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Team Voltron themed drinks!

In light of season 3 releasing soon and planning a viewing party with some of my friends, I recently started thinking about making themed drinks after certain characters and what-not (seeing as I’m the designated bartender of my friend group lol). There’s obviously TONS of different drinks you can make to fit a character, but I took a bit of liberty to fantasize what drinks I’d love to make (had I the time and money); these aren’t arbitrary choices either. I primarily chose drinks that I thought reflected certain character aspects, so I’ve included a small analysis along with each drink choice.

note: for practical reasons (like if ppl actually wanted to make themed drinks) I’ve included both a simplified mixed drink alternative (which, let’s be real, that’s what I’m actually making) AND a non-alcoholic alternative (which are super basic im sorry but it’s the best i could do)

Let’s get mixing!

Shiro – “Boulevardier”

This is one of the few drinks I chose based more on personality than appearance. Most purple cocktails just didn’t quite ring true for Shiro’s full-bodied character, so I went with my gut feeling and started browsing some bourbon based drinks. After going through a few classic recipes, I settled on a Boulevardier. What it contains:

  • 1.5 oz Bourbon
  • ¾ oz Sweet vermouth
  • ¾ oz Campari
  • Orange or cherry as a garnish
  • Served over ice optional

Shiro, as a character, radiates a sense of maturity and warmth. He is kind and caring, but knows when to take charge of his team and push harder. The subtle sweet undertones in bourbon and the warmth of dark liquor, I feel, reflect these aspects of his character very well. Sweet vermouth, like bourbon, has those husky, herbal undertones; it’s basically a wine spiked with brandy and slightly sweetened. Campari is a liqueur made from infused herbs and fruit, a sweet and spicy flavor. This is, in essence, a darker drink, and one that is probably an acquired taste; aka, this is not a beginner or casual drink. It’s a drink I think is well suited to our beloved enigmatic leader, the Head of Voltron, pilot of the Black Lion. It has warmth and depth, a complexity of flavors that matches Shiro’s nuances in character.

Practical party alternative: any type of whiskey and coke (though I still recommend bourbon, it tastes better imo); you can also do a spiced rum and coke if you’re not a whiskey person.

Non-alcoholic alternative: honestly? cherry coke or like…diet coke with lime strike me as very Shiro for some reason lol.

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Star Wars Age!Squash AU, Comic #02

Initiate Era - Master Dooku & Qui-Gon

Master Dooku has the highest standards and only chooses the most elite of the elite as his apprentices. Initiate Jinn is a prodigy and looks perfect on the records and is also exceptionally gifted in sensing the Living Force. Master Dooku thought he would make the perfect Padawan. Sometimes, Master Dooku is wrong.

Or, Master Dooku has to bribe a young Padawan Qui-Gon with Obi-Wan’s company in order to get him to do anything.

[A/N] In this AU where everyone is happy, almost no one is evil and everyone lives, Master Dooku is that grumpy grandpa who looks super scary but is actually ridiculously soft once you get to know him. Qui-Gon is his third apprentice, and all three of his Padawans are ridiculously rebellious (and spoiled) in their own ways. You’ll meet the other two soon <3

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Confused? Have no idea why Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are only 3 years apart?

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nanbazu  asked:

maybe astral or yuma in a2 or b2 for the clothes meme? :00


Yuma: Quick Astral, make a nice pose to take a pic!

Astral: –What do you mean? Yuma—? when you an alien and don’t know how to act when taking pics

I’m sorry for taking so long with this  ORZ I’m too slow;; But I do hope you’ll like this!

Yuu probably fell while ‘KATTOBINGU!’ that’s why he’s all bruised and wearing band aids;;

For the art memey: Click!

【Caejose - Cross-Dressing Fun】
I finally finished this after a month since I started it.. orz It was tough drawing all those frills and even tougher to draw them in a dress ; m ; I’ll try to draw more Caejose in the future!
It took me so long to draw Caejose even though they’re one of my favourite ships, I just want to draw them well but I see that I still have a long way to go.

Suggestive image under the cut =v=

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There was this cute japanese meme I saw a long time ago and couldn’t resist  👀

SO.. FLUFFY.. 👀 

denimdisaster  asked:

the momoriko fandom is so tiny which is a pain but also its kinda nice bc on the rare occasion that u spot a fan u can be like !!! hey !! i saw u like momoriko!! n everyone will be so happy ive made so many friends over this ship :')

i’m so glad is a nice place even if its a small fandom  :D

(also i was thinking about this ask and momoriko and then my hand slipped, sorry o)-<)

thanks for reaching out  :>

anonymous asked:

What happens when Mika walks into her incubus room and see then listening to Melanie Martinez. What is that song that they are listening to, and What is there reasoning.

Anon, I hope you appreciate the fact I just went through a bunch of songs I’d never heard before lol No shade, it just took me a really long time ORZ;; Song related asks are hard to do because they’re just so… time consuming.

James — Mad Hatter

The song is insane and reminds him of what he could have become had he stayed in the Abyssal Plains and followed in his father’s footsteps. He’s glad the closest he’ll ever get to being that crazy is just listening to this song, so he tends to listen to it often.

Erik — Alphabet Boy

It’s a secret, but this song reminds him a little of the rivalry he used to have with James when his mother was training him to be the heir. He thinks about the time when he used to hate his older brother for being first born whenever he listens to it. It’s not a good feeling, but he can’t help but enjoy the song.

Sam — Soap

He definitely doesn’t want to admit that he likes a song that isn’t the most grungiest of hers, but he honestly enjoys the music in this one. It also speaks to him a little bit considering he feels like he’s always tiptoeing around new relationships, not wanting to come off as such an asshole.

Matthew — Dollhouse

At first he liked the song because it had a very carnival-like tone to it in the beginning. Then he heard the part where a mother is drowning away her sorrows over her husband’s infidelity and it reminded him of his own mother. Now he just can’t stop playing the song.

Damien— Crybaby

There were plenty of times where he felt like he needed to break down and cry for a bit, but couldn’t because of the image it would put on him back in the Abyssal Plains. This song is sort of his guilty pleasure because he feels like he can let some of those pent up emotions out with it.

Remember this?

I’m finally done! XD

Sorry I took so long with this piece, it was the hair that gave me all the trouble.

As I worked with his hair, it, dare I say it, has grown on me *gets bricked*

Sorry if he doesn’t look like Chris lol, my style of drawing is anime/manga-ish Orz

Chris: So you guys didn’t really dig the new hairstyle, huh? Sorry…



It is Coming at Dawn (remix) — Peter Nashel, Eric Hachikian


 “You will regret challenging me, friend.“


You fight well! But not well enough.


Incredible..” (Spar)

Be strong for me, Songbird…” (death)


“The Dusk Mother has smiled on you today, it seems.“


 “Your steed will make a fine addition to my collection!”


 “I hope you’re prepared to live up to your words!“


“I did warn you, did I not?”



“Having trouble, are we?“


“My thanks.”


“That hits the spot!“


“It is not your time yet, my friend.”

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