this took me over 3 hours

It’s today guys! 

I would like to thank all people for notes! It means for me a lot.

Every painting took me about 3 hours to done, which makes it in total over 45 hours of work. Through this time my style started to change so some of characters needed to be done from the begining. Also I had a little breakdown and I just didn’t wanted to look at my tablet again, BUT here they are I’ve done it and I’m proud of myself that erryday I’ve spent this time just to show the world my art c:

I’ll be gone for the weekend and I’m not sure if I’ll actually have time to draw since I’ll be hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in months, so I’ll leave you guys with this WIP~


I did a redraw of some fuckin rad people! Really wish I could have been at PAX this year, but at least I get to see sick pictures like this! This was a lot of fun to work on!





season 3 isak only wears: grey, white, black, red/maroon, green, and blue???

(that’s orange but shhhh)

even his boxers are blue???? im????

i have so many questions??? why does he mix blue and maroon together so often?? of all colors??? and how does he not wear a single item of other-colored clothing????

Quick landscape painting (It took me just a little over an hour) I made to calm down and relax^^ I was listening to this: (Thanks to @tarched who suggested me to check out Thomas Bergersen’s music <3)

Let me know if you want to see more lazy :D paintings like this! :)


RED anthurium: hospitality, happiness, abundance

BLUE larkspur: open heart, strong attachment, pure heart 

GREEN chrysanthemum: perfection, prosperity, fidelity

PURPLE dark geranium: melancholy, sadness, folly 

YELLOW sunflower: adoration, dedication, haughtiness    

PINK lily: friendship, wealth, aspiration

(speedpaint | redbubble: set, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

Okay! so im finally getting back into animation again after my adobe flash trial ended like 500 years ago, so now im back in the game and 100% more gay

Im having a really hard time figuring out how to save this as a regular video or a gif so for now have this crappy video i took from my phone


For the lovely anon that asked for transparents of the adorable pirate merchandise!

These took a bit longer than I thought they would, but I hope you enjoy the Matsu you desired :)

Also, these are a bit big, I got the HQ Amazon versions which look great, if anyone wants smaller sizes I would be more than happy to resize them, otherwise depending on where you plan to use them they might resize themselves smaller anyway!

11:42 pm
you ended our relationship and i swear my whole body went numb

12:07 am
i broke down in my mothers arms, she spent the next two hours in bed with me

6:55 am
woke up and prayed for it to be a bad dream, mother made me stay home from school because i couldn’t hold it together

9:01 am
dragged myself out of bed and sobbed into my coffee out on the patio

10:12 am
started my favorite movie (ironically the same one we watched the first time you came over) it took me over 2 hours to finish because i kept pausing it to cry

12:21 pm
sat at my window and cried for twenty minutes while i watched and waited for you to come down the road and run up the driveway on your release.. but you never came

1:34 pm
my mother came home on her lunch to check on me and attempt to shove food down my throat

3:09 pm
i swiped your cookies from the pantry and chucked a few across the yard

8:31 pm
i haven’t cried in over three hours and i’m not sure if it’s denial or that i’ve simply run out of tears

-( @needumost )

This is going to be hard to type, but I want to do it now while it’s fresh in my mind. I don’t know how much I’ll say but I’m going to do my best to explain to you what just happened to me.

One of my very first posts on this account was about an SD who took me shopping and spent $400 on me. He was the second person I’d ever met on SA, and to this day I’ve still only met 3 people. He offered to take me shopping, I didn’t ask for anything. Not an allowance, a gift, a sum of cash. I was friendly to him from beginning to end. He would talk for HOURS upon HOURS, telling me the same stories over and over, and I would sit there nodding passively while dreaming of ripping my ears off. I was hoping it would go somewhere, eventually, once he trusted me. I waited for him to make all the moves on everything. I wish I could take it all back.

Our first date was sushi and shopping, the second was a trip to Niagara Falls. He had promised me beforehand that there would be shopping. You’d better believe I went home with jack shit except for hotel shampoo bottles. I spent 24+ hours with this man who wasted my damn time. He finessed the fuck out of me. But I let him, in hopes that he would trust me and eventually bring up an allowance.

The following week after Niagara he cancelled plans on me twice in a row. I was annoyed, and frantic because I had bills to pay, but I stuck it out and was kind to him. I needed to get my hair done and he offered to pay for it. He wired me $600 and I got a new weave (and hunty I look good as hell). I saw him today and learned real fast what it means to be afraid for your life.

He talked for 2 hours, telling me the same stories as usual, and I nodded and pretended to give a shit. We cuddled and kissed and he caressed my body. That’s when I brought up the prospect of an allowance, and this guy lost his mind.

“I paid for your hair, you should have sex with me!”

“You don’t trust me! You don’t appreciate me!”

“I spent almost $1,600 on you, you owe me!”

I don’t want to write any more of what he said because thinking about it hurts. I had got dressed up and drove over an hour to see this man and he was screaming at me about how I owe it to him to give away my body. He wasn’t going to give me anything, he never was. I tried to explain that I loved everything he had done for me, but that I’d asked for nothing and gone out of my way to be around him, but he wouldn’t hear anything. I’m a passive girl. I do not like confrontation and I sure as fuck don’t argue with the ones I love, let alone a strange man who wants money because he covered the cost of my hair dye. 

I sat on his sofa and cried. He gave me dirty looks, scoffed at me, made fun of me for crying. He left me alone in his house. I was away from home, none of my IRL friends or family knew where I was, and I had nothing physical to protect me or any cash to get home.

If it weren’t for my SB girlfriends online, I don’t think I could’ve got through it. They made me laugh, gave me advice, told me they loved me. Some even offered to pay for my Uber home. I’ve never felt so cared for in my life.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did spit on his toothbrush.

Here are the red flags I SHOULD’VE caught from the beginning:

- He wanted a GIRLFRIEND

- We never discussed money

- He constantly talked shit about his ex-girlfriends

- He said he was tight on money because of his divorce

- Constantly talked about how people use him because he’s such a nice person

- He had no respect for anything I said, EVER

If you have a similar story, leave me a note or an Ask… and be careful out there… always meet in public and ask for a gift beforehand so you can weed out the salts. Love you all. Tonight I’m grateful to be alive.

Ayo, it’s that time of year fam!! 2016 is winding down (baruch hashem, finally), so I wanted to take the time to thank the people who’ve consistently made me and my dash happy throughout the year(s). Thank you so much, and happy new year!!

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And to my three idols, ilysm, happy new year
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