’t you? I’ll be the new clan leader, I’m the most rightful one, not you!” You flinched when he roared, feeling your hands tremble. Jackson gives your hand a squeeze though his eyes never left his brother. “If you don’t have any important matters here, please leave.” His voice was stern, his eyes unwavering shooting a glare at his brother who did the same, but his lips curled into a sinister smirk. “She would be mine, Jackson. You’re no longer fit to be a leader, you’re dying, my brother.” He laughs darkly, his red irises met yours making you tense. Giving you a wink, he disappeared into the thin air, leaving a trail of black smoke behind before it too dissolves away.


Jackson had sent you home, not alone of course. Youngjae and Mark obediently made sure you make it home safe. The night fell down without you realizing it. You had creeped back into your room after dinner, replaying the scene earlier in your mind. Trashing in your bed, you thought of your time with Jackson. You know that he doesn’t have enough time anymore, and if he didn’t claim you, he would die and you would he handed over to his brother which makes you shudder. You didn’t know what kind of person he is. You still remember when Mark told you about yourself. A senka’s blood is alluring to all demons. Jackson was really strong as he wasn’t even bothered by your blood whenever you hurt yourself. He would calmly bandage you up or sometimes heal you. You never could have imagined if it was his brother. Would he treat you the same way as Jackson did? You grabbed your phone before texting Jackson, alerting him that you’re going to his house. Glancing at the clock, you quickly slipped on your coat before sneaking out. The sound of the television echoed in the house. You entered the living room, drawing both your parents’ attention. “I’m staying the night at Jackson’s.” You expected for them to scold you but they just bid their goodbyes to you. When you step outside, Jaebum was already waiting for you outside. You paused. Usually the younger boys would escort you. He smiled at you, giving you a curt nod. The walk towards the house was quiet, until Jaebum decided to break it. “Have you made your decision?” You look towards him, nibbling on your lower lips, he just exhaled. “Jackson’s brother was never being in favor, the villagers weren’t really fond of him. He always resorted to violence in order to solve his problems, contrasting to Jackson. He was always calm, always put others before him that’s why the council wanted him to be new leader. Since they’re young, they never got along well. Their father thought that his brother was a bad influence on him, thus he sent Jackson to live here, separated from his brother.” You listen to his every words carefully, the image of Jackson’s brother came into your mind. When both of you reached the house, he stopped. “I hope you chose well, Y/N.”

You carefully walked in the garden, your gaze meets Jackson’s form who was standing by the pond, the door to his room slid open to let the chill air of the night blow in. He turned towards you, smiling at you, making you mimic his action. Approaching him, you let the heat from his body seep through your skin, warming your body as your arms wrapped around his torso. Jackson instantly wrapped his around your body too, burying his nose into your head. “What’s wrong?” You shook your head, the sudden urge of wanting to feel him in your arms filled your mind. Both of you stayed like that for a while. Parting your lips, you exhaled slowly. “Jackson, take me.” His body tense underneath your embrace, slowly pulling away to peer down at your face, his eyes searching yours with confusion. “I want to be with you, make me yours.” Your timid voice makes Jackson’s heart flutter; he holds your face between his warm hands, thumbs caressing your cheeks. “Are you sure?” Nodding, you smiled up at him reassuringly. “I’ve never been so sure in my life.” He seems to contemplate your decision, so you stand on your tiptoes before pressing your lips against his. His reaction was instant, his arm wrapped around your waist to pull you flush against his body. Jackson sighed upon feeling your lips against his. He could feel energy starting to flow into his weakened form. Pulling away from your lips hesitantly, he pulled you towards his room, kicking off his shoes making you do the same. Once both of you were inside his room, he turns towards you, his soft gaze fell on your face. You smiled up at him, your heart pounded loudly in your chest, suddenly feeling nervous under his towering form. Sensing your nervousness, he smiled gently at you before leaning down to press a soft kiss on your lips. You sighed upon feeling his lips against yours; your arms wrapped around his torso, his tongue timidly grazing on your lower lips, asking for permission, which you eagerly granted. The wet muscle explores your cavern before sensually massaging yours, eliciting a sigh from you. His arms rested around your waist, feeling your body heat seeping through the sleeves of his haori. He pushed the heavy material of your coat off your shoulders before helping you taking it off. Catching you in surprise, he lifted your body up making a yelp escape your lips, parting away from his kiss. Slowly he lowers you onto the silk futon, still warm from his body heat since he had been laying in it all day long. The fabric rustles underneath you. You look towards him, the shadow casted on his face almost makes him look predatorily but his comforting touches tell you the opposite. His lips pressed against the cusp of your ear, whispering sweet words before descending down the column of your neck, scattering skittish kisses as his hands slipping underneath your top to caress the bare skin of your waist. Your arms circled around his neck, fiddling with the neck of his haori, your head tilted back to give him more space as your lips parted to let out a rapid exhalation, your heartbeat had accelerated. Jackson’s hot breath caressed the small skin of your chest before he leans back his eyes met yours. Gently, he pulled the thick fabric of your sweaters off, tousling your hair. His arms immediately circled around your bare waist, his lips found the hidden skin of your chest. His tongue darted out to wet the spot on the mound of your breast, suckling on the ample flesh into a dull bruise. His fingers skimmed through your skins, leaving goosebumps bristle on its trail as they slipped into the waistband of your sweatpants.

He pushed it down, you shivered when the wind blew through the parted sliding door that leads to the garden, making pink and white petals flew in the room. Jackson watched you, his hands roamed around on your lingerie-clad body, unsure of where to touch first as your chest frantically raised up and down, your breath rushed in and out through your parted rosy lips. An intoxicated hue spread on your cheeks, drunk with the desire that flooded your mind making your eyes went unfocused. Pulling his hands away, Jackson shrugged off the haori he was wearing before pulling the white shirt up, taking it off his body. You gasped when he took off his shirt, revealing his chest that was covered with a faint black pattern that clearly traces his veins. It had covered his chest, dangerously close to his heart making your heart throb at the sight. Slowly you reach forward to spread your palms on his chest. Jackson leans down to press his lips onto your forehead. “I’ll be fine.” He pulled away to give you a smile. The corner of your lips twitched too, mirroring his action. He pressed a chaste kiss on your lips, your eyes flutter close. His hand caressing your torso, slipping to the curve of your back to unclasp your bra, letting the material fall off your shoulders and exposing your perked nipples to the cold air making you shiver. Red hue started to bloom on your cheeks, suddenly feeling so exposed to Jackson. On the opposite of him. You could feel his fingers linger on the front of your panties before slipping them in, his fingers grazing against your opening, collecting your leaking juice. “It’s your first time, correct?” You shyly nodded at his question. Slowly, he slid in his middle finger, making you gasped as your eyes screw shut. Noises that you didn’t recognize spilled out of your lips, making the red hue on your cheek darken. He chuckled at how you were covering your face, biting your lower lips in an attempt to stop your moans. He started to pump his finger in and out of your wet core, feeling you clamp around his finger. You whined but the sound was muffled by how hard you were gnawing your lower lip. Jackson hushed you, his fingers hooked underneath your chin to pull it down, making you release your lower lip. “It’s okay, nobody’s gonna hear you, the boys are on the other side of the house.” You exhaled loudly, feeling light headed due to the overwhelming pleasure coursing through your body. When he added another finger swiftly, your breath caught in your lungs, feeling so full. Swallowing, you try to regulate your breathing, trying to relax so that Jackson could properly prepare you. He pumped his digits a few times before pulling it out of you, slipping your panties off. You reflexively clamp your thighs together. Jackson just smirked before standing up only to push his pants down along with his boxers to bare his erected shaft. Your jaw went slack, suddenly feeling nervous. Now, how is he gonna fit? The hesitation was chased away when he kneeled back on the smooth duvet, his fingers dancing across your legs before lodging himself in between them. You lay down, your back flat against the futon, your nervous fingers frantically grasped on the fabric underneath you.

Jackson could sense your nervousness, leaning down to scatter kisses on your face. “Relax, love. Trust me, I’ll try to make it as less painful as I can.” You exhaled a shaky breath before nodding at him. He parted your thighs wider before hooking your calf around his hip. Slowly he nudged the tip of his shaft in, sliding in slowly, watching your expression for any sign to stop him. You only shut your eyes and your back curved slightly, your fingers gripped on his biceps tightly that your nails formed crescent dents on his skin. Once filling you to the hilt, he paused for a while to let you adjust to his size. He released a deep throaty groan before inhaling a deep breath. His breathing was unsteady and ragged; his fingers fisted the duvet underneath you. “So tight, my love.” Your battered breathing echoed in his ears, enhancing his arousal, his eyes fluttered close to savor the feeling. He’s finally making you his, finally claiming you. He could feel your energy surging through him already, boosting his weakened power. His eyes snapped open when you ask him to move. Placing a kiss on your shoulder, he started to move, setting a slow pace so that you could adjust. After a while, you started to feel pleasure building up in your lower belly, the pain dulled into a pleasurable tingle You unconsciously clamped your muscles around him making Jackson growl. He started to pick up his pace, snapping his hip back and forward, the sound of skin slapping against skin mingled with the sounds of your moans and mewls. His fingers dropped to your thigh, caressing the smooth flesh up and down, amplifying the pleasure that flooded your body, making your fingers tingle and your toes curled. “Jackson…” You’re close, he could feel that you’re reaching your peak due to how you’re clenching around him. “Let it go, it’s okay I got you.” After a few more thrust, you arch your back, a wanton whine of his name ripped through your throat as your orgasm hit you like a wave. Feeling you clenching tightly around him, Jackson reached his ecstasy with a low growl, your name tumbled out of his mouth with a trembling breath. He dropped his forehead onto your shoulder, riding off his orgasm with your arms weakly wrapped around his, Slumping down on your body, he buried his face into the crook of your neck, feeling your sticky skin against his. He rolled over so that he won’t crush you before sliding his limp member out of you. Sighing, you let your droopy eyes flutter close, feeling Jackson wrapped both of you with the thick duvet, the soft breezes blows your hair gently.


You woke up with the sound of the birds chirping happily. When you pry your eyes open, you were greeted with the view of the garden and pond in fronts of Jackson’s room. The pink petals had scattered around the room, the sound of the wind rustling through the leaves makes you smile. “Good morning.” The familiar voice makes your smile even more. Turning around, your gaze met a pair of warm brown irises. You turn your body around to fully face him. Jackson propped his head on his hand, his warm gaze watches you with fondness that makes your heart twitch with happiness. You noticed that something about him had changed, he felt more powerful than before, you could practically see him glowing, his eyes gleamed brightly at you. Your eyes dropped to his chest, widening slightly. The black veins had disappeared, leaving the skin smooth and flawless. You gingerly placed your palm on his chest, tracing the curves of his abs with your fingertips. “I told you I would be fine.” Your eyes flickered to his, breaking into a grin. You healed him. Biting on your lower lips, your chest swell with pride, seeing the effect you have on him. Jackson lowered his lips to kiss your forehead, he can’t stop the grin from spreading on his lips as you bury your face into his chest when a sudden thought crossed your mind. “I remember it…” Jackson hummed, his eyebrows creased in confusion. You tilt your head back to look up at his face. “The promise we made under the peach tree, I remember it already.”


Tears started to brim in your eyes but you tried to swallow it back but failed when it started to drop on your cheeks. Jackson hushed you, his calloused fingers cradle both of your cheeks, wiping away the tears that started to stain your face. “I won’t stay there forever. I’ll come back.” You sobbed, your visions started to blur due to the tears. “When?” He pulled you into his arm, tightly embracing you, his hands caressed your hair in order to calm you down. Placing a small kiss on top of your head, he sighed. “I promise, that I’ll come back before this tree starts to blossom, and we’ll eat the peaches together, like we always do.”

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ok but like what if bakugo is the cause of both cats and dogs flooding ua.

(Sai’s posts: Bakugou and dogs 1, 2, 3, 4, Bakugou and kittens) (my sorta continuation of Bakugou and kittens)

Wow that’s a lot of posts

UM!!! SO!!! I really like this idea!? Heck, why stop at cats and dogs? Animal Shelter!! ANIMAL RESCUE!!! I actually went and bothered @saisai-chan and we brainstormed some on this LOL. This answers a few asks and ended up really long so *rolls up sleeves*

Bakugou is pretty good with animals, but Kouda is The Master. So at the point where Bakugou is swamped by like four kittens, Jr., Barkugou, and three other dogs of various sizes/dispositions, he starts to realize “I am not fucking prepared for this,” and Kouda notices. He starts to help.

(Bakugou doesn’t ask for help. But Kouda knows his stuff and means well, so Bakugou is *mumble grumble* but otherwise doesn’t say anything about Kouda just joining him out of the blue. They work together ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ)

Baku Jr. terrorizes Kouda’s lil bunny at first, and Kouda gets pretty angry about it. It’s nothing severe but, well, it’s clear disapproval. The kind that parents do. He just… stares at Bakugou and Jr. while holding his lil bunny in his arms. 

Bakugou stubbornly ignores it until he’s like “FEH WHATEVER FUCK IT” and trains it outta Jr.

Between Bakugou being someone that’s genuinely nice to animals and Kouda being a Literal Animal Whisperer, they become a safe haven for abandoned/hurt animals. Kouda just naturally tries to help injured animals he sees on the street - leaves water for a skittish dog at an abandoned warehouse, nurses a bird that hit a window back to health, etc. Bakugou does… Basically what he did in Sai’s Bakugou & Kittens post LOL.

But the two of them don’t really know what to do about the big barky dogs. The smaller animals are one thing, but dogs that are half or more their weight and height?? Yeah that’s not happening. It’s not like either of them have a place to smuggle them to since they both live in the dorms now.

And then Momo, with Todoroki in tow, suddenly walks up to them one day and says, “We’ll make you a soundproof room.” (She noticed pretty easily that the two of them were up to something and found out lol)

So they do. Momo directs it, and the four of them work on putting together the room next door to Bakugou’s. And just because she has foresight, she volunteers that they put together the spare rooms next to hers, in case they run out of space. (DESIGNATED DOG AND CAT ROOMS!!!)

(Something to note: Todoroki absolutely has no idea what this is about. Momo just walked up to him one day and said, “I need your help in putting together a sound proof room. We’ll use the spare dorms.” Todoroki was kinda ??? but otherwise just said “ok.” It isn’t until he’s standing in a room, watching happy dogs roughhouse and bark and run around that it clicks and he’s like, “…oh.”)

Each student is slowly incorporated into their group. Asui basically knows as soon as they start working on the dorm room next to her’s; Momo discloses it and she joins the group. She actually comes to one of their “meetings” with a bunch of frogs trailing after her one day.

They don’t really seem abandoned, but they appear to be breeds that are typically kept as pets, and there isn’t a good wild environment for them anywhere nearby. So the kids decide that they’ll take care of them, too.

She is really gentle with the frogs she helps take care of. She knows what they need/the kind of environment they require based on her own physiology.

Tokoyami actually comes to them one day, requesting some assistance, because there’s this raven that has basically decided to follow him 24/7 and. He doesn’t know how to take care of a pet.

They help him, and his new raven buddy is absolutely added to his whole Aesthetic thing going on. It stays pretty much with him whenever he isn’t doing hero-related stuff, parroting his “banquet of darkness” phrase. And he’s secretly so proud but that’s not part of his image so he keeps his unimpressed mask on.

(… Omfg wait if he could get a group of ravens to flock and create artificial darkness in select areas that would actually be pretty useful in general)

For some reason, butterflies flock around Uraraka too?? AND NOT JUST BUTTERFLIES BUT FUZZY MOTHS TOO. Those cute fuzzy moths. There are absolutely rare and maybe endangered species that flock around her

(We associated Uraraka with butterflies because of “float like a butterfly and sting like bee” and metamorphosis)

Uraraka actually took care of butterflies at her house when she was younger. Her family couldn’t afford pets, whether it was a matter of money or time, so she just. Raised butterflies.

She liked going out and looking at the plants/at gardens a lot, and she’d see a lot of different bugs! They kinda freaked her out at first, but one day her mother sat her down and read her a little children’s book about a butterfly and, well. She decided she wanted to raise a butterfly

Which is why she absolutely knows how to handle the current situation, what with her being surrounded by butterflies and moths. But still, Asui and Momo approach her, asking if she needs help, which leads to her being brought into their group.

The other kids also start slowly being brought it one after the other. Izuku found a pregnant cat that he brought in, Iida found an aquatic turtle on the street, Sero ended up with a chameleon or iguana that bites/scratches him but won’t go away, Kirishima rescued a drowning chinchilla… Aoyama probably found this sparkling bird of paradise or something idek, all the kids in 1A slowly start to help out while also bringing in new additions.

(Overall Kouda is really confused about there suddenly being so many animals?? there’s some weird thing going on at Yuuei and no one knows what’s going on but no one really minds SO)

Either way, the kids all try to help as much as they can. Kirishima handles the nippy ones because, hardening quirk. He lets them chew on him lol. And Momo absolutely makes tons of toys and dotes on the cats and dogs. Shouji is good at keeping an eye (or multiple) on them and making sure no one gets into mischief while playing.

Now, the teachers!

Aizawa already knew from day one. The first time Bakugou brought Jr. into the dorms, he knew, and he’s had a peripheral awareness of the fact that the crowd is getting… larger. So he appears one day - one moment, the kids are hanging out with their animal family, the next they’re all staring wide-eyed at their teacher who is standing in the doorway as if he was there the entire time - and he just says, “as long as you clean up and make sure that nothing goes wrong, then I don’t really care.”

Or so he says but he makes frequent visits the CAT ROOM.

He sleeps in there, sometimes, in between classes, during lunch breaks, or after school.

(He even keeps a spare sleeping bag in a corner in case he decides to stop by. Some of the kittens end up tearing into it at some point, and when he stops by it’s in tatters. He stares at the mess while the kittens just roll around, mewing up at him. Later, the kids report seeing Aizawa, grumbling something like “how is it weather-proof but not cat proof.” His visits don’t stop though, he just buys something sturdier.)

There’s also occasionally a kitten in Aizawa’s scarf. Maybe when he naps the kittens snuggle around him, and sometimes they just. Stay secure there. The kids are certain that Aizawa stores kittens in his scarf on purpose, and sometimes during class quiet meows can be heard from Aizawa’s general direction.

He just continues lecturing with a straight face even while the kids know what is going on.

All Might finds out too and makes frequent visits to the dog room. There’s this one slightly-mangy golden retriever mix that he absolutely adores (and adores him back) and he’s certain that it must’ve been heaven-sent because he doesn’t see a lot of retrievers in Japan, and who just abandons one!? Together, they are the Golden Duo. Tbh I want to imagine there’s also this little blond-furred chihuahua though. It adores him too, and All Might and the retriever try to be as gentle with it as possible.

(Please imagine All Might going, “IT’S ALL RIGHT, FOR I AM HERE!!!” and being interrupted by the high-pitched, happy yapping of a little dog that is overjoyed to see him.)

The kids are all collectively like, “…….. they match.” In regards to the All Might/dogs and Aizawa/cats thing



Bakugou is walking to school one day and there’s just this HUGE flock of birds surrounding the school. “… Japan has a larger population of cockatiels than I realized.”

Mic. Present Mic, Yamada Hizashi, walks into the room and the birds just flock to him. He’s just, “LET ME HEAR YOU SAY YEAH!” “YEEAAH!!” “HELL YEEEAAAH!!!” “HELL YEEEAAAAAHH!!” They echo him and it’s. It’s a nightmare

Mic finally has the crowd he wants but damn

So yeah. That’s basically it LOL.

When you two kiss for the first time

Thanks for the request, hope you like this ^^

Words: 991

Fluff i died while writing this even though this probably isn’t the best scenario ever 

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”Your hands are so cold,” Jinwoo frowned when he grabbed your hand.

You gave him a look. “Don’t hold it if you don’t like it,” you tried to pull your hand away and he let go. You frowned behind your scarf and looked away.

The day hadn’t been as good as you had thought it would be. It was Saturday and you were on a date with Jinwoo who just recently became your boyfriend. In the morning you woke up too late to do your hair or makeup so you showed up at the cinema – your date location – looking like a mess. Jinwoo said he didn’t care but you did since you two didn’t get to go on dates that often thanks to your busy lives. On top of all that, the tickets to the movie you had wanted to watch were sold out so you had to watch a different movie. The movie was boring and neither one of you liked it in the end.

After watching that boring movie you two went to eat which went pretty well. You both got food that you liked and it didn’t even cost that much. Now you two were walking home. You hadn’t thought about the weather when you left in the morning so you had left your mittens and beanie home. You were feeling upset because your date had been pretty bad and it was cold.

Jinwoo grabbed your cold hand – that you were trying to warm up by putting it in your jacket’s pocket – and you turned to look at him. Before you could react, he put a mitten on your hand and grabbed your other hand to do the same to it. The mittens were warm and you looked at him, surprised.

“I had an extra pair,” he said, not looking at you.

“Aren’t these yours?” you asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said and you looked at his hands that were buried in his jacket’s pockets. You smiled a little. “Thanks,” you said.

Jinwoo glanced at you and then smiled without you noticing. He was happy that his warm mittens could make you feel better.

“Oh,” Jinwoo said, making you look up from your hands. “Look at that,” he pointed at a store’s window. All kinds of cute plushies had been stacked into a huge pile behind it. You two walked over to it and looked at the plushies.

“That one’s so cute,” you pointed at a white dog plushie that looked as soft as the snow that was slowly falling down from the sky.

“I think that one’s cuter,” Jinwoo pointed at a penguin plushie that looked somewhat similar to Pororo. “It reminds me of you,” he chuckled.

“What? I’m a penguin?” you looked at him with raised eyebrows.

He nodded with a smile. “You really resemble a penguin,” he laughed. “It’s cute though,” he said when he noticed you looking at him. He gave you his hand, you grabbed it and the two of you continued walking. You caught some snowflakes on your mittens and looked at them. They were actually really pretty and every single one you caught was different.

“You look like a child _____,” Jinwoo chuckled when you took a few bigger steps to catch a falling snowflake.

You turned to look at him. “Is it a bad thing?” you asked and he kept chuckling.

“It’s not a bad thing,” he said after grabbing your hand again since you had let go of it to catch that one snowflake that you couldn’t even catch.

After a while, you two arrived in front of your apartment building. Jinwoo lived a little further away which meant that he would have to keep walking alone.

“Did you have fun?” he asked with a small smile while looking at you.

You hesitated for a moment. “I could have had more fun… but it was okay I guess. It was nice to hang out with you,” you smiled.

He looked at you, happy to see your smile. “Let’s have another date soon?”
You nodded and he smiled widely.

“You should go in,” he said and motioned you to go inside the warm building.

You nodded, feeling a tiny bit disappointed. You had thought he would maybe give you a kiss. You were a little too shy to kiss him so you patiently waited for him to do it first. You two hadn’t kissed yet since you hadn’t been together for that long. It wasn’t like you were desperate to do it but it would have been nice to kiss him.

“See you,” he said and you turned around to walk in to the building. “Ah, wait a minute!” he said and you turned around.

Could it be?

“Can I have my mittens back?” he asked. You were disappointed once again but covered it up with a smile and took the mittens off before handing them to him.

“You should go quickly before you catch a cold,” you said, hiding behind your scarf. You turned around to walk away but couldn’t since he grabbed your hand, stopping you.

“What-“ you started but he cut you off by pressing his lips against yours. You were so surprised that your heart was beating really fast. You could feel the blush creeping up on your cheeks and thought that you probably looked like a tomato.

“You thought I’d leave without giving you a kiss?” he asked after pulling away.

You avoided his gaze, a little embarrassed about the fact that you were blushing so badly.

“Cute,” he chuckled at your reaction.

You smiled behind your scarf and slapped his arm gently. He laughed wholeheartedly and you looked at him. He looked happy which made you feel good. You took a step closer to him and cupped his face before giving him a quick kiss.

“See you later,” you said and waved to him while walking towards the building in front of you. You were feeling really happy.

this scenario gives me a warm feeling, idek why, jinwoo’s just such a cute person and i enjoy writing scenarios of him TuT

Word Count: 1313

Triggers: None

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You woke up in the hospital, your aunt and uncle siting next to you.

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the things we live for

Because in the midst of Phil worrying that being seen with Dan Howell by his side would entail blows towards the deck of cards he’d so precisely put up (‘be friends with Lexie, she’s got the pretty genes, stay away from Jo-‘), he might have slightly underestimated how much Dan could get through to him.

Or, how Phil learns to learn again.

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