this took me so freaking long but i love it

okay but give me harry being the only person than ginny will let take care of her
  • so like she falls of her broom or gets hit by a bludger or SOMETHING at a quidditch game 
  • and she’s embarrassed and sore and/or bleeding so she gets real defensive
  • she’s pushing away her brothers and telling her mum she’s fine and won’t let the medic get anywhere close to her
  • and then in steps harry 
  • he doesn’t ask her if she’s okay like everyone else does
  • he just kisses her, holding her face in his hands
  • he pulls away, running his thumb over her cheekbone, where her face has flushed pink with pleasure
  • “can i have a look?”

  • slowly she unclenches her arm and lets him check for broken bones
  • everyone else dispels, satisfied that she’ll be okay
  • wordlessly he straps her arm for her and finally she lets herself shake from the pain and the shock so he holds her tight, his lips on her hairline
  • or say she’s bleeding and even though he’s FREAKING THE FUCK OUT internally he knows that he can’t let her know that 
  • so he very calmly uses whatever’s to hand let’s say it’s his shirt because that’s hot af and presses it to the wound
  • then because he’s reeeeaaalllyyy not trained to deal with that kind of stuff he convinces her to let the medic stitch her up
  • she agrees but only with the understanding that he’ll stay with her
  • she digs her nails into his thigh and swears loudly and frequently 
  • harry lets her do it, even when he breaks through his jeans and her nail jab into his skin
  • because he loves her
  • and he wants her to be okay
  • he’ll take pain if he needs to
  • as long as hers goes away
  • excuse me while i sob
  • and then when they have kids same deal but her kids are FREAKING THE FUCK OUT because their mum just took a wicked fall and is probably hurt really bad 
  • but of course ginny superwoman potter is like chill y’all i’m tough don’t worry i’m not crying all good
  • so harry makes ron and hermione take the kids away so that ginny can burst into tears and cling onto him while her bones are reset
  • because she has to be brave for everyone
  • except for him

Billy Hargrove for me personally, could be one of the most important characters in season 3, depending on how the Duffer brothers play out his character.

I was in an abusive relationship for the majority of my high school years and I didn’t notice it at the time - but god it made me such an ANGRY person.

I went through life like I was in a constant power struggle with everyone and everything because I was so used to being controlled and hurt. I didn’t trust a single person and it didn’t even occur to me that that was wrong and unnatural.

I lashed out, I snapped so easily, I got into fights, I slowly self destructed. And I hurt those I love.

It took me so long to realise that being an aggressive, paranoid control freak is in no way who I am and that that negativity was a product of what I’d been through.

I understand why people dislike Billy’s character but for me he deserves redemption - I want to see him grow and learn to trust and make the distinction between what is him and what is the fear he lives with.

If they write him off as just a “bad guy” - yeh I’ll be dissapointed. Because I want people like me who have been that angry person to realise that that’s not them. They CAN be better that that. Do not let yourself become the person that hurt you.

It’s an important message for so many impressionable teenagers. Don’t let it be ignored.

An Unexpected Visitor (Reader x Loki)

The God of Mischief decides to pay you a visit, but things don’t turn out as smoothly as he expects.


A/N: I’m still not over Thor: Ragnarok, and what best way to celebrate the movie/contribute to the fandom than writing some fanfic? This is my first time writing Loki, I hope he’s in character! 

As Tom Hiddleston often says: “Ehehehehehe”

You heard the faint sound of footsteps outside your room.

As you lay on your bed, warm and comfortable, you noticed -half-consciously- the door gently creek open.

Someone approached you.

You could hear their bated breath and their clothes ruffle quietly with each small, calculated step.

I must be dreaming, you decided right then and there, stubbornly uninterested in any alternative conclusions. After all, it’d been days since you had a good night’s sleep and you were not about to let some apparition take that away from you tonight.

I’m just going to make sure this isn’t real, you mumbled in your head, drunk with fatigue. Eyes still closed you reached out to where you presumed the figure was standing.

Your hand hovered in mid-air. Nothing happened except for the sensation of cold air nipping at your exposed wrist. You felt uncomfortable.

As you brought your hand back towards the warmth of your body, you swore you felt fingertips brush lightly against yours.

You slipped back into the comforting dark depths of unconsciousness before any other thought could cross your mind.

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SHERLOCK - :Height Difference Meme:
Wacom Intuos Pro in PS CS3 (new window for hi-res)

Inspired by this post here  // Original post © to @pollinart

Soooooooooo on that post linked there, @artfulkindoforder said “someone make this Johnlock”, so I did… except I took so fucking long on this that and I actually liked the way these turned out so I wanted to make my own post about it, LOL.

I’m seeing it as a sign that I took so long to finish, then another week to freaking post it… because HEY! @sherlockchallenge‘s August Challenge is Height Difference, and what a coincidence, I have new art I haven’t posted relating to their height difference YAY! :D

ANYWAY, I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR HEIGHT DIFFERENCE OKAY. IT’S LEGIT ONE OF MY FAVE THINGS EVER ABOUT THEM. So here’s John and Sherlock in a silly simplified style, and I was only going to do it black and white but then colour happened, LOL.  Hope y’all like it :D

Tags below cut :P Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in future art updates :)

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BTS reactions to their gf being touchy in public


The boys and the back up dancers (which you are) were having a break to you walked up to hobi. Without him looking you placed your hand on his thigh, rubbbing it everytime lightly hiting his member. When he looked up he knew what you were up to and wanted to satisfy you as soon as possible. When you two left the room he grabbed your ass and gave you a passionate kiss. “Jagi~ if you wanted me that bad all you had to do was ask, you didn’t have to be so extra”.


You and Yoongi where in the studio and along with the other guys. You felt this funny feeling in your core screaming for Yoongi’s touch. You walked over to him and sat on his lap. Once you sat down you started grinding slowly so that the other boys won’t find you two getting freaky. You knew doing this would lead you into a shit ton of punishment, but you just needed him badly. Yoongi leaned into your ear bitting your earlobe. “You shouldn’t tease me like that Jagi~, but don’t worry ima give my baby just what she wants”


You and Tae both love getting it on. So it comes natural when you guys want to have sex at the same time. Being at the studio for a long really heated up you two nerve’s so you two and the guys took a break. You guys made eye contacts and your hand made the first move to his crotch. “Ouuu is my little baby trying to get freaky in front of other guys, I must admit that really turns me on”.

Rap Monster:

We all know Namjoon is a freak and loves you to the depths of his soul (why wouldn’t he) so with that said he would give you whatever you ask. So he basically spoiled the shit out of you. When you guys where out to lunch with Jimin, Jungkook, and Hoseok you couldn’t contain yourself. With every chance you get you would slowly brush your hand over his slowly growing erection. He by now knows what your doing and you and Namjoon asked to be excused. “Jagi~ look at this hot mess you made you know your gonna have to fix this right baby”)


“y/n what are you doing” *he’s scared about his boner*


As you were teasing him with your hell of a hip sway walk you sat next to him rubbing his thigh. When you two made eye contacted you winked. That move really hit all the right spots and now he is fully horny. He bit his lip and placed you on his lap. “Baby~ you drive me crazy you know that, just wait till I get you out them clothes”.


Jin (just like Namjoon) would do anything for you, and you two have been dating for a while so he knows what you want and when you want it. During dinner your hand slowly ran up his thigh and onto his slowly erecting member (you go girl). “Jagi~ we’re eating can’t you wait till we get home”. He was very hot and frustrated.

(I really hope you NI🅱️🅱️A’S liked it)

GOT7 reaction to crush confessing thinking they were asleep


but again I’m sorry this took so long to get up my wifi keeps leaving and I’m upset


Mark would try to act like he hadn’t heard you so he could ask you out the next day and surprise you, but he would break out in a blush and wouldn’t be able to control the grin tugging at the corners of his mouth real subtle which would let you know pretty quickly that he’d heard everything. He’d probably stand up at pull you into a hug, giggling nonstop and smiling wider and wider as time goes on. Finally, he’d pull away and ask, “So, dinner tomorrow?” 


Jaebum would perk his head up and look at you immediately, asking if you meant it. When you nodded your head, yes, he’d smile his big gummy smile and would probably pull you onto the bed/couch/whatever beside him and would hold you, telling you he loves you, too. But he’d definitely tease you about the whole situation for the rest of the relationship. If he tripped and you laughed at him, he’d bring it up just to embarrass you


Jackson is shook. He’d been planning to confess to you only a few days later but this is a good opportunity but he wanted to be the one to confess but- it goes on. He’d finally snap out of his dilemma right before you left the room, leaping up and dashing to you in record speed, blurting out a sincere confession: “I love you so much and you really startled me because I wanted to be the one to ask you out but I’m really happy and will you go on a date with me?” help him


Shooketh #2. He’s the only one who would pretend to be asleep until you left, when his eyes would open as wide as they possibly could and he’d just sort of stare at the wall while his heart raced. I think he’d try to make himself wait until the next day to tell you he returned your feelings, but would eventually lose self control and show up at your door really late at night, getting shy when you opened it but moving past and just stating, “I love you, too.” 


Youngjae would have a breakdown. On one hand, he felt intrusive for having heard you say something you obviously didn’t mean to hear and he wanted to respect your privacy and move past it, but on the other hand, he’s rejoicing because yes yes yes he loves you so much and ahhhhhhhhhhhh. He wouldn’t exactly be subtle about this, because while he was freaking out, his eyes would widen and he’d stare right at you. If you took it the wrong way and tried to leave, he’d grab your hand and stutter out a confession. “Yah, you surprised me! How am I supposed to tell you I love you when I’m in shock?”


So I don’t want to say that BamBam would scream after you confessed, but… I think he’d shriek. Not like a long, drawn-out screech, just a short little squawk ok I’m having too much fun. He’d probably grab your hand or something and ask, “You love me? Oh my god!” and would watch with a huge smile as you nodded before latching himself on you in a hug that honestly felt more like an attack but hey you love him so it’s no big deal. He’d be so happy and would be blushing and sputtering nonsense the rest of the day, but would definitely tease you about this in the future. 


Yugyeom is so happy that he melts into a smiling, fluffy, giggling, blushing mess. He’d probably fall off whatever he was “sleeping” on, tbh, but would quickly stand up and tackle-hug you while confessing he loved you, too. He’d also tease you, though, so get ready to deal with that. He’d also tell literally everyone he saw about how he got a girlfriend- like, even the barista and you’d have to pull him away before he could imitate how you’d said it goddamn it yugyeom


It took me so long to write about this scene because it’s difficult for me to decribe the incredible mix of emotions in Min Hyuk’s eyes when he is looking at Bong Soon and after a week of trying I still can’t do it justice. 

HE IS FEELING SO FREAKING MUCH and it all all shows in those impossibly gentle chocolate orbs; he really makes you believe that eyes are the window to the human soul and if so MH’s soul is beyond beautiful. Longing mingles with tenderness and adoration and love and he doesn’t even bother to hide those emotions from BS because they are so unadulterated and he is therefore literally wearing his heart on a sleeve; it’s almost as if he were daring her to see them and recognize them for what they are. 

Even their position is so poignant and fitting because not only MH normally towers over BS, he is also her employer therefore there is always a certain kind of subordination in their relationship;however now, it’s her who is towering over him and he even makes himself vulnerable to her when he so blatanly reveals in his eyes everything he feels.

What I love about this moment so much is that while MH might be holding BS’s arm, he gives the choice and complete control to proceed with the kiss to her - the only indication he gives her about what he wants is when he slides his gaze on her lips; however it’s her who initiates it and starts closing the distance between them. And if he didn’t look up MH would let BS kiss him but he did and with sadness he realized that he cannot let her do that because there is still so much left unsaid and unresolved between them. And as much MH wants to kiss BS, he wants even more for her to love him as much as he loves her. Min Hyuk saw enough of her one-sided love for GD so it makes sense he doesn’t want to start something when he doesn’t know if her heart belongs to him and not to a different man.

I finished this project at last. It has taken me a full week from beginning to end and I am incredibly proud.

Please do not repost!!

Surprises - Alexander Skarsgard  x Reader

Title: Surprises

Pairing: Alexander Skarsgard x Pregnant!Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: Can I please make a request?YN and Alex met on set of True Blood,where she played his sister,and have been together ever since.I just want him happy and ridiculously in love :)

but can you imagine dad stellan playing matchmaker to his son Alexander amd YN who’s his co star? I know Alex is super sure of himself guy, but I’d love to him stuttering and being super adorkable when he meets her because it’s love at first sight for him

Alex and his gf YN(who’s also an actress) are giving an interview and she surprises him by speaking in perfect swedish ,and he can’t stop the cute/adorable awe look he give her

“Welcome, welcome Alexander! It’s so great to have you here!” Conan said with a smile and the man nodded his head with a smile of his own.

“It’s actually amazing to be here as well with you Conan, my wife is a great fan of yours! She always watches the show when she’s not working or is very busy.” Alexander said with a smirk.

“And you don’t?” he asked seriously and fake offended.

“Well I’m- I’m pretty busy…?”

“Are you asking me?” Conan didn’t miss the chance to tease him and Alexander along with the audience laughed.

“No, no.” Alexander laughed, shaking his head “But- but I am the one that has to find everything she’s craving for all the time and it’s not easy to usually obtain it!” Alexander chuckled.

“Baby Skarsgard is really keeping you fit then?” Conan laughed and he nodded his head with the smile.

“Absolutely, it cares about daddy’s fitness I am sure!” he shrugged with a smile “But, sharing a fun fact, most of the time when my wife is watching the show the baby actually kicks!”

“He’s a fan too? Why, I am very flattered! So you- you’re the unfaithful one? I’ll remember it!” he narrowed his eyes at the actor before actually laughing “Also, thank you to your wife! I’m a great fan of her movies and shows as well!”

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Playing Sports With Your Nerd Does Not Make A Good Date (Part 1/6)

Level one: Morning routine

     The day started simple enough. Michael was the first to wake up. The first waking minutes of the day were spent taking in his surroundings and letting the smile blossom across his face at the realization that he was being cuddled. Even in sleep, the fluffy heap of limbs and poofy hair that was his boyfriend had taken to clinging to his boyfriend. He took in the sensation of the stomach pressed to his back, the chin resting on his shoulder, and the legs tangled with his own. This was real. He could feel it with his every cell and smell the amalgam of scents that made up his boyfriend. It had already been a year and Michael still couldn’t get over the fact that this was real-that he was able to stay in one place with the one person he loved the most who accepted him completely for who he was. Michael was grinning from ear to ear by the time he was fully awake and sure that this fantastic reality he could never have dreamed of was truly his reality.

     Once awake, Michael next took to the task of getting out of bed. This was the difficult part of the morning. Each day Michael took on the task of untangling himself from Jeremy without waking him. With the way Jeremy adjusted himself in his sleep to take in as much of his boyfriend’s heat as possible, Michael would always find that he and his boyfriend had become some sort of sleeping pretzel or linked-up puzzle. Luckily, puzzles were Micheal’s specialty. Slowly uncoil a leg there, turn gently here, push a stuffed animal between his shoulder and Jeremy’s head there, and eventually pull and Indiana Jones by filling in the vacancy Michael’s body left with a large pillow or giant stuffed dolphin, and he was free. Jeremy would always complain about the intricate arrangement of pillows and plush toys that he would roll onto when he woke up. Michael would laugh and say that Jeremy should be less of a cute and cuddly sleeper. Jeremy would pout and say that he wasn’t cute, but would return to his sleeping habits the next night with no hesitance. Christine once asked if they ever got tired of the having the same argument. The answer from both Jeremy and Michael was an indignant, “No.”

     Michael gave one last warm glance to Jeremy as he replayed the memory in his mind. His boyfriend responded by nuzzling the paopu fruit-shaped bean bag in his sleep. Right. Onto making breakfast.

Michael knew the moment Jeremy was awake by the ping on his phone. He set the frying pan off the flame before checking his phone. Sure enough, Jeremy sent him a text saying, “My boyfriend abandoned me. Hurry upstairs! I need a hug.” Michael popped four slices of bread in the toaster before responding. “How about you come down stairs instead. I hear your boyfriend is waiting with breakfast.” Michael began to set the table while he waited for the response. In his mind, he pictured Jeremy burrowing himself in the sheets and pouting, then swinging himself to sit on the bed for a better texting position. While Michael was placing the plates on the table, he felt his phone buzz with a new text. “I’m lonely! :(“ it read.

     Michael snorted. “Then come downstairs so you’re not lonely, you big goof!” He called. At this point, Christine and Rich had already woken up and prepared a bowl of cereal and pop tart respectively.

     A groan reverberated throughout the house, signaling Jeremy’s surrender to join the waking world. Christine and Michael both laughed while Rich glanced at his phone and slipped something under Michael’s plate to assist Jeremy in his revenge. Michael decided to ignore it until after everyone was done eating. When he collected the plates and bowls, a slip of fluorescent yellow paper was waiting for him. “I abandoned my boyfriend and all I got was a passive-aggressive sticky note,” was scrawled in red gel pen. It was one of the tamer morning revenges he’d received. The tackle Jeremy attempted moments later made up for it.

((This is?? So cute??? What the heck I’m. I need to sit down and breathe bc this is freaking adorable also I’m sorry it took so long for me to post hnnngh


FANTASTIC WORK, FRIEND-O…I can’t wait for the next installment!))

anonymous asked:

Can you write a Rowaelin pregnancy fic! Where like Aelins giving birth and Rowan is freaking out, and Aelin is just getting irritated with all his hovering? I know this is specific! Thank you 😃

Sorry this took so long to write! And this is my first time writing Rowaelin, and I would love to write more so please send me some prompts with tog ship!


Rowaelin - A New Beginning

Aelin did not think that she could possibly love this baby when it finally came.

Not when carrying it currently meant she was on bed rest, forced to stay inside while the others were able to walk around as they pleased. And not when her mate was starting to become a pain in the ass.

“Are you sure you don’t need anything? Water? More pillows?” Rowan asked from the chair next to their bed, a chair he hadn’t moved from for the past hour.

Aelin just glared at him, even though she knew his intentions were good, but did he have to be so damn annoying? “Again, I’m fine. And I don’t see why I even have to stay in this stupid room!”

Rowan sighed, something he did every time she brought this up, and -in the past forty-eight hours- she had brought it up a lot.

“The healer said…”

“Well, the healer isn’t me. And I think I know if I need bed rest or not.”

“I think you’re forgetting that you’re Queen, Aelin. And our baby is heir to the throne.”


Rowan just smiled at her, a tired smile, probably due to the fact that he didn’t want to sleep in case something happened. “Get some rest, Fireheart.” He told her, leaning forward to tuck a strand of blonde behind her ear.

And maybe it was his use of the endearment Fireheart, or the fact that she was getting tired, but Aelin found herself drifting off to sleep, feeling her mate’s gentle gaze on her.

Aelin woke to a sharp pain in her stomach. She sat up, the simple movement almost feeling like agony. Rowan was instantly awake, as if he had sensed her.

“What is it? Are you okay? Is it the baby?” He asked, his voice clearly frantic.

“I think…” She broke off as another wave of pain washed over her. “I think my water just broke.”

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yukionna1us  asked:

Sorry if I'm bothering you but... The ensemble from the DwD stage play doing the tango with a very confused and horrified Lindo while everyone else watches in confusion, and amusement.

DwD plot twist: no one can dance except for one

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Requester: Anonymous

Prompt: A story/imagine where the reader is working as an extra on set and has a crush on Bill but they’ve never interacted or had much to do with eachother until she accidentally messed up one of the scenes so they start arguing in private, she had a panic attack/asthma and he comforts her.

Warning: Panic Attack but fluff

Note: Bill Skarsgård is sexy. Enjoy! X3! 

Originally posted by billskarsgardsource

Originally posted by diablito666

Your heart was racing fast as you looked around the crowd of people as extras for the new IT movie. You liked to star in movies and plays as an extra character since being in front of so many people gave you stage fright.

Especially when you were nervous like today. You some how were able to get a role where you get to talk to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Aka Bill Skarsgård, aka your crush you’ve had seen 2013.

You had a bad fangirl crush on him that kept getting worse as he starred in movies like Atomic Blonde, Simple Simon, Hemlock Grove, etc. You had fallen head over heels for him but you knew he’d never be able to even glance your direction but now you were going to meet him.

Well as Pennywise, but then he’s probably going to just walk away and take a 5 minute break afterwards. You were fidgeting uncontrollably looking this way and that but the director already told you he wasn’t going to show up until the scene.

“Awwww you looking for sempai?” Your friend Shelby teased nudging you.

She was also an extra but she was supposed to be in the way background unlike you. You wanted to but at the same time you didn’t want to switch roles with her.
You were so nervous your hands were shaking as you read the script trying to remember your lines that you highlighted with a fluorescent yellow marker.

You were simply supposed to walk down the street. Pennywise would come out and manhandle you to the wall and you would scream, “Get away from me! I don’t want to die!”

That’s it and then he bites down on your neck or something and then the scenes over. Simple. You should be able to remember that Right?

“Notice me Senpai.” Shelby whispered.

“Will you stop!” You growled.

Shelby simply laughed until the director called they were starting the scene in 5. You felt sick to your stomach and weak in the knees. This was a huge leap for you to become one of those people who just walk down the street minding their own business to suddenly becoming an actor with voice lines and everything.

“Dude are you freaking out?” Shelby asked.

“Of course i am! Im going to be attacked by my actor crush in a clown suit. If I screw this up I screw everything up! I won’t be an actor, I will humiliate myself, I will-”

Shelby tightly gripped your shoulders and shook, “Calm. Down. Drink some water and relax, everything’s gonna be fine.”

You nodded and took a long gulp only for bells to ring signalling it was time. You choked and accidentally splashed some water on the floor as you choked and coughed and hacked.

Eventually though you were able to fix yourself and the makeup department came over and dragged you to a chair to do final touches. You flipped your hood up for  the scene and stuffed your hands in your hoddie pockets pretending to listen to music.

The director called action and you tried to pretend to be laid back and chill looking down at the ground.

Keep your cool.

Keep your cool.

Keep your cool.

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anonymous asked:

Hiya! I know you read and rec a lot of newer fics. I was just wondering which are some of your favourites you've read from this year so far. Thanks! xx

oh my goodness this is so very hard!  there have been so many incredible fics this year and i’ve not even been able to read all the ones by my friends much less ones written by others yet, but let me see what i can do for you :)

this got far too long, so the links are beneath the read more.  sorry, but only kinda.

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Forever | 22: Exposed

Summary: You and Sebastian Stan became best friends years ago, on the set of the first Captain America movie, and you couldn’t be happier that you had found someone just as witty and caring as you - but will feelings wiggle their way in and get in between your friendship and happiness?

Word Count: 1337

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: (Throughout) Language, Gun Violence, Angst

Characters (in order of appearance): Reader, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans

A/N: Only 3 chapters left!!!! I’m gonna cry when this fic ends, but I hope y’all enjoy!!! Reader’s POV; flash backs indicated/separated by date, in order from oldest to most recent; // - indicates break in time in same flashback; ALSO PD means present day but y’all smart anyways please read and enjoy!!!


Forever | 21 // Forever | 23

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The New Life

Originally posted by skylerlockerbie

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Reader is Banner’s assistant that usually works in the lab with him. Steve visits the compound one day and meets the reader.

Word Count: 1868

Y/N L/N was the woman Dr. Banner couldn’t be happier to have. She deals with not just him but also the Hulk. In the past, there have been times where the Hulk came out and Y/N would handle it with ease. Over the years the Hulk had became attached and protective of her and so had Bruce. He believes without her, he would fall apart especially with the fact that he has to deal with Stark’s shenanigans every day. However, that all changed after Ultron.

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(never) Let Me Go | Nyx Ulric x Reader

RATING: Teen for depictions of violence
PAIRING: Nyx Ulric/Reader
WORDS: 2198
SUMMARY: Nyx always loses the ones he loves, maybe that’s why it’s taken him so long to admit what he’s long ignored.
PROMPT: Could you write a Nyx x Reader where he has a nightmare of her dying and she has to comfort him and it’s just really fluffy?

@native-snowflake Oh god, this took for-freaking-ever cause your girl over here can’t write fluff to save her life. I scrapped 2 different versions of the ending before finally settling on this one. I hope it hits the spot 💕 I hope you don’t mind that I cheated a little bit and rolled your prompt together with a headcanon I have for Wayward Children (who said I love you first).

Tagging those who requested it: @mp938368 @thefriendlytonberry @sailormars109

The nightmares, they always start the same. The smell of wet smoke rounded by the rot of entrails and waste; the taste of copper sharp and acrimonious upon his tongue. It’s all so familiar it no longer makes him gag.

He knows what happens next. 

He can hear the gunfire cut through naked flesh before it happens. 


He doesn’t turn around in panic like he used to. 

He stands still. 




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