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You are such a wonderful person and I hope that you know that or learn to see that one day. You help so many people, answer them and give them a safe place to talk about their problems. You don't belittle anyone and choose your words carefully and try to really understand the person in need. You are a literal angel, may all the good things you do come back to you tenfold <3

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my godddd wtf i’m freakin out. sry it took so long for me to answer this but it was super touching to read like holy shit,,,, thank you so much for taking the time to be so genuine?? like it rly helps a lot to know that my answers aren’t dumb or patronizing n i just hope you know how much i appreciate your words ahhhhh !! you’re such a fuckin angel!!! and i’m sending a ton of bright and positive vibes your way :) you deserve all of the happiness in the world. <3

this spun way out of control

All I want is an au where jim is a tattoo artist and punk!bones comes into his shop, wanting a tattoo but not really knowing what exactly he wants yet. So jim give him some of their portfolios to look through and see if anything strikes his fancy.

But Bones gets through all the books with nothing really catching his eye, until he comes across an old leather bound book filled with these amazing sketches at the bottom of the pile. When he asks jim about it, the blond blushes profusely and stammers out that he didn’t mean to give that to him, that it’s his personal sketchbook. And bones is floored because not only is the man in front of him super fucking hot, but he is also probably one of the bests artists he’s come across. And if possible Jim blushes even harder because this man is looking at him like he’s an angel, but somehow he manages to tell him that if there’s one in particular that he likes jim could probably make a stencil of it. And bones shakes his head, turning back to the book, and tells Jim he doesn’t think he could just pick one.

So jim offers to freehand some stuff for him, and bones finds himself shirtless in one of the chairs, eyes closed as the blond trails the black pen against his skin. And bones tries so hard to think about anything other than the gorgeous man crawling all over him, and the way he nibbles on his lip while he works, or the little noises he makes when he’s pleased or frustrated. He absolutely does imagine what other noises he could have jim making. But then he’s instructed to turn over and sit up, and the blond pushes his leg apart and steps right up into the v, and starts to work on his chest.

And that does it for the doctor, this close he can smell the other man, feel the blonds breath on his skin. All he can do his sit there and pray that Jim doesn’t look down, doesn’t notice the tent in his pants. This all works until one of Jims fingers brush past one of his nipples, and before he can quell it a moan slips from his lips. The pen on his skin comes to a halt, and the hand on his bicep tightens a smidge. When bones tentatively opens his eyes, he meets blue eyes with pupils blown wide staring back at his. He clears his throat, apologizing before telling Jim to continue, and after a minute, he does. The pen resumes its path and hands are more carefully placed, and bones can almost forget it even happened. When jim is done, he tells him that the ink will last for about four days, depending on how often how often Bones showers and to take his time deciding. And later that night as bones is looking over them in the mirror he finds himself wanting them all. So he goes back the next day and tells Jim so.

I want them to slowly fall in love, a little more with each session, until the day they’re set to finish the last one, and bones realizes that he won’t have an excuse to come see jim anymore. And while he’s waiting for jim to finish up another person one of Jim’s coworkers, Scotty, comes over and tells him that asking Jim out would just be cheaper. So he does it.

And after the third date they’re laying in bed (after some fabulous sex because it’s about time right?), and the clock flicks to midnight and Jim looks up and tells him softly that its now officially a year since they met. And bones cant believe that a) Jim remembers the exact day they met, and b) that it actually had been a year. It seemed like they had just met, maybe a month ago, it still felt new and exciting, but at the same time it felt like they had known each other for years, Jims presence was so comforting and familiar. It occurs to him, that this must be what love feels like.

And two dates later Bones builds up the courage to tell jim how he feels. I want Jim to keep sketching on Bones, and more often than not it leads to sex, but one afternoon, jim spends like an eternity on his back, and it’s so relaxing that bones falls asleep. Jim rouses him when he’s done, telling him to go look in the mirror, and bones stumbles sleepily into the bathroom. He twists around to see it in the mirror and his breath catches. In the most beautiful and elaborate script he’s ever seen reads ‘will you marry me?’

Bones has to blink a bit, rubs his eyes a little. But it’s still there. And he rushes back to his bedroom, where jim is on his knee and a ring in his hand. He grabs the blond, pulling him to his feet and kissing him with all he’s got murmuring yes between each kiss.

((yes I am aware that for bones to be able to read it in the mirror it would have to have been written backwards, that’s why it took jim so long))

MODS NOTE - oh my godddd arielthelittlefangirl im going to kick myself in the face over how beautiful this is just goddamnnnn

can you imagine jims face when bones tells him he wants to get the writing on his back actually tattooed on??

and jims freaking out because ‘bones thats never going to come off and everyone else will see it as backwards and you wont want it after a while!!!’

bones shuts him up with a kiss and all jims arguments are forgotten



Goddddddd so many work and exams and events happening everywhere and I’m exhausted. I don’t know how many naps I took since two months- while I never needed to take naps before. It’s INSANE.

I am SO sorry for the lack news guys, it was very irresponsable of me not to let you know what has been going on especially with Inktobertale - I thought I would have more time during the first half of the month, but I seemed to have forgotten my rather… permanent artblock ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;v;;;;;;


Right now I have TONS of homework and studying to do, along with a few illustration commissions that need a lot of energy to be made (and sleep hours to take back). To put it plainly I certainly won’t be much available for the days but I’ll TRY to be more reactive later.

God thank you SO much for your patience sweeties!! Will get back on track with His story comic and some Inktobertale days after all my current tasks have been complete!

Thank you for participating to Inktobertale and sending me a lot of fanart and kind messages you guys are talented sweet angels <3