this took me so freaking long but i love it


“Why can’t I come with you?”

That question had been resonating in Harry’s mind for the past 12 hours and, despite having very logical reasoning behind it, he was finding it increasingly hard not to break down and buy two more plane tickets. His daughter was very good at persuasion, especially when she was upset, and every cry that came from her lips lessened Harry’s resolve immensely.

But, you both had decided that this particular trip was going to be one that you and your daughter sat out of. Harry was only going to be gone for four days and the weather forecast for New York wasn’t great; it was just as easy for you to keep yourself and your daughter at home in London while Harry made the trek, instead of having to lug both yourselves and tons of extra warm clothing in case you got stuck there for a few extra days.

Every other trip that Harry had made in the four years since your daughter had been born, he had made with the two of you in tow; his schedule was flexible and sparse enough that adding two extra bodies on a week long trip to LA wasn’t a big deal. When he had gone on tour for six months, he had brought you with him; there was no way he was going away that long and leaving the two loves in his life at home. Your daughter was now used to being a little jetsetter with daddy and felt quite special whenever she got to fly in a plane and get “important” orange juice from the flight attendant in a big-girl cup. You weren’t sure exactly what her reaction would be in learning that she would be left behind with you on this trip, but you figured it wouldn’t be good.

You opted to keep the news under wraps until as close to Harry’s departure time as you could, just to avoid long, drawn out meltdowns if that were the case. The afternoon before, you and Harry sat down with her when she was in a good mood (fed, not in need of a nap and happily playing with toys) and told her that daddy was going to have to go away for a few days, but that she would have to stay home with you. Her face immediately dropped in confusion; this was unheard of, why would daddy be going away without her? You ALWAYS went with him when he travelled.

“Why can’t I come with you?” she pouted.

“Daddy’s only going for a few days and it’s going to be cold there,” he tried to explain, “You and mummy wouldn’t have any fun.”

“But I want to come!”

“I know you do, love, but I promise you’ll be so much happier staying here. You wouldn’t see daddy lots anyway; he’s got a lot of boring meetings to go to with Uncle Jeff,” Harry explained, crinkling his nose.

“If it’s boring, why don’t you stay here with me and mummy and Uncle Jeff can go by himself?” she argued.

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It took me so long to write about this scene because it’s difficult for me to decribe the incredible mix of emotions in Min Hyuk’s eyes when he is looking at Bong Soon and after a week of trying I still can’t do it justice. 

HE IS FEELING SO FREAKING MUCH and it all all shows in those impossibly gentle chocolate orbs; he really makes you believe that eyes are the window to the human soul and if so MH’s soul is beyond beautiful. Longing mingles with tenderness and adoration and love and he doesn’t even bother to hide those emotions from BS because they are so unadulterated and he is therefore literally wearing his heart on a sleeve; it’s almost as if he were daring her to see them and recognize them for what they are. 

Even their position is so poignant and fitting because not only MH normally towers over BS, he is also her employer therefore there is always a certain kind of subordination in their relationship;however now, it’s her who is towering over him and he even makes himself vulnerable to her when he so blatanly reveals in his eyes everything he feels.

What I love about this moment so much is that while MH might be holding BS’s arm, he gives the choice and complete control to proceed with the kiss to her - the only indication he gives her about what he wants is when he slides his gaze on her lips; however it’s her who initiates it and starts closing the distance between them. And if he didn’t look up MH would let BS kiss him but he did and with sadness he realized that he cannot let her do that because there is still so much left unsaid and unresolved between them. And as much MH wants to kiss BS, he wants even more for her to love him as much as he loves her. Min Hyuk saw enough of her one-sided love for GD so it makes sense he doesn’t want to start something when he doesn’t know if her heart belongs to him and not to a different man.

I finished this project at last. It has taken me a full week from beginning to end and I am incredibly proud.

Please do not repost!!


Not going to lie.. when I saw everyone else’s submissions I kind of freaked. They are all so amazing and much more worthy than my own but then I thought, this is more than a competition - it’s a celebration. Congratulations bb on your 3k milestone! You deserve each and every one of them plus more! So I chose to do a picture of Sandy and Kit’s simself, I mean look at them?! Ain’t they freaking adorable

However I think I should explain why they are at Universal Studios… so I remember, not that long ago they took a holiday to Orlando, Florida (trying my hardest not to seem stalkerish and hope I remembered correctly!) I thought since I’ve got some cute photos from my holiday there why not combine it? Create like a sim memory for them. 

Thank you @sandy-sims​, for everything that you do for this community and thank you for continuing to inspire me every day with your stories and creations. Love you lots! 💕

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Sorry if I'm bothering you but... The ensemble from the DwD stage play doing the tango with a very confused and horrified Lindo while everyone else watches in confusion, and amusement.

DwD plot twist: no one can dance except for one

Weekly Reading List #16

Hey y'all… it’s time for my weekly reading list. Hope you enjoy these fics as much as I did. If you do, please let the writers know and leave feedback on their fics. You can catch up on my previous reading lists here.

About Dean’s Dreams by @fanforfanatic **flangst** (Dean x Reader)
Summary: Dean writes letters to the woman of his dreams. As in, the woman he’s with when he’s asleep.
Rating: Brief smut
Warnings: Mentions of canon events

THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Although I kinda felt where you were going with this story, it was great. I enjoyed every second of it… I loved how you threaded your story through the canon events. Stunning work!

(Gif by @jessica-bones-winchester​)

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Sleeping angel

Anxiety and ADHD are something you’ve struggled with your whole life, and sometimes it’s too much. Dallon always seems to know just what to do in these situations.

word count: 971
requested: nope
smut: nope

I laid in my bed, staring up at the ceiling. It was another one of these nights. Even my cat lay sound asleep at the foot of my bed, my boyfriend of 2 years snoring away next to me. I glanced over at him, admiring his pretty face for a moment and the way it was so relaxed and stress free while he was away in slumber, his hair a wild mess over his head. He had ended up on his back, and I’d somehow ended up out of his arms and perhaps that’s why I was laying here awake at 3 in the morning.

I tried to close my eyes and just get back to sleep, but nothing seemed to work. Counting, focusing on my breathing, nothing. My mind was always racing a mile a minute with the ADHD and the anxiety on top of it, and tonight was no exception. I looked over at Dallon again, who was only softly snoring at this point. I wondered how he’d managed to put up with it for so long.

I knew he’d said time and time again that it was okay, that he didn’t mind the fact that I was constantly fidgeting and couldn’t sit still and sometimes my inability to breathe and constant sighing was mistook for an attitude. And sometimes I did have an attitude that I didn’t mean. I took it all out on Dallon most of the time too. I couldn’t understand how he could stay with me for so long, even through all of the burden that came with being with me, living with me, dating me, being in love with me.

Was he really? He said it all the time and I should know he does. But the nagging fear always burned inside me. I sat up, unable to let my thoughts continue to consume me while I laid there virtually helpless. I thought about all the times I’d do something wrong and start freaking out, and Dallon would get upset with me and we’d end up fighting. I hated fighting with him. An ache burned in my chest every time he stormed off to sleep on the couch, leaving me in our room to cry for a while until he would emerge into the room and we’d both apologize. Didn’t he get exhausted doing that though?

What if this was all just some sort of time bomb, waiting for it to go off and he’d finally get sick of it all and leave? I worried all the time. He seemed so genuine and sincere but I couldn’t help but wonder if he was truly getting tired of it. He was the first one I ever loved, the only one who’d put up with these issues of mine for so long and help me through them. He told me he loved me all the time, and I gave him everything. I know I want to spend the rest of my life with him, but what if that’s not what he wanted?

I loved him so much, it hurt. I felt tears come to my eyes. I loved this goofy man so much, and I loved how he would dance with me around the living room even though I’m awful at it. I wiped at my tears, noticing Dallon had stopped snoring. I felt rustling next to me, and a deep sigh from the human laying next to me.

“(Y/N), what are you doing? It’s 3 in the morning,” he groaned, his voice thick from sleep. His arms reached over to me to pull me into him again, but then let go when he heard me sniffle.

“Are you crying? Baby, what’s wrong?” Within seconds he was sitting up next to me, the blankets falling from his chest and around his lap. His hand reached out and brushed my cheek, gently wiping my tear away. “Please talk to me. What’s on your mind?”

“I was just thinking. I couldn’t sleep,” I said, turning away so he couldn’t see my insecurities like so many times before.

“What were you thinking about?” He asked. “Please talk to me, (Y/N), I want to help.”

“Do you ever get tired of it?” I asked.

“Get tired of what?”

“This. My issues. All of the fights and the struggles we have. Don’t you get exhausted and want to leave?” I asked.

“You’re the love of my life, (Y/N),” he said. “Those are just an obstacle to overcome. I can’t imagine my life without you. Just because you’re a little bent doesn’t mean I love you any less. In fact that’s what I love the most about you, the way you keep pushing through even when things get tough. You’re so strong and I love you so much. I couldn’t leave you even if I wanted to.”

“I just get so scared,” I whispered.

“Come here baby,” he said softly, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close to him, laying us back under the covers. He leaned his forehead against mine, his eyelashes fluttering against my cheekbones. “Let’s get some sleep. I’m not going anywhere.”

“Dallon?” I whispered.


“I love you more than anything. Please don’t ever leave me.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t plan to.” He leaned in and kissed me softly, his warm lips felt like velvet against mine and everything felt okay for a second. I brushed his hair from his face slightly, my fingers lingering against his cheek. He smiled at me, moving his lips to my neck and pressing a soft kiss there, before he wrapped his arms around me and cuddled into my neck.

“Please don’t ever forget that I’m so in love with you,” he mumbled before drifting back off to sleep. And I was right there with him.

There was this cute japanese meme I saw a long time ago and couldn’t resist  👀

SO.. FLUFFY.. 👀 

Platonic Love Best Love

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Request: Could you maybe do a fic where the reader comes out as asexual to the team and they’re, like, REALLY worried about how it’s gonna go like they think they’re gonna be seen as wrong or unnatural?

Summary: GenderNeutral!Reader comes out as Asexual to the team. Fluff fluff FLUFF.

A/N: Hey all! While on this crazy wedding trip (the wedding was bEAUTIFUL and i cried tears of joy smh @ me) I wrote 2 fics! That’s right! Not one, but TWO! I know I’m surprised too, but inspiration comes at the oddest times and I guess a 15 hour blakout at our hotel was just what I needed. ANyway, here’s one of them! I tried keeping this mostly gender neutral, figured that’s probably the least discriminatory style of writing, but I did mention n ex boyfriend in this so yeah my bad. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this one!

Wordcount: 996, idk why I always add something after the wordcount lmao

Requests are sadly closed at the moment, any requests sent in right now are not being accepted. Sorry :(

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                                              Studio Vibes: Ballet Day🎀

     I love starting my week off with Ballet class😍. Used to hate when my instructors would go on and on about how stretching is important but I’m glad I took it seriously. I’m always amazed at how far my body can stretch itself. To some people outside of my studio, I’m a freak of nature 😂 lol but I still have a long way to go. 

     Food for thought: What seems so hard now will someday be your warm up. Hope everyone is having a productive/good day. 💜

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Oops my bad, I swore that I typed Wakatoshi, but maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me again!

anonymous asked:
Can I request some headcanons or a scenario with an s/o who always wants kisses? She’s a smol girl who lays on his chest whenever he lays down and repeatedly kisses him while saying ‘I love you’ each kiss?

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this one! But I find this so freaking adorable, this boy definitely needs this kid of love in his life!

Getting used to her affection was much simpler than Ushijima had originally anticipated. But it had definitely taken some time. The first time she had pressed her lips to his own so easily and delicately uttered those three powerful words, he thought his face couldn’t possibly get any redder; especially since it had taken place in front of most of his team.

But with each kiss and each word exchanged, he grew to anticipate the actions, oftentimes initiating them instead of waiting for them. And his embarrassment over it slowly began to lessen, a sense of pride replacing it instead, which only escalated when Tendou claimed he wished he had a partner that would do the same.

And so to find the couple laying out in the grass of a park was no rare occurrence. Even less rare was to find her head laying on his chest, taking in the steady beating of his heart with the comfort of his arm wrapped tightly around her shoulders. He felt them shift next to him, bringing his gaze away from the sky above down to her who met with his gaze instantly.

She smiled, pushing herself up onto his elbow to then lean over him, her lips pressing to his, slotting them together in that so perfect way he loved. Hand resting at the small of her back, he lifted the other to lay over hers that resided on his chest, thumb stroking over the soft skin there. When she began to pull away, he moved forward to keep them joined, feeling her smile against his mouth.

“I love you,” she spoke softly against his lips, enjoying how those words from her felt on his skin. He surged closer, leaving no more space between them any longer. Because despite the people that were around them and surely giving them disapproving looks, he needed to display his love for her. Their love was so much bigger than anything else around them.

The John Mayer Experience

After five years of waiting, I got the chance to see my favorite musician perform live.

John Mayer has always been a big influence in my music.  I was in high school when my cousin made me listen to him. After he showed me his copy of JM’s ‘Where the Light Is” concert, I got hooked in his music. The way he compose the lyrics and puts a blues riff in every single song made me realized that he’s not just like a musician that everyone has seen because he’s intelligent when it comes to song writing.

Last year, John Mayer announced that he’s going to release a new album after a four-year hiatus, and when his first single of his new album came out, I freaked out. I’ve been waiting for some good music to come out for a long time. After releasing his ‘Love on the Weekend’ single, he also announced that he’s going to have a worldwide tour, and Chicago is one of the cities where he’s going to play.

That moment, I knew that I’m going to do everything in able to watch him perform live, so I took all the overtimes in my work to save money for a ticket.

April 11, 2017. It’s the day. I bought a ticket close to the stage. I also brought my brother with me but since he’s not that big fan of John Mayer, he decided to watch the show in the general admission area.

The concert will start at 7:30  so we need to be there at 6 or 6:30. I woke up at 11 in the morning that day, and left our house at 2. I was super excited.

The United Center, which the concert will take place, is an hour away from us so we need to ride the train to get there without spending a lot.

We arrived at the train station near the United Center at four but we still need to walk a thirty-minute distance to get there, but it’s not a big issue for us since it wasn’t that cold.

Once we got there, we were the first ones to wait at the gates. We waited for two hours to get inside. The purpose of waiting that long is for us to be the first ones to get his concert merchandise. I bought a ‘Love on the Weekend’ hoodie which I wore the entire concert.

The concert started at 7:30 which was front-acted by this band called ‘The Record Company.’ After listening to their music, I became a fan. 

They’re a three-piece band composed of Chris Vos (guitar, lead vocalist), Alex Stiff (bass, back-up vocals), and Mark Cazorla (drums). Their music is a mixture of rock and roll, countries, and blues. 

These guys are awesome. Despite of playing in front of a lot of people, I can still feel their humility and passion, and they really play good music. 

After the front-act, the lights went out and the whole place was filled with cheer. As the stage screen showed clips from their previous concerts, there was a loud applause from the crowd, and the man that I’ve been waiting to see for a long time is walking in the center stage.

Along with his ‘Where the Light Is’ team, John Mayer started the show with his new song called, ‘Moving On and Getting Over.’

Everyone went nuts.

John Mayer killing the show with his guitar solos with David Ryan Harris on the right and Pino Paladino on the back.

John Mayer with Steve Jordan.

John Mayer Trio.

The show was composed of five chapters which are:

Chapter One - Full Band

1. Moving On and Getting Over

2. Helpless

3. I Don’t Trust Myself with Loving You

4. Who Says

5. Changing

Chapter Two - Acoustic

6. XO

7. Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey

8. Daughters

9. Free Fallin’

Chapter Three - Trio

10. Who Did You Think I Was

11. Vultures

12. Crossroads

Chapter Four - Full Band

13. Why Georgia

14. Still Feel Like Your Man

15. If I Ever Get Around to Living

16. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

17. Waiting

Chapter Five - Encore

18. Gravity (He wasn’t supposed to play this song but we all started to turn on our lights, and the whole place looked like a sky full of stars so he told us that he’s going to play Gravity for us instead of following his set list)

19. You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

The entire show will forever be a part of me, and I will always remember how his music changed me from the moment I started listening to him through my phone until the day I saw him play his music live.

I Need That Kind of Strength

Could you write something to this “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay I’ll never leave you again” with fem!reader x Lexa from The 100? ~Anon

Can you write an imagine where the reader is Clarke’s younger sister and Lexa falls in love with you and not Clarke? Please and thank you ~ @may-we-fangirl-again’s anon

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood, reader gets slightly injured.

Word Count: 4,309

A/n: I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG!! I got in a accident and was washed with a wave of depression. I wan’t motivated to do anything. Anyways, it’s pretty freaking long, so I hope you enjoy. I really am sorry with how long it took. And the ending kinda really sucks but I didn’t know how to finish it.

“Y/n,” Clarke spoke as she walked up to me. Her blonde bangs were twisted back and pinned. Keeping both hair out of her face, and framing the rest of her wavy hair. The normal sky blue colour of her eyes were clouded from the stress of Mount Weather. But, even then, they were glowing against her smooth sun kissed skin.

“What’s up Clarke?” I looked up at her from the log I was sitting on.

“I want you to be my second,” she voiced with wavering confidence.

All I could do was slowly blink at her. She wants me to be her second? My heart started to race as suspicion crept through me. Does she know about my crush on the Commander, and is just playing a trick on me? No, Clarke is far too serious nowadays to do that. Right?

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Hurtful Game pt. 2 [V Angst]

Continuation of Hurtful Game pt.1

Genre: It’s a sad christmas gift from me to you. Please still love me.

It would be a lie if he said that he didn’t regret what he had just said to you. It was supposed to be a relief to get you out of his life, but instead, he only felt how his heart kept beating slower, like it needed you to fully work.

He looked after you as you walked out of there before running a hand through his messy hair. Why didn’t he just say what he really wanted to say instead of lying the exact opposite? Why the hell did he say what he said? He didn’t even mean a single word. He didn’t find you bothersome at all. Taehyung enjoyed his times with you. He enjoyed being able to know that you were his and only his. He enjoyed having you in his arms and give you kisses like his life depended on them. He enjoyed every moment with you.

But he was afraid. Afraid of falling in love with you. He was afraid, because he didn’t know what could happen if he made you his girlfriend. If he made it official. He was afraid that you would get hurt.

What he didn’t know was that he hurt you more than anyone ever could, just now. With his harsh words that broke you into million pieces. He didn’t know that until he saw the look on your face and the hurt in your teary eyes. He wanted to take everything back then, he didn’t want to see the painful look on your face ever again. But he didn’t stop you from getting hurt, he let your tears fall, he let his pride take over his feelings and worst of all, he didn’t tell you the truth.

The game was over, and so was his chance to make you his. The game that he once only saw as a pathetic game, was actually a game that made Taehyung realize that no one could ever make him happier than you could. The game made him think about how great he felt just by holding your hand or just by seeing that smile on your face. It could somehow make his tiring and stressful day much better.

All thanks to you.

But now, now that he didn’t know where you were, or what you were doing, or how you were doing, he felt like shít. Not being able to just text you or call you was harder than he thought.

So here he was, standing infront of your door with a pounding heart that made him feel hundred times more nervous than before. What should he say if you opened the door? Were you even going to open the door for him? What if you weren’t at home? Was it really now that he was supposed to hesitate? No, but he couldn’t help but have second thoughts. Taehyung didn’t even know why he drove here in the first place.

The door opened before he could knock and there you were, more gorgeous than ever in a beautiful dress. You looked happy for once, you looked relaxed until you saw him. It made him feel like an idiot for coming there and probably destroying your night. He felt stupid for even coming there after 2 months of not trying to contact you at all.

“Wh-what are you doing here?” you asked him surprised. You really didn’t expect him to come and find you, to be honest, you were sure that he would never come. It was just something you knew after a month of curling into a ball in the corner, waiting and crying. During that time, you felt nothing but hopeless. It wasn’t just an empty feeling, but a heavy one as well.

Knowing that the one you love was with another woman and wasn’t thinking about you hurt more than it should. It broke you.
Because you knew you were once the one he could find love and support at. He could find everything if he only went to you. Because you were ready to give him everything. Everything that you had, everything that you could give, you would give him that.

Hi, Y/N

Your name left his lips like he was afraid of losing you. Which he was, but the problem was, he already lost you.

“What are you doing here?” you asked him again, more confident this time.

“I was just-I was just driving by” he lied. Why didn’t he just say the truth? The truth that he missed you so much that he had to leave practice to come and see you.

“Oh, okay”


“Are you going somewhere?” Taehyung asked.

“Yes, actually my date is here” you answered and gave him a small smile before walking past him and to the car that just parked in front of the house.

Taehyung clenched his fists and turned around to see your date. And he couldn’t help but feel betrayed when he saw Park Jimin stepping out of the car with a big smile on his face. Of course it would be Jimin, of course you were going on a date with Jimin. He knew from the beginning that Jimin liked you, was it maybe the reason why he couldn’t let you go earlier before feelings got involved in the whole thing? Taehyung was afraid that you would fall in love with his best friend instead.

Taehyung? What are you doing here?” Jimin asked when he saw Taehyung behind you.

Without answering his hyung’s question, he did what no one expected him to do, he punched Jimin in the face making Jimin lose his balance and fall back on his car.

“Yah! Taehyung, what the fúck is your problem?!” Jimin yelled and pushed Taehyung away from him. He didn’t want to

“Oh my God, what the hell are you doing?!” you screamed at Taehyung and pushed him away from Jimin when he tried to make another round of punches.

“What does it look like, huh?!” he shouted back at you and grabbed your wrist to stop you from touching Jimin. It hurt him just by seeing you next to him.

Let go of me! What the fúck is wrong with you?! You think you can say whatever you want and then come back like nothing happened? Wasn’t this just a game to you? Why do you care now?!” you snapped at him and tried to pull away. But it was impossible. He had a hard grip around your wrist, but not hard enough so it could hurt you.

Because I lied! I lied! I lied about everything! It wasn’t a game, Y/N-ah. I was so close to develop feelings for you. I was afraid. But I never realized that I already did fall for you. That no matter what I did or said, my feelings would never go away.” Taehyung started and before he said the last sentence, he took a deep breath and looked at your teary eyes.

“Because I’ve already fallen, with my whole heart” he whispered before hugging you tightly.

You kept your arms by your side, not moving an inch. What were you supposed to do? Just forgive him and forget about everything that he has done? Forget about all those nights he had left you and those mornings you have woken up alone, feeling used and helpless?

Was it even possible to forget about those awful moments?

Slowly but surely, you pulled away from him to only look down for a second before looking up at him with so much strength that you haven’t had for so long. It felt great to be sure about what you wanted. It felt great to have your own decisions for once. It felt unreal to actually be able to say what you were going to say next.

“I’m tired of your games. I’m tired of getting hurt because of your games. I’m tired of you seeing me as a toy. I’m tired of you and I think that explains my answer for your confession.”

It hurt.

It really did hurt to say all those things. But you had to. You had to think of yourself, let yourself be happy for once. Not thinking about that it could hurt him too, because you knew it did.

You could see how tears started to form in his eyes. You couldn’t watch him break into parts like you did. You looked at him one last time before turning around and walking away from him. From everything that he put you through.

You walked away, away from his hurtful game.


And for me, I want to say a big thank you for 600 followers!! You guys are really awesome and I love all of you as much as I love chocolate. I love you guys for always supporting me and that you love what I do! Thank you!

And for pt. 2 of Hurtful Game - HOW THE FREAKING HELL?!?! It took me almost 5 days to actually writre this and it’s not even that long. I’m so sorry to those who expected more and a fluffy ending. But this is more realistic and I hope you understand that!

And I want to say an extra thanks to @nohacchi for giving me the idea of the Jimin thing! Thank you love! 

And also, thanks to all my friends, best friends, internet friends for reading and giving me feedbacks! I love you!!!


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Find part 1 of Hurtful Game here!
And my masterlist here!

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For that 'I love you' prompt, what about 4 and 20 together? Alfred is freaking out, especially acter watching a horror movie, and Kiku tries to calm him down with tea or something.

for the “how you said ‘i love you’” prompt list!
A/N: this turned out longer than I intended, lmao. sorry it took me so long, I’ve been in a slump recently :’^)

4: over a cup of tea + 20: as we huddle together, the storm raging outside;

Alfred kept his eyes tightly screwed shut as another clap of thunder resounded throughout his flat, clutching his pillow to his chest. 

Yes, the oh-so-brave and courageous self-proclaimed hero was, indeed, afraid of thunderstorms. 

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Could you recommend me good skam blogs to follow? I am new to the fandom and therefore I would like to follow high quality blogs. Thanks!

hiii !! yeah sure ill give you some of my faves 💕
@nalle, @cuddlyevak, @sanas4main, @rosyevak, @isakoeven, @isakvalterzn, @skamedits, @evenandsana, @skamz, @skamdaily and ofc @skamenglish
im so sorry this took me so freaking long .. im on my mobile and at one moment it just decided to crash so yeah i hope youll enjoy these blogs 😊 love you !! 💕

Love, Actually [Part 7]


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TMR Cast Imagine [ prev ] [ next ]

Pairing: Thomas Brodie Sangster x Reader

A/N: We’re back with more Love, Actually! Sorry I couldn’t post this earlier, stuff came up. Whoops! This is a pretty chill/almost filler chapter, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless !!

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