this took me so long to make wow


request: hi can i request one with jooheon where you got a new job but you’re like really nervous and he comforts you idk if it makes sense, thank you
note: i loved the way this turned out. it makes me so soft wow he’s so cute. i really am so sorry that it took so long for me to write this for you. i hope you still enjoy it!

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Jikook Fic Rec!

Here you go @jimincentric and the other anon who asked for the long, mpreg Jikook fanfics! I tried my best to find my favourites, so I apologise if you’ve already read them? (Almost all of mine are bottom Jimin, too, so I’m sorry if you wanted something more diverse.)

Pregnant Jimin. 

(I had a hard time finding ones that were long, so please bare with me.)

Hold Tight; Hold Me Down by leegaae. (This is one of my favourites! It’s very angsty and emotional, so, be aware.)

War of Hormones by staycute1234. (Very cute and my very first mpreg fic. So, thanks for popping my mpreg cherry, haha.)

Milk and Honey by fatal (cumrich). (First off, I love this author so, so much. And second off, this fic is absolutely filthy.)

I like how desperate you seem (in the way you look at me) also by fatal (cumrich). (This one has no mpreg in it yet, but it is so well written that I think you’ll like it all the same!)


(This is going to be so, so long. I literally have like, 400 bookmarks that I went through and found my favourites from. And also, I’m sorry if I don’t mention you! I didn’t want this to take me all night.)

Before I start listing off fics, make sure you check out these authors for their Jikook fics. (Also it’s more convenient so that I don’t have to keep listing off multiple fics from the same author.)

Levetrate (Ahhhh. I can’t.)

fatal (cumrich) (Cries.)

empressium (Cries times 2.)

gangbang (Cries times 3.)

cocksluts (Sobs.)

wordcouture (Sobs times 2.)

goog (I love them.)

subjimin (Yes.) 

snarcsics (Please?)

Polkari Seuta (VeritasEtVita) (A legend.)

Staycute1234 (Jikook Queen.)      

And, also, check out these Tumblrs that also have really good Jikook headcanons and even drabbles! 




(Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I have such a bad memory. I can’t think of anymore recently. If I didn’t mention you, please remind me? I forget things so easily.)


Payback Bitch ;)) by dreamciclejimin. (An older fic, but a good one, nonetheless.)

You’re My Achilles Heel by miskeen. (My innocence was officially gone with this one.)

Phase One by TheHalesNyx. (I love hybrid Kookie so much.)

Alphas Office by Vanill4candy(?) (Typically I don’t read anything on AFF, but, I really love this story so.)

Glass Diamonds by GinForInk. (We know I don’t do angst. But this story was still really good.)

two sides; same story by namjoone. (I actually haven’t finished this yet, but from what I have read so far, it’s so good.)

listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling for you at its own will) by poplolli. (Haven’t read this in sooo long. One of my first Jikook fics.)

8 ball by suga_trash_queen. (This one is really cute, too.)

For_Yoongi.avi by strangedesires. (Technically it’s Yoonminkook.)

a boy like that by jikookah. (Honestly. This probably is one of my absolute favorites.)

Follow Me by novilunar. (Jinminkook.)

Baby Relax by write_the_impossible. (OT7 with Jimin as the centric. So. Still Jikook, haha. I’m sorry.)

Who Let His Boyfriend Be so Fucking Hot? by Halottie. (Ahahaha. Filth. And one of my only Top Jimin exceptions.)

Swamp Magic by GinForInk. (READ THIS!)

Stupid Batteries by Zelupsi. (Ahh, the A/B/O.)

Starstruck by SugaTheTurtle. (Okay, but I recently re-read this one and it is gold.)

White by KookieChim. (Accurate, to be honest.)

Beautiful by nerdybrofian_to_the_rescue. (Fuck. This one.)

Painfully good by JikookTrash. (My innocence is pretty much gone by now, haha.)

Play Fair by lunamaia. (Okay, but tease!)

Beaded by fancypinkdick.  (I can’t anymore.)

Play house (put my favorite record on) by rapsucka (sonyeondanbiased). (This is Minjoonkook.)

(Alrighty! That wraps up the smut! Not too much, but enough, right? I hope you all enjoy and please, I apologise once again if I didn’t mention anyone.)


(Not as much as should be. I’m sure I have more somewhere, haha.)

Scribbles and Drawings by evil_pandabear. (Cute.)

E[Love] by yuuami. (Cute times 2.)

Flower Talk by soranosuzu. (Soooo utterly adorable.)

(Okay. That’s it. And wow, can I just say that this took me so long! I really, really hope you all enjoyed this and found some new readings to keep you busy! I love you all so, so much! And also, thank you for being such amazing friends and actually making it this far?)


Art Trade with @papayapart

I am so so sorry this took me so long to make, wow. If I’m being 100% honest, I started off pretty good, then procrastinated a bit and forgot about it for a while, but I remembered to upload it today and here we are! Anyways, I hope you like it! And again, I’m sorry I took 800 years. 

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Look, I know I’m not funny, okay?

Anyways, my friend was telling me about how she went to this party and everyone tried to greet her, but she just got really serious and said “I’m motherfuckin’ starboy” before turning around and leaving immediately and I was like “wow that’s the most Derek Malik Nurse thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life” so I present to you:

Nursey literally does this for two weeks straight after the song comes out because he thinks he’s funny or something and everyone is so fed up w him but lowkey, Dex thinks it’s dumb and funny and cute and will like snicker every time Nursey does it so uhhhh he continues doing it just to make Dex laugh. Okay now fastforward a few months, they’re dating, Dex does not find it funny anymore.  

hello everyone, it’s linh! i’m excitingly greeting you with my first follow forever because i recently hit a milestone! 🎉 9k!! ahhhh it feels really surreal ;;; it took me so long to make one because i’m shy and i’m not good at expressing myself 👉🏻👈🏻 i’ve had this blog for almost 6 years now (wow can u believe) but i fully turned into a bts blog back in 2014 and didn’t start making content until a year ago. i’m extremely thankful to those who reblogged or liked my gifs/once in a blue moon gfxs, for all the kind messages i’ve received, and to have people even following me (´⌣`ʃƪ) it’s even an honor to be some of your guys’ favorite blog because honestly my blog isn’t worthy enough djalskd but my heart beats ten times faster when you guys mention it!!

i also want to thank the blogs i follow for blessing my dashboard with amazing content and your lovely selves! you all make the whole experience worth while! to the few mutuals that i’ve talked to, you’re all soso delightful and it’s a pleasure meeting you ♡ everyone, let’s keep going until the end of time with bangtan! cheers~

bold ☽ mutuals
🍇 ☽ faves

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My head is stripped just like a screw that’s been tightened too many times, when I think of you.


anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new to bts and I just found your blog (love it btw!) I want to get to know the boys more if you could describe each of them in a few traits what would they be?

Thanks for loving BTS and our blog, we’re all glad you’ve joined us ^^

Ahh, okay, hard question! I could describe them each as so many different things, and because we may perceive them differently, people might not agree with my opinions~ And there are things I could describe all members of BTS as. This includes (but is not limited to): hardworking, appreciative, hilarious, down to earth, sweet, genuine, etc.. But okay, the members. I’m going to try to use only three adjectives per member so it doesn’t get too long, haha:

Namjoon: Namjoon is so.. Ahh. I really fell for his personality. If I could describe him in a few traits, it would be introspective, open, and noodle. Yes, noodle. Though I haven’t been part of this fandom for very long, it’s not hard to see how much Namjoon has grown over time. He has learned a lot about the world and himself. Like any of us, he has struggled and made mistakes, but he always tries to understand and better himself as a result. He also constantly shares his thoughts with us all, which really makes me feel like he’s just one of us, taking life day by day. And he really never lets any of us feel left out, always being inclusive in speeches, learning languages, etc~ He really has a lot on his shoulders as the leader of BTS, but I think he’s doing an incredible job. I also described him as noodle because he’s really just so silly when he lets loose. Who remembers that VLive when he danced on his bed? ^^

Seokjin: I’m so happy and thankful the boys (and the rest of us) have someone like Jin to look up to, because he is truly amazing. To describe him, I’d say he’s reliable, generous and lighthearted. He’s always looking out for the members and keeping everyone’s spirits up, which isn’t an easy task. I’m positive he does a lot of things we don’t see as well. On the other hand, he also constantly gives to us~ for example, remember the list of things he did for his birthday? Just to share his time with us. My heart exploded. However at the same time, Jin is level headed and still manages to do the things he originally set his sights on doing, such as attend university and graduate! Being part of BTS was not at all in his plan, but look at him now! It says so much about his character~ Even though Namjoon is the leader of the group, Jin works really hard as the “oldest hyung,” who inspires the rest of us to not only dream big but also let life take you along for the ride. He truly leaves me in awe.

Yoongi: Ah, where do I start!? I would describe Yoongi as passionate, complex, and a grandpa. He really puts his all into his music and as we saw in Agust D, he opened up a whole new side of himself to the world. He didn’t get to where he is easily, but he was patient and hardworking and now he’s even producing songs for other artists. He’s someone to look up to because he really needed to persevere to make his dreams a reality. And somehow he manages to go from pouty and tired to smiley and energized in seconds. He still surprises me, haha. There are many parts to him that I only wish I could get to know. He may not be as loud or constantly posting like other members, but he does cute things and posts selfies when he knows we miss him. Yoongi is honestly just so interesting to me and I may not be describing his character very well but just know that I love and appreciate him so much~

Hoseok: Ohhhh boy. Where does one even begin? Hoseok is inspiring, adaptable and warm (like the sun). For someone whose specialty was dancing, he’s become quite the amazing entertainer, who can now rap and participate in the music making as well. I seriously admire him so much, as everyone should. He had a dream and worked his butt off to acquire other talents to make that dream come true. Now he’s on stage, performing MAMA and making me cry in the crowd! This is kind of why he is (in my opinion) adaptable. He can take part in many different things and show the best of himself no matter what. Also, though he apparently has a more serious character than what we see, he has done really well with his bubbly and angelic “J-Hope” stage presence. Honestly, I think he’d be a really amazing friend that I wish I could have irl. I also said he’s warm, but I don’t think that needs any explanation. He’s so lovely and he truly radiates light~

Jimin: Jimin, our sweet boy! I would describe him as compassionate/affectionate (I think they go together when describing him), thoughtful, and smol (hehe). Does compassionate/affectionate even need explanation? Jimin is the most outwardly loving towards his members, whether it be on stage/in person (what stands out to me is when he hopped over to Tae after he spoke about his grandmother at Muster) or his posts every time someone appears on a show/releases something (Jin on LOTJ, Yoongi releasing Agust D). He’s so supportive and always makes the members feel appreciated. It’s like he does the things we wish we could do for the members. I have no doubt that he’s this way in their home, talking to the members who are going through a hard time and helping them get through it. He’s also just so thoughtful when it comes to us. We see a lot of their perspective thanks to him, as he always shares videos of himself or other members. He keeps us close, and for that I’m so thankful. Jimin has a pure heart and though he himself has struggled he has always stayed true to who he is. I also described him as smol, because he’s so good at being cute. When he smiles his eyes light up and somehow manages to radiate love~

Taehyung: Aw, my heart. Open-hearted, multi-faceted and youthful. Similar to Yoongi, Tae is also one who seems to have many sides to him, some that I’m just so curious about. He has a really open mind, and with that, open heart, and I think that’s why he has so many friends. I think he must be really good at finding a way to connect to people, and that leaves me in awe of him.Tae also has many interests and sometimes a deep way of thinking. I wish I could get to know him on a personal level just to hear his thoughts on art, the world, everything. I think there’s more to him than meets the eye. He’s also very youthful, as I’m sure we all can see in Bangtan Bombs and Bon Voyage. Remember when he got lost and was sooo okay with it? And when he spent forever flipping the water bottle? I know I don’t know him personally, but I think Tae really tries to make the most of life, living it to the fullest day by day, like kids do. I love that about him.

Jungkook: Aw man, what do I even say.. He’s amazing, to say the least. I’d describe him as courageous, relatable, and charismatic. He started this idol-life when he was really young, and that must be a lot to deal with and grow up into. He didn’t get to do a lot of the normal things that I’m sure we all did in middle/high school, but he’s really made the most of it and now is thriving and has even made friends outside of Bangtan. He’s also trying so hard to expand his skill set, trying to practice writing and producing even though it’s hard for him. For that, he’s courageous. Somehow, though, he still is just like the rest of us. He’s seemingly introverted, is a bit shy, and can be a total fanboy (GD, IU!?). There’s something so relatable. All in all, he’s really grown into who he is today. His loud laugh, competitiveness and his silly facial expressions are all parts of him I love.

WOW I said I wasn’t going to make it long asdfghjkl; !!! Why am I like this.. Apologies. When I start talking about them, I can’t stop. Anyways, here are some of my thoughts on each of the members. This took me two days to write~ I don’t even know if this is the answer you expected but thanks for asking, since it was fun talking about them. ^^
- Kristi

anonymous asked:

i love your account so much!! can you come up with some cute little moments and headcanons for simon and izzy just all the little things they do for each other please? love your work xx

Wow wow this took me forever to make, but here you go!

-simon does their cooking because (well everyone knows why do I even have to explain I’m pretty sure izzy would poison him)

-but when he’s too tired or forgets izzy has packets of ramen that she’ll make for them

-whenever there’s been a really long day fighting demons they’ll come home and give each other massages

-Netflix and Chill that becomes Netflix and Cuddle while being too invested in the show they’re watching

-they went to midnight the force awakens showing and cried

-izzy also went to hot topic and bought them matching couple shirts

-simon makes it his personal goal to introduce izzy to modern culture

-yes this means Denny’s at 3:00am

-izzy loves horror movies so she took simon to see IT and was like “I could have dispatched IT by now what amateurs”

-cards against humanity games with clace and malec

-also monopoly that resulted in knives being drawn

-simon’s that boyfriend that will most definitely accompany izzy while shopping and offer his opinion and carry some of her bags (and they say chivalry is dead)

-snapchat king and queen? actually Izzy’s the queen simon’s the type to respond with a shot of the ceiling

-when izzy has nightmares about max dying or simon has nightmares about being buried alive they’ll wake the other up and talk for hours until they feel better (or just lean against each other and cry whichever one)

-“damn I look sexy today” “hell yeah you do”

-they’re both the embodiment of the “you’re doing amazing sweetie” meme whenever the other does something

-they’ll bring each other drinks when they’re working

-izzy has most definitely done makeup for simon more than once (he loves it) (also I love the concept of izzy putting makeup on him? Like how fucking cute ahsjsksd)

-simon! kissing! izzy’s! scars!

-simon braids Izzy’s hair when they’re lazy lounging in the sun

Keith unintentionally spies on Lance in the training room  … (Fifth and Final Part)

where the Blue Paladin is kicking ass. And Keith’s kind of mesmerized by it. Then he’s more than mesmerized — he’s freaking out because he’s actually kinda sorta into this brutally efficient soldier version of Lance.

(Part One Here) (Part Two Here) (Part Three Here) (Part Four Here)

Keith lets go of Lance’s hand, but only so he can wrap his arms around the Blue Paladin’s waist, reeling him in until there is no space between them. 

Lance’s anxious expression begins to shift — confused wariness takes its place, then he seems to soften into pleased surprise. His arms come up hesitatingly, embracing Keith lightly in return.

Keith knows the other boy is going to say something soon, so Keith speaks quickly, “Is this sign clear enough for you? And if it’s not, can I do something else to make it … clearer?”

This has gone from zero to light-speed, and Keith has no freaking clue what he’s doing, only that he’s tired of fighting himself, and if his impulses are leading him down this road, then he might as well as follow — those same instincts have saved his skin in battle time and time again, so why ignore them?

“What are you …” Lance’s voice cracks. He looks horrified by this for a split second, but he pushes on regardless. “What kind of thing could makes this any more obvious? You’re into me. Oh wow, I just said that out loud and it doesn’t sound real. Keith, seriously, for how long —”

“Literally for the amount of time it took you to beat my time in this sim, plus you stripping off your top armour, and, uh, maybe this is the wrong thing to say?” Keith recalls Lance’s burst of sincerity, the way he spoke about Keith with admiration colouring every word. “I swear it’s not just your looks —”

“Are you worrying about objectifying me?” Lance laughs. “Dude, be as into my looks as you want. Me being all badass and stuff — that works for you? Good, since when you pull off a crazy stunt in your Lion, or on the ground, I kinda want to make out with you immediately after.”

“Since when?” Keith demands. How long has Lance been wanting to kiss him? Why didn’t he say so sooner? Actually, forget that second point — if Lance hadn’t said anything about Keith’s weird sudden hand holding, Keith probably would have pretended nothing was happening and gone on with business as usual.

“Uh, I’m not going to disclose that information. But I did just tell you that I didn’t realize I wanted more than making out until … yesterday.” Lance’s face falls a little, and Keith feels the slice of the blade into his back again. He vaguely remembers the screams of his fellow Paladins, and he tries to pick out Lance’s in particular — a desperate, rasping cry.

But no, not now, it doesn’t matter — he’s healed, and he’s here, in Lance’s arms, and this is a pretty amazing turn of events even if they happened faster than he can comprehend.

He grins a bit, trying for a lighter tone to bring the smile back to Lance’s face. “Your exact words were ‘head over heels’ and doesn’t that … that means you —”

“Hey, remember when you said you wanted to make things clearer for me?” Lance asks, sounding bright again, and somehow he manages to press in even closer — if there had been an infinitesimal amount of air between their bodies, it’s gone now. Their noses are brushing when Lance murmurs, “Wanna maybe do that now?”

There’s a note of challenge in Lance’s tone, and if there’s one thing Keith has never been able to resist in Lance, it’s the way he challenges Keith.

And so he smiles sharply, which Lance probably can’t see since his eyes are directly in front of his, and nods. “Stop me if this isn’t what you mean.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure it’s —”

And Keith presses his lips to that loudmouth. 

His eyes fall shut after Lance’s lids flutter closed. The way Lance breathes out slightly through his nose, and then tilts his head so he can kiss more thoroughly — that breaks something in Keith. Specifically, the something that would have kept him silent about his newly discovered feelings. Keith’s arms tighten around Lance, and he decides to put his very limited kissing skills to the test as he parts his lips.

Lance makes a shocked little noise that Keith feels the vibration of, and then things get hazy.

All Keith knows is that somehow, Lance is against a wall now, his still-armoured legs are wrapped around Keith’s waist, and Keith is gripping his thighs to hold him up, and was this actually happening right now? What was his life even like before this? He hadn’t even known this was a possibility until two minutes ago.

Their mouths have barely parted except to gasp and then go back for more, and really, even though he’d banished the morbid thoughts from his brain (actually, most kinds of thinking were gone, away, on vacation, maybe never to return), he did have a fleeting impression of gratitude for not dying yesterday. Imagine never getting to have this thing that he hadn’t even known he’d wanted?

“Hm, Keith?” Lance breathes out when Keith has pulled away to inhale more deeply. “This is awesome, but, wow, uh, I’m sort of having trouble with reality right now. Could you just … say what you’re thinking so I know you’re not some weird fever dream brought on by hardcore training?”

“Can we train together next time?” Keith says instantly. “Running a few sims with you would be … cool. And we should totally come up with some programs together — we’d be unstoppable, with your sharpshooting skills, and then my melee —”

Lance dives in for another kiss — it’s almost ferocious, sucking the air from Keith’s lungs. When he retreats, Keith is left gaping, and Lance is grinning widely. “Yeah, that’s you all right. Wow, dude, your soldier brain is just never allowed to take a break, huh?”

“I wasn’t thinking anything until you asked me to talk,” Keith complains somewhat petulantly. “And why are we talking again?”

“You’re so right, except, no, wait —” Lance lets Keith interrupt him, but he ends the next round of kissing far too quickly, yanking his face back, nearly smashing his head into the wall. “Keith, I am so gross right now. My pores are screaming for relief, so let’s, ah, go our separate ways for cleaning purposes, and reconvene in the kitchen? Food would be good.”

“Right, you’re right,” Keith agrees hoarsely. He eases Lance’s legs back down to the floor.

They stare at each other for untold moments. It’s Lance who breaks the stalemate, reaching over to shove Keith gently. “Let’s say dinner in an hour. First date?”

He sounds and looks a touch anxious again, but his eyes are bright, his lips are painfully red, and he waggles his eyebrows with no shame whatsoever.

Keith walks over to where Lance had dropped his gloves, vambraces, and chest plate. When he hands them back to the Blue Paladin, who had been shuffling on his feet nervously, he says, “Okay. Sounds good.”

Lance’s relieved smile is making Keith feel more things. He lets that happen and it’s so easy, so ridiculously nice, that he sort of hates himself for being such a repressed jerk earlier, even if it was only briefly.

“Great, yes, okay, I’m … gonna go now. You, you don’t train. It’s only an hour. Take a shower, get my sweat off you … oh wow, that sounds … Crap. Okay, bye now, see you in the kitchen and please forget the last ten seconds, thanks.” Lance scurries off, but he still manages to get one last word in as he hits the door. He whips around and shoots Keith a confident little smirk. 

“Remember, you have my permission to be all about my looks on occasion. Such as while you shower?”

And then he’s gone. Keith stands there, and he doesn’t even attempt to reason out what the hell just happened. He doesn’t try to rewind time and pinpoint the exact moment when this all spiraled out of control.

Instead, he nods to himself, licking his lips and feeling a smile, soft and happy, form afterwards. And he decides that just maybe, as he heads to his room, this won’t be a total disaster.

And even if it is, it may be the best disaster Keith’s ever been a part of.

Author’s note: And done — sort of ;) I’m gonna add a small epilogue — but it won’t be here.

I’ll group all the parts together, plus the epilogue, as a one-shot, and post it on my AO3 some time soon, hopefully. 

Whether or not you join me there, many thanks to all of you that followed this story! *hugs*

anonymous asked:

Could you please write about the RFA members eating something and get some food on their cheek or the corner of their mouth, so MC sensually licks it off for them? Nsfw if possible, but fluff is also good ;)

bless anon, this made me laugh. I’ll try my best to make this at least kind of nsfw for you ;)) 

I didn’t know if you wanted saeran(since you said rfa members), so I didn’t add him, but I can if asked!

 also wow this got kind of long w h oop s


Zen/Hyun (this is honestly bc I have ‘Dead Girl Walking’ on repeat rip)

  • They were having a musical marathon and were currently on ‘Heathers’
  • ever since ‘Candy Store’, they also brought out all types of candy ..which tbh took some convincing on MC’s part
  • Zen let MC talk him into eating chocolate gasp mc but his skin
  • and since they were singing along, things were bound to get messy
  • especially when ‘Dead Girl Walking’ came on and MC hit that “freaky” note  
  • zen: *softly* holy sh it 
  • MC had finished their candy, so they were dancing and singing along
  • Zen was just kinda sitting there in awe to the point where some chocolate got on the corner of his mouth cause he missed lmao
  • At JD’s little dialogue, MC notices and smirks while walking to Zen (rip zen)
  • they lITERALLY LICK OFF THE CHOCOLATE @ THE “see, i decided i must ride you til i break you” PART,,R I P ZEN 
  • MC keeps singing but also gets Frisky™ by straddling him, touching him, and just..throwing the candy to the side 
  • *cue intense makeout session at guitar solo
  • Zen literally picks them up and turns the music off when MC starts kissing his neck
  • guess we’re not gonna finish that musical marathon (no sleep tonight for you~)


  • MC decided to help him make pancakes for breakfast, just regular this time 
  • but they also decided to make some blueberry syrup(listen i can’t eat strawberries so we ain’t gonna use them)
  • Now, Jumin isn’t the best for this, but he was following instructions
  • he looked so focused, making the pancakes MC couldn’t help themselves. They put some of the syrup on his cheek, near his lips 
  • Jumin turned to look at them, surprised. “MC why did you do that?”
  • They give him a small shrug before kissing from behind his ear to his cheek
  • He smiles but is still like “there’s still syrup on my cheek, my love.”
  • MC rolls their eyes playfully before slowly licking the syrup and placing a soft kiss on the corner of his lips. Jumin: oh  
  • He turns the stove off and turns around, taking some syrup and putting it on their lips look at what you did, mc. you provoked him
  • “if you wanted a kiss, you could’ve asked instead..” he goes in but licks their lips instead
  • MC gets payback by pretending to kiss him but going to lick his neck instead oh now you really provoked him
  • Jumin now gets his payback by pulling her closer and softly biting at their collarbone, smirking at their little gasp
  • it continues like this and they can’t even get out of the kitchen 


  • they were actually eating some pasta they made for dinner 
  • Yoosung wanted to try a new recipe he found online, which turned out really good 
  • the “this pasta sauce could get all over my face and I wouldn’t care” kind of good
  • which, ironically, happened to Yoosung. Not all over his face, but on both corners of his mouth 
  • MC notices when they were starting to clear the table. It was their turn for dishes, but they called him over before they started 
  • Yoosung’s all “yes honey?~” before they give him a peck and lick both sides of his mouth 
  • “dinner was great, dear.” they say with a smirk damn mc
  • Yoosung.exe has stopped working 
  • he’s not even subtle, he’s so red before he buries his face in the back of their neck and wraps his arms around her  
  • MC is all giggles until they feel him lick at the back of their neck 
  • the next thing they know, he’s whispering in their ear. “that’s what you get.”
  • MC decides to be a lil flirty and goes “is that…all I get?”
  • Yoosung holds her a little tighter and whispers again, “well…I get dessert. And you don’t” 
  • they’re about to be upset, hoping it’d go another way, but he pulls them away from the sink and back to the table, laying them on it 
  • ooooh they get it now 
  • and Yoosung just…goes to town


  • they got a new cake recipe, but they still haven’t got the icing 
  • But there was already a batch from before so they were taking a break
  • dear Jaehee was looking a little stressed, so MC decided to have some fun
  • fun being taking some of the icing and putting it on Jaehee’s nose 
  • she was surprised and was about to be like “w hy” but she saw their grin and oh it’s on 
  • they had a mini icing war, most of it going to their aprons and cheeks they had a ‘no-hair’ rule
  • now Jaehee’s laughing and she looks so cute, but MC notices a bit of the icing near her mouth
  • and they’re so not paying attention, but they’re leaning closer 
  • Jaehee stops laughing to stare at them and before she knows it, they’re licking the icing away
  • MC snaps out of it right after and is like “oh no”
  • But Jaehee found herself being brave and leaned in to kiss them 
  • the two of them were pining so hard for each other, the kiss turned into a makeout session 
  • MC was actually the one to pin Jaehee to the counter, though which is a total turn on for Jaehee fight me 
  • both of them glance at the storage they got trapped in on valentine’s day and just kinda… wow the cafe is closed for the rest of the day 


  • it was a lazy day for them, both of them having cereal 
  • Seven is a milk drinker look he rly is and MC laughs at the ridiculous way he does it 
  • He made sure to drink it extra messily so they could laugh, but he also ended up with a milk moustache, which he also licked
  • but he missed a spot 
  • MC puts they’re bowl down and pulls him over, telling him so before licking the spot he missed
  • He immediately gets all blushy and covers it up by sc reami ng 
  • MC’s about to be like “saeyoung wtf” before he pulls them back over and gives them a hard kiss
  • It’s their turn to be surprised haha 707 strikes again 
  • but seriously, he pulls back and literally says “you know…I’m still a dangerous man, MC..” 
  • MC is just like “I’ll take my chances” and bites his lip 
  • Seven proceeds to drop the bowl and tackle them to lay on the couch 
  • lucky that bowl was empty 
  • MC is now being attacked with kisses, nibbles, and roaming hands
  • damnit saeyoung, they didn’t finish their cereal


  • lunch date! it’s picnic time!!
  • they even got some ice cream from a little cart passing by at the end of it
  • the two of them are that couple that share each other’s ice cream 
  • so V gives MC some of his ice cream and MC is gonna give some of theirs to V 
  • but he misjudges the timing and gets a mouthful of ice cream
  • the two of them laugh, MC handing V a napkin 
  • he gets most of it, but misses just a tiny spot 
  • which MC gladly takes care of for him by licking it off
  • *cue a surprised V noise* can you imagine that, that’d be so cute
  • MC giggles and leans in so they can whisper “hm..I think it tastes better coming from you”
  • that’s it MC, we gotta go right now immediately 
  • like, he literally rushes them to leave that they don’t finish the ice cream
  • MC knows V’s not one for pda, but he’s usually fine with little kisses
  • ooooh he doesn’t want just little kisses 
  • and oh, he doesn’t. MC is pinned to the door as soon as it closes calm down there, jihyun. i know it’s been a while but geez

sorry if that wasn’t as nsfw as you wanted, anon..but I hope you still like it ^^;

The Transfer: Part 3

The Transfer: Part 3 (m)

Word count: 5.3k

Genre/Warnings: smut, sexting, angst and language

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Summary: Hoseok is so sweet it’s hard not to fall for him but then again, you don’t fall for anyone.

Parts: The Transfer: one | two 

It had been a full two weeks that you and Hoseok had started this ‘thing.’ You guess you could call it, dating. You figured he called it that. You liked him, you liked him alot but you shut yourself off from love for a long time so to you this was purely just a guy you liked and spent time with. That sounded way for complicated than it needed too.

It was interesting getting to know more about Hoseok and seeing him more often. You were still sneaking around though. You weren’t sure when to tell Jungkook, you didn’t know how he’d take it. Jungkook knew someone was around he was just sad you hadn’t told him yet. Or let him meet this ‘new person.’ You wanted to tell him he’s already met the ‘new person’ but you couldn’t exactly say that. You could tell he was a little worried, he hated when you’d get into these friends with benefits relationships and hide them.

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I got the idea and i couldn’t stop myself…..

And WHAT was that idea?


Actually….its surprisingly fun to make characters into a version your own species…

In some of the character refs, I changed the clothing (the skirt with zarla-s was an accident…)

And in a few others, I barely changed anything!

@nekophy: (skim milk) It was quite interesting and fun to design her, since the overall shape of neko’s body is practically a stick, so i made it so she had black clothing instead of actual sticks, and I gave her a cat like tail for no reason. And there are two reasons why i chose skim milk to be her liquid. 1. Shes originally a cat 2. Stick cats are hella skinny…or should i say SKIMMY-

@angexci: (Blue russian cocktail) When finding a good liquid to match her appearance, I had to literally search up WHITE AND BLUE DRINKS…..literally…. It took me awhile to find this cocktail, but it seemed perfect for anger’s liquid. Another thing that I really wanted to change was the shirt… it didn’t seem to go good with the purple, green and blue in her design, so i changed the colour of the shirt to purple, and added designs to it just like i did with the liquid hair.

@loverofpiggies : (Pink crayon wax) So i didn’t do much to change the clothing of Cq, the only thing I did that did make a difference was I had her fur light pink and I made her liquid pink crayon wax (melted of course) for very obvious reasons

@comyet / @myebi: (gold ink) So, I didnt really change much of mye other than the fract shes a fox, but ORIGINALLY I was gonna make her liquid just plain black ink….but after some thinking i decided to change the colour of the ink to gold, because it didn’t really go well with the colour of her hair  and her tails.

@lavender-sans / @valarie: (lavender tea) When choosing Val’s liquid, I knew for sure that it would be a kind of tea, but i didn’t know what flavor of tea. I knew that VAL was LAV backwards,so i searched if Lavender tea exists, and it did, so there you go! VALENDER TEA!! Buuuttt when i was making the lineart for her….the ears looked like a deer’s …so I decided to a=make her a wannabe deer?? Lol i dunno it was clever-

@zarla-s: (blue raspberry) I….am SO SORRY FOR MISTAKING YOUR LONG SHIRT FOR A SKIRT!!! I BARELY HAD A REFERENCE AND I USED UR BEE POST TO USE AS ONE-….anyway…. Even though zarla’s fur is RED, I decided to give her a BLUE liquid to match her blue hair….and the only thing that came to mind was not even a real fruit but it fit…..

@golzy: When i was designing golzy, I didnt want to change any of the clothing, so I used the meme video on youtube and used that as a reference. Now..the only liquid that made sense….were tears……I has no idea what else to give her, so I just made more proof of her being heir to the throne of feels…..

@jakei95: now…..i dont want to get into much detail about why i chose black coffee without it getting dark….so im just gonna say I chose black coffee because of the colour of Jakei’s hair? (its either really dark brown or black….)  alllsssoooo….the shines in the liquid were referenced by jael, so thank you for helping me with hair shines, Jakei!


IF ANYBODY IS INTERESTED IN MAKING THEIR OC/s OR their persona into an aquademian fox, WE HAVE A FEW RULES-

RULE 1:   If ur making ur persona into my species, there are only THREE slots for every existing liquid. So if theyre full, THEN U CANT-


Rule 3: PLEASE- DONT DRAW UR OC AS THIS FOX AND CLAIM THIS SPECIES AS YOUR OWN!!! JUST PLEASE, at least credit me when you created something like this-


(After I post this i will make a page on my blog with the liquids taken/ starting to fill up)


Thank you


RFA: MC Is Stressed

I’m sososososo sorry this took so long, we’re all stressed out here. I hope you had a productive and positive week, tho!  -Admin Phae

- Haha wow
- Does he know this feeling fam
- Because of this he also knows that you shouldn’t put off anything
- Of course if you’ve been working non-stop for a while then you should have a break
- But if something that’s stressing you out is incomplete work then you should make that top priority
- Once you’ve done all that he makes sure to tend to all of your needs!
- Thirsty? Here, let me get you a drink!
- Hungry? I’ll make you whatever you want!
- Hey, you look tense. Want me to give you a massage?
- It’s actually a little overwhelming
- You have to try super heard to get him to stop
- He just wants to help
- Of course if you enjoy it then he’ll wait for any order
- He’s like a very dedicated butler
- But if not then he’ll tone it down
- However he still will get you anything you ask for
- He’s pretty good at taking your mind off things
- Even if he doesn’t mean to
- He’s just so adorable and oblivious that you forget any worries you have temporarily
- He also surprises you with things
- Like little gifts
- And your favourite drink
- And a snack he knows you enjoy
- Even though they don’t cost much you wonder where the money’s coming from
- But he assures you everything is a-okay
- And won’t let you suggest otherwise
- This is the one thing you don’t get a say in
- And he doesn’t expect anything in return!
- (But he’s endlessly thankful if you treat him, too, when he’s like that)

[Rest of RFA under cut]

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Earn Your Trust

Originally posted by bacardistyles

request: Maybe you could write something about enemies to lovers? or y/n and H used to be together but y/n had done something really bad and he makes it hard for her to earn his trust/love back?

thanks for requesting this and sorry it took me so long to write it, i hope you like it (:

“So the media dug up yours and Harry’s past and are having a field day with it?” My stylist, Jeana, said as she finished curling my hair.

I sighed. “Apparently so, but I don’t get why what happened when we were kids is even relevant now.”

“You aren’t stressing over it, are you?” She asked me, looking at me in the mirror.

I shook my head. “Not really. I haven’t even spoken to him in years. The only time I’ve seen him in person is when we’re at the same events, and he hasn’t been to any big ones since his break started.”

“He’s back now though,” Jeana’s assistant stylist, Nicolette, spoke up. “And I’m pretty sure he’s going to be at the charity event tonight.”

My eyes got wide. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

She chuckled. “Nope. You’re both celebrity ambassadors for the charity, I’m surprised you didn’t know he was coming.”

I went to rub my face out of stress and Jeana swatted my hand away. “I did not spend almost half an hour on your makeup for you to screw it up because you’re nervous about seeing your little boyfriend tonight.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I raised my voice, immediately regretting it. I sighed again. “Sorry, Jean, I-I just… I don’t think he wants to be anywhere near me.”

“What happened between you two anyways?” Nicolette questioned.

Just then, Helen, my manager, and my security guard named Harris came in.

“Time to go!” Helen clapped her hands together excitedly. She noticed that I wasn’t nearly as excited as she was and her smile dropped. “What’s wrong, y/n?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll explain in the car.”

The charity event was in full swing, the charity’s founder had already spoken and she announced that both Harry and I were here, so I knew that he had shown up. I hadn’t seen him yet, though. And the fact that I could run into him made me more anxious by the second, but not for a reason most people would think.

“You look like you’re going to puke,” Helen joked. “Just calm down, you guys will probably just ignore each other or something.”

“What if I don’t want him to ignore me?” I said, surprising her. “What if I want things to be okay between us again?”

She examined my face, making sure I was being serious. I definitely was.

Helen exhaled. “Y/n, if you want to talk to him, then do it. The worst that can happen is that he ignores you, or walks away. And yeah, that would really suck, but you’ll survive.”

“Aren’t you supposed to give me good advice?” I jibed.

She playfully shoved me, and I set off to find him. Harry would be over what happened by now, right? I mean, it happened while we were in middle school and high school, there was no way he was still holding a grudge against me. Right?

As I was looking around for him, I accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” We both said in unison, then looked at each other in shock.

There, standing in front of me, was Harry. Though he looked older that he did the last time I saw him, he still looked like the guy I’d known back in our school years. His look of shock turned to one of extreme distaste, and mine turned into a frown.

“Um, how have you been?” I tried, hoping it would make him not look like he hated me.

He laughed sarcastically. “So now you want to talk to me?”

“What are you talking about?” I said, confused.

He looked at me as if I was the biggest idiot he had ever met. “Don’t play stupid, y/n, you know what happened. And yes, it may have happened when we were younger, but you know that once people lose my trust it’s hard for them to earn it back. Much less my respect,”

All I could do was stand there, dumbfounded. He chuckled, shaking his head and walking away. He actually, genuinely hated me. I’ll admit, what I did wasn’t right, but we’re adults now. And at one point, we were best friends. How could he just treat me as if we didn’t once care about each other?

I walked back to Helen, her smile falling once she saw how disappointed I looked.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” She said as she hugged me. “Maybe you could try again? I could get his number for you, and you can talk to him and ma–”

“No, it’s fine,” I interrupted, pulling away. “He looked at me as if he hated me, I doubt he ever wants to talk to me again.”

She pulled her phone out. “Well, I’ll get it anyways and whether or not you use it is up to you.”

It had been a week since the charity event, and of course all that was on my mind was Harry. I just wanted to make things right, but how could I do that when he so obviously wanted nothing to do with me? I lay in bed, staring at his contact on my phone. Maybe I should try texting him, and if he really doesn’t want to talk then I’ll leave him alone.

I exhaled, then sent him a text.

hey it’s y/n

I locked my phone, deciding to watch tv and not get my hopes up that he’s even answer. About fifteen minutes later, my phone went off. I unlocked it and saw that he did answer me.

Great, now i have to get my number changed.

I scoffed. Was he serious? I took a deep breath, chalking his fowl mood up to him just holding his grudge still.

look harry ik i messed up and everything but that was so long ago and i’m willing to make it up to you

Hm… I don’t think I saw an apology in that.

omg stop being such a pretentious prick and let me apologize in person, i at least owe you that much

Wow, I had no idea you actually had a backbone.

But I don’t know about that, you could just be trying to mess with me.

why would i do that to you? why would i be basically begging for you to give me a chance to apologize just to screw with you? just let me try to earn your trust

I guess you wouldn’t go that far…

Fine, we can get lunch or something.

thank you, i promise all i want to do is make things right

I walked into the place we agreed to have lunch at, looking around until I found Harry sitting in a booth towards the back. I sat down in front of him, nervously looking at my nails.

“I believe you had something to say to me?” He said expectingly.

I gave him a look. “I’m not saying anything until you drop this dickhead act. This is so unlike you, and we both know that.”

He looked at me for a second, then sighed, his harsh expression softening. “Fine,”

“Anyways, I’m sincerely sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have abandoned you like I did, and I apologize.”

He waited, as if he expected more. When I didn’t say anything else, he rolled his eyes. “That’s it? You only apologize for leaving me alone?”

“Is that not what I did?” I questioned.

“That’s not even half of what you did.” He said firmly. “I had moved to America and started seventh grade in the middle of the school year. I had no one, until you and I became friends. And towards the end of our freshman year of high school, you left me for these kids who everyone wished they were. Everyone but me, of course. They treated me like shit, y/n. And you left me for them.”

“I get that I left you, but I didn’t treat you like shit. So why do you hate me more that you hate them?” I asked.

He laughed sadly. “Don’t you get it? Not only did you abandon me, you being my only friend, you just stood there as they bullied me day in and day out, all because I was a little different. And you never once stood up for me, y/n. Not even once.”

I sat there, dumbfounded yet again. He was completely right. I didn’t stop them when they treated him awfully. I was such a shitty friend.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched one roll down his cheek. “I’m so sorry, Harry. I’d give anything to go back and change it.”

He shook his head as he wiped his tears away. “And on top of all of that, I had feelings for you. I still did, even after what happened. I hated that they wouldn’t go away no matter what you did.”

I looked at him in shock. “You did? Harry, I had feelings for you too. Holy shit, I was such an awful person.”

“Yeah, you were,” He chuckled. “But so was I, and I’m sorry for treating you like that.”

“It’s fine,” I waved him off. “The way you acted towards me wasn’t unwarranted. I kind of deserved it.”

Harry looked at me for a moment, then said, “Can we start where we left off? You, know, before all the drama?”

“You want us to act like we did when we were fifteen and sixteen?” I gave him a questioning look, though I was obviously joking.

He chuckled. “No, I just meant can we be super close again? Or maybe even more than super close?

I beamed at him. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

if you have any ideas for other imagines you’d like me to write feel free to request them, requests are always open x

Pizza boy!Tom CEO!Reader

requested: no but I know you wanted it


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Pizza boy!Tom CEO!Reader

- Background: you were currently working on a new project to extend your Company so you spent the last evenings in your office;
- “Do you want me to stay, Miss?” your secretary asked you;
- You gave her a tired smile “No, thank you. Go home and rest”
- A couple of hours later, you took your phone and called Pizza Hut for a take away pizza;
- Half a hour has gone by when you hear someone knocking at the door of your office;
- “Come on in” you said, rubbing your eyes with your hand;
- A beautiful young boy entered carrying a box of pizza;
- “I have a pizza to deliver” he said with a shy tone;
- As you saw him, you tried to compose yourself and tidy up your desk;
- “Yes, sorry. You can put it here on the desk”;
- The boy did as you said and gave a quick look to your papers;
- “Long night?” he asked you;
- You sighed “You have no idea. I’m so tired”
- “What are you doing? This was my last deliver, now I’m a free boy” he joked.
- You explained briefly what your project is about, he listened carefully and nodded a few time;
- “Seems great. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. Just… don’t tire yourself out”;
- You blushed like crazy when he winked at you;
- You didn’t know why but you couldn’t help thinking about that handsome boy: his bright eyes, his charming smile and his chocolate curls;
- He was a simple beauty yet you couldn’t get him out of your mind;
- A few days later, you were again in your office and called Pizza Hut, even if pizza is terrible you still wanted to see him;
- This time he stayed in your office a little longer, he asked you a few questions and you did the same with him. His name was Tom, he was six years younger than you and he studied English Literature at university;
- You didn’t know anything about Arts, because you spent your life studying Business/Economy;
- He said that he was in a student group of theater and invited you to his rehearsal;
-You cancelled all the meeting of the afternoon because you wanted more time to get ready for your date the play;
- You changed something like seven outfit and three make up;
- After three hours you were finally ready;
- Tom was just sooo good at acting;
- “Tom, this was amazing! I didn’t know Shakespeare wrote this”;
- “…Actually this play was written by Molière”;
- Tom found your embarrassed expression extremely cute;
- He took you to McDonald after;
- Blushing again because you have never been to McDonalds, usually you go to fancy restaurant with your friends/colleagues;
- He offered you a ‘Happy Meal’;
- He would say this was his “cheapest date ever”;
- Keyword: date;
- Laughing when you stained your Dolce and Gabbana jumper with ketchup;
- He would take you home and kiss your hand like the gentleman I know he is;
- You dated other three times before kissing you;
- It happened in your office when he helped you finishing the power point for your project;
- “Calling him ‘pizza boy’” to annoy him;
- But when your rich friend call him like this you become crazy;
- Like, how they dare? He is your pizza boy;
- The day of presentation Tom said he could come;
- You were sad, of course but you knew he had a job and University;
- At the end of presentation you spotted him in the crowd;
- He was wearing an elegant suit and he was just… stunning;
- Dragging him into the janitor closet;
- Tom wanted your first time to be romantic, but at the end he took you there;
- That’s because you coud not restrain yourself anymore;
- He made sure not to ruin is only elegant suit;
- “Darling your presentation was… wow” he said between kisses;
- “Thanks, Tom. Now focus on me”;
- He would be the sweetest;
- After the presentation he took you to his shared apartment for round two;
- You could hear his roommates whispering something like “So he really does have a girlfriend”;
- Making love all night long;
- I’m such a hoe for pizzaboy!Tom

Cosplay Roleplay (Finn Balor X Reader)

AN: This was inspired by an encounter (or two) I had with a person who cosplayed as Finn Balor at Mechacon (fun fact: that’s where I was in my profile pic 😊). Hope y'all enjoy!

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“I feel like a jackass.” I muttered to myself while aimlessly walking around the first floor of the fancy hotel I was in. I had on an itchy magenta wig, a “top” that was too damn small for me, and some sorry excuse for shorts on. I was currently dressed up as some female wrestler named…..Sandy? I don’t know. It started with a S. Sasha! That’s her name.

My best friend should’ve been in this ridiculous get up, but she was currently at her house trying not to puke her guts out. She was super bummed because some mega hot wrestler guy was coming to Comic Con this year. Being the good friend I am, I told her I would go there to get her an autograph. I thought that would be the only thing I had to do, but nope. My friend forced me to put on the costume she was supposed to cosplay in. “Someone has to wear it!” She whined. I agreed to wear the thing, so that she could shut up. I made sure to grab a jacket while she wasn’t looking, though. The “top” had too little material for my liking.

I had been walking around this big ass building for what felt like hours and I still had no idea where this wrestler was supposed to be.

“Omg, I love your Sasha costume! Can I have a picture?!” This little girl asked, rushing over to me excitedly. 

“Sure.” I told the girl, standing there with her while her mom took the picture. “Thanks!” the kid squealed excitedly.

“No problem.” I said, giving the girl a warm smile. I noticed the Finn Balor poster she was holding in her hands. 

“Do you know where he’s supposed to be?” I asked the child and her mother.

“I think he left already, sweetheart.” The mother answered.

“Really?!” I asked, dejectedly.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. Maybe he’s still around the building?” The mother added, trying to cheer me up.

“Yeah, maybe. Thanks.” I tell them before walking off. Fuck, I thought to myself. I felt like shit. I promised my friend I’d get her an autograph, and I fucked up. 

I walked around the hotel, searching up and down for the famous wrestler. I should’ve asked the mom what he had on. I stopped a couple of people who had the paint and gear on only to find out they weren’t him. He had to be long gone by now.

I made my way out of the hotel, feeling like the worst best friend on the planet. She had been looking forward to this so much, and I ruined this for her. It was bad enough she couldn’t go. This was just the icing on top of the shit cake.

“Dammit!” I muttered to myself, tears of frustration starting to burn the back of my throat.

Not paying attention to where I was going, I ran straight into someone. Before I could fall on my ass, the person grabbed me, pulling me toward their hard chest.

“Oh, my gosh! I’m so sorry!” I said, feeling completely embarrassed.

“You’re fine, love.” I heard a man respond with a weird accent. I looked up to see the most beautiful set of blue eyes I had ever seen in my whole entire life. The rest of his face was beautiful as well. Especially those lips.

He gave me a knowing smile, noticing the way my eyes were trailing his face and toned physic in his tight Balor Club tee and matching black skinny jeans.

“Holy shit.” I started breathlessly, “Aren’t you Finn Balor?” I asked, still amazed at how incredibly gorgeous this man was.

The man offered a dazzling smile, face slightly flushing at the recognition.

“Yes, That would be me.” He responded in his thick accent. He sounded Irish.

We just stayed there for a while, looking at each other. One of his arms was wrapped around my waist, pining me against him, while the other was grabbing my forearm. My hands were resting slightly on his warm, hard chest. Our faces were so close together all I had to do was raise up a little bit on my toes and lean forward in order to-

Whoa, down girl, I though to myself, shaking myself out of a daze and moving an appropriate distance away from him. I was already missing the feel of him and his body heat. I really needed to get laid.

We were still silent, eyes taking in each other’s features. He began speaking first.

“So, I don’t remember seeing you at the signing. You would’ve definitely stuck out.” Finn stated, eyes racking over my scantily clad form. I had taken off my sweater now, due to the blazing Summer heat.

“I arrived there too late.” I answered, moving from foot to foot nervously. 

“Well, I’m here now.” He said, throwing me another gorgeous smile, “Would you like me to sign something?”

“Oh, um, yes, please. Thank you so much!” I said, reaching in my tote for my friends fan drawing of Finn and her beloved Bullet Club tee.

“Wow, this is incredible!” Finn exclaimed, taking in my friends work of art. “How long did it take?” He asked, reaching for my sharpie, and proceeding to sign the poster up against the wall of a building we were close by.

“I think it took my friend almost a whole day to create it.” I answered. “She wanted to come here and meet you, but she came down with something and couldn’t make it.”

“I’m sorry to here that,” Finn responded, turning back around to hand me my friends drawing. “You’re a good friend for doing this.” He told me with a smile.

“All thanks to you. If I wouldn’t have ran into you, I’d be the worlds worst friend.” 

“Don’t say that. You still thought enough of her to show up. You want me to sign the shirt?” He asked, referring to the garment in between my hands.

“Yes, please.” I said, handing it over to him. He opened the shirt up and smiled, taking time to look at the other signatures littered across it.

“Your friend must be a pretty big Bullet Club fan.” He stated, handing the tee back over to me once he finished signing it.

“She totally is.” I said, giving him a smile, “It’s her favorite wrestling group.”

“Do you like the Bullet Club.” He asked, curiously.

I was taken aback by the question. “Me? I couldn’t really answer. I don’t watch wrestling.” I responded, slightly embarrassed because of my ignorance.

“Oh, that’s fine.” He said, slightly laughing. “I just assumed you did, with the whole Sasha Banks get up and all.” He finished, eyes once again trailing my body. I felt my body temperature heating, and the sun had nothing to do with it.

“My friend was supposed to wear it. Since she couldn’t, she insisted I did.” I responded with a small smile.

“Ah, OK. You look incredible by the way.” He said, desperately trying not to flat out stare at my chest. If it was anybody else looking at me the way Finn was, I would’ve been cursed them out. I enjoyed his ogling, though. He was making my hormones feel all funny, and the heat definitely wasn’t helping.

“Thanks,” I said, giving him another nervous smile. 

“Did you want to get a signed poster for your friend? I have some more in my car. I’ll go run and get one.” He said, already walking of to get it.

“Wait up!” I started, “I’ll come with you. I wouldn’t want to make you walk all the way there and back.”

“That’s fine.” Finn said, another smile planted on his beautiful, pink lips. “I was gonna invite you to walk with me, but I didn’t want to come off as a weirdo or anything.” He finished, raising a muscular arm to scratch the back  of his head. I watched the muscles in his arm move as he did that, mouth going dry. I thought I was going to start salivating when I saw a sliver of his tone stomach peak out when his shirt raised with his arm.

“You don’t give off any weird vibes.” I told him as we walked toward the parking garage. 

“That’s good to know.”

We walked in silence for a little. It was fine. I just wanted to spend more time with him honestly. More time looking at him, to be exact.

“So, why did you want to become a wrestler?” I asked, peaking over at him

“So, you want to interview me now?” He asked.

“Oh, I didn-”

“It’s okay, love, I’m just messing with ya.” He said with a little laugh and a smile, lightly giving my shoulder a squeeze.

My heart started beating faster at the contact. I looked over at him and let out a nervous chuckle in response. He was answering my question, but I heard nothing. I was intently watching his face while he talked. His lovely blue eyes held a child like enthusiasm to them, and he possessed boyish good looks. His neatly groomed beard gave his look some masculinity, but he still looked adorable.

“Are you even listening to me?” He asked, giving me a big smile.

I felt my face flush from embarrassment. 

“Sorry.” I muttered.

“You’re really cute.” He said, throwing me a wink. I literally felt my heart skip a beat at that.

My face felt like it was on fire at this point.

“I’m sorry, did I make you feel uncomfortable?” He asked, eyes holding a mischievousness to them. He sure as hell didn’t look very sorry.

“Uh, no. You’re good.” I told him, worrying my bottom lip between my teeth.

We were now in the elevator of the parking garage. I was absentmindedly playing with the magneta hair on my head, sneaking glances at Finn. He was staring at me dead on. Can this thing move any slower?, I thought to myself.

“So, what’s your name? I feel bad for not asking earlier,” He said in his thick accent.

“It’s (y/n)” I answered, glancing over at him.

“(Y/n). I like it.” He said smiling to himself. My name rolled off his tongue like butter. I wondered how he would sound saying it in other more intimate scenarios.

The elevator finally stopped, and I quickly made my way out. I waited for him to take the lead.

“This is me.” He stated, waiting for me to catch up. It was a fancy, sleek sports car. Shocker, I thought to myself.

He opened the passenger seat, and retrieved a stack of posters. He picked up one of the silver sharpies he had in the car and proceeded to sign it.

“Here you go.” He said, coming back toward the back of the car where I was standing.

“Thank you so much.” I told him, “My friend is going to be so happy.”

“It’s never a problem to help a beautiful woman such as yourself.” He answered, giving me another one of his breath taking smiles.

“Thanks.” I said, face heating up again. We stood there for about a minute, just staring and smiling dumbly at each other.

“Um, I should really get going. Thanks again, Finn.” I said, waving at him before turning away.

“Wait!” I heard him say, rushing over to grab my arm before I could turn completely around.

I stopped at the contact, eyes snapping up to meet his. I felt my nether regions start to throb at the skin to skin contact, and the look in his eyes wasn’t making things any better.

“I don’t usually do things like this, but I’m finding my self control slipping around you.” He pulled me into his firm chest, now faces only a breath away.

“What are you doing?” I asked, nervously, quietly.

Instead of answering, he leaned down to connect his lips with mine. It started out slow. He was cautious, giving me the option of pushing him away or keep going.

I was still at first, shocked by the feeling of his soft lips on my own. Once the initial shock wore off, I responded to the kiss hungrily, deepening the kiss

He groaned lowly at the response, and started nibbling my bottom lip in between his teeth. I felt his arms wrap around my waist, while one hand grabbed at my ass as the kiss got hotter.

I gasped at the contact, the place between my legs throbbing. He slipped his tongue in my mouth, easily claiming what he found there.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, running my hands up and down the skin of his neck. He moaned into the kiss, making my pussy drip even more at the sexy sound. When he grabbed at my breast, I made a sound in the back of my throat and pulled away. We were still in public after all.

“What’s wrong?” Finn asked.

“We were making out in the middle of a parking lot.“ I answered, looking at him as he were crazy.

“That can be changed.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was currently pinned up against the wall of Finn’s hotel room. We were making out again, grinding into each other shamelessly.

I had my legs wrapped around his slim waist. His hard bulge created delicious friction along my throbbing vagina.

I needed to feel more of his skin. I frantically reaches for the hem of his shirt, working it up to raise over his head. He pulled away from me in order to get the useless piece of clothing off his body.

I was transfixed by his torso. I’ve never seen abs that looked that damn good. I reached down to trace them, drawing moans from Finn’s lips as I continued to trail my hands along the defined muscles of his stomach.

“How can someone look this fucking good?” I wondered a loud.

He smiled at my admiration of his body. “A lot of self discipline.”

“You should teach me.” I said, looking in his heated gaze, biting my lip lightly.

“I’m a hands on kind of teacher.” He responded by grabbing at my breast.

“Good to know.” I said, bringing my mouth back to his.

Finn picked me up by my ass, bringing me over to the bed in the middle of the room. He gently placed me down, before climbing on top of me. He started trailing kisses from my neck to the tops of my breast, licking an sucking at the skin as he went. He reached behind my back and undid the clasp to the top easily, throwing the thing to the floor.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said, kissing the skin of my left breast. He was purposely avoiding my stiff peak. I grabbed the back of his head, desperately wanting him to put the bud in his mouth.

His eyes bore into mine while he sucked on my nipple. I moaned loudly, completely arouses at the sight of his beautiful lips wrapped around my nipple.

I ran my hand through his short hair as he continued to work on my chest. I leaned my head back, closing my eyes and began to lose myself in the pleasure.

His mouth began to make its way down my body. I felt my breath hitch once he made it to the band of my tight shorts.

He licked at the skin there, while his hands grabbed at the flimsy material before pulling them down my legs with my soaked underwear. He got them over my shoes, and then proceeded to take those off of me as well.

Finn made his way back up to my legs, pushing them open in order to get a clear look at my slick heat.

I watched him lick his lips. “You want me to eat out this pretty pussy?” He asked, accent thick and husky, drenched with lust.

“Please!” I begged. He gave me a wicked grin before going in.

He leaned into my pussy, kissing the skin sides of both of my thighs. He brought both of his hands up to them, pulling them even farther apart. My pussy was completely open to him now, leaking heavily.

Finn lapped at the moisture coming from the hole, dipping the tongue in there every now and then. He then kissed his way to my clit before wrapping his lips around it, sucking on it hard.

“Ah!” I moaned out, watching throwing my head back, thrusting my hips up into his face. His hands pushed back against my thighs, keeping me in place as he made out passionately with the lips in between my legs.

I felt him move his right hand toward the place between my thighs, dipping one of his fingers in my pussy while he sucked and licked at my clit. My eyes were screwed shut now. I was completely focused on the sensations he was currently making me feel.

He added another finger in me, thrusting in and out of my soaked heat. The louder I moaned the harder he shoved his fingers in me, curling them upward as he did so. I moaned out lewdly when he touched a certain spot inside my pussy.

“Right there, love?” Finn asked, the vibrations from his voice causing my pussy to grab at his fingers even tighter.

“Yes! Right there!” I moaned out, bringing my left hand to the back of his head, while my right hand played with my sensitive nipples.

He started pounding into my pussy roughly with his fingers now, rubbing that special spot urgency. He was licking up and down my slit now, alternating between doing that and sucking my swollen clit. When he bit down on the little bundle of nerves, I came with my name on his lips.

“Finn!” I cried out, grabbing at the head between my legs. My legs were raising up to buck against his face as I rode out my intense oragasm. He let me, continuing to suck and lick at my pussy as I came down.

“You good?” He asked me making his way back up my body.

“Mhmm.” I responded, raising up to kiss his lips, tasting myself on them as I did so. He instantly responded, pushingbme back against the bed.

He then quickly pulled away and stood up. He was making quick work of his jeans, pushing the article off his body and kicking off his shoes in the process. The bulge in his briefs looked intimidating. There was a wet patch in the front where his pre cum was leaking out. I wanted to taste it.

He slowly pushed his underwear down his gorgeous body, eyes connected to mine the whole time. When he was finally completely naked, I felt my pussy come fully back to life, throbbing and clenching rhythmically.

His cock was just as beautiful as the rest of him. It was standing proudly against his shredded stomach. The shaft was an angry pink color, more than ready to be shoved inside of me.

He made his way back to me, settling himself in the space between my thighs. We both moaned when our privates clashed against each other. His cock was laying across the top of my pussy. It looked menacing there, covering my pussy completely. The heat coming off of him was making my pussy throb harder, even more desperate for his thick shaft to enter me.

“You want my cock?” Finn asked, whispering the question in my ear.

“Yes, please, I need it!” I answered, wrapping my legs around his waist snugly.

Finn smiles at my admission. He placed his hands on either side of my head, in order to keep his body from crushing mine. I watched as he reached his right hand down to the space between our bodies and grab at his cock. He ran his hot, pulsing shaft up and down my pussy, toying with me.

“Finn, please!” I begged.

“Please what?” He asked, watching my every movement.

“Fuck me! Please, fuck me!” I begged loudly.

“With pleasure.” He said with his sexy accent.

His thick cock pushed its way inside my tight heat. We both let out sounds of pleasure once we were joined together. His cock stretched out my pussy deliciously.

“You feel so fucking good.” I heard Finn groan out as he began pumping his dick in and out of me.

The feeling of his cock moving in and out of my body, cock rubbing erotically up against my quivering walls, it was amazing. My pussy grabbed at his invading length, wanting it to drive me to a place filled with nothing but unimaginable pleasure.

He started fucking my pussy faster, hips pistoning his dick in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around him tighter, rising my hips up to meet his.

“Your pussy feeling good, (y/n)? You like feeling my cock stretch this little pussy out?” He asked, voice sounding breathless and accent even thicker due to the speed he was pounding into me.

“Ye…Ah, Yeah!” I struggled to find words, too caught up on what he was doing to my body.

He began fucking my pussy faster, harder. His face screwed into a look of complete concentration.

I felt him drag his left hand down my chest, grabbing at my right breast. He started pumping into my heat at a breathtaking speed.

“Fuck!” I cried out, screwing my eyes shut. His cock was hitting my sweet spot relentlessly now. I felt my pussy clamp down tightly on his member.

“Shit!” I heard him swear quietly. “You want cum all over my cock, love? Want me to fuck this pussy till your screaming you can’t take it anymore?” He whispered filthily in my ear.

“Please! I want It, Finn! Please make me cum!” I was so close now, I could feel it.

Finn removed his hand from my breast, leaning forward on his forearms. He buried his face in the side of my neck.

He was shoving his cock as far it could go. I was screaming now, trying to keep up with his pace, but failing. It didn’t matter, I kept raising my hips up in search of my oragasm as his cock filled up my tight pussy.

He was grinding his hips down into mine, putting pressure down on my aching clit. The sound of his cock pushing into my soaked cunt was loud, and the scent of our fucking filled the air. My pussy was clutching his thick cock greedily now.

“Fuck! Keep squeezing my cock, baby. Cum all over it!” His lustful demand was my undoing.

I came with a loud scream, Finn’s name falling from my lips repeatedly. His cock kept moving inside of me as I orgasmed over his cock. My walls were extremely sensitive, grabbing onto his cock like a vice, desperately wanting to draw his seed into my tight pussy.

He bit down on my neck once he came. His cock was pulsing wildly in my vagina, walls spasming around the twitching length. He pumped his seed in me, making sure to fill my pussy up with every single drop. I took it happily, wanting nothing more than for him to give my pussy his cum.

He kissed my neck and shoulders before rolling off me.

My body felt incredible. I shivered at the feeling off his sperm spilling out of my thoroughly fucked pussy.

“That was amazing, love.” I heard Finn say between gulps of air.

“It was. I haven’t had sex that good in too long.” I said just as breathless as him, looking over at his beautiful body.

He rolled onto his side and brought my body over to his. His lips met mine in a lazy kiss. We enjoyed the slow pace of it, letting our hands explore each others bodies.

Finn rolled us over to where I was on top of him, straddling his hips. I felt his cock start to swell underneath me.

“You ready for round two?” He asked, smiling up at me.

“Hell yeah.” I answered, pussy coming to life once again.


I finally finished this 😂. Its almost 3:30 am and I’m just now finishing this bad boy. It was all worth it though. Hope y'all enjoyed! Thanks for reading ❤ P.s. if I forgot you on the tag list and you requested to be on it, please let me know.
Waking Up Besides The Cancer Crew Headcanons

prompt: Headcanons to waking up beside The cancer crew
A/N: wow a post?! the world stopped spinning! I’m sorry this took so long I didn’t have the motive to write this one until now!! Sorry it’s short but I don’t know I’m a disappointment lol.

-he’s already awake and waiting for you.
-raspy voiced Joji with messy hair!!!!
-“Were you watching me sleep George?”
“No… maybe… no that’s fucking creepy.”

-it rotates on who gets up first.
-for once he’s not loud.
-but he’s just a bit demanding.
-“Y/N will you make me breakfast?”
-“Y/N wake up I need you.”
-“go brush your teeth so I can kiss you.”
-still slightly tired Max >

-you always wake up before him no doubt.
-that doesn’t matter though because he refuses to let you leave.
-“come on cunt stay with me.”
-you don’t even put of a real fight.
-you’re stuck in his grip surrounded by his warmth and you kind of love it.

-I ran out of ideas sue me!!
-but I bet he’s cute.
-interpret that as you must.