this took me so much

My best friend decided we were celebrating my birthday two weeks early and he’d put together and entire Supernatural themed puzzle game to lead me to my birthday gift which was THE LEATHER BINDER I WANTED FOR MY GRIMOIRE!!!

I cried. For like 20 minutes. It’s gorgeous.

I’m so excited to finally start my grimoire! There will definitely be photos.


I’m going to hand make the paper so it might take a while to get things picture ready.

Artist Line-Up: #8 Orangiah (‘∀’●)♡

Tumblr: @orangiah | Twitter: orangiah_

“Whenever I see Orangiah’s art I feel the need to throw money at them because I just want to give something back for what their art gives me! //cries” - anonymous

“Jes is an artist who focuses mainly on lines and they manage to create them in a way that make them look very lively, with real volume and depth. Their love for BokuAka is written all over their art and it makes me more than happy! I JUST WANNA MARRY JES AND THEIR ART GDI I’M EMOTIONAL ABOUT JES!!!” - anonymous

“Jessie has a very organic and a full-of-life lineart style. So amazing to look at it for hours and still find tiny, lovely details. The addition of colors just gives the whole piece a calming and wonderful atmosphere. It is a direct and delicate style, well balanced, telling a story with every stroke of brush/pen.” - anonymous

“TBH, initially I was mesmerized with Jessie’s colors and textures. It wasn’t the lineart. Much later, when I happened to personally see a lineart of theirs, I was completely shocked to the core. THE DETAILS AND DEPTH IN THE LINEART ITSELF IS SO MUCH MORE. You cannot stop zooming and finding new things. Its such a wonderful and exciting adventure to see and understand Jessie’s art. And the way they draw animals as well! BEAUTIFUL!” - anonymous

“Adgfkkskss I’m fascinated with their lineart!!! Such amazing clean and detailed lineart combined with stunning anatomy. Addjfkskagakfksa so good!!” - anonymous

The one who shares more about their art with only a few strokes of brush [LINE-ART!!!], a subtle splash of color, is a very hard-working person with a kind soul, forever obsessed with Bokuto-Akaashi and GDI THAT SETTER DOG!?!!?! (*^.^*)

So pleased and honored to have Orangiah be a part of this project!! No words can be enough to express our love for their art and dedication.

[P.S. Kindly click the image and read through the content to know more about the artist!]

agathaconquers-all  asked:

Hello again comadre 💁🏽 lemme tell you about what I've dealt with today. I've been getting bullied at work for months by women who are older than my mother 😑 it's been giving me so much anxiety. Today I took the leap of faith and stood up for myself. I fought all the physical pains anxiety gave me and it paid off. The situation is being handled and I feel so much relief. Friendly reminder to everyone to stay strong. Where there is darkness there is light. Stay Alive |-/ -La Comadre 🙋🏽

hola comadre! 🙋🏽

ugh, i had that happen at my old workplace too. im so proud of you!

you are strong.
“no hay mal por que bien no venga”

i hope your days are as bright as you and your anxiety eases.

stay alive, comadre!

some unlucky kiddos :’)

Victuuri | Power of Love | Stay Close to Me  
↳ for my precious Minji-chan! ( @vvictor )


― Japanese skater Katsuki Yuuri: Grand Prix Final silver medallist.

Dedicated to the one and only @katsuukis who never fails to surprise me, and whose giffing style inspired me to try something new.