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anonymous asked:

so is there no homophobia in russia in your political au?

most likely not. i think the whole “two heads of state having an affair” kind of thing is already scandalous enough, so adding homophobia to that would be unnecessary, and i feel like it could possibly diverge the focus of that?

i think in this au it would cause everyone a huge shock to learn two or the most powerful people in the scenary of politics were having an affair. it’s illegal. it entails a lot of problems like the possibility of leaking intelligence in those meetings in secret, the cooperation of this personnel involved, the impact it would have would be ridiculous. it’s a whole ordeal in itself that they’re doing this - so i really don’t think it would fit, i personally don’t think i’ll be addressing that in this au.

that’s my problem actually. i have a lot of liberty in this au because i’m not fully committing to either yoi-universe or real-universe. it’s a mix of both, so i have a lot of possibilities to play around with. i don’t deny it would be an interesting aspect to bring into the universe (narrative-wise, i mean) but quite honestly i don’t think it’s necessary for what i have planned. 

president nikiforov is really private about his life, he doesn’t like talking about previous lovers and if he’s taken or not, while prime minister katsuki is openly gay and people love that. the scandal of them having an affair is good enough, i think, and if there’s something they don’t quite need more of is angst. poor boys. 

it’ll be a happy ending, though.


I don’t know how but this AU got heavily inspired by what Shimizu san said before-
Yuuri being earth and Victor being the moon who keeps drifting toward him.
I find these words so beautiful.

some unlucky kiddos :’)

bizmyth  asked:

have you heard about/listened to 'the adventure zone'? it's a podcast. I think it's something you'd like, esp if you like lots of characters creating a found family and complex but awesome relationships between those characters. I'd also love to see your interpretation of the characters if you do get into it.

i actually just started listening to taz recently! i do like both of those things and i also hear it has canon girlfriends later on which im all about!! im not very far in (like.. halfway thru rockport limited? i think) and i havent really decided on designs for the boys yet, but heres number one regulator of my heart killian


❝ when heaven and earth first met they became lost in each other’s beauty. although they didn’t know it yet, the two would become inseparable; they were each other’s universe ❞

Victuuri | Power of Love | Stay Close to Me  
↳ for my precious Minji-chan! ( @vvictor )